Radio New Zealand - Wednesday, 26th August 2009

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Jim's essay
A few thoughts on language. [more]

The best song ever written
Janette Hart of Wellington chooses 'The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face' by Roberta Flack. [more]

Link 3
What is the link between today's songs? [more]

Skifield plan
A new multimillion dollar skifield development could be about to turn Canterbury into one of the hottest ski destinations in Australasia. [more]

Stray seals
'If you see a seal on its OE, leave it be!' - thats the message from DOC, who are warning Wellingtonians to leave fur seals alone. [more]

He Rourou for 26 August 2009
In He Rourou today Ana Tapiata talks with actor Sonny Cooper about life with the Taki Rua troupe as it enters its third week touring its latest Maori language play. [more]

Feature album
'American IV: The Man Comes Around' by Johnny Cash. [more]

Virtual World
Mr. IT Hamish MacEwan joins us today. [more]

Auckland Story with David Steemson
Work is due to start this week on the country's new National Navy Museum, right on the seafront at Devonport. [more]

Environment with Alison Ballance
Te Papa Tongarewa is the National Museum of New Zealand. One of its roles is to look after some of the country's important natural history collections. These collections must be housed safely and securely, a big ask in the earthquake-prone capital, but a challenge which the new vertebrate collection facility is more than capable of meeting. [more]

The Panel (part 1)
With Nicky Pellegrino and Duncan Webb. [more]

The Panel (part 2)
With Nicky Pellegrino and Duncan Webb. [more]

Business News

Morning Business News for 26 August 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets update
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 26 August 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Cheney defends interrogation techniques by CIA
A salvo's been fired at the US President Barack Obama by the former Vice President Dick Cheney in response to the investigation into suspected torture of detainees at secret CIA prisons around the world. [more]

PM reveals details of plans to tackle youth crime
Summer holiday camps for thousands of poor young people, and court ordered adventure camps are part of the government's plan to reduce youth crime. [more]

Polynesian Panthers founder queries youth delivery
Will Ilolahia is one of the founders of the Polynesian Panthers who works with at-risk youth through the Waiata Artists Trust. He is questioning whether the money is being put into the right hands. [more]

Woman in court after baby's body found
An 18 year old woman charged in connection with the suspicious death of a premature baby has been granted bail. [more]

MP proposes new smacking bill
The Prime Minister John Key says he will not support a members bill to overturn the anti-smacking law which is to be considered by parliament. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Hopes of party deal on ETS appear dashed
Hopes of a cross-party agreement on emissions trading appear to have been dashed on the eve of a parliamentary committee reporting back on the scheme. [more]

Visionstream confident of full staffing by October
The company at the centre of the industrial row with workers who install and repair phone and broadband lines says it'll have all the staff it needs by the October deadline when it takes over a crucial new contract. [more]

1080 activist holds mountain top protest before he dies
The mayor of the Taupo District says a terminally ill hunter, protesting against the use of 1080 by holding a loan mountain vigil, says he has the right to choose how he lives out the remainder of his life. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Life saving checklist distributed to every NZ hospital
Confirming a patient's name and what part of their body is being operated on is part of a new checklist for New Zealand hospitals. [more]

US Senator Edward Kennedy dies
The United States Senator Edward Kennedy has died, aged 77. Mr Kennedy was the last of the J F Kennedy brothers after his two older brothers were assassinated. [more]

Australia's bushfire season hits early
With unusually high temperatures across South Eastern Australia this week there are fears the bushfire season will hit early and hard. [more]

Gerard Otimi wants charges heard under Maori tikanga
The man accused of being the ringleader of a fake passport scam targeting Pacific Island over-stayers is insisting his case should be heard on a marae under Maori tikanga instead of court. [more]

Govt announces more youth offending initiatives
The Government has fleshed out its plan to reduce youth offending with a range of programmes for at-risk youth. [more]

Locals angry at planned subdivision
Mahia Peninsula residents have voiced overwhelming opposition to a housing development proposed for Mahanga Beach. [more]

At least 40 killed in bomb blast in Afghanistan
A bomb in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar has killed at least forty people and injured more than sixty. [more]

Australia looks across the ditch for tourism inspiration
The Australian government is embarking on a new multi-million dollar Australia-branding project that will be modelled on New Zealand's '100% Pure' campaign. [more]

New Plymouth park declared safe after toxin testing
The Taranaki Regional Council says testing for soil contamination at Marfell Park has shown the area is safe. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

American Senator Edward Kennedy dies at age 77
The veteran American Senator Edward Kennedy, a brother of ex-President John F Kennedy, has died at the age of 77. [more]

China correspondent
For the latest news in China, we're joined now by our correspondent in Beijing, Quentin Sommerville. [more]

Quicker marine pest response aim of new initiatve
A faster response to dealing with future invasive marine pests in the top of the South Island is expected after the launch of a new biosecurity initiative. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Alarm over prospect of rogue gas fitters
The prospect that potentially dangerous gas installations have been carried out by unqualified tradespeople in Northland and Auckland is causing alarm in the industry. [more]

Prison union claims 'potential for hostage situation'
A union representing prison officers says staff could have been taken hostage when inmates broke into a control room at Ngawha Prison. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 26 August 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 26 August 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top stories for 26 August 2009
Union slams Telecom's record CEO payment, Bakers decide to include folic acid in bread, Rumours of Rodney District being sliced under secret plans, Tempers fray over super city, government announces new Auckland transport agency, New agency to improve Auckland's transport. [more]

Education Amendment Bill worries some polytechnics
Proposed legislation that would change the governance structure of Polytechnics has some in the tertiary education sector worried. [more]

Pacific news for 26 August 2009
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Labour says National has jumped the gun on supercity
The Labour Party is accusing National of jumping the gun on the Auckland super city and ignoring the public's wishes on Maori seats. [more]

Tall Blacks humiliate Australia
A crushing 100 to 78 win over Australia has given the New Zealand men's basketball team just their fifth ever win over the Boomers. [more]

Union slams Telecom's record CEO payment
The record payment follows yesterday's national strike by hundreds of lines engineers around the country. [more]

Bakers decide to include folic acid in bread
After months of fighting to stop the mandatory inclusion of folic acid in bread, bakers have now decided to add the supplement anyway. [more]

Rumours of Rodney District being sliced under secret plans
The government's plans for an Auckland super city are continuing to draw deep divisions. [more]

Tempers fray over super city
Insults have been flying at Parliament after tempers frayed over Maori seats on the Auckland super city. [more]

Government announces new Auckland transport agency
The Auckland Regional Council says the government should focus on improving the city's public transport, rather than establishing new bureaucracies. [more]

New agency to improve Auckland's transport
Transport Minister Steven Joyce joins us. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Community groups benefit from record Lotto sales
The New Zealand Lotteries Commission has handed over its biggest ever payout to the Lottery Grants Board, 189 point three million dollars. [more]

Tougher deposit scheme could cost Government millions
There are predictions changes to the Government's retail deposit guarantee scheme could see it pay hundreds of millions of dollars to depositors. [more]

Native falcons decimate pet bird flocks
For several weeks now a deadly killer has been picking off pigeons, bantams and pet chickens in and around Palmerston North. [more]

Bonus for Telecom's CEO despite profit loss
For the size of the company Telecom's chief executive Paul Reynolds is better paid than his counterparts across the Tasman, according to an industry analyst. [more]

Maori seats decision restricts select committee's options
A Labour MP on the Supercity select committee says the Government's decision to rule out Maori seats shows gross disregard for parliamentary process. Shane Jones. [more]

Pacific leaders unhappy with govt decision on Maori seats
The Pacific Island leaders who backed the push for Maori seats on the proposed supercity council are disappointed the government decided against them. [more]

First results released from Afghanistan's election
The first results of Afghanistan's presidential election have been released, showing incumbent president, Hamid Karzai narrowly ahead of his main rival. [more]

CCTV might not be effective at fighting crime
The effectiveness of closed circuit television cameras in fighting crime is in doubt after an internal report by Britain's Metropolitan police found that only ONE crime is solved for every THOUSAND cameras. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport [more]

Plan to build nightclub on site of Bali bombs
Families of the victims of the 2002 Bali bombings are upset at plans to build a nightclub on the site once occupied by the Sari Club. [more]

UK bans BZP and cannabinoid party pills
But they have gone one step further and also banned what are known as"cannabinoids"or man-made substances that mimic the effects of marijuana. [more]

Semenya may have had 3 times normal levels of testosterone
South Africa runner Caster Semenya has returned home to a hero's welcome, as fresh reports suggest she had three times the normal levels of testosterone in her system. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Drug smuggler Corby 'insane'
The Australian government's under renewed pressure to get Schapelle Corby transferred home, after a psychiatrist described her as clinically"insane". [more]

Some whitebaiters a little too eager
The battle against illegal whitebaiters on the West Coast has stepped up - with the Department of Conservation staging aerial surveillance of rivers to make sure no one's jumping the gun. [more]


Haggis History
Food historian Catherine Brown discusses the origins of the haggis and the revival in traditional Scottish cookery. [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 5 [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 6 [more]

Nine To Noon

Hazel Hunt
The mother of 200th British soldier killed in Afghanistan has launched a scathing attack on the British government for failing to provide the frontline troops with enough resources. [more]

People struggling to pay power bills
With power companies carrying millions of dollars of arrears we speak to Judi Jones - Electricty and Gas Complaints Commissioner and Raewyn Fox the CEO of NZ Federation of Family Budgetting Services. [more]

Bruce Walker
Swearing in the classroom. Bruce Walker is the Principal of Rotorua Lakes High School. [more]

Australia correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Wild weather and a oil leak off the coast of Kimberly region. [more]

Feature guest - Timothy Gordon
New Zealander Timothy Gordon has performed with some of the world's greatest dance companies - he's now working with opera singers to choreograph NZ Opera's production of Eugene Onegin. [more]

Book Review - The Locust and the Bird
Written by Hanan Al-Shaykh, reviewed by Catriona Ferguson and published by Bloomsbury. [more]

Music with Marty Duda
This week - The Arctic Monkeys. [more]

With Ursula Cheer. [more]

Film with Graeme Tuckett
Graeme reviews Strength of Water and The Cove. [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question time for 26 August 2009
1. DAVID BENNETT to the Minister of Finance: What advice has he received on extending the Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme? 2. Hon PHIL GOFF to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his claim that as Prime Minister he is committed to consulting with and listening to people prior to making decisions which impact on their lives? 3. KEVIN HAGUE to the Minister of Health: Does he stand by his statement in the House last week that the Government has not slashed the budget for healthy eating projects? 4. Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE to the Minister of Finance: Why is he allowing banks to opt out of the retail banking guarantee scheme? 5. CHESTER BORROWS to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: What is the Government doing to support young people? 6. Hon TREVOR MALLARD to the Minister of Labour: Has she or any Department of Labour official analysed the contract being offered to workers currently employed on behalf of Telecom; if so, what advice has been given to those workers or their representatives? 7. NIKKI KAYE to the Minister of Transport: What steps is the Government taking to improve Auckland transport planning and delivery? 8. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister of Local Government: Does he agree with the Prime Minister that for all intents and purposes the decision on the northern boundary of the Super City has been made? 9. MELISSA LEE to the Minister of Commerce: What changes is the Government proposing to the oversight of finance companies? 10. Hon DAMIEN O'CONNOR to the Minister for Biosecurity: Has he received any reports on the increasing risk to the biosecurity of New Zealand? 11. TODD McCLAY to the Minister of Housing: What progress is being made on the State housing economic stimulus package announced earlier this year? 12. LYNNE PILLAY to the Minister for ACC: Has ACC abandoned all changes relevant to sexual abuse victims since Question Time yesterday? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 26 August 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 26 August 2009
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

The Stars are Comforting

The letters of Beatrice Hill Tinsley: 1962-1963
Twenty-first, Nuclear proliferation and M.Sc. [more]


Andrew Withington
Adjudicator at this year's Big Sing secondary schools choir competition being held in Dunedin this week. [more]

Bill Lake
Wellington band The Windy City Struggler's song-writer and guitarist. [more]

News stories:

Flat inflation expected - RBNZ survey
The latest survey by the Reserve Bank shows inflation expectations held by business managers remain flat. [more]

More boat orders for Sealegs
Sealegs International is starting to see new orders in the last six weeks, with 18 orders for its amphibious boats. [more]

Low voter turn-out for funding referendum
Meat & Wool New Zealand says there's low voter response so far to a referendum on funding for the organisation for another five years. The poll closes at 2pm on Friday. Only about 6000 farmers have voted so far. [more]

Morning Report; local papers
Wednesday's papers: record profit of $189 million by Lotteries Commission; power companies chasing "millions of dollars" of debt from customers; pupil shot in the neck by boy with BB gun at school. [more]

Grower seminars held in response to pressure
Kiwifruit Growers Inc is running closed seminars to explain the benefits of the industry's single-desk marketing system, in response to a campaign to end Zespri's export dominance. [more]

Farmers want assurances about compensation from RMA reform
Federated Farmers wants assurances from the Government that it will consider the rules around compensation for landowners if property rights are lost under the Resource Management Act. [more]

Banks not expected to take up retail deposit guarantee
KPMG says it is unlikely that banks will take advantage of the Government's extension of the retail deposit guarantee. The guarantee was due to end in October next year, but has ... [more]

Showjumpers off to South Africa
The New Zealand showjumping team is heading to South Africa this week for a hoped-for victory over their old rivals. South African National Equestrian Federation chairman Tony Lewis says they ... [more]

Steelers upset Tarananki, Steamers top table
Counties-Manukau has finished round four of rugby's provincial championship with an upset 33-21 win over Taranaki in Pukekohe. Bay of Plenty remain unbeaten after their win over Waikato in Mt ... [more]

Tall Blacks edged in game one
The New Zealand men's basketballers have lost the first Test of Oceania Championship in Sydney where Australia came from behind to win 84-77. The Tall Blacks led Australia going into ... [more]

England win Ashes and push Australia down rankings
Australia have been deposed as the world's leading Test cricket nation after losing their five-match Ashes series to England, crashing to a 197-run loss in the deciding match of the ... [more]

Ponting becomes second skipper to lose Ashes twice
Ricky Ponting still can't believe his team no longer hold the Ashes - and the statistics actually back up the Australian cricket captain... apart from that small stat around the 2-1 ... [more]

Denan Kemp returns to Australia
The Warriors winger Denan Kemp is returning to Australia after an early release from the second year of his rugby league contract. The 22-year-old signed from the Brisbane Broncos last ... [more]

Kimmortey lifts Bulldogs
The Bulldogs are into a joint lead on the NRL table after a 28-4 win over the last-placed Roosters in Sydney. The veteran Brett Kimmorley turned on a halfback masterclass, ... [more]

ARU and Tuqiri settle out of court
There's been an out of court settlement between the Australian Rugby Union and Lote Tuqiri. The Wallabies winger sued both the Australian and New South Wales Rugby Unions after his ... [more]

Waratahs sign Chiefs' fullback Anesi
The New South Wales Waratahs have signed the Chiefs fullback Sosene Anesi on a one-year deal. Anesi, who played his only Test for New Zealand in 2005 against Fiji, came ... [more]

Ponting's leadershiip queried as Australia slip to fourth
The Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting's leadership is under fire after the end of Australia's six-year reign as test cricket's top team The 2-1 Ashes series loss to England has ... [more]

Ruth Aitken blames poor defensive effort
The New Zealand netball coach Ruth Aitken is blaming a poor defensive effort for the side's four goal loss to a World Seven in Wellington. The first of a three-Test ... [more]

Springboks fined for armband protest
The South African Rugby Union has been found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute by protesting against the suspension of their lock forward Bakkies Botha during the third Test ... [more]

Ponting's captaincy in no danger
Cricket Australia 's chief James Sutherland says calls for Ricky Ponting to relinquish his captaincy in the wake of Australia's Ashes series loss to England are completely unfair. Australia's 197-run ... [more]

All Blacks to boost Shield challenge
Wellington's Ranfurly Shield defence this weekend will be spiced up by the availability of a number of All Blacks for both the holders and the challengers Canterbury. The All Blacks ... [more]

Villa inflicts Liverpool's second loss
Liverpool's now lost as many matches in the Premier League as they did over the entire last football season. The Reds slumped to a second defeat when Aston Villa won ... [more]

Sunderland crush Norwich
Premier League side Sunderland crushed League One rivals Norwich City 4-1 in a League Cup second round at Carrow Road . Sunderland raced into the third round with three goal ... [more]

NZ women climb five places in 470 world champs
New Zealand's Jo Aleh and Olivia Powrie have climbed five places to seventh after day two at the Olympic class Women's 470 World Championships being sailed in Denmark. Five races ... [more]

Ruud returns for Real
The Real Madrid striker Ruud van Nistelrooy has made his first appearance for the club since he was sidelined with a serious knee injury in November and underwent surgery. The ... [more]

Broad aspires to be emulate McGrath
The hero of the final Ashes cricket Test and man of the match Stuart Broad may be tipped to succeed England's out-going all-rounder Andrew Flintoff but it's Australian legend Glenn ... [more]

Serena only wants majors
Serena Williams is prepared to go without another victory this year, as long as she mounts a successful title defence at next week's US Tennis Open. Williams, who took her haul ... [more]

Australia demolish Samoa at Oceania Hockey Cup
Australia have thrashed hockey minnows Samoa 26-0 in the opening match of the Oceania Cup in Invercargill. Australia scored their first goal in the fifth minute after Samoa started promisingly ... [more]

Black Caps batsmen must step up in Colombo
The New Zealand cricket coach says his batsmen need to stop fixating on Sri Lanka's spin bowlers if they're to have any chance of beating the home side in the ... [more]

Australian cricketers arrive in Edinburgh
The Australian cricketers have arrived in Edinburgh for Friday's one-day tour match against Scotland. The Test specialists have flown home, and the squad for the remainder of the tour have ... [more]

Pitcher Billy Wagner traded by New York Mets
The Major League Baseball club the New York Mets have confirmed relief pitcher Billy Wagner has been traded to the Boston Red Sox. The 38-year-old Wagner, a six-times All Star, ... [more]

Ferrari's Massa heads to Miami for more tests
Brazilian Formula One driver Felipe Massa will undergo tests in Miami this week as part of his recovery from head injuries he sustained in a Hungarian Gran Prix qualifying crash ... [more]

Vettori looking forward to being a selector
Dan Vettori was his usual measured self at the captain's conference ahead of today's second cricket Test against Sri Lanka in Colombo. The New Zealand captain maintains that the main ... [more]

Black Caps batsmen need to respect pace attack
The New Zealand cricket captain Daniel Vettori says they've coped well with Sri Lanka's spin bowlers, but they need to show more discipline and respect against the home side's pace ... [more]

Ibrahimovic named as stand-in Swedish skipper
Barcelona footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been named as the stand-in captain for Sweden's World Cup qualifiers next month. Ibrahimovic replaces injured fellow striker Henrik Larsson, who will miss the matches ... [more]

Young Norwegian cyclist most improved rider of 2009?
Norwegian cyclist Edvald Boasson Hagen strengthened his position as the season's most improved young rider after winning both the Tour of Benelux and its seventh and final stage. The Team ... [more]

Bolt returning to China soon
Jamaica's triple Olympic and world champion sprinter Usain Bolt will return to China next month for a 100 metres race in Shanghai. Bolt's agent Ricky Simms has confirmed September 20th ... [more]

Tall Blacks second half leaves Boomers wanting
A raw and inexperienced New Zealand men's basketball side inflicted on Australia one of their biggest Trans-Tasman defeats to claim the Oceania champs in the series decider last night in ... [more]

Star Manchester City striker to miss Paraguay World Cup qualifiers
Manchester City striker Roque Santa Cruz will miss Paraguay's football World Cup qualifiers next month because he has not yet recovered from the knee surgery he had in April. Santa ... [more]

Russian skiiers test positive for blood booster
The Russian Olympic cross-country skiing champions Julija Tchepalova and Yevgeny Dementiev have tested positive for the blood-booster EPO. Tchepalova and Dementiev failed the test at a World Cup event in ... [more]

Several NRL stars set to return to fold this weekend
The Bulldogs will welcome back representative duo Ben Hannant and Ben Roberts as they ramp up their National Rugby League minor premiership bid against the Warriors on Sunday. Hannant and ... [more]

Inglis may return to NRL this weekend
Greg Inglis' appearance in a Melbourne court today will determine whether he joins fellow controversial poster boy Brett Stewart in making his National Rugby League return this weekend. The Test ... [more]

Tuqiri open to league offers
The Sydney Roosters have distanced themselves from talk about signing the sacked Wallabies winger Lote Tuqiri by saying they couldn't afford to offer him more than the NRL's minimum wage ... [more]

Austrian skiing great dies
The Austrian skiing legend Toni Sailer has died after a long illness aged 73. Sailer won all three Alpine ski events at the 1956 Winter Olympics in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy, ... [more]

Kookaburra's coach says Oceania Cup 'pointless'
The Australian men's hockey coach says his side's 26-nil demolition of Samoa in the Oceania Cup in Invercargill highlights the senselessness of such hockey tournaments. Australia scored 13 goals in ... [more]

Black Caps at full strength for Sri Lanka test
It'll be a full strength New Zealand cricket team that starts the second Test against Sri Lanka later today in Colombo. Thirteen of the 15 squd members were laid low ... [more]

New transport agency confirmed for Auckland
The Government has confirmed plans for a new transport agency for Auckland. It will replace nine separate existing agencies in the region. [more]

Record Lotto sales generate $189.3m
NZ Lotteries has made a payment of $189.3 million to the Lottery Grants Board. The money is from record Lotto sales and will go to community groups. [more]

Asia-Pacific free trade deal near - minister
A Free Trade Agreement involving the major Asia-Pacific economies could be a step closer. [more]

Fiji political party says Samoa and Niue mouthpiece for NZ and Australia
A Fiji political party that is supportive of the interim Government, says Fiji's links with the other Melanesian countries is a welcome counter to the co-ordinated moves against Fiji by... [more]

Citizens and NGOs in Palau circulate petition against introduction of casinos
Citizens and non-government organisations in Palau are circulating a petition persuading government leaders not to allow casinos in the country. The Chief of staff to the president of Palau, Isaac... [more]

New York Mets pitcher out for rest of season
The New York Mets pitcher Johan Santana has been ruled out for the rest of the season. The club confirmed Santana will undergo minor arthroscopic surgery on his left elbow ... [more]

Tuqiri to reveal why ARU sacked him if he wants NRL deal
Sacked Wallaby star Lote Tuqiri will have to reveal the reasons behind his dismissal from Rugby Union if he wants to play in the National Rugby League competition. Tuqiri has ... [more]

US markets end higher
Stocks on Wall Street ended higher on Tuesday as economic data and the renomination of Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke reassured investors and offset concerns about the federal budget soaring to a record high this year. [more]

Fiji regime again puts off naming of president
Fiji's interim regime has again failed to name a new president as it had announced earlier this month. The interim cabinet was to make a decision yesterday but put off... [more]

Bidding at Fiji's Momi Bay auction ends at US$20m
Negotiations continue to complete the sale of Fiji's Momi Bay Resort project which was put on auction yesterday. According to Fijivillage, bidding for the project stopped at 20 million US... [more]

Changes ahead for polytechnics
The Government hopes to have new legislation covering the governance structure of polytechnics in place by the end of the year. [more]

Helicopters used to keep eye on illegal whitebaiters
The Department of Conservation is using helicopters to keep illegal whitebaiters at bay on the West Coast of the South Island. [more]

New bank search in French Polynesia's OPT corruption probe
Investigators in French Polynesia have again searched the Papeete building of the Socredo Bank after a series of searches last week in the long-running corruption probe into the affairs of... [more]

Solomons PM says competition needed in telecommunications sector
The Solomon Islands Prime Minister Derek Sikua has told Parliament the country's development is being hampered by the nation's poor telecommunications services. Debating the Telecommunications Bill which will allow competition... [more]

Fiji Electricity Authority admits 17 million US dollar wind farm a failure
The Fiji Electricity Authority has admitted its 17 million US dollar Butoni Wind farm in Sigatoka was a failure due to the insufficient study of the area. The authority's also... [more]

Head of Pacific Power Association says annual conference is critical
The executive director of the Pacific Power Association says its annual conference is critical to the future success of utilities of member countries. Tony Neil says in addition to ongoing... [more]

Cook Islands Ombudsman says OIA has made workload manageable
Inefficient record keeping in government entities is being seen as a major challenge to administering the Official Information Act in the Cook Islands. Ombudsman Janet Maki says given there are... [more]

More effort needed from NZ govt says Samoan language group
A group focussed on maintaining the survival of the Samoan language in New Zealand says pacific communities and the government must realise that if pacific languages are not protected, they... [more]

Kelston rugby player suspensions lifted
School suspensions have been lifted for seven Kelston Boys High School students who were involved in an on-field brawl with Auckland Grammar rugby players on 15 August. [more]

Tourism profit down by 80%
Profit at Tourism Holdings is down by 80% due to the depressed global tourism market. The company says customer demand in all its businesses was down. [more]

US wins relays
The United States made amends for their unhappy 4x100m appearances by retaining both men's and women's world titles in the 4x400 metre relays on the final day of the world championships ... [more]

Wilkinson lifts Toulon over Racing but at a cost
Jonny Wilkinson kicked 18 points to help Toulon beat fellow big-spenders Racing Metro 27-13 in French rugby's Top 14, but the injury-plagued England five-eighth was forced off the pitch with ... [more]

US church plans to replace ambulance lost in Tongan ferry sinking
A California church group is hopeful of replacing the ambulance and medical supplies lost when the Princess Ashika sank in Tongan waters three weeks ago. Dr Richard Thompson is the... [more]

Solomons international airport in need of repair
The Solomon Islands aviation ministry says facilities at the country's only international airport are in urgent need of repair and it hopes the government and donors will recognise its importance... [more]

Injury blow for Wellington
There's been an injury blow for the Wellington rugby side - and potentially the All Blacks - ahead of Saturday's Ranfurly Shield challenge from Canterbury. Centre Tamati Ellison had to ... [more]

NBL TV feast - for Breakers fans
Basketball in this country's on a high following the Tall Blacks' record 22-point win over the Boomers, the shock victory in Wellington last night sealing the top Oceania qualifier's spot ... [more]

Semenya may have medical condition that blurs gender
The president of Athletics South Africa has resigned from the board of the sport's governing body in protest at the IAAF's treatment of 800 metre winner Caster Semenya. Leonard Chew-in-yay ... [more]

Lisandro hits hat-trick as Lyon qualify for group phase
French football club Olympique Lyon and Atletico Madrid of Spain have booked their places for the Champions League group stages draw with convincing play-off wins. Lyon beat Anderlecht 3-1 in ... [more]

Uruguay farm development company reports loss
New Zealand Farming Systems Uruguay has made a full year loss of $15.6 million as dairy prices bottomed and milk production there was hit by the worst drought in 30 years. [more]

Attitude in Fiji a factor in Denarau resort's imminent receivership
Another partially completed Fiji tourism resort is under threat of collapse with the developer struggling to obtain financing. Neville Mahon of Lausanne Project Management in Auckland says parts of the... [more]

McDonald's buying more NZ meat
McDonald's expects to buy an additional 500,000kg of angus beef to supply its New Zealand operations this year. It's also seeking more NZ angus beef for markets in North America. [more]

Fall in sheep and beef farm incomes expected
A likely drop in incomes for sheep and beef farmers is forecast for the coming year because of the exchange rate for the New Zealand dollar. [more]

Drought assistance numbers ease
One of the facilitators appointed to help farmers in Hawke's Bay who are in their third drought in three years, says the number seeking financial help from the Government has eased dramatically. [more]

Fiji emergency rule expected to be extended for another four months
The Fiji military-led regime is likely to extend restrictions on media and public meetings until the end of the year at least. Fijilive reports the government spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Neumi... [more]

French Polynesia faces port closure threat
Ship operators in French Polynesia have threatened to block the port of Papeete if the government gives a licence for the high-speed ferry King Tamatoa. According to local radio, a... [more]

Dairy farmers warned about surveillance
Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council is urging farmers to come forward with possible problems about their effluent disposal systems to avoid being prosecuted during routine dairy farm inspections. [more]

Australian agencies to fight Moti's disclosure bids
Australian government agencies says they will fight to suppress information sought by a former Solomon Islands attorney-general Julian Moti in his bid to have child sex charges dismissed. During a... [more]

Palau chiefs expect big support in anti casino drive
The Palau Council of Chiefs is aiming to get half the country's voters to sign a petition against the introduction of casinos as it believes they could destroy families. So... [more]

Kaipara disadvantaged by boundary change - mayor
Kaipara District Council says it will have been completely ignored by the Government if speculation about boundary changes for the Auckland super-city is correct. Mayor Neil Tiller fears the region would be disadvantaged. [more]

Govt committed to Treaty relationship, says Key
Prime Minister John Key says the Government remains committed to a Treaty relationship. [more]

Samoa road switch concern prompts rental car company closure
Some rental companies in Samoa are closing their businesses during the period of the road switch in the interests of public safety. On September the 7th, drivers have to change... [more]

Folic bread doesn't cost more, say bakers
The Association of Bakers rejects suggestions bread fortified with folic acid costs more. [more]

Questions after death outside nightclub
Police in Blenheim say they have interviewed at least 50 people as they investigate the death of a man after a nightclub incident on Sunday morning. [more]

Media lose appeal over defamation case
Television New Zealand and the newspaper publisher APN have lost an appeal to the Supreme Court about the way they can plead their case in a long-running defamation suit. [more]

Complaints about power bills shoot up this winter
Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner Judi Jones says complaints to her office about high bills have doubled this winter compared with last year. [more]

Pacific leaders unhappy with decision on Maori seats
People from the Pacific Island community who backed a push for Maori seats on the Auckland super-city council are disappointed the Government has formally rejected the idea. [more]

Souvenirs taken from 1904 wreckage - DoC
The Department of Conservation says souvenirs have been taken from a 1904 shipwreck on the Onoke Spit beach in Wairarapa. DoC says pieces of timber appeared to have been removed. [more]

Pet bird owners warned of falcon attacks
The Department of Conservation is advising people in Palmerston North to keep pet birds inside following a spate of attacks by native falcons on pigeons and chickens. [more]

No recovery of legal costs expected after occupation ends
A businessman who was locked out of his own building in Kaikohe says he is not expecting to get back any money from a Maori hapu which occupied it. [more]

Murder charge laid over Christchurch stabbing
A man has been charged with murder following a stabbing in Christchurch. [more]

Questions over pay process for Telecom boss
Questions are being raised over the decision-making process behind the annual pay package for Telecom chief executive Paul Reynolds who is to receive more than $5 million this year. [more]

Energy company profit falls
New Zealand Oil & Gas has reported a 45% fall in full year profit, due to lower returns from its Tui oil field holdings. The company made $53.2 million in the year to the end of June. [more]

Finance company trustees to be licensed
The New Zealand Government is making further changes to improve investor confidence in the finance company sector. A licensing regime administered by the Securities Commission is to be introduced for trustees. [more]

Firefighters injured at house blaze
Two fire fighters were injured while trying to extinguish a blazing two storey house in Waikato. Their helmets melted when a fireball flashed in a room. [more]

Solomons land probe opens
A Commission of Inquiry has begun in Solomon Islands into Land Dealings and Abandoned Properties on Guadalcanal. The Commission has been formed to probe how customary lands on Guadalcanal Province... [more]

Passport scam accused wants charges heard on marae
The man accused of running a passport scam targeting Pacific Island over-stayers says his charges should be heard on a marae under Maori tikanga, or custom. [more]

Woman charged over death of baby
A woman charged in connection with the suspicious death of a premature baby has been granted bail. [more]

Plans for ski resort to rival Queenstown
A multimillion-dollar development is being planned for Canterbury's second largest ski field to rival Queenstown. [more]

Haddad lawyer accuses France of manipulation in Tahiti's OPT probe
The lawyer for a French executive held in a French Polynesian jail, Hubert Haddad, says his four month-long detention in Tahiti is baseless, claiming that the French authorities have manipulated... [more]

Cross-party emissions trading deal appears unlikely
Hopes of a cross-party agreement on emissions trading appear to have been dashed on the eve of a parliamentary committee reporting back on the scheme. [more]

Visionstream 'on track' to recruit telco engineers
The Australian company trying to sign up Telecom engineers says it is on track to meet staffing recruitment targets in time to take up its new contract. [more]

Cadbury to use Fairtrade cocoa by 2010
Chocolate producer Cadbury New Zealand says it will use Fairtrade cocoa from West Africa in its dairy milk bars by 2010. [more]

Chief judge welcomes plan to address youth offending
The Government's plan for dealing with youth offending shows it is genuinely committed to the issues, Chief Youth Court judge Andrew Becroft says. [more]

Life-saving checklist given to every NZ hospital
Confirming a patient's name and what part of their body is being operated on is part of new checklist for New Zealand hospitals. [more]

Heavy rain closes Waimakariri Bridge
The Old Waimakariri Bridge just north of Christchurch is closed due to high river levels. [more]

Air NZ, cabin crew resolve long-running pay dispute
A year-long dispute between Air New Zealand and cabin crew over pay on the trans-Tasman route has been settled. [more]

Rogue gasfitters believed to be at work
Unqualified gasfitters may have been at work in Auckland and Northland for the past three years - prompting a warning that people with new gas fittings in their homes should check the work is safe. [more]

National won't support member's bill on smacking
Prime Minister John Key says the National Party will not support a member's bill which allows smacking of a child for correctional purposes. [more]

Terminally-ill hunter holds 1080 vigil on mountain
A terminally-ill hunter is maintaining a vigil on a central North Island mountain against the use of the pesticide 1080. [more]

Former French PM calls for appeasement in New Caledonia
A former French prime minister, Michel Rocard, has called on New Caledonian judges to show some understanding in the case of the jailed USTKE unionists whose appeal was heard on... [more]

Strong opposition to Mahia Peninsula development
There is overwhelming opposition to plans for a housing development at Mahia Peninsula in northern Hawke's Bay. [more]

Fiji's exclusion from trade talks disastrous for Forum, says Bainimarama
Fiji's Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama is warning the country's expulsion from any trade talks will bring disaster to the Pacific Islands Forum. The Fiji Sun newspaper reports Commodore... [more]

Funeral ceremony held at sea for Tonga ferry victims
A mass funeral ceremony for the 74 lives lost in the Princess Ashika ferry tragedy in Tonga three weeks ago has given many who are linked to the victims a... [more]

Palau church links casinos to spiritual ruin
The Apostolic Foundation Church in Palau says the introduction of casinos in the country will steal lives and prove detrimental to people's spiritual wellbeing. Opposition to the casino plans has... [more]

Palau's Apostolic Foundation Church links casinos with spiritual ruin
The Apostolic Foundation Church in Palau says the introduction of casinos in the country will steal lives and prove detrimental to people's spiritual wellbeing. Opposition to the casino plans has... [more]

NZ market makes slight gain
The New Zealand share market gained 10 points, or 0.34%, to close at 3091 on Wednesday on turnover of $58 million. [more]

Vettori claims rare double in Test cricket
New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori has became only the eighth player in the history of Test cricket to achieve the double of 3,000 runs and 300 wickets during the second Test against Sri Lanka. [more]

Taranaki council reassures residents park safe
The Taranaki Regional Council says an independent report into Marfell Park has verified there is no need for residents to worry about contamination or environmental risks. [more]

Rapid response 'vital' to control marine pests
A faster response to dealing with future invasive marine pests in the top of the South Island is expected after the launch of a new biosecurity initiative. [more]