Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 6th August 2009

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The best song ever written
Janet Luxton from Diamond Harbour chooses Beautiful Things by the 3Ds. [more]

Your Place - Oparau
A peaceful little village, home to only 100 or so, is located at the meeting point of the Mangapapa and Oparua rivers. [more]

River Death
The Mohaka was once the central North Island's iconic back country river, a jewel in the conservation crown and home to a nationally prized trout fishery. [more]

He rourou for 6 August 2009
Ana Tapiata talks with Liz Hunkin about how the Ataarangi has changed the life of a gang member and also how it is attracting thousands of students in Australia. [more]

Feature album - Circus
Our Feature Album is by Britney Spears, who overnight was nominated 7 times for next months MTV Video Music Awards. [more]

Arts report
Sonia Yee discovers that once sleazy K Road is now the art hib of Auckland and Simon Morris talks with young documentary maker Briar March, who's the first ever New Zealander to be accepted into the prestigious Stanford University documentary film programme. [more]

Christchurch story with Katy Gosset
Peter Jones has performed at the Princess Margaret Hospital Chapel as a volunteer for twenty years. [more]

Science Story with Alison Ballance
Honey bees are useful in many ways - they pollinate our crops, and they provide us with honey. And it turns out they're also a very useful 'model' animal for genetic research. [more]

The panel (part 1)
With Tony Doe and Garth George. [more]

The panel (part 2)
With Tony Doe and Garth George. [more]

Business News

Markets update
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 6 August 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Unemployment rate hits ten year high
The unemployment rate has shot up from five to six percent - the biggest quarterly jump in 21 years and much higher than most predictions. [more]

Maori unemployment soars by 50 per cent
The recession is cutting swathes through employment options for Maori. [more]

Economist says unemployment figures worse than expected
Dominic Stephens is an economist with Westpac - the unemployment figure is worse than he'd been expecting. [more]

Ferry sinks off Tonga: search for survivors continues
A major search and rescue operation is continuing off the coast of Tonga after the sinking of an inter-island ferry last night at around 11pm. [more]

Report calls for urgent changes to junior doctor model
The junior doctor workforce is rife with dissatisfaction and industrial conflict and there needs to be radical change. [more]

Lucky escape after car buried in rockfall
A rescue worker says he's amazed two young women are alive after their car was crushed by mud and boulders falling 20 metres onto a road near Rotorua this morning. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Disgraced former Labour MP set to loose perks
The disgraced former Labour Party MP Taito Philip Field looks set to be stripped of all the perks of being an ex-MP. [more]

New Zealand sailors win world championship
Two young women are returning to New Zealand with a truckload of silverware after cleaning up at world sailing championships in Italy. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Reporters breach Sydney army base
Two journalists have exposed a lack of security at a Sydney army base, the target of what police say was a terrorism plot earlier in the week. [more]

Police union says crushing law will encourage racers to flee
Police at the frontline of dealing with so-called boy racers are warning a law change to allow crushing of their vehicles, will only encourage them to flee police. [more]

Black Magic on display at Auckland's Viaduct harbour
Black Magic, the yacht which first won the America's Cup for New Zealand in 1995, has now been given pride of place in a memorial to Sir Peter Blake at Auckland's Viaduct harbour. [more]

Nigerian government offers militants amnesty
An amnesty offer has come into effect for militants in Nigeria's troubled oil region, the Niger Delta. [more]

Pacific Forum overshadowed by ferry disaster
Leaders at the Pacific Islands Forum in Australia say the mood has turned somber following a ferry diaster off the coast of Tonga. [more]

Anxious wait for families after Tongan ferry sinking
Tonga Police Commander Chris Kelly joins us. [more]

Nats reject accusation recession response not good enough
The Finance Minister says rising unemployment is a worry but he rejects Opposition accusations the National-led Government's not doing enough to counter it. [more]

Report says junior doctors do not feel valued
The junior doctor workforce is rife with dissatisfaction and industrial conflict and there needs to be radical change. [more]

Hunt for Amelia Earhart revived
What happened to the American pioneer aviator, Amelia Earhart, who vanished while flying over the Pacific Ocean 72 years ago remains one of the greatest mysteries of the golden age of flight. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Economists stick to unemployment forecasts despite ugly figures
Economists are sticking to their unemployment forecasts despite the number of unemployed hitting a ten year high. [more]

Experiments involving animals reach record number
Experiments involving animals have reached a record high. [more]

Hopes hui will resolve burial battle
The extended family of Christchurch man James Takamore is organising a hui to try and resolve a dispute with his widow over who has possession of his body. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

No breakthrough with N Korea despite journalists' release
Washington is trying to play down talk of a breakthrough with North Korea, following the release of two American journalists freed after almost four months in custody. [more]

US signs deal wiping Indonesian debt
The United States has signed an agreement to forgive nearly 30 million US dollars in Indonesian debt in return for Jakarta agreeing to protect forests on Sumatra Island. [more]

Call to limit weight carried by porters on Kokoda track
Authorities managing the historic Kokoda walking track in Papua New Guinea are stepping up efforts to limit the amount of weight some local porters are forced to carry. [more]

Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm

Illegal fishing is casting a blight on the start of Waikato's whitebait season, with cheats casting their nets in rivers and waterways early. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 6 August 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 6 August 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 6 August 2009
Key says English sets no precedent for payback by other MPs, Labour says crim-MP's entitlements open door to perk review, Dozens missing after Tongan ferry sinks, Warning signs to go up over Auckland beach toxic scare, Niue's Premier calls for civil disobedience in Fiji, United States journalists arrive home to a tearful welcome. [more]

ACC turning down more requests to fund elective surgery
ACC is tightening up its funding approvals for elective surgery and is now turning down thousands more requests to fund such surgery. [more]

Pacific news for 6 August 2009
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Deputy Prime Minister falls on his sword
Deputy Prime Minister Bill English is to pay back 12 thousand dollars in accommodation allowances. [more]

Black Magic yacht being moved into Maritime Museum
The Team New Zealand yacht that won the Americas Cup in 1995 is being moved into the new Sir Peter Blake Memorial installation in Auckland's Maritime Museum. [more]

Morning business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Key says English sets no precedent for payback by other MPs
John Key says his Deputy Prime Minister's decision to pay back part of his housing allowance is a unique case and does not set a precedent for other MPs to pay taxpayers' money back. [more]

Other MPS won't commit to paying back allowances
Attention is now turning to other MPs who have been highlighted as big spenders. [more]

Political Editor on Field's perks
The disgraced former Labour Minister Taito Philip Field and his wife can still claim the 90 percent discount on international air travel long serving MPs get, despite his criminal convictions for corruption this week. [more]

Warning signs to go up over Auckland beach toxic scare
Warning signs about a coastal toxic scare are expected to go up on Auckland city beaches later today following the public health alert telling people to stay away. [more]

Dozens missing after Tongan ferry sinks
Dozens of people are still missing after a passenger ferry sunk off Tonga late last night. [more]

Three strong aftershocks shake Fiordland
Three strong earthquakes have shaken Fiordland, less than a month after a 7.8 magnitude quake rocked the region. [more]

Public reaction to Bill English's u-turn
The Deputy Prime Minister has decided to repay half of the housing allowance he's received this year and take a lesser allowance in future. [more]

Surgeon says ACC refusing operations for accident victims
Some surgeons say too many people are missing out on essential operations because ACC is taking too hard a line on what constitutes an accidental injury. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Niue's Premier calls for civil disobedience in Fiji
The outgoing chairman of the Pacific Islands Forum has called for civil disobedience in Fiji. [more]

Government bows to national standards concerns
The Minister of Education has headed off a collision with primary schools over the Government's national standards policy. [more]

Sarah Jane Blake on Sir Peter Blake memorial
Team New Zealand's NZL32 Black Magic sailed to victory in 1995. Now, after being barged across Auckland's viaduct basin overnight, it's taking pride of place in the city's Maritime Museum as part of the future Sir Peter Blake memorial. [more]

Labour says crim-MP's entitlements open door to perk review
Former Labour Minister Taito Philip Field who this week became the first politician in this country convicted of corruption, is still eligible for his perks as an MP. [more]

New UK speaker having to answer questions about expenses
After promising to bring about a new era of transparency in the wake of the expenses scandal, the new speaker of the UK parliament is himself having to answer questions about his own expenses. [more]

United States journalists arrive home to a tearful welcome
Two United States journalists pardoned by North Korea for illegally entering the country have arrived home to a tearful welcome. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Annette King disputes WHO conference claim
Annette King disputes details of Morning Report's reference to a trip she took with her new husband after a WHO conference. [more]

Govt considering more private hospital operations
The Government is considering extending arrangements already in place so private hospitals can do more elective surgery for patients on public health waiting lists. [more]

Recession affects prisoner work parties
The recession has been blamed for a lot of things - and now you can add to that a record low number of escapes from prisons. [more]

Recession affects prisoner work parties
The recession has been blamed for a lot of things - and now you can add to that a record low number of escapes from prisons. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Is it time to reconsider the 100 Percent Pure brand
A leading international travel operator says New Zealand's 100% pure branding is the envy of the world, but it's time to move on from promoting just the natural wonders. [more]

Paddy O'Donnell dies
Well known veteran radio presenter Paddy O'Donnell has died at the age of 65. [more]


Andy Bowen, project manager and principal developer of Nereus, a robot submarine that has reached the deepest-known part of the ocean. [more]

Salty water - Tides
70.78% of our plant is covered by oceans. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Clue 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Mystery beach deaths
Unprecedented number of dolphin deaths in Hauraki gulf may be linked to mystery toxin that has killed some dogs. [more]

Arts over agriculture
Are tertiary institutions pumping out too many graduates in the creative arts and design field to put bums on seats, despite the fact there are few jobs? [more]

UK correspondent - Matthew Parris
The British Labour party is receiving the brunt of public backlash over the expenses scandal. [more]

Feature guest - John MacLean
Paraplegic John MacLean on becoming a successful athlete, and coming face-to-face with the truck driver who knocked him down two decades ago. [more]

Book review - Big Ideas
Crystal Beavis reviews 'Big Ideas: 100 Wonders of New Zealand Engineering' by Matthew Wright. Published by Random House NZ. [more]

New Technology with Colin Jackson
Colin talks about setting information free. [more]

Tinkering School
Gever Tulley is the founder and tutor of Tinkering School. He is a senior computer scientist at Adobe, writer, and practising sculptor. [more]

Television review with Simon Wilson
A documentary on Sophie Elliott's murder, Dimbleby in Russia, Telethon and the final series of E.R. [more]

Our Changing World

Colin Sutherland explains what malaria is, it's evolutionary history and resistance to drugs, and how it can be halted. [more]

Fake Pharmaceuticals
Dallas Mildenhall from GNS uses pollen grains and spores to detect fake pharmaceuticals. [more]

Dillon Mayhew explains what the abstract mathematical construct called a matroid is and why he thinks they are beautiful. [more]

Genetics of Honey Bee Caste Development
Peter Dearden and Rosannah McCartney are looking at how two distinct types of female honey bees can stem from one genome. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 6 August 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 6 August 2009
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Rachel Hyde
Cantoris Choir musical director talks about upcoming concert and other projects she is involved in. [more]

Anna Van Der Zee
Tasman String Quartet first violinist talks about upcoming tour. [more]

News stories:

Pacific Island Forum leaders focus on climate change on day two
The Pacific Island forum leaders are today expected to deliver a strong message on climate change and its impact on the region. The leaders yesterday discussed the challenges of climate... [more]

Tonga's Prime Minister says Forum needs to reconsider its position on Fiji
Tonga's Prime Minister says the Pacific Islands forum needs to reconsider its position on Fiji. The question is on the agenda of today's leaders retreat, where the Melanesian countries are... [more]

UAE to host Americas Cup
The defending champions Alinghi have announced that the United Arab Emirates will host the 33rd Americas Cup next February. Alinghi's New Zealand skipper Brad Butterworth says the venue offers ... [more]

45-man Kiwi train on squad named
20 of the squad that won the World Cup have been named in a 45-man Kiwi rugby league train-on squad for the Four Nations tournament in England and France in ... [more]

Real set to trim squad now
The Spanish football giants Real Madrid have ended their search for new signings with the deal to sign Spain midfielder Xabi Alonso from Liverpool and will now focus on trimming ... [more]

Tahu given green light to re-join Eels
Parramatta are set to parade their prodigal son Timana Tahu before the Eels faithful on Sunday, just days after the dual international's release from his rugby union contract. Tahu ... [more]

Lee says he's ready to go
Australian fast bowler Brett Lee has launched his campaign to be picked for the fourth Ashes Test by saying he is bowling "rapid" before the start of the Headingley clash ... [more]

Fans asked to stop booing Ponting
England cricket fans have been asked to stop jeering and respect Australia captain Ricky Ponting in the fourth Ashes test that starts at Headingley tomorrow night. The Leeds venue is ... [more]

Schumacher still needs to pass fitness test for comeback
The German formula one legend Michael Schumacher has been shedding pounds as he prepares to come out of retirement, but he still needs to pass a fitness test before being ... [more]

Berlusconi appalled by Real's spending
AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi says he's appalled by the "sacrilegious" sums being spent by Real Madrid in off-season transfers in a time of economic crisis. The Italian Prime Minister ... [more]

Liverpool sign Italian midfielder
The English football club Liverpool have moved quickly to line up a replacement for Xabi Alonso when they agreed a deal with AS Roma to sign Italy midfielder Alberto Aquilani ... [more]

Drogba stays on Pensioners
Chelsea's Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba has signed a new three-year contract with the English Premier League football club. The 31-year-old, whose new contract with the FA Cup holders runs ... [more]

Trumpet player silenced for Headingly test
The Barmy Army trumpet player Bill Cooper has been banned from playing at Headingley as English cricket officials crack down on crowd control for the fourth Ashes Test against Australia. ... [more]

Kiribati's Foreign Secretary highlights climate change concerns at Forum
The Pacific Island forum leaders are today expected to deliver a strong message on climate change and its impact on the region. The leaders yesterday discussed the challenges of climate... [more]

Hawkes Bay say their Super 15 bid is over
The Hawke's Bay Rugby Union's bid to enter an expanded Super 15 is over. Hawke's Bay withdrew their expression of interest yesterday and chief executive Mike Bishop says they hadn't had ... [more]

Another good win for Junior women's hockey team
The New Zealand junior women's hockey team has scored another convincing win at their World Cup in Boston. The young New Zealanders followed up their 3-1 victory over the Netherlands ... [more]

NZ youth sailors win world title
The young New Zealand yachties Alexandra Maloney and Bianca Barbarich-Bacher have won the women's world 420 championship in Italy. The teenagers started the final day tied for second, but a ... [more]

Oracle unhappy with decision on venue for next America's Cup
One step forward, 2 steps back in the latest America's Cup saga. Defending champions Ainghi announced overnight that they had chosen the United Arab Emirates as the venue for February's ... [more]

Van der Sar out for 8 weeks
English football champions Manchester United will start the new season without Dutch goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar, who faces an eight-week layoff with a broken finger. Van der Sar has ... [more]

Wallabies say Deans late arrival is no issue
The late arrival in South Africa of coach Robbie Deans because of the death of his father had not affected the Wallabies' preparations for this weekend's Tri-Nations clash with the ... [more]

Celtic finally has a win in Europe
The Scottish football giants Celtic have ended a six-year wait for an away victory in Europe with a 2-nil defeat of Dinamo Moscow to seal their place in the playoff ... [more]

Giants and Manning agree contract
In American Football the New York Giants have agreed a new 6-year-145 million dollar deal with quarterback Eli Manning. The deal will make him one of the highest paid players ... [more]

France to send police reinforcements to New Caledonia to quell unrest
France is to send police reinforcements to New Caledonia in a bid to quell unrest which has affected parts of the territory since the beginning of last week. About 30... [more]

Ministry of Education in Tonga keen to revive traditional cultural practices
The Ministry of Education in Tonga is striving to create cultural awareness in hope of reviving traditional practices. For the first time last week a Tongan cultural heritage exhibition, titled... [more]

Samoan leader in NZ says sadness over Field downfall
A Samoan leader in New Zealand says there is sadness in the Pacific community at the downfall of Taito Philip Field. Field, the former associate Pacific Islands Affairs Minister, has... [more]

Case against Field was not about cultural gifting says NZ Samoan leader
A Samoan community leader in New Zealand says the corruption and bribery case against Taito Philip Field was not about the cultural practice of gifting or lafo. Field, the former... [more]

Schools in Samoa expected to reopen next week
Samoa's Ministry of Health says schools in the country are expected to reopen next Monday after being closed for two consecutive weeks in an effort to control the spread of... [more]

Deal reached in New Caledonia to end strike and violence
An agreement has been signed in New Caledonia to end the nearly two week-long strike which led to nearly daily clashes and disruption across much of Noumea's industrial zone. About... [more]

NZ's prime minister responds to call for civil disobedience in Fiji
New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key, says a call for civil disobedience in Fiji is unhelpful. The outgoing chairman of the Pacific Islands Forum, Niue's Premier Toke Talagi, says international... [more]

US millitary Guam office denies its being secretive
The United States military's joint Guam programme office has denied that the military is being secretive about its plans around the impending build-up of troops in Micronesia. 8000 US marines... [more]

Assistance sought for cannery workers in American Samoa
With less than two months before the tuna cannery, Samoa Packing, closes, the Department of Human Resources is still working on a grant application for training assistance for cannery employees... [more]

Fiji's FINTEL to restore international phone numbers
The interim government in Fiji says the communications company FINTEL has agreed to immediately restore access to 00 international phone numbers. FINTEL had blocked the 00 number access to certain... [more]

Passengers and crew on a plane missing in Papua confirmed dead says airline
The managing director of Merpati Nusantara Airlines says all 12 passengers and three crew members of a Otter aircraft which crashed in Amisibil, in Indonesia's Papua last Sunday, are confirmed... [more]

A multimillion dollar football deal for Pacific countries signed in Australia
Football took centre stage at the 40th Pacific Islands Forum in Cairns yesterday afternon with the signing of a more than three million US dollar partnership agreement between Oceania Football... [more]

Kiwi squad named for four nations tournament
Twenty of the squad that won the World Cup have been named in a 45-man Kiwi rugby league train-on squad for the Four Nations tournament in England and France in... [more]

Fiji accuses Forum Secretary-General of poor leadership
The Fiji interim government has accused the Pacific Islands Forum Secretary-General of poor leadership and practising double standards in relation to Fiji. Pacnews quotes Fiji's new interim foreign minister Ratu... [more]

Temaru claims support for French Polyensia becoming full Forum member
French Polynesia's President, Oscar Temaru, says other Pacific Islands Forum leaders have offered support to his country becoming a full member of the regional grouping. French Polynesia is an associate... [more]

Jail awaits CNMI's Villagomez for fraud
A former top official in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison for his part in defrauding a public company. Timothy... [more]

Greenpeace protest in Australia continues despite arrests
Four Greenpeace activists are still hanging 50 metres high from a coal loader at Hay Point Export Coal Terminal in Queensland, blocking operations since Wednesday morning. Six other activists were... [more]

NZ government urged to make progress on emissions targets
New Zealand's Green Party is disputing claims by the government over what carbon emission targets it can achieve. This week at the Pacific Forum summit in Cairns, small island states... [more]

NZ PM suspects Fiji has given up on Forum
New Zealand's Prime Minister says he believes Fiji's self-appointed Prime Minister has given up on the Pacific Islands Forum. Commodore Frank Bainimarama is to invite a Commonwealth delegation to Fiji... [more]

Tonga says there is no pressure for Pacer Plus deal
Tonga's Prime Minister says Australia and New Zealand are not pressuring smaller Pacific nations into signing up to a regional free trade deal. The formal negotiations on the agreement known... [more]

Study highlights cost of emissions trading to deer farms
A study commissioned by the national deer industry body has shown what it calls a "significant" cost of the emissions trading scheme to a deer, sheep and beef farm. [more]

NZ researcher helps investigate pine needle disease
A New Zealand scientist is helping to find the cure to a common pine needle disease. The disease affects a tree's growth and can cause it to die. [more]

Paua farmer pushes for harvest of 'pest' seaweed
A marine farmer is hoping the way will be clear soon to start commercially harvesting a type of seaweed currently listed as an invasive pest. [more]

Cattle study to identify animals susceptible to disease
Research is underway aimed at identifying the genes that make cattle more susceptible to a disease that costs farmers upwards of $80 million per year. [more]

Sheep numbers drop by 2.8%
Drought and dairy expansion have continued to take their toll on New Zealand's sheep population. Sheep numbers have fallen 2.8% in the past year. [more]

Stocks fall on gloomy economic data
World stocks fell on Wednesday, following the release of bleak data on employment and the United States services sector. [more]

MSG eyes Papua visit
The Prime Minister of Solomon Islands says the Melanesian Spearhead Group is to approach Indonesia over its concerns about the situation in the Papua region. The MSG is made up... [more]

Buyers show early interest in ProvencoCadmus
The receivers for payment technology company ProvencoCadmus say they have already had plenty of interest from potential buyers. [more]

Property investment company tips market pick-up
Goodman Property Trust says it expects economic conditions to improve later this year and activity in the property market to pick up. [more]

Another Australian bank reduces fees
A parent bank in Australia has again trumped its business in New Zealand, to announce it is reducing overdrawn fees across a range of accounts from October. [more]

Super industry urged to build on savings
Finance Minister Bill English says economic conditions are right for the superannuation industry to benefit from the increased focus on saving. [more]

Sprinkler damage to stadium won't disrupt games
There will be no disruption to games at Auckland's North Harbour Stadium, despite a Fire Service call-out when the sprinkler system was activated. [more]

Dolphin deaths high as mystery toxin kills dogs
A marine ecologist is investigating whether there is a link between a high number of dolphin deaths in the Hauraki Gulf and the deaths of other sea life and dogs around Auckland. [more]

Fijians urged to challenge military rule
The outgoing chairman of the Pacific Islands Forum has called on Fijians to rise up and challenge the country's military rulers. [more]

More public patients could get private surgery
The Government is considering extending arrangements so that private hospitals perform more elective surgery for public patients. [more]

Politicians told donations should be more transparent
Electoral Commission head David Henry says New Zealand needs to do better in respect to the transparency of political donations. [more]

Growth in tourism numbers slows
The Ministry of Tourism says swine flu and the economic downturn have contributed to a lower forecast for international visitor arrivals. [more]

NZ told to promote more than natural beauty
A leading international travel operator says New Zealand's 100% Pure branding is the envy of the world, but it is time to move on from promoting only natural wonders. [more]

Less work for prisoners in recession
A union for prison guards says the recession is having a negative effect on prisoner employment. The Corrections Association says prisons are cutting back on jobs and training. [more]

Black Magic installed in Sir Peter Blake tribute
The yacht that won New Zealand the 1995 Americas Cup under the leadership of Sir Peter Blake has been moved into the place where it will be displayed for the next 100 years. [more]

Broadcaster Paddy O'Donnell loses cancer battle
One of New Zealand's best-known broadcasters, Paddy O'Donnell, has died following a long battle with cancer. [more]

Elective surgery requests increasingly declined
The Accident Compensation Corporation says it is turning down more and more requests to fund elective surgery. Sixteen percent of applications have been turned down in the last year. [more]

Berryman bridge case struck out of court
The High Court has struck out a claim for damages in the Berryman bridge case. Beekeeper Ken Richards was killed in 1994 when the army-built bridge collapsed. [more]

Nelson tracks closed after cyanide baits found
Popular walking and mountain biking tracks in Nelson remain closed after dozens of cyanide baits were discovered. [more]

Motorcyclist displayed cardboard registration plates
A Hamilton man has been arrested after riding a motorcycle displaying cardboard registration plates. [more]

CNMI judge says fraudster decision takes everything into consideration
A lawyer in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas says the judge who passed sentence on fraudulent former top officials took everything into consideration. The territory's former lieutenant governor, Timothy... [more]

Unicef warns of disaster for Pacific children as crisis worsens
The United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, says while many countries in the Pacific are yet to suffer the full impact of the global financial crisis, it is about to hit... [more]

Amnesty highlights Pacific gender violence
Amnesty International says Pacific Islands Forum leaders need to do a lot more than pay lip service to the problem of gender violence. Gender issues have also been part of... [more]

Pressure on NZ to set higher targets for emissions targets for sake of the Pacific
Pressure is mounting on New Zealand's government to set significant carbon emission reduction targets out of responsibility to the Pacific community. This week at the Pacific Forum summit in Cairns,... [more]

US humanitarian vessel on Solomons mission
The U.S Navy's military sealift cargo ship, Richard Byrd, is this week continuing its humanitarian mission around the Pacific in Solomon Islands. The ship is carrying medical, dental and engineering... [more]

Australia says climate change mitigation urgent for Pacific
The Australian prime minister, Kevin Rudd, says dealing with climate change is more than just a matter of urgency for many Pacific island nations, it is an issue of national... [more]

Women have lucky escape from rockfall
A rescue worker says he is amazed two young women are alive after their car was crushed by boulders falling 20 metres onto a road near Rotorua. [more]

Trial begins for prison drug ring accused
Five people accused of involvement in a drug ring run from Rimutaka Prison have gone on trial in the High Court in Wellington. [more]

Fiji police confirm Raivoce arrest
Fiji police have confirmed that security recruitment agent Sakiusa Raivoce was arrested on Monday but have declined to give details of his detention. Mr Raivoce, who has been the Fiji... [more]

Fall for NZ sharemarket
New Zealand's benchmark NZX 50 share index lost 27 points, or just under 1%, to 3056 on Thursday. [more]

Tip Top recalls icecream
Tip Top is recalling some icecream packs because they may contain minute pieces of metal. [more]

Health officials warn of measles epidemic
Auckland Regional Public Health Service says an outbreak of measles in Auckland could lead to a nationwide epidemic. [more]

Progress on Pacific trade talks
Pacific leaders have agreed to progress regional free trade talks. [more]