Radio New Zealand - Wednesday, 7th April 2010

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The best song ever written
Gordon McShean from Palmerston North chooses"Green Grow the Rashes O". [more]

Link 3
What do these songs have in common? [more]

Liquor License
A decision that sets tough operating hours for a liquor store close to schools and churches on the North Shore could set a precedent for new stores right round the country. [more]

Horse poop
The proverbial you know what hasn't hit the fan but it can hit the streets of Kerikeri. The Far North District Council had proposed a bylaw that would have required horse owners to pick up after their horses when nature calls. [more]

Feature Album
Baduizm - the debut album of R and B and neo soul musician Erykah Badu. [more]

Virtual World with Hamish MacEwan
Privacy? Internet Hitchhiking. Bits and Bobs and The Site of the Week. [more]

Auckland Story for 7 April 2010 - Pools to School
A pilot scheme aimed at getting children to learn to swim has been hailed a success. The Pools To School scheme takes the swimming pool to the many schools which can no longer afford to build and maintain a permanent swimming pool. [more]

Environment Story with Alison Ballance
Chatham akeake is a familiar hedge plant on mainland New Zealandbut out on Mangere Island in the Chathams it's much more than a hedge - it's a hero. Find out more about New Zealand's most remote and ambitious re-vegetation. [more]

The Panel (part 1)
With Irene Gardiner and John Bishop. [more]

The Panel (part 2)
With Irene Gardiner and John Bishop. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for Wednesday 7 April 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for Wednesday 7 April 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 7 April 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 7 April 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 7 April 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


The public may soon be able to invest in Fonterra
The co-operative's plan allows farmers to buy and sell shares among themselves rather than having to go through the company. [more]

Forensic work continues at house in Hokitika
The bodies of two men who were shot dead in Hokitika may be removed from the crime scene tonight as forensic work continues. [more]

Call for cheaper after hours care for Porirua children
Doctors say the health of thousands of poor children living in Porirua City north of Wellington is under threat because of a lack of free after-hours care. [more]

Torrential rain in Rio kills more than a hundred people
In Rio de Janeiro more than a hundred people have been killed and many more are homeless after the heaviest rains in decades triggered deadly mudslides and turned roads into rivers. [more]

Health Board Investigates Missing Money
The police and the Capital and Coast District Health Board are investigating allegations that hundreds of thousands in taxpayer money has been misused by a Maori trust in Kapiti. [more]

Sports News for 7 April 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Legal aid changes
The Justice minister says some lawyers won't make the grade under a tougher system to decide who can provide legal aid services. [more]

Draft Media Decree released in Fiji
Journalists in Fiji could be jailed for up to five years and media organisations fined more than 350 thousand for publishing anything the country's military government decides is not in the public interst. [more]

US releases document on nuclear strategy
The United States has warned North Korea and Iran that no options are being taken off the table in dealing the threat of a build-up in nuclear capabilities. [more]

Proper nouns allowed on Scrabble
For the first time proper nouns can be used in the game of Scrabble. [more]

Waatea News for 7 April 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Glider crash may have been the result of competitiveness
An investigation has found the pressure of the National Gliding Championships may have been a driving factor in the death of a pilot two years ago. [more]

More than 300 thousand dollars in legal help for MPs
Legal bills for two National Party MPs have cost taxpayers 336-thousand dollars in the past few years. [more]

Corpse taken to airport for flight
Police in Britain have arrested two women after they tried to take a dead relative on a flight to Germany. [more]

Proposal to allow outside investment in Fonterra fund
The public will be able to invest in a Fonterra linked fund under the dairy giant's final restructuring proposal which it says will also enable it to head off competition from foreigners buying up farms. [more]

Dairy farmers welcome rise in milk powder prices
Debt ridden and drought hit dairy farmers throughout the country are delighted by the overnight hike in dairy prices. [more]

Crews prepare for oil ship salvage on Great Barrier Reef
Australia's Maritime Safety Authority is supervising the salvage operation of a Chinese coal ship stranded on the Great Barrier Reef. [more]

Thai protesters breach parliament
Hundreds of Anti-Government protesters in Thailand have retreated to outside the Parliament in Bangkok after briefly breaching a security cordon. [more]

Court finds ARC unfairly blocked developer's project
The Auckland Regional Council has been ordered to pay almost a hundred-thousand dollars to a developer after the Environment Court found the council acted unfairly in blocking one of its projects. [more]

Govt says Labour should be apologising, not investigating
The Health Minister says instead of investigating the state of New Zealand's aged care, Labour should be apologising for its neglect of the sector when it was in power. [more]

Sports News for 7 April 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Sri Lanka prepares for general election tomorrow
A day before Sri Lanka's general election protesters are rallying to demand the release of the main opposition candidate General Sarath Fonseka. [more]

Russia joins global alliance on greenhouse gases
The first meeting of the New Zealand-led global alliance on agricultural greenhouse gases has kicked off, with Russia joining up and bringing the total number of countries involved to 29. [more]

Solicitor-General decides against Waihopai saboteur appeal
The Solicitor-General says the crown will consider seeking one-point-one million dollars in damages from three activists aquitted of intentionally damaging the cover of the Waihopai satellite dish. [more]

Waatea News for 7 April 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Calls for investigation into civilian deaths in Peru
The international human rights organisation Human Rights Watch has called on the Peruvian government to conduct a thorough investigation into the killing of six civilians by police. [more]

Activists scuffle with police in Egypt
Egyptian activists demanding political reforms have clashed with police in central Cairo. [more]

Lib-Dems could be the party to watch in UK elections
UK voters will be heading to the polls on May the 6th and the Conservatives are billing it as the most important election of a generation. [more]

One in three women in Australia will be assaulted
In Australia a national survey of attitudes towards domestic violence has found that one in five people thinks it's excusable if the attacker lost control or later regrets it. [more]

Nigeria gets new cabinet members
Nigeria's acting president Goodluck Jonathan has sworn-in the members of his new cabinet. [more]

Checkpoint Choice for Wednesday 7 April 2010
The public may soon be able to invest in Fonterra, Forensic work continues at house in Hokitika, Call for cheaper after hours care for Porirua children. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 7 April 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 7 April 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Wednesday 7 April 2010
Police still haven't named West Coast victims; Buller dam approved on 2-to-1 vote; Fonterra to announce share trading scheme; Polls point to hung election as British Labour seeks fourth term; Whirinaki power station set to be dismantled; Calls to sack Canterbury Regional Council's boss; Obama outlines new nuclear weapons policy. [more]

British elections called for May
The British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has announced that the UK will hold a general election on May the sixth. [more]

Road toll gains from cellphone ban
Five months after drivers were banned from talking on hand-held cellphones and police were given greater powers to tackle drivers who take drugs, the road toll is as grim as ever. [more]

Pacific News for Wednesday 7 April 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for Wednesday 7 April 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Hokitika rocked by double killing
The township of Hokitika is reeling after the shooting of two local men yesterday. [more]

South Korean warship catches up with hijacked oil tanker
A South Korean warship has caught up with an oil tanker that's been hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. [more]

Police still haven't named West Coast victims
A man is due to appear in Greymouth District Court later today charged with two counts of murder following the shooting of two men in Hokitika. [more]

Buller dam approved on 2-to-1 vote
A narrow valley 40 kilometres north of Westport looks set to be flooded, after commissioners granted Meridian Energy resource consent to build a 100-megawatt dam. [more]

Fonterra to announce share trading scheme
Later today Fonterra will unveil details of the final stage of its capital restructuring which involves farmers being able to trade shares. [more]

Polls point to hung election for Britain
Gordon Brown is aiming for an unprecedented fourth term in office for his Labour Party when Britain goes to the polls on May the sixth. [more]

Whirinaki power station set to be dismantled
The Whirinaki power plant in Hawke's Bay may be dismantled. [more]

Calls to sack Canterbury Regional Council's boss
The commissioners appointed to replace elected members on the Canterbury Regional Council are under pressure to sack the council's chief executive. [more]

Sports News for Wednesday 7 April 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Milk powder price jumps in latest global dairy auction
The price of whole milk powder has jumped by just over 20 per cent in Fonterra's latest global auction. [more]

Obama outlines new nuclear weapons policy
The United States President Barack Obama has unveiled a new policy restricting his country's use of nuclear weapons. [more]

Australia raises interest rates
Australia's Reserve Bank has lifted its official interest rates by a quarter of a percent. [more]

Scores of Indian soldiers killed in Maoist ambushes
Seventy six Indian soldiers have been killed in an ambush by Maoist rebels in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. [more]

Police say bodies of shot Hokitika men to be removed today
Police say the bodies of two men shot in Hokitika will be removed from the house later today. [more]

United Future leader considers appealing dam decision
The United Future Leader, Peter Dunne, says he may join an appeal against the granting of resource consent for a hydro dam on the West Coast. [more]

Fonterra set to unveil final stage of capital restructuring
Fonterra is set to unveil proposals to farmers today that will allow them to trade shares amongst themselves. [more]

Drought bites into Northland economy
After five months with no rain, the strain of drought is beginning to tell on Northland farming families and the region's economy. [more]

Beneficiaries advocates mull court action
Beneficiaries advocates around the country are preparing to go to court over what they say is WINZ pushing people off invalids benefits onto sickness benefits. [more]

Sports News for Wednesday 7 April 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Victim has no confidence church's approach has improved
As the Catholic Church reassures parishoners it has improved the way it deals with allegations of sexual abuse - one New Zealand victim says his own file is far from closed. [more]

Leaky homeowners not convinced package will help them
Some home owners fear there will be strings attached to any Government financial rescue package put forward to resolve the leaky homes problem. [more]

Waatea News for Wednesday 7 April 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Plan for organic roadside rubbish collection welcomed
Environmentalists are welcoming a plan to provide Aucklanders with a separate bin so food and garden waste can be picked up in roadside collections. [more]

Australia considers raft of measures to future reef damage
The Australian government's considering a raft of measures to prevent further damage to the Great Barrier Reef. [more]


Old School Obstetrics
Anthony Kenney, Museum Curator at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists on the contribution of Scottish physicians William Hunter and William Smellie to British obstetrics with a recent report suggesting they solicited the killing of women in the latter stages of pregnancy to further their own research. [more]

Arts: Poetry
A word here and there may imply more than what those words are meant to mean as Cliff Fell, Poet and amp; Programme Leader, Media and amp; Creative Writing at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology explains. [more]

Conundrum Clue 11
Conundrum Clue 11. [more]

Conundrum Clue 12
Conundrum Clue 12. [more]

Nine To Noon

Funding denied as ACC attempts to cut costs
Claims are being made that some people with serious brain injuries are being denied funding for rehabilitation as ACC attempts to cut costs. [more]

Lieutenant Colonel John Milbanke Masters
Lieutenant Colonel John Milbanke Masters is the inaugural ANZAC of the year recipient. [more]

UK Correspondent - Olly Barrett
UK correspondent Olly Barratt on the UK election announcement. [more]

Feature Guest - Mark Prebble
One of New Zealand's top public servants, Mark Prebble has drawn on decades of experience in some of the highest positions in the civil service, often during turbulent times, to write his new book. [more]

Book Review - The Limping Man
Phil Vine reviews 'The Limping Man' by Maurice Gee, published by Puffin. [more]

Law - Dean Knight
Dean Knight is a senior lecturer at Victoria University's Faculty of Law, and today he discusses issues surrounding the sacking of ECan and appointing commissioners in its place. [more]

Film Review - Graeme Tuckett
Graeme reviews the blockbuster Clash of the Titans, a John Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy and the animation How to train your Dragon. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 7 April 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 7 April 2010
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Don McGlashan
NZ songwriter talks about recent album release and upcoming countrywide solo tour. [more]

Thomas Marriot
US jazz trumpeter in the country for the Christchurch Jazz Festival. [more]

News stories:

Threats against New Zealand judge investigated
The New Zealand judge employed as Vanuatu's coroner has arrived in Wellington, as officials investigate threats against him and his family. Justice Dawson left Port Vila following threats that began... [more]

Fonterra plans milk processing plant for Canterbury
Fonterra has announced plans for a new milk processing plant at Darfield in central Canterbury. [more]

Quality of life survey result
Maori are almost twice as likely as Pakeha to be dissatisfied with their quality of life according to a survey by the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development. [more]

Maori Tourism Trust opens information centre in Napier
The Hawkes Bay Maori Tourism Trust has opened an information and booking office on Marine Parade in Napier. [more]

Recession effects still expected for some time - Treasury
A monthly summary of New Zealand economic indicators by the Treasury says that while the economy is recovering slightly more strongly than earlier predicted, the effects of the recession will be felt for some time. [more]

Labour market strengthens in Australia
Further signs of a strengthening labour market in Australia have emerged with another rise in the number of job advertisements placed in major metropolitan newspapers and on the internet last month. [more]

Further boom predicted for LNG
The Queensland Resources Council says a $A20 billion gas deal with Japan gives the liquefied natural gas industry credibility. [more]

Time for Maori rugby to sever ties with NZRU? - Bush
Former All Black prop and Maori All Black captain Bill Bush says it may be time for Maori rugby to sever its ties with the New Zealand Rugby Football Union and go it alone. [more]

German car exports up
German car exports rose by more than half in March compared with a year earlier, but domestic car sales fell by a quarter due to the end of a car scrappage scheme. [more]

Farm savings tipped under new energy pilot programme
Dairy farmers could wipe more than $1000 year off their power bills, through a new pilot programme that aims to improve on-farm energy use. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Wednesday's headlines: Paralympic gold medallist Adam Hall welcomed home; man killed by falling sheets of glass; diplomat involved in 1984 fatal crash was later dismissed from Chilean foreign service. [more]

Diesel power plant may be dismantled
A diesel power plant touted as the solution to winter electricity shortages may be dismantled and taken out of Hawke's Bay. It was widely criticised as being counter-productive and expensive. [more]

Government advisory group named
The Government has named a private sector group to advise it on how New Zealand can become an international hub for the funds management industry. [more]

Fiji media decree discussions about to begin
Discussions over Fiji's proposed media decree are finally due to get underway today after delays to consultations due to Cyclone Tomas. But disquiet has emerged after it became clear interested... [more]

American Samoa Community College notches up good marks
The American Samoa Community College has won praise for its progress towards getting off probation status. The college is currently on probation status or on sanction by the accrediting commission... [more]

PINA manager admits censorship happens, but tries to maintain relationship with Government
The manager of the Fiji-based Pacific Islands News Association says the organisation tries to keep an open dialogue with the current government, but admits censorship does occur. This follows a... [more]

American Samoa gets more drug dogs
The American Samoa Department of Public Safety is adding two drug sniffing dogs to its staff for the first time. DPS acquired the dogs using a grant from the Criminal... [more]

Late first round start for Woods at Masters
The Masters tournament committee have given Tiger Woods a late tee time for the opening round on Friday, and they've conferred on the Korean KJ Choi and the ... [more]

Choi, Kuchar to play with Tiger for first two rounds at Masters
There's been unprecedented interest in the draw for this week's Masters golf tournament in Augusta with most of the elite field preferring not to play alongside Tiger Woods in his comeback ... [more]

Lockyer and co to fuel Maroons' charge to fifth series win
Queensland needed another spur after winning a record fourth straight rugby league State of Origin series and now they have it. Darren Lockyer's declaration that he's up for one last series ... [more]

Rooney ruled out of tomorrow's Champions league second leg match
Manchester United's striker Wayne Rooney won't be playing in tomorrow morning's Champions League quarter-final, second leg match against Bayern Munich at Old Trafford. United's manager Sir Alex Ferguson says ... [more]

Daniel Bell qualifies for Delhi
The Beijing Olympian Daniel Bell has qualified for the Commonwealth Games with an impressive swim in the final of the 200 metres backstroke on the second night of finals at the ... [more]

Robben says he is ready to face United
Bayern Munich's Dutch winger Arjen Robben has declared himself ready to play against Manchester United in tomorrow's Champions League quarter-final second leg at Old Trafford. Robben's goal against Fiorentina sent Bayern ... [more]

German probe into bottle-throwing striker
German prosecutors have opened a preliminary investigation into Hamburg's Peruvian striker Paolo Guerrero after he hurled a plastic drinks bottle at a fan, hitting him on the head. If the bottle ... [more]

Four-time major champ Floyd calls it quits at 67
Four-time major champion Raymond Floyd has announced he will not compete in this year's Masters, ending the 67-year-old American golder's run of appearances in the year's first major at 44. ... [more]

Semenya plans return to competition in June
Caster Semenya, the 800 metres world champion at the centre of a gender verification row, will return to competitive athletics at an international meet in Zaragoza, Spain on June ... [more]

Chiefs lose Muliaina for rest of Super 14
The Chiefs have lost their captain Mils Muliaina for the rest of rugby's Super 14,. The All Black fullback had an operation today on the thumb he broke during the win ... [more]

Els in form and relaxed going into Masters
The South Korean golfer KJ Choi says he's excited about playing alongside Tiger Woods for the first two rounds of this weeks Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Most of the elite ... [more]

Farewells to fuel Queensland's State of Origin campaign
The Brisbane Broncos star Darren Lockyer has decided he's up for one last State of Origin series for Queensland who'll be attempting to make it five straight series wins over New ... [more]

Chiefs may be missing two All Blacks for Bulls match
There'll be a replay of last season's Super 14 rugby final when the Chiefs play the Bulls in Hamilton on Friday night. The second-placed South Africans lost to the Blues in ... [more]

US markets gain
Stocks on Wall Street have gained after minutes from the US Federal Reserve's last meeting eased concerns over interest rates. [more]

Interest rates lifted by Australian banks
Major banks in Australia have announced a 0.25% rise in interest rates after the Reserve Bank lifted official cash rates again on Tuesday. [more]

Late historian mourned by Te Arawa
Ngati Rangiwewehi elder Trevor Maxwell says Te Arawa values historian Don Stafford's recording of its stories. Mr Stafford died on Monday in Rotorua. [more]

Good harvest expected by wine company
Maori-owned wine company Tohu Wines is expecting a good harvest this year. Picking started this week at its Waihopai vineyard. [more]

Judge delighted at Miss World NZ title winner
Former Miss New Zealand Maureen Waaka is thrilled at the Miss World New Zealand title win by Cody Yerkovich of Kaitaia at the weekend. [more]

Vanuaku Party in crisis as it elects two rival presidents
A leadership struggle within Vanuatu's ruling Vanuaku Party is expected to be decided in court. This comes after two consecutive party congresses on Tongoa island over the past week chose... [more]

Fiji media decree talks begin
Consultations over Fiji's Media Decree are getting underway today but participants have only a short time to view the draft document. The document was to be available at 8 o'clock... [more]

Fiji Chamber of Commerce questions price controls
Fiji's Chamber of Commerce says blanket price controls aren't helping the poor and Fiji needs to concentrate on a free market economy instead. Concerns have been raised by Consumer International... [more]

Building rules flouted in Solomons capital, says mayor
The Honiara City Council in Solomon Islands says it's noticed an increase in buildings being constructed without a permit. Its Mayor Andrew Mua, who is also the Chairman of the... [more]

Report reveals PNG government trust account controlled privately
A Papua New Guinea parliamentary report says government trust accounts should not be managed by the public service or by any government agencies. This comes after the report, by the... [more]

Fiji relief effort now focussed on food and crops
Fiji's agricultural sector is at the centre of relief efforts with disaster officials distributing seedlings to avoid future food shortages. Last month's cyclone killed at least two people and caused... [more]

Mail destroyed in fire at Hamilton post box
Mail was destroyed when a post box was set on fire in a Hamilton street early on Tuesday morning. [more]

Teenage girls arrested after robbery of taxi driver
Two teenage girls have been arrested following the armed robbery of a taxi driver in Hamilton. [more]

Taiwanese Robin Hood takes on US for indigenous CNMIs
A Taiwan-based legal entity is taking the United States government to court over its treatment of the indigenous people of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas. The Saipan Tribune reports... [more]

Tonga calls tenders to run interim ferry
Calls for tender are to be made in Tonga from today for the management contract for Tonga's new interim ferry, the Ajang Subuh. The ship is expected to arrive from... [more]

NZQA urges caution on NCEA comparisons
The New Zealand Qualifications Authority has urged parents to treat comparisons of school's NCEA results with caution. [more]

Approval for Vector to lift stake in NZ Windfarms
Shareholders in New Zealand Windfarms have agreed to allow cornerstone shareholder Vector to lift its stake above 20%. [more]

Chilean gas find reported by Greymouth Petroleum subsidiary
A Chilean operating subsidiary of New Zealand's Greymouth Petroleum has made what it calls a significant gas find, which could lead to commercial drilling. [more]

Jump in profit at fast food group
Record sales at KFC and a turnaround at Pizza Hut have boosted the full year profit at Restaurant Brands by 70%. Total revenue at the fast-food franchise operator was $318.3 million [more]

Bebo site for sale
Internet company AOL plans to sell Bebo just two years after buying the social networking site for $US850 million. [more]

American Samoa governor calls for tougher penalties for child sex crime
American Samoa's Governor, Togiola Tulafono, wants to increase penalties for those convicted of child sexual abuse. Speaking in his weekly radio programme, the governor said that sexual abuse of a... [more]

American Samoa governor calls for tougher peanalties for child sex crime
American Samoa's Governor, Togiola Tulafono, wants to increase penalties for those convicted of child sexual abuse. Speaking in his weekly radio programme, the governor said that sexual abuse of a... [more]

US Supreme Court rejects appeal from Marshall Islands' nuclear test victims
The US Supreme Court has rejected an attempt by Marshall Islanders affected by nuclear weapons testing to have the court review their appeals against lower court decisions on compensation. A... [more]

Cooks mayor says Aitutaki rebuilding may start next month
The mayor of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, Tai Herman, says the rebuilding of homes damaged by Cyclone Pat could begin as early as next month. Cyclone Pat ripped through... [more]

Fiji claims World Bank support for land reform
The Fiji interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, says he has won the World Bank's support for the regime's land reforms. Commodore Bainimarama has told the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation that... [more]

Use of Vanuaku Party name contested by rivals
The prime minister of Vanuatu, Edward Natapei, says he will seek a court order to stop a rival politician, Harry Iauko, from using the name of the Vanuaku Party. This... [more]

Samoa NGOs oppose casino plans
Samoa's umbrella organisation for non-government groups, SUNGO, is collecting submissions from members who are all vehemently opposing the casino bill. The Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, said the proposed casinos... [more]

Consumers International says Fiji on right track with voucher system
The director of Consumers International for Asia Pacific says Fiji is on the right track with its price control and giving out food vouchers to the poor, but closer monitoring... [more]

Fiji regime releases draft Media Decree
A draft Media Decree released in Fiji this morning is proposing a raft of provisions the current administration says is aimed at emphasising fair, accurate and responsible reporting. It proposes... [more]

Tonga's King alleged to have thrown Ashika report on the floor
The King of Tonga is alleged to have thrown a report investigating the sinking of the ferry, Princess Ashika, on the floor. The sinking last August claimed 74 lives, sparking... [more]

Democratic reform debate sidelines Ashika report in Tonga
Debate in Tonga over democratic reform has moved parliamentary consideration of a report into the sinking of the ferry, Princes Ashika, to the sidelines in the House's opening session. The... [more]

$1m writedown over disease outbreak at kiwifruit orchard
Seeka Kiwifruit Industries says its full year earnings will take a hit of almost $1 million after an outbreak of disease at an Italian orchard that it partly owns. [more]

Sth Canterbury farmers vow to obstruct line workers
Some farmers in South Canterbury say they will do all they can to obstruct upgrade work on power pylons on their land. [more]

Auckland property prices lift slightly
Auckland's largest real estate firm Barfoot and Thompson says house prices are continuing to trend upwards. [more]

Benefits of cellphone ban still unclear, says minister
Transport Minister Steven Joyce says it is too early to tell if a ban on cellphones while driving and impairment tests for drivers suspected of being on drugs have helped lower the road toll. [more]

11th Easter road fatality named
The name of a youth who became the 11th Easter road fatality has been released. [more]

French Polynesia majority still short of numbers for planned changes
Reports from French Polynesia says the ruling majority may struggle to get the 29 votes to install a new assembly president this week. Tahitipresse says the coalition has only 26... [more]

Wayward former Kiwis test forward switches codes
The former New Zealand rugby league test forward Sione Faumuina has switched codes and is determined to put his controversial past behind him in Brisbane club rugby. The ex-Warriors and Cowboys ... [more]

Chiefs make two changes for match against second placed Bulls
The Chiefs have made two changes to their starting line-up for Friday night's Super 14 rugby match against the South African side, the Bulls, in Hamilton. In the forwards experienced openside ... [more]

Two more swimmers under qualifying times in heats
Two Olympians Glenn Snyders and Hayley Palmer have gone under Commonwealth Games qualifying times after their heats at the New Zealand Swimming Championship in Waitakere. Snyders was fastest in the 100 ... [more]

Concern at rising number of recreational drownings
Water Safety New Zealand says it is concerned about the increasing number of recreational drownings. [more]

Glass importer stops operating after worker's death
A glass importer where a man was fatally cut by falling glass has stopped operating while an investigation takes place. [more]

ACC rejects claims over brain rehabilitation funding
The Accident Compensation Corporation rejects claims it is denying funding for rehabilitating people with serious brain injury in an attempt to cut costs. [more]

Separate bin for food and garden rubbish suggested
A suggestion that there should have a separate bin for food and garden rubbish in roadside collections in Auckland is welcomed by an environmental consultant. [more]

Mayors call for sacking of regional council chief executive
Some mayors who called for the Canterbury Regional Council to be disbanded now want the organisation's chief executive sacked also. [more]

Wildlife park owners plead not guilty to safety charges
The owners of the Zion Wildlife Gardens have pleaded not guilty in the Whangarei District Court to charges related to the death of a keeper. [more]

PM heads to North America
Prime Minister John Key leaves on Wednesday for a 10-day trip to North America. He will attend a nuclear security summit in Washington and have talks with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. [more]

Green Party against Mokihinui hydro dam
The Green Party says a decision to allow damming of the Mokihinui River on the West Coast is a mistake. [more]

Firearms licences review after trespass notices issued
Trespass notices have been issued to 736 people in a nine-month operation by police and forest security agencies targeting forest land. Some 250 people are having their firearms licences reviewed. [more]

Farming challenge ahead over carbon footprint of NZ lamb
A new study that measures the carbon footprint of New Zealand lamb exported to Europe confirms that the biggest challenge in reducing that foot-print will be on the farm. [more]

Regional council vows to put people before rivers
Northland Regional Council says it will put the needs of people and livestock ahead of the health of rivers if drought continues in the north. [more]

'Pommy git' OK for mention on radio
The Broadcasting Standards Authority has declined to uphold a complaint that usage of the phrase "pommy git" by a radio host was derogatory and racist. [more]

PM opens global alliance meeting in NZ
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has opened the first meeting of an international effort to reduce the climate change efforts of agriculture. [more]

Family, friends wait for sea to return drowned man
Family members and friends of an Auckland man swept out to sea from a Northland sandspit are camping on the beach in the hope that his body will wash ashore. [more]

Online milk powder auction prices jump
Milk powder prices in Fonterra's latest global online auction rose by 21% overnight on Tuesday. [more]

Police investigate if attempted robbery linked to other crimes
An attempted robbery at a bank in South Auckland may be linked to series of other aggravated incidents. [more]

Woods pleads with media to stop asking questions
Tiger Woods had pleaded with the media to stop bombarding fellow golfers with questions about his scandalous philandering on his return from exile and allow them to prepare for this week's ... [more]

Snyders and Palmer post qualifying times for Commonwealth Games
Glenn Snyders and Hayley Palmer have become the latest New Zealand swimmers to achieve qualifying times for the Commonweath Games in India, later this year. At the national champs in Waitakere ... [more]

NZ leads after opening round of Queen Sirikit cup golf tournament
New Zealand has a one shot lead after the opening round of the Queen Sirikit Cup women's golf international in Hamilton. Eighteen-year-old Zoe Brake shot a three under par 69, to ... [more]

Two junior Warriors players suspended for six games
The Junior Warriors players, John Palavi and Sebastine Ikahihifo, have both been suspended for six games for their involvement in a dangerous throw incident in Sunday's under-20 Toyota Cup match against ... [more]

Heat and dust bother New Zealand bowlers at Commonwealth Games warm up
There's been mixed results for New Zealand bowlers competing on the opening day of a Commonwealth Games warm up event in New Delhi. Val Smith won both her matches in the ... [more]

Call for cheaper after-hours care for Porirua children
Doctors say the health of thousands of poor children living in Porirua is under threat because of a lack of free after-hours care. [more]

Proper nouns allowed under new Scrabble rules
The rules of the word game Scrabble are being changed for the first time in its history to allow the use of proper nouns. [more]

Pressure to compete a factor in glider crash - inquiry
An investigation into the death of a glider at the national championships two years ago has found the pilot may have felt pressured by the competition. [more]

Council ordered to pay $100,000 to developer
The Auckland Regional Council has been ordered to pay almost $100,000 in costs to a developer on Waiheke Island after the Environment Court found the council failed to act fairly and impartially. [more]

Man charged with murder following Hokitika shootings
A man has appeared in the Greymouth District Court charged with murder following a double shooting in Hokitika. [more]

NZ market higher at close
The New Zealand sharemarket gained 16 points, or 0.4%, to close at 3325 on Wednesday. Turnover was $102 million. [more]

Government plans changes to legal aid system
Justice Minister Simon Power says the oversight of the legal profession will increase substantially as a result of changes it plans to make to the legal aid system. [more]

Samoans over-represented in NZ's gambling addiction statistics
A Pacific service for gambling addicts in New Zealand says their problem gambling statistics indicate that Samoans are more at risk of developing an addiction to gambling than other Pacific... [more]

Australia confirms DNA testing of PNG nationals looking to visit
The Australian government is DNA testing some Papua New Guineans who want to visit relatives in Australia. The DNA tests are carried out in Port Moresby on PNG nationals who... [more]

NZ opposition watches situation regarding Vanuatu coroner closely
New Zealand's opposition Labour Party says it understands why the government is tightlipped after a New Zealand judge left Vanuatu following threats. Justice Nevin Dawson, who has been acting as... [more]

Provisions in draft Fiji Media Decree unusual, says media law expert
Fiji's proposed Media Decree would ban the ownership of a news organisation by other than a Fiji citizen. The draft decree that was made available yesterday shortly before the first... [more]

Proposed provisions in Fiji Media Decree unusual, says media law expert
Fiji's proposed Media Decree would ban the ownership of a news organisation by other than a Fiji citizen. The draft decree that was made available yesterday shortly before the first... [more]

Crown may seek damages against spy base trio
The Solicitor-General says the Crown will consider seeking $1.1 million in damages from activists acquitted of intentionally damaging the cover of the Waihopai satellite dish. [more]

Opposition parties to investigate care for aged
The Labour and Green Parties are to investigate the state of care for the aged in New Zealand. [more]

Leaky home owners have little confidence in officials
The Home Owners and Buyers Association says leaky home owners have little confidence in the people trying to find a solution to the crisis. [more]

Fonterra plan allows public to invest in fund
The public will be able to invest in a Fonterra-linked fund under the dairy co-operative's final restructuring proposal. It believes the plan will also enable it to head off competition from foreigners buying up New Zealand farms. [more]