Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 13th August 2009

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The best song ever written - In The Hall of the Mountain King
For Cath Anderton the best song ever written is Peer Gynt Suite No.1 - In The Hall of the Mountain King. [more]

Your place - Puketapu
Welcome to Puketapu, tucked among the hills at the back of Taradale and a thriving rural community attracting townies to its nearby lifestyle blocks. [more]

He Rourou for Thursday 13 August 2009
In He Rourou today Ana Tapiata talks with Te Rurehe about developing the student's sense for the spirituality of the language. [more]

Feature album - One Fine Morning - Lighthouse
Lighthouse were one of Canada's most original bands, a band that promised more than they delivered, but deliver they did on their 4th album, One Fine Morning. [more]

Arts report
Lynn Freeman finds out how Hawaiian humpback whale calls are being incorporated into an artwork. [more]

Christchurch story
This week Katy visits an exhibition that's showcasing the images and experiences of the trans-gender community. [more]

Science story - Biosolids
Biosolids are what comes out the other end of wastewater treatment. Also known as sewage sludge, these materials are nutrient-rich, but also contain heavy metals and pathogens. [more]

The Panel (part 1)
Today's guests are Joanne Black and Don Donovan. [more]

The Panel (part 2)
Today's guests are Joanne Black and Don Donovan. [more]

Business News

Morning business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets update
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 13 August 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Mobile phones banned in cars from November
From November the 1st drivers will be banned from texting or talking on handheld mobile phones. [more]

Police say cell phone ban good idea
The National Manager of Road Policing, Paula Rose. [more]

Man accused of stabbing ex-wife appears in court
The lawyer for a man accused of stabbing his ex-wife to death says he will vigorously defend the charge. [more]

Bread and vege prices hitting shoppers hardest
There's been a big increase in the price of bread and vegetables over the past twelve months but butter and cheese are cheaper. [more]

Missing league player ruled dead after inquest
The Chief Coroner says installing a permanent landline phone at Bethalls Beach near Auckland should be considered, following the drowning of rising league star Sonny Fai. [more]

Australian carbon trade laws rejected
The Australian parliament has rejected the government's contentious carbon trading scheme to tackle global warming. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Lockerbie bomber may be released from prison
The Libyan man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, which killed 270 people, looks likely to be freed from prison on compassionate grounds. [more]

Man rescued for a second time on Ruahine Ranges
Hawke's Bay search and rescue are branding a man's actions as 'irresponsible' after rescuing him for the second time from a snow-covered ridge in the Ruahine Ranges. [more]

Food Innovation New Zealand will 'boost exports'
The Prime Minister is giving a new food marketing initiative his seal of approval saying it will dramatically increase the value of exports and create jobs. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Obama's healthcare reforms under fire
Politicians across the US are being pummeled by the public as they stump up in series of town hall style meetings to win support for President Obama's healthcare overhaul. [more]

Young drivers could find phone ban tough
A ban on cell-phone use while driving will come into force in November - but just how difficult is it going to be to convince drivers to stop texting and talking? [more]

Mapua residents want accountability for soil mounds
People living right next door to the country's former most toxic site are demanding to know who is going to take responsibility for a large pile of soil left behind after the site was cleaned up. [more]

It's time to say goodbye to cell phones in cars
From November the 1st drivers will be banned from texting or talking on handheld mobile phones. [more]

Politicians told to stop holding the country back
Politicians are being told it's time they"slaughtered some of the sacred cows"that are holding the country back from export development. [more]

Body recovery continues after PNG plane crash
Efforts to retrieve bodies and investigate the cause of the fatal plane crash in Papua New Guinea are continuing. [more]

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa bows out of opera after 40 years
Performers are heaping praise on the beloved soprano, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, after confirmation she's to bow out of professional opera productions. [more]

Man arrested after massive jewellery heist
London police have arrested a man in their hunt for the smartly dressed robbers who pulled off what is thought to be Britain's biggest jewellery heist. [more]

Teenager launches cycle safety campaign
A teenager who almost died in a cycling accident in Christchurch has launched a campaign to make the roads safer for those on two wheels. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Hugo Chavez lays into the game of golf
The Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, has said capitalism leads straight to hell and now apparently so does golf. [more]

Aussies encouraged to send goodwill messages into space
In the 80's it was all about ET phoning home - now earthlings are being offered a more hi-tech way of sending goodwill messages into space. [more]

National Music Conservatorium inches closer
The Christchurch city council is asking cantabrians if it should pay for a 14 million dollar National Music Conservatorium proposed for the centre of Christchurch. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Israelis rebuild Palestinian houses destroyed by their govt
Some Israelis are challenging their government over the practice of demolishing Palestinian houses. [more]

Fear Taleban attacks will affect election
Another Taleban attack on a government base in Afghanistan's north is fuelling fear ahead of next week's election. [more]

Back to the future for Auckland's trams?
The museum that's played home to Auckland's old trams for decades is embracing a proposal to get a fleet back into the heart of the city. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 13 August 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 13 August 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 13 August 2009
Police speak on Papakura arrest, Tonga's leaders must decide on recovery of ferry bodies, Recovering Tonga's ferry casualties could cost millions, Victim's father fears police delays could leave kids vulnerable, Weatherston lawyer"just doing a job", Primary health organisations to fight restructuring, Retailers to impose surcharges on people using credit cards, Trams poised for comeback in Auckland. [more]

Weatherston lawyer "just doing a job"
Defence lawyers say the abuse being hurled at the lawyer who defended Clayton Weatherston is unprecedented. [more]

Trams poised for comeback in Auckland
The trams which last graced the streets of downtown Auckland over 50 years ago may be about to make a return. [more]

Pacific news for 13 August 2009
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Navy dive team weighs recovery of ferry bodies
New Zealand's Navy search team in Tonga believes it has found the ferry that sank a week ago, claiming as many as 95 lives. [more]

Brownlee warns state power companies
The Minister of Energy says an axe hangs over big state power companies and it is up to them to make sure it is not wielded. [more]

Tonga's leaders must decide on recovery of ferry bodies
The Tongan government must now decide if it will seek overseas experts and spend possibly millions of dollars on recovering bodies from what's thought to be the wreck of the Princess Ashika. [more]

Recovering Tonga's ferry casualties could cost millions
Owner of the marine surveying and recovery company Seaworks Bill Day talks about the possibility of recovery of the Princess Ashika. [more]

Victim's father fears police delays could leave kids vulnerable
The father of murdered Wairarapa school girl Coral Ellen Burrows fears another child could die because of police delays in following up on child abuse allegations. [more]

Baby injury inquiry delicately poised
A Northland toddler remains in a critical condition in Auckland's Starship Hospital, as police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding her serious injuries. [more]

More reform of power sector on the way
Yet another shake-up of the electricity sector is on the cards as the Government tries to bring down power prices. [more]

Dame Kiri te Kanawa to retire from opera
According to reports in the British press, Dame Kiri is about to bring down the curtain on her operatic career. [more]

Survivors still being airlifted to safety
Hundreds of people are still stranded following major mudslides in Taiwan. [more]

Diesel tax plan dropped, road user charges here to stay
Road User Charges are here to stay, but the Government is promising to simplify and modernise the existing system. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Retailers to impose surcharges on people using credit cards
Retailers will soon be able to impose surcharges on shoppers who use a credit card to purchase goods. [more]

Christchurch's fugitive monkey avoids capture
Christchurch's fugitive monkey is still on the run this morning. [more]

An arrest in Papakura homicide inquiry
Police would like to hear from anyone who may have seen or heard any suspicious activity at 36 Cargill Street between the hours of 11.00am and 4.00pm on the 10th August. [more]

Tongan government dodges accusations it's to blame
As Tongan authorities discuss whether it's feasible to recover bodies from the wreck of Princess Ashika, the government is still dodging accusations it's to blame for the disaster. [more]

Tongan community calls for ferry to be raised
Members of the Tongan population in Auckland are demanding that the Princess Ashika ferry be brought to the surface as part of a thorough investigation into the sinking. [more]

Keith Turner says electricity review won't lower prices
Are you paying too much for your power? You're right - according to a ministerial review of electricity prices. [more]

Police speak on Papakura arrest
Police have announced an arrest in the death of Leanne Kingston the 39 year old woman found dead at her home in Papakura on Monday. [more]

Primary health organisations to fight restructuring
The chief executive of the Otago and Southland District Health Boards is pushing for one super primary health organisation to replace the nine that currently cover his regions. [more]

Obama on the road
The United States president Barack Obama has hit the road in a bid to win public backing for his plans to overhaul America's health care system. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Guidelines for sex offending sentences likely
A case before the Court of Appeal could result in guidelines being set for sentences in rape cases for the first time. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Whangerei locals oppose sale of sportground for mall
There's opposition in Whangarei to plans to sell a sportsground and turn it into a shopping mall. [more]

Safety ratings now available for used cars
New safety ratings have been released by the Automobile Association and the New Zealand Transport Agency to help consumers get the safest car that they can afford. [more]

Scots claim Chicken Tikka Masala as a national dish
Chicken Tikka Masala is being claimed by the Shish Mahal restaurant in Glasgow which first started serving it in the 1970's. [more]


Dive bomber
Captain Ed Ellis - US Navy (retired) and director of PR at the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola Florida - speaks to Chris about the recovery and restoration of a Battle of Midway gem, the Douglas Dauntless Dive Bomber. [more]

Hot rocks
Igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic, they're all around us. Geology with Hamish Campbell from GNS Science. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Clue 8 and summary. [more]

Nine To Noon

Uptake of subsidised youth jobs scheme
Paula Bennett; Minister of Social Development, Bernadette Perana; owner of Bernie's Restaurant in Te Kuiti who is hiring two young people on the scheme, Alastair Thompson; Chief Executive of Employers' and Manufacturers' Association. [more]

Alexandra Owen
Young NZ designer who's been shoulder-tapped by the organisers of New York Fashion Week to take part in the event. [more]

UK correspondent - Jon Dennis
the UK the Acting Prime Ministers are on a roster, and there are pirates in the English Channel. [more]

Feature guest - Sunny Abberton
Sunny Abberton, the infamous Bra Boys talk about Maroubra Sydney surf beach culture, surf tribalism, and family as four Abberton brothers born to a heroin addict mother - featured in the book 'My Brothers Keeper - the official bra boys story', written by Sean Doherty and published by Harper Collins. [more]

Book review - Target
'Target' by Simon Kernick. Published by Bantam Press. Reviewed by Quentin Johnson. [more]

Technology with Nat Torkington
Recent American software company acquisitions and what it tells us about the economy and the future direction of cloud computing. [more]

Parenting with Nigel Latta
Psychologist and parenting expert Nigel Latta discusses how to help your kids overcome shyness. [more]

Television review with Simon Wilson
Simon discusses Telethon, and the 60 Minutes interview with John Key. [more]

Our Changing World

Quantum nanodots
Jim Johnston and his team are using the colour-changing properties of quantum nanodots for ink-jet printing [more]

New Zealand Inventory of Biodiversity
Andrew Stewart and Dennis Gordon talk about the first volume of the recently-published New Zealand Inventory of Biodiversity [more]

Venomous Creatures
Leo Schep describes the risks and treatment for bites and stings from New ZealandÂ's venomous creatures [more]

ESR's Jacqui Horswell, Tom Speir and Andrew Van Schaik explain what biosolids are, and their research into applying them to land [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 13 August 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 13 August 2009
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Josette Bushell-Mingo
UK actress and director working with students at Toi Whakaari to create a performance of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. [more]

Pinchas Zukerman Review
Michael Joel reviews last night's Wellington concert by the Zukerman Chamber Players. [more]

News stories:

Survey shows safety value of newer cars
New ratings released by the Automobile Association and the Transport Agency show the model and age of cars can make a big difference to safety in a crash. [more]

Ryall says no change intended for OIA requests
Health Minister Tony Ryall is blaming miscommunication for an apparent difference between the Government and some district health boards over the handling of Official Information Act requests. [more]

Paul Williams suspended for a week
The Auckland fullback Paul Williams has been suspended for a week after being cited for a late, high tackle on Canterbury's Dan Carter at Eden Park. Williams moved into Carter's ... [more]

No problem for New Zealand netballers
The New Zealand under 21 netball side along with England broke the 100 goal mark as they opened their campaign at the World Youth Netball championships in Rarotonga, Cook Islands ... [more]

Schumacher too sad to think of later comeback
Ther former world champion Michael Schumacher says he's too disappointed to contemplate a return to Formula One later this year or in 2010. Schumacher announced yesterday he had abandoned plans ... [more]

Poore gets off but Scott rubbed out
Justin Poore's stunning run with rugby league officialdom has continued witgh the St George Illawarra front-rower virtually let off scot free for his dangerous throw tackle on Penrith winger Shane ... [more]

Rival Melburnians confident of Super unity
Rival Melbourne Super rugby interests are confident they can work together to mount a unified bid, which Australian Rugby Union boss John O'Neill says must be "drop dead gorgeous" to ... [more]

Inglis case overshadowing NRL finals race
The National Rugby League's thrilling finals race looks set to be ambushed by the drama surrounding the Melbourne Storm superstar Greg Inglis after a Melbourne court yesterday adjourned his ... [more]

Proteas fast bowler cleared of doping offence
South African cricket's leading pace bowler Dale Steyn has been cleared of any doping offence by the Indian Premier League. Steyn had been asked by the IPL to clarify ... [more]

Patchy batting from Black Caps
The New Zealand cricketers finished the first day of their second tour match in Sri Lanka on 283 for nine after a patchy batting display with Ross Taylor and Jeetan ... [more]

English batsmen still short of runs ahead of Ashes decider
The struggling England batsmen released to play for their counties in the search for form before next week's Ashes decider have failed to inspire. Ravi Bopara, Ian Bell and Alastair ... [more]

Stalemate between Trescothick and selectors
The retired England opener Marcus Trescothick and national cricket selectors are involved in a stalemate regarding his possible call-up for next week's Ashes decider at The Oval. Trescothick kept open ... [more]

Gold Coast label failed Super 15 bid a charade
Gold Coast have accused the Australian Rugby Union ignoring the game's grass-roots in favour of pay-TV ratings by backing Melbourne for the Super 15 licence. The Coast and Western Sydney ... [more]

Cross country worlds becomes biennial event
The world athletics federation has decided to limit the annual cross country world championships to a biennial event. The IAAF congress decided on the move overnight with a 132-22 vote. ... [more]

Jamaican athletes cleared for worlds
Four Jamaican athletes including the former 100 metres world record holder Asafa Powell have been cleared to compete in the world athletics championships starting this weekend in Berlin after being ... [more]

King into main draw at Women's Squash Open
New Zealand's Joelle King has come from two games down to qualify for the main draw of the New Zealand Women's Squash Open at Bayfair in Mount Maunganui. The world ... [more]

Henry layss down the law
All Blacks coach Graham Henry admits he lay down the law to the side ahead of yesterday's one day training session in Auckland. After losing two tests in South Africa ... [more]

Forestry figure Peter McKelvey dies
A respected figure within New Zealand's forestry sector, Professor Peter McKelvey, has died at the age of 82. [more]

Four more medals for NZ swimmers
New Zealand swimmers have won a further four medals on the final day of the Australian short course championships in Hobart. Hayley Palmer led the way with a silver in ... [more]

Government urged to reveal rural broadband plans
The Telecommunications Users Association is giving the Government a hurry up to unveil its broadband plans for rural New Zealand. [more]

Meat and Wool labels levy opposition "bizarre"
Meat and Wool New Zealand has questioned the logic of a sheep breeders' group which is opposing the renewal of its wool levy. [more]

Scepticism over impact Chinese dairy announcement
A Canterbury-based live animal exporter is yet to be convinced that a Chinese Government announcement encouraging dairy companies to set up their own farms will result in an increase in dairy cattle exports from New Zealand. [more]

Junior womens hockey team wins
The New Zealand junior womens hockey team has finished second round pool play at their World Cup in Boston with a 3-2 victory over South Africa. South Africa led 1-nil ... [more]

Kayak world champs underway tonight
The world kayak championships start tonight at Halifax in Canada, where the six strong New Zealand team is headed by Olympians Steven Ferguson and Erin Taylor. It's the first campaign ... [more]

Campbell low key for final major of the year
Michael Campbell has no lofty expectations on the eve of the final golf major of the year, the PGA championship at Hazeltine in Minnesota. Ranked 313 in the world, Campbell ... [more]

Germany, France win World Cup games
Germany has beaten Azerbaijan 2-nil to move four points ahead in its football World Cup qualifying group while France laboured to a 1-nil victory over the Faroe Islands and Norway ... [more]

Webster wins second world cycling gold
The New Zealand cyclist Sam Webster has sprinted to his second gold medal in as many days at the World Junior track championships in Moscow. Webster won the keirin final ... [more]

Opposition to Whangarei mall plan
There have been strong objections to the possible sale of a sports ground in Whangarei, which could be turned into a shopping mall. [more]

Trams considered for Waitemata waterfront
Auckland Regional Council is considering putting a tram system along the Waitemata Harbour waterfront. A feasibility study is underway. [more]

Phone line engineers go back to work
Telecom lines engineers have returned to work after two days of strikes over new employment terms but say some services will still be disrupted. [more]

Prison escapees in Samoa appear in court
In Samoa, most of the 41 prisoners who escaped in May from Tafa'igata prison appeared in the District court this week. Most of them pleaded guilty to charges of armed... [more]

American Samoa Senator plans to block ASPA price hikes
The Chairman of American Samoa's Senate Committee on the territory's power authority says he intends to block its plan to raise water, wastewater and garbage rates. Senator Velega Savali says... [more]

Two Samoan villages set to defy road use switch
There are claims that two Samoan villages are set to defy the road switch due next month when motorists will start driving on the left. The action group People Against... [more]

Solomon Islands committee investigate why MPs wives were given money
The Solomon Island Parliamentary House Committee is to investigate a recent decision give politicians wives more than six thousand US Dollars each. In response to public outcry MP Clement Kengava... [more]

NZ trade delegation to stop in American Samoa
A 33 member trade delegation from Manukau City in New Zealand is scheduled to arrive in Pago Pago in American Samoa tomorrow seeking possible business opportunities and trade partners in... [more]

Copra production in Solomon Islands drops
June production for one of Solomon Islands main export commodities, copra has plunged by 33 percent. According to the Solomon Star newspaper, the Central Bank in its monthly economic bulletin... [more]

Digicel Fiji to open its third office in Suva
Digicel Fiji looks set to open its third office in Suva, in the capital city's central business district. According to Fiji Times, a Digicel spokeswoman says the new office at... [more]

Australian govt hopes to reduce violence against women in Melanesia and East Timor
The Australian Government has outlined how it hopes to reduce violence against women in Melanesia and East Timor. It follows an AusAID Office of Development Effectiveness report last year which... [more]

American Samoa's Education H1N1 task force works on three areas
In American Samoa the Department of Education's H1N1 Task Force will focus on three main areas to help prevent the spread of swineflu on school campuses. Chairperson Tumua Matuu says... [more]

Probe into PNG plane crash continues
The investigation into the cause of the Papua New Guinea's worst air disaster, which killed 13 people will continue today. A rescue team reached the remote jungle crash site yesterday... [more]

Vaccine awareness rises amid measles outbreak
The Immunisation Advisory Centre says the outbreak of measles in various parts of the country has led to an increase in people seeking the vaccine or checking they are vaccinated. [more]

Bad weather in Tonga makes it difficult to identify ferry
Bad weather is continuing to hamper the divers' efforts to conclusively identify a ferry that sunk in Tongan waters. The Princess Ashika went down about 86 kilometres northwest of Tonga's... [more]

New Solomons draft constitution available to public
The first 2009 draft for the Solomon Islands Federal Constitution is now available for public viewing. The Constitution, which is amended from the Draft Solomon Islands Federal Constitution 2004, was... [more]

PNG reporter adamant Fiji men sneaked into Forum summit on Solomons passports
A Papua New Guinea journalist who reported that two Fiji men sneaked into the Pacific Forum in Australia on Solomon Islands passports says she has seen the documents. Gorethy Kenneth,... [more]

Initiative aims to double value of food and drink exports
The Prime Minister has officially launched a new initiative at Massey University which aims to dramatically increase the value of food and drink exports. [more]

Auckland rejects heavy truck proposal
Auckland Regional Council has become the second regional authority to vote against allowing heavier trucks to travel on its roads. [more]

Diesel tax rejection pleases farmers
Farmers are applauding the Government's decision to can a proposed diesel tax but the move has upset truck drivers and the Automobile Association. [more]

Fiji regime mum on presidential candidates
An announcement is expected within two weeks on who will replace Ratu Josefa Iloilo as Fiji's president, but it is not yet known who is in the running. Ratu Josefa... [more]

Property trust profit increases as rents rise
Property landlord AMP New Zealand Office Trust has seen a rise in profit thanks to an increase in rental income. The trust made an underlying profit of $59.2 million in the year to the end of June. [more]

Statistics positive for manufacturing sector
Latest figures show manufacturing activity shrank at its slowest pace since April 2008. [more]

Sacked Vanuatu broadcasting staff win damages
The Vanuatu Supreme Court has awarded compensation to six former staff members of the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation for the way they were dismissed in 2005. Justice Dawson ordered... [more]

Fiji Methodist leaders plead not guilty over PER violations
Methodist Church leaders in Fiji have pleaded not guilty to charges related to breaking public emergency regulations. Fiji Live reports that church president Reverend Ame Tugaue, general secretary Reverend Tuikilakila... [more]

Teen launches cycle safety campaign
A teenager who was almost killed in a cycling crash in Christchurch has launched a campaign to try to make the city's roads safer for cyclists. [more]

Mayor criticises delays in abuse investigations
The Mayor of South Wairarapa is questioning whether initiatives aimed at reducing family violence are actually working. [more]

Researchers study Palau jellyfish movements
Researchers have found that jellyfish in the ocean move nutrients around that helps maintain the marine environment. A team from the California Institute of Technology went to Palau to see... [more]

US corruption case of two American Samoan leaders under review
Federal prosecutors are reviewing a US court decision yesterday which dismissed portions of an indictment handed down in 2007 against the then American Samoa lieutenant governor Faoa Sunia and a... [more]

Opus profits fall 44%
Opus International says its half year profit has fallen as the economic downturn has crimped its businesses in the United Kingdom and Australia. [more]

Solomons constitutional advisory council head predicts less unrest
The chairman of one of the key groups involved in drafting a new constitution for Solomon Islands says once it becomes law there is likely to be less ethnic unrest. [more]

Dame Kiri to stop performing in operas
Dame Kiri Te Kanawa is to retire from giving operatic performances after 40 years. Her swansong will be in Cologne next April. [more]

Consumer group supports credit card surcharge
Consumer New Zealand believes shoppers will benefit in the long run from a decision allowing retailers to impose surcharges for using credit cards. [more]

More confirmed cases of swine flu
The number of confirmed cases of swine flu in New Zealand is continuing to climb. [more]

Study shows banks weathering recession
A new study says New Zealand's main banks are faring reasonably well despite the recession. [more]

Tuvalu records first swine flu cases
Tuvalu has recorded its first cases of H1N1 flu. Radio Tuvalu says the infections are believed to have been from people who have travelled recently. The Assistant Health Secretary, Dr... [more]

PNG tourism body to counter Kokoda crash impact
Papua New Guinea's Tourism Promotion Authority says it is preparing to combat any detrimental impact this week's fatal plane crash may have on tourism. 13 people, including nine Australians aiming... [more]

Tonga ferry victim list inevitably flawed
The police in Tonga say of the 93 people missing after the sinking of the Princess Ashika ferry, they've been able to confirm fewer than half of them as having... [more]

Man accused of child's assault remanded in custody
A man has appeared in the Whangarei District Court charged with assaulting a child on Tuesday. The 17-month-old girl is critically ill in hospital. [more]

Minty the monkey recaptured
Christchurch's wandering monkey Minty has been recaptured on Thursday afternoon and will be returned home to her Willowbank Wildlife reserve. [more]

Waikato River searched after man jumps
Police are searching for a man who leapt from a bridge into the Waikato River. [more]

Regional council unnecessary, say Northland mayors
Northland's three district councils have announced they will seek to become unitary authorities and do away with the regional council. [more]

Solomon Islands draft constitution released for public viewing
The Solomon Islands public is being urged to comment on the first 2009 draft of the Federal Constitution. The Constitutional Congress and the Eminent Persons Advisory Council, under the Constitutional... [more]

Papuan activist wants to lobby Wellington over ongoing abuse by Indonesian military
A West Papuan human rights activist is in New Zealand this week to lobby support for international dialogue on issues surrounding Indonesia's Papua region. Australia-based Paula Makabori, who is a... [more]

Poor airstrips seen as factor in PNG plane crash
A lack of investment in rural airstrips in Papua New Guinea may have been a factor in the crash which killed 13 people on Tuesday. Nine Australians were among those... [more]

Australian bid to reduce violence against Pacific women focuses on empowerment
Australia's Minister for the Status of Women says her country's aid programme in the Pacific will have an increased focus on empowerment of women. The government has launched a new... [more]

Vanuatu president may seek another term
The term of Vanuatu's President Kalkot Mataskelekele will end on Sunday amid signs that he may continue as the Head of State for another term. The names of those running... [more]

Call for massive strike in French Polynesia
Seven French Polynesian unions have given notice that they plan to begin an open-ended strike in five days. The action is based on a list of 14 grievances, with the... [more]

Tonga asks for NZ help in ferry disaster probe
The Tongan Government has asked the New Zealand Government for help with the Royal Commission into last week's sinking of the ferry Princess Ashika which claimed as many as 95... [more]

PM says food initiative will boost exports, create jobs
A new food marketing initiative will dramatically increase the value of New Zealand exports and create jobs, Prime Minister John Key says. [more]

Deans says Giteau will be right for Bledisloe Cup match
The Wallabies coach Robbie Deans has allayed fears that first five-eighth Matt Giteau will next week's must-win Tri-Nations rugby clash against the All Blacks with a leg injury. Giteau suffered ... [more]

Nadal has walkover in first singles match back
Rafael Nadal's first singles tennis match after a lengthy injury lay-off ended abruptly when the Spaniard's Davis Cup team mate David Ferrer retired hurt during their second round encounter at ... [more]

King topples world number four in opening round of NZ Squash Open
New Zealand's Joelle King has caused an early upset in beating the third seed and world number four Rachael Grinham in the first round of the New Zealand Squash Open ... [more]

Sprinters can't afford one false start now
Track athletes will be immediately disqualified for committing a false start under a rule change to be introduced in January next year. Currently, competitors are allowed one false start "against the ... [more]

Mexico boost chances of making world cup in South Africa
Mexico's beaten the United States 2-1, in their football World Cup qualifier in Mexico City. The win boosts Mexico's hopes of making the top three in the CONCACAF ... [more]

IOC to announce 2 new sports
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will announce two new sports in with a chance to make the 2016 Olympic schedule tomorrow. The IOC has decided to include up to two new ... [more]

Olypians form backbone of Tall Ferns lineup
Six Beijing Olympians have been named in a young New Zealand Tall Ferns training squad, to prepare for the Ocean basketball champs later this month. Suzie Bates, Jillian Harmon, Kate ... [more]

Brazil beat Estonia in friendly
The Brazilian football team has made it nine wins in a row after a 1-nil victory over Estonia in Tallinn. A goal just before halftime by striker Luis Fabiano was enough ... [more]

Rugby stars backs Sevens Olympic bid
New Zealand rugby Sevens heroes and current All Blacks have echoed the call for the International Olympic Committee to re-admit Rugby to the Olympic Games for the first time since ... [more]

Clijsters keeps comeback on course
Kim Clijsters has kept her tennis comeback on course with a straight sets victory over Switzerland's Patty Schnyder at the WTA Tour Cincinnatti Open in the United States. The 26-year-old ... [more]

Mexico beat US in world cup qualifier
A late strike from substitute Miguel Sabah gave Mexico a 2-1 victory over the United States in their World Cup qualifier in Mexico City. The win boosts Mexico's hopes of ... [more]

Another good win for Ferrero
Unseeded Spaniard Juan Carlos Ferrero has had a convincing win at the Montreal Masters tennis tournament to set up a third round meeting with Andy Murray. Ferrero pushed out 13th ... [more]

Defoe double gives England 2-2 draw with the Netherlands
Substitute Jermain Defoe scored twice to haul England back for a 2-2 draw in a friendly with the Netherlands in Amsterdam. England were punished for defensive blunders and trailed 2-0 ... [more]

Coroner rules promising rugby league star drowned
The Chief Coroner has ruled rising rugby league star Sonny Fai drowned after being caught in a rip at Bethells Beach, west of Auckland. His body has never been found. [more]

Man accused of stabbing woman to death
A man has appeared in Papakura District Court accused of stabbing a South Auckland woman to death. [more]

New Fiji decree augments court powers in domestic violence cases
Fiji's Ministry of Women's Affairs says the new Domestic Violence Decree will give the courts broader powers. Women's groups in Fiji have been pushing for a number of years to... [more]

Tramper rescued for second time in a month
A tramper has been described as irresponsible after being rescued for the second time in a month from a snowy ridge on the Ruahine Ranges. [more]

Residents want soil on former toxic site removed
Residents in Mapua want someone to take responsibility for the removal of a large amount of soil left behind after the clean-up of New Zealand's most toxic site. [more]

Christchurch music conservatorium a step closer
Christchurch City Council has voted to consult ratepayers about its plan to put up $14 million needed by the Canterbury University to build a National Conservatorium of Music. [more]

Power restored to Lyttelton
Electricity has been restored to Lyttelton near Christchurch after urgent work to a damaged power pole was carried out. [more]

NZ market higher at close
The New Zealand share market closed up 49 points, or 1.5%, to 3128 on turnover of $115 million. [more]

Hand-held mobiles to be banned for drivers
Motorists in New Zealand will be banned from using cellphones while driving under new rules announced by the Government which take effect in November. [more]