Radio New Zealand - Tuesday, 9th February 2010

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Jim's intro - greetings
Today Jim reads a 'guest editorial' on greetings, it's by Lindsay Wright. [more]

Best song ever written
Trevor Landers joins us from Wellington. [more]

Critical Mass
Critical Mass, our weekly look at what's new in Music, Books, Live shows and entertainment in general. [more]

Michael Jackson's doctor in court
From Los Angeles, and our Hollywood reporter, Peter Bowes. [more]

He Rourou for 9 February 2010
He's the producer of a Maori language television programme but Wiremu Te Kiri wasn't always a Maori speaker. Today Wiremu talks with He Rourou producer Ana Tapiata about his English language upbringing, even though his mother was a native speaker of Maori. [more]

Tune your engine - Functional Family Therapy (FFT)
Dr Jim Alexander is an internationally renowned scientist and researcher as well as a practising psychologist in the United States, where he's considered one of the country's leading experts in mental health. Arguably his greatest contribution to his field is his development of Functional Family Therapy, the clinical model he developed for working with at-risk youth and their families. [more]

Asian Report for February 9 2010 - Gisborne Mayor
He's the only Mayor in New Zealand that speaks Maori fluently, and he speaks Chinese as well. Jason Moon talks to the Mayor of Gisbourne, Meng Foon. [more]

Environment story - native trees
We plant them in our parks and gardens, and enjoy them in the bush, but have you ever wondered just how many kinds of native trees we have here in New Zealand, and how those numbers stack up compared to the rest of the world? [more]

The panel (part 1)
With today's guests Graham Bell and Neil Miller. [more]

The panel (part 2)
With today's guests Graham Bell and Neil Miller. [more]

Business News

Morning business for 9 February 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets update for 9 February 2010
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 9 February 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 9 February 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 9 February 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Govt considering raising GST to 15 percent.
The Government has come out in favour of raising GST to 15 percent, while at the same time cutting personal income tax rates. [more]

All Paradex and Capadex capsules are being withdrawn.
Painkillers used by about 78,000 New Zealanders are being pulled from the market because it's too easy to overdose on them and they're dangerous when used with alcohol. [more]

Mother phoned murder accused the night daughter disappeared
A Whangarei court has heard that on the night that Liberty Templeman disappeared, her mother rang the teenager now standing trial for her murder. [more]

Sports news for 9 February 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

PM lays out Government's plans for the year
More now on the prospect of the Government raising GST as high as 15-percent, accompanied by across the board tax cuts, as it seeks to reform the tax system. [more]

Govt calls for mayors to underwrite Eden Park loan
The Government is calling on Auckland's mayors to support a $40,000,000 bridging loan to ensure the Eden Park upgrade is completed in time for the Rugby World Cup next year. [more]

Polwart explains reasons for his latest escape
An inmate who broke out of Auckland Prison says he did it to prove that he was not a danger to the community. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Jackson's doctor pleads not guilty to involuntary manslaughter
Michael Jackson's personal doctor, Conrad Murray, has pleaded not guilty in a Los Angeles court to a charge of involuntary manslaughter over the star's death. [more]

Christchurch considers exercising new anti boyracer powers
Fines of up to $1,000 may be slapped on drivers caught cruising in Christchurch's boyracer trouble-spots. [more]

Headmaster and gun dealer call for tougher air gun rules
An air gun shooting that left a Wellington schoolboy with a gun wound to the head is leading to calls for tougher ownership rules. [more]

Insomniacs delight
A bad night's sleep can be a source of misery - leaving us tired, lethargic and irritable. But there could be some good news from the United States. [more]

Head of the Tax Working Group talks about Key's tax plan
The Government has come out in favour of raising GST to 15 percent, while at the same time cutting personal income tax rates. [more]

Police investigate Facebook comments
High school students in Christchurch could face criminal charges after making malicious threats and derogatory comments about their principal on the website Facebook. [more]

Cancer risk expected to ease
The risk of getting cancer is expected to decline in the coming decade, bucking New Zealand's trend of the past 50 years. [more]

Possible link between soft drink consumption and cancer
A team of international researchers claims to have found a link between soft drinks and pancreatic cancer. [more]

Hawkes Bay murder trial update
A prosecution witness has told the High Court in Napier that a man killed in Central Hawke's Bay was wound up and angry the night he was fatally stabbed outside a hotel. [more]

Washington DC under huge drifts of snow
Washington DC remains mainly closed for business after heavy snowfalls brought the American capital to a standstill. [more]

Sports news for 9 February 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Boy drowns while under watch of Auckland disabilities carer
The police and Ministry of Health are investigating the death of a boy who drowned while under the care of a trust which specialises in looking after the disabled. [more]

Global recall of 2010 Prius over braking problem
Toyota is recalling its 2010 Prius hybrid vehicle over a problem with its brakes. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Michael Jackson's doctor pleads not guilty
The doctor for the late singer Michael Jackson has today pleaded not guilty in Los Angeles to charges of involuntary manslaughter over the popstar's death. [more]

Another Irish Republican paramilitary group lays down its arms
The British prime minister Gordon Brown says the laying down of arms by another Irish Republican paramilitary group is a defining moment in the Northern Ireland peace process. [more]

Rudd weighs in on drinking age debate in Australia
The Australian prime minister has weighed in on the question of whether the alcohol drinking age of 18 should be raised to 21. [more]

Impoverished Gaza zoo is up for sale
A zoo in Gaza - which painted two donkeys to replace zebras that died during last year's Israeli offensive, has been put up for sale. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 9 February 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 9 February 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top stories for Tuesday 9 February 2010
Auckland ratepayers asked for $40 million for Eden Park, Tax cuts to be signalled in PM's speech, Scepticism over new land tax, ACC confirms use of speed drones, Scientists gloomy about profession, Debate around lifting wholesale funding guarantee for banks, Maori MP attacks name suppression for prominent man. [more]

Pacific news for 9 February 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea news for 9 February 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Tax Changes expected to be announced today
John Key is promising to finally lift the lid on the Government's plans for tax reform when he delivers the Prime Minister's speech to Parliament this afternoon. [more]

ACC wages hi-tech war on radar detectors
ACC has admitted its been providing an electronic gadget to local councils, free of charge, that mimics police speed cameras and confuses motorists that are using radar detectors. [more]

New British military operation in Afghanistan
The head of the British army, says a major offensive which is due to begin in Afghanistan in the next few days, will play a key part in deciding how long British forces will be in the country. [more]

Auckland ratepayers asked for $40 million for Eden Park
Auckland ratepayers are being asked to stump up with 40 million dollars to underwrite the redevelopment of Eden park. [more]

Tax cuts to be signalled in PM's speech
John Key is expected to signal cuts to top personal tax rates when he delivers his Prime Ministerial statement to Parliament this afternoon. [more]

Scepticism over new land tax
Industry sector groups are warning the proposed tax changes may do more harm to the economy before their benefits show through. [more]

ACC affirms use of speed drones
ACC has admitted its been providing an electronic gadget to local councils, free of charge, that tricks drivers using radar detectors into thinking police are near by. [more]

Scientists gloomy about profession
A new survey shows scientists are overwhelmingly gloomy about the state of their profession. [more]

Debate around lifting wholesale funding guarantee for banks
There's debate over whether the government should end its wholesale funding guarantee for the country's five biggest banks. [more]

Maori MP attacks name suppression for prominent man
The Maori Party has criticised the permanent name suppression granted to a prominent Manawatu man found guilty of possessing child pornography. [more]

Sports news for 9 February 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Christchurch plans to get get tough on cruising boyracers
The Christchurch City Council is planning a tough bylaw as it ramps up its campaign against boy racers. [more]

Pressure on Government to act on knife crime
Tougher penalities for possession of a knife may be the result of an urgent review being caried out for the Government. [more]

Weather stymies America's Cup racing
As you've heard in sports this morning, weather has frustrated the start of racing in the 33rd America's Cup off Valencia. [more]

Councillor says ratepayers won't tolerate bailing out Eden Park
An Auckland City councillor says ratepayers won't tolerate having to bail out the redevelopment of Eden Park. [more]

Chairman of the Eden Park Redevelopment Board responds
The chairman of the Eden Park Redevelopment Board, John Waller joins me now. [more]

Business and social leaders call for clear economic plan
Business and social leaders are demanding the Prime Minister present a clear cohesive package for economic growth during his annual statement to Parliament. [more]

Government told to do more to protect MacKenzie Basin
Groups opposed to taking water to irrigate farms in the MacKenzie Basin say the Government has the ability to stop a threat to the region's environment, but is simply choosing not to do so. [more]

Sports news for 9 February 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Princess Ashika hearing continues
A witness has told the Royal Commmission investigating the sinking of the Tongan Ferry Princess Ashika he was astounded it was signed off as seaworthy by Tonga's acting Marine Director. [more]

Test shows up poor road rules knowledge
Just how good is your knowledge of the road rules... [more]

Waatea news for 9 February 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Last chance for councils to have their say on super city
Auckland's councils are making a last ditch attempt to limit the power new unelected agencies will wield in the super city. [more]

Michael Jackson's doctor charged
Los Angeles prosecutors on Monday charged Michael Jackson's personal doctor with involuntary manslaughter in the singer's death last year. [more]

Room with a view on the whole wide world
Everybody likes a room with a view, whether its of an ocean, mountain or thriving metropolis. [more]

Auckland dance institution up for sale
The 1958 Peter Cape song"Down the Hall on Saturday night"immortalising Auckland's Orange Hall - a famous dancing venue during the big band and jazz dance eras of the 1940s and 1950s. [more]


Tasmanian Devil facial tumour update
With the Tasmanian Devils, status being updated from vulnerable to endangered, will the fatal condition which has been deforming and decimating the population of this carnivorous marsupial be bought under control. [more]

Sport - Australia
Analysis of the state of play from recent recreational activities. [more]

Clue 3. [more]

Clue 4. [more]

Nine To Noon

New tax proposals
With Bob Buckle - Dean of Commerce at Victoria University, and head of the government's Tax Working Group. [more]

Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman are the authors of"NurtureShock: New thinking about children", a book that has caused a stir by arguing that many strategies for nurturing children are backfiring because key twists in the science have been overlooked. [more]

The truth behind cliches - what do they really mean? John Croucher has written a book called The Secret Language which examines the double-speak behind everyday expressions in the realms of real estate, motor vehicles, relationships, law, the corporate world, retail and medicine. [more]

USA correspondent - Luiza Savage
Barack Obama makes his state of the union address. [more]

Feature guest - Anton Oliver
Life after Rugby. [more]

Book Review - Reluctant Hero
Written by Michael Dobbs, reviewed by Harry Broad. Published by Simon and Schuster. [more]

Business - Fran O'Sullivan
Fran looks at how business will judge John Key's speech to parliament, and news from our biggest company, Fonterra. [more]

Pop Culture - Karen Sternheimer
Karen is a sociologist/author/commentator from the University of Southern California who has studied the link between popular culture and social problems. [more]

Media - Denis Welch
Denis gives his opinion on the hype surrounding the Avatar film and how the media buy into it. [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Statement to Parliament - Hon. John key
John Key's opening speech for the year. [more]

Response to John Key's Statement to Parliament by Phil Goff
Phil Goff replies to John Key's address to Parliament. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 9 February 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 9 February 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Antony Ernst
The outgoing Manager of Artistic Planning with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. [more]

Jim Langabeer and John Bell from the Auckland jazz band that's performing in the Auckland Domain this Valentines Day. [more]

Zelda Edwards
Producer of this year's Wellington Fringe Festival which opens this Friday. [more]

News stories:

Forest and Bird 'misinformed' on high-country issues
Some farmers are claiming that the environmental group Forest and Bird is misinformed on high-country issues. [more]

Waitangi flag decision defended
The head of the Waitangi National Trust is standing by a decision of the board not to fly the tino rangatiratanga flag on the Treaty grounds on Waitangi Day. [more]

Margin down at NZ Refining
The NZ Refining Company says it is operated at near full capacity in November and December, but margins were at a five year low of $1.18 per barrel. [more]

Directors sought for animal tracing company
The organisation behind a national animal electronic tagging scheme is calling for applications for directors of a new company that will be set up to manage the project. [more]

Meat industry negotiations on promotion still going
Meat & Wool New Zealand is still negotiating with processors and exporters about getting them to contribute more to meat promotion. [more]

No racing in America's Cup
The much-awaited 33rd America's Cup failed to deliver with a lack of wind forcing organisers postponing the first race between defending Swiss champions Alinghi and US side Oracle. The race ... [more]

New Zealand happy with 2nd ODI win
The New Zealand cricket captain Daniel Vettori says he's happy with their effort apart from their death bowling in taking out the second one-day international against Bangladesh in Dunedin. The BlackCaps ... [more]

Steyn wrecks Indian batsmen
Dale Steyn picked up career-best figures of 7 for 51 to put South Africa on top after 3 days of the opening test against India in Nagpur. The right-arm quick polished ... [more]

New Orleans celebrating Super Bowl win
The US city of New Orleans is celebrating the Saints' historic Super Bowl victory, bringing joy to a city that still has plenty of misery from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina ... [more]

Central Coast beat Newcastle
The Wellington Phoenix push for a top four finish in football's A-League has been helped a bit by Central Coast beating Newcastle 3-nil last night. A win for Newcastle would have ... [more]

Cricket ratings plummet in Oz
TV ratings for Australian cricket have taken a huge hit recently and usually full stands have been empty over the summer as the game suffers something of a "disconnect" with the ... [more]

Pakistan coach dropped for England Twenty20s
Pakistan cricket is in further turmoil following last month's humiliating humiliating test and one-day series whitewash in Australia last month. Their coach Intikhab Alam has been stood down for two Twenty20 ... [more]

Safina pulls out of Dubai event
World women's tennis number two Dinara Safina has pulled out of next week's Dubai tennis championships because of continuing problems with a back injury. The Russian has been bothered by ... [more]

Waka regatta to mark Treaty event
The waka taua Ngatokimatawhorua will be the star of a regatta on the Hokianga harbour on Wednesday to commemorate the signing the Treaty of Waitangi by Hokianga chiefs. [more]

Kirin - Suntory merger called-off
Japanese brewing and food groups Kirin and Suntory have called off merger negotiations. A deal would have created one of the world's biggest food groups. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Tuesday's headlines: Old police radar gear tricks speeding driver; $1000 fine included in boy racer bylaw in Christchurch; $750,000 operating loss reported by Otago Rugby Union. [more]

Marac shares down over irregular loan
Shares in Pyne Gould Corporation have fallen more than 4% after the company admitted it will have to write off $2.5 milllion, due to an unauthorised business loan made by a Marac employee. [more]

Improvement reported by retailer
JB Hi-Fi says its New Zealand sales are showing signs of improvement and it expects to open another three or four stores here this year. [more]

Changes to V8 Supercar series
The Australian V8 Supercars round in Perth has been scrapped by the sport's governing body, with officials labelling the circuit "third world". The organisers have reinstated the City of Ipswich ... [more]

Rush leaving Cardiff Blues
The former Blues captain Xavier Rush is leaving his Welsh club Cardiff and will join Ulster. Rush joined the Cardiff Blues in 2005 and led the side for 2 years and ... [more]

First AmCup race abandoned
The first race of the 33rd America's Cup between Swiss holders Alinghi and U.S. challengers BMW Oracle was abandoned because of unreliable wind, further delaying a bitterly fought event. The race ... [more]

Australian star dropped for mens World Cup
The Australian mens hockey selectors have overlooked one of their great players for the World Cup, starting late this month in New Delhi. A shocked and dismayed Brent Livermore, who's four ... [more]

Tropical cyclone Pat moves away from Northern Cook Islands and heads South
The Cook Islands police say tropical cyclone Pat is no longer a threat to the Northern Cook Islands. Police inspector John Strickland says the cyclone is now moving away from... [more]

US markets fluctuate
Stocks in the United States have fluctuated as recommendations by analysts lifted Google, Amazon and Home Depot and a weaker US dollar boosted commodities. European markets were up. [more]

More Maori midwives wanted
Getting more Maori midwives is seen as a priority for a new push to encourage Maori into health careers. [more]

Caution urged over early end to bank guarantee
A banking expert at KPMG says the Government should be wary about withdrawing its wholesale funding guarantee facility for banks too early, despite evidence that global credit markets are returning to normal. [more]

Scientists gloomy about profession
Scientists are overwhelmingly gloomy about the state of their profession, especially the system of research project funding. [more]

Another award nomination for Whale Watch
Whale Watch Kaikoura is in line for another international award at a global travel and tourism summit in Beijing in May. [more]

Scholarship fund set up to honour late councillor
Bay of Plenty Regional Council has set up a $20,000 fund for a scholarship to honour former Maori ward councillor Hawea Vercoe. [more]

Attempt to limit powers of super-city agencies
Councils in Auckland are making a last bid to limit the power that new un-elected agencies will have in the new super-city. [more]

Not guilty plea by blogger
An Auckland blogger has pleaded not guilty to five charges of breaching name suppression orders, the first prosecution of its kind. [more]

Movie ship to be scuttled
Weather conditions are favourable for the scuttling of an relic from the 2005 Peter Jackson film King Kong on Tuesday in Cook Strait. The ship has been moored at Miramar wharf for the past five years. [more]

Expert working group to tackle fertiliser trial results
The Fertiliser Quality Council is aiming to making life less confusing for farmers when it comes to deciding which fertiliser to buy. An expert working group is to draft a protocol for outlining fertiliser trial results. [more]

Irrigation opponents urge Govt to refuse applications
Opponents of irrigation plans in the MacKenzie Basin region want the Government to use its powers under the Crown Pastoral Lease Act to refuse applications for water rights. [more]

Radar detectors neutralised
ACC, the police, councils and the Transport Agency are deploying devices to counter radar detectors used by speeding motorists. They set off car radar detectors, with a false alarm. [more]

$100 million bond offer mooted by The Warehouse
The Warehouse is considering raising up to $100 million in five year bonds, to help repay debt and fund potential acquisitions. More information will be issued on 12 March. [more]

Pacific ILO meeting underway in Vanuatu
The head of the International Labour Organisation's Pacific arm says there's general agreement among government ministers, employers and workers in Vanuatu at the body's biggest regional meeting on a plan... [more]

Fiji's interim govt considers appointing overseas candidate to chair Forum
The interim government in Fiji is considering appointing a candidate from overseas to chair its Political Dialogue Forum. The forum was designed to bring political parties together to discuss a... [more]

Fiji's Taunovo Bay Resort agrees to pay workers
The management of Taunovo Bay Resort in Fiji has signed an agreement with the Labour Ministry to pay workers money owed since late last year. About 60 workers walked off... [more]

Cyclist now identified
Police have now identified a cyclist seriously injured in Whanganui in a collision with a car at around 11.25pm on Monday. [more]

Institution of Engineers PNG enters into an agreement with Engineers Australia
The competency levels of Papua New Guinean engineers will become internationally accredited following an announcement by the Institution of Engineers PNG last week. The Post Courier newspaper reports the institution... [more]

Rugby honours Fred Allen's 90th
Fred Allen, the only unbeaten All Blacks coach, is marking his 90th birthday with a civic reception hosted by the Mayor of Auckland. [more]

Cancer risk expected to ease
The Ministry of Health expects a smaller proportion of the population to get cancer in the coming decade. [more]

Fiji farmers union calling on FSC to consider plight of sugar cane farmers
The Fiji farmers union, Kisan Sangh is calling on the Fiji Sugar Corporation to consider the plight of sugar cane farmers and their need for union representation. The Fiji Times... [more]

Boy hit by airgun pellet at school sports day
Two Wellington College pupils have been referred to Youth Aid after another student was shot in the temple with an air pistol. [more]

Construction works for PNG LNG project move at a snail's pace a problem
Construction works for the Papua New Guinea LNG project are moving at a snail's pace a problem with alcohol and drugs takes its toll. According to the Post Courier newspaper... [more]

Witness tells inquiry in Tonga he was astounded Ashika ferry was allowed to sail
A witness yesterday told the Royal Commission investigating the sinking of the Tongan Ferry Princess Ashika, he was astounded it was signed off as seaworthy by Tonga's acting Marine Director. [more]

Public transport fares tipped to rise
Some public transport fares in Wellington could rise by up to 50% in September. Bus passengers will be hit the most. [more]

Tokelau leader still waiting for better shipping link
Tokelau's outgoing Ulu, Foua Toloa, says the issue of an improved shipping service may move forward at the end of this month. At the General Fono in just over a... [more]

Kiwi fruit processing company to invest $8.5 million in new plant
EastPack plans to invest another $8.5 million in new plant and automated equipment this year in post harvest, kiwi fruit processing. [more]

Tower looking to buy
Tower has more than $100 million to spend on acquisitions. Chairman Tony Gibbs says the listed insurer is actively looking. [more]

Business owners still cautious - ASB survey
The latest quarterly survey by ASB Bank has found business owners are still cautious about the economic recovery, with more than half saying they will not sell their business in the next five years as a result. [more]

Dairy herds rise as sheep numbers fall
Latest agricultural statistics have confirmed the extent to which dairy cattle numbers have increased at the expense of the sheep population as more properties are converted to dairy farming. [more]

Pain medicines to be withdrawn
The Ministry of Health says all Paradex tablets and Capadex capsules will be withdrawn from the market because the risks outweigh the possible benefits. [more]

Charges possible over malicious comments on Facebook - police
Police say charges could be laid against students in Christchurch who have written malicious comments about their principal on a page of the social networking website Facebook. [more]

PNG police chief reveals his nephew is among jailbreakers
Papua New Guinea's police chief, Gari Baki, has made a personal plea for his nephew, Greg Wava, to surrender after he escaped from jail with a gang of the country's... [more]

Swimmer halfway across Cook Strait
Mike Bodger, 60, of Whakatane is halfway towards his goal of becoming the oldest person to swim Cook Strait. [more]

Vanuatu police blitz nets fines from ruling class
Police in Vanuatu have fined Cabinet Ministers, MPs and some of the government's political advisors up to 20 US dollars for driving without licences. Last week, police carried out an... [more]

Prison term extended for escaper
A man who escaped from Auckland Prison at Paremoremo on 16 December, has been sentenced to a further nine months in prison. [more]

Airport bomb joker charged
An Australian passenger was arrested after telling Aviation Security staff at Hamilton airport there was a bomb in his bag. He faces charges under the Aviation Act. [more]

MPs briefed on PM's speech
Prime Minister John Key has briefed National Party MPs and provided opposition MPs with details of his speech to Parliament, which he will deliver shortly after 2pm on Tuesday. [more]

Passenger accused of egging on driver
Police have charged a passenger they claim encouraged a driver to behave recklessly during a pursuit through the Waikato. [more]

Fiji Vatakoula strike taken to international organisations
The case of more than 300 mine workers in Fiji who have been striking over poor conditions and human rights issues for almost two decades has been taken to two... [more]

Benefit concert to help French Polynesia's Oli victims
A benefit concert is be held in Tahiti at the end of next week for those who suffered from Cyclone Oli which hit French Polynesia's Austral islands last week. The... [more]

Youth groups meet in Vanuatu ahead of UN talks
Eight youth delegates from across the Pacific and eight young ni-Vanuatu have come together ahead of the conference on the Human Face of the Global Economic Crisis in Port Vila,... [more]

Police may have killer's cap
Police investigating the killing of an Auckland taxi driver have revealed they have found a dark cap that may belong to the killer. A bloody blue bag has already been found. [more]

Eden Park funding push hits snags
The Eden Park Redevelopment Board says it is aggressively seeking sponsorship to fill a $40 million shortfall for redeveloping the Rugby World Cup venue. [more]

PIANGO retains regional backing amid funding woes
The body representing non-government organisations in the Pacific says it has won renewed backing from its 22 member nations. The Pacific Islands Association of NGOs, PIANGO, met in Suva last... [more]

Despite recession, Tokelau population remains stable
Tokelau's Ulu, Foua Toloa, says the population numbers are remaining stable on the three atolls despite the economic recession. At the General Fono in just over a week, Mr Toloa... [more]

Court in Samoa orders arrest of New Zealand-based Samoan lawyer
A District Court judge in Samoa, Tauiliili Harry Schuster, has ordered the arrest of New Zealand-based Samoan lawyer, Leuluaialii Olinda Woodroffe, for failing to appear on charges of uttering insulting... [more]

Steep rise for capital's public transport fares
Some public transport fares in Wellington could be set to rise by up to 50%. [more]

Southern Cooks warned as Cyclone Pat nears
People in the southern Cook Islands are being warned to brace for Cyclone Pat which is now gusting up to 90 knots, or nearly 170 kilometres an hour. At about... [more]

PNG police clash with warriors near LNG site
Heavily armed police in Papua New Guinea have clashed with hundreds of villagers near a proposed site for the multi-billion dollar LNG project. Preparations for the project in the Southern... [more]

Mining likely on Crown land
The Government looks set to go ahead with plans to open up some Crown-owned land to prospecting and mining. [more]

Maori Party urges appeal of name suppression in porn case
The Maori Party has criticised the name suppression and sentence for a Manawatu man who downloaded more than 300,000 pornographic images, many involving children. [more]

Watchdog blames hospital inaction for man's death
The health watchdog says staff at a south Auckland community hospital failed to realise that an elderly patient was deteriorating until it was too late. [more]

American Samoa village mayor to receive leadership award
A village mayor from American Samoa is to receive an award for his leadership during the tsunami that struck the territory in September. Aveao Faausu Fonoti, who is the mayor... [more]

Key foreshadows GST rise, tax cuts
The Government is considering raising the tax on goods and services to 15%, while at the same time cutting personal income tax rates. [more]

Surgeons' lawyers defend tax stance
A lawyer for two Christchurch surgeons, who the Inland Revenue Department alleges structured their finances to avoid paying tax, says the pair did nothing wrong. [more]

Christchurch boyracer predicts riots over cruising bylaw
A Christchurch boyracer is predicting riots in response to the city council's plans to introduce a bylaw banning street cruising. [more]

All Whites squad for world cup warm up against Mexico named
The All Whites football coach Ricky Herbert has named striker Rory Fallon in the side to play Mexico in a world cup warm match in Los Angeles next month, despite Fallon ... [more]

Penney earns second player of the week award in the space of three weeks
The Breakers shooting guard Kirk Penney has won his second Australian National Basketball League player of the week award in the space of three weeks. Penney's latest award was for his ... [more]

Siddle out of international cricket for up to five months
The Australian pace bowler Peter Siddle will be out of international cricket for up to five months with a back injury. Siddle says a strenuous workload isn't responsible for the back ... [more]

Lynx spotted at Olympic sliding centre
Winter Olympics officials have spent the past few days having to deal with protesters and a lack of snow, and now a wild animal has been spotted on the loose at ... [more]

Rugby honours Fred Allen's 90th
The only unbeaten All Black coach, Fred Allen, is marking his 90th birthday today with a civic reception hosted by the Mayor of Auckland and attended by many rugby personalities. Allen's ... [more]

Super Bowl breaks US TV audience record
The 44th NFL Super Bowl marked a first, and not just for the victorious New Orleans Saints; the match broadcast took in over 106 million viewers, an all-time United States television ... [more]

taylor happy doing his job in BlackCaps lineup
The New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor says he doesn't feel under any extra pressure this summer as he continues to be the backbone of Black Caps batting lineup. Taylor hit five ... [more]

A good decision says AmCup navigator
Both syndicates were more than happy to abandon racing on the first day of the 33rd America's Cup. Unreliable winds off Valencia forced a postponement until tomorrow night of the much-anticipated ... [more]

Prison workers protest over privatisation
About 100 prison workers have protested outside Parliament against a proposal to privatise prisons. [more]

Slain teen's parents tell of frantic search
The parents of slain Kerikeri schoolgirl Liberty Templeman have told a Whangarei court of their frantic efforts to find their daughter on the night she was killed. [more]

Taxes will be lower for all, promises Key
Prime Minister John Key has promised to cut all personal income tax rates, not just the top rates, as part of the reform of the tax system. [more]

Principals warn of dangers in students' remarks
Young people need to be taught about the dangers of making inappropriate remarks on a public forum, says the Secondary Principals' Association. [more]

Dean new head of Medical Council
The dean of Otago University's Dunedin School of Medicine, John Adams, is the new head of the Medical Council. [more]

Pair get bravery medals for life-saving actions
Two South Island men have been awarded bravery medals by the Royal Humane Society for their actions in saving the lives of others. [more]

ExxonMobil suspends work in several areas of PNG LNG project
The ExxonMobil-led Liquified Natural Gas Project in Papua New Guinea has confirmed is has temporarily suspended construction activity in several areas in Southern Highlands Province. In a statement, ExxonMobil says... [more]

Southern Cooks prepares for Cyclone Pat
People in the southern Cook Islands are making preparations to their homes and businesses to brace for Cyclone Pat. Late this afternoon the cyclone was still about 600 kilometres from... [more]

Legal advisor claims Fiji mine workers have legitimate case
A legal advisor to the Fiji Mine Workers Union says it's shocking that the concerns of more than 300 miners have not been addressed after almost two decades on strike. [more]

New Fiji crime decree geared to suit regime, says NGO
The media in Fiji are to get training on the new Crimes Decree which came into effect at the beginning of this month. A former High Court Judge, Nazhat Shameem,... [more]

Lancaster to make second bid for American Samoa seat in DC
Fualaau Rosie Tago Lancaster is making a second bid to become American Samoa's delegate to the United States Congress. She has announced her intention to campaign for the congressional seat... [more]

Growing concern over presence of the mongoose in Samoa
There's growing concern in Samoa among farmers for their crops after a number of mongoose sightings in the Aleipata district. The area's coastline was badly damaged by the tsunami last... [more]

Pacific can improve biosecurity considerably, says scientist
Leaders on the eradication of invasive species say the Pacific has the potential to improve bio-diversity through the prevention, detection and possible eradication of invasive species. Invasive species are a... [more]

Australia makes donation to Vanuatu National Bank
Australia has donated 300 thousand US dollars to Vanuatu's National Bank to allow it improve services around the country. The money was handed over to bank by the Australian Parliamentary... [more]

Haier sees top end market for goods by FPA
Haier is to sell top-end whiteware goods by Fisher & Paykel Appliances in China. [more]

Crepe-makers looking to home market and Canada
The only maker of crepes in New Zealand, Van Dyck Fine Foods, which is based in New Plymouth, is looking at new opportunities in Canada and closer to home. [more]

Macquarie Group expects rise in profit
Macquarie Group is picking profits may rise by a tenth in the second half of the year as markets recover from the global financial crisis. [more]

Book store warned about misleading promotion
The Commerce Commission has issed a warning to the Borders bookstore chain about misleading fine print in a pre-Christmas voucher deal. [more]

More pest control work urged in rural areas
Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei wants the Government to fund pest control initiatives in rural areas where Maori unemployment is high. [more]

Victim was angry before attack, court told
A prosecution witness has told the High Court in Napier that a Hawke's Bay agricultural contractor was angry the night he was fatally stabbed. [more]

Study to look into brain injury prevalence
A study into people suffering from a traumatic brain injury aims to find out why Maori and Pacific Islanders are most affected. [more]

NZ market down slightly
The NZX 50 index was down 17 points, or 0.5%, to 3076 on Tuesday. [more]

Swimmer gives up Cook Strait attempt
A 60-year-old Whakatane man has failed in his attempt to become the oldest man to swim Cook Strait. [more]

Coastal iwi unwilling to compromise over title
Some coastal iwi say they are unwilling to compromise over title to the foreshore and seabed as debate on the issue intensifies. [more]

Pollution closes beach, stream
A beach in Wellington and a stream near Dunedin have been closed by pollutants and authorities are warning people to stay out and keep their animals out of the water. [more]

Toyota to fix Prius braking fault
Toyota New Zealand has offered to correct the braking systems of last year's model of the Prius hybrid vehicle. [more]