Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 25th February 2010

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The best song ever written
Chris Starling talks to us from Kobe, Japan, and he's chosen 'Emmenez-moi' by Charles Aznavour. [more]

Your Place
Today's locale is Bull's Creek, in coastal Otago. It features spectacular surf, rock pools for the kids to explore, picnic spots and peaceful valley walks through forests of southern Rata. This settlement is so exclusive you'd be hard pressed to find it on a map, yet it's a favourite holiday destination for a number of people throughout Otago, and is fast becoming popular with day trippers and campervan tourists. [more]

Doctor Internet
Its more popular than ever to purchase medicines over the internet, but the buyers had better beware. That's the message from two University of Otago acedemics following a study of drugs intercepted at the border by Medsafe. [more]

He Rourou for 25 February 2010
Maori language tutor Mahaki Albert decided to leave the schoolroom so he could better support children in total immersion Maori language education. Ana Tapiata talks with the Ngai Tuhoe teacher about his decision to target parents instead of children. [more]

Feature album
Today's album is 'The Resistance' by Muse. [more]

Arts report
With Lynn Freeman. She looks at the changes foreshadowed for Creative New Zealand. [more]

Resurfacing History - Part 3
In Part 2 curator of the South Otago Museum, Gary Ross took us through the Port Molyneux Cemetery. The final of Resurfacing History looks at the Port Molyneux Hall, part of the original wharf building. [more]

Environment story
Scientists at the Bioprotection Research Centre are excited about a group of soil fungi that have the ability to protect a wide range of crops from disease. Alison Ballance joins Alison Stewart for a look at a field trial at Lincoln University, to see how well the beneficial fungi works, and to hear about finding the right soil fungi for each particular crop. [more]

The Panel (part 1)
With David Slack and Neil Miller. [more]

The Panel (part 2)
With David Slack and Neil Miller. [more]

Business News

Morning business for 25 February 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets update for 25 February 2010
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 25 February 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business for 25 February 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business for 25 February 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Phil Heatley resigns both ministerial portfolios
Two bottles of wine have cost the National Party MP Phil Heatley his job in Cabinet. [more]

Political analysis
Our political editor Brent Edwards comments on the Phil Heatley situation. [more]

Massive Dunedin fire still burning
A massive forest fire burning near the city of Dunedin has now doubled in size. [more]

Crown seeks to overturn murder acquittal
The Crown has been putting its case to the Supreme Court seeking to have the acquittal of a Christchurch man charged with the rape and murder of his niece overturned. [more]

Australia issues formal warning to Israel
The Australian government has issued a warning to Israel over forged passports and their links to last month's assassination in Dubai. [more]

Sports news for 25 February 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Disappointment over Heatley's resignation
Whangarei electorate and civic leaders have reacted with surprise and disappointment to the news that the local MP, Phil Heatley, has stepped down from his cabinet posts. [more]

Poll shows 49 percent of voters want to keep MMP
An opinion poll has found that nearly half of New Zealanders want to keep the MMP electoral system. [more]

Toyota president apologises for car defects
The president of Toyota formally apologised today for deadly vehicle defects that have driven the world's top carmaker into crisis, vowing to rebuild customers' shattered faith in the company. [more]

Waatea news for 25 February 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Business confidence peaks
Confidence among businesses has reached its highest level in more than a decade. [more]

Govt says power prices seem to be flattening out
The government says electricity prices are not getting out of control and there's evidence of prices flattening out. [more]

Whale trainer killed by orca
A trainer at a SeaWorld park in Florida has been killed by an orca, after apparently slipping and falling into the animal's tank. [more]

Heatley's shock resignation
Two bottles of wine have cost the National Party MP Phil Heatley his job in Cabinet. [more]

Ngati Whatua: Committing to advisory board not a 'backdown'
Ngati Whatua is reluctantly joining the Maori Advisory Board of the new Auckland Council but says it's not backing down from its fight for Maori seats. [more]

Argentina takes Falklands oil dispute to the UN
Argentina has taken its anger over the UK starting to drill for oil around the Falklands, which are known as the Malvinas in Argentina, to the United Nations. [more]

Castro expresses regret at dissidents death
The Cuban president Raoul Castro has publicly expressed regret over the death of a leading dissident following a lengthy hunger strike. [more]

Three Google executives convicted in Italy
Three executives from Google have been convicted by an Italian court for allowing a bullying video to be posted on their internet site. The video showed a group of teenagers abusing a boy with autism. [more]

India and Pakistan prepare for high level talks
India says three of its soldiers have been killed in clashes with militants in Indian-administered Kashmir. [more]

Tension in Turkey as the president meets armed forces head
A Turkish court's charged seven top military officers with plotting to overthrow the government. [more]

Former Cypriot TV anchor on trial for murder
A Cypriot TV host has pleaded not guilty to plotting the murder of her boss, in a case which has gripped the east Mediterranean island. [more]

Sports news for 25 February 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Australian govt summons Israeli ambassador over fake passports
The Australian government has summoned the Israeli ambassador to explain how three people travelling with Australian documents were named as suspects in the killing of a senior Palestinian Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai last month. [more]

Draft Bill 'significant and onerous burden' on students
Workers with student loans will now be charged more if they default on their repayments. [more]

Toyota chief faces U.S.congressional hearing
In Washington Toyota's chief has appeared for the first time at a congressional hearing which could help determine the car company's future in the United States. [more]

Waatea news for 25 February 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Nigeria's president returns home after 3 month absence
Nigeria's ailing President Umaru Yar Adua has returned home after a three month absence but there was no grand official reception, no cheering crowds, because most Nigerians didn't even know he was back. [more]

Oil slick spreads beyond Australian waters
The oil leak from an Australian well head platform in the Timor Sea late last year appears to have spread into Indonesian waters. [more]

British PM apologises to thousands of child migrants
The British Prime Minister has apologised for the lost childhoods of 130,000 child migrants sent to the former colonies up until the 1960s. [more]

Army dog receives military medal for valour
A British army dog that worked with soldiers on the front line in Afghanistan has been awarded a military medal for valour. [more]

Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm

Mongol Derby
Its a long way from Taranaki to the steppes of Mongolia, and its a long way across the steppes of Mongolia when you're on the back of a horse. But that's where Neeta Burnside will be journeying to later this year when she takes up her place in the world's longest horse race, the Mongol Derby. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 25 February 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 25 February 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Thursday 25 February 2010
Electricity prices rising, outstripping inflation, Opposition energy spokesman responds, Telecom to discuss contracts case by case, UK prime minister apologises to child migrants, Work needed to ready Auckland for population growth, Arrest in Tonga ship inquiry, Large fire continues to burn near Dunedin, TVNZ chief says profit plunge will spark cost-cutting. [more]

XT problems don't breach contract
Consumer New Zealand is welcoming Telecom's decision to wave fees for the worst affected XT customers who want to break their contracts early and switch to another provider. [more]

Google found guilty in case of bullying video
In Italy, three Google executives have been convicted and sentenced to six-month suspended jail terms for allowing a video to be posted on a Google website showing a boy with Down's syndrome being bullied. [more]

Pacific news for 25 February 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea news for 25 February 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Southern mayors reject predicted population decline
South Island mayors are questioning the accuracy of new Statistics New Zealand data which is forecasting a decline in their populations. [more]

Otago fire continues to burn
Ten helicopters with monsoon buckets and a plane dropping fire retardant chemicals will this morning resume the battle against a large fire northwest of Dunedin. [more]

Electricity prices rising, outstripping inflation
Three of the big retailers are increasing their prices while the fourth is putting a decision off until October. [more]

Opposition energy spokesman responds
The opposition's energy spokesperson Charles Chauvel is a former deputy chairman of Meridian Energy. [more]

Telecom to discuss contracts case by case
Telecom says customers who have experienced a series of problems with the XT network may be allowed to break their contracts. [more]

UK prime minister apologises to child migrants
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has apologised to thousands of child migrants who were sent to former colonies including New Zealand, on the promise they would find good and loving homes. [more]

Work needed to ready Auckland for population growth
New figures show Auckland's population will hit two million by 2031. [more]

Arrest in Tonga ship inquiry
The captain of the Princess Ashika has been arrested over the ship's sinking. [more]

Large fire continues to burn near Dunedin
10 helicopters have this morning resumed the battle against a massive forest fire in Otago. [more]

TVNZ chief says profit plunge will spark cost-cutting
Further cost-cutting is expected at Television New Zealand after the broadcaster yesterday revealed a sharp fall in half year profit and said an overall loss was likely this year. [more]

Sports news for 25 February 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Legal first in Gwaze murder case
A legal first will take place in the Supreme Court today, with the hearing of an appeal by the Crown in a case where a man was found not guilty of murder. [more]

Parliament passes contentious changes to ACC rules
After a full day sitting under urgency, contentious ACC changes passed through their final stages in Parliament last night. [more]

A further 15 suspects named over Hamas assassination
A further 15 suspects have been named in the investigation into the assassination of a Hamas commander in a Dubai hotel including three traveling on Australian passports. [more]

Child Mirgrants welcome Gordon Brown's apology
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has apologised for the country's misguided Child Migrant Programme. [more]

2degrees wants mobile termination rates regulated
New cellphone provider 2degrees is using recent failures with Telecom's XT network as a chance to pressure the government for more regulation. [more]

500,000 extra predicted for Auckland by 2031
Auckland's population is projected to top 2 million people in just over 20 years, sparking debate on whether the city can cope with the growth. [more]

Labour says goverment bypassing due process
Labour says the government is stomping on due process by using urgency to pass its ACC legislation and canceling question time for the week. [more]

Vonn participation in slalom in doubt
The Winter Olympics are moving into overdrive with ice hockey and women's figure skating grabbing the overnight headlines as well as questions about Lindsay Vonn and a possible injury that could see her pull out of the slalom. [more]

Sports news for 25 February 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Dairy owner murder trial nears conclusion
The defence lawyers for the men accused of murdering a South Auckland dairy owner will continue their closing addresses today. [more]

Throngs of classic cars makes Taranaki petrolhead heaven
The deep thrum of vintage V8s are sounding across Taranaki as hundreds of American classic cars turn the region into petrolhead heaven. [more]

Waatea news for 25 February 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

The president of Toyota apologises
The president of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, has been speaking at the U.S. Congress in the last few minutes. [more]

Police extend search for missing Nelson man to Sounds
The search for missing Nelson teenager Leo Lipp-Neighbours is being extended to the Marlborough Sounds. [more]

Tui returns to main island of Chathams
Chatham Islanders turned out in force last week to welcome home one of their favourite residents - the tui. [more]


Faster forests
How do you assess forest changes to show that in some places they are growing faster now than two centuries ago. [more]

World weather
A day doesn't go by without some weather. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Clue 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Water management problems in Canterbury
With Ashburton Mayor - Bede O'Malley. Forest and amp; Bird's South Island Conservation Manager - Chris Todd. Environment and Climate Change Minister - Nick Smith. [more]

Electric car charging stations
Evan Thornley - CEO of A Better Place Australia is planning a network of electric car charging stations from 2012. [more]

UK correspondent - Matthew Parris
A new book about Gordon Brown. [more]

Feature guest - Jackie Collins
Jackie Collins is one of the world's top-selling novelists. The British-born author says her glittering tales of sex, Hollywood power politics and crime are actually tamer than reality and many of her characters are based on real people. [more]

Book Review - The Wife's Tale
Written by Lori Lansens, reviewed by Kate Blackhurst and published by Virago. [more]

Housing minister resigns
Phil Heatley, the minister for housing and fisheries, has resigned over use of ministerial credit card. [more]

New Technology - Colin Jackson
Colin gives his take on the problems with Telecom's XT network, and also steam cars. [more]

Parenting - Nigel Latta
Psychologist and parenting expert Nigel discusses sibling fights. [more]

TV Review - Simon Wilson
Reviews the Beyond the Darklands Doco on killer, Mark Lundy. [more]

New Music - Sean McKenna
Little Bushman with The NZSO and Johnny Cash. [more]

Our Changing World

Beneficial Soil Fungi
Bioprotection Research Centre scientists are looking at a group of soil fungi with the ability to protect crops from disease [more]

Anne Tomlinson is using her garage to study the ecology of millipedes and their role in recycling nutrients on the forest floor [more]

Earthquakes and Geothermal Energy
Peter Malin plays the sound of an earthquake to a group of visiting scientists and outlines research into geothermal energy [more]

Stroke and Anti-platelet Antibodies
Maggie Kalev-Zylinska is analysing blood to determine if the immune system could lead to a novel therapy for stroke [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question time for 25 February 2010
1. PESETA SAM LOTU-IIGA to the Minister of Finance: Why is the Government intent on rebalancing the economy, and what benefits will that bring? 2. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: What reports, if any, has she received on programmes she has put in place since she became Minister? 3. SUE KEDGLEY to the Minister of Broadcasting: Has he told Radio New Zealand that its funding will be frozen for a number of years; if so, how many? 4. Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by all his recent statements? 5. Dr CAM CALDER to the Minister of Corrections: What steps are being taken to reduce the risk of assaults on prison staff? 6. Hon RUTH DYSON to the Minister of Health: Can he guarantee New Zealanders will not have reduced access to health services this year? 7. TODD McCLAY to the Minister of Defence: What progress has been made with Project Protector? 8. Hon TREVOR MALLARD to the Minister of Education: Does she understand the asTTle reporting system and the process leading to it? 9. KANWALJIT SINGH BAKSHI to the Minister of Internal Affairs: What reports has he received on the rollout of new passports? 10. MOANA MACKEY to the Minister of Housing: What is he doing to address the housing issues raised in the Salvation Army's recent "State of the Nation" report? 11. MELISSA LEE to the Minister for Economic Development: What support will the Government provide for the 2011 International Paralympic Committee Athletics World Championships? 12. CHARLES CHAUVEL to the Minister of Energy and Resources: What actions, if any, is he taking to reduce power prices? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 25 February 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 25 February 2010
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Guy Perricone
The new Executive Director of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, who's visiting New Zealand from Britain. [more]

Craig Utting
Contributing composer and type-setter of Sunrise Music Trust's new collection of New Zealand piano pieces 'Take Flight'. [more]

News stories:

Work needed for Auckland to be ready for more people - ARC
Auckland is predicted to become home to almost 40% of the population and the Auckland Regional Council says a lot more work is needed to get it ready for the growth. [more]

Profit forecast raised by Fonterra
Fonterra has increased it's full year profit forecast by five cents per share, and says more revisions are possible. [more]

Wool exporter reports loss
The country's biggest wool exporter, Wool Services International, has reported a loss for the first half of its financial year, but is optimistic that this will turn around in the second half. [more]

Smaller grape harvest expected
New Zealand Winegrowers is forecasting a slightly smaller grape harvest this year: between 265,000 - 285,000 tonnes. The 2010 harvest has just started in northern regions. [more]

More reo Maori being used in English
An expert in New Zealand English says the language is picking up more reo Maori. [more]

Greens against youth rates of pay
Greens co-leader Metiria Turei says a huge rise in young Maori without jobs is caused by the recession rather than lack of youth rates of pay. A private bill to bring back youth rates was drawn from the ballot on Tuesday. [more]

Waste company profit down
Transpacific Industries says operating conditions have been mixed in the last six months. Operating profit for the Australasian waste company was down 65% in the six months to December. [more]

Tendulkar scores historic one day double century
The amazing Sachin Tendulkar has made more history as the first batsman to score a double century in a one day cricket international. 36 year old Tendulkar was left 200 not ... [more]

New Zealand women's golf open starts today
The best of Europe, Australia and New Zealand women's golf are in action today at the New Zealand Women's Open at the new Pegasus course north of Christchurch. The open has ... [more]

Marshall set to sign long term deal with Tigers
Wests Tigers Kiwi superstar Benji Marshall is believed to be on the verge of signing a long-term deal with the NRL club, putting an end to doubts over his ... [more]

Slovakian ice hockey player stable after hit
The Slovakian ice hockey player Lubos Bartecko is in a stable condition in hospital after copping an elbow to the head during a qualification game at the Vancouver Winter ... [more]

Springboks nominated for Laureus Team of the Year
World rugby champions South Africa have been short-listed for the World Team of the Year at the Laureus Sports Awards. The Springboks were named International Rugby Board Team of the Year ... [more]

Crocs force deciding NBL semi-final
The Townsville Crocodiles have forced a deciding game three in the Australian National Basketball League semi-final series after thrashing Wollongong 82-53. The Hawks had comfortably taken out game one at home ... [more]

Deans backs Super Rugby refs
Wallabies coach Robbie Deans says referees have got the interpretation of rugby's contentious breakdown area very close to perfection in the early rounds of the Super 14 tournament and he hopes ... [more]

Skjellerup in action today
Short-track speed skater Blake Skjellerup is the only New Zealander in action at the Vancouver Winter Olympics today, competing in the men's 500 metres this afternoon [2.45pm] . It is ... [more]

Moko exhibition at Waikato Museum
An East Coast ta moko expert says the wider public is keen to learn more about the ancient Maori artform at an exhibition at Waikato Museum, which includes artists working there. [more]

Boy suspended after assault during test
Whangarei Boys High School has suspended a pupil after a classmate's skull was fractured in an unprovoked attack during a test in the school hall on Wednesday. [more]

Stocks jump on low US rates
Stocks in the United States jumped more than 1% in early trading on Wednesday after Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress that interest rates will remain at record lows for an extended period. [more]

No place for gambling machines in Maori communities - lawyer
A Maori lawyer says Maori should think about ways to get rid of gambling machines from their communities. [more]

Festival to screen documentary almost entirely in Maori
The director of the Documentary Edge Festival says viewers might be challenged by a documentary which is almost entirely in Maori. However, it has English subtitles. [more]

Fiji's interim PM - removing sanctions will see re-appointment of high commissioners
The interim Prime Minister of Fiji says unless New Zealand and Australia remove sanctions, there will be no re-appointment of high commissioners for at least two years. Commodore Frank Bainimarama... [more]

Govt defends urgency
The Government says its latest urgency session in Parliament is required because it needs to get work done as speedily as possible. [more]

300,000 PNG Nasfund superannuation members savings increase
More than 300,000 working Papua New Guineans, members of superannuation fund, Nasfund, will see their savings increase by 15 per cent from today. Nasfund joint chief executive officer, Ian Tarutia,... [more]

Clearing debris from lagoons after last year's tsunami is only halfway says official
A marine coordinator at Conservation International Pacific says officials are only halfway to clearing debris and rubbish from lagoons caused by last year's tsunami. Sue Taei, who is based in... [more]

DHB finances improved overall in January
Parliament has been told that district health boards are managing their finances better than in the past, but there is still a significant risk of deficits in the sector. [more]

Further loss by A2 Corp
Listed milk company A2 Corporation made a $717,000 loss in the six months to December. Revenue fell 40% to $249,000. [more]

West Papuan rights lawyer calls for peaceful dialogue with Jakarta
A prominent West Papuan human rights lawyer is using a speaking tour of Australia to promote the need for a peaceful solution to problems in Indonesia's troubled Papua region. Yan... [more]

Police wait for cliff pair to recover
Police in Auckland say they will not get a full picture of how two men fell from Lion Rock at Piha until they recover and can recall what happened. [more]

Small profit by PGG Wrightson
PGG Wrightson has made a small half-year profit, but will not pay a dividend. And the board of the listed rural services company is being reduced from 11 to 10 members. [more]

Profit boost at Origin Energy
Origin Energy has boosted its underlying profit for the first half to $A355 million, driven by lower financing costs and less debt. [more]

Lend Lease trading halted
Shares in the Australian property developer Lend Lease have been halted, ahead of an announcement on plans to raise more capital. [more]

AMP - ANZ link reported to be under consideration
AMP and ANZ bank are reported to be looking at a $A4 billion tie-up. [more]

Samoa MP calls for lashing of sex offenders
A Samoan MP Muagututagata Peter Ah Him has called for sex offenders to be given two to three lashes for every month of their jail sentence. Muagututagata, who is also... [more]

Rural bonding scheme to be extended
A voluntary bonding scheme for health graduates who agree to work in areas that are hard to staff and specialise has been extended. South Canterbury will now be included [more]

Identity of woman now known
Police in Hamilton now know the name of a woman whose identity was unknown for five days. Her body was found in a stream in Edgecumbe Park. [more]

Protection sought for vineyard falcons
A Marlborough vineyard owner is encouraging land holders in the region to insulate their power transformers to protect a native falcon that some grape growers are now using to help with pest control. [more]

Puppy extracted from teapot
The Fire Service in Gisborne rescued a puppy who got his head stuck in a teapot on Thursday morning. [more]

Stoke beat Man City in FA Cup replay
Stoke scored 2 goals in extra time to beat Manchester City 3-1 in an English football FA Cup fifth-round replay to reach the quarterfinals. While Tottenham and Aston Villa made ... [more]

Inter beat Chelsea
Football manager Jose Mourinho got one over his former employers as Inter Milan beat Chelsea 2-1 in the first leg of their Champions League last 16 clash at the San ... [more]

Godfrey feels back to his best ahead of track meet
New Zealand track cyclist Hayden Godfrey feels like he's back to his best ahead of this weekend's meeting in Australia, following a training accident last month. The 2008 Omnium world champion ... [more]

Lowe stoked to be starting for Hurricanes
There are 3 changes to the Hurricanes pack for Saturday night's Super 14 rugby clash with the South African side the Lions in Wellington. Lock Jason Eaton is back after being ... [more]

Slovenian skier claims crash wasn't her fault
Slovenian skier Petra Majdic has rejected suggestions by the International Ski Federation (FIS) that she's responsible for her training accident before the women's Olympic 1.4 kilometre sprint at Whistler. During a ... [more]

New Zealand women beat Italy
The New Zealand women's football team have started their Cyprus Cup campaign with an unlikely win in Nicosia, after upsetting the world number 11 side Italy 1-nil. A goal from forward ... [more]

Olympic events to go ahead as planned
Winter Olympic officials say they're winning their race against the weather and are set to finish the scheduled events on time. Poor weather forced the postponement of several Alpine ski events ... [more]

Portsmouth told Premier League won't bail them out
Hong Kong businessman Balram Chainrai is in talks with four different groups about a takeover of English footbal club Portsmouth, but he admits it is unlikely a deal will be ... [more]

Vonn out of Giant Slalom
Double Olympic medallist Lindsey Vonn of the United States has crashed out of the women's giant slalom at the Vancouver winter games. Vonn, who has won downhill gold and super-G ... [more]

100 days to World Cup, South Africa still wooing fans
Landmark new stadiums and gleaming modern airports are already redefining South Africa's cities, but 100 days before the World Cup the nation is still sprucing up its image to woo international ... [more]

Tendulkar dedicates historic double ton to fans
India's master batsman Sachin Tendulkar has dedicated his historic 200 not out to his cricket-crazy nation after becoming the first batsman to score a double century in one-day internationals. ... [more]

Plunket Shield resumes today
Plunket Shield domestic cricket action resumes today with leaders Northern Districts looking to exact revenge on Canterbury in Rangiora. The Knights are six points clear of the second-placed Wizards, but lost ... [more]

Aussie opener set to pursue batting both ways
The Australian limited overs batting sensation David Warner is determined to challenge the umpires by batting both left and right-handed in the limited overs cricket series against the Black ... [more]

NZ mum on latest Fiji bid to get travel sanctions lifted
The New Zealand foreign minister, Murray McCully, has declined to comment on the latest call by the Fiji regime to lift sanctions on coupmakers. Fiji's interim prime minister, Commodore Frank... [more]

Reeves hopes for Fiji's return to Commonwealth amid Suva threat of severing link
The Commonwealth's special representative of the Secretary General to Fiji, Sir Paul Reeves, says he hopes Fiji can be supported to take its place again as a full member of... [more]

Tonga cyclone damage worse than first assessed
The number of houses known to have been destroyed or damaged in last week's cyclone in Tonga continues to grow, with more than 450 affected in the island group of... [more]

Goodman Fielder grows its profit
Australasian food group Goodman Fielder has grown its profit by a quarter by cutting costs and adding new brands. The company made a profit of $A90 million in the six months to December. [more]

US House recognition raises expectations of native Hawaiians
The Akaka bill, otherwise known as the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganisation Act, has been passed by the U.S. House of Representatives for a third time in over a decade. The... [more]

PNA countries meet in Palau
Leaders from the countries which are the Parties to the Nauru Agreement are meeting in Palau to discuss how to increase their returns from tuna fishing. The PNA countries include... [more]

11 now charged over attack on off-duty police officer
A further two teenagers have been charged in relation to an attack at Tuakau that left an off-duty police officer with serious injuries. Eleven teenagers are now charged over the incident. [more]

Solomons premier hails Gizo hospital development
The Premier of Western Province in Solomon Islands says the building of a new hospital in Gizo is a big development for the country's health system. Some of the old... [more]

Tonga's Karalus places Ashika onus on officials
Tonga's former Transport Minister, Paul Karalus, has told the Commission of Inquiry into the sinking of the Princess Ashika that it was the responsibility of his officials to stop it... [more]

BSP row in PNG will see banker stand trial
An Australian banker in Papua New Guinea, John Maddison, has escaped conspiracy charges but will be tried for misappropriation in a feud with PNG businessman and former politician Peter Yama. [more]

Protest against freezing of RNZ funding
About a hundred people gathered outside Parliament on Thursday to protest against last week's revelation that government funding to the public broadcaster would be frozen. [more]

Half-year profit down at Pacific Brands
Pacific Brands, which owns Fairydown and Bonds, says its after-tax profit fell by nearly 40% to $35.5 million in the six months to December. [more]

$600,000 half year loss by vineyard
Oyster Bay Marlborough Vineyards lost $600,000 in the six months to the end of December. Overall revenues for the period were up 3% to $3.9 million. [more]

Status quo to remain on filing for private companies
The Government has confirmed that large private companies will not be asked to file their financial statements with the Registrar of Companies. [more]

TVNZ eyes local content as profit drops
Television New Zealand is looking at local content levels as profits continue to drop. [more]

Low US rates to remain - Bernanke
The head of the US Federal Reserve has said interest rates will remain at record lows "for an extended period". Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress there was a "nascent economic recovery". [more]

Agreement reached on extra costs of A400M
European governments have reached an agreement on sharing extra costs for the A400M military transport plane. The plane was due to go into service last year, but will not now do so until 2012 at the earliest. [more]

Student loan repayments bill passed
A bill that will increase student loan repayments for those who have missed or failed to make payments has passed its final reading in Parliament. [more]

No miscarriage of justice, say Gwaze lawyers
Lawyers for a Christchurch man acquitted of raping and murdering his niece have told the Supreme Court that the verdict was safe and that no miscarriage of justice occurred. [more]

Minister could be reinstated, depending on inquiry
The Prime Minister says he's prepared to reinstate Phil Heatley as a minister, depending on the outcome of an independent inquiry by the Auditor-General into Mr Heatley's accounts. [more]

Amid federal rules, American Samoa governor concerned over status
The American Samoan governor, Togiola Tulafono, has expressed his concern over the way Washington deals with its territories. Testifying at a Congressional committee in Washington, Togiola said the U.S. government... [more]

Solomons releases vessels, admits error over detention
Two foreign fishing boats detained for alleged illegal fishing in Solomon Islands waters have been released. The Solomon Star newspaper says the vessels' agents came forward with documents showing the... [more]

New Zealand backs post-tsunami tourism revival in Samoa
The New Zealand High Commissioner to Samoa says small tourist fales and budget accommodation businesses may get grants once operators present a budget. This is part of an initiative known... [more]

Steel company to increase prices
Pacific Steel Group is increasing the prices of some of its products by between 7% and 9% in line with international steel prices. Costs are compounded by a weaker New Zealand dollar. [more]

Tonga accused of slow response to Cyclone Rene devastation
The Tongan Advisory Council in New Zealand says the authorities in Tonga have taken too long to respond to last week's cyclone, which is now known to have destroyed or... [more]

Thousand of squatters still need relocation from PNG's Porgera mine, says Enga Governor
The Governor of Enga province has again called for help from Papua New Guinea's government and operators of the Porgera gold mine to relocate thousands of squatters living illegally within... [more]

American Samoa bill offers partial voting rights to foreigners
An American Samoan representative has sponsored a amendment to the constitution to allow foreigners who have been granted permanent resident status to vote in local elections. Galumalemana Bill Satele says... [more]

Business confidence highest in a decade
Confidence among business firms is at its highest level in a decade. [more]

Half of NZers favour keeping MMP - opinion poll
Just under half of New Zealanders want the MMP electoral system retained, according to a UMR Research opinion poll. Forty-two percent want to switch to another electoral system. [more]

Attack dog owner's home detention cancelled
The Auckland District Court has cancelled a sentence handed down to the owner of a dog that mauled a 12-year-old boy. [more]

Lawyers plead for clients in Navtej Singh case
The lawyer a man accused of murder says his client did not know what was going to happen the night a Manurewa liquor store owner was killed. [more]

Power prices flattening out if anything - Brownlee
The Government says that electricity prices aren't getting out of control and that in fact there's evidence of prices flattening out. [more]

Market up as companies announce profits
The benchmark NZX 50 closed up 21 points, or 0.7%, at 3152 on Thursday turnover of $82 million. [more]

Norwegian golfer leads NZ Women's Open
The Norwegian golfer Marianne Skarpnord has a two stroke lead after the first round at the New Zealand Women's Open on the new Pegasus course north of Christchurch. After equalling the ... [more]

Manu Vatuvei back for Warriors-Manly match
The Warriors winger Manu Vatuvei will have his first NRL trial of the year when he lines up against Manly at North Harbour Stadium on Saturday. Vatuvei missed the club's opening ... [more]

Lelia Masaga returns to Chiefs
Winger Lelia Masaga returns to Super 14 rugby this weekend when he joins the Chiefs in their round three match against the Western Force in Perth. The 23-year-old will start on ... [more]

Murphy keen to make up for lost time in Bahrain
It's taken Greg Murphy a week longer to get behind the wheel of his Holden in the V8 Supercar championship and the veteran New Zealander is itching to get back on ... [more]

Canada rout Russians, to move to semi-finals
Canada has punched its ticket to the semi-finals of the Olympic men's ice hockey tournament by rolling over Russia 7-3 in Vancouver. Any thoughts the hotly anticipated game would be a ... [more]

Vettori and Clarke praise Tendulkar for first one day double century
The New Zealand and Australian captains, Dan Vettori and Michael Clarke, have paid tribute to the latest cricketing milestone achieved by Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar. Tendulkar, who's 36, scored the first ... [more]

Vettori plays down tension between New Zealand and Australia
The New Zealand cricket captain, Dan Vetttori, is playing down any tension between fast bowler Shane Bond and the touring Australian side, ahead of tomorrow's opening Twenty-20 match in Wellington. Bond ... [more]

Skjellerup misses out on quarter-final spot
The New Zealand short track speed skater Blake Skjellerup has failed to qualify for the Olympic quarter-finals in the men's 500 metre event after finishing last in his heat. It was ... [more]

Amrerican cyclist retains lead in wiomen's tour of NX
The American cyclist Shelly Evans has retained the lead after the second stage of the women's Tour of New Zealand. Evans won a bunch sprint in Palmerston North following a 114 ... [more]

Iran's first Olympic skier happy with performance
Iran's first women's Olympic skier Marjan Kalhor has made her debut in the giant slalom and says she's happy with her performance, despite finishing last. Kalhor completed the course 21.75 seconds ... [more]

Blues relegate All Black prop
The All Black prop Tony Woodcock has been relegated to the reserves for the Blues' Super 14 rugby match with the Queensland Reds in Brisbane on Saturday night. Charlie Famuina comes ... [more]

Hurricanes not commenting on Hammett as new head coach
The Hurricanes chief executive Greg Peters says an announcement on who'll take over as head coach of the Super 14 rugby side is imminent. The Dominion Post has reported that Crusaders ... [more]

European football clubs financially unstable
Players' wages are still rising in European football with some clubs spending more than their entire revenue on them, a UEFA report says. UEFA president Michel Platini says many clubs operating ... [more]

U.S into ice hockey semi after tough match
The United States men's ice hockey team overcame a strong goaltending effort to become the first country to reach the Olympic semi-finals with a hard-fought 2-0 win over Switzerland. The scores ... [more]

Tigers confirm Marshall re-signing
Wests Tigers have confirmed the re-signing of the Kiwis captain Benji Marshall until the end of the 2015 National Rugby League season. The star five-eighth signed on his 25th birthday and ... [more]

Canterbury cricketers well placed at Rangiora
The Canterbury cricketers will start the second day of their Plunket Shield match with Northern Districts at Rangiora on 340 for four. Rob Nicol top-scored for the hosts with 134 and ... [more]

Norwegian golfer leads NZ Women's Open
The Norwegian golfer Marianne Skarpnord has a two stroke lead after the first round at the New Zealand Women's Open on the new Pegasus course north of Christchurch. After equalling the ... [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Thursday's headlines: TVNZ shows face the axe; two in critical condition after fall from Lion's Rock at Piha; man who boasted he was living on the dole to campaign on social issues told to report for an immediate work test. [more]

Signage review after river drowning
The Canterbury Regional Council says it will review signage at the old Waimakariri River bridge, where a 15-year-old boy drowned on Tuesday afternoon. [more]

End of the road for the Hummer
General Motors is phasing out its once-popular Hummer brand. Hummer sales have fallen more than 80% since their peak in 2007. [more]

Search on for top Maori dairy farmer
The chief judge of the Ahuwhenua dairy farming awards says Maori tend to take greater care of the environment than other farmers. [more]

Properties help Metlifecare into profit
Retirement village company Metlifecare has reported a half-year profit, largely driven by a revaluation of its investment properties. [more]

Port in profit despite drop in tonnage
The Port of Tauranga has reported a record profit of $23.1 million for the half year despite a drop in tonnage through the port. Revenue was down by 9%. [more]

Record half year profit for Nuplex
Resins maker Nuplex has reported a record profit for the half year: $34.6 million for the six months to December, compared to $6 million in the same period a year ago. The company will pay a dividend of 10 cents per share. [more]

Maiden speech by new Green MP
Parliament's youngest MP has delivered his maiden speech, saying he wants to focus on issues of climate change, youth and the environment. [more]

Ngapuhi claim hearings put off again
The start of hearings on Ngapuhi's historical claims has been put off again. [more]

Reluctance to invest in new phone company understandable - PM
Prime Minister John Key says he can understand why Maori groups were reluctant to invest more money in the new mobile phone company, 2Degrees. [more]

First steps taken on ACC - Govt
The Government says the passing of contentious changes to ACC legislation is the first stage in getting the state-funded insurance agency back into shape. [more]

Fire still burning underground after two weeks
A fire in peatlands north of Kaitaia is still burning below ground, two weeks after it started. [more]

Ngati Whatua to join Maori board in new super-city
Ngati Whatua says it will reluctantly join the Maori Advisory Board of the new Auckland Council, despite saying such boards are lightweight with no value. [more]

More effort needed to solve root causes of conflict in Pacific - UNDP expert
A conflict resolution expert, Tracy Vienings, says Pacific countries have to put more effort into overcoming issues of marginalisation and inequality. She says these are often at the root of... [more]

More accounts of lavish spending heard at Tonga ferry disaster inquiry
There have been more revelations of extravagant spending by the people running Tonga Government agencies, as the inquiry into the sinking of the Princess Ashika continues. "The Ashika inquiry yesterday... [more]

'Shattered' transtasman rower pressing on
The New Zealand transtasman rower Shaun Quincey says he's mentally shattered by this week's ordeal in bad weather, but is more determined than ever to get home. [more]

MPs' expenses drop towards end of year
The total amount of money spent by MPs on their expenses during the final three months of last year fell from just over $2 million for the previous three months to just under $1.8 million. [more]