Radio New Zealand - Monday, 23rd November 2009

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Eight months to Mars - Hilary Beaton
She is an award-winning playwright, former actor, and since midway through last year, the director and CEO of Downstage. [more]

Kiwi factor
The Kiwi number-8 wire mentality is being blamed for holding us back from unleashing our full potential on the global stage. [more]

Aged care robots
The prospect of an ageing population has researchers studying the role robots could play in caring for the elderly. [more]

Author slot- Karl du Fresne
He's bringing his expertise to bear on a new compendium of wine, an A-Z for people, who, in his own words,"enjoy wine, are intrigued by its diversity, and want to know more about it" [more]

This way up feature -"The pain index"
Why do we need to measure pain? [more]

Environmental story - Crayfish
Crayfish. We love to eat them, but we seldom spare a thought for what they've had to go through to get big enough to end up on our plates. [more]

The panel (part 1)
With today's guests John Bishop and Rosemary McLeod. [more]

The panel (part 2)
With today's guests John Bishop and Rosemary McLeod. [more]

Business News

Morning business for 23 November 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets update for 23 November 2009
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 23 November 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 23 November 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 23 November 2009
News from the business sector. [more]


Govt announces details of ETS deal with Maori Party
Maori are to be allowed to plant trees on Crown-owned land and claim some, or all, of the carbon credits as part of the Government's emissions trading scheme. [more]

Nick Smith on ETS deal
Iwi have failed to get the government to agree to a key demand for flexible land use. This would have meant that when pre-1990 trees are cut down re-planting can be done in a different place. [more]

Maori Party says deal will benefit all
Listening to Climate Change Minister Nick Smith, was Maori Party MP Rahui Katene. [more]

Angry scenes as man charged with murder of Hawea Vercoe
There were angry scenes at the Whakatane District Court today, where a man appeared charged with the murder of Bay of Plenty regional councillor and school principal Hawea Vercoe. [more]

Radiation leak at Three Mile Island
150 workers have been sent home after a radiation leak at the notorious Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. [more]

Doctor facing serious allegations of sex with a patient
A Christchurch doctor accused of having sex with a 16 year old patient and giving her cocaine, 24 years ago, could be struck off the medical register if he is found guilty. [more]

Evening sports news
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Men in court over Howick murder
Two men are on trial in the High Court in Auckland over the death of a man who was stabbed with kitchen knives as he walked home from a party in Howick. [more]

Kiwi 'can do culture' holding businesses back
New Zealanders number eight wire mentality and a do-it-yourself attitude, may actually be holding the country back. [more]

SA Premier speaks out about sex scandal claims
South Australian Premier Mike Rann has made his first public appearance since a former parliamentary barmaid made explosive claims about what she said was a lenghty affair between them, during a TV interview. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Inquiry underway after Christmas Island riot
Australia's Immigration Department has launched an inquiry into a riot at the Christmas Island Detention Centre at the weekend. [more]

DHBs struggle to meet immunisation targets
A district health board that's failing to meet immunisation goals says it's hard to persuade families to get children immunised at the right times. [more]

Jumbo retires from circus life
After years of controversy the Weber circus has finally given up Jumbo the elephant who's now been taken on by the SPCA. [more]

Ngai Tahu welcomes modified ETS
National's modified emissions trading scheme has been hailed by the South Island iwi Ngai Tahu as an innovative solution to compensate Maori for treaty settlements made before the Kyoto agreement. [more]

Labour: ETS deal"quick and dirty"
The Labour Party has described the deal as quick and dirty - its climate change spokesperson Charles Chauvel is with us. [more]

Report finds a do-it-yourself attitude may hinder businesses
New Zealanders number eight wire mentality and a do-it-yourself attitude, may actually be holding the country back. [more]

First Khmer Rouge trial enters closing stages
The first trial at Cambodia's Khmer Rouge Tribunal is entering its final week with lawyers presenting their closing arguments after months of testimony. [more]

Supreme Court agrees to hear murder appeal in NZ first
In a legal first for this country, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal against a murder aquittal. [more]

Tougher controls for Kaikoura dolphin tours
Watching and swimming with dusky dolphins off Kaikoura is to be more strictly controlled under new Department of Conservation regulations. [more]

Evening sports news
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

American couple admit spying for Cuba
A retired United States official and his wife have admitted spying for Cuba for nearly 30 years. [more]

Kiwi thug 'not wanted' says Australian police union
A police union in Melbourne says a young New Zealand criminal who successfully fought a deportation order should not have been allowed to stay. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

State Services Commissioner investigating seminar complaint
The future of a seminar on Government initiatives to tackle youth employment is in doubt, after a complaint to the State Services Commission. [more]

Possible major breakthrough in cancer treatments
A blood test's being developed in Australia which will not only detect 15 percent of all cancers but will also help in anti-cancer treatments for some of the most aggressive forms. [more]

Paramilitary threat in Northern Ireland highest in six years
In Northern Ireland an independent commission has warned the paramilitary threat in the province is currently at its highest level in six years. [more]

Martinborough Pinot triumphs at wine awards
More than 100 gold medals were handed out at the Air New Zealand wine awards in Christchurch on Saturday night, the highest number in the competition's history. [more]

Amazing finds in the dark depths of the World's oceans
The dark depths of the world's oceans hold far more life than previously thought, according to a 10 year study that has just been published. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 23 November 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 23 November 2009
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top stories for Monday 23 November 2009
Government ranks performance of district health boards. Police launch homicide inquiry after Whakatane death. Anger at plan to let foreigners grow trees on conservation land. 29 dead but many rescued in Indonesia ferry sinking. Bushfires ravage New South Wales. [more]

ETS deal favours iwi corporates - Labour
The Government's set to announce a deal giving it the numbers it needs to pass the amended Emissions Trading Scheme into law. [more]

Pacific news for 23 November 2009
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea news for 23 November 2009
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Major hospitals failing in emergency room performance
Many major hospitals are failing to meet a target of moving patients quickly through their emergency departments, according to figures the government's just released. [more]

Passersby divided over Auckland's Santa makeover
Auckland's Santa Claus, which has graced buildings in the central business district for almost 50-years, has been given a bit of a spruce up. [more]

Government ranks performance of district health boards
Many major hospitals are failing to meet a target of moving patients quickly through their emergency departments. [more]

Police launch homicide inquiry after Whakatane death
A 22-year old man will appear in the Whakatane District Court this morning charged over the death of a well known Rotorua man outside a bar in Whakatane. [more]

Anger at plan to let foreigners grow trees on conservation land
Plans to allow foreign-owned companies to collect carbon credits from trees planted on Department of Conservation land are being described as 'reprehensible', with the potential to cheat New Zealanders out of economic benefits. [more]

Climate Change Minister on emissions trading scheme
The Minister for Climate Change Issues Nick Smith is asked why he was opening up conservation land to the possibility of carbon farming by foreign companies [more]

Retailers buoyant but shoppers cautious ahead of Christmas
Retailers who have weathered the worst of the recession hope Christmas will be the turning point. [more]

29 dead but many rescued in Indonesia ferry sinking
29 people have been confirmed dead after a ferry carrying nearly three-hundred people sunk off Indonesia's Sumatra Island. [more]

Bushfires ravage New South Wales
Firefighters in New South Wales are hoping a change in the weather will come to their aid today as they battle raging bushfires. [more]

'March for Democracy' group give PM ultimatum
Organisers are promising more protests across the country unless the Prime Minister agrees to meet with them. [more]

Sports news for 23 November 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Obama's health reform plan clears Senate hurdle
The United States president Barack Obama's pledge to bring healthcare coverage to thirty one million uninsured Americans has passed a key hurdle. [more]

Fiji regime changes broadcasting rules
One of Fiji's main commercial broadcasters says government changes to broadcasting rules don't present a threat to freedom of expression in Fiji. [more]

All-time record rains bring massive flooding in Britain
The Cumbria district of Britain is clearing up after being drenched by the heaviest rain since records began in the 1770s. [more]

Minister of Health says DHBs have work to do on targets
Access to elective surgery, waits for cancer treatment, immunisation rates, and better diabetes and cardiovascular services have all been rated by the government. [more]

Union lays complaints over police dobbing drink-driver to employer
A flight attendant who lost her job after police caught her drink-driving when she was driving to work, creates a dangerous precedent that could threaten the privacy and job security of many workers, according to her union. [more]

Analyst says retailers' festive optimism premature
Retailers hoping for the seasonal jump in spending over the Christmas period may be disappointed. [more]

Wallabies reach new low after loss to Scotland
The Wallabies rugby season has reached a new low after a humiliating 9-8 loss to Scotland at Murrayfield. [more]

Sports news for 23 November 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Wellington train network upgrade steaming ahead
A half billion dollar upgrade to Wellington's rail network aimed at easing congestion in the country's busiest railway station is inching closer to completion. [more]

Kiwi, Daniel Bray to race Schumacher at major go-kart meet
Speculation is mounting that Michael Schumacher is poised for a shock return to Formula One - not at the wheel of a Ferrari, but in a Mercedes. [more]

Waatea news for 23 November 2009
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Four finalists duke it out for title of fastest texter
Challengers from Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland went thumb to thumb yesterday to for the title of the nation's fastest texter. [more]

Elderly learn self defence with a cane
It's Cane Fu and it makes use of a tool many of them already carry - a walking cane. [more]

Australian correspondent
Phil Kafcaloudes with news from Australia. [more]


American health
Dr Joe Pizzorno is a Natural Health researcher, author and campaigner. He discusses the proposed American public health system and the challenges in getting this nation to improve their health. [more]

The final whistle
Richard Fleming talks about the FIFA World Cup qualifiers, and Rugby. [more]

Conundrum clue one
Conundrum clue one. [more]

Uganda report
Daniel Kalinaki with news and cultural insights from the Republic of Uganda. [more]

Conundrum clue two
Conundrum clue two. [more]

Nine To Noon

How well are hospitals meeting health targets
Many major hospitals are failing to meet a target of moving patients quickly through their emergency departments. The government has just released for the first time on how well hospitals are meeting health targets. [more]

The demise of the school swimming pool
Wellington City Council Manager of Recreation and Sport Facility Development, Jamie Delich and General Manager of Water Safety New Zealand, Matt Claridge discuss the issue. [more]

Refugees - Richard Towle
Richard Towle is the Australasian-Pacific regional representative for the UNHCR (the UN's refugee agency) He is in NZ for a conference on refugee health and welfare at AUT. [more]

Middle East correspondent
Tarek Bazley reoports on the latest in the Middle East. [more]

Feature guests - Irene Pink and Chris Brain
They talk about their experiences, the role of their comedic art in their lives, and why Chris is speaking out now about a condition he's been living with since his teens. [more]

Book review - 'Backroads - Charting a Poet's Life'
Penny Ashton reviews 'Backroads - Charting a Poet's Life' by Sam Hunt. Published by Craig Potton. [more]

Andrew Campbell and Matthew Hooten discuss the ETS among other political issues. [more]

Guest Chef - Niki Bezzant
Today's recipes are Thai Salmon Coleslaw and Green Seafood Curry. Keith Stewart suggests wine accompaniments. [more]

Urbanist - Tommy Honey
Tommy Honey talks design and architectural competitions. [more]


Brent Stewart
Music Director of Hutt Valley Concert Orchestra talks about this weekend's performance. [more]

Marc Taddei
Vector Wellington Orchestra Music Director previews 2010 season. [more]

News stories:

Tonga men launch campaign to end violence against women
A group of men in Tonga has made more than two thousand white ribbons in a bid to end violence against women. The group's leader, the male advocate for the... [more]

H1N1 vaccine arrives in American Samoa
The first shipment of the H1N1 vaccine has arrived in American Samoa and the first to be vaccinated will be employees of the Department of Health. The health director, Tuiasina... [more]

Disbarred French Polynesia senator to appeal decision
The French Polynesian senator who has been disbarred as a lawyer for two years says he will appeal the decision. Richard Tuheiava, one of the territory's two members in the... [more]

CNMI Governor reassures tourists after Friday's shooting
The Governor of the Northern Marianas, Benigno Fitial says the CNMI still remains a safe place for residents and tourists despite the shooting rampage on Friday. A gunman opened fire... [more]

Changes to broadcasting rules in Fiji draw mixed response
One of Fiji's main commercial broadcasters says changes made by the interim government to broadcasting rules don't present a threat to freedom of expression in Fiji. The New Zealand government... [more]

Murray claims scalp of De Potro on day one of World Tour Finals
Andy Murray marked the beginning of the ATP World Tennis Tour Finals with a 6-3 3-6 6-2 win over U.S. Open champion Juan Martin del Potro in front of 17,500 ... [more]

England claim first blood in one day series against South Africa
Cricketer Paul Collingwood marked his record 171st one-day appearance with an unbeaten century to lead England to a commanding seven-wicket victory over South Africa in the second match of the ... [more]

Blackburn Rovers win despite managers absence
The Blackburn Rovers football club shrugged off the absence of their manager Sam Allardyce, who is awaiting heart surgery, to beat his former club Bolton Wanderers 2-nil in the Premier ... [more]

Dundee United stun Celtic at Tannadice
Darren Dods's last minute goal lifted Dundee United to a 2-1 win over Celtic at Tannadice Park, the Tangerines' first Scottish Premier League win over the Glasgow giants in ... [more]

Westwood claims season ending title and tops money list
The English golfer Lee Westwood achieved a European Tour double by winning the season-ending Dubai World Championship and the overall money-list title. An imperious eight-under-par 64 earned a final 23-under ... [more]

Short course World Cup swimming season winds up in Singapore
South Africa's Kathryn Meaklim, American Peter Marshall and Sweden's Therese Alshammar stormed to new world records as the shortcourse World Cup swimming season concluded in style. Australia's Robert Hurley didn't ... [more]

Westwood wins in Dubai to be Europe No.1
England's Lee Westwood shot a round of eight-under par 64 to win the Dubai World Championship golf tournament. With the win, Westwood also won the inaugural Race to Dubai, the ... [more]

France make four changes for All Blacks Test
There are four changes to the French rigby squad to face New Zealand in Sunday's test in Marseille. Fresh from thumping Samoa 43-5 yesterday the French have shuffled their pack ... [more]

Silverstone deadline December 9 - Ecclestone
Formula One's boss Bernie Ecclestone says a deal must be done by December the 9th if there is to be a British Grand Prix next season. Initially, race organisers had ... [more]

PCB chief wants Younus to return for Australia tour
The Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ejaz Butt wants to see troubled former captain Younus Khan return to international cricket for the next month's tour of Australia. The batsman Ywas replaced ... [more]

Title a formality for Whincup
Jamie Whincup has all but clinched back-to-back V8 Supercar championship's after his nearest rival Will Davison crashed out at Barbagallo Raceway in Perth, All the Ford driver has to do ... [more]

Wallabies woe: Attack shot, locks not damaging
A former Wallabies coach Bob Dwyer says their attack has "gone to pieces" and the team is suffering from an absence of world class locks. After Robbie Deans' men slumped ... [more]

First away win for Phoenix
The Wellington Phoenix have beaten the Jets 1-0 in Newcastle to climb to fifth in Australian football's A-League. Paul Ifill's goal in the 14th moment from a Tony Lochead cross ... [more]

Azzurra wins the final
There's been disappointment for Team New Zealand in the the final of the Louis Vuitton Trophy regatta with the Italian team Azzurra winning the best of three final 2-0 in ... [more]

Estimated $28b to maintain NZ water system
A $28 billion price tag has been put on maintaining New Zealand's water supply and waste water disposal. [more]

Lomu makes rugby return in France
Former All Black superstar Jonah Lomu has made his return to rugby union, playing for French Third Divsion side Marseille-Vitrolles in their 63-18 romp over Montmelian. The 34-year-old - who ... [more]

Tottenham thrash Wigan, move to fourth in Premier League
The England striker Jermain Defoe scored five second-half goals as an irresistible Tottenham Hotspur demolished Wigan Athletic 9-1 to go fourth in the Premier League. Defoe stunned the hapless visitors ... [more]

Police defend contacting drink-driver's employer
Police are standing their ground after being accused of tipping off an employer about a drink-driving conviction, saying they make no apology for their commitment to public safety. [more]

Hanover sells part of big property development
Troubled finance company Hanover has sold part of a big property development near Queenstown. [more]

Push for major research into health values of food
A science adviser to the Prime Minister sees huge potential for New Zealand to produce and sell food with proven health promoting properties. [more]

Voters in the Northern Marianas will go to polls again today to choose new Governor
More than sixteen thousand registered voters in the Northern Marianas will today vote again for a new Governor. In the first round of votes two weeks ago, neither of the... [more]

Marshall's speaker to focus on private sector
The new Speaker of the Marshall Islands parliament has adopted a pro-business stance, promising to establish the first private sector advisory group for the legislative body. Alvin Jacklick says it... [more]

New body to replace Fiji's Sugar Cane Gower's Council by year end
Fiji's Ministry of Sugar says a new body, to replace the abolished Sugar Cane Growers Council, will be formed before year end with fewer members. It's permanent secretary, Manasa Vaniqi,... [more]

CNMI workers' advocate claims more than 1,000 awaiting wage settlement
An advocate for the workers of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands' now defunct garment industry says more than a thousand contract workers are awaiting the settlement of unpaid... [more]

Fisheries authorities in Samoa seize export of sea cucumbers
More than 20 sacks of illegally gathered dried sea cucumbers have been confiscated by the fisheries authorities in Samoa before they were exported to Hong Kong. An Asian business man... [more]

Soldier from American Samoa awarded medal for exceptional serive in Iraq
A U.S. soldier from American Samoa has been awarded the prestigious military "Bronze Star Medal" for "Exceptionally Meritorious Service" while on duty in Iraq. Staff Sergeant Samoanagalo Leatimua of the... [more]

Four children drown in French Polynesia
Four children have drowned in French Polynesia after being swept away in a stormwater drain. The accident happened following heavy rain in Faa'a on Tahiti where the four - aged... [more]

Murray moves to second round of World Tennis Tour Finals
Britain's Andy Murray has kicked off the ATP World Tennis Tour finals with a 6-3 3-6 6-2 over Argentine Juan Martin Del Potro at the O2 Arena in London. Murray ... [more]

Colts claim tenth straight win of NFL season
The Indianapolis Colts improved to a perfect 10 and 0 record this season with a 17-15 win over the Baltimore Ravens. Peyton Manning threw for 299 yards and a touchdown ... [more]

Cricket Players Association head critical of security breach
The New Zealand A players Neil Broom and Aaron Redmond have admitted they were involved in an incident in India that saw New Zealand Cricket charge them with serious misconduct. ... [more]

Wallabies arrive in Cardiff wounded in body and mind
There's no respite in sight for the Wallabies who've arrived in Cardiff looking to pick up the pieces of their northern tour after a demoralising 9-8 loss to Scotland at Murrayfield. ... [more]

Bolt and Richards named IAAF world athletes of year
The Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and the American women's 400 metres world champion Sanya Richards are world athletes of the year. New Zealand's World and Olympic shot put champion Valerie ... [more]

All Black flanker looks forward to French flair
The English rugby writer Stephen Jones think the 2009 All Blacks are the worst New Zealand side he's ever seen at Twickenham but coach Graham Henry says their 19-6 win ... [more]

2009 ATP Tennis Masters tournament.too close to call
It's anyone's guess who will come away with the men's ATP Tennis Masters singles title in London next week. [ Eight of the top ranked players will compete at the tournament, ... [more]

Spurs equal Premier League record in 9-1 thrashing of Wigan
The England striker Jermain Defoe scored five second-half goals as Tottenham Hotspur demolished Wigan Athletic 9-1 to move into fourth place in the Premier League. Defoe stunned the hapless visitors ... [more]

Pressure on NZ batters in test series
The batting will again be the key to the New Zealand crciketers in the test series against pakistan which starts in Dunedin tomorrow. Consistency is something the Black Caps batsmen ... [more]

Jack breaks second national swimming record
New Zealand swimmer Michael Jack grabbed his second national record in as many days at the FINA World Cup in Singapore last night. Jack produced an outstanding 1:43.77 effort in ... [more]

Fonterra sells stake in AFF
New Zealand dairy cooperative Fonterra has sold its 25% stake in British-based joint venture AFF to majority owner Arla Foods of Denmark for an undisclosed amount. [more]

Signs home building sector picking up
There are signs the home building sector is experiencing a revival, due to the pressure of higher house prices and stronger population growth. [more]

Jumbo leaves the circus amid welfare concerns
The SPCA has taken on the mammoth task of caring for a four-tonne elephant. [more]

Extra accommodation in Wellington for Rugby World Cup
A temporary caravan park will be built on Wellington's waterfront to provide extra accommodation for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. [more]

Building to start for mental health care facility in American Samoa
The High Court in American Samoa has been told that the territorial government is looking to start construction of a mental care facility at the end of this month. The... [more]

American Samoa marine protection impacts on fishermen
Fears have been voiced that a ban on commercial fishing around the Rose Atoll Monument will affect the livelihoods of fishermen in American Samoa. The ban was imposed earlier this... [more]

Vanuatu parliament adjourned over bill delays
The speaker of the Vanuatu parliament, Maxime Carlot Korman, has adjourned today's extra-ordinary session until tomorrow, following a request from the former deputy prime minister, Ham Lini. Mr Lini, who... [more]

Police think they know why CNMI gunman went on shooting rampage
Police in the Northern Marianas believe they know why a gunman on Saipan killed four people, including two children, and then himself. The man, who police won't yet name, opened... [more]

Far fewer cases of self-harm in jails
The Corrections Department is crediting better staff training and prisoner assessment for a drop in recorded incidents of self-harm in jails. [more]

Air Caledonie struggles after expansion
An audit of New Caledonia's domestic airline, Air Caledonie, has revealed that none of its routes makes a profit. The report by KPMG accountants is being quoted in the territory's... [more]

Temaru urges vigilance after four drowning deaths in Tahiti
French Polynesia's president, Oscar Temaru, has urged parents to be vigilant as a weekend downpour has seen four children drown in a storm water drain. The four were washed away... [more]

Thieves take haul of computers from school
Thieves have cleaned out a Blenheim school of many of its computers, going from room to room in a systematic burglary. [more]

Coroner asked to look into cyclist's death
The police in Bay of Plenty have asked the coroner to look into the death of a cyclist near Mount Maunganui. They say, however, that there are no suspicious circumstances. [more]

New Caledonian media professionals launch internet TV site
A team of New Caledonian media professionals has launched the territory's first internet-based television website, called or your TV. The team consists of 15 volunteers from the traditional media,... [more]

Federal help for foreigners in American Samoa put out of work by the tsunami
The U.S. government is allowing foreigners, who are permanent residents of American Samoa, to apply for unemployment benefits under the federal Disaster Unemployment Assistance programme. The programe became available in... [more]

French Polynesian instability irks sectors of the public
A small rally has been held in French Polynesia in protest against local politicians changing sides and allegiances. About 100 people of the group No Tou Fenua gathered in Papeete... [more]

Voters only trickling into polls in CNMI Governor's run off election
Voters have been trickling in to polling booths for the CNMI's runoff election for governor, despite higher numbers this morning. Our correspondent says many elderly voters had lined up before... [more]

WHO says Papua New Guinea political leaders must act over cholera
The World Health Organisation is warning a cholera outbreak in Papua New Guinea has to be taken seriously by the Government. An outbreak in Morobe has spread to Madang and... [more]

Labour seeks inquiry into homelessness
The Labour Party wants a select committee inquiry to be held into the issue of homelessness in New Zealand. [more]

Defoe scores five as Spurs blitz Wigan
Tottenham Hotspur has demolished Wigan Athletic 9-1, equalling the Premier League record for goals scored in a match and move into fourth. Spurs had gone in 1-nil up at the ... [more]

Deans job not under threat says Australian rugby union boss
The Wallabies coach Robbie Deans job isn't under threat despite the side's woeful end of year tour, according to Australian rugby boss John O'Neill. Australia's 9-8 loss to Scotland in ... [more]

Elsom moves to reassure Australian rugby fans
The Wallabies captain Rocky Elsom has assured disillusioned Australian rugby fans that no-one's hurting more than the players after his side's first loss to Scotland in almost 30 ... [more]

'Substandard' hospital may be closed
The Canterbury District Health Board says Christchurch's Princess Margaret Hospital is substandard and may be closed. [more]

Breakers star Kirk Penney to return this week
The New Zealand Breakers will finally get to welcome back shooting guard Kirk Penney after a nine game injury absence, when they host the Cairns Taipans in their Australian basketball ... [more]

Nitrogen capping may not require major change
Reports from Waikato Regional Council staff implementing farming restrictions around Lake Taupo suggest that many farms will not have to change their operations. [more]

New Zealand study shows Cook Islanders more likely to get heart disease
New results from a health study in New Zealand show that Cook Islanders are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than members of other Pacific communities in this country. [more]

Hundreds of Vanuatu writers make the Guinness Book of Records
Vanuatu has broken the Guinness Record for most people writing a story in 24 hours. 820 locals teamed up to write a story within this set time frame about 'Vanuatu... [more]

New Caledonia gets its first internet based TV
New Caledonian media professionals say they need more funding to make the territory's first internet-based TV website fully viable. The 15 member team from the territory's traditional media last week... [more]

Commonwealth urged to get tougher with non-democratic members
There's a call for the Commonwealth to do more to promote democracy and to get tough on autocratic regimes. A report to be presented at the Commonwealth Heads of Government... [more]

PNG unions expect labour law change to aid LNG project
The general secretary of Papua New Guinea's Trade Union Congress says the government may change labour laws in order to bring the huge liquified natural gas project to fruition. John... [more]

Northern Marianas police reveal more about shooting rampage
The police in the Northern Marianas believe money issues and emotional frustration sparked a shooting rampage that resulted in the deaths of five people, including the gunman. They have named... [more]

Stricter limits on dolphin watching planned
The dolphin tourism business off Kaikoura will be more strictly controlled under new regulations planned by the Department of Conservation. [more]

Tolley has too much power over polytechs - Labour
The Labour Party says amendments made to a select committee report have given the Tertiary Education Minister too much power over the running of polytechnic councils. [more]

DHBs not yet meeting health objectives - minister
Health Minister Tony Ryall says district health boards have a lot of work to do to meet the Government's major health objectives. [more]

Announcement on World Cup rights likely soon
Prime Minister John Key says an announcement is close on a deal for free-to-air broadcast rights for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. [more]

Glaciers still losing ice - latest NIWA survey
New Zealand's glaciers are continuing to lose significant ice mass. That's the finding of the latest snowline survey by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA). [more]

Maori Party deal gives Government its ETS
The Maori Party has agreed to support the Government's reworking of the Emissions Trading Scheme, which is now likely to become law by the end of the week. The deal is an elegant solution, says Prime Minister John Key. [more]

High-speed pursuit of stolen motorbike abandoned
The police were forced to abandon their pursuit of a stolen motorcycle in Palmerston North on Monday after it reached dangerously high speeds. [more]

Recreational fishers fear aquaculture reform
Recreational fishers fear plans to make aquaculture development easier could drive them off the water. [more]

Put 3% of GDP into science and research - FF
Federated Farmers has called for 3% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) to be put into science and research by 2029, with priority given to the biologically-based economy. [more]