Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 4th March 2010

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Christchurch Story for 4 March 2010 - Tattoo Expo
Tattooing is an ancient art, indelible marking of the skin has been used to signify status or rank within some cultures, to display connection to spiritual or cultural beliefs and value systems, or in recent times to celebrate women and sailing. [more]

The best song ever written - Nature
For Roger Gower the best song ever written is Nature by The Fourmyula. [more]

Your place - Mangaweka
Mangaweka lies 15 minutes south of Taihape and around 20 minutes north of Hunterville in the middle of the Rangatikei district. [more]

Castlepoint Races
The Castlepoint beach races date back to 1872 - but have been called off in the last 3 years due to lack of sand. [more]

Shearing champ
13 year old Masterton schoolboy, David Gordon has become the youngest champion in Golden Shears history. David set the famous event alight last night in his hometown, winning the novice event with crowd and commentators screaming around him. [more]

He Rourou for 4 March 2010
The revitalisation of language will always be a never ending challenge, that's the opinion of Ruakere Hond, the man who has spearheaded the revitalisation of the Maori language of Taranaki for the past 25 years. [more]

Feature album - American VI: Ain't No Grave
Today's feature album is Johnny Cash - American VI: Ain't No Grave. [more]

Arts report
Lynn Freeman meets English artist Anthony McCall, and the three Kiwi tenors launch out on a nationwide tour. [more]

Environment story
Waipara's wine makers are finding that it's easy to encourage 'good insects' in the vineyard. The Greening Waipara Project - bringing ecology and wine making togetherat about a quarter to four. [more]

The Panel ( part 1)
Today's guests are Peter Elliot and John Bishop. [more]

The panel ( part 2)
Today's guests are Peter Elliot and John Bishop. [more]

Business News

Morning business for 4 March 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Midday Business News for 4 March 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business for 4 March 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business for 4 March 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Man found guilty of murdering liquor store owner
The 22 year old man who shot and killed a South Auckland liquor store owner has been found guilty of murder. [more]

Singh family disappointed by killing verdict
Daljit Singh is a spokesperson for the Navtej Singh's wife and family. [more]

Hutt Valley DHB moving off XT network
On call emergency staff at the Hutt Valley District Health Board are being transferred from Telecom's failing XT mobile network with the hospital saying its lack of reliability is a threat to patient safety. [more]

Scientists forced to fight for funding
They track the country's earthquakes and its criminals, have given the world golden kiwifruit and stab-proof wool vests, but a new report suggests competition may be killing New Zealand's Crown Research Institutes. [more]

CYF confirm child not known to them before her death
Child, Youth and Family has revealed that the parents of a baby girl who died from head injuries already had two children taken into care. [more]

Sports news for 4 March 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Canterbury Regional Council makes it pitch for survival
The beleagured Canterbury Regional Council has made its survival pitch to the government saying it's prepared to accept a commissioner to help allocate and manage the region's hotly contested water resource. [more]

Sentencing of Fiji men likely tomorrow
Fiji's High Court is continuing to hear submissions about eight men convicted of plotting to kill Fiji's interim Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama. [more]

Name suggestions for new motorway
An Auckland community board has facetiously recommended that a roadway, being built for the Rugby World Cup, be named after either an anti-apartheid activist or a South African President - or be given the Maori word meaning crazy. [more]

Waatea news for 4 March 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Labour criticises science report
The Labour Party says a government-commissioned report into science should have come up with ways to turn public research into commercial ideas. [more]

All Whites face 'baptism of fire' against Mexico
It's called a"friendly"match, but New Zealand's national football team is feeling the heat as it faces Mexico in a world cup warm-up match in California. [more]

Motorway chase officer acted bravely, inquest told
The police officer, who headed the homicide investigation into the death of a teenager mistakenly killed in a high-speed police chase, says the constable who fired the deadly shot did not see the teenager. [more]

Heavy opposition to Sounds tracking device bylaw
Plans for a one point seven million dollar a year scheme to improve marine safety in the Marlborough Sounds are being vigorously opposed by commercial operators. [more]

Aftershocks in Chile ignite more panic
A strong aftershock has ignited panic in Chile four days after Saturday's major earthquake. [more]

6.4 magnitude quake shakes Taiwan
A powerful earthquake has struck southern Taiwan, causing panic among residents as buildings shook violently. [more]

Science sector welcomes taskforce report
Regenerating human limbs, powering cars with seaweed and creating stab-resistant wooly vests are some of the projects the country's scientists around the country will now have more chances to pursue. [more]

Embattled Canterbury regional council offers compromise
The beleagured Canterbury Regional Council has made its survival pitch to the government saying it's prepared to accept a commissioner to help allocate and manage the region's hotly contested water resource. [more]

More flooding in Queensland
Water levels are again rising in Charleville, threatning the southern Queensland town with another flood. [more]

Campaign to stop bill calling for voluntary student membership
Advocacy groups fear a bill to scrap compulsory student membership at universities will gut student services at tertiary institutions around the country. [more]

Child"directed"jets at JFK Airport
An investigation's underway in the United States after a boy was taped giving jetline pilots instructions from the control tower of New York's busy JFK airport. [more]

Sports news for 4 March 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Don Brash to lead troubled investment company
The former National party leader Don Brash has taken over as boss of Huljich Wealth Management which looks after the kiwi saver accounts for tens of thousands of New Zealanders. [more]

Pires relieved at not guilty verdict
Timorese born Australian woman Angelita Pires has been acquitted of trying to assassinate East Timor's president and prime minister. [more]

Soldier sues Hurt Locker filmmakers
A US Army sergeant has sued the makers of The Hurt Locker just days before the Academy Awards, claiming the central character in the film is based on him. [more]

Waatea news for 4 March 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Three quarters of New Zealanders don't have a disaster plan
Disaster planning doesn't appear to be a priority for most households, with new figures showing that three quarters of New Zealanders don't have a plan if disaster strikes. [more]

Austerity measures provoke social unrest in Greece
In a bid to secure the support of the European Union, the Greek government has announced more austerity measures to deal with its crippling deficit. [more]

Spanish police arrest alleged ringleaders of Mariposa Botnet
Spanish police have arrested three people they say are ringleaders of the so-called Mariposa Botnet, a cyber web which stole credit card and online banking information from more than 12 and a half million personal computers. [more]

Mudslides in Uganda sweep away villages
The Red Cross in Uganda has launched an appeal for emergency shelters for the survivors of a series of disastrous mudslides. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 4 March 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 4 March 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Thursday 4 March 2010
Outspoken ACT MP floats idea of voluntary sterilization, Chile quake damages Fonterra's business, Live Aid money was diverted to pay for guns, Maori Television comments on free to air decision, Rugby World Cup chief executive comments on broadcasting, Police defend handling of possible Madeline McCann sighting, Last over win for Black Caps against Australia. [more]

Pacific news for 4 March 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea news for 4 March 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

ACT MP suggests voluntary sterilisation for violent parents
The MP is a member of the law and order select committee and the party's spokesperson on Justice and Corrections. [more]

McDonalds-Weight Watchers combo criticised
McDonalds' launch of three Weight Watchers-approved meals is being roundly criticised by healthy food advocates, who say mixed messages are being sent to the public. [more]

Outspoken ACT MP floats idea of voluntary sterilisation
The outspoken ACT MP, David Garrett, has suggested offering thousands of dollars to abusive parents who volunteer to be sterilised. [more]

Chile quake damages Fonterra's business
Chile's quake has hit Fonterra's business and its staff. [more]

Live Aid money was diverted to pay for guns
Millions of people around the world rallied to the plight of starving Ethiopians in the 1980s. [more]

Maori Television comments on free to air decision
Maori Television is putting on a brave face after the free to air broadcast rights for Rugby World Cup 2011 were awarded to a consortium formed between Maori Television, Television New Zealand and TV3. [more]

Rugby World Cup CEO comments on broadcasting
The chief executive of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Martin Snedden, joins us now. [more]

Police defend handling of possible Madeline McCann sighting
The Police in Dunedin are defending their investigation of a possible sighting of missing British toddler, Madeline McCann. [more]

Last over win for Black Caps against Australia
The five-match Chappell-Hadlee one-day cricket series got off to the best possible start for New Zealand in Napier last night. [more]

Sports news for 4 March 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Wave of violence as Iraq prepares to vote
Thirty three people have been killed and dozens injured in a series of suicide blasts in Iraq, just days before the country's parliamentary elections. [more]

Road safety rules could have kids under 10 in booster seats
Children up to the age of 10 will be sitting in car booster seats in cars by the year 2020, under plans to bring New Zealand's child restraint laws into line with other countries. [more]

Ambulance officers warn of workload crisis
Ambulance officers say a crisis is looming in the sector, with many paramedics struggling to overcome tiredness caused by excessive workloads. [more]

Child advocacy group says sterilisation idea has some merit
The ACT MP David Garrett is suggesting that parents who abuse their children should be offered thousands of dollars to be voluntary sterilised. [more]

Former children's commissioner says plan is 'foolish'
Doctor Ian Hassell, a pediatrician and the country's first Children's Commissioner has been listening to that and joins us now. [more]

TV channels share spoils at Rugby World Cup
You'll be hard-pressed not to watch a game of rugby come 2011, with the signing of a broadcasting deal for the World Cup. [more]

Driving educators say 120 hours of learner practice crucial
Restricted licence tests are set to get tougher under the Government's proposed ten-year road safety strategy announced yesterday. [more]

Guilty verdicts in Fjii assasination trial
Eight men charged with plotting to kill Fiji's interim military leader, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, have been found guilty by the high court in Suva. [more]

Markets update for 4 March 2010
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Sports news for 4 March 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

All Whites begin Football World Cup campaign
The All Whites take the next step on the road to the football World Cup, with a so-called friendly match against Mexico. [more]

Farmers wary of greenhouse gas research profitability
Farmers are welcoming a new research centre dedicated to reducing agriculture greenhouse gases. [more]

Waatea news for 4 March 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Dunedin beach residents alarmed by cave concert plan
Plans to hold a music gig expected to attract about a thousand people to a cave at Dunedin's Long Beach are proving unpopular with many locals. [more]

Draft pig welfare code published
The Government has published a draft version of a new pig welfare code to regulate factory farms in the pork industry. [more]

Golden Shears champion defends title for 17th time
The Golden Shears shearing competition opened in Masterton yesterday, with competitors from around the world vying for the title. [more]


Feature guest - Sarah Waters
This British Booker Prize short-listed writer is acclaimed for redefining historical fiction. Sarah speaks with Bryan about Tipping the Velvet and her impending appearance at the New Zealand International Arts Festival in Wellington as part of Writers and Readers Week. [more]

Science with Dr Shaun Hendy
Physicist with Industrial Research Ltd and Deputy Director at the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, Shaun talks with Bryan about the advances in interactions between matter and energy. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Clue 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Suicide - how do we better target the most vulnerable?
With Annette Beautrais - Leading NZ suicide researcher, associate Professor at the University of Otago. Gregory Luke Larkin - Professor of Surgery, Emergency Medicine, and Public Health at Yale University School of Medicine. Warwick Pudney - Senior lecturer of psychotherapy at AUT University. [more]

The Crown Research Institutes taskforce report
With Dr Wayne Mapp - Minister of Research, Science and Technology. Anthony Scott - Science New Zealand Chief Executive. [more]

UK correspondent - Jon Dennis
Lord Ashcroft's tax payments. [more]

Feature guest - Robyn Nevin
Artistic Director of the Sydney Theatre Company. A doyenne of Australian theatre who has been awarded the Order Of Australia. [more]

Book Review - Below the Styx
Written by Michael Meehan, reviewed by Crystal Beavis and published by Allen and Unwin. [more]

New Technology - Nat Torkington
Cryptography. [more]

Broadway star and daughter of the legendary singer Nina Simone. [more]

TV Review - Simon Wilson
James May's Toy Stories and the new series of Desperate Housewives. [more]

Our Changing World

Greening Waipara
Viticulturalists and ecologists are collaborating to increase the use of beneficial plants and insects in vineyards. [more]

Mast Seeding in Snow Tussocks
Dave Kelly explains how snow tussocks try to outwit their seed predators with irregular mass flowering [more]

Chemistry and Supercomputers
Matthias Lein is using a supercomputer to solve chemical reactions, particularly reactions where gold is the catalyst [more]

Enzyme Inhibitors
Richard Furneaux and Peter Tyler are developing enzyme inhibitors to target medical conditions, with some in clinical trials [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 4 March 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 4 March 2010
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Tom Woods
Artistic Director of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra talks about tomorrow night's concert with pianist John Chen performing Rautavaara's 'Gift of Dreams'. [more]

Nigel Gavin and Richard Adams
Auckland violin and guitar duo who'll be performing in Wellington this weekend before touring the South Island with 'Arts on Tour'. [more]

Jenny McLeod
The composer talks about setting poems by Janet Frame for tenor Keith Lewis and pianist Michael Houstoun to premiere this Sunday at the NZ International Arts Festival, 'Peaks of Clouds'. [more]

News stories:

Kaitaia residents urged to conserve water
The Far North District Council warns Kaitaia may run out of clean drinking water within the next two weeks due to the drought. [more]

Black Caps win fiery first one dayer in Napier
The Black Caps came out on top in a fiery first one day cricket international against Australia last night in Napier. Chasing Australia's 275 for 8 the home team reached their ... [more]

Australia win first ODI
The Australian womens cricketers have clawed their way back into the Rose Bowl with a last gasp win over New Zealand in the third match of the series in Queenstown. After ... [more]

Queensland Reds arrive under-strength
The Queensland Reds will have a makeshift backline for tomorrow night's Super 14 match against the Chiefs in Hamilton with their in-form back three all ruled out of the ... [more]

BlackCaps beat Ayustralia
Veteran Scott Styris blasted a quickfire 49 to propel the New Zealand cricketers to a two-wicket win over Australia in Napier in the first of their five-match one-day series. Australia posted ... [more]

Tough conditions for yachties
Shifty winds and strong tides on Auckland's Waitemata harbour tested the teams competing in the opening day of the Auckland Match Racing Regatta and produced a results board that defied any ... [more]

Milk powder prices rise in latest auction
Milk powder prices in Fonterra's global online auction edged up this month, reversing two months of declines. [more]

Auckland house prices up, but still below 2009 level
The average house price recorded by Auckland's largest real estate company was 3.2% higher in February than January, at $521,323. [more]

Coins commissioned for Bulgaria
The popularity of collectable coins has prompted a Bulgarian expert to visit New Zealand this week to commission a collection. [more]

Landcorp expects modest full-year profit
The government's farming business, Landcorp, says it expects to make a small full year profit, but trading will remain volatile for a while. [more]

Mixed fortunes for NZ dollar
The New Zealand dollar had a day of differing fortunes on Wednesday. [more]

SC Finance needs more capital, says sharebroker
Sharebroker Chris Lee says troubled lender South Canterbury Finance needs something big to secure its future following concerns about the financial health from Standard and Poors. [more]

NZ men's hockey team beaten
The New Zealand men's hockey captain Phil Burrows says defence is still an issue within his side and again played a part in their 3-1 loss to the Netherlands in their ... [more]

Asian Cup football qualifiers completed
Australia, Kuwait and Jordan have completed the line-up for the 2011 Asian football Cup by coming through hard-fought final qualifying matches. World Cup-bound Australia proved too much for bottom-placed Indonesia ... [more]

Man U not for sale
Manchester United's chief executive David Gill says there's no prospect of the Glazer family selling the club, and he's questioned the wisdom of a proposed takeover. A group of ... [more]

Sidney Crosby's gear goes missing
Some very special pieces of Canadian Olympic hockey equipment are missing. The gloves and stick used by Sidney Crosby to score the winning goal in Canada's gold medal victory over the ... [more]

US F1 wants to delay start in F1
US F1 have applied to world motorsport's governing body, the FIA, to defer their entry into the Formula 1 world championship for 12 months. The team, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, ... [more]

Campos F1 renamed
The Campos Formula 1 team has been renamed Hispania Racing (HRT F1) after being taken over by Spanish financier Jose Ramon Carabante. The new identity highlights the Spanish roots of the ... [more]

Safina pulls out of Indian Wells
World womens tennis number two Dinara Safina has pulled out of next week's Indian Wells tournament in California because of persistent problems with a back injury. Safina has not played ... [more]

Football Ferns beaten
The New Zealand women's football team has been beaten 1-nil by Canada in the final of the Cyprus Cup tournament in Nicosia. The Football Ferns held the 12th ranked Canadians for ... [more]

Sow crate limits proposed in draft pig welfare code
A proposed code for pig welfare recommends limiting the time pigs spend in crates while pregnant and after giving birth to litters. The pork industry says the proposals could risk putting some farmers out of business. [more]

Workload warning from ambulance workers
Ambulance officers are warning of a crisis in the sector as paramedics deal with fatigue and heavy workloads. [more]

Key Rugby World Cup games to screen live and free
Key 2011 Rugby World Cup matches including the final and semifinals will be shown live on free-to-air television in New Zealand. [more]

ACT MP suggests sterilisation of abusive parents
ACT MP David Garrett has suggested offering abusive parents thousands of dollars in return for getting themselves sterilised. [more]

Children's book award finalists announced
Finalists for the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards include two of the country's most renowned writers for children. [more]

Second blaze in Gisborne building in year
A fire has damaged a three-storey building in the Gisborne's main street that was being rebuilt after it was gutted in a major blaze last year. [more]

Systemic failure not to blame for Samoa mother and baby deaths
The General Manager of Samoa's National Health Service says systemic failure is not to blame for the recent deaths of a mother and her unborn baby on the island of... [more]

Helicopter crashes south of Auckland
Two people have been injured in a helicopter crash at the Ardmore airfield, south of Auckland. [more]

Forecast visitor arrivals surpassed for January 2010
Fiji's Bureau of Statistics has released its provisional figures for Jan 2010, showing visitor numbers, largely from Australia, were up. The figures show that visitor arrivals increased by 37-point-6 percent... [more]

Solomon Islands has a new Malaysian High Commissioner
A new Malaysian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands has presented her letter of appointment to the Governor General, Sir Frank Kabui in Honiara. Datin Blanche Olbery, who is based in... [more]

Fiji's new decree decriminalising homosexuality welcomed
A member of Fiji's gay community is applauding a new decree decriminalising homosexuality, saying it legally validates gay rights. Asaeli Sinusetaki, a member of the gay organisation Men Fiji, says... [more]

PNG's LNG production capacity is now committed says Esso Highlands Limited
Esso Highlands Limited, the Exxon Mobil subsidiary which is the operator of the Papua New Guinea liquified natural gas project, has announced that all the production capacity in the project... [more]

Thursday's morning newspapers
NZ link to Madeleine McCann disappearance; Destiny Church inner workings revealed; give-way rule blamed for thousands of accidents being scrapped; Christchurch woman is auctioning two "ghosts". [more]

Greenhouse gas research centre opens
An agricultural greenhouse gas research centre has opened in Palmerston North which will allow scientists to do more work on reducing emissions from animals. [more]

Mother 'stunned' over driving death charge
A mother who pleaded guilty to careless driving causing the death of her teenage son after crashing her van into the Whanganui River was stunned at being charged, her husband says. [more]

Armed police arrest man over weapons charges
Armed police in Hamilton have arrested a man wanted in relation to a series of offences in Tauranga, including unlawful possession of a firearm. [more]

PNG report criticises government role in Moti escape
Another official report has condemned the Papua New Guinea government's role in helping Australian Julian Moti flee the country in 2006 despite Australia's request for his extradition. The Ombudsman Commission... [more]

Rural banking in Pacific set to take off
A banking expert with the United Nations Development Programme, Tillman Bruett, says pilot technologies extending banking services to rural areas in Pacific countries should be launched within months. It is... [more]

Samoa education minister pleads guilty to careless driving
Samoa's Minister of Education, Sports, and Culture, Toomata Alapati Po'ese, has pleaded guilty to two charges of careless driving as a result of two car accidents he was involved last... [more]

Northland council report called waste of money
A report on local government reform in Northland has been criticised as a waste of ratepayers' money. [more]

Restaurant Brands lifts profit forecast
Shares in Restaurant Brands - the owner of KFC, Pizza Hut and Starbucks, rallied on Thursday after the company upgraded its full year profit forecast. [more]

David Fagan tries for another Golden Shears title
Reigning Golden Shears shearing champion David Fagan is hoping to win the title for the 17th time. [more]

Fiji democracy group says travel sanctions fair price to pay
A New Zealand-based Fiji democracy group says the travel sanctions on family members of the Fiji military are the price it has to pay for its actions. The New Zealand... [more]

Black Sticks beaten by Netherlands
The New Zealand men's hockey team has been beaten 3-1 by the Netherlands in their second match at the World Cup in Delhi. [more]

Security van held up in Auckland
A security van has been held up in Auckland near the ASB and ANZ banks at the Eastridge shopping centre in Orakei, and a firearm may have been involved. [more]

Sounds safety system won't work, say opponents
Plans for a $1.7 million a year scheme to improve marine safety in the Marlborough Sounds are being vigorously opposed by commercial operators. [more]

Retirement income policy examined
The public is being invited to have a say on the Government's policies on retirement incomes. [more]

Brash takes helm after Huljich boss quits
Former National Party leader Don Brash has taken over as head of Huljich Wealth Management. The former boss resigned over reporting of investment returns for its KiwiSaver funds. [more]

Amnesty urges Obama to push Jakarta over rights abuses
Amnesty International has urged the US President, Barack Obama, to raise human rights issues when he meets his Indonesian counterpart, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in Jakarta, in two weeks. Amnesty says... [more]

Sentencing of Fiji men convicted of plotting assassination now likely tomorrow
The mitigation hearing of the men found guilty of a plot to assassinate Fiji's interim prime minister has been underway since this morning. The Fiji High Court found eight men... [more]

Solomons Fisheries Director gave wrong informaton, says Minister
The Solomon Islands Minister for Fisheries, Nollen Leni, has clarified circumstances surrounding the detention of two Chinese vessels charged over alleged illegal fishing. Skippers of the vessels appeared in Court... [more]

Tonga's Ashika Relief Fund ready to make payouts
Contributions to the Ashika Relief Fund are to be given tomorrow to the survivors and members of the families of those who died in the Tonga ferry tragedy. There is... [more]

McCaw to lead Crusaders
The All Black captain Richie McCaw will lead the Crusaders in Saturday night's super 14 rugby clash with the Blues in Christchurch. It'll be McCaw 's first start this season. He ... [more]

Strong winds force early end to racing on second day of Auckland Regatta
Strong winds have forced an early end to the second day of sailing in the Auckland Match Racing Regatta on Waitemata Harbour. With winds gusting over 25 knots and big windshifts ... [more]

NBL starts with finals re-run
The National Basketball League season starts tonight in Te Awamutu with a re-run of last year's finals series, in which the Waikato Pistons beat the Nelson Giants. In the opening night's ... [more]

Highlanders name unchanged starting line-up
The Highlanders have retained the same starting line-up which beat the South African side the Cheetahs last round, for Sunday morning's Super 14 rugby match against the Stormers in Capetown. The ... [more]

England beat Egypt in comeback
England have started their football World Cup build-up with a 3-1 victory over Egypt at Wembley Stadium, despite being outplayed by the African champions for the opening 45 minutes. The visitors ... [more]

Woodcock returns to Blues front row
The All Black Tony Woodcock returns to the Blues front row for their Super 14 rugby clash with the Crusaders on Saturday night. The Blues' head coach Pat Lam relegated Woodcock ... [more]

Only 12 teams in F1 this year
Formula One will have 12 teams this season, instead of a planned 13, after a late replacement for the USF1 entry was ruled out by the governing body. The FIA ... [more]

Willis and Vili competing in Melbourne tonight
New Zealand's top two track and field athletes will line up at the Melbourne Track Classic tonight. Olympic and World champion shot-puter Valerie Vili will have her second outing in Australia ... [more]

Black Caps can't take it easy despite 2 wins over Australia
The New Zealand cricketers will be on a high after scoring 2 straight wins over their Australian counterparts, but stand-in captain Ross Taylor says they have to remain cautious. Last night's ... [more]

Many unprepared for natural disasters, survey shows
A survey of New Zealanders indicates that if a natural disaster occurred three-quarters would not have an emergency plan, while more than half would not have enough stored water. [more]

Appeal expected in Fiji PM assassination plot case
The lawyer representing six men found guilty of a plot to assassinate Fiji's interim prime minister says they will appeal their convictions. "The mitigation hearing has been underway since this... [more]

McDonalds, Weight Watchers combo rejected
Advocates for healthy eating are criticising a partnership between fast food company McDonalds and slimming business Weight Watchers. [more]

Mandatory car booster seat use considered
The Government is considering making it illegal within the next 10 years for a child under the age of 10 to travel in a car without using a booster seat. [more]

Fonterra plant in Chile quake zone
Fonterra is considering sending a team of New Zealanders to Chile as it deals with the aftermath of the huge earthquake which struck on Saturday. [more]

Minister asks for report on Air NZ drink-drive cases
The Government is seeking reassurance from the Civil Aviation Authority following revelations Air New Zealand staff have been convicted for drink-driving. [more]

Solomons Fisheries Director gave wrong info, says Minister
The Solomon Islands Minister for Fisheries, Nollen Leni, says the Director of his department was to blame for wrongly approving permits for two Chinese fishing vessels now charged with illegal... [more]

Fuel shortage disrupts life in two atolls in Marshall Islands
Two islands in the Marshall Islands have run out of fuel because of a lack of government vessels and disagreement on shipping prices. The country's second largest urban center, Ebeye,... [more]

Cooks fuel deal probe nears completion
An audit investigation into agreements entered into by the previous Cook Islands government with fuel suppliers is 80 percent complete. The Director of Audit, Paul Allsworth, says they are aiming... [more]

Hiva Oa may be declared disaster zone after tsunami damage assessment
French Polynesia's transport minister, Louis Frebault, has asked the government to declare the island of Hiva Oa a disaster area following last week's tsunami. Several surges of up to four... [more]

Acquittal call after mistrial of American Samoa leaders
Lawyers for two American Samoa politicians have asked the federal court in Washington D.C. to acquit their clients. The American Samoa Lieutenant governor Faoa Sunia and Senator Tulifua Tini Lam... [more]

Campaign launched against Douglas student bill
A campaign to stop a members' bill seeking to introduce voluntary student membership has been launched. [more]

Tonga court restricts reporting Dalgety case
A Tongan magistrate has placed a restriction on what media can report about the court proceedings against Lord Ramsay Dalgety. Lord Dalgety, who is the company secretary of the Shipping... [more]

Water well survey in Nauru to determine quality and isolate contamination
A first ever survey of water wells is to be conducted in Nauru to determine water quality, usage, and possible contamination. Nauru relies on a mix of desalinated water and... [more]

PNG activist says government not abreast of social impact of LNG project
An environmental and human rights campaigner in Papua New Guinea says the government is not aware of the extent of the social impacts of the international oil and gas company... [more]

Sentencing in Fiji assassination plot case due tomorrow
The sentencing of eight men found guilty of plotting to assassinate Fiji's interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, is now expected to take place tomorrow. Among those convicted for the... [more]

All Whites lose football world cup warm up match
Mexico's beaten the All Whites two-nil in their football World Cup warm up match in Los Angeles. It was nil all at halftime but Mexico scored two goals in the space ... [more]

Flynn returns for Crusaders
The Crusaders hooker Corey Flynn is set to make his Super 14 rugby debut of the year, having been given the medical all clear for Saturday's night's match against the Blues ... [more]

Nicklaus expects Woods to be back for US Masters next month
The golfing great Jack Nicklaus says he'd be surprised if embattled superstar Tiger Woods doesn't play at the US Masters and at least one event before the year's first major early ... [more]

All Whites lose warm-up match against Mexico
Mexico has beaten the All Whites 2-0 in their football World Cup warm-up match in Los Angeles. [more]

NZ sharemarket gains
The New Zealand sharemarket's benchmark index rose 15 points, or 0.5%, to close at 3214 on Thursday on turnover of $75 million. [more]

NZ dollar drops against Australian currency
The New Zealand dollar continued to fall against its Australian counterpart on Thursday, following robust economic growth figures from across the Tasman. [more]

Culina changes mind over Phoenix
The coach of the Newcastle Jets, Branko Culina, has done an about face on his views over the Wellington Phoenix being part of the Australian football competition. Newcastle and the Phoenix ... [more]

Reward boosted for info on kiwi sanctuary fires
A West Coast community has increased its reward for information on fires set in a kiwi sanctuary, saying it is refusing to give up hope that those responsible will be caught. [more]

Call for more CRI research in national interest
A report has recommended the Government change the way it funds Crown Research Institutes so they can do more research which is in the national interest. [more]

Officer who fired fatal shot 'didn't see teen'
The officer who headed a homicide investigation into the death of a 17-year-old mistakenly killed during a pursuit says the constable who fired the fatal shot did not see the teenager. [more]

Board believes $3m for rugby lane crazy
An Auckland community board has suggested a link lane being built for the 2011 Rugby World Cup be named after an anti-apartheid protester, a former South African president, or the Maori word for crazy. [more]

Govt partly to blame for water problems, says council
The Canterbury Regional Council says lack of direction from the Government is partly to blame for the region's water management problems. [more]

Telecom gives out rival SIM cards to hospital staff
Telecom is giving out a rival company's SIM card to key hospital staff in Canterbury due to concerns over the reliability of its XT mobile network. [more]

Wife shocked at single murder verdict in Singh trial
The family of an Auckland man killed in his liquor store say his wife is shocked at verdicts handed down. A jury found one man guilty of murder, but cleared five others. [more]

CYF confirms child not known to staff before death
Child, Youth and Family says it is impossible for it to know of all new births to the thousands of people its staff deal with, unless someone notifies them of a concern. [more]