Radio New Zealand - Friday, 14th August 2009

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The best song ever written
Robin Blomfield from Bay of Islands chooses"Joe Hill"by Joan Baez. [more]

An expert in energy economics has been critical of a ministerial review of electricity market performance. [more]

He rourou for 14 August 2009
One of the perks of being old is that you can tell people what to do... including Ministers of the Crown, that's according to Ngati Porou elder Katarina Mataira. [more]

Weekend weather
Bob McDavitt is here with the weekend weather. [more]

Fresh fast food
Our Fresh Fast Food chef is Jonny Schwass from Restaurant Schwass in Christchurch. Today - 'A Taste of Spring' - we have two of what Jonny calls polarizing recipes, one that takes two minutes to prepare, and one that takes two days. [more]

Sports story
The world athletic champs start in Berlin tonight, the world kayak championships are underway in Canada, New Zealand triathletes will be competing in London and a young New Zealander's been starring at the world junior track cycling championships in Moscow. [more]

The Vault - Against the Grain
The Vault this week gives us an insight into alternative lifestyles. [more]

The panel (part 1)
With Brian Edwards and Irene Gardiner. [more]

The panel (part 2)
With Brian Edwards and Irene Gardiner. [more]

Best Of The Week

Best of the Week - 14 August 2009
Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 14 August 2009. Americans beating the recession with free giveaways, cataloguing NZ's extensive biodiversity, memories of Woodstock and a reveiw of Tom Scott's new movie Separation City. [more]

Business News

Morning business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Midday Business News for 14 August 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Fire service search for children down culvert
The Police and fire service have blocked off part of a street in the Auckland suburb of Mt Albert, after reports of children being stuck down a large drain. [more]

Family convicted of manslaughter escape prison sentence
The family convicted of the manslaughter of Janet Moses, who drowned during a bizarre and prolonged attempt to drive out evil spirits, have escaped being sent to prison. [more]

Maori teacher - exorcism death nothing to do with Maori culture
Dr Tui Adams is a teacher in tikanga Maori for Tainui - he gave evidence at the trial saying what happened to Janet Moses had nothing to do with any accepted Maori cultural practice. [more]

Search operation suspended amidst hoax fears
Police say a search and rescue operation triggered by an early morning mayday call from a boat south east of Whangarei may have been a hoax. [more]

Contractor found dead at Fonterra plant
A man has been found dead in an elevator shaft at Fonterra's Edendale plant in Southland. [more]

Air traffic workers suspended after mid-air collision
A New York air traffic controller who was handling the plane which collided in mid air with a helicopter over the Hudson River have been suspended from duty for being on the phone at the time of the crash. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Retail recovery comes with warning
There's further evidence of a recovery in the economy, with retail sales rising for the third consecutive month in June. [more]

U-turn on funding cuts for special needs students
The Education Minister has done a u-turn on plans to cut funding for special needs children getting extra therapy - but critics say the battle is far from over. [more]

66 new knights and dames
66 New Zealanders were formally honoured with titles today at Old St Paul's Cathedral in Wellington. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

2008 drought cost economy $2.8 billion
The Ministry of Agriculture has calculated that the 2007 and 2008 droughts cost the New Zealand economy almost three billion dollars. [more]

Scientists to start mass DNA project on WWI soldiers
Scientists are about to start a mass DNA testing programme to try to idenitify the remains of hundreds of World War 1 Australian and British soldiers killed in one of the conflict's fiercest battles. [more]

Golf and rugby sevens one step away from Olympics
The final whistle hasn't been blown yet, but if all goes according to plan golf and rugby sevens will be confirmed as part of the programme for the 2016 Olympic Games. [more]

Ski party caught in avalanche in Methven area
There's been an avalanche in the Methven area at the Totara Peak. A ski party consisting of 5 people was caught in the avalanche at about 4:20 this afternoon. [more]

Calls for more resources for Taiwan rescue operation
Nearly four hundred people are still missing and now feared dead following a mudslide in just one village in southern Taiwan. [more]

Accusations of torture in Iran
One of the defeated candidates in Iran's presidential elections has accused the authorities of allowing the torture, rape and murder of election protesters held in the country's prisons. [more]

Signs of economic recovery in France and Germany
There are signs of recovery in Europe's two biggest economies. [more]

RMT Union calls for a national port strategy
The Rail and Maritime Transport Union is calling for a national strategy to save port companies from throwing millions of dollars at attracting only short-term shipping business. [more]

British PM joins online campaign supporting NHS
The British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and his wife, Sarah, have joined an online campaign defending the country's National Health Service from criticism in the United States. [more]

Shakespearean sonnet to be performed in Maori at the Globe
The Maori language is set to take centre stage at a special ceremony at the Globe Theatre in London. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Fashion store employee with prosthetic arm wins tribunal
A young woman with a prosthetic arm who worked for a fashion store in London has successfully sued the company for wrongful dismissal. [more]

Fish tattooed for good luck
Pet shops in China are offering tattooed fish. [more]

Country Life

Intro, a poem by Joe Bell and Regional Wrap
Intro, a poem by Joe Bell and Regional Wrap. [more]

Flower power
Theo Van der Put grows freesia and lilies in Wairarapa and business is blooming. [more]

Ag Science Isn't Sexy After School
Why do only 1% of university graduates have agricultural science degrees when the industries they'll be working with earn the lions share of New Zealand's export dollars. [more]

The Singing Scientist
Matthew Barnett wrote a song promoting Nutritional Epigenetics for his MacDiarmid Young Scientist of the Year Award entry. He doesn't usually do country and western but the song's agricultural links cry out "go country". [more]

Focus on Politics

Focus on politics for 14 August 2009
The National-led Government has announced it will cut greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 10 to 20 percent by 2020. The Cabinet agreed on the target this week and tabled it at a meeting of climate change negotiators in Bonn, Germany. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 14 August 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 14 August 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top stories for 14 August 2009
Researchers criticise cellphone driving ban, Steven Joyce says ban won't extend to handsfree, Convicted Lockerbie bomber set for compassionate release, Fonterra chief supports non-farmer investment, Rugby and golf set for 2016 Olympic Games, Inquiry into ferry sinking gets under way, Maori leader sickened by baby assaults. [more]

Maori flag consultation a farce?
The last of 21 hui to discuss an official Maori flag was held in Dunedin last night and the Ministry of Maori Development says the consultation process has been a success. [more]

Probation service lifts its performance
The Corrections Department says its handling of paroled prisoners has improved considerably. [more]

Pacific news for 14 August 2009
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Morning Rural News for 14 August 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

AA hopes cell ban will become second nature
The AA is hoping people will go a step further than the ban on cellphones while driving - and restrict their use of hands free too. [more]

Forest and Bird urges appeal of high country rent ruling
The environmental group Forest and Bird says the government could miss out on millions of dollars of taxpayer income if it doesn't appeal against a high country land decision. [more]

Researchers criticise cell phone ban
Safety researchers say a new ban on driving while texting or talking on a cell phone doesn't go far enough. [more]

Steven Joyce says cellphone ban won't extend to handsfree
Geoff Robinson talks to Transport Minister Steven Joyce and asks if he'd also considered a ban on ALL phones in cars, including hands-free. [more]

Convicted Lockerbie bomber set for compassionate release
It's being widely reported in Britain that the man convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing is expected to be freed on compassionate grounds by the end of next week. [more]

Fonterra chief supports non-farmer investment
Fonterra's top executive says the dairy company is running out of capital and needs investment from outside the industry. [more]

Rugby and golf set for 2016 Olympic Games
Rugby sevens and golf have all but secured a place as the two new sports for the 2016 Olympic Games. [more]

Inquiry into ferry sinking gets under way
An Australian serving as a Supreme Court judge in Tonga has been appointed to head a Royal Commission of Inquiry into last weeks ferry disaster. [more]

Maori leader sickened by baby assaults
A prominent community leader says she's sickened by the death and serious injury of two toddlers there in less than a week. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Jump in vegetable prices an aberration
Produce distributor, Turners and Growers is dismissing a large jump in the price of vegetables as an aberration. [more]

Hastings residents worry at sports park inaction
Hastings residents are demanding answers over why an Australian property development company appears stalled in turning the city's former major sports facility into a shopping centre. [more]

Governor General prepares for redisignation ceremony
67 people including former Prime Ministers, business leaders and sporting greats will officially be given the title of"Sir"or"Dame"in a one-off redesignation ceremony in Wellington this afternoon. [more]

Experts say handsfree phones just as dangerous
The Government's being told its new cellphone driving ban doesn't go far enough and that handsfree phones need to be banned as well. [more]

Taranaki and Timaru ports victims of Fonterra export changes
The shipping ports of Taranaki and Timaru are casualties of new decisions on transporting products by dairy giant Fonterra. [more]

Woods has made a strong start at the US PGA
Four-times winner Tiger Woods has made a strong start at the US PGA Championship overnight. [more]

Wellington Phoenix under pressure to perform
Their fan club goes by the name of Yellow Fever but it's the Wellington Phoenix football side who appear to be coming down with something. [more]

Former diplomat says Lockerbie case is complex
It is thought the man convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, that killed 270 people in Scotland, could soon be freed. [more]

43 dead as Phillipine military cracks down on rebels
At least 43 people have been killed in a military offensive against Al-qaeda linked guerillas in the jungles of the southern Phillippines. [more]

Opponents vow to resist Samoa driving change
Samoans angry they'll soon have to drive on the left instead of right side of the road say they'll ignore the law change. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Bad weather hampers Whangarei boat search
Bad weather is hampering the search for a boat believed to have four people on board, in trouble off the coast of Northland. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Hidden boobies exposed
At last the truth has been exposed - the"extinct"Tasman Booby has not died out after all. [more]

Claim French authorities should be more open-minded
Quite the opposite from an itsty witsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, the Muslim swimsuit known as the 'burqini' is causing an uproar in Paris. [more]

Kerry-Anne Walsh with news from Australia
Geoff Robinson talks to our correspondent, Kerry-Anne Walsh in Canberra. [more]

Nine To Noon

Backlog of uninvestigated child abuse cases
The Children's Commissioner joins Kathryn to discuss the continuing backlog of uninvestigated child abuse cases. [more]

Rural Bulletin future is in jeopardy
It's the mainstay of news and issues from around the world, keeping NZer's from all corners of the country in touch with what's happening. [more]

A website facilitating extramarital affairs
A website facilitating extramarital affairs has gone even further, with new applications for iphone and blackberry users, making cheating on your spouse even easier. [more]

With our Asian correspondent Phil O'Sullivan. [more]

Feature guest - Vince Cable
He's possibly the most popular politician in Britain. Liberal Democrat MP Vince Cable has something of a cult following. [more]

Childrens Book Review
Today John McIntyre reviews another three children's books. Details are below. [more]

New Music
With our reviewer Sean McKenna. [more]

With sports commentator Joseph Romanos [more]

The week that was
A light hearted look at the week's news with Radar and Irene Pink. [more]

Rural News

Midday Rural News for 14 August 2009
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

The Vault

The Vault - Against the Grain
An insight into alternative lifestyles through clips from the mid-1970s, looking at why individuals have chosen to escape from it all. [more]

The Week In Review

The Week in Review - week ending 14 August 2009
A review of the week's news - greenhouse gas emissions, NZ navy search in Tonga, tax debate, Bain on OE, cellphone ban in cars, NZ SAS to Afghanistan, new food marketing plan, toddler deaths, hitchhiking MP, Scott Dixon's win, Dame Kiri bows out. [more]


David King
European Champion brass band conductor working with Woolston Brass this weekend. [more]

Pinchas Zukerman Review
Justine Cormack reviews last night's NZSO Auckland concert featuring violinist Pinchas Zukerman. [more]

Seliseh Ensemble Review
Dugal McKinnnon reviews last Wednesday night's Wellington concert by German chamber ensemble. [more]

News stories:

NZ investigators prepare to work on ferry inquiry
New Zealand has assembled a six-strong team in Tonga to work on a Royal Commission of inquiry into the sinking of the ferry, Princess Ashika. As many as 95 people... [more]

Smail recovers from bad start at PGA
New Zealand's top ranked golfer David Smail is doing relatively well on the first day of the final major championship of the year, the PGA Championship at Hazeltine in Minnesota. ... [more]

Smith suffers loss at Asia Pacific bowls
The New Zealand singles player Val Smith has suffered her first loss at the Asia-Pacific bowls championships in Malaysia, going down to local player Siti Ahmad, the 2-time Commonwealth Games ... [more]

Council to investigate landline for Bethells Beach
Waitakere City Council will look at how a landline phone could be funded for Bethells Beach, following the drowning of rugby league player Sonny Fai. [more]

Kaikohe occupation 'hurting property sales'
The lawyer for a Kaikohe businessman who has been locked out of his building by a group claiming Maori customary rights says the dispute is affecting local property sales. [more]

Plane recovery hampered by weather and terrain
Dense jungle terrain and bad weather are making efforts to recover the bodies of 13 people, killed in Papua New Guinea's worst air crash, extremely difficult, with the operation expected... [more]

ADB provides money for clean energy
The Asian Development Bank, the ADB, is providing a three million US dollar grant to Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea to help design and deliver renewable energy products. [more]

PNG tourism expected to survive plane crash
A tourism operator in Papua New Guinea says he does not expect the number of Australians visiting the Kokoda Track to decline because of Tuesday's fatal plane crash. Nine Australians... [more]

Fears in Northern Marianas federalisation will mean some entry ports downgraded
The Northern Marianas' Commonwealth Ports Authority has expressed concerns that the US federal takeover of local immigration may lead to a downgrading in the status of both its Rota and... [more]

Visiting Papuan activist praises NZ retailers who've stopped selling kwila hardwood
A West Papuan human rights activist visiting New Zealand has thanked local outdoor furniture retailers who have stopped selling products made of illegally-sourced kwila, or merbau, hardwood from Indonesia's Papua... [more]

Morobe province pressing for funds heading into NG govt summit
The Morobe provincial government in Papua New Guinea is pressing the National Executive Council to release 153 million US dollars earmarked for projects planned in the province. The Post Courier... [more]

Broadband demand underpins TelstraClear earnings
TelstraClear has reported a solid underlying performance as households demanded broadband, offsetting a loss of business from small companies which have shut down in the recession. [more]

More banks raise fixed interest rates
Kiwibank and BNZ are the latest banks to raise their long-term interest rates. All the major banks have increased their fixed rates in recent days. [more]

Sentencing discounts suggested for sex case guilty pleas
The Crown has suggested that greater sentencing discounts be given to offenders who enter early guilty pleas in sexual offending cases. [more]

Questions over lack of progress on Hastings retail centre
Residents in Hastings are seeking answers about a lack of progress by an Australian property developer turning the city's former major sports facility into a retail centre. [more]

Increase in life insurance policy sales
More people have been buying life insurance during the economic downturn. Investment Savings and Insurance Association figures show a 6.7% growth in sales in the past year. [more]

Probation staff managing parole cases better - Corrections
The rate of probation staff compliance with procedures for managing parolees has reached an all time high of 88%, the Corrections Department says. [more]

Friday's newspaper headlines
Ban on using hand-held cellphones while driving; plan to 'gut' the health ministry; high-profile political figure involved in Family Court case. [more]

French Polynesia braces for massive strike amid calls for government to quit
The French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, has questioned whether the territory can afford an unlimited strike in the middle of a recession. Mr Temaru made the comment after the main... [more]

Steel and Tube posts $26 million profit
Steel and Tube Holdings made a profit of more than $26 million in the year to June, an increase of 16% on the previous year. [more]

Turners and Growers' profit falls
Turners and Growers' profit fell by a third to $6 million in the six months to June, due to lower prices and weak demand for fresh fruit in New Zealand. [more]

Wall Street rises
US stocks rose on Thursday as better-than-expected earnings by Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, helped offset disappointing government numbers on retail sales and jobs. [more]

Another win for NZ A cricketers
The New Zealand A cricketers have scored a win over an Indian selection in their latest warmup match in Chennai. The New Zealanders beat a Tamil Nadu Association eleven by ... [more]

Security van robbed outside bank
A security van has been robbed while parked outside a Westpac bank at a South Auckland mall, in what police describe as an opportunistic theft. [more]

Cooks' Maoate takes over Pacific Mini Games Board
The Cook Islands Deputy Prime Minister, Sir Terepai Maoate, has been appointed chairman of the Pacific Mini Games Board. He replaces MP Wilkie Rasmussen who was sacked as foreign minister... [more]

Media restriction adds to Fiji Forum mystery
A Fiji freelance journalist says heavy restrictions on media at last week's Pacific Islands Forum in Australia prevented reporters from potentially recognising two Fiji men who allegedly sneaked into the... [more]

Fonterra raises prospect of outside investment
Fonterra chief executive Andrew Ferrier has raised the possibility of investment in the dairy giant from outside the industry. [more]

Contact Energy takes profit hit
Contact Energy's full year profit has halved to $117.5 million due to higher prices to supply some customers, transmission constraints, the recession - and the weather. [more]

Retail sales up for third month in a row
Retail sales in June rose 0.1%, the third consecutive monthly rise. The increase was mainly due to higher petrol sales. [more]

Solomon Islands opposition doubts grassroots will be heard over constitution
The Solomon Islands opposition leader says he doubts the views of ordinary people will be taken into account in finalising the country's constitution. The comment follows the release for public... [more]

Fiji visit by Commonwealth envoy called off
A planned visit by a senior Commonwealth official to Fiji to encourage its military regime to hold democratic elections has been cancelled because of a clash of diary dates. Fiji's... [more]

Children's therapy funding to continue, for now
Education Minister Anne Tolley has announced funding for children currently receiving additional therapy at New Zealand schools will continue, reversing an earlier decision to cut the funding. [more]

Crash involving suspected stolen vehicle
A man has been injured in a crash in the Karangaheke Gorge near Paeroa involving a suspected stolen vehicle. Up to six people are believed to have fled the scene. [more]

Tourism decline in French Polynesia continued in June
Figures released in French Polynesia show the decline of tourism continued in June, with arrival numbers down more than 16 percent over the same month last year. For the year... [more]

Vanuatu MP bribery case passes without judicial sanction
The Vanuatu prosecution office has confirmed that so far no one has filed a complaint against the elected members of parliament for Efate who were accused of bribery and subsequently... [more]

Food basics getting more expensive
People are facing tough choices at the supermarket as the price of basics including bread and vegetables increases, a budget advice service says. [more]

NZ advisor studies Niue tourism sector
A New Zealand Government appointed tourism advisor, Trevor Hall, is on Niue this week investigating how to grow the island's visitor industry. Niue's premier Toke Talagi has several time criticised... [more]

Fine for New Caledonia's OPT boss for expense rort
A New Caledonian criminal court has fined the head of the state-owned OPT telecommunications company, Jean-Yves Ollivaud, for abuse of public funds. Radio New Caledonia says his fine is in... [more]

Palau President says Uighur issue blown out of proportion
Palau's President says his government's acceptance of former Guantanamo Bay detainees has been blown out of proportion. Johnson Toribiong says an agreement to accept the Chinese Muslims or Uighurs held... [more]

New Zealand navy restates Tonga mission parameters
The New Zealand Navy has made clear to Tongan media that it will not be able to haul any bodies from the likely wreck of the Princess Ashika ferry. Some... [more]

Hundreds of diabetics apply for pig cell study
There has been worldwide interest in taking part in an Auckland study for patients with Type 1 diabetes. More than 300 have applied to take part in the study, which transplants pig cells to humans. [more]

Coroner wants residents warned of power line danger
The Hawke's Bay Coroner is recommending that power lines companies do more to make people aware of the dangers of live power cables beneath the grass berm outside their homes. [more]

NZ dollar at 11-month high against greenback
The New Zealand dollar reached an 11-month high against the US dollar on Friday afternoon. [more]

Australia says recovery of PNG plane crash victims difficult
Australia's foreign minister says a fourth body has been removed from the plane that crashed near Kokoda in Papua New Guinea on Tuesday. Stephen Smith says, however, weather conditions remain... [more]

Investigation into whether boat mayday a hoax
Maritime New Zealand is investigating whether a mayday call from a boat reported missing south-east of Whangarei was a hoax. The search has been suspended on Friday. [more]

Giant-killing run of King comes to an end
The giant-killing run of Hamilton's Joelle King has come to an end at the quarterfinal stage of the New Zealand Women's Squash Open at Mt Maunganui. The 20-year-old King, who's ... [more]

Inglis to remain suspended from NRL indefinitely
The Melbourne Storm say Greg Inglis will remain suspended indefinitely from the National Rugby League despite his girlfriend giving new information to police about his alleged assault on her. The ... [more]

Smail and Lee would make the cut for Olympic golf
New Zealand would automatically qualify two men and two women golfers, if the sport was to clear the final hurdle and become part of the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee's ... [more]

Dyson sacked as West Indies cricket coach
Australian coach John Dyson has become the latest casualty of West Indies' bitter cricket turmoil when he was sacked as coach. The West Indies Cricket Board axed Dyson following the ... [more]

No sign of child in culvert
Police have stopped searching for a child initially feared trapped in a culvert in the Auckland suburb of Mt Albert. [more]

No need to extend cellphone ban - minister
Transport Minister Steven Joyce says he considered banning the use of hands-free cellphones while driving, but concluded they don't cause the same level of distraction as hand-held phones. [more]

Shakespearean sonnet to be performed in Te Reo
A Shakespearean sonnet is to be performed in Maori at the Globe Theatre in London, as one of the events marking the 400th anniversary of the publication of the sonnets. [more]

NZ market ends trading week higher
The New Zealand share market closed up 22 points at 3151 on Friday. Turnover was $107 million. [more]