Radio New Zealand - Friday, 26th June 2009

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Jim's Essay
The biggest figure in music in the last 40 years has died. [more]

The best song ever written
We have the best Michael Jackson song ever written today chosen by his former stylist Tommy Sims who lives in Motueka, near Nelson. [more]

Memories of Michael Jackson
Concert promoter and music publisher Barry Coburn and Singer Annie Crummer on their encounters with the world of Michael Jackson. [more]

Weekend weather
With Bob McDavitt. [more]

Fresh Fast Food - Judith Tabron
Soul Restaurant's Judith Tabron is our guest today - doing an Asian style chicken teriyaki with fresh mint coleslaw. [more]

Sports Story - Stephen Hewson
The American soccer team, All Blacks v Italy in Christchurch, Wimbledon and Tour de France. [more]

NZ Society - Literary Translation: Art or Echo?
In the third of our four part series, Amelia Nurse talks to Jean Anderson, director of the NZ Centre for Literary Translation, Marco Sonzogni, senior lecturer in Italian at Victoria University, Julia Marshall of Gecko Press, freelance translator Sally-Ann Spencer, and Noel Murphy, CEO of the NZ Book Council. [more]

The Panel (Part 1)
With Matt Nippert and Jane Clifton. [more]

The Panel (Part 2)
With Matt Nippert and Jane Clifton. [more]

Business News

Morning business for 26 June 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets update for 26 June 2009
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 26 June 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Two die in house collapse
Firefighters are this evening trying to remove the bodies of two men crushed by a collapsed house in the Auckland suburb of Manurewa. [more]

The King of Pop passes away
Michael Jackson - the man dubbed the King of Pop - has died aged 50, after a career spanning more than 40 years. [more]

Michael Jackson's death felt around New Zealand
Some New Zealand fans of Michael Jackson have been left too shaken to talk. [more]

Double fatality in Porirua
Two women have been found dead at a house in the Porirua suburb of Titahi Bay. [more]

French silent on false assault claim
The French rugby team have shut up shop over false claims made by their star centre, Mathieu Bastearaud, that he was assaulted while in Wellington last weekend. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Former colleague calls murder-accused "obsessive"
A former colleague of murder-accused Clayton Weatherston has described a man who argued with other staff, enjoyed putting people down, and took credit for others' work. [more]

Fans want Jackson remembered as musical genius
Michael Jackson - what will his legacy be and how much will his musical genius be overshadowed by the bizarre lifestyle and sex scandals ? [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

A record five consecutive quarters of recession
The economy shrank one percent in the March quarter - more than many economists and the Prime Minister were expecting. [more]

New Zealanders need to improve financial literacy
New Zealanders are struggling to take care of their money, and it seems its older people who are the most in need of boosting their financial literacy. [more]

First ladies called to boycott G8 summit
A group of female Italian academics have called on the first ladies of the world's richest nations to boycott next month's G8 summit in Italy. [more]

More on the house collapse in Manurewa
Firefighters are still working to remove the bodies of two men crushed by a collapsed house in the Auckland suburb of Manurewa. [more]

Queenstown's annual Winter Festival gets underway
Tourism in the Southern Lakes region has been given a major boost today. As tens of thousands of people pour into Queenstown for the annual Winter Festival, John Key, in his role as Tourism Minister, has announced a one million dollar investment in this year's inaugural Winter Games. [more]

A look back at Michael Jackson's life
Michael Jackson has died in Los Angeles at the age of 50. Our US correspondent Kate Moody looks back at the life of a pop icon. [more]

Cadbury's new chocolate recipe gets thumbs down
Chocolate lovers, environmentalists and health specialists are condemning a recent change in the recipe for Cadbury's chocolate bars. [more]

Key rejects Treasury criticism
The Prime Minister is rejecting Treasury criticism of the Ministry of Tourism for failing to find cuts to spending. [more]

OECD says economic recovery may not be far away
The OECD says the global crisis maybe close to bottoming out and recovery may not be that far away. But this comes just days after the World Bank gloomily forecast the world recession maybe worse than expected. [more]

Sex offenders forced to set up camp
In the United States thousands of sex offenders are released from prison every year. In some parts of America it's becoming increasingly difficult for them to find a place to live. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Whales 'better off without hunting ban'
The man who's been trying to broker a compromise between pro-whaling and anti-whaling nations says that whales would be better off without the current global ban on commercial hunting. [more]

'Charlie's Angel' dies aged 62
The American actress Farrah Fawcett has died from cancer at the age of 62. [more]

Tributes to Michael Jackson
The civil rights leader and New York reverend Al Sharpton has been paying tribute to Michael Jackson who died suddenly today. [more]

Country Life

Intro and Guest
Geoff Burton talks about high lamb prices and good bottom lines for King Country sheep and beef farmers. [more]

Regional Wrap
Rain replaces the icy frosts in the North island while the South Island remains freezing. [more]

A grueling farm based sport that was developed in Australia and is now growing in popularity in New Zealand. [more]

My Old Man Said Follow the Cows
June 1 is also called Gypsy day. It marks the end of one dairy season and the start of another. Dairy farmer Mike Swney has to walk his cows 14 kms to a new farm. [more]

Focus on Politics

Focus on politics for 28 June 2009
The country's prisons are reaching capacity - with the Corrections Department estimating they will be full by about February next year. Our political reporter, Chris Bramwell, looks at what the Government plans to do to avert the looming crisis. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 26 June 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 26 June 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top stories of the day for 26 June 2009
French rugby player, Mathieu Bastareaud has admitted he LIED about an attack in the streets of Wellington in the early hours of Sunday morning. In a statement released overnight, he says he stumbled and fell in his hotel room, cutting open his cheek on a table. [more]

Olympians gather to celebrate 100 years
New Zealand Olympians have been gathering throughout this week at ceremonies around the country, to celebrate 100 years of Olympic history. [more]

Pacific news for 26 June 2009
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea news for 26 June 2009
News from the Waatea team. [more]

French Rugby player admits he made up attack
French rugby player, Mathieu Bastareaud has admitted he was lying when he said he was attacked in the early hours of Sunday morning in Wellington. [more]

Commissioner lambasts dumb smart meters
Power companies choosing not to use the latest technology in smart meters are costing customers dearly. [more]

French rugby player lied about attack
French rugby player, Mathieu Bastareaud has admitted he lied about an attack in the streets of Wellington in the early hours of Sunday morning. [more]

Treasury ticks off Minister of Tourism
Treasury papers just released reveal that in the lead-up to the Budget the Government's key economic agency ticked off the Minister of Tourism John Key for failing to find savings. [more]

New banking rules will push up interest rates
Bank interest rates may go up if new rules are imposed on them by the Reserve Bank. [more]

Employers and Manufacturers Association responds to changes
Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard declined our request to come on the programme. [more]

Trustpower says smart meters boost company profits
Trustpower says other electricity retailers are rushing to introduce so called 'smart meters' so they can make more money out of their customers. [more]

Community action winds up as supercity submissions close
Weeks of community activity across Auckland is winding up with a looming deadline later today for submissions on the biggest amalgamation of local government ever undertaken. [more]

Concerns about redundancy payments as Auckland turns 'super'
The Auditor General says the legislation that creates the regionwide council must ensure staff who change jobs do not get redundancy payments. [more]

Sports news for 26 June 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Christchurch parks go smoke free
All of the parks, sports grounds and reserves in Christchurch and on Banks Peninsula have been made smokefree as part of a new Christchurch City Council policy. [more]

Recession fosters alcoholism and drug abuse
Waiting lists at an Auckland detox programme are getting longer as people who've been made redundant turn to drink and drugs. [more]

Doubts telecoms workers will sign up to new terms
Doubts are being raised that the Australian company that's won a billion dollar contract off local company Chorus will have the manpower to do the work. [more]

French rugby player lied about attack - update
Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast says the city's owed an apology by any French Rugby players and officials who knew Mathieu Bastareaud made up an attack in the capital. [more]

Westpac says it will have to increase interest rates
Westpac says it will have no option but to increase interest rates if the Reserve Bank pushes ahead with new rules on how banks source their funds. [more]

Mousavi vows to continue his fight against Iran regime
Iran's protest leader, Mir Hossein Mousavi says he will not stop his campaign to overturn the"rigged"presidential election result. [more]

Charlie's Angel dies
The actor Farrah Fawcett whose big smile and feathered blonde hair made her one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1970's, has died after a long battle with cancer. [more]

Sports news for 26 June 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Ballgirl steals the glory at Wimbledon
A 15-year-old ball girl has stolen the limelight at Wimbledon all because of one wayward shot. [more]

Calls for urgent reform of jury system
The David Bain re-trial has led to renewed calls for the legal system to be overhauled. [more]

Waatea news for 26 June 2009
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Birdcall recordist honoured
The man behind the cherished birdcalls, wildlife film maker and sound recordist John Kendrick, first suggested National Radio broadcast them forty years ago. [more]

Kerry-Anne Walsh with her finger on the button
The button being Australia. [more]


Silent disco
How does incorporating"silent disco"into the Tate Liverpool's latest sculpture exhibition make art more accessible to youth? [more]

Answer. [more]

Nine To Noon

Smart electricity meters
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright and CEO of Arc Innovations, Simon Clarke joined Kathryn Ryan. [more]

Shaken baby syndrome discussion
Children's Commissioner, John Angus and Auckland DHB community pediatrician, Alison Leversha joined Kathryn Ryan. [more]

Chocolate lovers NOT happy
Ashley Tomlinson is disgruntled about Cadbury adding palm oil to its chocolate. He isn't alone. [more]

Mike Field
Pacific Correspondent. [more]

Feature Guest - Leroy Hood
Dr Leroy Hood is one of the world's leading scientists in genomics, who led the team that invented the DNA sequencer, the equipment that made possible the mapping of the human genome. Dr Leroy Hood, is also a pioneer in molecular biotechnology. Dr Hood and his team created the equipment that would read, and begin to unravel the mysteries, of the 25-thousand genes of human DNA, in the Human Genome Project. Dr Leroy Hood pioneering inventions were made at the California Institute of Technology, or Caltec. [more]

Micheal Jackson dies
Singer Michael Jackson has died after being taken to hospital in a coma, the Los Angeles Times reports. The TMZ entertainment website also reports the singer has died, having a suffered cardiac arrest. [more]

Book Review - The Northern Clemency
By Philip Hensher, published Published by Fourth Estate and reviewed by Jane Westaway. [more]

Music with Manu Taylor
Manu Taylor takes a look back at the life and career of the child star who was in the music industry for 45 years. [more]

With Richard Boock. [more]

The week that was - and what a week!
With Te Radar and Elisabeth Easther. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 26 June 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 26 June 2009
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

Saturday Morning

Peter Macinnis: evil lawns
Australian botanist, science writer and broadcaster, and author of social history The Lawn. [more]

John Clarke: swine time
New Zealand comic genius based in Melbourne, Australia. [more]


Simon Tedeschi
Australian pianist debuting with The Christchurch Symphony Orchestra next weekend playing Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue'. [more]

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra Review
Peter Hoar reviews last night's 'Splendour of Tchaikovsky' concert featuring British cellist Jamie Walton. [more]

News stories:

Containers better than some prison cells - Matthews
Proposed prison cells made from shipping containers are in better condition than some existing accommodation for inmates, the Department of Corrections says. [more]

Fed keeps interest rates near-zero
The US Federal Reserve has held its base interest rate in a range of zero to 0.25%. The decision was widely expected. [more]

NZ economy still at 'considerable risk'
A report by business intelligence company Dun & Bradstreet has poured cold water on hopes of an early recovery for the domestic and global economy. [more]

Deficit shrinks, but debt getting worse
New Zealand's debt problem has worsened despite a narrowing in the gap between what the country earns and what it pays out to foreigners. [more]

State groups welcome move on fees at integrated schools
State education groups are applauding a Government move to bring formerly private schools into line over fees charged to parents. [more]

McDonald's scheme to train young unemployed
A government scheme to be launched in coming months will see McDonald's restaurants train unemployed young people. [more]

Job shock for hundreds of telco engineers
About 1000 telephone and broadband network engineers face an uncertain future after a major shake-up in maintenance contracts awarded by a Telecom-owned company. [more]

Big Wednesday winners can't believe their luck
The winners of a record Big Wednesday Lotto prize say their win still does not feel real. Masterton family syndicate "Irish Luck" won more than $36 million in cash and other prizes. [more]

France begins debating nuclear compensation bill
The French parliament has begun debating a landmark bill on compensating the victims of nuclear tests carried out in French Polynesia and Algeria over more than three decades. About 150,000... [more]

Former mens champion upsets Wimbledon 5th seed
An inspired Lleyton Hewitt has pulled off the biggest upset so far at Wimbledon, eliminating the 5th seed Juan Martin del Potro in straight sets. The 2002 champion, currently ranked ... [more]

French offer apology for Bastareaud lie
The manager of the French rugby team is offering his sincere apologies to New Zealand after a French player lied about being beaten up in Wellington. Mathieu Bastareaud initially claimed he ... [more]

Waikato take out NBL title
The Waikato Pistons have successfully defended their National Basketball League title with a sweep of the Nelson Giants in the finals. Waikato scored a 94-84 victory in game 2 in ... [more]

4th Bledisloe Cup match in Tokyo
Tokyo has been confirmed as the host city for this year's fourth Bledisloe Cup rugby match between New Zealand and Australia. The match, which gives both countries the opportunity for ... [more]

ICC accepts video review system
International cricketers will be allowed to challenge close umpiring calls after the controversial video review system was cleared by the sport's governing body. The experiment, allowing players a set number ... [more]

F1 teams out to boost entertainment
Formula One team bosses say they could soon have a new commercial deal to make races more entertaining. After winning their first battle with the sport's governing body over ... [more]

Ross looking forward to another start
The All Black lock Issac Ross is confident in his role in the team and has no problems with his late call up to the starting fifteen for tomorrow night's ... [more]

Mark Brown midfield after opening round in Munich
The Wellington golfer Mark Brown posted a one under par 71 in the opening round of the European Tour's BMW International in Munich. But he's borderline to make the cut ... [more]

Roulston glad to be riding in the biggest
The New Zealand cyclist Hayden Roulston says he never gave up hope of someday riding in the sports greatest event. The Olympic track silver medalist was yesterday confirmed in his ... [more]

Inglis jaw not broken in Origin match
It's been revealed that the much talked about broken jaw suffered by the Queensland centre Greg Inglis in Wednesday night's second State of Origin match against New South Wales, ... [more]

Lions make five changes for 2nd Boks test
The British and Irish Lions rugby coach Ian McGeechan has made five changes and named an all-Welsh front row for Sunday morning's second test against South Africa in Pretoria. The ... [more]

All Whites to play in Wellington
The All Whites' will play their World Cup qualifier in Wellington in November. New Zealand Football has chosen Westpac Stadium to host the New Zealand leg of the home and ... [more]

Junior Tall Blacks beat Egypt again
The New Zealand Junior Tall Blacks were challenged but still managed a second win over Egypt in Porirua last night in their build-up to next week's FIBA U19 World Basketball ... [more]

Job Summit defended amid rising unemployment
The chairperson of the Government's Job Summit defended the event on Thursday, saying dozens of projects it sparked are still ongoing and many will not make headline news. [more]

Bernanke denies pressure over Merrill Lynch merger
The chairman of the US Federal Reserve has been accused of using bullying tactics against executives of America's biggest bank. He has denied the Fed had put pressure on Bank of America to takeover Merrill Lynch. [more]

PGG Wrightson shares down after profit warning issued
Shares in PGG Wrightson slumped on Wednesday by almost 7% after an earnings warning was issued. The rural services company now expects operating earnings to be between $30 million and $32 million for the June year. [more]

Fonterra restructures its operations
Fonterra is merging three separate business units into a new single operations and trade unit. [more]

Friday's newspaper headlines
Government vetoed plan for $300 gift to every New Zealander; homes get 'dumb' electricity meters; Otago prison upgrade revealed. [more]

Addiction treatment programme waiting list grows
The waiting list at an Auckland detox programme is getting longer as some people who have lost their jobs during the recession turn to drink and drugs. [more]

RSE scheme may contribute to urban drift in Pacific
New Zealand's Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme may be contributing to a drift from the villages to the cities in some Pacific countries. The issue was raised at a conference on... [more]

PNG police set up taks force to hunt for killers
A special task force is to be established in Papua New Guinea to help police find the killers of a truck driver in Kerowagi in Chimbu last week. The driver... [more]

Samoa Attorney General adamant breathalyzers will improve road safety
The Attorney General of Samoa says a soon to be passed law allowing police officers to use breathalyzer devices during normal traffic duties will make the roads safer. The legislation,... [more]

CNMI leaders ask Homeland Security to address mistreatment of greencard holders in Guam
The office of the Northern Mariannas Governor has asked US Homeland Security officials to look into alleged mistreatment of CNMI citizens by immigration officials in Guam. Through the CNMI representative... [more]

French Polynesian Court rules in favour of nuclear test veteran's children
A French Polynesian court has ruled in favour of three children of a deceased nuclear weapons test veteran who sought compensation for the effects of the tests. The court found... [more]

Community service sentence for child's abduction
The sixth person charged over the kidnapping of a six-year-old boy in Hamilton in 2006 has been sentenced to community service. [more]

Ports of Auckland reaches agreement with workers
Ports of Auckland workers has settled a long-running dispute with their employer. The company says the deal includes a pay rise and changes to some working conditions. [more]

New Caledonia ponders significance of June 26th
There is a renewed debate in New Caledonia about how to mark today, June 26th, which was the date in 1988 when the Matignon Accords were signed between the loyalist... [more]

French Polynesian test veterans dismayed at Tahiti court decision
French Polynesia's Nuclear Workers' Association Moruroa E Tatou is dismayed that the Papeete labour court has thrown out compensation claim cases by eight former test site workers. This morning, the... [more]

Call for action after Papua teenage shooting
A human rights group in Indonesia's Papua Province is calling for the prosecution of a soldier who shot a Papua teenager near the Papua New Guinea border. The 13 year-old... [more]

Fiji Wages Council welcomes pay hike announcement
Fiji Wages Council chairman Father Kevin Barr says they're relieved and applaud the Minister of Labour and the Prime Minister for keeping their word despite the current recession. This comes... [more]

Continental to resume CNMI-Japan flights
A year after dropping direct flights to Saipan, Continental Airlines now says it is resuming business with double-daily flights from Japan. The managing director of Continental Airlines, Charles Duncan, made... [more]

Breathalyzer law in Samoa now imminent
Legislation allowing Samoa's police officers to issue instant fines for minor traffic offences is expected to coincide with a soon to be passed law on allowing police officers to use... [more]

Leading figure in Berlin Airlift dies
The man who headed the New Zealand Air Force's contribution to the Berlin Airlift has died. Colin Fraser was 90. [more]

Silver Fern plans beef processing on West Coast
Meat co-operative Silver Fern Farms is to start processing cattle at its West Coast venison processing plant. It hopes to start beef processing by April 2010. [more]

Brad Isles continues good form in USA
The New Zealand golfer Brad Iles has posted a 7-under-par 65 to lead after the first round of the Nationwide Tour's Players Cup in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Iles holds a ... [more]

World team named to take on Silver Ferns
The Silver Ferns will play three tests against a world side, that includes eight players that have been competing in the trans Tasman netball competition The team is made up ... [more]

Solberg wins Super special stage in Poland
Petter Solberg driving a Citroen Xara has set the fastest time in the first stage of the Rally of Poland. The Norwegian 2003 world champion and specialist in super-special stages ... [more]

Fota wants an neutral figure to govern the sport
Formula 1 teams want to find a neutral figure to govern the sport when Max Mosley's reign as the president of governing body the FIA ends in October. Mosley agreed not ... [more]

New Zealand swimmers will be able to wear any suits at world champs
Swimming New Zealand will support the rights of their swimmers to use any of the newly approved speedsuits in next month's FINA World Championships in Rome. While SNZ is disappointed ... [more]

Not much depth in American tennis
Wimbledon's forgotten man Andy Roddick was barely noticed as he slipped into the third round of the grasscourt tennis championships. The American is one of only three players in the ... [more]

Brazil into Confederations Cup final
The Barcelona star Dani Alves scored direct from a free kick two minutes from time to give Brazil a hard-earned 1-nil win over hosts South Africa and a place in ... [more]

NZRU upset with Bastareaud fabrication
The New Zealand Rugby Union has expressed its outrage at the revelation that French centre Mathieu Bastareaud fabricated the story that he was assaulted in Wellington after the second Test against ... [more]

French liar on the mat
The president of the French Rugby Federation has issued a statement apologising to the New Zealand Rugby Union and the public following the admission by the 20 year old centre ... [more]

WTA to look at women's grunts on court
After a week of shrieks, wails and squeals dominating the headlines at Wimbledon, outgoing WTA chief Larry Scott says the tour can no longer turn a deaf ear to the ... [more]

Contador to lead Astana
The Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador will be Astana's leader in next month's Tour de France and will have seven-times champion Lance Armstrong among his helpers. Contador, winner of the Tour ... [more]

Hauritz gets a pasting from Sussex
The Australian spinner Nathan Hauritz has made life complicated for their national cricket selectors by copping a hammering in their Ashes warm-up match against Sussex at Hove. The off-spinner entered ... [more]

Public to have say on direction of defence forces
The public is being given a chance to have its say on New Zealand's defence forces. [more]

French Polynesian gets swine flu after return from NZ
A second case of swine flu has been confirmed in French Polynesia. The Ministry of Health says a Polynesian person who recently returned from a holiday in New Zealand has... [more]

Cook Islands health secretary says direct tangible benefits from health conferences
The Cook Islands health secretary expects next week's combined gathering of health professionals from around the Pacific to raise the standard of care Cook Islanders receive. This year, the 12th... [more]

PNG defence minister relies on courts for pay issues
The Papua New Guinea defence minister, Bob Dadae, says he hopes the courts can clear long outstanding pay issues affecting former servicemen. Mr Dadae has told the Post Courier newspaper... [more]

Fiji gets sixth swine flu case
There is another confirmed case of swine flu in Fiji, bringing its total to six. Fiji Broadcasting Corporation says according to the Ministry of Health the patient is from the... [more]

Prime Minister of Samoa says breathalyzers will slash rate of drink driving
The Prime Minister of Samoa says a soon to be passed law allowing police officers to use breathalyzer devices during normal traffic duties will slash the rate of drink driving... [more]

Private equity market appealing to investors
Despite the tough economic climate, investment firm Direct Capital says the private equity market is very lucrative, wetting the appetites of new investors. [more]

Part of New Plymouth park where toxins found fenced off
Taranaki authorities have fenced off an area of a New Plymouth playground where toxins were found last month, but say the move has nothing to do with chemicals unearthed during excavations. [more]

Body of missing lawyer found
Christchurch police have found the body of a lawyer who disappeared on Wednesday. [more]

Supplies run low at Wellington, Auckland foodbanks
The numbers of people using foodbanks at two major charitable organisations is growing. [more]

ATM skimming operation nets jail terms
Two Romanian men involved in an international ATM skimming operation have been sent to jail for two years and three months for their crimes in New Zealand. [more]

Fletcher Building to close Kumeu factory - union
The National Distribution Union says Fletcher Building has confirmed it will close a factory north-west of Auckland, resulting in the loss of 41 jobs. [more]

New Caledonia petition denounces USTKE antics
15,000 people in New Caledonia have signed a petition denouncing the methods used by the mainly Kanak USTKE union. Last month, USTKE members caused massive disruptions during a strike and... [more]

Recession set to continue, economists predict
Economists are picking at least one further quarter of economic contraction after figures confirmed New Zealand remained in recession during the first three months of this year. [more]

Williams doubtful for All Blacks Tri-Nations squad
All Blacks coach Graham Henry says senior lock Ali Williams will almost certainly miss the Tri-Nations series because of ongoing problems with his Achilles tendon. The injury puts a further ... [more]

NZ Davis Cup Team named
Career-best peformances from Oliver Statham on the ITF tour have seen him selected to join his twin brother Rubin in the New Zealand Davis Cup team to play Indonesia. Oliver ... [more]

Six newcomers on NZ Cricket's contract list
Six of the 20 players New Zealand Cricket is offer international contracts for a year from August are newcomers to the lists, if not to recent test or limited overs ... [more]

Sign language tuition funding secure - minister
Tertiary Education Minister Anne Tolley is insisting that sign language classes for adults will continue to be funded. [more]

Bird call man honoured with conservation award
Forest and Bird is bestowing its highest honour on the man behind Radio New Zealand's famous bird calls. [more]

Supervision for woman who kidnapped baby
A woman has been sentenced to intensive supervision and community work for kidnapping a newborn baby from a Christchurch hospital. [more]

Former tutor obsessively competitive, murder trial told
A former Otago University tutor accused of murder was an obsessively competitive man who accused colleagues of plagiarism and made others feel worthless, a High Court jury has been told. [more]

Explosives recovered from Lower Hutt house
Police say they have recovered explosives from a house in Lower Hutt. [more]

New banking rules predicted to push up interest rates
An overhaul of bank funding rules, expected to be announced next week, is likely to push up interest rates to households and businesses, according to one major banks. [more]

Smart meters boost company profits, says Trustpower
Trustpower is accusing other electricity retailers of rushing the introduction of "smart meters" to boost profits. [more]

PM rejects Treasury criticism over tourism spending
Prime Minister John Key has rejected Treasury criticism of the Tourism Ministry for failing to find cuts to spending, saying he is likely to increase funding for this sector in coming months. [more]

NZ market down slightly at close
The New Zealand market ended the week was marginally down at the close of trade on Friday. [more]

Confirmed swine flu cases continue to rise
The official tally of confirmed cases of swine flu in New Zealand has risen by 36 on Friday to 453. [more]

Whakatane takes regional council move to Appeal Court
The Bay of Plenty regional council, which plans to move its head office from Whakatane to Tauranga, is criticising the Whakatane District Council for taking the matter to the Court of Appeal. [more]

Hastings college expels students over cannabis use
Lindisfarne College in Hastings has expelled nine senior students for smoking cannabis outside of school hours. [more]