Radio New Zealand - Monday, 15th March 2010

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Best song ever written - I Can't Make You Love Me
We are joined by Neil Brown who lives on Banks Peninsula, with his best song choice I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt. [more]

Eight months to Mars - Michael Murphy
A young man who was a household name in this country at the age of just 17 when he competed on NZ Idol. [more]

Prostrate tests
There are fears comments made by the creator of the PSA prostate cancer test, may put men off being tested for the condition. [more]

Featured Author - Jack Lasenby
Jack Lasenby published his first book in 1976. More than three decades later, and he's regarded as one of our finest story-tellers for young people. [more]

This way up feature - power boats
Simon Morton, from This Way Up, meets some big boys with fast toys. [more]

Science feature - measuring volume
Archimedes said the eureka! word when he hopped in a bath and noticed that the water level rose. You see, you've noticed that too. You could be a genius. He'd figured out a way to accurately measure the volume of irregular shapes, like his body, by the water he'd displaced. But what happens when you want to measure the volume of something, but you don't want it to get wet? [more]

The panel (part 1)
With today's guests Chris Trotter and David Farrar. [more]

The panel (part 2)
With today's guests Chris Trotter and David Farrar. [more]

Business News

Morning business for 15 March 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets update for 15 March 2010
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 15 March 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 15 March 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Checkpoint choice for Monday 15 March 2010
The best of Checkpoint. [more]

Full force of Cyclone Tomas yet to hit Fiji
The biggest cyclone to hit Fiji for decades has already claimed one life and caused damage in the northern islands but it's full force is yet to hit. [more]

Suva bracing for Cyclone Tomas
Our former reporter Michelle McGuiness lives in Suva and is bracing for the cyclone which is expected hit the capital later tonight. [more]

Black Caps tour to Zimbabwe postponed
New Zealand Cricket has just confirmed the Black Caps tour to Zimbabwe in June will not got ahead. [more]

Reaction to Zimbabwe tour decision
Listening to that was cricket journalist Richard Boock. [more]

Red shirts gather outside army barracks in Thailand
Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has rejected an ultimatum by tens of thousands of protesters to dissolve parliament or face further demonstrations. [more]

Evening sports news for 15 March 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Cyclone Tomas hits Fiji
The biggest cyclone to hit Fiji for decades has already claimed one life and caused damage in the northern islands but it's full force is yet to hit. [more]

No long term health impacts, Mapua residents told
People living at Mapua near Nelson have been assured they are unlikely to suffer long term health effects as a result of the clean-up of the most contaminated chemical site in New Zealand. [more]

Wellingtonians' reactions to proposed rugby sculpture
Plans have been unveiled for a $350,000 Rugby World Cup sculpture in the Capital. [more]

Waatea news for 15 March 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

US citizens killed in Mexico's war on drugs
The United States President Obama says he is outraged by the weekend killing of two US citizens who became the latest victims of the Mexican government's war on drugs. [more]

Mayor goes head to head with Forest and Bird
Forest and Bird has been accused of scaremongering for releasing details of what it says are the government's plans to open up more conservation land for mining. [more]

Lobby group wants to prosecute Police and Corrections
The Sensible Sentencing Trust has gone to court asking for permission take private prosecutions against the Police and the Corrections Department over the Graeme Burton case. [more]

Black Caps tour to Zimbabwe postponed
New Zealand Cricket has confirmed the Black Caps tour to Zimbabwe in June will not got ahead. [more]

US relationship with Israel strained
A bitter diplomatic row between Israel and the United States is showing no signs of cooling off. [more]

Players back decision to pull out of cricket tour
Heath Mills is the head of the Cricket Players Association - he joins us. [more]

Cost of Mt Allan fire continues to mount
The massive firefighting operation on Mount Allan near Dunedin could become the country's most expensive, with a projected cost of more than a million dollars. [more]

League tables need to be more robust
Family doctors say league tables showing how well primary health care services are doing need to be more reliable before they are made widely available. [more]

Evening Business News for 15 March 2010
News from the business sector. [more]

Impractical renewable electricity target
The Institution of Professional Engineers is pouring cold water on suggestions that New Zealand could have 90 percent of its electricity renewable by 2025. [more]

Evening sports news for 15 March 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Whale researchers return from Antarctic
The world's largest non-lethal whale research expedition has returned from six weeks in Antarctic waters. [more]

South America correspondent
The families of American diplomats living near the border between Mexico and the US are being told they should leave after the latest outbreak of violence by drug gangs. [more]

Warning over use of CT scans
In Australia, doctors are being urged to stop using high radiation CT scans without clinical justification after a review found the scans were being overused. [more]

Shelter urgently needed in Haiti
Two months after the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti, aid workers are scrambling to provide shelter ahead of the rainy season. [more]

Opposition wants inspections of insulated homes
In Australia, the Federal Opposition is calling on the government to make sure there is a safety inspection of each of the more than one million homes insulated under the bungled Commonwealth scheme. [more]

Cardinal rejects calls to resign
The Catholic church's most senior cleric in Ireland has rejected calls to resign over claims he helped cover up sex abuse investigations in the 1970s. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 15 March 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 15 March 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Monday 15 March 2010
For first time, ministry releases rankings of PHO performance; Fiji prepares for Cyclone Tomas; Forest and Bird says govt running scared over mining; ordeal over for loved ones of solo trans-Tasman rower; protesters descend on Bangkok demanding elections; and talks on long-awaited trade deal with US get underway today. [more]

Kandahar Governor calls for more security in wake of attacks
The Governor of Kandahar province has called for more security around Afghanistan's largest southern city after a series of attacks which killed dozens of people. [more]

Pacific news for 15 March 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea news for 15 March 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Health Ministry releases PHO league tables for first time
The Ministry of Health has released league tables ranking the effectiveness of the 80 Primary Health Organisations for the first time. [more]

PM questions Forest and Bird's claims on mining
The Prime Minister John Key is questioning the veracity of claims made by environmental group, Forest and Bird, about the government's plans for mining on the conservation estate. [more]

Cyclone Tomas bears down on Fiji
Fijians living in the path of Cyclone Tomas have been warned to evacuate before the category three storm hits. [more]

For first time, ministry releases rankings of PHO performance
For the first time, the Ministry of Health has released league tables that rank the performance of the country's primary health organisations. [more]

Fiji prepares for Cyclone Tomas
A nationwide curfew has been put in place in Fiji, as Cyclone Tomas intensifies. [more]

Fiji braces for tropical cyclone Tomas
Fiji correspondent Vijay Narayan says there have been several significant developments overnight. [more]

Forest and Bird says govt running scared over mining
The environmental lobby group Forest and Bird claims the Government is running scared over its plans to open up the conservation estate to mining. [more]

Ordeal over for loved ones of solo trans-Tasman rower
Seven weeks of freeze-dried food, loneliness, and sheer hard yakker have ended in triumph for the trans-Tasman rower Shaun Quincy. [more]

Protesters descend on Bangkok demanding elections
Thousands of pro-democracy protestors have descended on Thailand's capital, Bangkok, demanding free and fair elections. [more]

Talks on long-awaited trade deal with US get underway today
Negotiations towards a long-awaited free trade deal with the United States get underway today in Melbourne. [more]

Sports news for 15 March 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Flight of the Phoenix ends in Sydney
The Flight of the Wellington Phoenix finally came to a halt on Saturday night after the team finished third in the Australasian A-League competition. [more]

Tokyo prosecutors now mull indictment of NZ anti-whaler
The New Zealand anti-whaling campaigner, Pete Bethune has been officially handed over to Tokyo prosecutors, who will decide whether to formally indict him for boarding a Japanese whaling ship. [more]

Arts festival boasts biggest overseas acts in final week
The New Zealand International Arts Festival is into its final week and the artistic director has left some of the biggest overseas events until last. [more]

GPs call for PHO league table to be made public
Some GPs are demanding the public release of league tables comparing the effectiveness of Primary Health Organisations, but others doctors think the data is inaccurate. [more]

Government won't be drawn on Forest and Bird mining claims
The Government is refusing to be drawn on claims that it's considering opening up seven thousand hectares of top-quality conservation land to mining. [more]

Fake invasion report causes panic in Georgia
A Georgian television broadcaster, Imedi, reported that the country had been invaded by Russia and that President Sakashvili had been killed. [more]

Curfew in place for Fiji as Cyclone Tomas intensifies
A nationwide curfew has been put in place in Fiji, as Cyclone Tomas intensifies. [more]

Sports news for 15 March 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Anglers say access to fishing spots is declining
Anglers say traditional easy access to rivers, lakes and streams is being made harder by landowners selling exclusive access rights to guiding companies. [more]

UK Government plans to axe House of Lords
The British Government is considering plans to abolish the House of Lords and replace it with an upper house full of elected politicians. [more]

Waatea news for 15 March 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

NZ Paralympians swing into action in Vancouver
New Zealand gets another shot at Winter Olympics medal glory as the Winter Paralympics are now underway. [more]

Pipers descend on Wairarapa for Pipe Band competition
Bagpipers and drummers from all over New Zealand descended upon Masterton at the weekend for the New Zealand Pipe Band Championships. [more]

Phil Kafcaloudes with news from Australia
We cross to Melbourne to join Phil Kafcaloudes. [more]


Pluto Killer
Mike Brown planetary astronomer who is responsible for scientifically demoting Pluto to a dwarf planet [more]

Thinkers: Reigion
Paul Morris Religious Scholar exploring the spiritual dimension of the human psyche. [more]

Conundrum clue one
Conundrum clue one [more]

Russia Report
Neil McGowan talks to Bryan about news and cultural trends from the Russia Federation. [more]

Conundrum clue two
Conundrum clue two [more]

Nine To Noon

Property market slowdown and rise in auctions
The flood of"For Sale"signs on residential property shows no signs of abating. Industry website says home owners are still flocking to put their houses on the market this month and it expects new listings will match February's figures. [more]

Complaints against Auckland GP Ratilal Ranchod
Ratilal Ranchod was found guilty of practising as a doctor without a medical license over 2008 - 2009, and of forging a medical license, but in spite of this, and the large number of patient's complaints, he is currently going through steps to start practising again. [more]

Africa correspondent - Nkepile Mabuse
News and current affairs from Africa. [more]

Feature guest - Leslie Kenton
Health and beauty guru, and daughter of jazz legend Stan Kenton. She has just revealed the secret incestual relationship she had with her late father. [more]

Book review
'Sex, Bombs, and Burgers' by Peter Nowak. Published by Allen and Unwin. Reviewed by Marcus Harvey. [more]

With Andrew Campbell and Matthew Hooten. [more]

Food and wine
Guest chef Ray McVinnie with recipes for mussels grilled with tomatoes, olives, and pancetta; duck and mango salad with sesame dressing. Wine selections from John Hawkesby. [more]

Tommy Honey
Urbanist Tommy Honey takes a look inside the new Supreme Court. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 15 March 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 15 March 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Edward King
Auckland based cellist and winner of this year's National Concerto Competition. [more]

Ben Hoadley
Top NZ bassoonist and organiser of 'New Zealand Music for Woodwinds' concert series held at St Andrew's on the Terrace Wgtn. [more]

NZIAF Theatre Reviews
Jonathan Hendry reviews NZ International Arts Festival productions of 360, T.E.O.R.E.M.A.T and Mark Twain and Me in Maoriland. [more]

Michael Tuffery
Acclaimed NZ printmaker, painter and sculptor currently exhibiting works at Wellington Cathedral of St Pauls. [more]

News stories:

NZ provides multi million dollar reconstruction package for Cook Islands after Cyclone Pat
Over the weekend, the New Zealand government announced a NZ$5.5 million dollar reconstruction package for Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, in the wake of Cyclone Pat. The Foreign minister Murray... [more]

Tomas still affecting Wallis and Futuna
Cyclone Tomas is also affecting Wallis and Futuna to the north of Fiji. A gale warning remain in force for Futuna, while a strong wind warning is in place for... [more]

Northern islands in Fiji begin to feel effects of Cyclone Tomas
Another cyclone in the region, Cyclone Tomas, is beginning to affect the Northern Group of islands in Fiji, including the second largest island Vanua Levu. Gale force winds of up... [more]

Ferrari one-two in F1 season opener
A dream result for Ferrari in the season-opening Bahrain formula one grand prix with Fernando Alonso cruising to the chequered flag 16 seconds ahead of his Brazilian teammate Felipe ... [more]

Warriors beaten in first round of NRL
The Warriors coach Ivan Cleary says conceding a try just before half time was probably the turning point in their National Rugby League opener on the Gold Coast. The Warriors were ... [more]

France beat Italy in Six Nations
France relied on their trademark flair to outplay Italy 46-20 in Paris and stay firmly on course for a grand slam in the Six Nations rugby championship. The home side ... [more]

Huxley back on a rugby field
Julian Huxley has expressed a desire to regain his Brumbies and Wallabies positions after making an accomplished return to rugby yesterday, two years after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. ... [more]

Reds thump Force in Brisbane
The Queensland Reds celebrated their long-awaited Super rugby resurgence with a record 50 points to 10 won over the Western Force in Brisbane. A Suncorp Stadium crowd of 20,016 lapped up ... [more]

Pakistan abandon hosting NZ Davis Cup team after latest bombings
The Pakistan Tennis Federation has given up hope of hosting its Davis Cup tie against New Zealand in July after the latest bombings in Lahore. The Federation's president Dilawar ... [more]

Pacquiao wins in Dallas
Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao easily defeated Joshua Clottey of Ghana by a unanimous 12-round decision to retain his World Boxing Organisation welterweight title in Texas. Pacquiao, recently named Fighter of ... [more]

Cyclone Ului winds affecting Rennell and Bellona in Solomons, but likely to move away
Winds on the edge of Cyclone Ului are affecting the southern Solomon Islands group of Rennell and Bellona. The centre of the Category Five cyclone is 83 kilometres south of... [more]

Strategic Finance goes into receivership
Finance company Strategic Finance has been placed in receivership. [more]

Business result season subdued
This year's result season is proving to be an overwhelmingly subdued event. [more]

Call for long-term water storage solution for Far North
A Northland farming leader and regional councillor says it is time to get serious about water storage in the Far North. [more]

Man U back on top
Wayne Rooney fired Manchester United back to the top of the English football Premiership as his double-strike inspired a 3-nil over Fulham at OldTrafford. Sir Alex Ferguson's team had been knocked ... [more]

Dixon 6th in Sao Paulo
The New Zealand motor racing driver Scott Dixon has finished 6th in the season-opening IndyCar race in Brazil. Dixon started 7th on the grid and got into contention midway through the ... [more]

Clarke to rejoin Aussie cricket squad today
Vice-captain Michael Clarke is due to rejoin the Australian cricket team today after leaving the tour a week ago to sort out his relationship with his partner, model Lara ... [more]

Vanuatu economy to grow by over 3% this year
The International Monetary Fund says the Vanuatu economy should grow by nearly 4 percent this year. An IMF mission visited Vanuatu last week and says the economy weathered the global... [more]

Business women workshop in Vanuatu
The World Bank's International Finance Corporation is to host a workshop for women business owners in Port Vila in Vanuatu from today. More than 50 business women are expected to... [more]

Fewer tourists could leave Palau better off
Trade policy analysts say Palau's US$111 million mass tourism industry needs to change. An assessment by the Pacific Islands Forum suggests Palau would be better off luring just the creme... [more]

Former Samoa police commissioner selected for peace keeping mission
Samoa's former Police Commissioner, Papalii Lorenese Neru, has been selected as one of a three member contingent to take up a peace keeping mission in East Timor. Our correspondent in... [more]

PM's super-city representation claim rejected
The Tongan Advisory Council says Prime Minister John Key is on another planet if he thinks Maori and Pacific Islanders will not struggle to be elected to Auckland's super-city council. [more]

Cyclone Tomas intensifies to Category Four
Fiji's Met Service says Tropical Cyclone Tomas has intensified over night and has been upgraded to category four. The Met Service says the storm is heading south towards the eastern... [more]

Village at the north of Vanau Levu in Fiji suffers cyclone damage
The village at Udu Point on the most northerly point of Vanua Levu has reported damage to homes and surroundings. The head of the village told Fiji Broadcasting that strong... [more]

Rennell and Bellona in Solomons appear to escape serious damage
The Solomon Islands Disaster Management Office says the impact of winds from Cyclone Ului have not been as damaging to the southern group of Rennell and Bellona as initially predicted. [more]

New technologies may mean more te reo on TV
The chair of Te Putahi Paoho, the electoral college which chooses the board of Maori Television, says new spectrum allocations could expand opportunities to broadcast in the Maori language, te reo. [more]

Call for more Maori in mental health sector
Associate Health Minister Tariana Turia says a hui on Maori mental health has highlighted the need to increase the number of Maori working in the sector. [more]

Tomas batters Wallis and Futuna with 200km/h winds
Cyclone Tomas has hit Wallis and Futuna to the north of Fiji, causing damage to houses and crops. Wind gusts of up to 200 kilometres per hour have been measured... [more]

Chinese leader denies currency under-valued
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has rejected criticism that China is keeping its currency under-valued in order to boost exports. [more]

Fiji's security forces on standby ahead of Cyclone Tomas
Fiji's security forces are on standby as the nation braces itself for Cyclone Tomas, which is expected to pass over the eastern part of Vanua Levu today. A nationwide curfew... [more]

Cikobia in the far north of Fiji expected to be severely affected by Cyclone Tomas
Nadi Weather Office Director, Rajendra Prasad, says very severe damage is now expected in Cikobia, an island to the north of Vanua Levu, which is feeling the effects of cyclone... [more]

Commission of Inquiry in Samoa to review Freedom of Religion
The Samoa government has approved the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry to review Freedom of Religion. Religious Freedom is a fundamental human right safeguarded under an International Convention already... [more]

Government cutbacks in American Samoa
American Samoa's Governor Togiola Tulafono has instructed his cabinet to prepare for spending cutbacks which would include reduction in hours and possibly furloughs. This comes as a direct result of... [more]

France asked again to reconsider nuclear compensation laws
A group of French Polynesian opposition politicians has written to the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, asking France to reconsider its nuclear compensation plans approved by the French legislature. This follows... [more]

Service sector continues slow expansion
The service sector continues to expand, albeit slowly, according to the latest BNZ Business New Zealand Performance of Services Index. [more]

Ului damages buildings in Solomons
Strong winds from Cyclone Ului have damaged semi-permanent houses and buildings in Rennell in Solomon Islands. A spokesperson for the Solomon Islands National Disaster Management Office Julian Makaa says some... [more]

Aitutaki MP says Cooks cyclone repsonse is slow
An MP on the island of Aitutaki says the response of the Cook Island government to the cyclone that hit a month ago continues to be too slow. The New... [more]

Togiola wants new American Samoan citizenship
American Samoa's Governor, Togiola Tulafono, has announced that he will be sending legislation to the Fono this week which will establish a new citizenship category called American Samoans. All babies... [more]

PNG official says oil money wasted while women sufffer
A senior official in the Papua New Guinea's government says landowners in Hela Province have wasted all the money they've made from oil and left their families struggling to get... [more]

Cyclone Tomas hits Fiji's northern island of Vanua Levu
Cyclone Tomas is battering Fiji's northern island of Vanua Levu, with more than 5,000 people evacuated from their homes. The Nadi Weather office says the Category 4 storm is about... [more]

Non-lethal research on whales proven - joint team
A New Zealand and Australian research team says it has confirmed it is possible to study whales without killing the mammals. [more]

Trans-Tasman rower makes landfall
Shaun Quincey has succeeded in his bid to row across the Tasman, reaching the Northland coast on Sunday afternoon 54 days after setting off in his boat Tasman Trespasser. [more]

Government's internet porn filter operating
Two small Internet Service Providers have become the first to operate a government internet filter introduced to block child pornography. [more]

Access to fishing spots dwindling, say anglers
Anglers are complaining they are increasingly being shut out of rivers and lakes as landowners sell access rights to guiding companies. [more]

Renewable electricity target not practical - institute
The Institute of Professional Engineers is pouring cold water on suggestions New Zealand could have 90% of its electricity renewable by 2025. [more]

Council defends handling of complaints over doctor
The Medical Council is defending how it handled warnings regarding a South Auckland doctor who had more than a dozen complaints against him. [more]

Radiographers' industrial action affecting 14 DHBs
Industrial action by radiographers has now spread to 14 district health boards, but their union says patient welfare will be minimally affected. [more]

Claim govt considers more conservation land for mining
Forest and Bird says the Government has been looking at opening up 7000 hectares of high-value conservation land to mining. [more]

Central Districts stay in touch with win
Central Districts retain a chance of catching cricket's Plunket Shield leaders Northern Districts after a seven wicket victory over Wellington in Napier . Central resumed on 172 for two, needing 228, ... [more]

Beckham's World Cup hopes shattered
David Beckham's international football career with England appears over and his World Cup dream in tatters after tearing his left Achilles' tendon while playing for AC Milan. The 34-year-old former England ... [more]

NZC confirm Zimbabwe tour postponed
New Zealand Cricket has confirmed that the Black Caps tour to Zimbabwe will not proceed as planned in June. The New Zealand Cricket chief executive Justin Vaughan says the Government's assessment ... [more]

Bulldogs hooker could miss round 2 of NRL
The Bulldogs hooker Michael Ennis is in danger of missing this weekend's rugby league clash with St George Illawarra after being charged with a careless high tackle by the match review ... [more]

Els wins first tour event in two years
The South African golfer Ernie Els has ended his barren two year spell by winning the WGC-CA Championship in Florida by four strokes after six-under-par final round of 66 held off ... [more]

Williams 25th in his first Paralympic event
New Zealand paralympian Peter Williams finished 25th in the Men's skiing slalom sitting event at the Vancouver Games this morning. Williams will also compete in the Giant Slalom on Wednesday, while ... [more]

Team New Zealand have first loss at Louis Vuitton regatta
Another gear failure for Team New Zealand has cost them their unbeaten record at the Louis Vuitton Trophy yachting regatta on the Waitemata Harbour. Every day Dean Barker's crew has suffered ... [more]

Windies beat Zimbabwe
The West Indies cricketers wrapped up a 4-1 series win over Zimbabwe with a four wicket victory in the final game of the one-day series in St Vincent. Zimbabwe, who had ... [more]

Vili looking for more challenges
Shot putter Valerie Vili has her sights set another clash with Belarussian Nadzeya Ostapchuk, the women she lost her world indoor title to this morning. Ostapchuk has been the inform shot ... [more]

Phoenix counting on more fans
The Wellington Phoenix football club is hoping their succesful run in this season's A-League will see fans respond next season. The Phoenix can claim to be the third best team in ... [more]

Minister doubts Rodney breakaway move will succeed
Local Government Minister Rodney Hide says there's not much chance Parliament will consider letting the Rodney District exclude itself from the Auckland super city. [more]

Labour calls for whaling protester's release
The Labour Party is backing calls for the release of a New Zealand anti-whaling activist being held in Japan. [more]

Trust says OSH wrong not to prosecute over Burton case
Lawyers for the Sensible Sentencing Trust say the Department of Labour was wrong not to prosecute the Government departments that handled the Graeme Burton case. [more]

Ministry releases table on community health services
The Ministry of Health has released for the first time league table details showing which groups of doctors' practices in New Zealand are doing the best and worst at meeting community health needs. [more]

Eastern islands of Fiji face most threat from Cyclone Tomas
Category four Cyclone Tomas is continuing to threaten the eastern islands of Fiji and the eastern part of Vanua Levu. At its centre the cyclone has winds of up 270... [more]

Weta shows rugby World Cup statue design
Weta Workshop has unveiled its design for a Wellington statue to commemorate the 2011 Rugby World Cup. [more]

Man dead after being hit by rubbish truck
A man has died after being run over by a rubbish truck in South Auckland. [more]

Warning on obstacles to reaching emissions goals
An iwi adviser on global warming is warning of growing difficulties for New Zealand in dealing with its greenhouse gas emissions. [more]

Feilding couple win Glammies award
A Feilding couple has been awarded top prize at Meat and Wool New Zealand's Golden Lamb awards, known as the Glammies. [more]

Southland farmers study proposed water charges
Southland farming representatives will look carefully at new water charges the regional council is proposing, to make sure irrigation users in particular aren't burdened with an unfair share of the costs. [more]

Call for developed nations to free up agricultural trade
A Brazilian trade lobbyist says emerging countries will not settle for half measures to help advance stalled world trade talks. [more]

The Warehouse to open more stores in Auckland
The Warehouse is bulking up its presence in Auckland, saying it will build new stores in a region it is under-represented in. [more]

Investors denied vote on bailout - Strategic Finance
Failed finance firm Strategic Finance says its trustee should have let investors vote on least two bailout plans that may have seen them get all their money back. [more]

NZ market closes higher
The benchmark NZX 50 index closed up 6 points to 3231 on turnover of $51 million on Monday. [more]

No apologies from Cook Islands Government for slow progress on Aitutaki rebuild
The Cook Islands Finance Minister says he makes no apologies for the speed of reconstruction on cyclone-hit Aitutaki. The New Zealand government has announced a 3-point-8 million US dollar reconstruction... [more]

Vanuatu Prime Minister back at work after two weeks health trip to Australia
The Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Edward Natapei, has returned to work today ( monday) after two weeks in Sydney for medical treatment." The office of the prime minister says that... [more]

Tana signs with Steelers
The former All Black captain Tana Umaga has signed a two year deal to to play for Counties Manukau in the provincial rugby championship. Chief executive Phil McConnell says as well ... [more]

Wait and see for Jesse Ryder
Cricket fans hoping to see Jesse Ryder play for New Zealand this summer will have to wait to see how he comes through training this week then, hopefully, a four day ... [more]

Provinces have to make sensible decisions about finances says NZRU CEO
The chief executive of the New Zealand Rugby Union, Steve Tew, says its up to provincial unions to stay within their means in this year's National Provincial Championship. A new title ... [more]

Cyclone warning remains for Solomons' Rennell/Bellona but damage low
A cyclone warning is still current for the Solomon Islands of Rennell and Bellona but Cyclone Ului, which remains a category four system, is continuing to move into open waters... [more]

Wins for Harbour, Nelson, Waikato and Christchurch
The Harbour Heat have continued their unbeaten start to the National Basketball League season with a 96-82 win over the Southland Sharks at the North Shore Events Centre on Sunday. In ... [more]

Vili beaten at world indoor champs
The New Zealand shot putter Valerie Vili has suffered her first defeat in 2 and a half years, finishing second at the World Indoor Championships in Doha. The Belarussian Nadzeya Ostapchuk ... [more]

Mt Allan could be NZ's costliest fire operation
The massive firefighting operation at Mount Allan near Dunedin could become the country's most expensive, with a projected cost of more than $1 million. [more]

Lawyers in Tonga worried that Ashika report could prejudge their clients
Lawyers for people who gave testimony at the commission of inquiry into the sinking of the Tongan inter-island ferry, the Princess Ashika, have urged the commissioners to be cautious in... [more]

Curfew re-imposed as Fiji experiences second night of Cyclone Tomas
The Fiji Disaster Management Office says the small islands to the east of Viti Levu are likely to bear the brunt of Cyclone Tomas, though the storm has already caused... [more]

Maori King said to have huge support
A Tainui documentary maker says the Maori king enjoys overwhelming support within the iwi, despite media reports to the contrary. [more]

Both perspectives in new exhibition on Taranaki wars
It is 150 years since the first shots were fired in the Taranaki land wars, but Puke Ariki Museum in New Plymouth is expecting heated debate about what happened and why. [more]

Proposed dairy effluent code out for consultation
The dairy industry body, Dairy NZ, has released a proposed new set of design standards and a code of practice to guide farmers who are installing effluent management systems. [more]

NZ Cricket abandons Zimbabwe tour
The Black Caps cricket tour to Zimbabwe will not proceed as scheduled in June. [more]

Fisher and Paykel to take over Haier's services
Fisher and Paykel Appliances says it will take responsibility for Haier's, sales, marketing and customer care service in Australia, next month. [more]

Farmers' feelings on research funding 'under-estimated'
Federated Farmers national president Don Nicolson is warning levy-funded research organisations not to under-estimate the depth of farmer feeling about their lack of profitability. [more]