Radio New Zealand - Monday, 19th October 2009

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Eight months to Mars - Onny Parun
Boldy going today is a true New Zealand Tennis legend. [more]

Nikau Trees
They were planted to evoke a Pacific paradise, but is all well with the Nikau palms of Queen Street, Auckland? [more]

He rourou for 19 October 2009
A one year sabbatical to South America may seem an unusual thing for the principal of a total immersion Maori language school but no one was more surprised than the principal himself. In He Rourou today Ana Tapiata talks with Uenuku Fairhall not long after he and his wife Aroha got back from a year's study leave in Chile [more]

Author slot - Ana Samways
Readers of the NZ Herald will be familiar with the work of our feature author today, even if they might be hard pushed to match her name to her face. [more]

This way up feature- portable drives
This week from This Way Up, a buyer's guide to portable hard drives. [more]

Environmental story - Beech forests
Many New Zealand beech forests contain an unusual ecosystem which is based on sugar - enormous quantities of sugar. As a consequence the forests look and smell quite unlike other forests. [more]

The panel (part 1)
With today's guests John Bishop and Peter Elliott. [more]

The panel (part 2)
With today's guests John Bishop and Peter Elliott. [more]

Business News

Morning business for 19 October 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets update for 19 October 2009
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 19 October 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 19 October 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Cabinet approves bid for free-to-air rights to Rugby World Cup
Cabinet has signed off on a deal that will see Maori Television as the lead broadcaster for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. [more]

MTS on free-to-air rights
Joining us is Maori Television Service's Chief Executive, Jim Mather. [more]

Baby's death trial opens in Auckland
A High Court jury in Auckland has been told that an 11 week-old girl, was subjected to systematic neglect and violence from her parents before her death. [more]

Schoolboys in hot water over Nazi prank
Schoolboys from Auckland Grammar are in hot water, over photographs of their hijinks with Nazi regalia at the Auckland War Memorial Museum [more]

Demonstrators 'out in force' to protest ACC changes
Hundreds of demonstrators have held rallies around the country protesting against tighter rules for who can get ACC funded counselling. [more]

ACC responds
Listening to that ACC general manager Denise Cosgrove. [more]

Evening sports news
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Health spending will fall - Minister
The Government says annual increases in health spending will fall in the future from 8 percent to about 5 percent. [more]

Balloon boy drama - 'a hoax'
Three days after the world watched a giant balloon fly through the air, while its owners tearfully told media their 6-year-old son could be inside, police have announced what millions already suspected. [more]

PM, ACC Minister and ACT to meet tonight to discuss ACC support
The Prime Minister, John Key and the ACC Minister, Nick Smith, are to meet with the ACT Party leader this evening to try to nail down support to progress ACC legislation. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Bomb blast at Iranian conference that was to promote peace
Iran is accusing agents in Pakistan of instigating a suicide attack which killed 42 people, including six commanders of its elite Revolutionary Guards, in a remote area near the Pakistan border. [more]

Jim Salinger in employment court
The case between scientist Jim Salinger and the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research has begun at the Employment Relations Authority in Auckland. [more]

Wanganui statue rouses land protest memories
A larger than life statue of former Premier John Ballance has been unveiled outside the Wanganui District Council, rousing memories of the city's 1995 land protests. [more]

Sexual abuse victims march against ACC changes
Victims of sexual abuse have held rallies around the country today to protest against changes to ACC funded counselling. [more]

Enviromental groups at odds over Kwila imports
Environmental groups are at odds over the importation of the tropical hardwood, Kwila. [more]

Pakistan continues offensive against Taliban
In Pakistan, the Taliban is warning of more terrorist attacks as government troops continue their offensive in South Waziristan. [more]

Australian PM heads to Indonesia for talks
The Australian government's confirmed that a convicted people smuggler was onboard the boat bound for Australia carrying 250 Sri Lankan asylum seekers. [more]

Evening Business News for 19 October 2009
News from the business sector. [more]

Queensland still on bushfire alert.
Several bushfires are raging across the Australian state of Queensland, covering thousands of hectares. [more]

Study shows anti-depressants have a big placebo affect
Only one out of seven people treated with anti-depressants gets better while three will improve from being given a placebo. [more]

Evening sports news
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

UK correspondent
For the latest news from the UK, we're joined by our correspondent in London, Barney Burnham. [more]

US may delay sending troops to Afghanistan
The Obama administration is showing increasing impatience with Afghanistan's politicians with yet another delay in handing down the official review into election fraud. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Climate experts meet in Marshall Islands
Pacific Island Climate Change experts are meeting in the Marshall Islands to prepare for December's United Nations climate talks in Copenhagen. [more]

Protestors try to shut down power station
In the lead up to the international climate talks in Copenhagen, about one-thousand demonstrators have tried to shut down a coal-fired power station in Britain. [more]

Hamilton police take"zero tolerance"approach
Police officers were pelted with bottles when they tried to break up an out of control party of about 200 teenagers in Hamilton on Saturday night. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 19 October 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 19 October 2009
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Iranian Revolutionary Guard leaders killed
Six senior leaders of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard have been killed in a suicide attack in the south west of the country near the Pakistan border. [more]

Pacific news for 19 October 2009
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea news for 19 October 2009
News from the Waatea team. [more]

CTU concerned by ACC board's suggestions
The Council of Trade Unions is accusing ACC of wanting to punish low income earners. [more]

Minister criticised for flying gang leaders to meeting
The Minister of Maori Affairs is being criticised for using tax payer money to fly gang leaders to Auckland for a meeting. [more]

Govt accused of lining IRB coffers with taxpayer funds
The Labour Party is accusing the government of lining the coffers of the International Rugby Board with millions of dollars of taxpayer funds over its bungling of the Rugby World Cup free to air television rights. [more]

Maori Party whip on relationship with National
The Rugby World Cup broadcast saga was an issue at the Maori Party's annual conference in Auckland at the weekend. [more]

ACC advocates fear more stringent cuts
The government is being accused of planning even more cuts to the accident compensation scheme. [more]

Mayors angry after government cuts roading subsidies
Local councils are accusing the government of plundering tens of millions of dollars from the provinces to pay for Auckland roads. [more]

The Transport Minister's response
The Transport Minister Steven Joyce says he's surprised at the council's reactions to the road subsidies cuts. [more]

Spending restraint
Only the country's two biggest spending departments are doing a line-by-line review of their spending, despite the government making it clear all departments are required to save money. [more]

Law society attacks police and legal services agency
The Law Society has launched a scathing attack against the police and the organisation responsible for the administration of legal aid. [more]

Sports news for 19 OCtober 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Pakistan army tackles Taliban forces in Waziristan
Pakistan has launched a major offensive in a Taliban stronghold in Waziristan near the Afghan border. [more]

Changes to All Black coaches
The coaching roles of the All Blacks have been given a shake up. [more]

Sour taste over Rugby World Cup saga
Taxpayers are thought to be stumping up to three million dollars for Maori TV, TVNZ and TV3's bid to screen the Rugby World Cup. [more]

Maori Party will be loser - former strategist
Former Maori Party campaign strategist Matt McCarten shares his views on the Rugby World Cup TV rights issue. [more]

Local councils furious over road funding changes
Local councils are furious the government has removed tens of millions of dollars in regional roading subsidies to fund the government's"Roads of National Significance." [more]

Planned mining of DOC land angers Greens
The Green Party says prospectors have already begun hunting for minerals in environmentally vulnerable areas, anticipating a Government move to open up conservation land for mining. [more]

Auckland's new lab testing arrangement begins today
Auckland District Health Boards admit they should have never had gone with a sole provider model for lab testing, and it would have been better to have two companies involved all along. [more]

Sports news for 19 October 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Author slams police, justice system over Watson case
There have been renewed calls to create an Independent Criminal Appeals Review Office to investigate disputed convictions, such as that of Marlborough Sounds double murderer Scott Watson. [more]

Gerald Hope responds
The father of Olivia Hope, Gerald Hope, responds to the claims that an independent office for conviction disputes should be created. [more]

Teen sailor resumes round the world record bid
The NZ-based grandfather of a 16-year old Australian schoolgirl attempting to become the youngest person to sail around the world says an earlier crash into a 63,000 tonne tanker ship was caused by an alarm system that wasn't loud enough. [more]

Waatea news for 19 October 2009
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Outnumbered women seek love in Christchurch
Finding the perfect love match has always been hard, especially in Christchurch - a city where women outnumber men by more than 30,000. [more]

Phil Kafcaloudes with news from Australia
We cross to Phil in Melbourne for the latest Aussie news. [more]


Why is there a general distrust and fear about chemistry and chemicals [more]

Clue 1 [more]

On the anniversaryhday, we talk about Ernest Rutherford's contribution to chemisty [more]

Clue 2 [more]

Nine To Noon

Search and surveillance bill
Concerns about the impact the bill might have on business. [more]

The inner workings of the US Federal Reserve
David Wessel, Wall Street Journal economics editor and author of In Fed We Trust, which looks at the inner workings of the world's most powerful economic institution and how its chief Ben Bernanke led the desperate effort to prevent the world's financial engine from grinding to a halt. [more]

Europe correspondent - Seamus Kearney
News from Europe. [more]

Feature guest - Chris Watson
Chris Watson is a sound recordist who has worked on numerous films and David Attenborough nature documentaries. He finds music in the sounds of things as diverse and unexpected as ants walking, crocodiles swimming, and glaciers creaking. [more]

Book review
'Under A Bomber's Moon' by Stephen Harris. Published by Exisle Publishing, reviewed by Don Rood. [more]

RSA national president comments on Facebook photos
The series of images include teens kissing a swastika, making a Nazi salute and a group kneeling in homage before a Nazi swastika flag. [more]

With Andrew Campbell and Matthew Hooton. [more]

Auckland Museum comments on Facebook photos
The series of images include teens kissing a swastika, making a Nazi salute and a group kneeling in homage before a Nazi swastika flag. [more]

Food and wine
Guest chef Niki Bezzant with recipes for pesto lamb racks with goat cheese mash; crispy goat cheese, pear and walnut salad; and molten choc pudding. Stephen Morris offers up his wine choices. [more]

Urbanist Tommy Honey
Discusses the world's coolest, and ugliest, buildings. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 19 October 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Read Gainsford
US based NZ pianist in the country to adjudicate the Auckland Secondary Schools Piano Competition. [more]

Hannah Gilmore
Hamilton based composer who recently attended the 'Sound and Music Computer Conference' in Portugal. [more]

Chris and Eva Prowse
Father and daughter musical team speak about the release of their new album 'Trouble on the Waterfront'. [more]

News stories:

American Samoa government yet to decide on cannery purchase
The government of American Samoa has yet to decide whether it will buy the assets of Samoa Packing's Chicken of the Sea cannery, amidst suggestions that some of the best... [more]

Maori Party push for greater representation
The Maori Party says it will again mount a big push to boost the numbers on the Maori roll as part of its election strategy. Its long-term electoral goal is to win all of the Maori seats and 15% of the party vote by 2017. [more]

Govt has not considered ACC excess
The office of ACC minister Nick Smith says the Government has given no consideration to introducing an excess on all accident compensation injury claims. [more]

Government departments review spending
The two biggest spending government departments, Health and Social Development, are reviewing all their spending in an effort to find cuts for next year's Budget. [more]

Companies turn to overseas investors for cash
A lack of savings in New Zealand will increasingly force public companies to raise cash from foreign investors, some market commentators believe. [more]

NZ banks get good report from IMF
International Monetary Fund researchers think New Zealand banks have weathered the international economic storm well. [more]

New All Black Mike Delany surprised at elevation
Bay of Plenty first-five Mike Delany's still getting his head around his surprise call-up for the All Blacks' end of year tour. Delany's one of four new All Blacks announced ... [more]

7am sports heads
The British driver Jenson Button is the new world motor racing champion. Button profited from two crashes on the opening lap of the Brazilian grand prix, and some bad luck ... [more]

City miss a chance to go into top 4
Big-spending Manchester City missed the chance to move into the English Premier football League top four when they were held to a 1-all draw at Wigan Athletic. Martin Petrov's equaliser ... [more]

Everyone on board with All Black coaches changes
The All Black coaches are putting a positive spin on the changes to their roles within the squad, but our rugby reporter isn't so sure. In naming their European tour ... [more]

Westwood takes money European tour money lead
The English golfer Lee Westwood has gone to the top of the European Tour money list after winning the Portugal Masters. Westwood's final round of 66 gave him a ... [more]

Kiwi golfer chasing PGA tour card
The Bay of Plenty golfer Bradley Iles is within reach of a 2010 PGA tour card on the final day of the Nationwide Tour's Miccosukee championship in Miami. Iles teed ... [more]

Top 4 of ANZ Cup still undecided
The final round of matches will decided the semi-finalists of the Air New Zealand Cup with 6 teams still in contention for 4 places. Canterbury have secured a home semi-final ... [more]

Young All Whites win final warmup match
A week out from the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Nigeria, the Young All Whites have completed their Australian warm-up tour with a 3-nil win over the Victorian Institute of ... [more]

Jones wins another tournament
The young Auckland tennis player Sacha Jones has won her third ITF Pro Circuit Tournament in a month in Australia. Jones beat Alicia Molik of Australia in three sets in ... [more]

Russian topples Nadal in Shanghai final
Nikolay Davydenko has upset the top seed and world number two Rafael Nadal 7-6 6-3 to win the first Shanghai Masters tennis tournament. The Russian sixth seed blasted winners from ... [more]

Briatore to fight life ban
Former Renault chief Flavio Briatore has announced he's taking legal action to challenge his life ban from motorsport for his role in formula one's "crashgate" affair. The flamboyant Italian stood ... [more]

Labour distant second in latest poll
Labour leader Phil Goff says his party will be "sticking to its guns" - despite the latest opinion poll showing it trailing National by more than 30 percentage points. [more]

Taranaki Maori urged to share their stories
Taranaki Maori are being encouraged to tell their stories as part of the 150th commemoration of the start of the Taranaki Land Wars. [more]

Houses damaged by tsunami in Samoa partly funded to rebuild
The government in Samoa is to partly pay to rebuild the homes damaged or destroyed by the tsunami. It will provide a grant of around eight and half thousand US... [more]

Story emerges of bank safe recovered off Niuatoputapu with money still inside
It's emerged that a bank safe that was swept into the sea by the September 30 tsunami at the Tongan island of Niuatoputapu has been recovered with the money wet,... [more]

NZ Foreign Minister backs fishing for Niue,but not necessarily processing
The New Zealand foreign minister, Murray McCully, says his government is backing a fishing industry for Niue, but not necessarily processing. Fishing has been identified as one of the keys... [more]

New NGO launched in Fiji with funds from interim government
A newly formed NGO, The Foundation for the Education of Needy Children in Fiji, or FEN-C-Fiji, is calling for volunteers and donors to help cater to the educational needs of... [more]

Need to improve access to medical services in Guam to counter cancer rates
The head of the Cancer Research Centre at the University of Guam says alarming new cancer statistics are an indication that local people lack access to medical services. The University... [more]

Adaptation to climate change to be tackled at talks in Marshall Islands
Adaptation to climate change will be at the forefront of regional climate change discussions in Marshall Islands this week. Pacific Island Climate Change experts will meet in Marshall Islands this... [more]

Minister defends meeting with gang leaders
The Maori Affairs Minister is defending a meeting with gang leaders that cost taxpayers more than $6000. Pita Sharples says he met with gangs to tell them of his concerns over violence and the P trade. [more]

Major change to Auckland lab testing takes effect
Auckland's district health boards say a major change to community medical testing arrangements taking effect on Monday should go smoothly. [more]

Legally binding animal transport rules proposed
Workers involved in the transportation of live animals could face prosecution if they flout a new welfare code being proposed. [more]

Monday's newspaper headlines
Accident victims may pay fee under second round of ACC changes; Maori TV may have lost fight for sole rights to opening Rugby World Cup ceremony; Colorado police search the home of "balloon boy" family. [more]

Office to review criminal convictions urged
The Green Party and a prominent defence lawyer are calling for an Independent Criminal Appeals Review Office to look at cases where questions remain over convictions for serious crimes. [more]

Fishing rahui at Ninety Mile Beach
Te Rarawa has declared a six-month rahui on the gathering of kaimoana from the southern end of Te Oneroa a Tohe or Ninety Mile Beach. [more]

'Profits boosted' by carbon farming methods
A leading New Zealand advocate of carbon farming says there's solid evidence that a 'back-to-basics' approach can substantially raise both soil carbon levels and farmers' profits. [more]

Fewer farms sold in September quarter
The number of farms sold during the three months to September fell slightly to 178, five fewer than in the three months to August. [more]

Two new directors on Ballance board
The Ballance Agri-Nutrients fertiliser co-operative will have two new farmer directors from the end of this month. [more]

European Investment Bank to help fund micro business in Cook Islands
The European Investment Bank has agreed a package of four and a half million US dollars to improve access to finance for micro to medium sized initiatives in the Cook... [more]

Questions on HIV/AIDS in PNG's school national exams
A new text book with a focus on limiting the spread of HIV/AIDS is being handed out to schools throughout Papua New Guinea this month. A total of 180,000 books... [more]

American Samoa gets money to upgrade 911 call centre
American Samoa has been awarded a grant of US$200 thousand to improve its 911 call centre so that it can locate people calling from wireless and internet connected telephones. Secretary... [more]

Far North council debt rises to $108m
The Far North District Council's debt went up $28 million in the past year, which it says is a result of the global financial crisis. [more]

Teenager and father injured in motorbike crash
A 16-year-old boy is in critical condition in Taupo hospital after being involved in a motorbike crash with his father. [more]

Profitable cashing in of currency contracts
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has taken advantage of the strong New Zealand dollar to reduce its debt by a nearly one fifth. [more]

Sheepmeat countries agree on collective approach
Sheepmeat-producing countries have agreed to work on a collective approach to rescue the declining sheep industries. [more]

Some of export Jazz apple crop rejected
Apple exporter ENZA says about 20% of the early shipments of the Jazz apple variety were removed from supermarket sale because of quality defects. [more]

Marlborough Lines offer deadline extended
Marlborough Lines has pushed back the deadline for investors to accept its $3.96-a-share offer for a majority stake in Horizon Energy Distribution by a month. [more]

Services sector activity grows
Activity in the services sector has expanded for the third month in a row, the latest survey has found. The growth was led by higher sales and new orders. [more]

Samoa government says rebuilding of tsunami homes to begin by end of week
Work to rebuild homes in Samoa that were destroyed by the tsunami is to begin before the end of the week. Following a special cabinet meeting over the weekend, the... [more]

Forum to focus on Pacific people with disabilities
People with disabilities in the Pacific will be the focus of a Pacific Islands Forum ministerial meeting to be held in the Cook Islands this week. The Forum Disability Ministers... [more]

New Zealand human rights group maintaining tough stance over kwila import
A New Zealand based Indonesian human rights group says it's totally opposed to the importation of the tropical hardwood, Kwila, regardless of whether it is certified sustainable or not. Ten-thousand... [more]

Solomons Government tackles unemployment among youth in Honiara
A new six million dollar scheme to tackle urban unemployment in Solomon Islands will be introduced next year. The Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua says the special rapid employment project... [more]

Tonga Development Bank working to re-open branch in tsunami hit Niuas
The Tonga Development Bank is working to reopen the only bank on the tsunami-hit island of Niuatoputapu, after its branch was destroyed and its safe swept out to sea. The... [more]

Compensation being paid for Samoan lives lost in tsunami
Samoa's Prime Minister says compensation has already started being paid for people who died in the tsunami last month. Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi says the compensation, through the Accident Compensation Corporation... [more]

Pacific researcher says countries affected by climate change should seek relocation assistance
Many Pacific islands, in danger of being obliterated by rising sea levels, should seek relocation aid at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen. That's the view of Professor Patrick... [more]

Govt still looking for numbers for ACC changes
The Government will resume talks with its support parties this week as it seeks to stitch together a majority in Parliament for ACC changes. [more]

Resurgence of cholera in Lae in Papua New Guinea
Lae city in Papua New Guinea's Morobe Province has again been put on red alert after six people were admitted to the cholera treatment centre in a single day late... [more]

No positive review for Cuban doctors in Solomon Islands
A review of Solomon Islands' National Referral Hospital has found doctors sent from Cuba have not worked out as well as hoped. The doctors have been working in the country... [more]

Call for independent prosecution agency
The Law Society is calling for an independent agency to prosecute cases, and also says charges should be reviewed after they are laid by the police. [more]

Marshalls copra company says it had no choice but to cut price to farmers
The Marshall Islands government's copra processing plant says it has no choice but to drop the price it pays to copra producers after the world coconut oil price has slumped. [more]

Hockey team wins Champions Challenge tournament
The New Zealand women's hockey team has won the Champions Challenge tournament beating hosts South Africa 2-1 in the final in Cape Town. Anita Punt opened the scoring midway through ... [more]

Button takes F1 world drivers title
Briton Jenson Button has been crowned Formula One drivers world champion after finishing fifth in an incident-filled Brazilian Grand Prix won by Australian Mark Webber. Button, who has led the ... [more]

Jamaica beat world netball champions
The challenge the Silver Ferns face in beating Jamaica at home has been further underlined with world champions Australia going down to the world's fourth ranked side 56-55, in Kingston. ... [more]

Two players to appear before NZRU judicial hearing
The Tasman lock Joe Wheeler and Wairarapa flanker Joss Tua-Davidson will both appear at a judicial hearing at the New Zealand Rugby Union on Wednesday over alleged stomping incidents in ... [more]

Bolt shows he's no slouch on the cricket field
Triple Olympic and world champion sprinter Usain Bolt has shown he's no slouch on the cricket field in a charity match in Jamaica. Before the tournament Bolt said ... [more]

Still plenty to work on for women's hockey team
The New Zealand women's hockey coach Mark Hager says it has been a good year, but the challenge is just beginning for his young side. This morning the Black Sticks ... [more]

Iles ties 5th in Miami
The Bay of Plenty golfer Bradley Iles has finished in a 2-way tie for 5th place at the Nationwide Tour's Miccosukee Championship in Miami. Iles gained a share of the ... [more]

Great day for Brawn GP
Brawn GP has become the first team to win the Formula One constructors' championship in their first full season. It was a day to celebrate for Brawn with Jenson Button ... [more]

Bahrain already one down on All Whites
If ticket sales are anything to go by then the All Whites already have one up on World Cup play-off rivals Bahrain. The decider in Wellington next month sold out ... [more]

Still hope for ticketless All Whites fans
If you've missed out on a ticket to the All Whites' World Cup play-off decider in Wellington next month, you may get one last chance this week. It's already going ... [more]

Four overdue trampers make it safely out
Four trampers reported missing in the Rimutaka Forest Park north of Wellington have made it to safety. [more]

Father 'used such violence that baby never recovered'
A jury in Auckland has been told that the father of an 11-week-old baby slammed or forced her head against a hard surface with such violence that she never recovered. [more]

Tui brewery workers take industrial action
Workers from the brewery company Tui are on strike after an a attempt by their employer, Dominion Breweries, to impose a pay freeze. [more]

Antidepressants actively benefit only a few, researchers find
Health researchers say most patients who take antidepressants don't benefit directly from the active ingredients in the drugs and should consider lifestyle changes instead. [more]

Mayor goes to bat for overlooked highway
The Far North mayor says one of the country's most important tourism routes has been left off the priority list for government funding. [more]

Fiji regime condemns New Zealand's rejection of visa for judge
The interim attorney general of Fiji, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, says it's unacceptable for New Zealand to deny entry to a member of his country's judiciary. Mr Sayed Khaiyum says Justice... [more]

Scientist at climate change conference in Majuro wants focus on adaptation
The Pacific Regional Environment Programme's head says adapting to climate change impacts is a key priority for the survival of Pacific islands that are endangered by rising sea levels. David... [more]

Tongan activist begins second week of hunger strike
The president of the Tongan Women's National Congress says despite having lost between 15 and 20 kilogrammes in weight she remains committed to a hunger strike aimed at changing the... [more]

Copra farmers in Marshalls face big impacts from price slump
The chamber of commerce in Marshall Islands says about eight- to nine thousand farmers on outer islands will be affected by plans to slash the price of dried coconut meat. [more]

F and P Healthcare gain on debt reduction news
The benchmark NZX 50 index rose 14 points, or 0.4%, to close at 3,221 on Monday on turnover of $60 million. [more]

Police pelted with bottles by young partygoers
Police officers in Hamilton were pelted with bottles on Saturday night as they moved in to break up what they say was an out-of-control party. [more]

Study urges opening up of city mall to buses
Consultants have advised the Wellington Regional Council that the capital's bus services will continue to worsen unless Manners Mall is opened up. [more]

Search for missing student may be scaled back
The search for missing Auckland student Srikanth Rayadurgam may be scaled back at the end of the week. [more]

Local Auckland roading also suffering, says councillor
Auckland will suffer along with everywhere else in re-prioritised roading policies, an Auckland city councillor says. However the Transport Minister says budgets for both local roading and state highways have risen. [more]

Environmental groups at odds over hardwood imports
Environmental groups are at odds over the importation of a tropical timber. [more]

Prince Edward to visit next month
Prince Edward will visit the three main centres during a four-day visit to New Zealand early next month. He will be here from 2 November to 5 November. [more]

Death of potter Doreen Blumhardt at 95
One of New Zealand's foremost potters, Doreen Blumhardt, has died in Wellington at the age of 95. Dame Doreen was also a pioneer art educator. [more]

Salinger says he never saw NIWA media policy
Sacked climate scientist Jim Salinger says his former employer, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), basically gave him carte blanche to talk about climate issues. [more]

Mock Nazi behaviour trivialises Holocaust - Jewish Council
The New Zealand Jewish Council says mock Nazi behaviour by Auckland Grammar schoolboys was silly and thoughtless. [more]

Joint cup bid still a good deal, reckons Sharples
The Minister of Maori Affairs says the newly agreed joint bid for the 2011 Rugby World Cup broadcasting rights still provides an excellent platform for Maori Television. [more]

Sharp cut to annual increase in health spending
The annual increase in health spending - about 8% for most of the past decade - will fall in the future to about 5%, Health Minister Tony Ryall says. [more]

Green light for abolition of provocation defence
s] The select committee report on a bill aimed at abolishing provocation as a partial defence in homicide cases says it should be passed without any major changes. The ... [more]

PNG health officials relaunch campaign after more people contract cholera
Health officials in Papua New Guinea's second city, Lae, are planning to relaunch a campaign calling for improved hygiene amid a resurgence of cholera. The disease claimed more than 20... [more]

Ballance restored in Wanganui
A bronze statue of former New Zealand premier John Ballance has been unveiled in Wanganui, 14 years after its plaster-and-concrete predecessor was beheaded. [more]

ACC funding for sexual abuse: different or the same?
Victims of sexual abuse held rallies around the country on Monday to protest against proposed changes to ACC-funded counselling. ACC itself, however, says nothing has changed. [more]

Kathmandu goes public at $2+ a share
The outdoor goods and clothing retailer Kathmandu has announced a sharemarket float expected to be worth up to $457 million. [more]

Murdoch still talking up future of newspapers
The chairman of media giant News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch, says he has great confidence in the future of newspapers, despite the toll that the recession has been taking. [more]