Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 25th June 2009

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Best song ever written
Tony Wilder from Napier chooses"Southern Cross"by Crosby Stills and Nash. [more]

Your place - Whitianga
A place that is said to have been continuously occupied for more than a thousand years. [more]

Prostate cancer
Around 600 men die annually from prostate cancer, yet there are still deep divisions over the benefits of screening for the disease. [more]

The largest gourmet hangi in Aotearoa will be served up to viewers who tune into Maori TV to celebrate Matariki. [more]

He Rourou for 25 June 2009
Ana Tapiata talks to Piri Sciascia at the recent launch of the online Legal Maori archive collection. [more]

Feature Album - Think Tank
The seventh album by the English alternative rock band Blur. [more]

Arts Report with Lynn Freeman
From WOW to WOMAD, none of it would happen without the crew of people working backstage. [more]

Christchurch story with Katy Gosset
The Curtain Bank has been run by the Community Energy Action Charitable Trust in Christchurch for 15 years. [more]

Environment Story with Alison Ballance
Peter Waddell has been working on the family tree of mammals and is finding that evolutionary biology can provide insights into human medicine. [more]

The Panel (part 1)
With Garth George and Neil Miller. [more]

The Panel (part 2)
With Garth George and Neil Miller. [more]

Business News

Morning business for 25 June 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets update for 25 June 2009
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 25 June 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Biggest ever Lotto winners go public
The country's latest multi-millionaires have gone public. [more]

Telecommunications jobs at risk
A battle is shaping up between 900 workers who repair and maintain broadband and phone lines and an Australian company which has just won a ten year billion dollar maintenance contract with Telecom. [more]

Transfield union delegate speaks out
Tom Henson works for Transfield in Auckland - he's a union delegate and says people don't want to work for Visionstream if it means having to be an owner operator. [more]

Consumers missing out on smart meter technology
New Zealand's major electricity companies are being accused of selling customers short with the new power metering technology being installed in homes. [more]

Mother describes daughter's horrific death
The mother of a young woman stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend has told a court of seeing her daughter being killed. [more]

Orewa College in shock after boiler explosion death
Counsellors and victim support have been at Orewa College today helping staff cope with the loss of one of their colleagues. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Minister details plans for Immigration Service revamp
The Immigration Minister has warned New Zealand could be seen as a weak link in international security if the service's systems for scanning visitors and immigrants is not upgraded. [more]

Objections to proposed changes to student loans
Students are calling some proposed changes to the student loan repayment system, blatantly unfair. [more]

Submissions set to close on 'supercity' governance
There's been a last minute rush by some of the big players, and potentially big losers, in the plan for an Auckland supercity to make their voices heard. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Professor says parents have more legal defences for smacking
The so-called anti-smacking legislation now gives parents more legal defences for hitting their children than they used to have according to an associate law professor at Canterbury University. [more]

McDonalds to help train unemployed
A new government scheme to be launched in the coming months will see McDonalds restaurants train unemployed young people. [more]

Two main centres hardest hit by flu outbreak
Health experts in Wellington and Canterbury say flu is continuing to spread, and it's mainly swine flu. [more]

Biggest ever Lotto winners go public
Today the country's newest multi-millionaires have gone public. [more]

Lotto winners plan to give to charity
The Westpac Rescue Helicopter's Operations Manager, Dave Greenberg is on the line and he joins us now. [more]

Lotteries Commission offers advise to big winners
The Lotteries Commission's Head of Communications, Karen Jones has been with the lucky winners today and she joins us now. [more]

EPMU details fears over telecommunications jobs
A battle is shaping up between 900 workers who repair and maintain broadband and phone lines and an Australian company which has just won a ten year billion dollar maintenance contract with Telecom. [more]

Economists say deficit still too high
Economists say New Zealand still has a huge overseas debt problem despite a narrowing in the gap between what the country earns and what it pays out to foreigners. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Corrections promotes benefits of container cells
The Corrections Department is working hard to promote its idea of using converted shipping containers as cells - saying they're in better condition than some existing prisoner accommodation. [more]

Key ETS deadline 'unachievable'
The Minister for Climate Change has been sitting on advice for six months that a key deadline for the Emmissions Trading Scheme will be missed. [more]

Reports of teargas used to break up protests in Iran
Eyewitnesses in Iran say the security forces there have used batons and teargas to breakup the latest protest by about 200 people in the capital, Tehran. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Christchurch City Council buys Ruapuna land
The Christchurch City Council has agreed to spend 5.3 million dollars on a buy-out of seven homes affected by a noisy motor racing track. [more]

US military accused of abusing foreign detainees
Fresh allegations have surfaced that US military personnel have been abusing foreign detainees. [more]

Recycling scheme proves popular in recession
You've heard the phrase"one man's junk is another man's treasure". [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 25 June 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 25 June 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top stories for 25 June 2009
The country's tax debt is spiralling out of control, with more than four billion dollars owed to the IRD now and an expectation that will double in the next five years. [more]

Iran death toll could be higher
An Iranian Human Rights activist says the death toll from the Iranian government's crackdown on protests could be in the hundreds. [more]

More time to be allowed to improve drinking water
Local councils have been given more time to work out how they'll meet new drinking water standards, and how to afford the potential multi-million dollar bills. [more]

France looks to ban burka
The French parliament is considering a ban on burka, only days after the French President said the Muslim garment was"not welcome"in France. [more]

Pacific news for 25 June 2009
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea news for 25 June 2009
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Four billion dollars owed to Inland Revenue
In a new report, the Auditor General says tax debt has grown by 91 percent since 2004. [more]

Tax debt spirals out of control
The country's tax debt is spiralling out of control, with more than four billion dollars owed to the IRD now and an expectation that will double in the next five years. [more]

Tax specialist responds to rising tax debt problem
Chairman of Pricewaterhouse Coopers, tax expert John Shewan. [more]

West Coaster survives Arctic storm but loses feet, hand
A West Coast man is recovering in hospital in the United States after losing both feet and a hand in whiteout conditions in the Arctic circle. [more]

Power companies to get roasting over smart meters
A severe reprimand is expected to be delivered to the country's major power companies later today for failing to use technology that could cut both power use and people's power bills. [more]

Winning jackpot ticket was sold in Masterton
If you were hoping you'd be able to stay in bed this morning thanks to Big Wednesday, you probably already know you didn't win yesterday's draw. [more]

Investigation into school boiler room explosion continues
One of the two men injured in a boiler explosion at Orewa College yesterday has died overnight. [more]

Tourists help save two fishermen in trouble off Bluff
Two English tourists who were enjoying the view of Foveaux Strait yesterday ended up saving the lives of two fishermen. [more]

Sports news for 25 June 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport.. [more]

Overstayers a deep problem
"The man that was sent from above to help the Pacific people."(actual quote) That's how overstayers and migrants driven to desperation battling the Immigration Service are describing passport scam accused Gerard Otimi. [more]

Minister of Immigration responds to critics
The issue of overstayers was a major one raised by South Aucklanders with MPs at a Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade select committee hearing held in Manukau earlier this week. [more]

Parliament passes law to create new drug driving offence
Anyone driving under the influence of drugs can now be charged with an offence, under a law passed by Parliament last night. [more]

Closure for family 68 years after boy's death
68 years after her young brother disappeared, Maureen Boyd of Wellington has finally been able to place a death notice for him in the local newspaper. [more]

Revenue Minister responds to IRD's tax-collection failure
The amount of tax money owed to the Inland Revenue Department has climbed to four billion dollars and is forecast to blow out to double that within five years. [more]

Jury hears Weatherston obsessed with earlier boyfriends
A jury has heard the man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend and former student, Sophie Elliott, was obsessed about her previous boyfriends. [more]

Minister threatens to set fee limits for integrated schools
State education groups are applauding a government move to pull integrated schools into line. [more]

Wine companies slash Gisborne grape contracts
The Gisborne district economy stands to be slashed by millions of dollars a year following a decision by several major wine companies to cut the tonnage of grapes they buy from the region. [more]

Sports news for 25 June 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Iran's supreme leader vows not to yield
Iran's supreme leader is vowing not to yield to pressure over the disputed presidential election. [more]

Iwi reveal plans for Kaingaroa Forest
The eight central north island iwi involved in the 'Treelords' deal have begun revealing their plans for the country's biggest forest, Kaingaroa. [more]

Queenstown touted as blueprint for Auckland's supercity
Aucklanders wanting to know how their new super city will work in practice need look no futher than Queenstown. [more]

Waatea news for 25 June 2009
News from the Waatea team. [more]

GE-free lobby angry at Northland council's changed stance
GE-free campaigners are accusing a Northland council of duping the public with a weakened policy on genetic engineering. [more]

Offensive new tapes of Richard Nixon released
More offensive recordings of former US President Richard Nixon have been released by the Nixon library. [more]


Lingerie In Saudi Arabia
Reem Asaad, finance lecturer, Dar-al-Hikma Women's College and Naomi McGill, Australian lingerie specialist. [more]

Craig Stevens
Oceanographer, NIWA. [more]

Clue 7 [more]

Nine To Noon

Polytechnic student numbers
Thousands of would be polytechnic students are set to be turned away during the recession, because the government won't lift the cap on enrollments. [more]

Big win in Masterton
Big wednesday changed the life of at least one person in Masterton. [more]

Mongolian horse rally
Ask Dave Murray, he knows a thing or two about it. [more]

Michael White
UK correspondent. [more]

Feature guest - Louise Rennison
Louise Rennison is the author of a series of fictional diaries described as Bridget Jones for teens. [more]

Book Review - The Music Room
By William Fiennes, published by Picador and reviewed by Paul Diamond. [more]

New Technology
With Colin Jackson. [more]

Mark Eden - animal activist
What keeps Mark Edan motivated? And why is he so committed to animal rights. [more]

Simon Wilson
Speaks about everything TV [more]

Our Changing World

Short-tailed Bats in Fiordland
Jane Sedgeley and Colin O'Donnell are using microchips to monitor short-tailed bats in Fiordland's Eglington Valley. [more]

Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope
Australia and New Zealand are bidding to host the world's largest radio telescope. [more]

Radio Astronomy in New Zealand
New Zealand radio astronomers are working towards a possible involvement in the Square Kilometre Array. [more]

Classification of the World's Mammals
Peter Waddell is a phylogeneticist involved in the often controversial area of creating a family tree for mammals. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 25 June 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 25 June 2009
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Nigel Potts
New York based New Zealand organist. [more]

Music between the Wars
Contributor Colin Morris looks at the work and life of 'Bob Willis and his Texas Playboys'. [more]

50th Anniversary of the National Youth Orchestra
Producer, Robbie Ellis talks to past violinist, concertmaster, concerto soloist and manager of the NYO, Ted Pople. [more]

News stories:

Maori doctor numbers increasing
The number of Maori doctors is on the rise, but supply is still not matching demand. Te Ora says the increase shows affirmative action strategies are working. [more]

Population boom seen as polluting Tauranga waterways
The Tauranga Moana Iwi customary fishing committee says the region's booming population is polluting the harbour and the streams feeding into it. [more]

Lower result expected by Wool Services International
New Zealand Wool Services International has warned investors its full year result will be below expectations. [more]

Agreement reached in F1 stand-off
An agreement has been reached between Formula 1's governing body and the teams to prevent a breakaway series. The two parties had been engulfed in a bitter row over planned budgetary ... [more]

Sharapova beaten, Federer makes round three
Wimbledon's centre court queen Maria Sharapova has been sensationally eliminated in the second round by Argentina's Gisela Dulko in the second round. The 2004 champion showed her lack of matchplay ... [more]

Watson still in Ashes squad
Brad Hodge's possible call-up to the Australian cricketers Ashes touring party has been put on hold after scans on Shane Watson revealed only a minor thigh complaint. The Victorian was considered ... [more]

ECB injection boosts European shares
European shares closed higher on Wednesday after an injection of half a trillion euros into the banking sector by the European Central Bank. [more]

Horticulture course being run at marae
Manurewa Marae could soon be awash with kai. The Manukau Institute of Technology is using spare land at the marae to run a national certificate course in horticulture. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Thursday's papers: $36 million lottery jackpot won by lucky punter in Masterton; Otago Regional Council decides not to go ahead with $31 million HQ; baby whales entertain onlookers at St Heliers Bay. [more]

No prosecution over farm fire that got out of control
Canterbury Regional Council is not going to prosecute the owners of a North Otago farm, following an incident when a controlled burn near Kurow got out of control in August last year. [more]

SH5 closed by fatal crash
A fatal road crash has closed part of State Highway 5 through the Mamaku Ranges in the Bay of Plenty. [more]

Govt contribution sought for water improvements
Local Government New Zealand is to lobby Parliament to help councils shoulder more of the cost of upgrading drinking water supplies. [more]

Alarm over rising tax debt
Revenue Minister Peter Dunne says the rate at which New Zealand's tax debt is increasing is alarming. Total tax debt is more than $4 billion and the IRD estimates that could double over the next five years. [more]

Missing boy declared presumed dead after 68 years
A mystery surrounding a Wellington schoolboy's disappearance February 1941 remains unsolved, but the Coroner has now declared that he is presumed dead. [more]

Power companies to be reprimanded over home meters
The electricity industry is expected to get a reprimand from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment over household metering on Thursday. [more]

Lottery winning streak continues for Masterton store
A shop owner in Masterton who sold the ticket that won New Zealand's richest lottery prize says her store has an incredible winning streak: it was the third big prize sold there in the past two months. [more]

USA beat Spain in Confed Cup semi
The United States have pulled off a huge upset in the first semi-final at the Confederations Cup football tournament in South Africa. The Americans have beaten the European champions and ... [more]

Pressure on some All Blacks this week
New Zealand rugby players have been warned their international futures could be in doubt if they do not perform better against Italy this weekend. The All Blacks coaches made no ... [more]

Payment made over Port Nicholson settlement
The Crown has paid $1.7 million to help resolve a dispute over a landmark Wellington marae. The issue arose during negotiations for the Port Nicholson Block settlement. [more]

Queenstown seen as blueprint for Auckland super-city
Queenstown Lakes District is being touted as the blueprint model for the Auckland super-city. [more]

Snail farm prospers
A Ngai Tahu woman has found she can't grow snails fast enough to meet demand. [more]

Dow ends down
The Dow Jones fell for the fourth day and other indexes ended well down on Wednesday after the US Federal Reserve reiterated concerns about the economic outlook. [more]

Tourists help save Southland fishermen
Two English tourists have helped save the lives of fishermen whose boat sank off Bluff near Invercargill. [more]

Anti-GE lobby angry at regional council's change of stance
Anti-GE campaigners are accusing the Northland Regional Council of duping the public with a weakened policy on genetic engineering. [more]

Minister acknowledges students will be turned away
Education Minister Anne Tolley says she accepts some people will miss out on training courses because there is not enough money available to fund everyone who applies for courses. [more]

Late winter, spring tipped to be colder than usual
Climatologist Jim Salinger is warning late winter and spring are likely to be colder than usual. [more]

A Pacific wide football tournament planned
The head of the Solomon Islands Football Federation is hoping to have a proposal for an annual, Pacific-wide tournament ready by the end of September. The proposal for the competition... [more]

Supreme Court in Samoa to hear Tautua Samoa party injunction
The Supreme Court in Samoa is set to hear an injunction today brought against the Electoral Commissioner by the embattled Tautua Samoa party. It follows the removal of all nine... [more]

Top cop in Solomon Islands suspended over alleged inappropriate behaviour
A top police officer in the Solomon Islands has been suspended over alleged inappropriate behaviour and abuse of police vehicle. The paper, the Solomon Star, says Honiara City Police Commander,... [more]

Cook Islands govt says new authority will improve offshore finance sector
A Cook Islands Government official says setting up a financial services development authority will improve the way problems in the offshore finance sector are handled. Parliament will shortly discuss the... [more]

Landing incident at American Samoa's international airport
The South Pacific Express Incorporated's short 360 aircraft blew a tire as it made a landing at American Samoa's International Airport yesterday. Witnesses said the left rear tires of the... [more]

American Samoa's governor explores fee for foreign fishing vessels
American Samoa's governor is exploring the option of a 250,000 US dollar annual fee for fishing vessels which register the territory as their home port. Togiola Tulafono says many of... [more]

US stun Spanish footballers
The United States shocked Spain 2-nil to book a place in the Confederations Cup football final and end the European champions record-breaking win streak. A first half strike from Villarreal's ... [more]

Cook Islands Parliament adjourned for academic's state funeral
A state funeral has been held in Rarotonga for a renowned Cook Islands scholar, Professor Ron Crocombe. Professor Crocombe, who had lived and worked in the Pacific for half a... [more]

Federated Farmers hope meat report will be catalyst for change
Federated Farmers hopes a newly-released report on the meat industry will be a catalyst for change in the sector. [more]

Bull calf is first off-spring of new artificial breeding technology
A bull calf born on a South Auckland dairy farm has been celebrated as the first off-spring of new DNA-backed artificial breeding technology. [more]

NZ shearing champion favoured for Royal Highland championships
New Zealand shearing champion John Kirkpatrick is expected to start as a favourite to win the Royal Highland championships in Edinburgh this weekend. [more]

Remittance bill a tidy-up of gap in Cooks legislation
The Cook Islands Financial Supervisory Commissioner says the introduction of a bill governing money changing and remittances is simply tidying up gaps in legislation. Lorraine Allan says Cook Islanders no... [more]

Paris court finds Tahiti Pacifique magazine guilty of defamation
A French court has found the publisher of the Tahiti Pacifique monthly, Alex du Prel, guilty of defamation and fined him 1,000 euros. The case was brought by the French... [more]

New Caledonia economy gets positive 2008 report card
A report on New Caledonia's economic performance last year says activity was sustained by domestic demand and a banking system that allowed the economy to grow. The report was issued... [more]

American Samoa cannery maintenance shutdown imminent
More than 4,000 employees in American Samoa will be without a paypacket next week with the shutdown of the territory's biggest private employers, Star Kist Samoa and Samoa Packing. The... [more]

Amnesty reports serious abuse by Indonesian police
A new report by the organisation, Amnesty International, says Indonesian police routinely bash and torture suspects, and demand money and sex in exchange for better treatment. The report called "Unfinished... [more]

Vanuatu confirms two swine flu cases
Vanuatu has confirmed its first cases of swine flu in two local children. Two out of 65 swab tests sent to a laboratory in Melbourne showed positive results for swine... [more]

Vanuatu sets up diplomatic links with UAE
Vanuatu has signed a communique with United Arab Emirates, or UAE, establishing immediate diplomatic relations on ambassadorial level. The signing ceremony took place in New York, with UAE represented by... [more]

PNG leader extends corruption inquiry
The Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, has extended a Finance Commission of Inquiry into corruption by another month. The Inquiry is into alleged fraudulent payments made by... [more]

City council to buy houses near Ruapunu Raceway
Christchurch City Council is to spend $5.3 million to buy seven houses close to a noisy motor racing park. [more]

Waitakere wants Maori seats for all councils
Waitakere City Council wants the Government to create seats for Maori on all local bodies. [more]

Junior Tall Blacks win warmup match
The New Zealand Junior Tall Blacks began their final preparations for the FIBA U19 World Basketball Championship in Auckland with a 98-75 win over Egypt at Te Rauparaha Arena in ... [more]

NZ to have 2 riders in Tour de France
New Zealand will have two cyclists in next month's Tour de France. Yesterday Julian Dean was confirmed for his fifth tour as a part of the American Garmin-Slipstream team, while ... [more]

Queensland take record 4th straight State of Origin series
The Queensland rugby league team beat New South Wales 24-14 in Sydney to claim an unprecedented fourth straight State of Origin series triumph. In front of 80,000 fans, the Maroons ... [more]

Aussies fight back in Ashes tour opener
Australian tailenders Brett Lee and Nathan Hauritz fought back against Sussex on day one of the first match of their Ashes cricket tour at Hove. Australia lost opener Phil Hughes ... [more]

Silver medals for NZ yachties
New Zealand sailors have won two silver medals at the Kieler Woche Regatta in Germany. Hamish Pepper and Craig Monk were second in the Star class and Michael Bullot was second ... [more]

Ali Williams ruled out of Italy test
The injury plagued All Blacks lock Ali Williams has been ruled out of this weekend's test against Italy with a recurrence of the Achilles injury that saw him miss the ... [more]

Lawyer regards NZ immigration criteria too restrictive for Pacific applicants
A lawyer in South Auckland says Immigration New Zealand's criteria for issuing visas are too restrictive for many Pacific people to qualify. Some people caught up in a passport scam... [more]

Telecom Fiji redundancies on hold
The proposed redundancy of 177 Telecom workers in Fiji is on hold after the tribunal hearing was deferred to next month. The Fiji Times reports the Fiji Post and Telecommunications... [more]

Fiji interim PM labels TVNZ report mischievious
Fiji's Interim Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has raised concern about a Television New Zealand report which he says is misleading and mischievous. The TVNZ report includes an interview with... [more]

New offence of drug driving created
Parliament has passed a law which means it is now an offence to drive while under the influence of drugs. The penalties will be the same as for drunk driving. [more]

Third of offenders not expected to pay $50 court levy
Courts expect a third of offenders won't pay a new $50 levy to be imposed on all offenders next year. Running the system will cost $1 million per year. [more]

Endorsement of breathalyzer in Samoa expected to cut road death rate
The Land Transport Authority in Samoa says new legislation giving police officers the right to use breathalyzer devices will cut the number of deaths caused by drink driving. The legislation,... [more]

Iwi to take gradual control of Kaingaroa forest
Central North Island iwi involved in the "Treelords" deal are set to take gradual control of Kaingaroa forest. [more]

Passport scam accused 'sent from heaven' to help
A Samoan man fighting for residence for extended family members says the man accused of running a passport scam was "sent from heaven" to help Pacific Islanders. [more]

Police investigation continues into former MP
Police say an investigation into a complaint against former National Party MP Richard Worth is continuing. [more]

Caretaker dies after boiler explosion at school
The caretaker of Orewa College has died following an explosion in the boiler room of the school. Another man is in a critical but stable condition in Auckland Hospital. [more]

Vanuatu admits challenge as swine flu found in local children
Vanuatu's health ministry says its services would not be able to cope with a mass swine flu outbreak. This comes as Vanuatu has just confirmed its first cases of swine... [more]

Niue Premier critical of quality of NZ support
The Niue Finance Minister, Premier Toke Talagi, has been strongly critical of New Zealand's support for the island in his budget speech. Mr Talagi says New Zealand has failed Niue... [more]

Freightways says its finances are sound
Freightways says its finances are sound, after the Shareholders' Association queried whether it was at risk of defaulting on its loans. It's the fifth company to do so. [more]

Men killed in collision with train named
Police have named two people killed in a collision between a train and a car near Rakaia in Canterbury. [more]

Fiji minimum wages to raised from July 1st
The Fiji interim government has approved minimum wage increases of 20 percent across several industries after delaying them for five months. The Fijilive website quotes the Wages Council chair Father... [more]

Fagalii airport to reopen for inter-Samoa flights
Samoa's Polynesian Airlines has been given permission to resume flights between Fagalii airport in Apia and American Samoa. This follows a safety inspection approval by the Samoa Airport Authority and... [more]

Minister calls for change of attitude to work
People need to change their attitudes to work in the grip of a recession, Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says. [more]

Companies accused of delaying money-saving meters
Big electricity companies in New Zealand are being accused of delaying new technology that could save consumers millions in power bills. [more]

Motorway woman fails to appear in court
An arrest warrant has been issued for a woman involved in events leading up to the fatal police shooting of a courier driver on an Auckland motorway in January. [more]

Call on Australia to review military links with Indonesia over Papua abuse
A new report calls on Australia to cut ties with Indonesia's special forces group, Kopassus, over new evidence it is terrorising civilians in the Papua region. The Human Rights Watch... [more]

Rally NZ confirmed for WRC next year
The Rally of New Zealand has been confirmed on the world rally championship calendar for early May. Motorsport's world governing body the FIA's released the calendar, with the fifth round ... [more]

Italy want to come away with respect in All Blacks encounter
Respect is what the Italy rugby side wants to come away with when they play the All Blacks in a one off test in Christchurch on Saturday night. Aucklander Kaine ... [more]

NBL Commissioner clears Raapton and Homik
Automatic one match suspensions of National Basketball players Tony Rampton and Mike Homik have been overturned. The pair were ejected from the opening finals game between the Nelson Giants and ... [more]

Barrett cops two-week ban
The New South Wales and Cronulla five-eighth Trent Barrett has accepted a two-match ban for his Origin II high tackle which left the Queensland centre Greg Inglis with a fractured ... [more]

Tautua Samoa party motion for injunction against Electoral Commissioner fails
The Supreme Court of Samoa has dismissed a motion seeking to stop preparations for by-elections in nine electoral seats. The Tautua Samoa party had sought an injunction to stop the... [more]

New temporary prison facility in Vanuatu expected to curb escapes
It's hoped the opening of a high risk prison unit in Vanuatu will help quell problems that led to high profile escapes in the past year. The team leader for... [more]

Former tourism bosses in French Polynesia get suspended jail sentences
A court in French Polynesia has given suspended jail sentences to two former leaders of the territory's tourism promotion agency over financial irregularities in excess of 630,000 US dollars. The... [more]

Appeal Court constitutional amendment aligns Cook Islands with others
An amendment to the Cook Islands' constitution is expected to align its Court of Appeal with those of other countries. The Solicitor General, Tingika Elikana, says the amendment is only... [more]

New Zealand MP apologises for offensive comments about Tonga
A New Zealand MP, David Garrett, has apologised unreservedly for comments he made about his behaviour towards women that have caused offence in Tonga. Mr Garrett, who is a member... [more]

Mother describes watching daughter being stabbed
The mother of a slain woman has given a harrowing account of her daughter's final minutes, telling a High Court jury she watched her being stabbed. [more]

Asia Pacific markets higher at close
Markets in Asia and the Pacific were higher at the close of trade on Thursday. [more]

Witnesses sought to assault on taxi driver
Police in Christchurch are seeking witnesses and missing evidence from an assault on a taxi driver. [more]

Security concern if immigration checks not upgraded
New Zealand could be seen as a weak link in international security if systems for scanning visitors and immigrants are not upgraded, the Immigration Minister warns. [more]

Ministry swine flu tally shows continued rise
Latest official figures from the Ministry of Health show at least 233 people have swine flu throughout New Zealand and 417 have contracted the virus since the outbreak began. [more]