Radio New Zealand - Friday, 7th August 2009

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The best song ever written
Sarah Payne of Auckland has chosen"Make Me Smile"by Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel. [more]

Yesterday, we discussed the conservation status of Hawke's Bay's Mohaka River, and the pollution of its waters from dairy farming in the catchment area. [more]

Paul Ubana Jones
Paul Ubana Jones discusses the state of the music industry in New Zealand. [more]

Weekend weather
Bob McDavitt is here with the weekend weather. [more]

Fresh fast food
Fresh Fast Food chats with a first-time guest on our show, Christchurch celeb chef Jonny Schwass from the hugely popular Restaurant Schwass, a finalist again this year in Cuisine's Restaurant of the Year awards. [more]

Sports story
The Bonneville Salt Plains in Utah are beckoning, with the annual Bonneville Speed week getting underway there on Monday. Two New Zealanders will be lining up - slim pickings compared to last year when there were 18. [more]

The Vault - Sisterly Love
This week on The Vault, 'Sisterly Love' looks at the story of Suzanne Aubert, founder of the Sisters of Compassion. Sister Bernadette Mary and Sister Eustace recall their memories of a woman who helped to change the lives of many. [more]

The panel (part 1)
With Gary Moore and Josie McNaught. [more]

The panel (part 2)
With Gary Moore and Josie McNaught. [more]

Best Of The Week

Best of the Week - 7 August 2009
Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 7 August 2009 [more]

Business News

Morning business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Market Update
A quick market update. [more]

Midday Business News for 7 August 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 7 August 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Relatives demand answers after Tongan ferry disaster
In Tonga hundreds of desperate relatives have gathered throughout the day at the wharf in Nuku'alofa, waiting for news of those missing at sea. [more]

Tongan Minister denies stricken ferry was unseaworthy
Tonga's Transport Minister is rubbishing claims the ferry was not licensed and shouldn't have been operating because it was unseaworthy. [more]

Search and rescue effort continues in Tonga
John Dixon from the Rescue Coordination Centre joins us. [more]

Chris Carter defends his travel expenses
The Labour MP, Chris Carter has come out swinging in his own defence over his use of taxpayer funded travel. [more]

ACT MP David Garrett: in hot water again
The ACT MP David Garrett is in hot water again, this time he accused of challenging Labour MP, Clayton Cosgrove to"take this outside." [more]

Rotorua-Sydney flights to start before Christmas
Rotorua Airport is going trans-Tasman, with Air New Zealand beginning twice-weekly flights to Sydney in time for Christmas. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

NZ navy heads to Tonga to recover victims of ferry sinking
An airforce Hercules will leave for Tonga shortly (6pm) with a navy dive team on board as the focus of the ferry sinking now turns to the recovery of those trapped inside the vessel. [more]

Only one in five doctors suffering burnout
One in five public hospital medical consultants are suffering from burnout, according to research published today. [more]

More frontline staff for Work and Income
Work and Income is getting 303 more front line staff as the number of people on the unemployment benefit tips over 55,000. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Pacific to go ahead with free trade discussions
Pacific leaders have agreed to push ahead with regional free trade talks, although Fiji won't have a seat at the table. [more]

WHO: swine flu vaccine ready as early as next month
Scientists at the World Health Organisation say the first batches of a new vaccine to protect against swine flu will be ready for use in some countries as early as next month. [more]

Drivers to slow down on Auckland's cafe mile
One of Auckland's most popular, but notoriously dangerous, streets is about to become a go-slow-zone. [more]

Al Shabaab denies links to Australia
Somalia's Al Qaeda-inspired al-Shabaab insurgent group has denied any connection with the men charged with plotting to carry out a suicide attack on a Sydney army base. [more]

Tongan police chief with the latest on ferry sinking
In Tonga hundreds of desperate relatives are angry and demanding answers, waiting for news of those missing at sea. [more]

NSW launches revolutionary rehab programme
Aborignial elders are hoping a revolutionary programme will help keep young offenders out of jail. [more]

Nappy composting plant opens in Canterbury
What's thought to be the world's first disposable nappy composting plant was officially opened today in Canterbury. [more]

Bees break language barrier through dance
Scientists in Australia are in a buzz after proving that different species of bees can learn each other's 'languages'. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Mothers break breastfeeding world record - again
It's Friday and Wellington's downtown pubs are pulsing with suited workers looking to shake off the worries of the week. [more]

Country Life

Intro and guest
Animal Health Board's William McCook talks about TB eradication. [more]

Regional wrap
Three and a half thousand head of cattle sell at Gisborne and in the South farmers are gearing up for a busy spring. [more]

Blueberry Art Farm
Joe and Maggie Kieninger moved from Germany to New Zealand to live their dream of running a farm and working as artists three years ago. With a lot of hard work they've turned their property into something unique, with blueberries, sheep, alpacas, a gallery and B and B. [more]

From small beginnings
Maniototo high country sheep farmer and bonspiel curling champion Ken Gillespie is behind the preservation and restoration of the Hayes Engineering Works, that's just down the road from his farm in the Oturehua Valley. The workshop was established by Ernest Hayes in 1895 and out of it came many rural inventions, some of which are still being used today such as the parallel wire strainer. [more]

Focus on Politics

Focus on politics for 7 August 2009
Bill English has returned to his Clutha-Southland electorate, after a torrid week defending his use of taxpayer money for accommodation. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 7 August 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 7 August 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 7 August 2009
Anger in Tonga at allegations ferry was un-sea-worthy, Tongan PM doesn't hold out much hope for ferry survivors, Triple shooting in Palmerston North overnight, English says unemployment will keep rising, Treasury forecast expert gives jobless predictions, Fiji shut out of regional trade talks, Junior doctors feel vindicated and eager for change, Figures suggest Auckland's public transport is well on track. [more]

Unemployment predictions
Unemployment has hit a 10 year high of 6 percent and the consensus is building it'll continue to climb. [more]

Mumbai bombers are sentenced
In Mumbai, three Indians have been sentenced to death for bombings in 2003 which killed 54 and injured hundreds more. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Hopes fade as Tonga appeals for NZ help in ferry disaster
Still only 2 bodies have been recovered but at least 33 people people are still missing following the ferry sinking in Tonga late on Wednesday night. [more]

Anger in Tonga at allegations ferry was un-sea-worthy
Anger is mounting in Tonga amid allegations a ferry which sank two nights ago, taking women and children with it, was not sea-worthy. [more]

Tongan PM doesn't hold out much hope for ferry survivors
The Prime Minister of Tonga says he does not hold out much hope that any more survivors from the ferry tragedy will be found. [more]

Triple shooting in Palmerston North overnight
Several people are helping police with their enquiries following a triple shooting in Palmerston North overnight. [more]

Pacific News
News from the Pacific region. [more]

English says unemployment will keep rising
In the latest figures unemployment has hit a 10 year high at 6 percent of the workforce or 138,000 people and the consensus is building it will rise further to 8 percent. [more]

Labour's big-spending MP won't talk
One of Labour's biggest-spenders, Chris Carter, again declined an invitation to appear on the programme this morning. [more]

Treasury forecast expert gives jobless predictions
Peter Bushnell who is a deputy secretary of the Treasury, heads up its unemployment forecasting team. [more]

Fiji shut out of regional trade talks
The Pacific Islands' Forum final communique has endorsed the start of regional free trade talks, but Fiji has effectively been shut out. [more]

Junior doctors feel vindicated and eager for change
The country's junior doctors say they've been vindicated by a damning report into their training and employment conditions. [more]

Sports News
The latest sports news. [more]

Figures suggest Auckland's public transport is well on track
Wellington may be suffering ongoing problems with its public transport but in Auckland new figures suggest services are well on track. [more]

Jury hears about alleged million-dollar drug ring in prison
A Wellington jury has heard that documents discovered in a raid carried out by Thai drug enforcement officers led to the discovery of a million-dollar drug ring which the Crown says was operating out of Rimutaka Prison. [more]

Quail Island being cleared of pests
A native wildlife reserve is one step closer in Canterbury, as the Quail Island Ecological Restoration Trust works to clear it of pests. [more]

Tonga's police chief says dozens may have drowned
The Commander of Tonga's police force Chris Kelly is coordinating the search for survivors of the ferry sinking. [more]

Farming, forestry hit hard by unemployment
Latest unemployment figures show that the primary production sector is being hit the hardest by the recession. [more]

What accommodation $700 a week buys you in Wellington
The amount of money MPs can claim for living in the capital has been brought into focus this week with a review of ministerial housing allowances now underway. [more]

Dipton reacts to furore over where English lives
In the far South $700 a week could really would make your home your castle. [more]

Sports News
The latest news from the Radio NZ sports team. [more]

Group says prisoners are getting inadequate health care
A penal reform group says prisoners are getting inadequate health care with inmates having to convince a nurse before they can see a doctor. [more]

Call for action on climate change from Pacific Forum
The Pacific Island forum meeting in Cairns has broken up with a call for action on climate change from the rest of the world, saying the region is under grave threat. [more]

Waatea News
The latest from the Waatea team. [more]

Wellington Phoenix aim for a better season
The Wellington Phoenix soccer team begin their third transtasman A-League season on Sunday and fans will be hoping for a sharp improvement. [more]

Kerry-Anne Walsh with news from Australia
Kerry-Anne Walsh is our correspondent in Canberra. [more]


Albert Belz - Playwright
Writing for theatre, inspirations, taking on and translating Witi Ihimaera's work, the challenges of touring New Zealand theatre and his latest play 'Whero's New Net'. [more]

Answer. [more]

Nine To Noon

Tongan ferry sinking
Elisapeta Tahahau Ofa has relatives among the missing in Tonga. [more]

New Zealander witness to the sinking
Sam Judd is a New Zealander working in Tonga for the charity organisation Sustainable Coastline. [more]

Fiji invites Commonwealth for direct talks
Kamalesh Sharma is the Commonwealth Secretary-General. [more]

Krisztina Holly is the author of a report about entrepreneurs - who they are and what motivates them. [more]

With our Pacific correspondent Mike Field. [more]

Feature Guest - James Levine
James Levine is Professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota who was inspired to write a novel"The Blue Notebook"after seeing the plight of child prostitutes in India. [more]

Book Review
Don Rood reviews Hunting: A New Zealand History by Kate Hunter and Hunters, Rogues and Heroes by Conner McKenzie. [more]

With sports commentator Richard Boock. [more]

Week That Was
A light hearted look at the week's news with Radar and Elisabeth Easther. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 7 August 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 7 August 2009
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

The Vault

The Vault - Sisterly Love
Those who recall Mother Aubert, founder of the Sisters of Compassion, knew her to be full of life until the very end. 'Sisterly Love' explores the stories of a tremendous woman who changed the lives of those whom others had left behind. [more]

The Vault - Sisterly Love
Those who recall Mother Aubert, founder of the Sisters of Compassion, knew her to be full of life until the very end. 'Sisterly Love' explores the stories of a tremendous woman who changed the lives of those whom others had left behind. [more]

The Week In Review

The Week in Review - week ending 7 August 2009
Unemployment rises, new youth jobs scheme, Deputy PM under fire over expenses, first NZ politician convicted of bribery and corruption, avalanche deaths, dolphin deaths, 2 dregrees mobile network launched, kiwi dollar strong, NZ's first eco-classroom, superstition goes west in Palmerston North, tribute to Sir Peter Blake [more]


Dieter Mack and Elizabeth Farrell
German composer and NZ Flutist in the country with the Seliseh Ensemble. [more]

Ajay Kapur
American electronic and Indian classical musican lecturing on the NZSM Sonic Arts programme. [more]

Steven Chambers
NZ tenor performing benefit concert in Dunedin this weekend before he travels to Scotland to further his vocal studies. [more]

Pia Palme
Austrian virtuoso recorder player and electronic music composer currently touring NZ. [more]

News stories:

Patea meatworks set for demolition
Contractors will soon begin work to clear the former Patea freezing works site. The abandoned works burned down on Waitangi Day, leaving a pile of ash contaminated with asbestos. [more]

Gang member arrested after cycle heist
Police have arrested a gang member in relation to an armed robbery that police say reeks of organised crime. [more]

Skeleton in creek could be missing woman
Police say a skeleton found in a creek north of Auckland could be the body of a missing woman. The remains were found by two children on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. [more]

Reporting on national school standards delayed
Education Minister Anne Tolley has bowed to concerns over national standards for primary school children, giving schools more time before they have to report to the Government. [more]

Police Minister dismisses warnings over car-crushing bill
Police Minister Judith Collins says calls for tougher action on some first-time driving offences need to be weighed against the sanctions courts will impose. [more]

Solomon Islands PM says PACER Plus cannot start till stakeholders consulted
At least one Pacific Island Leader says the PACER Plus negotiations cannot commence until his government has consulted widely with all the stakeholders that will be affected by the proposed... [more]

No time frame given at Forum gathering on Pacer-plus negotiations
Negotiations for a regional trade deal for the 16 Pacific Island Forum countries will proceed, but no specific time frame has been agreed on. Formal negotiations on the deal known... [more]

PNG Govt accuses opposition of locking up and bribing gov MPs in Goroka
Papua New Guinea's Government has accused the Opposition of locking up government members in Goroka during the recent forum on changes to the Oil and Gas Act security and bribing... [more]

Negotiations on Pacer-plus for Forum countries will proceed but no time frame yet
Negotiations for a regional trade deal for the Pacific Island Forum countries will proceed, but no specific time frame has been agreed on. Formal negotiations on the deal known as... [more]

Epic 1936 Olympic long jump duel to be commemorated at Berlin world champs
The epic long-jump duel of the 1936 Olympics between American legend Jesse Owens and German favourite Luz Long is to be commemorated at the upcoming world athletics champs ... [more]

Basteraud only one facing sanctions after Wellington affair
The French rugby player Mathieu Basteraud will be the only one sanctioned following the Wellington lying affair and he's set to be out of the national side for a number ... [more]

Stuart Clark to return to Aussie line-up for fourth Ashes test?
Australian bowler Stuart Clark is in contention for the critical fourth Ashes cricket test as Australia consider suffocating England at Headingley. The tourists have so far used pacemen Peter Siddle ... [more]

ICC forms group to look at Indian anti-doping concerns
The International Cricket Council has announced a working group in a bid to ease concerns from the Indian Cricket Board over anti-doping regulations. Ex-India captain Anil Kumble, who also serves on ... [more]

Benson Stanley and John Afoa back for Auckland
All Black prop John Afoa and second-five Benson Stanley will make timely returns for Auckland as they take on the defendng Air New Zealand Cup champions Canterbury on Saturday night at ... [more]

Tolling needed to bring forward Tauranga motorway project
The public will have to agree to tolls which could last for 35 years if work on a crucial stretch of motorway near Tauranga is to begin as early as next year. [more]

Prison health services criticised
A penal reform group is criticising what it calls an inadequate level of health care provided to inmates by the prison service. The Corrections Department maintains its health services are adequate. [more]

Pacific leaders must confront violence against women says Amnesty International
Pacific Islands leaders have been told they must confront the high levels of violence against women in the region. Amnesty International's Pacific researcher, Apolosi Bose, speaking in Cairns where the... [more]

CNMI politician says Villagomez decision marks turning point on corruption
A politician in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas says the jail sentence awarded to a former top official marks a turning point for the territory. Timothy Villagomez, formerly the... [more]

Kaikohe squatter case back in court
The dispute over the occupation of a Kaikohe building is now headed for a High Court hearing. A group claiming native title to the land has been squatting in the building for several months. [more]

Friday's newspaper headlines
Ferry sinking in Tonga; young New Zealanders head back to study in record numbers; fugitive Casy Bowler-Moncur picked up on Thursday after three weeks on the run. [more]

Copyright rules could snare businesses
Businesses face being disconnected from their internet service if an employee illegally downloads music or videos, under a proposal to curb copyright infringements. [more]

Dipton is my home, says English
The Finance Minister is defending choosing his Southland home as his primary residence, which allows him to receive taxpayer funds for accommodation in Wellington. [more]

Record number of experiments on animals
Animal rights groups are alarmed at the increasing number of animals being used for experiments. [more]

Takamore family to appeal burial decision
A lawyer for the extended family of a Christchurch man, whose body was buried in the North Island against his widow's wishes, says they will appeal against a court ruling that the body be returned. [more]

Smokers support ban in cars carrying young children
A study suggests strong support from smokers for a ban on lighting up in cars carrying pre-school children. [more]

Pacific Forum leaders call for action on climate change
Pacific Island Forum leaders say that climate change is the great challenge of the time and issued a call for action to the rest of the world. This year's Forum... [more]

Uighur detainees in Guantanamo Bay keen on Palau
Some Chinese Muslims still detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have overcome reservations about being sent to Palau, and a final deal on their relocation is near. A lawyer for two... [more]

CNMI's Villagomez trial drives rise in corruption reports
A politician in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas says there's been a sharp rise in reports of government corruption. The comment follows the sentencing of Timothy Villagomez, formerly the... [more]

France welcomes settlement of Air Caledonie dispute
The French government has welcomed the deal reached in New Caledonia ending a long-running labour dispute that led to nearly two weeks of disruptions. The agreement between the USTKE union... [more]

Unemployment tipped to keep growing
The Finance Minister says unemployment could rise as high as 8% over the next 12 months. [more]

Auckland phone technicians to stay on strike
More than 100 Telecom service workers in Auckland say they will continue to strike until Monday, when they hope to be joined by about 1000 workers in a nationwide stoppage. [more]

Aucklanders keen on using public transport
Aucklanders are using public transport more than at any time since the 1980s and are travelling more by train than any time since records began. [more]

Junior doctors back report's findings
The union representing junior doctors says it largely agrees with a report that calls for radical change in their training and employment. [more]

Kirin takeover offer for Lion Nathan endorsed
A report by an appraisal expert has endorsed a takeover proposal for the brewer Lion Nathan, which it says is fair and reasonable and in shareholders' best interests. [more]

NewsCorp plans to charge for online news content
Media giant News Corporation is plans to start charging for its online news content, after it made a full year loss. [more]

Recession forces owners back on farms, says Fed Farmers
Some dairy farm owners say they have been forced back onto the early shift at their farms because of the recession. [more]

Death toll from Tongan ferry tragedy may have doubled
The number of people who may have died in the Tongan ferry tragedy has nearly doubled - with two confirmed dead, and 62 now unaccounted for. The Commander of Tonga's... [more]

Desperate wait for news of those missing in ferry disaster
Families of those missing after the Tongan ferry tragedy are struggling to get information. Christchurch woman Elisapeta Tahahau Ofa is bracing herself for the worst as she tries to find... [more]

Hard assignment for Black Caps in Sri Lanka
The New Zealand cricketers start their tour of Sri Lanka tonight with a three day match against an Sri Lankan Invitation eleven in Colombo. The last time the Black Caps ... [more]

Wulf can't wait to get back on the field
The All Black wing Rudi Wulf is on the bench for North Harbour in tonight's Air New Zealand Cup match against Tasman and says he's itching to get back on ... [more]

Danny Lee in tie for eight after first round of Bridgestone Invitational
The New Zealand golfer Danny Lee is tied for 8th at the Bridgestone Invitational in Ohio after completing a two under par 67 in the opening round. The 19 year old, ... [more]

Titans to remember McNair
In American Football, the Tennessee Titans will honour murdered former quarterback Steve McNair by wearing number nine symbols on their helmets this NFL season. McNair, who was shot and killed ... [more]

Safina qualifies for WTA Championship
Women's world tennis number one Dinara Safina is the first player to qualify for the season-ending WTA Championships in Doha. The 23-year-old Russian has held the top spot since April ... [more]

Fewer overseas visitors to be hired in Nelson orchards
Nelson orchards, vineyards and market gardens will be cutting back on the number of overseas visitors they employ in the coming season, a move that's expected to be followed in other parts of the country. [more]

Plumbing courses cut to 11 weeks
The Tertiary Education Union is criticising the industry training organisation for plumbers for making polytechnics run shorter plumbing theory courses, saying it could affect standards and safety. [more]

Guam Marriott Resort forced into voluntary bankruptcy
The Guam Marriott Resort has been forced into voluntary bankruptcy after the Guam District Court refused to dismiss a case against it. In April, creditors including National Union Insurance, South... [more]

Ponsonby Rd speed limit to be reduced
A plan to make one of Auckland's most popular and most dangerous streets a go-slow zone has been approved. [more]

Wall St fall on weak economic data
US stocks slipped on Wednesday after weak data on the services sector and private payrolls cooled recent optimism that the recession was retreating. [more]

New Zealand, Australian navies plan joint response in Tonga
The New Zealand and Australian navies are formally planning a joint response to aid in the search for those listed as missing from Tonga's ferry disaster. It follows a request... [more]

NZX asset sales boost half year profit
Stockmarket operator NZX has recorded a big boost in half year profit after it sold two assets. The company made $60.8 million in the six months to the end of June. [more]

Sales and exports declining, business survey shows
Sales by New Zealand businesses in June were 6% lower than in June last year and exports 19% lower, a survey of business conditions reports. [more]

Fiji's interim Prime Minister willing to talk to the international community but on his own terms
Fiji's interim Prime Minister has told Fiji Live he is willing to engage with the Pacific Islands Forum about the country's future but only on his own terms. Commodore Frank... [more]

PNG police commander says a change in mindset is needed to confront violence in Enga
Papua New Guinea's police commissioner, Gari Baki, says there needs to be a total change in the mindset and attitudes of the people of Enga Province. His comments come after... [more]

NGO says Pacific Forum leaders fail the region on climate change and trade
Oxfam New Zealand says the concerns of Pacific Island countries are not reflected in the outcomes of the leaders' summit in Cairns. Over the two key issues before the summit,... [more]

Nappy composting business opens
A commercial disposable nappy composting plant has been opened in Canterbury. Its owners hope to expand the business around New Zealand. [more]

PNG police commander says change in mindset needed to confront violence in Enga
Papua New Guinea's police commissioner, Gari Baki, says there needs to be a total change in the mindset and attitudes of the people of Enga Province. His comments come after... [more]

NGO says Pacific Forum leaders fail region on climate change and trade
Oxfam New Zealand says the concerns of Pacific Island countries are not reflected in the outcomes of the leaders' summit in Cairns. Over the two key issues before the summit,... [more]

Commissioner urges action on smart meters
The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has urged a select committee considering the issue of smart meters to look at protocols for the electricity industry. [more]

USTKE says despite deal, New Caledonia strike not over
New Caledonia's USTKE union says its strike has only been suspended and it will take further action of a kind yet to be determined. This comes after a deal has... [more]

USTKE says despite deal, strike not over
New Caledonia's USTKE union says its strike has only been suspended and it will take further action of a kind yet to be determined. This comes after a deal has... [more]

More accurate house price index being developed
The Reserve Bank and Real Estate Institute have developed a new index to more accurately measure changes in house price movements. [more]

Canterbury council defers water charges
Canterbury Regional Council has put off implementing cost recovery charges for water management for a year, to allow for greater community input and more time for consultation. [more]

MAF agrees to review over pork imports
The Ministry of Agriculture has agreed to the Pork Industry Board's request for an independent review of its proposed rules for pig meat imports. [more]

Cook Islands opposition calls budget mother of all mistakes
The opposition in the Cook Islands is calling this year's budget the mother of all mistakes. The budget, which was passed last week, includes 82.5 million dollars in loans for... [more]

Hundreds gather in Tonga as anger grows at ferry tragedy
A womans' group leader in Tonga says hundreds of people have gathered at a wharf in Nuku'alofa, with many angry about Wednesday's ferry disaster. Ofa Guttenbeil-Likiliki, executive director for the... [more]

Tonga ferry disaster death toll unclear as records are lacking
Officials in Tonga are bracing for the number of missing people from Wednesday's ferry disaster to rise further because a complete manifest cannot be found. Sixty-four people are now listed... [more]

Solomon Island teachers threaten strike action over pay
Teachers in Solomon Islands have threatened to go on strike next week if the government continues to ignore their cost of living salary increase. The Solomon Islands National Teachers Association,... [more]

Fiji interim PM only willing to talk on his terms
Fiji's interim Prime Minister has told Fiji Live he is willing to engage with the Pacific Islands Forum about the country's future but only on his own terms. Commodore Frank... [more]

NGO says Pacific Forum fails on climate change and trade
Oxfam New Zealand says the concerns of Pacific Island countries are not reflected in the outcomes of the leaders' summit in Cairns. Over the two key issues before the summit,... [more]

Australia grants Fiji's Chaudhry visa despite regime links
Despite Canberra's travel ban on the Fiji regime, Fiji's former interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry has been allowed to visit Australia. The Australian High Commission in Suva declined to comment... [more]

Commonwealth ponders Fiji engagement
The Commonwealth Secretary General says he is still considering what form of engagement the grouping will take with Fiji. The interim Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has invited a Commonwealth... [more]

Niue woman missing after Tonga ferry disaster
Niuean police have confirmed that a policewoman holidaying in Tonga is among those missing in the Tongan ferry disaster. Niue's Chief of Police Ross Ardern says his police staff are... [more]

Haddad admits to French Polynesia funding claims
A jailed French advertising executive, Hubert Haddad, has admitted giving money which was forwarded to the French Polynesian Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party. Mr Haddad has been accused of paying nearly two... [more]

Lee and Waite well-placed
Two New Zealand golfers are well-placed going into the second rounds of their tournaments in United States. Danny Lee's joined the world number one Tiger Woods in a six way ... [more]

Junior women's hockey team beaten
The New Zealand Junior Women's Hockey team has been beaten 3-nil by China in their final World Cup pool game in Boston. It's New Zealand's first loss of the championship. The ... [more]

Air NZ Cup round two preview
The second round of the Air New Zealand rugby Cup continues tonight with North Harbour looking for their second straight win when they take on Tasman at North Harbour Stadium. ... [more]

Climate change may trigger conflict, says UN diplomat
A senior UN diplomat says climate change may cause conflict within the region. At the end of the Pacific Islands Forum yesterday, leaders issued a call to action on climate... [more]

Tahiti unions threaten with general strike
Some of the main union leaders in French Polynesia say they may organise a general strike this month to protest against the financial difficulties many families are faced with. The... [more]

Swine flu 'may have peaked' in Canterbury
Health authorities in Canterbury say the current wave of swine flu appears to have peaked there. The number of cases is diminishing and the flu centres will be closed over the next fortnight. [more]

SH1 north of Auckland open following fatal crash
State Highway 1 at Puhoi, north of Auckland, has reopened following a fatal collision between a car and a logging truck on Friday. [more]

'Clean slate needed' on Maori land dispute
Maori forest landowners say the Government needs to start again with a clean slate if it wants to solve a 100-year-old dispute. [more]

Labour's Carter responds to expenses criticism
One of the Labour Party's biggest spenders, Chris Carter, has broken his silence at criticism of his high level of expenses. [more]

Canada dominates NZ in Four Nations golf
New Zealand's lost heavily to Canada on the second day of the Four Nations golf international in Quebec. Daniel Pearce, Peter and Thomas Spearman-Burn and Scott John0 in lost lost ... [more]

Breast-feeding mums break NZ record
A New Zealand record for simultaneous breast-feeding has been broken, with 1299 women taking part in the Big Latch On event. [more]

International flights to start at Rotorua airport
Air New Zealand is to start twice-weekly flights to Sydney from Rotorua airport in December. [more]

ACT MP denies claim of inappropriate behaviour
ACT MP David Garrett is denying allegations of inappropriate behaviour levelled at him by the Labour Party. [more]

UK govt should encourage NZers to stay - report
A report by a British think tank says the UK government should be doing more to encourage New Zealanders on their OE to stay longer. [more]

Canterbury phone engineers take industrial action
Telecom service workers in Canterbury have agreed to their union's call for a ban on overtime and callout work, in protest at what they say are unfair contract demands. [more]

Charges laid over Palmerston North triple shooting
A man has been charged after three people were shot in Palmerston North early on Friday morning in what is thought to be a gang-related incident. [more]

Officers cleared over death of arrested man
The Independent Police Conduct Authority has found that two officers did not cause the death of a man while arresting him in South Auckland in 2008. [more]

Kawerau mill closure blamed on global newsprint glut
The Norske Skog Tasman paper mill in Kawerau has shut down for 10 days from Friday, because of a global oversupply of newsprint. [more]

Cleanup begins after rockfall near Tauranga gorge
Roading contractors are clearing a major rockfall which injured two women on Thursday and has closed State Highway 36. [more]

One in five doctors suffering burnout, study shows
One in five public hospital medical consultants are suffering from burnout, Otago University research suggests. The lead researcher says that is a lower number than expected. [more]

NZ market higher at close of trading week
The New Zealand share market finished the week slightly higher, up 12 points to 3068. [more]

Bank billions to boost British economy
The Bank of England's rate-setters have decided to pump another Stg 50 billion of new money into the economy in their programme of quantitative easing. [more]

$US1 billion loss for Japan Airlines
Japan Airlines, Asia's biggest carrier, said on Friday that it lost $US1 billion in the last quarter as the global economic downturn and swine flu fears triggered a severe slump in demand. [more]