Radio New Zealand - Monday, 7th December 2009

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The best song ever written
Clint Deckard from central Hawkes Bay, has chosen 'Towers of Faith' by Roger Waters. [more]

Eight months to Mars- Bruce Ansley
Taking the trip with us today is an award winning journalist, turned novelist. He has a long track record as a broadcaster, writer and fisherman, and he's just completed his latest book which paints a vivid picture of the very vibrant atmosphere of his home town, and his youth. [more]

Australia's fire season
As a new fire season begins in Australia's south, residents and state governments alike say they are better prepared. [more]

He Rourou for 7 December 2009
Some of the answers to Maori domestic violence lie in culture and tradition, that's according to veteran iwi radio broadcaster Henare Kingi. In He Rourou today Ana Tapiata talks with the Ngapuhi elder about the traditional practises that helped reduce domestic violence. [more]

Author slot - David Owens
His book is called"Shark: In Peril in the Sea". [more]

Eight Months to Mars - Nick Willis
At last year's olympic games in Beijing he won the 1500 metre bronze medal. [more]

This way up feature -"Nuts"
Simon Morton from This Way Up on Nuts. [more]

Reeling In The Years
Shade Smith, the song writing talent from the Rumour is with us on Reeling In The Years for 1972. [more]

Eight Months to Mars - Gerry Marsden
He's enjoyed a long career that has seen him acting on the west end stage and continuing to write great songs. [more]

Reeling in the years with Wayne Mason
Today we take a look at 1974, the last time the Commonwealth games were held in Christchurch. [more]

Environmenta feature - wildlife health mysteries
When Massey University's wildlife vets are not rushed off their feet looking after injured animals such as kiwi and albatrosses, they're busy trying to solve wildlife health mysteries. [more]

Eight Months to Mars - Paul Reynolds
Chief Executive of our largest company, with more than 20 years' senior management experience in telecommunications. [more]

Reeling in the years - 1966
Today we go back to the mid Sixties - to the first week in May 1966 with our guest deejay Midge Marsden. [more]

Eight months to Mars - Emily Barclay
A young actress who, was plucked from obscurity and a job at an Auckland video store. [more]

The panel (part 1)
With today's guests Matt Nippert and David Slack. [more]

Reeling in the Years - Barry Saunders
A trip back in time to 1988 with singer songwriter Barry Saunders. [more]

Eight months to Mars - Jim Bolger
Since retiring from politics he's been appointed Chairman of New Zealand Post and its subsidiary Kiwibank. [more]

Reeling in the Years - Shane
Late 60's Kiwi pop star, Shane picks a top 5 from 1969; the year one of his big hits St Paul came out. [more]

Eight Months to Mars - Alice Cooper
In September he'll be in Auckland for a one off show at the ASB theatre, but he's kindly consented to go to Mars with us first today. [more]

The panel (part 2)
With today's guests Matt Nippert and David Slack. [more]

Reeling In The Years - Alan Galbraith
For this 1975 edition of Reeling In The Years; Jim is joined by a man who has filled many roles in the music industry. [more]

Reeling in the Years - Frankie Stevens
Reeling in the Years guest today is Frankie Stevens. [more]

Reeling In The Years - Dave McCartney
Today we visit 1981 with Dave McCartney. [more]

Reeling In the Years
With Shona Laing and Sharon O'Neill. [more]

Reeling in the years - 1970
On the show with us today, a man who recorded one of the biggest songs in New Zealand in 1970. [more]

Reeling in the years - 1967
Time for another retro 40 minutes or so of music from the past with another NZ music legend who was there - Larry Morris. [more]

Reeling in the years - 1977
We're taking a look back at 1977 with our guest, Eddie Rayner of Split Enz fame. [more]

Business News

Morning business for 07 December 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets update for 07 December 2009
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 7 December 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 7 December 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 7 December 2009
News from the business sector. [more]


Section 59 review - law working as intended
A major review of changes to the controversial child discipline laws has found that parents are not being criminalised or unduely investigated for lightly smacking their children. [more]

Woman who hit cyclists pleads guilty
A young Auckland woman who ploughed into a pack of about 20 cyclists on Tamaki Drive in September, almost killing one man, has pleaded guilty to careless driving causing injury. [more]

Climate change report forecasts disaster for Nelson
As the climate change conference in Copenhagen begins, a new study shows that much of the Nelson region will be flooded within a hundred years if sea levels rise as forecast. [more]

Officer denies beating up man
A police officer charged with manslaughter has denied beating up a man in the back seat of police car. [more]

Goff faces concerns from Labour Party about nationhood speech.
The Labour Party leader Phil Goff has been confronted with negative feedback from within the party about his speech accusing the Government of re-opening racial wounds. [more]

Evening sports news
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Intensive Mackenzie Basin dairy farming would be 'a disaster'
Plans for intensive dairy farming in the South Island's Mackenzie Basin will be a disaster for the areas native plants and animals according to a Landcare Research ecologist. [more]

Turnbull attacks Abbott's position on climate change
In Australia, the former Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull has branded his successor's stance on climate change, bullshit and says the Coalition policy has descended into a farce. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Calls for tax on fatty foods
A veteran health campaigner is calling for fatty foods and sugary drinks to be taxed in the same way that tobacco products are, to reduce obesity, as happened with smoking. [more]

Anti-obesity drug a step closer
Researchers in Britain have found that it could be missing DNA that is part of problem that causes some children to get fat. [more]

ARTA signs deal for tailormade electronic ticket system
After more than a decade of talking, Auckland's regional transport authority ARTA together with the Government's transport agency NZTA have signed a deal that will allow commuters to use one single ticket for buses, trains and ferries. [more]

NZ golfer close to qualifying for LPGA
The New Zealand golfer Cathryn Bristow is just one round away from qualifying for the lucrative LPGA Tour in the United States. [more]

The world prepares for start of climate talks
One of the world's most talked about conferences is about to get underway in Denmark's capital Copenhagen. [more]

US troops to stay in Afghanistan for years
Americans are being told to expect a big US military presence in Afghanistan for up to four more years. [more]

Telecom fined $500-thousand
Telecom's been fined half a million dollars for breaches of the Fair Trading Act over claims it made in 2006 while promoting Xtra's Go Large broadband plan. [more]

Woman pleads guilty after injuring cyclists
An Auckland woman has pleaded guilty to careless driving causing injury after she drove into a pack of cyclists in the suburb of St Heliers. [more]

Nelson region could be flooded within a century warns study
As the climate change conference in Copenhagen begins, a new study shows that much of the Nelson region will be flooded within a hundred years if sea levels rise as forecast. [more]

Construction of controversial stadium begins
Ground was broken in Wellington today to signify the start of construction of a controversial indoor sports stadium. [more]

Evening sports news
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

South America correspondent
The man known as Bolivia's peasant President has claimed a landslide re-election victory with voters backing his left-wing reforms of more state control over the economy and more social spending on the poor. [more]

Shadbolt looses Invercargill showdown
Invercargill's mayor Tim Shadbolt has lost his bid to remove his deputy mayor Neil Boniface. [more]

Second in command of Sicilian mafia arrested
Police in Italy have arrested a twenty eight year old man who they say is the second in command of the Sicilian Mafia. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Russians mourn victims of nightclub fire
Russians are mourning the victims of Friday's nightclub fire in the city of Perm which killed one hundred and twelve people and injured even more. [more]

Australian health care politics
In Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been locked in health reform talks with state premiers and chief ministers in Brisbane today. [more]

British banks to pay windfall tax on bonuses
The British government's understood to be considering plans to levy a windfall tax on bankers' bonuses. [more]

Russia blames US for drugs problem
The Russian government says its bearing the brunt of the Afghan drugs trade. [more]

Japanese hotels attract train spotters
In Tokyo, hotel managers are taking to heart the advice that it pays to diversify particularly in times of economic turmoil. [more]

Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm

Eldred Stebbing dies
For over five decades, Eldred Stebbing was the enigmatic figure at the helm of his namesake recording studio. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 7 December 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 7 December 2009
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top stories for 07 December 2009
In the programme this morning: under-privileged children visit theatre of expletives and adult sexual themes; 'factory-farms' on dairy agenda in Canterbury; count-down to Copenhagen; Xmas cheer to more women drink-drivers; All Whites road to World Cup; Kurow arson and; shock tactics to deter fat food feasters. [more]

Pacific news for 07 December 2009
The latest news from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea news
The latest from the Waatea news team. [more]

Russia mourns for 112 people killed in nightclub fire
The victims died after fireworks set fire to the venue in the industrial city of Perm. [more]

Play for CFYS children contains swearing, sexual material
A theatre outing aimed at bringing Christmas cheer brings an early education into swearing and adult sexuality. [more]

Greens, SPCA appalled by plans for 'factory-style' farms
Consent applications have been lodged with Canterbury Regional Council for 16 so-called factory farms in the Mackenzie Basin. [more]

Copenhagen prepares for civil unrest or worse
Over half Denmark's police have been deployed in the capital, with further reinforcements ready if there are violent protests. [more]

More and more women being found among drink drivers
Over 80 motorists face drink driving charges after a major South Auckland blitz on Saturday night with 40% of them women. [more]

Kurow arson - 5 attacks in 3 nights
Several cars and a house have been targeted in the North Otago town and Police are worried somebody may be hurt. [more]

Anti-tobacco techniques touted as way to curb high fat foods
The Cancer Society and anti-obesity campaigners say techniques used to reduce tobacco smoking should be used to cut high fat food from diets. [more]

Sports news for 07 December 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

UK school group warns of pitfalls in private partnerships
Education groups, including an English principals' union, are warning of the potential pitfalls of allowing private contractors to build and maintain New Zealand schools. [more]

Traditionalists oppose lesbian bishop
A diocese in Los Angeles has elected only the second openly gay bishop in the Anglican Church, reigniting an issue that has caused deep division. [more]

Just four days for Black Caps to tweak batting line-up
The Black Caps have only four days to come up with a batting line-up capable of winning the third and deciding test in Napier after losing the second Pakistan test in Wellington by 141 runs with a day to spare. [more]

Stowaway kitten escapes without a scratch
Hitching a ride into town is nothing out of the ordinary, but stowing away in a car's wheel arch is another matter. That's what a kitten did all the from the Kapiti Coast to Plimmerton, which was where the car's occupants decided to investigate the strange meow sounds. [more]

Department discusses impact of Xmas play on foster kids
A Christmas play for foster children that included sexually suggestive material and expletives has shocked many caregivers. [more]

Factory dairy farms will harm NZ brand say Greens
The Green Party has raised concerns about plans for what it describes as factory farming of dairy cows in the South Island's McKenzie Basin. We hear from the Green Party's agriculture spokesperson Jeanette Fitzsimons and the President of Federated Farmers Don Nicolson. [more]

Crucial climate change conference starts today
This evening one of the most crucial climate change meetings begins in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Over the next fortnight the conference will attempt to find a successor to the Kyoto Protocol. However, it's widely accepted that a ratifiable treaty that aims to curb climate change will not emerge from the conference. [more]

Sex workers heat up climate change discussions
Delegates at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen are being offered free sex by local prostitutes. [more]

Sports news for 07 December 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

NIWA publishes climate data to silence critics
The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research has published raw data on its website after scientists were accused of making corrections to show the country was getting warmer. The data as evidence refutes these claims, NIWA's chief climate scientist David Wratt explains. [more]

Waatea news for 07 December 2009
The latest from the Waatea news team. [more]

UK doctors reopen Kelly death investigation
A group of British doctors are trying to force a coroner's inquest into the high profile death of a UN weapons inspector, saying it's implausible he killed himself. [more]

Phil Kafcaloudes with news from Australia
Phil gives us the low-down on the : By-election boost for the Australian opposition leader; cab driver punched in red light fight and; lazy pet owners who face a crackdown. [more]


The Final Whistle
Joseph Romanos, sports journalist, The Wellingtonian [more]

Clue 1 [more]

Solomon Islands Report
News and cultural insights from The Solomon Islands in Melanesia, east of Papua New Guinea [more]

Clue 2 [more]

Nine To Noon

Intensive dairying
For many Kiwis, dairying has already become a dirty word with effluent running off farms and fouling waterways plus the untaxed greenhouse gas emissions being responsible for a large proportion of this country's carbon footprint. Now a dairy farming group is proposing an intensive form of dairying that critics equate to the factory farming of our 'clean green' product. Protagonists see it as an efficient enhancement to one of this nation's most important forex earners. We hear various sides of the debate. [more]

Tim Flannery on Copenhagen and climate change
Dr Flannery, Chairman of the Copenhagen Climate Council, Adjunct Professor for Environmental and Life Sciences at Macquarie University talks to Kathryn about the realistic prospects and likely outcomes for this most important global conference at Copenhagen getting underway today. [more]

Middle East correspondent - Tarek Bazley
Tarek talks about the latest goings on including the near financial meltdown in Dubai and its ramifications. [more]

Feature guest - Meg Munn
Meg Munn, former Foreign Office Minister and Minister for Women and Equality in the UK. Prime Minister Gordon Brown sacked this former social worker, described as an arch Blairite loyalist, and this year she called publicly for him to stand down from the leadership. She's in Aotearoa New Zealand to speak at events organised by Otago and Victoria universities. [more]

Book review - Anne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife
Written by Francine Prose. Published by HarperCollins. Reviewed by Louise O'Brien. [more]

Listener feedback
Some of what you've had to say about what's been on the show today - emails and texts. [more]

Politics - Andrew Campbell and Matthew Hooten
Commentators from the left and the right slugging it out and both punching above their weight. [more]

Food and wine
Guest chef Sandra Kellian from Red Rocket Catering at Dunedin's Inch Bar tempts our Yuletide taste buds with Chicken in Garlic Sauce and an Olive Oil version of the classic Chocolate Mousse. John Hawkesby marries them with wine for your dining pleasure. [more]

Tommy Honey urbanist
Is heritage becoming a dirty word in architectural circles? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 7 December 2009
Agrarian news from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

Midday Rural News for 7 December 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Ashley Brown
Co-adjudicator of the Gisborne International Music Competition that culminated in last Saturday night's final. [more]

Stephen Rowley
Music Director of Wellingon's Bach Choir performing works by Handel and Purcell this weekend. [more]

Amanda Cole
Dunedin-based Australian mezzo soprano who recently released a cd of Portuguese songs. [more]

News stories:

Windies spinner gives them slight edge in Adelaide
The West Indies cricketers have a slight edge over Australia going into day four of the second test in Adelaide. Spin bowler Sulieman Benn picked up his first five ... [more]

India go top of cricket world rankings
India have secured top spot in the test cricket rankings for the first time after handing Sri Lanka a second successive innings defeat and wrapping up their three-match series 2-nil. ... [more]

Spain complete 5-nil whitewash in Davis Cup final
Spain have completed a 5-nil clean sweep over the Czech Republic in the Davis Cup final with straight sets wins for Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer on the final ... [more]

Australia win Champions Trophy
Australia have won a record 10th men's Champions Trophy hockey title after they fought back to beat Olympic and World champions Germany 5-3 in Sydney. Australia retained the trophy they ... [more]

Quade Cooper charged with burglary
The Australian rugby centre Quade Cooper has been charged with burglary and will appear in court this week. Police would not specifically name Cooper, but a Queensland Rugby Union spokesman ... [more]

Parliament could be involved in victim complaints
Government agencies could be forced to account to Parliament when victims of crime make complaints about their services. [more]

Productivity taskforce goals questioned
The head of the Institute of Agricultural & Horticultural Science is questioning whether the authors of a productivity taskforce report have got their priorities right when it comes to spending on research and development. [more]

Fonterra tallies cost of revised emissions trading scheme
As international climate change negotiations get underway in Copenhagen, the Fonterra dairy co-operative has been calculating what New Zealand's revised emissions trading scheme is going to cost it and how it can cut those costs. [more]

Alliance of Small Island States to strengthen Pacific presence at Copenhagen
Palau's representative to the United Nations says Pacific countries will be a significant force in negotiations at the climate change conference which begins in Copenhagen later today. Stuart Beck says... [more]

Vanuatu's PM now to face no confidence motion after almost being stripped of seat
Vanuatu's Prime Minister faces a motion of no confidence this week, just days after a court ruling overturned a decision that would have stripped him of his seat. Vanuatu's Chief... [more]

Tongan ferry hearing resumes today
A Royal Commission of Inquiry into the sinking of the Tonga ferry, the Princess Ashika, in which more than 70 people died, resumes this morning. The inquiry was adjourned last... [more]

New Zealand signs grants assisting Vanuatu with land dispute resolution and education
New Zealand has signed agreements giving Vanuatu more than 13 million US dollars to assist it with resolving land disputes and to improve its education system. The money, in the... [more]

Solomons Education Ministry considers ways to prevent high student failures at USP
The Solomon Islands Education Ministry is searching for ways to ensure money is not being wasted sponsoring students at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji. The Permanent Secretary... [more]

French Polynesian assembly member swaps sides twice in one day
A French Polynesian assembly member, Heifara Izal, has changed sides twice in a day to first end and then restore the new government's one-vote majority in the assembly. Ms Izal... [more]

3 of 600 tsunami damaged homes in Samoa rebuilt
The first three houses of the more than 600 homes damaged in Samoa by the tsunami have been rebuilt in the village of Sale'aumua in Aleipata. The three new houses... [more]

US agency to fund restoration of historic tsunami damaged cemetery in American Samoa
The US Federal Emergency Management Agency has indicated it will give nearly a hundred thousand US dollars to help restore the tsunami damaged Satala Cemetery in American Samoa. The Cemetery,... [more]

Faster AIDS tests could be on the way for the Pacific
Faster AIDS tests may be available within the next year for many Pacific countries so they will no longer have to send blood samples to overseas laboratories for confirmation. The... [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Monday's papers: discontent within Labour Party over nationhood speech by Goff; $560,000 salary for head of Transport Agency; women being urged to join the police. [more]

Te Reo in Australia seen as at risk
Maori are taking more than their job skills with them when they move across the Tasman. Many speak Te Reo, but it will be harder for them to maintain and pass on the language in Australia. [more]

Wool organisation reviews research consortium
The board of the Wool Research Organisation will be reviewing plans for a research consortium following the rejection of an application for Government funding. [more]

First gas piped ashore from Kupe
The first gas has been piped ashore from the Kupe field in Taranaki, 26 years after its discovery. [more]

No change expected in OCR
The Reserve Bank is reviewing the Official Cash Rate on Thursday: no change is expected in either the rate or the message. [more]

Trustee concerned about Allied Farmers
The trustee of some of Hanover and United Finance's bonds, Perpetual Trust, says it has concerns about the financial health of Allied Farmers. [more]

Everton draw with Spurs
Everton came from behind with 2 late goals to grab a 2-all draw with Tottenham in their English Premier League footbal fixture at Goodison Park. Spurs were cruising after goals ... [more]

Top order batsmen on notice
Peter Fulton and Tim McIntosh face an anxious wait to learn of their fate and whether they will be taking part in the third cricket test against Pakistan in Napier ... [more]

Henry says they'll continue to rotate players
The All Blacks coach Graham Henry says he'll continue to rotate players as it is the only way to give them the opportunity to perform at the highest level. Their ... [more]

Adam Scott breaks through at home
The Queensland golf star Adam Scott held off Stuart Appleby to win the Australian Open title by five shots yesterday at the New South Wales golf club, claiming his first ... [more]

More losses expected by offshore farming company
New Zealand Farming Systems Uruguay is picking further losses despite stronger global dairy prices. [more]

Swearing and sexual material contained in play for CYF children
Sexually suggestive material and swear words drew gasps from foster parents and children in the audience of a Christmas play arranged by Child Youth and Family. [more]

Maori TV claims lead role for Rugby World Cup
Maori Television is again claiming the lead broadcaster title for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. [more]

Expectations not being met - Sharples
Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples has admitted the party is not meeting its members' expectations of consultation before major policy decisions are made. [more]

UK education group against PPP schools here
A British principals union is warning of the potential pitfalls of using public private partnerships for school property. [more]

Help from public needed to find bank robbers
Police in Hamilton are seeking help from the public to find three men after a bank was robbed in the suburb of Chartwell on Saturday morning. [more]

Janka's great ski season continues
The Swiss skier Carlo Janka's magnificent season has continued, claiming his third World Cup win in as many days with victory in the giant slalom at Beaver Creek, Colorado. Janka, ... [more]

Men's hockey team draw with India
The New Zealand men's hockey team has drawn 2-all with India in their opening match at the Champions Challenge tournament in Argentina. The Black Sticks next match in the event, ... [more]

Henin wins exhibition event
Belgium's former world No.1 Justine Henin began her return to tennis after an 18-month absence with victory over Italy's Flavia Pennetta in an exhibition event in Charleroi. And the 27-year-old ... [more]

Rise in kiwi numbers due to larger survey size
A survey suggests a rise in the kiwi population in the Ruahine range near Taihape is due to a larger sample size as well and pest erradication. [more]

Wholesale trade sales stay down
Statistics New Zealand says wholesale trade sales continued to decline for a record fifth successive quarter in the three months to September. [more]

Formal bid lodged by Kraft for Cadbury
The giant US food group, Kraft Foods, has made a formal $US16.1 billion offer to Cadbury's shareholders, triggering a two-month takeover fight for the chocolate maker. Cadbury's response is due in two weeks. [more]

French Polynesia nuclear test veterans to demonstrate during French minister's visit
French Polynesia's Moruroa e Tatou nuclear test veterans organisation plans to hold a demonstration when the French defence minister, Herve Morin, visit Tahiti next week. The group is at odds... [more]

Business confidence down further in November
The New Zealand Manufacturers & Exporters Association says business confidence fell in November. Total sales fell 13%. [more]

Cav's winning mojo well and truly alive
The streaking Cleveland Cavaliers went on a 29-0 first-half run to crush the Milwaukee Bucks 101-86 for their 12th win in 14 NBA games. Delonte West had 14 of his ... [more]

Records fall as Colts and Saints win again in NFL
The Indianapolis Colts marched to a National Football League-record 21st consecutive regular-season victory while New Orleans struggled into over-time before finally keeping an unbeaten pace with the Colts at 12-0. ... [more]

GM gives higher stake to domestic partner
General Motors is giving its domestic partner in a Chinese venture an extra 1% stake in the business. [more]

Comics used in Solomons in campaign against corruption
A series of comics and posters are being published in Solomon Islands this week to encourage ordinary people to take action against street level corruption. The comics and pullout posters... [more]

Fiji's Bainimarama headed to Copenhagen
Fiji's interim Prime Minister will attend the United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen. Commodore Frank Bainimarama told Fiji Live climate change is a serious concern for Fiji. He says... [more]

One change to Blackcaps squad for third test against Pakistan
The New Zealand selectors have made just one change to the squad for the third cricket test against Pakistan in Napier, despite the Blackcaps dismal batting effort in the second test ... [more]

Ashika replacement not expected before Christmas
Hopes for an interim inter-island ferry to replace Tonga's sunken MV Princess Ashika before Christmas are fading. Negotiations with prospective donors are still going on. The Acting Secretary for Transport,... [more]

Nauru MPs back CEDAW
MPs in Nauru have thrown their support behind the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, or CEDAW. Nauru is one of just three Pacific countries yet to ratify... [more]

Deparment to prosecute over zoo keeper's death
The Department of Labour is taking court action over the fatal mauling of a keeper at the Zion Wildlife Gardens at Whangarei in May. [more]

Grafton Bridge fines total $124,000 in five days
The Automobile Association is calling for better signs on Grafton Bridge in Auckland after drivers received more than $124,000 in fines in five days. [more]

Christmas advice sent to at-risk families by police
Police in South Auckland are sending cards to families they have dealt with in the past, encouraging them to have a violence-free Christmas. The cards have a list of numbers to call if a situation gets out of hand. [more]

Pay parity with Australia goal for senior hospital doctors
Senior hospital doctors say they will make achieving pay that is competitive with Australia a focus of their pay talks with district health boards next year. [more]

Censorship classifications have no power in theatres
The Chief Censor says there are no rules of classification for live or theatre productions. Sexually suggestive material and swearing were part of the content of a performance on Friday night for foster children and their carers. [more]

Woman pleads guilty after injuring cyclists
A woman has pleaded guilty to careless driving causing injury after she drove into a pack of about 20 cyclists in Auckland, injuring four people. [more]

Far North dentist disputes effectiveness of fluoridation
A fluoridation study in the Far North has failed to deliver any meaningful results, according to a dentist in Whangarei. [more]

More jobs set to go at TVNZ
More job losses appear inevitable at Television New Zealand, as the state broadcaster fast-tracks a drive to become fully digital. [more]

Federated Farmers urge higher profit retention
Federated Farmers thinks Fonterra should retain more of its profits to help grow the business. [more]

Drilling begins in northern Taranaki basin
New Zealand Oil & Gas says it has started drilling at its Albacore permit area in the northern Taranaki basin. The well will be drilled to a depth of over 2km. [more]

Hanover co-owner faces investors
The co-owner of the struggling finance company Hanover has again faced angry investors in an attempt to get them to support a second rescue attempt. [more]

Call for Govt to direct sectors to use fast broadband
A telecommunications analyst says the Government needs to provide more financial certainty to industry players, and direct the education and health sectors to use the planned ultra fast broadband network. [more]

26 drivers under influence caught
Police in Tauranga caught 26 drunk or drugged drivers in the Western Bay of Plenty during the weekend. One was a woman who had driven 200km from Auckland with three young children. [more]

China signs on as major client for PNG gas project
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, or Sinopec, has signed a deal to buy 40 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas from the planned huge development in the Papua New Guinea... [more]

Solomons Truth Commission now to begin early next year
Investigations into the ethnic conflict in Solomon Islands now look set to start early next year following the arrival of two international commissioners. The country's Truth and Reconciliation Commission was... [more]

More awards for green-fingered prisoners
Inmates at a King Country prison have come up smelling of roses again, with their blooms taking major prizes at a second flower show. [more]

PNG Madang province tackles rise in crime
The governor of Papua New Guinea's Madang Province is blaming the unemployed and squatters for an upsurge in crime, This has prompted the provincial government to ban the sale of... [more]

Solomons' Ambassador says failure not an option at Copenhagen
The Solomon Islands ambassador to the United Nations says failure is not an option at the climate change conference in Copenhagen which begins tonight. The Solomon Times reports Ambassador Collin... [more]

Vanuatu chiefs say people disillusioned by MPs antics
The Secretary-General of Vanuatu's National Council of Chiefs, Selwyn Garu, says most ni-Vanuatu are disillusioned with the constant attempts by MPs to change government. This comes as the Prime Minister... [more]

Vanuatu Speaker to appeal decision overturning Natapei ousting
The office of Vanuatu's Speaker of Parliament says it plans to appeal the decision of the Chief Justice, Vincent Lunabek, who overturned the Speaker's earlier decision to strip the Prime... [more]

Temporary ferry replacement in Tonga not likely by Christmas
A news editor in Tonga says it's unlikely a new ferry service to the outer islands will be operational in time for the Christmas holidays. The service is to replace... [more]

Officer on trial denies beating man in police car
An officer charged with manslaughter has denied beating up a man in the back seat of a police car while he was off-duty. [more]

Tsunami researchers say world must learn to respond quickly
Researchers of the tsunami which killed 186 people in the Samoas and Tonga say the world must learn to respond more quickly to such events. Teams from the California based... [more]

Telecom fined $500,000 for breaching Fair Trade Act
Telecom has been fined $500,000 for breaches of the Fair Trading Act. [more]

Shadbolt's attempt to remove deputy fails
Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt has failed in his attempt to remove his deputy through a motion of no-confidence. [more]

Nationhood speech sparks concern within Labour Party
Labour Party leader Phil Goff has been confronted with concerns from within the party about his speech accusing the National Government of re-opening racial wounds. [more]

McKenzie Basin irrigation proposals to be challenged
Applications to take a large volume of water for irrigation in the McKenzie Basin in South Canterbury will be challenged by newly formed group, the Mackenzie Guardians, at a hearing in Christchurch this week. [more]

Impact of sea level changes examined at Nelson
As the climate change conference in Copenhagen begins, a report by the Cawthron Institute has been issued in Nelson showing how much of the region will be flooded within 100 years if sea levels rise as forecast. [more]

Bird confirms signing with Gold Coast Titans
Controversial league star Greg Bird is returning to the NRL after signing a four-year deal with Gold Coast. The Titans announced this morning that Bird had agreed to a one year ... [more]

Everton save dramatic draw at home against Spurs
Tim Cahill celebrated his 30th birthday in style by capping a great escape with a late equaliser as Everton captain in a 2-all Premier League football draw with Tottenham. Cahill's ... [more]

Silverstone saves British Grand Prix
Silverstone circuit's owners have secured the future of the British Grand Prix after agreeing a deal with Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone. The Times website said Ecclestone had agreed to ... [more]

Blacksticks coach admits New Zealand have trouble handling India
The New Zealand men's hockey coach says he's happy with his side's 2-all draw with India at the Champions Challenge in Argentina, as the Blacksticks have always struggled against teams ... [more]

Blacksticks coach has mixed reaction to draw with India
The New Zealand men's hockey coach says his sides 2-all draw with India in their opening match at the Champions Challenge was a fair result with the teams dominating one ... [more]

Blackcaps selectors resist temptation to make wholesale changes
The New Zealand selectors have made just one change to the squad for the third cricket test against Pakistan in Napier, despite the Blackcaps dismal batting effort in the second ... [more]

NZ swim team claims big medal haul at short course champs
The New Zealand swim team at the World Short Course Swimming Championships in Brazil has finished with a total of 17 medals. The haul means New Zealand were ranked the ... [more]

Large amount of 'P' ingredient intercepted from China
The seizure of several hundred kilograms of a precursor to the drug methampethamine came mostly from China, Prime Minister John Key says. [more]

Work set to start on Wellington indoor stadium
The ground has been broken for construction of an indoor sports stadium in Wellington in preparation for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. [more]

Kiribati being eyed by sport fishermen from Australia
A group of sports fishermen from Australia is due to arrive in Kiribati early next year to investigate potential new sport fishing grounds. The tourism minister, Temate Ereata, says they... [more]

Expert takes Fiji regime to task for lack of transparency
An economic governance expert from the University of the South Pacific says Fiji's interim governmemt is showing an increasing lack of transparency in its economic management. Dr Haruo Nagakawa, who... [more]

World Vision warns against evicting squatters in Papua New Guinea's Madang
The aid organisation, World Vision, says there needs to be a curb on crime in Madang Province in Papua New Guinea, following several violent attacks. In the latest incident, last... [more]

Tax on fatty food and sugary drinks urged
Health experts are calling for fatty food and sugary drinks to be taxed in the same way tobacco products are in New Zealand. [more]

Disaster official says flooding in PNG's Oro Province manageable
The provincial administration in Oro Province in Papua New Guinea has sent out four teams to assess the impact of flooding last week. Some media reports have said that thousands... [more]

Solomon Islands Treasury says state finances very tight
The Solomon Islands Ministry of Finance and Treasury says state finances will remain very tight for the rest of the year. The Ministry's Permanent Secretary, Shadrach Fanega, has issued an... [more]

Public help sought to identify elderly woman's attacker
Police in Christchurch are still hoping for information that will lead them to the man who mugged an elderly woman in the city last week. [more]

NZX to issue more shares and raise dividends
NZX is to undergo a share split in which the number of its shares will quadruple to 123 million. The sharemarket operator is also changing its dividend policy and is guaranteeing an increase for the next five years. [more]

House prices increase but not to 2007 levels
Property values are continuing to rise - but it appears the trend is largely driven by increases in the main urban areas. Prices nationally are still below the market peak of late 2007. [more]

NZ market lower at close
The New Zealand share market fell 8 points, or 0.25%, to 3138 on turnover of $66 million on Monday. [more]

Deal signed on single transport card for Auckland
An electronic public transport ticketing system could be operating in Auckland within two years, following the signing of $47 million deal. [more]

Federated Farmers reject factory farming claim
Federated Farmers is rejecting claims plans for intensive dairying in Canterbury will lead to "factory farming." [more]

Child discipline law changes working, review finds
A major review of changes to child discipline laws in New Zealand has found agencies such as police and Child, Youth and Family have responded appropriately to safety concerns. [more]

Fears for safety of missing Hamilton woman
Police hold grave fears for the safety of an elderly woman missing in Hamilton. [more]