Radio New Zealand - Tuesday, 10th November 2009

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The best song ever written - We Shall Overcome
Meg Gaddum from Te Koawa Station chooses 'We Shall Overcome' by Pete Seeger. [more]

Reeling In The Years
Today's guest on Reeling in the Years is Steve Sumner. [more]

Feature Story: Allan Alexander
Retired RAF bomber pilot, Allan Alexander of Kapiti, recalls a day in his life he can never forget. [more]

He Rourou for 10 November 2009
Ana Tapiata talks to Charlie Tepana about Ngati Raukawa's Maori language plan, which has a completion date of 2170. [more]

Tune Your Engine: Dr Phil Hammond
Dr Phil Hammond is a doctor, comedian and commentator on UK health. [more]

Asian Report for 10 November 2009
A collection of recordings from Arrowtown locals that preserve the past of the Chinese gold miners. [more]

Science with Ruth Berran
Understanding biomineralisation and its possibilities. [more]

The Panel (Part 1)
With today's guests Ian Wishart and Don Donovan. [more]

The Panel (Part 2)
With today's guests Ian Wishart and Don Donovan. [more]

Business News

Morning business for Tuesday 10 November 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets update for Tuesday 10 November 2009
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 10 November 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Business Update
News from the business sector including a market update. [more]


Harawira fronts to apologise for use of language
Hone Harawira apologised today for his tirade of obscenities against white people but says Labour leader Phil Goff should be shot for suggesting he be kicked out of the Maori Party. [more]

Political analysis of Harawira's apology
Political analysis of Harawira's apology. [more]

Former police officer on trial over sex with prostitute
A former police officer accused of using his position on the force to get free sex from a prostitute is on trial in Christchurch. [more]

Refugees unlikely to come to NZ
The Prime Minister says Sri Lankan boat people engaged in a standoff with Australian and Indonesian authorities are unlikely to be given a home in New Zealand. [more]

Mayors and government talk about leaky homes deal
A meeting between Auckland mayors and the Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson about a deal to take leaky homes out of the courts has just finished. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Phil Goff : Harawira's latest outburst 'no apology'
Phil Goff says Hone Harawira's latest controversial outburst, ' that the Labour leader should be lined up against the wall and shot"is a poor excuse for a public apology over racist language and for ripping off the tax payer. [more]

Inquiry told ferry began to flood an hour before it sank
The first survivor to give evidence at the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the sinking of Tonga's doomed passenger ferry, has spoken of seeing water flooding the ship an hour before it went down, while its captain slept. [more]

Smith defends subsidised international travel.
Parliament's Speaker Lockwood Smith has defended subsidised international travel for MPs, saying it is part of their remuneration package. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Court told of cellblock confessions
Two convicted murderers have given evidence about cellblock confessions they say were made by the man accused of killing a Palmerston North drug dealer. [more]

Father and daughter killed in Sydney
Sydney police are hunting a suspect after a double homicide in the suburb of Randwick. [more]

20th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall
World leaders have gathered in Berlin to mark the tearing-down of the Berlin Wall twenty years ago. [more]

Harawira in hot water
The Maori Party MP Hone Harawira is in hot water again, this time for suggesting that Labour leader Phil Goff should be shot. [more]

Monkey King wins NZ Trotting Cup
The country's richest harness race has just been run at Addington Raceway with Monkey King winning the New Zealand Trotting Cup and the one million dollar tote. [more]

Asia's pop princess is now also a convicted drug user
In the most publicised drugs case in Japanese history, the normally straitlaced singer and actress Neriko Sakai has been sentenced to 18 months jail for using methamphetamine, or P. [more]

Tongans support proposals for political change
Members of New Zealand's Tongan community say the country is ready to be run by an elected parliament and for the constitutional monarch to have less power. [more]

Closing arguments in Graeme Burton trial
The defence lawyer for the high profile inmate, Graeme Burton, says the Crown has failed to prove his client tried to kill a fellow prisoner. [more]

October drowning stats - recreational incidents rise
Water Safety New Zealand says 14 of the 15 people who drowned in October were men - and boats were a factor in nearly half the deaths. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Some East Berliners still adjusting after fall of Wall
The German city of Berlin has been party central today as world leaders joined thousands of ordinary Germans marking 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. [more]

Ten nuclear sites win approval in UK
Britain is about to embark on a new generation of nuclear-generated power stations. [more]

Sharing graves mooted in Sydney
A shortage of cemetery space in Sydney has lead to a discussion about bodies being dug up after 50 years and re-buried in shared plots. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Tough stance urged on water theft in Australia
Australia's Federal Water Minister, Penny Wong, says stronger laws are needed to combat water theft in the Murray-Darling Basin. [more]

Fort Hood shooting: suspect conscious and able to talk
US government officials say army major Nadal Malik Hassan will be charged in a military court over last week's shooting of 13 people at the Fort Hood military base, in Texas. [more]

Sesame Street turns forty
The American children's television programme, Sesame Street, is celebrating its fortieth anniversary with an appearance by Michelle Obama. [more]

Maths student speaks out against Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Iran's opposition movement has found an unlikely hero in a maths student who publicly challenged the country's supreme leader. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 10 November 2009
Midday news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 10 November 2009
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top stories for Tuesday 10 November 2009
Buddy Mikaere says Harawira should apologise. Pressure mounting to review MP travel perk. Food prices surge - supermarkets blamed. Germany celebrates 20 years without the wall. Neighbours frustrated by council's inaction at House of Horror. [more]

Supermarket duopoly blamed for food price surge
A reported jump in supermarket checkout prices by more than 40 percent in a decade is being blamed on the stranglehold of the two big operators. [more]

Pacific news for Tuesday 10 November 2009
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea news for Tuesday 10 November 2009
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Eject Harawira or suffer damage - Goff
Labour leader Phil Goff is warning that MP Hone Harawira's comments will continue to reflect badly on the whole the Maori Party unless it ejects him from its caucus. [more]

Leaky home owners say a new deal is not good enough
Leaky home owners say a deal being discussed by the Government and councils would short change them and is not good enough. [more]

Buddy Mikaere says Harawira should apologise
The Maori Party MP Hone Harawira is expected to speak publicly about his expletive laden, and some say racist, email, in a media conference at 3 o'clock today. [more]

Pressure mounting to review MP travel perk
Pressure is mounting on MPs to have another look at whether they should get subsidised international travel. [more]

Food prices surge - supermarkets blamed
A new study showing New Zealand and Australia have among the fastest rising food prices in the developed world has prompted a swift official reaction over the Tasman - but so far nothing here. [more]

Foodstuffs responds
Progressive Enterprises which owns Woolworths, Countdown and Foodtown supermarkets and is in turn owned by one of the two big duopolies in Australia, refused to be interviewed on this story. [more]

Germany celebrates 20 years without the wall
Celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the Berlin wall are in full swing. [more]

Neighbours frustrated by council's inaction at House of Horror
Neighbours of Christchurch's so-called"house of horror"are keener than ever to see the property demolished following the latest revelations in court. [more]

Sports news for Tuesday 10 November 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Charitable foundation banned from giving money to racing clubs
Officials have banned three charitable foundations from giving pokie funds to four harness racing clubs after an investigation into millions of dollars in grants. [more]

Tonga's king to give up power to Parliament
Tonga is on the verge of momentous political change. [more]

Harawira to speak out on controversial email
The Maori Party MP Hone Harawira will hold a press conference this afternoon to spell out just why he chose to dodge work in Brussels and go sightseeing in Paris with his wife. [more]

ANZ places Cedenco in receivership
Gisborne vegetable growers are worried the failure of a major processing company means they'll have nowhere to sell their produce next year. [more]

Agricultural companies welcome increased dairy payout
Firms which supply dairy farms are hopeful they'll see at least some of the billion dollar bounty from a big lift in Fonterra's forecast dairy payout. [more]

Iran charges three young Americans with espionage
Iran has charged three young Americans with espionage. [more]

Biggest event on Christchurch's social calendar gets underway
The biggest event on Christchurch's social calendar gets underway at Addington Raceway today as it hosts Cup Day. [more]

Sports news for Tuesday 10 November 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Moves to improve Lake Ellesmere water quality
Growing pollution levels are contributing to the decline in Lake Ellesmere's health, and now interest groups are trying to find ways to improve its water quality. [more]

Dollars roll in for human billboard
Hard times call for desperate measures or so the old adage goes. [more]

NZ cricketers beat Pakistan to win series
It took them a while to get there, but the New Zealand cricketers have won the one day series against Pakistan after taking out the third match in Abu Dhabi this morning. [more]

Fijian education leader speaking at local union conference
Forget untucked shirts and missing homework - local teachers will today be hearing about life as a teacher under Fiji's military regime. [more]

Waatea news for tuesday 10 November 2009
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Govt minister - tickets should carry lip sync disclaimer
Criticism of the Britney Spears' concert tour that has just kicked off in Australia is so widespread even the Government has got involved. [more]


Impossibility Challenger
How many world and Guinness records will be broken at this weekends Australasian First Impossibility Challenge. [more]

The Administration - Political Systems
Political Historian Brian Roper talks socialisim and looks back on the formation of the 1935 NZ labour government. [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 3 [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 4 [more]

This weeks shift worker is Pamela Mason, who takes the after hours phone calls for vet services in Stratford, Taranaki. [more]

Nine To Noon

Hone Hawawira's apology for racist remarks
Long time activist and mother of Hone, Titewhai Harawira and Maori media commentator Derek Fox comment. [more]

Wet house discussion
Discussion over the proposed opening of a Wet House in a residential area in the southern suburb of Island Bay in Wellington. [more]

Dr Ian Singleton, director of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Project, is in New Zealand to highlight the plight of the oragutan. [more]

US correspondent
Jack Hitt on the latest in US news including Sesame Street's 40th birthday. [more]

Feature guest - Ariel Leve
Why optimists cause nothing but trouble. Writer Ariel Leve describes herself as a confirmed pessimist and chronic worrier. [more]

Book review - The Lacuna
Anne Buchanan reviews Barbara Kingsolver's 'The Lacuna'. [more]

Business and Economic commentator, Rod Oram comments. [more]

Depression in the Legal Profession
John Marshall QC the President of NZ Law Society discusses the issue. [more]

Denis Welch discusses the latest media issues. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 10 November 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 10 November 2009
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Dean Sutcliffe
Auckland academic, recently awarded the Royal Music Association's Dent Medal for his contribution to musicology. [more]

Baldur Bronniman
Swiss conductor leading the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra this week. [more]

News stories:

'Despicable' theft from child with cerebral palsy
The grandmother of a severely disabled boy who was robbed of a electronic communication device in Christchurch says whoever stole it must have known what they were taking. [more]

Somerville says anger led him to kill neighbour, wife
Jason Paul Somerville says he murdered neighbour Tisha Lowry and his wife Rebecca Somerville, who were found buried under his Christchurch home, because he was angry with them. [more]

French Polynesia's Flosse to appear before investigative judges
The French Polynesian veteran politician, Gaston Flosse, is today again to appear before investigative judges to answer questions emanating from the OPT corruption probe. This comes a week after the... [more]

Fonterra forecast 'billion dollar boost' to economy
The increased forecast payout to dairy farmers will boost the economy by $1.2 billion, Fonterra estimates. [more]

Rural firms expect benefit from Fonterra payout
Rural service firms expect to benefit from the big lift in Fonterra's forecast dairy payout. [more]

Whitebaiter survives being swept out to sea
The wife of a 74-year-old whitebaiter swept out to sea in Canterbury says her husband's fitness saved his life. [more]

Councils seek better leaky home solution
One of the mayors negotiating a deal to take leaky homes cases out of the courts is threatening to walk away unless there is a better offer from Government. [more]

Draw made for Cricket World Cup
The New Zealand cricketers will open their World Cup campaign in February 2011 against Kenya in Chennai. The draw and schedule has just been released by the ICC. The Black ... [more]

First class cricket season gets underway
New Zealand Cricket's first class competition, the Plunket Shield, gets underway today with defending champions Auckland in Napier to play Central Districts. Otago will host Northern Districts with plenty of ... [more]

Team NZ on top in Nice
Team New Zealand has scored its 3rd straight win at the Louis Vuitton Trophy in Nice, the first round of their new global America's Cup class yachting series. After wins ... [more]

England drop in rugby rankings
England have dropped one spot to 8th in the latest world rugby rankings following their 18-9 defeat to Australia at Twickenham at the weekend. South Africa remain number one, closely ... [more]

Fergy will not face FA action
The Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson will not face action from the Football Association over his criticism of referee Martin Atkinson yesterday. Ferguson condemned the official for his decisions ... [more]

Pakistani umpire back on duty
The Pakistani cricket umpire Ahsan Raza is back on international duty having recovered from critical injuries eight months ago when buses carrying the Sri Lankan team and match officials ... [more]

7-point-1 quake recorded in Fiji region
A 7-point-1 earthquake was recorded in the Fiji region last night. The Fiji Times says the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issued two Tsunami Bulletins, advising that "based on the depth... [more]

Republican party dominates CNMI's general election
The Republican party has dominated the weekend general election in the Northern Marianas. The US territory voted for the Governor, as well as for the Senate and House of Representatives. [more]

Republican party dominates CNMI's general election
The Republican party has dominated the weekend general election in the Northern Marianas. The US territory voted for the Governor, as well as for the Senate and House of Representatives. [more]

ASB's owner says trading still tough here
The owner of the ASB, Australia's Commonwealth Bank, says trading remains tough in New Zealand, despite signs the economy is improving. [more]

Pokie funds cut to four race clubs
The Department of Internal Affairs is taking action against three gaming machine societies and seven pokie bars and has banned the funding of four harness racing clubs. [more]

NZ cricketers win one day series
The New Zealand cricketers have won the one day series against Pakistan after taking out the third match in Abu Dhabi by 7 runs, but they were given an almighty ... [more]

McLeod happy with Black Sticks progress
The New Zealand men's hockey coach Shane McLeod believes he has the fire power to continue on their winning way at the World Cup qualifying tournament in Invercargil. The Black ... [more]

Contador offered millions to stay with Astana
The Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador has reportedly been offered a new contract by the Astana team worth up to 16 million dollars a season, on the condition that the two-time Tour ... [more]

Buemi staying with Toro Rosso
The Swiss driver Sebastien Buemi will stay on with the Toro Rosso Formula One team next season. The 21-year-old has been given a second chance to prove his potential after scoring ... [more]

15 New Zealanders in Aussie Masters field
The Hawkes Bay golfer Doug Holloway has earned one of the final places in the field for this week's Australian Masters at Kingston Heath in Melbourne. Holloway won the final ... [more]

Political party in Tonga welcomes Commission's recommendations
The Peoples Democratic Party in Tonga is describing as "marvellous" a recommendation to turn the country into a constitutional monarchy, run by an elected Parliament. The advice comes from the... [more]

Sweetener manufacturer to list on stock exchange
Hamilton-based natural sweetener manufacturer BioVittoria will float on the stock exchange. [more]

French military evacuates NZ high commissioner in Cook Islands
The French High Commission in French Polynesia says a military aircraft flew the New Zealand high commissioner in the Cook Islands, Tia Barrett, for urgent medical care to Auckland. In... [more]

Tuesday's newspaper headlines
New Zealand urged to take Sri Lankan asylum-seekers; new love could be to blame for ministers' use of a controversial travel perk, credit union bans customers entering Dunedin branch to make cash withdrawals. [more]

Gold surges to new record price
The price of gold has surged to a record high above $US1100 an ounce as the precious metal becomes increasingly attractive compared with the weakening US dollar. [more]

Growers await news of Cedenco contracts
Vegetable growers in Gisborne say they will be reluctant to plant crops without contracts next year, after processor Cedenco Foods was placed in receivership. This year's crops will be paid for but there are no guarantees for next year. [more]

Turners and Growers to plant own new kiwifruit varieties
Turners and Growers says farmers cannot afford to wait for new kiwifruit strains to be developed under a new $35.7 million partnership between exporter Zespri and the Government. [more]

Public's view sought on GE research
The Environmental Risk Management Authority is asking for public input while it decides whether to allow AgResearch to conduct new research involving genetic modification on goats, sheep and cows. [more]

NZRU and Samoa look to share 2014 women's world cup
The New Zealand Rugby Union has expressed an interest in putting New Zealand forward to host the 2014 Women's Rugby World Cup but has also indicated that it will discuss ... [more]

Black Caps given a scare by Pakistanis
The New Zealand cricketers scored a thrilling seven-run triumph over Pakistan to win the one-day series 2-1 despite a valiant last-wicket partnership of 103 between Mohammad Aamer and Saeed Ajmal. ... [more]

Semi-finalists found at under 17 Fifa World Cup
The last four have been found at the Fifa under 17 boys football world cup in Nigeria. In this morning's last 2 quarter-finals, Nigeria beat the Korean Republic 3-1 and ... [more]

Four NZ pacers line up in NZ Cup
Four pacers from Australia's three eastern states have added spice to the million dollar New Zealand Trotting Cup this afternoon at Addington. But local runners have dominated pre-race betting with ... [more]

Lack of action on death house frustrates neighbours
Neighbours of a house in Christchurch where two women were murdered are frustrated there's been no progress on turning the site into a community facility. [more]

Hide, Anderton support scrapping MP travel perk
Some politicians say they would support the scrapping of MPs' entitlement to subsidised international travel. [more]

Free trade area given urgency, says APEC delegate
The head of New Zealand's business delegation to APEC says world trade talks could drag on until 2012, giving more urgency to a free trade region spanning Asia and the Pacific. [more]

Maori male learning a 'national issue'
The head of the tertiary education provider Te Wananga o Aotearoa says getting young Maori into second chance education is a national issue. [more]

Police search for ute that hit train
Auckland's newest commuter rail service is being cut after little more than a year because too few people used it. [more]

First survivor of Princess Ashika sinking gives testimony to inquiry
The first survivor of the Princess Ashika sinking to give testimony to the Royal Commission in Tonga, has spoken of water forging through the cargo hull causing vehicles to move... [more]

Grant scheme in American Samoa sees workers hired for clean up
In American Samoa, an additional 50 temporary workers will begin work today under the National Emergency Grant from the US Department of Labor for clean up and recovery work related... [more]

American Samoa's official faces charges in court
American Samoa's former Deputy Commissioner of Public Safety, Filifaatali Mike Fuiava, will be arraigned in High Court this morning on charges of tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution. A probable... [more]

Health officials in PNG hope to complete cholera treatment unit
Health officials in Papua New Guinea's Madang hope to complete a longer-term cholera treatment unit within the next few days in light of an outbreak. More than 300 people are... [more]

New Caledonia's economy is vulnerable says economist
An economist looking at New Caledonia's development says the territory's economy is vulnerable. Elodie Maitre d'Hotel made the comment to Noumea's daily newspaper ahead of a conference based on a... [more]

PNG's Somare will showcase PNG LNG Project at APEC
Papua's New Guinea Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, will highlight the regional impact of the PNG LNG Project when the 21 APEC leaders meet in Singapore The Asia Pacific Economic... [more]

PNG landowners seek answers on 11 million US dollar payouts
In Papua New Guinea, the Kutubu landowners of the Southern Highlands Province want Treasury Department to say why payments totalling over 11 million US dollars were made to individuals. The... [more]

Chairman of American Samoa Red Cross drowns in a diving trip
The chairman of the local chapter of the American Red Cross and former Post Master Smitty McMoore drowned yesterday morning while diving at Gatavai. Mr McMoore had worked tirelessly in... [more]

Ashika survivor testifies in Tonga ferry probe
The first survivor of the Princess Ashika sinking to give evidence to the Royal Commission of Inquiry in Tonga, says passengers were given no warning of the impending disaster, which... [more]

French Socialists upset about Senate test follow-up rebuff
The Socialists in the French Senate have lodged a protest against the refusal by the Senate majority to set up an information team to look into the environmental impact of... [more]

Vava'u MP becomes Tonga's new Justice Minister
The King of Tonga has appointed the Number Two Representative for Vava'u to Cabinet. Samiu Kuita Vaipulu becomes the new Minister for Justice, a post that in May was temporarily... [more]

Assault charge against Samoan preacher dismissed
The indecent assault charge against a senior preacher at the Church of Christ in Samoa has been dismissed. Joseph Stanley Hansell, widely known as Joe Hansell, walked free of the... [more]

Downturn in Canterbury road deaths
A decline in the number of fatal road crashes in Canterbury is being attributed to increased police enforcement and better driving. In the year to June, 17 fewer people died on the roads than the previous year. [more]

Retail spending on electronic cards falls
Retail spending on electronic cards fell slightly in October, figures from Statistics New Zealand show. Total spending, which includes food and fuel, rose. [more]

Kermadec Property Fund announces profit
Listed property investor Kermadec Property Fund made a $2.1 million profit in the six months to September. [more]

Guns seized after Canterbury AOS callout
Two guns have been recovered from a house at the centre of an Armed Offenders Squad callout in Darfield, police say. [more]

NZ sharemarket follows Wall St up
The New Zealand sharemarket showed modest gains on Tuesday morning after a strong session on Wall Street. [more]

Tonga civil society to explain proposed reforms
Tonga's civil society forum has held talks with the government about helping the people grasp political reforms that could form the basis of an election in 12 months. The Constitutional... [more]

US Committee proposes dialogue between Jakarta and Papua
A US Congressional Committee has called on Indonesia to create an internationally-mediated commission to establish a dialogue between Jakarta and the leaders of Papua. The call was made by the... [more]

Signs of depression noted among American Samoa tsunami survivors
The United States Public Health Services says it's seeing signs of depression, anxiety and substance abuse in American Samoa in the aftermath of the tsunami. The service has provided a... [more]

Niue wants tourism expansion next year
The government of Niue wants to begin work on expanding its tourist accommodation by the middle of next year. A New Zealand Government ordered report has recommended sweeping changes to... [more]

Cooks residency policy geared to preserve language
The Cook Islands government says preserving the nation's language is a major reason for the introduction of a new requirement for people seeking permanent residency to be able to speak... [more]

Cadbury turns down hostile Kraft bid
British confectioner Cadbury has "emphatically rejected" a 9.8 billion pound hostile bid from American food giant Kraft. [more]

Without immunity, Flosse faces investigators in French Polynesia
The French Polynesian veteran politician, Gaston Flosse, is being questioned by investigative judges in Papeete over his role in the OPT corruption affair. Hundreds of people, including politicians from rival... [more]

IMF and World Bank in Fiji talks
The IMF and the World Bank are both in Fiji to look at requests for assistance from the interim regime over its plans for land reform. The interim Prime Minister,... [more]

Burton jury told to ignore any 'preconceptions'
The defence lawyer for high profile inmate Graeme Burton has told a High Court jury to put aside any preconceived ideas they have about the prisoner. [more]

Fine wool groups hit by loss of funding
Fine wool organisations are pondering their future after the loss of funding from Meat and Wool New Zealand. [more]

Speaker defends travel allowance
Parliament's Speaker Lockwood Smith has defended subsidised international travel for MPs, saying it is part of their remuneration package. [more]

French fly ill NZ envoy to Cook Islands back home
New Zealand's high commissioner to the Cook Islands, Tia Barrett, has been flown to Auckland for urgent medical after suffering from a heart problem over the weekend. [more]

Boaties' behaviour may be behind jump in drownings
Water Safety New Zealand says reckless behaviour among boaties may be behind a dramatic rise in boating-related deaths. [more]

AXA offer fair, says AMP boss
Australian financial group AMP is rejecting criticism that its takeover offer for insurer AXA Asia Pacific Holdings is too low. [more]

Former policeman denies bribing prostitute
A prostitute who says she had sex with a police officer in a patrol car despite not wanting to, says she did not report it as she did not think the police would believe her. [more]

NZ market edges up
The benchmark NZX 50 index crept up just 2 points, to 31.67 at the close of trading on Tuesday, despite a strong showing on Wall Street. [more]

David Tamihere denied parole
Convicted murderer David Tamihere has been denied parole for the ninth time. [more]

Corruption probe lands French Polynesia's Flosse in jail
The French Polynesian veteran politician, Gaston Flosse, has been detained after being questioned by investigative judges in Papeete over his role in the OPT corruption affair. After being questioned for... [more]

Murder accused confessed in prison, court told
Two convicted murderers have given evidence about cellblock confessions which they say the man accused of killing a Palmerston North drug dealer made to them. [more]

Hansen surprised by Carter's citing
Daniel Carter will be returning to London from Milan later today for a hearing into his citing for a dangerous tackle during the test against Wales on Sunday morning. The ... [more]

Black Sticks beat Malayasia.
New Zealand's beaten Malaysia 4-2 at the World Cup men's hockey qualifying tournament in Invercargill. The unbeaten Black Sticks led 2-1 at half-time after starting strongly and leading early when ... [more]

Half century for Bopara and six wickets for Arnel
The England batsman Ravi Bopara has hit 50 on debut for Auckland on day one of their Plunket Shield four day cricket match with Central Districts in Napier. Auckland will ... [more]

Nelsen says anticipation has building for past month over world cup prospect
All Whites skipper Ryan Nelsen admits Saturday's world cup qualifier against Bahrain hasn't been far from his thoughts for the past month. The Blackburn Rovers defender is back in camp ... [more]

Spanish pair confirmed for Heineken Open
The Spanish duo of former Heineken Open finalists, the World No15, Tommy Robredo and former world No1 and current No22 Juan Carlos Ferrero have confirmed they will play the 2010 ... [more]

The New Zealand Breakers have called in an Australian National Basketball League veteran John Rillie and dropped their American import Awvee Storey as they prepare to host the Perth Wildcats. ... [more]

Gerrard gives Birmingham the blues
A controversial Steven Gerrard penalty has earned Liverpool a 2-2 English Premier League draw with Birmingham City at Anfield after the visitors had earlier fought back to take the lead. ... [more]

Commission concedes no power over grocery 'duopoly'
The competition watchdog, the Commerce Commission, is indicating its hands are tied over grocery prices. [more]

Black Sticks defeat Malaysia
New Zealand have beaten Malaysia 4-2 at the World Cup men's hockey qualifying tournament in Invercargill. [more]

PM launches cycleway construction
Prime Minister John Key has officially launched construction of the first part of the national cycle trail project announced at the job summit in February. [more]

Prisoners charged with attempted murder
Hastings police have charged three inmates at Hawke's Bay Regional Prison with the attempted murder of a fellow inmate. [more]

Feedback continues on buses in Wellington mall
Wellington City Council is hearing last-minute public feedback this week on a contentious, $11 million plan to open Manners Mall in the CBD to buses. [more]

Viticulturist wins 2009 Young Horticulturist title
A Hawke's Bay viticulturist is this year's Young Horticulturist of the Year. [more]

NZ researcher comes up with golden fleece
New Zealand scientists have developed technology that integrates nano particles of silver and gold with wool. [more]

Man dead after falling into fire
An elderly man has been found dead on a lifestyle block north of Auckland after falling into a small controlled fire. [more]

Au pair umbrella group set up
A new association has been set up to devise guidelines and regulate au pair agencies in New Zealand. [more]

Fiji Native Land Trust Board may need overhaul, says academic
The IMF and the World Bank are both in Fiji to look at requests for assistance from the interim regime over its plans for land reform. The interim Prime Minister,... [more]

Corruption a key reason for PNG anti-asian violence, says MP
The head of a public inquiry into last May's anti-Asian riots in Papua New Guinea says widespread corruption seems at the forefront of reasons for the violence. Anti-Chinese protests were... [more]

Harawira apologises for email language
Maori Party MP Hone Harawira has apologised for his "poor choice of words" in an expletive-littered email but did not back away from the sentiment expressed, and says he is not leaving the Maori Party. [more]

Jailed former French Polynesian President seen as kingpin in corruption era
The former French Polynesia president Gaston Flosse who has been arrested in a graft probe by authorities in Tahiti is under police investigation for 30 different matters mainly relating to... [more]

Former French Polynesian President in custody over range of matters
The former French Polynesia president Gaston Flosse who has been arrested in a graft probe by authorities in Tahiti is under police investigation for 30 different matters mainly relating to... [more]

Controversial Changeover fails to place in Cup
Last year's winner of the New Zealand Trotting Cup, Changeover, lined up at Addington Raceway again on Tuesday despite controversy surrounding its trainer. [more]