Radio New Zealand - Wednesday, 10th June 2009

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Jim's Essay
There's some homely advice doing the rounds of the internet in an email. [more]

The best song ever written
Heather McLachlan chose Chiquitita by Abba. [more]

Link 3 for 10 June 2009
Did you get the link? Click, play and listen. [more]

Text truants
No-show students are being targetted by schools that are using text messaging to dob them into their parents. [more]

Entirely kiwi
A once in a lifetime, all-expenses paid trip around New Zealand, with the proviso you become World Famous in the process. [more]

He Rourou for 10 June 2009
The Ministry of Womens Affairs has begun another push to increase the number of Maori women directors on commercial and government boards. In He Rourou today Ana Tapiata talks about directorship with Brenda Tahi, who has spent the last ten years on various government boards. [more]

Feature album for 10 June 2009
It was raw, it was bleak, it came as a shock to Neil Young fans after the sweetness of Harvest, but it was great. On the Beach was released by Neil Young in 1974. [more]

Helen and Chelfyn Baxter from Mohawk Media
On the programme today: - TED's Open Translation Project brings subtitles in 40+ languages to - Cloud Computing. - Pirate Party Wins and Enters The European Parliament. - Robots forming human-like societies, an electronic evolution? - And of course their website of the week. [more]

David Steemson's Auckland Story - Computers Samoa
Twenty computer students from the Manukau Institute of Technology have been investing in the education of school children in Samoa. [more]

Science story for 10 June 2009
Most stars, including our sun, will end their lives as a white dwarf, a dense and dim object that slowly cools its way to oblivion. Dennis Sullivan is an astronomer at Victoria University. [more]

The Panel - part 1
Topics, issues, guests, your thoughts and more dissected into digestible bit sized audio. [more]

The panel - part 2
Topics, issues, guests, your thoughts and more dissected into digestible bit sized audio. What makes this part different however is David McPhail and Tim Watkin, today's guests, share their thoughts on the world. [more]

Business News

Morning Business News for 10 June 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update
A quick market update. [more]

Midday Business News for 10 June 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business for 10 June 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business for 10 June 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Workers in 'swine flu isolation' not entitled to extra sick pay
Employers are warning they're under no obligation to pay employees forced to stay home after exposure to swine flu at work. [more]

Suspected swine flu at NZQA
Thirty staff from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority have been quarantined after one of its workers was confirmed as having swine flu. [more]

Closing statements in the murder case of Marie Davis
A defence lawyer has asked the jury in a Christchurch murder case to consider whether the victim may have committed suicide or died accidentally. [more]

Labour leader says woman's letter to Key is a compromise
The Labour Party member at the centre of one set of allegations against the former minister, Richard Worth, has written to John Key about her concerns. [more]

Death toll rises after suicide bomb in Pakistan
Police in Pakistan say the death toll from a suicide blast at a luxury hotel in Peshawar city has risen to 15, with more than 50 people injured. [more]

Export prices have suffered their biggest drop in 50 years
Latest figures show that in the March quarter prices dropped by 8-point-2 per cent, the largest fall since 1957. [more]

Sports news for 10 June 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

More people exposed to dioxin in New Plymouth
More people are coming forward with their own stories of people being exposed to toxic chemical waste in New Plymouth. [more]

A warning for Facebook users
A media law expert is warning Facebook users about the legal risks of joining a group that claims David Bain is guilty. [more]

23 thousand dollar fine for illegal poultry operation
An Auckland woman has been fined more than 23 thousand dollars for slaughtering chickens in conditions described by the judge as 'stomach turning'. [more]

Waatea news for 10 June 2009
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Law Society worried about expansion to Public Defenders Service
The Law Society is worried an expansion to Auckland's Public Defenders Service has been rushed through and not properly investigated. [more]

Government denies it's planning to axe free local calling
An end to free local calls is not on the table, according to the Communications Minister. [more]

Teething problems for Jetstar's NZ domestic services
It wasn't all plain sailing for Australian airline Jetstar today, with several flights delayed on its first day of domestic services in New Zealand. [more]

The biggest drop in export prices since 1957
Export prices have suffered their biggest drop in more than 50 years. [more]

EMA on compensation for swine flu victims
The statement follows a call by unions for employers to compensate workers exposed to the virus in the course of their jobs. [more]

Conservative recession spending here to stay?
A new global poll suggests that spending habits created during the recession may be here to stay. [more]

Further charges laid against William Stewart
Captured fugitive William Stewart was back in court this morning facing 62 new charges for offences allegedly committed while on the run from police. [more]

Indian students rally in Australia
Australia's prime minister is urging against vigilante action in the wake of a string of violent attacks against Indians in Sydney and Melbourne. [more]

Text messaging catches truants
Teenage truants are being thwarted by technology, with text messaging helping some schools improve their attendance rates by up to 20 percent. [more]

Sports news for 10 June 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Banking industry defends profiting during recession
Banking experts are defending the profits made by the finance industry against criticisms from business and consumer groups, and a parliamentary select committee. [more]

UN condemns Pakistan bomb attack
The United Nations Secretary General has strongly condemned an attack on a luxury hotel in Pakistan which killed 11 people including an employee of the UN. [more]

Guantanamo detainee faces court in America
For the first time a Guantanamo Bay detainee has been sent to the United States to face trial. [more]

Waatea news for 10 June 2009
News from the Waatea team. [more]

13 more bodies found from Air France crash
Thirteen more bodies have been recovered from the Air France plane which crashed in the Atlantic Ocean bringing the total number found so far to 41. [more]

Geese caused plane to land on Hudson River
New information has been released on the U.S. Airways flight which was forced to land on the Hudson River in New York in on January the 15th. [more]

Calls for release of American jounalists
The relatives of two American journalists who've been sentenced to 12 years hard labour in North Korea have called on the government to release them. [more]

Too many wallabies in Scotland
Now you've no doubt heard of the Loch Ness monster which is said to live in a Scottish lake and which almost certainly doesn't exist. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 10 June 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 10 June 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 10 June 2009
Parliament says banks gouging the market, Bank chief rejects MPs' criticism, Toxic playground angers locals and Minister demands greater transparency over hazardous dumps. [more]

Fresh resolve to conclude the Doha round
The death of the Doha round of world free trade talks, which has been much reported on in recent times, has it seems been greatly exaggerated. [more]

Pacific News
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

Banking sector targeted by parliamentary committee
The banking sector has received a sharp message from Parliament - stop gouging the market and hampering economic recovery as the rest of the country struggles through the recession. [more]

New Plymouth toxic dumping may lead to law changes
The Government says it may look at law changes to get to the bottom of where toxic waste has been dumped around New Plymouth after dioxin was found in a playground. [more]

Parliament says banks gouging the market
Stop gouging the market and hampering economic recovery. That's the short sharp message from lawmakers to the country's banks, just one day out from the next review of the nation's benchmark interest rate, the Official Cash Rate. Sean Plunket speaks to the chairman of the finance and expenditure select committee, National's Tukituki MP Craig Foss. [more]

Bank chief rejects MPs' criticism
In response to MP Craig Foss's comments Sean Plunket speaks to the chief executive of the ANZ National Bank, Jenny Fagg. [more]

Toxic playground angers locals
New Plymouth resident and anti dumping campaigner Andrew Gibbs speaks to Geoff Robinson. [more]

Core services only plan alarms mayors
Two mayors with strong views on what constitutes core services are Len Brown from Manukau City and Clive Geddes from Queenstown-Lakes District Council. [more]

Minister demands greater transparency over hazardous dumps
The Minister for the Environment Nick Smith says he is prepared to consider law changes and additional funding if necessary to identify and clean up toxic waste dumps. [more]

Building cycleway will cost
Building cycle tracks as part of the Government's proposed national cycle way could cost as much as 100 thousand dollars a kilometre on moderate terrain. [more]

Rates rise and loan to make up for fuel tax scrapping
Auckland's regional rates are to go up in order to pay for big ticket items put at risk by the scrapping of the proposed regional fuel tax. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

NZ lose to South Africa in 20-20 thriller
The Black Caps have just lost to 20-20 cricket favourites, South Africa. [more]

Number of truants decrease after parents texted
The number of truancies has significantly decreased at a Wellington high school after it introduced technology to catch out absconders. [more]

Albany property project on hold
A half-billion dollar property project covering more than 12 hectares of land in Albany is being put on hold, with the investment firm blaming the global financial crisis. [more]

Banks warned Parliament could act to force rates lower
Labour's finance spokesperson, David Cunliffe, is a member of the finance and expenditure select committee and has warned banks that Parliament may get involved if they don't sharpen up. [more]

Council reassures residents after New Plymouth chemical scare
The Taranaki Regional council's director of environment quality is Gary Bedford.The Government says it may look at law changes to get to the bottom of where toxic waste has been dumped following the unearthing of dioxin at a New Plymouth playground. The Taranaki Regional council's director of environment quality is Gary Bedford. [more]

Wellington cultural events could be under threat
More groups are speaking out against proposals to make local councils hold referendums and reign in spending on "non-core" services. Wellington cultural event organisers say their events are in jeopardy if the changes go ahead. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Bodies recovered from Air France crash
The first bodies recovered from the Air France jet that crashed into the Atlantic last week have been returned to Brazil. [more]

Tourism pins hopes on skiers and backpackers
The tourism industry is pinning its hopes on the coming ski season and on backpackers to help carry it through the worsening slowdown. [more]

Waatea News
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

Fading port asset okayed for apartment development
Wellington waterfront's rundown Overseas Passenger Terminal looks set to be turned into luxury apartments. [more]

NZ National Agricultural Fieldays opens today
Farmers from all around the country are gathering en masse at Mystery Creek for the National Agricultural Fieldays but the usual big spend up from them is unlikely this year amid the recession. Rural reporter Carla Gray has been at the Fieldays site near Hamilton since the crack of dawn. [more]


Apples to Books - Craig Silvey
In 2005 Silvey was named as one of The Sydney Morning Herald's Best Young Novelists. He discusses his passion for writing and his latest novel 'Jasper Jones'. [more]

Conundrum Clue 5
Conundrum Clue 5. [more]

Conundrum Clue 6
Conundrum Clue 6. [more]

Nine To Noon

Dick Thompson - WHO
The World Health Organisation is preparing to raise the alert level for Swine Flu to Pandemic status. [more]

John Whitehead - Treasury Secretary
There are calls for the introduction of a capital gains tax amid increasing pressures on government tax revenue. [more]

Andrew Carle - shoes with GPS
Andrew Carle is Director of Assisted Living/Senior Housing Administration at George Mason University. They've been developing shoes with GPS for people with Alzheimers. [more]

Australia correspondent
Paul Barclay reports from across the Tasman. [more]

Feature guest - Catherine Freeman
Catherine Freeman, formerly known as Cathy Freeman, has since retired from sport and set up a Foundation dedicated to boosting the achievements of aboriginal girls, she's also recently got married. [more]

Book Review - The Hungry Ghosts
Emma Hart reviews 'The Hungry Ghosts' by Anne Berry. Published by Blue Door. [more]

Marty Duda's artist of the week is Simon and Garfunkel. [more]

Dean Knight looks at the constitutional side of ministerial responsibility. [more]

Graeme Tuckett reviews Terminator: Salvation, Fugitive Pieces and JCVD. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 10 June 2009
The latest from the farming and rural communities. [more]

Midday Rural News for 10 June 2009
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Bryn Terfel
Bryn Terfel is a highly acclaimed Bass-Baritone who's in New Zealand to give four concerts with Dunedin pianist, Terence Dennis [more]

Natasha Conland
Contemporary art curator for the Auckland Art Gallery, who's been announced curator of Auckland's 'International Art Triennial' next year. [more]

New Zealand Community Trust Chamber Music Contest
Chamber Music New Zealand Chief Executive, Euan Murdoch talks about this year's nationwide competition for young musicians and composers. [more]

News stories:

Financial crisis blamed for stalling $500 million project
A $500 million property project in north Auckland is being put on hold, with the global financial crisis being blamed. Investors have been told they may not reach their next interest payment. [more]

No decision yet for Kawarau Falls
The receiver called in to Queenstown's Kawarau Falls development says a decision on whether the billion-dollar venture will continue is no closer. [more]

Some work restarts at Tiwai Point smelter
Rio Tinto has begun to restart some lost production at its Tiwai Point aluminium smelter at Bluff but the company says it will not be returning to full production just yet. [more]

Recession expected to slow Fieldays sales
Organisers of the National Agricultural Fieldays are not expecting the event to generate the same level of sales as last year. [more]

Origin Energy profit forecast down
A profit warning from Contact Energy will crimp earnings growth at its Australian majority owner, Origin Energy. [more]

Wednesday's newspaper headlines
David Bain campaigner Joe Karam has received more than $330,000 in legal aid; Schools get tough on truants; Police target suppliers of LSD and ecstasy. [more]

Funding deal for Auckland transport projects
A mixture of higher rates bills and Government funding has secured some public transport projects in Auckland which had been threatened by the scrapping of the proposed regional fuel tax. [more]

DHBs say lab test transition appears on track
Auckland region district health boards say they are satisfied with the progress being made by the company that is poised to conduct all community diagnostic testing in the region. [more]

Home invasion accused due in court
Charges are to be laid against in Auckland District Court on Wednesday in relation to a home invasion in the suburb of Epsom a week ago. [more]

Indonesia increases security readiness in Papua for election
Indonesia's government is sending more paramilitary police to Papua region ahead of the July 8 presidential election, deploying three platoons of the elite Mobile Brigade, or Brimob. The Minister for... [more]

Fiji's Women's Crisis Centre fears domestic violence reports are far higher
The head of Fiji's Women's Crisis Centre, Edwina Kotoisuva, says the high level of domestic violence reported around the region is just the tip of the iceberg. Her organisation is... [more]

Two Samoan men charged over death of a taxi driver appear in court
The two men charged with the killing of a taxi driver in Samoa whose body was found in the boot of his taxi last month made their first appearance in... [more]

Name suppression for former Samoa govt minister accused of sex offences
A former government minister in Samoa has appeared in the Supreme Court charged with of attempted rape and has been granted name suppression. The minister has not entered a plea... [more]

Pitcairn Islanders say new changes not in their interest - says US based researcher
A U.S. based researcher says some Pitcairn Islanders have voiced their dismay on new changes to the island's governance saying it is not in their interest. New management structures on... [more]

SPC wants to help reduce number of turtles caught accidentally
The Secretariat of the Pacific Community is trying to increase knowledge of how to reduce the number of turtles caught accidentally as part of the tuna industry. The Director of... [more]

Bank of Hawaii appoints new vice president for Boh, Palau
The Bank of Hawaii has appointed, Brian Glass, vice president and district manager in American Samoa, as country manager of Boh in Palau. Glass will be replaced by James Lowson,... [more]

Fiji's interim government extends public emergency regulations
Fiji's interim government has extended public emergency regulations -- including censorship of the country's media -- for a third month after April's abrogation of the constitution. Interim government spokesman, Lieutenant... [more]

Delay for Napier murder trial
A new trial due to start in the High Court in Napier on Wednesday for a former factory worker charged with murder has been adjourned. [more]

French minister questions Pacific fishing policies
A senior French minister has questioned European Union fishing policies which call for the scrapping of fishing boats while allowing non-EU vessels fish in France's exclusive economic zones in the... [more]

Canterbury fugitive faces more charges
A man who spent three months on the run from police has reappeared in Christchurch District Court facing 62 new charges. [more]

NZ win again at IRB Under 20 World Championship
The defending champions New Zealand have beaten Ireland 17-0 and have one foot in the semi finals at rugby's Under 20 World Championship in Japan after their second win. The ... [more]

Flu forces Swimming NZ to change plans
Swimming New Zealand will make alternative plans to prepare for next month's world championships after their warm-up meet in Melbourne was cancelled. Swimming Australia has cancelled next week's planned Grand ... [more]

Fine for slow over rates adds insult to Aussie injury
Australia's early exit from the Twenty20 cricket tournament has been compounded by a fine for slow over rates during their loss to Sri Lanka. The match referee Chris Broad imposed ... [more]

Sponsor cool about lack of silverware at Arsenal
Arsenal's main sponsor says it's happy with its deal with the Gunners as long as the Premier League team stays in the top 10. The Emirates president Tim Clarke says ... [more]

Afridi propels Pakistan into second round
Pakistan's Shahid Afridi has destroyed the Netherlands' Twenty20 cricket World Cup dreams at Lord's with four for 11 from his four overs of leg spin in the final group B ... [more]

Ivanovic parts ways with coach
The former French Open champion Ana Ivanovic has cut ties with the tennis coach Craig Kardon after working with him for only four months. The Serb hired Kardon in February ... [more]

Mosley urges F1 teams to enter unconditionally
Formula One's governing body has told members of the teams' association to submit unconditional entries immediately, if they are to have a say in next season's rules. The association has ... [more]

Teenager O'Connor to make first Test start
Teenager James O'Connor will make his first rugby Test start for Australia against Italy in Canberra on Saturday, in a team notable for the absence of veterans Lote Tuqiri and ... [more]

Cowboys coach awaits swine flu confirmation
There's a nervous wait ahead for the North Queensland Cowboys league coach Neil Henry who's waiting to find out if he's the first person in Townsville to be diagnosed with ... [more]

Sehwag out of Twenty20 World Cup
India's batting star Virender Sehwag has been ruled out of the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup with a shoulder injury and he'll be returning home. The 30-year-old was injured in the ... [more]

Top Aussie cricketer to earn more than $1.5 million
Australia's top-ranked cricketer is expected to be handed a guaranteed contract worth more than $1.5 million for the coming financial year. Under the new two-year deal reached between Cricket Australia ... [more]

Hall says Gallop has backed her "100 per cent"
The former Cronulla employee at the centre of the National Rugby League club's black eye scandal says NRL boss David Gallop has backed her "100 per cent". Jenny Hall, the ... [more]

Nadal in race against time for Wimbledon
It'll be a race against time for Rafael Nadal in his bid to defend his Wimbledon tennis title later this month. The world number one has tendonitis in both knees ... [more]

White Ferns beat India
The New Zealand women cricketers have beaten India by 18 runs at Taunton their final warm-up match ahead of the ICC World Twenty20. The White Ferns won the toss and ... [more]

Miller gains B standard for athletics world champs
The New Zealand athlete Andrea Miller has taken a step closer to competing at the world championships in Berlin after breaking her national 100 metre hurdles record in Geneva. Miller clipped ... [more]

Clinton fined $64,000
The Brisbane Broncos have handed down the biggest fine in the club's history with prop Joel Clinton reprimanded for bringing a woman back to his hotel room the night before a ... [more]

Black Caps one run short in last pool match
The New Zealand cricketers have been beaten by South Africa in their final pool match at the Twenty20 World Cup, a low-scoring thriller at Lord's in London. Captain for the ... [more]

Roddick enjoys his return to grass
The American tennis player Andy Roddick has begun his challenge for a record fifth Queen's Club title with a comfortable 6-1 6-4 second round victory over Kristof Vliegen of Belgium ... [more]

Orlando desperate for a win
The NBA basketball finals continue this afternoon with the Orlando Magic in desperate need of their first win in the series. The trail the LA Lakers by two games to nil, ... [more]

Better form and behaviour gets Thompson the nod
There's an inexperienced look about the All Blacks loose forwards for their first Test of the season against France on Saturday in Dunedin. In the absence of the injured skipper ... [more]

British press have field day after Australia's exit
So rarely do the British press get an opportunity to mock Australian cricketers that newspapers went into overdrive after the team's shock Twenty20 World Cup exit. Sri Lanka and the ... [more]

Three New Zealanders to play US Open
The final field is set for next week's US Open golf championship and three New Zealanders have made the field of 156 for Bethpage in New York. Michael Campbell, the ... [more]

Ferris ruled out of Lions tour, replaced by Jones
The Irish flanker Stephen Ferris will be replaced by Welshman Ryan Jones for the rest of the British and Irish Lions tour of South Africa after injuring his knee. A ... [more]

Samoa trade ministers meeting about economic development, says Groser
The New Zealand trade minister, Tim Groser, says next week's meeting of Pacific trade ministers in Samoa is about prioritising the economic development of the island countries. Mr Groser says... [more]

Plea for funding to keep archers on winning track
A member of New Zealand's first-ever gold medal winning team in the World Cup of archery has appealed for more funding so they can keep on improving. The win in ... [more]

Intruder says he was only there to support Federer
A spectator who confronted Roger Federer during French Open final insists he only wanted to express his support for the Swiss star in his bid for Grand Slam glory. The ... [more]

Woods wins at Memorial with birdie-birdie finish
Tiger Woods is in ominous form ahead of next week's US Open, coming from four strokes behind to win the Memorial golf tournament by a shot. The world number one ... [more]

Tamati Ellison to captain Junior All Blacks
Wellington's Tamati Ellison's been named captain of the Junior All Blacks side to compete at this year's Pacific Nations Cup. Ellison was co-captain of the New Zealand Maori team that ... [more]

Sampras says Federer greatest of all time
Pete Sampras believes Roger Federer would have gone down as the greatest tennis player of all time even if he hadn't completed a career grand slam. That Federer tied Sampras' ... [more]

Lions team begins to take shape
The shape and identity of the British and Irish Lions is beginning to emerge after coach Ian McGeechan named his team to take on the Sharks in Durban on Thursday ... [more]

Gold Coast survive against Dragons
The Gold Coast Titans have joined three other teams at the top of the National Rugby League after their 28-24 home win on Monday night over one of the co-leaders, ... [more]

West Ham has new owner
The English football club West Ham United has been bought for an undisclosed sum by CB Holding, a unit of Iceland's bailed out Straumur-Burdaras bank. Andrew Bernhardt, a senior director ... [more]

Ireland into Super Eights
Ireland have sealed a place in the Twenty20 cricket World Cup Super Eights after scoring a six-wicket victory over Bangladesh in Nottingham. The result means Bangladesh, who were beaten by ... [more]

Federer closes rankings gap on Nadal
Roger Federer has dramatically closed the world rankings gap on Rafael Nadal after his historic win at the French Tennis Open. Going into the year's first major championship the Swiss ... [more]

NZ women's cricket team beaten by England
The New Zealand women's cricket team has been beaten by seven wickets by England in Taunton in a warm-up match to their Twenty20 World Cup. The White Ferns scored 122-8, new ... [more]

Lakers 2-0 up in NBA finals
The Los Angeles Lakers have a commanding 2-0 lead over the Orlando Magic in the best-of-seven NBA basketball finals, though the home team was taken to overtime in game two ... [more]

Newcastle for sale at bargain price
Newcastle United's owner Mike Ashley has officially put the relegated English Premier League football club up for sale at a cut-price $255 million. Ashley, who became a near-billionaire when he ... [more]

Laver says Federer is one of the best
The new French Open tennis champion Roger Federer is fielding plenty of praise following his success at Roland Garros on Monday, which saw him become the sixth man to achieve ... [more]

15-year-old gets Wimbledon wildcard
Britain's 15-year-old junior Wimbledon tennis champion Laura Robson will be the youngest player to appear in the senior event since Martina Hingis in 1995 after being handed a wildcard. Robson ... [more]

Price told to stay at home
The New Zealand Warriors captain Steve Price has been stood down as a precautionary measure after one of the Queensland State of Origin rugby league players contracted the H1N1 influenza ... [more]

Australia out of Twenty20 World Cup
Australia are out of the World Twenty20 cricket tournament in England after losing by six wickets to Sri Lanka at Trent Bridge in Nottingham. After a succession of top and ... [more]

Magic topple Vixens to go top of table
The Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic are well placed to press for home-court advantage in the trans-Tasman netball play-offs after toppling the previously unbeaten Melbourne Vixens 55-48 in Tauranga to ... [more]

NRL goes ahead with women in league lunch
Despite this season's negative press, the National Rugby League has paid tribute to the contribution women make across all levels of the game with its annual Women in League lunch. The ... [more]

Hellier to help out athletics team again
Kirsten Hellier, the coach and mentor of Olympic and World Champion shot putter Valerie Vili, will again be on hand when Vili seeks to successfully defend her world crown in Berlin ... [more]

Kaka on his way to Real Madrid
Brazil's 2007 world footballer of the year Kaka's completed his transfer from Serie A side AC Milan to Real Madrid. The 27-year-old's signed a six-year contract with the Spanish giants ... [more]

Jones to become first Warrior to 250 games for the club
The Warriors halfback Stacey Jones will add another chapter to his illustrious rugby league career when he becomes the first player to chalk up 250 National Rugby League games for ... [more]

Basketball world champs bailed out by government grant
A further $200,000 in government funding has bailed out New Zealand basketball, allowing it to host next month's under 19 world champs in Auckland. The tournament was previously given a ... [more]

NRL could postpone matches because of swine flu
The National Rugby League chief executive David Gallop is refusing to rule out the postponement of matches as the game's swine flu problem deepened with Wests Tigers captain Robbie Farah ... [more]

Ross to make All Blacks Test debut against France
The Canterbury lock Isaac Ross will make his All Black Test debut against France in Dunedin on Saturday night, with Bryn Evans and Tanerau Latimer also in line to make ... [more]

Palau offers to resettle 17 Chinese Guantanamo detainees
Palau says it has agreed to accept 17 Chinese detainees for temporary resettlement to end their eight-year jail time at the US-run prison camp in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The... [more]

Warriors say they can still make top eight
The Warriors coach Ivan Cleary is relying on the "cold comfort" knowledge that they have recovered before from a mid-season slump to reach the National Rugby League's top eight and ... [more]

Bail for women on prison drugs charges
Two women accused of involvement in a group which allegedly supplied drugs to inmates in Rimutaka Prison have appeared in court. [more]

Ferris ruled out of Lions tour, replaced by Jones
The Irish flanker Stephen Ferris will be replaced by Welshman Ryan Jones for the rest of the British and Irish Lions tour of South Africa after injuring his knee. A scan ... [more]

Clinton fined $64,000
The Brisbane Broncos have handed down the biggest fine in the club's history with prop Joel Clinton reprimanded for bringing a woman back to his hotel room the night before ... [more]

Miller gains B standard for athletics world champs
The New Zealand athlete Andrea Miller has taken a step closer to competing at the world championships in Berlin after breaking her national 100 metre hurdles record in Geneva. Miller ... [more]

Wood pellets suggested as export industry
A visiting overseas forestry expert says wood pellets could provide New Zealand with a whole new export business. Don Peterson is speaking at a two-day conference in Rotorua. [more]

Airport joins with airlines to boost tourist numbers
Auckland Airport is embarking on multi-million dollar promotional campaign with airlines, to boost flailing tourist numbers. [more]

$23,000 fine over poultry slaughter
An Auckland woman whose company slaughtered thousands of poultry in what a judge described as stomach-turning conditions has been fined more than $23,000. [more]

Talks in New Caledonia as USTKE strike enters third day
The French high commissioner in Noumea, Yves Dassonville, has met the leader of New Caledonia's mainly Kanak USTKE union whose strike is in its third day. No details of the... [more]

MPs warn banks over interest rates
Parliament has issued a stern warning to the banking sector, saying it is concerned about the failure to drop lending rates while banks continue to make healthy profits. [more]

Prominent lawyer warns Fiji on path to failed state
A former Fiji Law Society president, Graham Leung, says the people of Fiji must change the path they are on or they risk finding themselves in a sad, failed country. [more]

Niue fishing plant to remain shut this year
It is unlikely the only fish processing plant on Niue will be re-opened by the end of the year, with Niue's government wanting to re-analyse its current business plan for... [more]

Fiji regime critic says emergency regulations signal lack of confidence
A political and union leader in Fiji says the extension of the public emergency regulations in Fiji shows the interim regime is not confident it has control of the country. [more]

Children often played among toxic waste drums
A woman who played among waste drums near a former New Plymouth dump at the centre of a dioxin scare says it was common for children to play in such areas. [more]

Four men in Samoa charged with missing funds from police ministry
The trial has been set to start in Samoa early next year of four officials accused of corruption. They are former accounts officers in the Ministry of Police and Prisons... [more]

Thrifty habits likely to outlast recession, survey finds
A global survey suggests consumers' thrifty spending habits during the recession may last long after the economic downturn has ended. Five hundred New Zealanders were involved in the poll. [more]

Tourism operators look to skiers, backpackers
The tourism industry is pinning its hopes on the coming ski season and on backpackers to help carry it through the economic downturn. [more]

Schools want ministry support for truant text schemes
There is a call for more government support for the use of text message technology to catch truants. Schools using such schemes are reporting good results. [more]

Treasury renews push for tax rethink
Treasury head John Whitehead is again pushing for the tax system to be looked at to counter future pressure on the Government's income. [more]

American Samoa shipyard loses workers as repair contract is cancelled
The MYD Inc shipyard in American Samoa says it will have to layoff a quarter of its workers now that the government has cancelled a contract to have it service... [more]

New Zealand military installs water tanks in northern Cooks
New Zealand army personnel are installing water tanks on Pukapuka island in the northern Cook Islands. The soldiers, supported by the New Zealand Navy's multi-use ship, HMNZS Canterbury, arrived off... [more]

End of free calls nonsense, says Joyce
Communications Minister Steven Joyce has denied suggestions that the Government has plans to put an end to free local landline calls. [more]

Hiccups for Jetstar on domestic launch
Jetstar began flying domestically in New Zealand on Wednesday, despite teething troubles that forced the delay of several flights delayed. [more]

Bougainville workshop to help with women landowner woes
Female landowners from throughout the autonomous Bougainville region in Papua New Guinea are attending a workshop aimed at helping them take leadership over their land. A two-day workshop this week... [more]

Marshalls join one laptop per child scheme
The Marshall Islands is the latest country to join an education improvement plan using state of the art laptops in schools. The laptops are water resistant, have no fans to... [more]

Legal service expansion rushed - Law Society
The Law Society says an expansion to Auckland's Public Defenders Service is being rushed through and has not been properly investigated. [more]

Alzheimer's Society backs GPS shoe breakthrough
The Alzheimer's Society in Rotorua supports putting technology into a shoe to track sufferers who wander off. [more]

Lawyer Woodroffe appears in Samoa court on charge of using insulting words
A second New Zealand-based Samoan woman lawyer facing two counts of insulting words has appeared in the District Court in Samoa. Leulua'ialii Olinda Woodroffe was charged after a complaint to... [more]

Fiji Media Council says journalists frustrated by emergency extension
The chair of Fiji's Media Council says journalists are frustrated by the public emergency regulations which have been extended for another month. The regulations, which were imposed on April the... [more]

Environment Court approves terminal development
A multi-million-dollar redevelopment of Wellington's rundown Overseas Passenger Terminal has been given the go-ahead by the Environment Court. [more]

Police rule out fires link - for now
Police in Palmerston North say there is no evidence to link a series of fires in the city, though their location is too coincidental. [more]

Fiji's NFP leader fears emergency rules will remain indefinitely
A political and union leader in Fiji says it appears the interim government intends to extend the public emergency regulations indefinitely. The government has announced that the regulations, which were... [more]

Five PNG police briefly held in Highlands hostage situation
Reports from Papua New Guinea say heavily armed criminals took five policemen and a security guard hostage and seized their weapons and vehicle. The Post Courier newspaper says the incident... [more]

Export prices suffer biggest fall in 50 years
Export prices have taken their biggest quarterly drop in more than 50 years, chiefly as a result of a fall in dairy prices. Statistics New Zealand says export prices fell by 8.2% in the March quarter. [more]

Davis jury to start deliberations on Thursday
A jury will begin considering on Thursday morning whether a Christchurch man accused of raping and murdering a schoolgirl is innocent or guilty. [more]

Jury watches footage of Xue going to police station
A jury in Auckland has seen pictures of Nai Yin Xue picking up his passport from Henderson police station two days after he is alleged to have killed his wife. [more]

Air quality standards under scrutiny
The Government has announced a review of air quality standards. [more]

Bright future for wood waste pellets
Wood waste is set to become the country's main source of industrial heating, according to a government agency. [more]

Junior Black Sticks draw with India at World Cup
The Junior Black Sticks have drawn 2-2 with India in their second hockey match of the Men's Junior World Cup in Singapore. On the opening day New Zealand outclassed Poland 8-1. ... [more]

Ryder to undergo further assessment
The New Zealand batsman Jesse Ryder is undergoing further assessment in hospital for the muscle pain that kept him out of Wednesday's final pool match at the Twenty20 World Cup. ... [more]

Australia no loss to Twenty20 tournament
Sri Lanka's cricket captain Mahela Jayawardena doesn't think his side's elimination of Australia from the Twenty20 World Cup diminishes the tournament. Jayawardena says the World Cup's not devalued by the ... [more]

McGougan to replace Macintosh in Junior All Blacks
The Bay of Plenty prop James McGougan has been called into the Junior All Blacks squad to replace Southland's Jamie Mackintosh, who has a fractured eye socket. McGougan will travel ... [more]

Magic edge Lakers to claw their way back into NBA finals
The Magic have won game three of the National Basketball Association finals 108-104 in Orlando to claw the Los Angeles Lakers back to a 2-1 series lead. Dwight Howard had ... [more]

Erakovic out of Wimbledon
New Zealand's number one tennis player Marina Erakovic has pulled out of this year's Wimbledon tournament. The left hip stress reaction that kept Erakovic out of the recent French Open has ... [more]

Penguins beat Wings to force Stanley Cup decider
The Pittsburgh Penguins have held on for a gritty 2-1 win over the Detroit Red Wings to force a winner-take-all National Hockey League game seven for the Stanley Cup. The ... [more]

Bronco's go into quarantine
The entire Brisbane Broncos rugby league squad and club staff have been placed into quarantine, awaiting test results to determine if full-back Karmichael Hunt has swine flu. Queensland Health has told ... [more]

Injuries concerns for NZ cricketers
There is a chance that the New Zealand cricketers will be without inform batsman Ross Taylor for a least the start of the Super 8 stage of the World Twenty20 ... [more]

Woman's letter to Key a compromise - Goff
Labour Party leader Phil Goff says a letter sent to Prime Minister John Key by the woman who accuses National MP Richard Worth of sexual harassment has been offered as a compromise. [more]

Woman fined over poultry conditions
An Auckland woman whose company slaughtered thousands of chickens in what has been described as stomach-churning conditions has been fined $23,000 in Papakura District Court. [more]

Retail spending up for third consecutive month
Further signs are emerging of a recovery in retail spending. [more]

Union, employer group at odds over swine flu compo
A union and employers group are at loggerheads over what employees should be entitled to if they are exposed to swine flu in the workplace. [more]

Crash, breakdown cause motorway gridlock
A vehicle breakdown has added to the traffic gridlock heading out of Wellington on Wednesday night. [more]

NZ Trade Minister defends his govt's support for Pacific economic development
The New Zealand Trade Minister Tim Groser says his Government is fully supportive of the Pacific Island countries request for independent advice on a proposed deal in free trade in... [more]

ADB launches new publication about Pacific trade data and economies
The Asian Development Bank has launched a new quarterly publication about trade data and research on Pacific economies. Economist Milovan Lucich from the ADB's Sydney office says up until now... [more]

Health plan leaves drum residents out in the cold
People exposed to toxic chemical waste in New Plymouth more than three decades ago will have to argue their case if they want to be included in dioxin health services. [more]

Australia avoids recession, confidence soars
Australian consumer confidence has recorded its strongest rebound in 22 years after news last week that the country had avoided a technical recession - two consecutive quarters of economic contraction. [more]

Farmers complain about overdraft rates
Federated Farmers says the overdraft interest rates that banks are charging are still too high. The group says falls in the rates do not reflect cuts to the Official Cash Rate. [more]

English raps banks over withholding rates cuts
Banks should help support businesses and households through tough economic times, even if it affects profits, says Finance Minister Bill English. [more]

Five in court on drugs charges
Five people arrested over an alleged drug-smuggling ring at Rimutaka Prison appeared in Wellington District Court on Wednesday. [more]

New Zealand market up seven points
The NZX 50 index closed up seven points to 2829 on turnover of $64.2 million on Wednesday. [more]

Cost of cycleway revealed
Building cycle tracks as part of the Government's proposed national cycleway could cost as much as $100,000 a kilometre on moderate terrain. [more]