Radio New Zealand - Tuesday, 11th August 2009

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Asian Report for 11 August 2009
Jason Moon delves deep into the bowels of a new play by Indian community theatre group Prayas. [more]

The best song ever written
Angela McIntosh from Waikanae chooses"Time"by Pink Floyd. [more]

Reeling In The Years - Dave McCartney
Today we visit 1981 with Dave McCartney. [more]

Virtual Miracles
Dr Erik Champion hopes to harness 3D technology to create virtual worlds recreating some of the most iconic and inaccessible locations and cultures. [more]

Bulls Loo
A public toilet shaped like the backside of a bull has failed to ignite the imagination of the Rangitikei District Council. [more]

He rourou for 11 August 2009
Ana Tapiata talks to Maori Language commissioner Ruakere Hond about Maori Language Week. [more]

Feature Album - Perfect Angel
The second studio album by Minnie Riperton, released in 1974. [more]

Environment Story with Alison Ballance
Alison Ballance caught up with Poison Information Specialist Leo Schep from the University of Otago's National Poisons Centre to find out what venomous creatures there actually are in New Zealand, and the best treatment for stings and bites. [more]

The Panel (part 1)
With Michelle A'Court and John Bishop. [more]

The Panel (part 2)
With Michelle A'Court and John Bishop. [more]

Business News

Morning business for 11 August 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets update for 11 August 2009
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 11 August 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Tongan transport minister resigns
Tonga's Minister of Transport, Paul Karalus, has resigned his post following the the sinking of the inter-island ferry the Princess Ashika. [more]

Homicide inquiry into death of Auckland mother of four
Auckland police say a woman found dead in her Papakura home was a triplet and mother of four. [more]

Police investigate death at Wellington halfway house
Part of a Wellington suburb is cordoned off tonight as police investigate the death of a man in a halfway house for people with mental illness. [more]

Housing market picking up says report, but others don't agree
There's a prediction house prices could rise by 24-percent over the next three years - but not everyone agrees this will happen, or that it's a good thing. [more]

Hundreds missing in Taiwan mudslide
Hundreds of people are missing and feared dead in Taiwan after Typhoon Morakot triggered a mudslide in a mountain village. [more]

Raw sugar prices hit a 28-year high
The price of raw sugar today soared to a 28-year high, stoking fears that the world could run out of the product this year and next if demand keeps rising. [more]

Verdict expected today in Aung San Suu Kyi trial
In Myanmar or Burma to some a verdict is once again expected in the trial of Aung San Suu Kyi today. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

New group formed to fight mobile phone charges
The battle over mobile phone charges has gained momentum. [more]

Navy divers searching for sunken ferry dispatch search craft
New Zealand divers trying to locate the Tongan ferry which sank on Wednesday, say bad weather is still hampering their efforts and it will be first light before they can resume their search for the wreck. [more]

Armed police at Christchurch court appearance
Armed police kept a close watch on a crowd of two hundred people who turned up at the Christchurch District Court today for the appearance of three men charged over the death of another man at a party on Friday morning. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Rebiya Kadeer addresses the National Press Club
In Canberra an address by the Uighur leader, Rebiya Kadeer to the National Press Club has gone ahead in spite of pressure from the Chinese government. [more]

Bogus animal control officers operating in Otaki
Dog owners in Otaki are be warned to be wary of bogus animal control officers attempting to steal pets for illegal dog fighting. [more]

Predictions of a 24% growth in housing market
A national survey is predicting house prices could rise by 24-percent over the next three years - but not everyone agrees this will happen, or that it's a good thing. [more]

Aung San Suu Kyi sentenced
Burma's pro-democracy leader is sentenced to a further 18-months in prison. [more]

Hundreds missing in Taiwan from mudslide
At least 400 people are missing in a mountain town in Taiwan after it was buried by a mudslide. [more]

Problems with tsunami warning system
Two earthquakes have triggered panic across South-east Asia. [more]

Grandmother keeps mob at bay
A lone Maori warden armed with her police issue torch saw off a crowd of potential looters in Palmerston North early on Sunday. [more]

Most dogs as smart as two year old children
Most dogs are as smart as two year old children and the very smartest can learn as many as 250 words and signs and do basic arithmetic. [more]

Climate change group wants emissions cut further
A climate change action group has launched a nationwide road-trip to push for greater reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. [more]

Expert says dolphins have potential to kill
The Department of Conservation is warning people in Mahia to stay away from the well-known bottlenose dolphin, Moko, as he hits his aggressive adolescent stage. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Aung San Suu Kyi sentenced to further house arrest
Myanmar's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been sentenced to a further 18 months house arrest. [more]

Study warns against giving children swine flu drugs
A study released in Britain warns against giving anti-viral drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza to children for swine flu. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Maori protesters suspend blockade
Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell has been meeting with a Maori protest group that's been blocking road access to 60 dairy farms near Murupara. [more]

Trust will try to keep funding sport despite legal concerns
A Canterbury gaming trust says it will try to keep funding local sports groups after legal advice revealed the payouts could be unlawful. [more]

Early signs of spring cause stir in Auckland
A yellow substance that looks like sulphur is coating rooftops, cars and beaches all around Auckland - and getting up the noses of locals. [more]

40 years since the Northern Ireland troubles began
In August 1969 Northern Ireland was rocked by intensive sectarian rioting. [more]

Verdict expected over alleged Nazi war criminal
A court in the German city of Munich is due to deliver its verdict on Tuesday in what could be one of the country's last Nazi war crime trials. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 11 August 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 11 August 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top stories for 11 August 2009
* SAS troops head back to Afghanistan, environmental groups denounce the Government's latest emissions targets, rescuers search for survivors in Taiwan after a typhoon topples a hotel and triggers the worst flooding in half a century. [more]

Pacific news for 11 August 2009
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea news for 11 August 2009
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Labour defends suggested SAS stand-down
The Labour Party is opposing the redeployment of SAS troops to Afghanistan, saying the Provincial Reconstruction Team is more effective. [more]

Labour, Greens say emissions targets too low
The Green's and Labour have condemned the Government's greenhouse gas emissions targets, saying they are too low and will damage New Zealand's reputation. [more]

Decision to send SAS back to Afghanistan questioned
There's fierce debate over whether sending a new batch of SAS troops to Afghanistan is in New Zealand's best interests. [more]

PM says SAS role crucial to Afghanistan's stability
Prime Minister John Key says the decision to send the SAS back to Afghanistan was based on several factors. [more]

Emissions target criticised as too minimal
New Zealand is being accused of irresponsible policies on climate change by a range of environmental groups. [more]

Smith defends climate change policy
Nick Smith, the Minister for Climate Change Issues. [more]

Tongan PM rubbishes claims ferry wasn't seaworthy
The Tongan Prime Minister has defiantly defended his government's handling of Wednesday's ferry disaster, and rubbished claims it wasn't fit for use. [more]

Taliban attacks government buildings near Kabul
As we've been reporting, the SAS will soon be returning to action in Afghanistan. [more]

Labour takes it to the regions
The Labour Party has hit the road during the Parliamentary recess to try to reconnect with the provincial electorates. [more]

Sports news for 11 August 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Rescue efforts underway after Typhoon Morakot
Rescuers are still trying to find survivors in Taiwan where Typhoon Morakot toppled a six storey hotel and triggered the worst flooding the nation's seen in half a century. [more]

Blockade could resume today
A Maori protest which yesterday blocked road access to 60 dairy farms in Galatea near Murupara could resume later today. [more]

Wayne Smith says you can bet on Black
The All Blacks' coaches are warning that Dan Carter's return to the strugglling side won't magically turn around disappointing performances. [more]

US expert scrutinises NZ SAS deployment to Afghanistan
New Zealand's elite Special Air Service troops are to return to Afghanistan to help in the fight against the Taleban. [more]

New Zealand's emissions target too low?
The government's new emission reduction target has attracted an avalanche of criticism from both sides of the climate change debate. [more]

Rudd Government faces test over emissions policy
And across the Tasman, the Australian Government's emissions trading policy may be voted down in the Senate later this week. [more]

Sports news for 11 August 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Tongan police fear they won't find wreck
Bad weather has thwarted navy divers in their efforts to find the ferry that sank in Tonga with the presumed loss of nearly one hundred lives. [more]

Investors look for signs US economy on the mend
There's growing optimism in the United States that the country could be heading out of recession. [more]

Mothballed Tongariro prison units to be re-opened
An expected bulge in the prison population will see two moth-balled units at Tongariro prison re-opened next month. [more]

Waatea news for 11 August 2009
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Ninth K Road liquor store will open
A liquor store owner says he'll appeal against a decision to restrict the opening hours of his planned liquor store, to be built on an Auckland street famous for its colourful nightlife. [more]

Tsunami warning for Indian Ocean
A massive magnitude 7.6 quake struck off India's Andaman Islands. [more]

Perth family mystified by possible link to McCann case
The family of an Australian property tycoon say they are perplexed by reports linking theur luxury yacht to the investigation into the disappearance of British toddler Madeleine McCann. [more]


Ignition Energy
Prof. Ralph Sims, Director of Centre for Energy Research at Massey University talks to Chris about the challenges of getting warm, keeping cool or just driving from point A to B. [more]

Conundrum Clue 3
Conundrum Clue 3. [more]

Conundrum Clue 4
Conundrum Clue 4. [more]

Nine To Noon

Emissions reduction target
Jeanette Fitzsimons and Tim Groser joined Kathryn Ryan on the issue. [more]

Tongan ferry sinking
Uliti Uata is a senior Tongan MP and the CEO of the Uata Shipping Line. [more]

With correspondent Richard Adams. [more]

Feature guest - Cylin Busby
Cylin Busby is author of the book 'The year we disappeared' life on the run in America. Cylin was 9 years old when her father a cop, was shot and had a price on his head, family had to leave Massuchusetts and move to the South. [more]

Book Review - The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder
By Rebecca Wells, published by HarperCollins and reviewed by Penny Ashton. [more]

Business issues
With business and economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

Richard Newsome
Richard Newsome, author of the kids book The Billionaire's Curse. (first book in a planned trilogy) [more]

Media issues
With commentator Denis Welch. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 11 August 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 11 August 2009
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Eric Dorfman
Director of 'the Affair of the Diamond Necklace' - an interactive theatrical production on in the capital's St James Theatre this Saturday. [more]

David Squire
KBB Music Festival chairman talks about the annual event which will see Auckland Secondary School Choirs and Orchestras performing at the Aotea Centre this week. [more]

Writers and Readers Festivals

New Yorkers
"Every fact in the New Yorker is checked. Every fact. Every name, every place, every price, every noun, every adjective… (even) the cartoons are checked." In a good-humoured and lively session, New Yorker staff Hendrik Hertzberg, James Surowiecki, Judith Thurman talk with Rhonda Sherman about the history of the leading USA magazine. They share anecdotes and reminiscences, exploring how the 85-year-old institution has changed in recent years. The difficulty of being positive, how President Obama is being covered, and the role of the magazine as a sophisticated guide to politics and culture is discussed. The issue of duration is also analysed, given the New Yorker tradition of very long-form stories. The writers also share their favourite piece of reading in the New Yorker. [more]

The Michael King Memorial Lecture – Judith Thurman on biography
"Some glittering, eventful lives are in fact, repetitive and depressing… It's the drama of individuation which gives a biography its suspense, and cuts through the trivia of life to its vital mystery." Judith Thurman presents the Michael King Memorial Lecture, talking about some of her deep experience as a biographer of figures as diverse as Colette and Isak Dinesen - who was the subject of the award-winning movie Out of Africa. The difference between capturing the lives of a woman who was largely uncharted by biography, and one who lived in the glare of the public eye, the subject of many biographical works, is explored with humour and insight. Thurman also walks the audience through the intriguing process of her writing and rewriting the opening to an essay on tofu. "I don't know how to write. I'm not being disingenuous when I say that. What I do know is what good writing is and when I'm not doing it." [more]

News stories:

More court security officers for capital's courts
Five more Court Security Officers are to be assigned to courts in Wellington. [more]

European shares fall
European shares fell on Monday after rising to their highest close in more than nine months on Friday. [more]

Air NZ to issue take-off performance times
Air New Zealand has challenged its domestic competitors to reveal whether their flights are departing within 10 minutes of their scheduled take-off time. Its performance will be included in monthly statistics provided to the stock exchange. [more]

ABs coach not expecting miracles from Carter
The All Blacks coach Graham Henry says Daniel Carter will certainly add another dimension to the All Blacks squad but he's not expecting miracles from the player rated the world's ... [more]

Kookaburras squad named
The Australian men's hockey coach Ric Charlesworth has announced an 18-man squad to take on New Zealand and Samoa in a World Cup qualifying tournament in Invercargil later this month. Australia ... [more]

Broncos beat Sharks
Brisbane snapped a woeful run of recent form and kept itself in finals calculations with a gritty 30-10 National Rugby League win over Cronulla at Suncorp Stadium. The Broncos recorded ... [more]

ICC clears Pakistan of any contact with bookies
The International Cricket Council says there is "no substance" to claims that Pakistan players came into contact with bookmakers in Sri Lanka. Pakistan players had complained to team manager Yawar ... [more]

Bowlers into play-offs
All but one of the New Zealand disciplines have secured quarter-final places in the first week of the Asia Pacific bowls championships in Kuala Lumpur. The womens triple of Karen ... [more]

It was up to captain to stop Princess Ashika sailing says Tonga's PM
Tonga's prime minister, Feleti Sevele, says it was up to the captain to stop the Princess Ashika sailing if he felt she was unsafe to sail. Dr Sevele held a... [more]

Two Fiji officials attended Forum despite being banned from Australia
Two Fiji interim government officials banned from visiting Australia reportedly sneaked into last week's Pacific Islands Forum summit in Cairns by travelling on Solomon Islands passports. During last week's meeting... [more]

American Samoa lawmakers reconvene today
American Samoa lawmakers reconvene today following a three-week mid-session recess. The top of the agenda is the budget for fiscal year 2010, which begins on October 1st, 2009. There has... [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Tuesday's papers: US warning issued that the Taliban is gaining the upper hand in Afghanistan; overseas holiday travel by MPs and ex-MPs likely to be reviewed; programme closures and job cuts expected at Otago University. [more]

Rio shares fall on China spy accusations
Shares in Rio Tinto have fallen after China intensified its accusations of spying by the company. [more]

Guam airforce base to get hi tech unmanned military aircraft
Guam airforce base is to get a hi tech unmanned military aircraft that will be controlled by pilots on the ground, both on the island and in California. US Air... [more]

Fiji's Bainimarama says his country will put out of regional trade talks
Fiji's interim Prime Minister says his country will pull out of regional trade talks. Commodore Frank Bainimarama was responding to comments by New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully that... [more]

Wall St dips after four-week rally
Stocks in the United States fell on Monday, as investors booked profits following a four-week rally. Volume was low on the New York Stock Exchange. [more]

GM dealers to negotiate car prices on Ebay
General Motors is turning to Ebay to boost sales among younger car buyers. Customers in California will be able to haggle online with dealers over the price of new vehicles. [more]

Still no payout of Wool Board funds
The Wool Board Dis-establishment Company still expects to make a final distribution in the near future of the remaining funds it's holding on behalf of sheep farmers. [more]

Lobby groups unhappy about 2020 targets
New Zealand is being criticised by environmental groups over its goals for greenhouse gas reductions. [more]

New Auditor-General named
Deputy Police Commissioner Lyn Provost is to become the next Auditor-General. [more]

Ryan Nelsen in doubt for season opener
The injury woes have hit the All Whites captain Ryan Nelsen again and he's likely to miss the start of the English Premiership football season this weekend. Nelsen, who missed ... [more]

Smith says Carter's return isn't the most important thing
The All Black assistant coach Wayne Smith says the side isn't one that needs its star players to win. Just like a few months ago when everyone was sweating on ... [more]

National Bank of Vanuatu and PFIP announce a strategic partnership
The National Bank of Vanuatu or NBV and the Pacific Financial Inclusion Program or PFIP have announced a strategic partnership that will make banking services more accessible to rural Vanuatu. [more]

US mining giant Freeport McMoRan criticizes lawsuit by Papuan group
US mining giant Freeport McMoRan has criticized a lawsuit filed by Papua's Amungme people, who are seeking 30 billion US dollars in damages over the company's 40-year mining operation in... [more]

Continental Airlines to begin direct flights from Guam and Honolulu
Continental Airlines will begin direct flights from Guam and Honolulu to Nadi, Fiji, in December this year. The flights also will offer connections from Japan and the U.S. mainland to... [more]

Fiji Sugar Cane Growers seeks assistance from Sugar Ministry for farmers
The Fiji Sugar Cane Growers says it will request assistance from the Sugar Ministry for farmers in Sigatoka who will now have to supply cane to the Lautoka Mill using... [more]

Opening of Palau schools delayed to minimize impact of swine flu
Palau's President Johnson Toribiong has ordered the postponement of the opening of Palau schools as a preventive measure to minimize the impact of swine flu. Schools were to open today... [more]

Maori Party MPs to meet road protestors
Maori Party MPs are to meet protesters who blocked road access to as many as 60 dairy farms near Murupara in the Bay of Plenty on Monday. [more]

Drugs found in birthday bag for prisoner
Auckland Prison officers have intercepted a belated birthday card and gift for a prisoner which contained a bag of methamphetamine. [more]

Sign of early spring in Auckland
A yellow powder being found around Auckland appears to be a sign of spring coming early - it's pollen. [more]

$18m expansion by meat company
Hellers is spending $18 million to double the size of a meat plant at Kaiapoi near Christchurch due to increasing demand for its products. Last year, Hellers spent $2 million expanding a factory in Auckland. [more]

New chief executive appointed
Pyne Gould Corporation has appointed a chief executive for its new funds management business, Perpetual Asset Management. [more]

Landcorp moving out of Taupo basin
Landcorp is in the final stages of moving out of the Taupo basin so it does not get caught by restrictions on livestock farming. The State-owned company wants to totally exit the area by June 2010. [more]

American Samoa's MV Sili needs upgrade to be sailing again
The American Samoan government's vessel the MV Sili will not be allowed to sail again unless urgent safety upgrades are undertaken. The US Coastguard gave the ship, which can carry... [more]

PNG governors explore new government system
Papua New Guinea's 20 provincial governors are this week to consider an alternative system of government for the country. They are meeting in the second largest city, Lae, on Thursday... [more]

Experience clinched Fatiaki's Vanuatu Supreme Court appointment
A registrar for the Vanuatu Supreme Court says work experience is what helped Fiji's former Chief Justice Daniel Fatiaki, gain a role as a Supreme Court Judge in Vanuatu. Last... [more]

US seizes CNMI Villagomez's yacht
The U.S. Marshal's Office has taken custody of the yacht owned by the Northern Marianas' jailed former lieutenant governor, Timothy Villagomez. He was jailed last week on fraud charges. The... [more]

NASA seeks proposals for new space ships
NASA plans to use $US50 million of federal economic stimulus funds to seed development of a commercial passenger transportation service to space. [more]

Samoa police to guard Faleolo NZ army camp following theft
Samoa police officers will now to be stationed at the Royal New Zealand Air Force or RNZAF camp at Faleolo. The decision follows the theft of property belonging to the... [more]

Demand rising for super fine wool
A specialist wool growers group is building up the international profile of a super-fine wool it produces and sells for two to three times more than fine merino wool. [more]

Low production stops Fiji from benefitting from sugar price rise
The low level of sugar production in Fiji is holding the country back from benefiting from an increase in the global price of raw sugar. The price has risen more... [more]

Second body of Tonga ferry disaster identified
The police in Tonga have identified the second of just two bodies recovered after last Wednesday's sinking of the Princess Ashika ferry. She was a 22-year-old mother, Vaefetu'u Mahe, from... [more]

Fiji regime accuses ousted court of acting unconstitutionally
Fiji's interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, says last April's court ruling which declared his previous regime illegal was not in the constitution. In an interview with the Qatar-based television... [more]

Fiji domestic violence decree queried
The motivation behind Fiji's new Domestic Violence Decree is coming under scrutiny. Legislation on the issue had been a "work in progress" for a number of years and the decree... [more]

US flu guidelines released as American Samoans head back to school
The U.S. government has released federal guidelines for public health officials and schools on H1N1 in schools. This as schools in American Samoa opened this week for the new school... [more]

Retail spending slowly rising
There are more signs of a slow recovery in retail spending with a seasonally adjusted rise of 1.1% in July. [more]

V8 Supercar street race secures sponsor
The Hamilton V8 supercar street race has obtained a three-year naming sponsor. From next year, it will be called the ITM-400. [more]

Kindergarten commitment given
The New Zealand Kindergarten Association is making a commitment to recognising Maori educational needs in its curriculum. [more]

Restriction on trading hours at liquor outlet in K Rd
A liquor store owner is protesting restrictions on trading hours at a new premises in Karangahape Road in Auckland. It will be the ninth liquor outlet there. [more]

Three in court again after fatal stabbing
Three people charged with assaulting a man who later died have reappeared in the Christchurch District Court on Tuesday. [more]

Penguins found dead in Northland
A discovery of six dead penguins at Matauri Bay in Northland has raised fears that whatever is killing fish and birds on Auckland beaches has spread. [more]

List of potentially hazardous Hawke's Bay sites in post
Nearly 2000 landowners should receive a letter on Tuesday from Hawke's Bay Regional Council advising their properties are on a list of potentially hazardous sites. [more]

Compensation offer awaited by Tuhoe
Tuhoe iwi representatives will be in Wellington on Tuesday to receive an offer of compensation from the Government, for land confiscated in the 19th century. [more]

Parties oppose return of SAS troops to Afghanistan
Labour and the Green parties oppose the return of New Zealand SAS troops to Afghanistan. [more]

Units demolished after slips at Bucklands Beach
Manukau City Council has begun work to demolish two units threatened by slips at Bucklands Beach. [more]

NZ emissions target 'well received' at climate talks
The New Zealand Government's emissions reduction target has been well received at an international meeting in Germany, Associate Climate Change Minister Tim Groser says. [more]

Two arrested in Jamaica after killing of NZ man
Two people have been arrested in relation to the killing of a New Zealander in Jamaica in July. [more]

Public warned to stay away from dolphin
The Department of Conservation advises people in Mahia in the Hawke's Bay to avoid a well-known dolphin that is likely to become more aggressive. A swimmer had to be rescued from the mammal in July. [more]

Fake animal officers want dogs for fights - police
Dog owners in Otaki are being warned that fake animal control officers are operating in the town. Police believe they are trying to obtain animals for illegal dog fighting. [more]

Funds for sports groups stopped
The Eureka Trust in Canterbury says it will try to keep funding local sports groups after legal advice revealed that payments could be unlawful. In 2008 the trust distributed about $6 million from gaming machine proceeds. [more]

Witness testifies about drug payment arrangements
A witness whose name and identifying details are suppressed has told a High Court jury in Wellington about monetary arrangements she made regarding imports of methamphetamine from Thailand. [more]

Land notices over irrigation scheme withdrawn
Formal notice has been given to 53 landowners that their farms will not be taken for a controversial irrigation scheme on the Canterbury Plains. [more]

$82m boost for school sports
Prime Minister John Key has announced a new government initiative that will see $82 million invested in school sports over the next four years. [more]

Woman found dead in South Auckland home
Police in South Auckland have begun a homicide inquiry after the body of a woman was found inside her Papakura home on Monday. [more]

BNZ to appeal ruling over tax case
Bank of New Zealand says it has decided to appeal against the ruling in the tax case it lost in the Wellington High Court in July. [more]

British parliamentarians' Fiji visit for transit and tourism only
A group of eight British parliamentarians is to visit Fiji this month but will have no official meetings with the interim regime. The visit to the region is being arranged... [more]

Fiji regime defers naming head of state
The Fiji interim regime has put off naming a new president after the interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, had said a new head of state would be named in... [more]

Tonga Transport Minister resigns over ferry tragedy
The Tonga Transport Minister, Paul Karalus, has resigned over the Princess Ashika disaster. There had been calls for the Minister and others in Cabinet to step down following last week's... [more]

Temaru proposes French Polynesia embassy in Australia
French Polynesia's president, Oscar Temaru, has called for better ties with Australia, suggesting that a French Polynesian embassy should be opened. Mr Temaru made the remark after returning from the... [more]

Oil prices fall slightly
Oil prices dipped to $US70.60 per barrel on Monday after the head of OPEC said current prices are "not bad." [more]

McKinnon back at fullback for Warriors
Wade McKinnon will return at fullback for the Warriors on Saturday, after being stood down for last weekend's national rugby league loss to Gold Coast, after missing a training session. ... [more]

New Zealand A secure win with a ball to spare
The New Zealand A cricket side has opened its tour of India with a win over a Invitational Eleven in Chennai with just a ball to spare. Chasing 293 to ... [more]

Assault charge laid following halfway house death
A man has appeared in Wellington District Court charged with assaulting a man whose body was found in a halfway house on Tuesday. [more]

Sugar price at 28-year world high
The price of raw sugar is at its highest level worldwide since March 1981. Raw sugar futures rose by 3% on Monday, as supply concerns grow. [more]

Maori MP to hitch-hike to save costs
Maori Party MP Hone Harawira plans to hitch-hike around his electorate to cut down on travel costs. [more]

It's moments like these... Minty does a runner again
A prolific escape artist is on the loose in Christchurch once again. Minty the capuchin monkey has been missing from her wildlife park home for four days. [more]

Airlines PNG plane missing, 15 people reported on board
An Airlines PNG plane is reported missing having failed to reach its destination near Papua New Guinea's Kokoda Track. The Twin Otter, twin engine, plane left the capital Port Moresby... [more]

NZ housing prices tipped to rise
A national survey of the New Zealand housing market says low interest rates and a shortage of new housing are expected to drive up prices by 11% over the coming year and by 24% over the next three years. [more]

Strong evidence of toxic algae on Auckland beaches
Scientists say there is strong evidence that dogs that died after visiting eastern beaches in Auckland had eaten a toxic algae. [more]

Parts of prison to come out of mothballs
A jump in the national number of inmates means moth-balled units at Tongariro Prison are being brought back into use: two 60 bed units there will re-open next month. More prison officers will also be needed. [more]

Warning not to get complacent as flu numbers fall
The number of people with swine flu and regular flu in New Zealand continues to fall, but the Government warns the swine virus could re-emerge and good personal hygiene practices must be maintained. [more]

NZ market down at close
The New Zealand share market was down 25 points, or nearly 1%, to 3055 on a turnover of $75 million on Tuesday. [more]

Mobile boss promises teething troubles over soon
Teething problems are continuing to plague New Zealand's newest mobile carrier a week after the service was first launched. [more]

NZ Air Force picks up missing Kiribati boat
Three men on a fishing boat which has been missing from Kiribati since Saturday have been found safe and well. A New Zealand Air Force Orion found the boat about... [more]

Fiji police disappointed message on cannibas not getting through
The police in Fiji say as the force continues to crack down on marijuana use, it's disappointing to see some communities have not taken note of it's drug education programmes. [more]