Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 8th April 2010

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The best song ever written
Miles Coverdale from Porirua chooses Waiting For A Friend by The Rolling Stones. [more]

Your place - Stratford
We're off now to the junction of State Highway 3 and State Highway 43, a little town nestled in the shadow of the mountain in Central Taranaki. [more]

Trish Lewis
She's wet, cold and sleep deprived, but Trish Lewis is having the time of her life as she sails in the 2010 Solo Tasman Challenge. [more]

Campervan Blocks
Locals in the Lake Hawea have had a guts full of freedom campers making a mess of rest areas. [more]

He Rourou for 8 April 2010
Ana Tapiata talks to Northland kuia Pirihira Henry about life in the Far North. [more]

Feature Album - James Taylor
Ahead of tonight James Taylor and Carole King concert in Christchurch tonight, we feature Taylor's self titled debut album from 1968. [more]

The Arts Report with Lynn Freeman
We visit"The Bunker"near the top of Devonport's Mt Victoria and we meet artist Leilani Kake who's work documenting her father's political activities. [more]

Christchurch Story for 8 April 2010 - Pet Care
South African-born Tim Harrison grew up having a wart-hog as a pet amongst other things. He works with animals for a living. [more]

Science story
Asthmatics around the world may soon be able to breathe a small sigh of relief. Scientists at Plant and Food Research have found that a compound in blackcurrants can reduce inflammation in lung cells. [more]

The Panel (part 1)
With Michelle and Duncan Webb. [more]

The Panel (part 2)
With Michelle and Duncan Webb. [more]

At The Movies

At The Movies for 8 April 2010
Simon Morris reviews Oscar-winner The Hurt Locker, a drama about the young John Lennon - Nowhere Boy - and the latest 3D blockbuster, Clash of the Titans. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 8 April 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 8 April 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 8 April 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 8 April 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 8 April 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Teenager admits critically injuring baby
A 13 year old Invercargill boy is being held in a secure Child Youth and Family facility after admitting he critically injured a crying baby girl when he picked her up and shook her. [more]

Tariana Turia to run the billion dollar Whanau Ora scheme
The Government has rejected a key part of the Maori Party's flagship Whanau Ora policy saying the billion dollar plan to help families with multiple problems will NOT be run by an independent trust. [more]

Kaitaia fire chief among those hit by XT fault
Kaitaia's fire chief has hit out at Telecom's XT network saying it's simply not good enough for the emergency service to use. [more]

Drought situation gets worse
The Goverment says farmers in the upper North Island face a grim winter if they don't get rain soon. [more]

TV3 axes Sunrise with 20 jobs to go
TV3's breakfast shows have been canned after waking up on the wrong side of the ratings. [more]

Sports News for 8 April 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

What the Women's Refuge think about Whanau Ora
The Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia has been appointed as the Minister for the Whanau Ora Fund - a new billion dollar scheme. [more]

Mystery of disappearance ends with body identification
The four-month mystery surrounding the disappearance of a Hamilton grandmother has been solved with the identification of a body pulled out of the Waikato River at Meremere on Saturday. [more]

Film emerges of hotel bombing in Jakarta last year
Video footage has emerged that was recorded as the Marriott Hotel suicide bomber closed in on his victims in Jakarta last year. [more]

Waatea News for 8 April 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Waihopai base rejects protestors' claims
Claims made about the Waihopai monitoring station by three peace activists have been formally rebutted by the organisation itself. [more]

Warning Tamils could use Australia as base
The Sri Lankan Government is warning Australia it could become a breeding ground for separatists if more Tamil asylum seekers are taken in. [more]

Uncertainty over who is in charge in Kyrgystan
After a day of violent protest that has left up to a hundred dead, it is not clear who is in charge in Kyrgyzstan. [more]

Giant chess pieces returned!
The giant chess pieces stolen from Christchurch's Cathedral Square have been returned, plus one extra piece stolen six years ago. [more]

Whanau Ora report launched
The Maori Party co-leader, Tariana Turia, has been appointed as the Whanau Ora Minister to oversee the implementation of the party's flagship policy. [more]

XT customers hit by another failure
Telecom's problem-plagued XT mobile network has been hit by another fault today, with services north of the Bombay Hills through to Northland down for about four hours. [more]

Carvers hide snowflake greenstone from police
Pounamu carvers are hiding their snowflake greenstone after police seized almost two tonnes of it from two Hokitika stores last week. [more]

Abolition of House of Lords election policy for UK Labour
One of the controversial plans in the Labour Party's manifesto is a proposal to abolish The House of Lords and replace it with an elected Upper House. [more]

Light exercise good for mothers and babies
Researchers have found that moderate exercise during pregnancy means women have lighter babies. [more]

Japanese have natural advantage in digesting sushi
Scientists say that Japanese people have a natural advantage when it comes to digesting sushi. [more]

Sports News for 8 April 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Violent protests in Kyrgyzstan
After a day of violent protest that has left up to a hundred dead, it is not clear who is in charge in Kyrgyzstan. [more]

Do we need a new super sunscreen?
Scientists at Queensland's University of Technology are looking at whether a super high factor sunscreen is needed to help fight melanoma. [more]

Mixed reviews on surf club design
The architects of a proposed one-point-eight million dollar surf club on Wellington's south coast are standing by their design, despite criticism from some locals that the new building will look like a toilet block. [more]

Waatea News for 8 April 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

American town uses civil rights history in appeal for help
A small town in the United States is making a personal appeal for help to Barack Obama. [more]

Locust swarm plagues central Queensland town
The town of Longreach in central Queensland is under attack from a plague of locusts. [more]

Cyber spies steal documents from India, UN and US
A report claims a Chinese based network of cyber spies have been stealing classified documents from the Indian government as well as the United Nations and a U.S. embassy. [more]

Science of bird flight formation revealed
How birds fly in such perfect formation has mystified scientists for centuries. [more]

Joke on aircraft goes wrong
A man has been arrested after a security alert on board an American airliner. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 8 April 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 8 April 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Thursday 8 April 2010
Catholic Church claims new approach to abuse complaints, Spy activist would welcome Crown's civil claim, Hydro dam approval alarms Seddonville residents, Government to release report on Whanau Ora, Government likely to delay businesses facing full emission cost, Academics back importing donor organs. [more]

ACT says Government should delay emissions trading
Pressure is coming from the business community for the Government to delay the introduction of the Emissions Trading Scheme. [more]

Huapai residents concerned about 90-hectare development
Residents in the rural town of Huapai, northwest of Auckland, are opposing a plan which could see 90 hectares of farm land carved up for development. [more]

Pacific News for 8 April 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 8 April 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Crown looks at civil case against Waihopai Three
One of the Waihopai spy base saboteurs says the suggestion the Crown may sue them for more than a million dollars in damages is sabre rattling that will probably come to nothing. [more]

Protests escalate in Thailand
The prime minister of Thailand has declared a state of emergency in and around the capital, Bangkok, as anti-government protests escalate. [more]

Catholic Church claims new approach to abuse complaints
The Catholic Church in New Zealand says it is currently investigating five historical complaints of child abuse and will actively pursue any further allegations that come to light. [more]

Spy activist would welcome Crown's civil claim
One of the activists aquitted of intentionally damaging the Waihopai satellite dish is welcoming the prospect of further court action. The Solicitor-General says the crown will consider seeking $1.1 million in damages. [more]

Government to release report on Whanau Ora
More details are emerging about how the Maori Party's centrepiece policy Whanau Ora will operate. A taskforce set up to devise the best way of delivering the policy has reported to Tariana Turia and she'll make the report public later today. [more]

Government likely to delay businesses facing full emission cost
Business groups are pressuring the Government to rethink the ETS, as the date approaches when taxpayers will start feeling the financial impact of the scheme. [more]

Academics back importing donor organs
Some academics are supporting buying organs from third world countries. Low donor rates mean New Zealand ranks second last in a list showing the number of transplants in 20 developed nations. [more]

Foreign interest in New Zealand farms on rise
Fonterra says powerful overseas investors are eyeing New Zealand farms and farm factories with more enthusiasm than ever. [more]

Fiji government drafts new decree to be able to fine media
Harsh new controls on the media are set to be introduced in Fiji. News organisations face being fined half a million Fiji dollars for publishing stories deemed against the public interest or order by the country's military Government. [more]

Sports News for 8 April 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Lawyers say legal aid reforms won't tackle real problems
Lawyers will be required to sit competency tests every three years in one of the raft of changes intended to improve the performance of the legal aid system. [more]

US mine owners face criticism after deaths
Rescuers are holding out for a miracle as they try to find four miners still missing after a massive explosion in a West Virginia coal mine. [more]

Hydro dam approval alarms Seddonville residents
Some residents of a tiny West Coast community are voicing their concerns about plans to build a dam near their settlement. [more]

Business pile on pressure for ETS delay
Business groups are pressuring the Government to delay the introduction of the ETS. Fuel and energy prices are set to rise from July this year when electricity, transport and industrial players enter the scheme [more]

Small Ohio art museum sending Maori artefacts back
A small art museum in the United States is sending its collection of Maori artefacts back to New Zealand to be sold. [more]

ANZ says Philippines hub won't cost jobs at home
The ANZ National Bank has accused banking unions of scaremongering over plans to open a back-office hub in the Philippines. [more]

Locals hot under collar as trail for Okarito arsonist goes cold
Residents in the West Coast township of Okarito say they're angry that people who lit fires in a kiwi sanctuary two months ago still haven't been caught. [more]

Sports News for 8 April 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Poor children not getting the help they need
An Auckland University Professor says the problem of poor children being denied after hours medical care is a national problem. [more]

Waatea News for 8 April 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Pressure mounts on bushfire chief who ate out as state burned
The former police chief commissioner of Victoria in Australia is under fire after it emerged she went out for dinner on Black Saturday. [more]

Musicians say more Maori artists need to be funded
Musicians say the Maori broadcasting funding agency Te Mangai Paho needs to spread its budget among more artists to help revive a stalled Maori music industry. [more]

New Scrabble game panned by players
A new version of Scrabble is causing howls of outrages from the fans - for the first time proper nouns will be allowed. [more]


Eskimo ancestry
Working with ancient DNA and discoveries from a 4000 year old Eskimo tuft of hair. [more]

Science - Body parts
Biology of the human body boiled down, more on the brain. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Clue 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

ACC funding
Jim Anderton and Nick Smith discuss who will pick up the tab for operations and treatment that ACC is no longer funding? [more]

Gerard Vaughan
How do you intervene to prevent others from drinking too much? [more]

Australia Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
A ship is leaking Oil in the Great Barrier Reef. [more]

Feature Guest - Daniel Pink
Daniel Pink is an American writer and Yale Law School graduate. He is the former chief speechwriter to Vice-President Al Gore and now writes bestselling books the latest of which explores the changing world of work. [more]

Book Review - Under the Huang Jiao Tree
Mary McCallum reviews 'Under the Huang Jiao Tree' by Jane Carswell. Published by Transit Lounge. [more]

Technology with Nat Torkington
Problems with closed platforms, and iPad madness. [more]

Parenting with Nigel Latta
Psychologist and parenting expert Nigel discusses grandparenting. [more]

TV review with Simon Wilson
TV3 axes Sunrise and ASB Business, The Prisoner is remade, and Maori Television shows The First Australians. [more]

Our Changing World

Mangere Island Revegetation
Mangere Island in the Chathams has been the focus of New Zealand's most remote replanting project as Bridget Gibb explains [more]

Black Holes
Roy Kerr talks about black holes and how he solved one of Einsteins's most difficult equations [more]

Ice Crystals
Andreas Hermann has developed a new way to calculate the crystalline properties of ice [more]

Blackcurrants and asthma
Plant and Food Research scientists have found that a compound in blackcurrants reduces inflammation in lung cells [more]

Radio New Zealand YouTube

Face Mask Test.avi
The video was made on Wednesday 31 March at the OBO testing laboratory in Palmerston North. The story surrounding the footage is part of the Our Changing World programme on Thursday 15 April. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 8 April 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 8 April 2010
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Chris Cree Brown
NZ composer and recipient of the Composer Association of NZ's 2010 Citation for Services to New Zealand Music. [more]

Pontus Kyander
Norway-based curator of Auckland's Living Room performing arts festival previews the event that starts tomorrow. [more]

News stories:

Distribution of tsunami aid relief continues in Samoa
The Samoa government has decided to continue to distribute relief aid for all victims of last year tsunami that killed more than 140 people. The distribution of goods donated through... [more]

Taxpayers foot $336,000 legal bill for National MPs
Taxpayers have paid $336,000 in the past few years to help two National Party MPs pay for the costs of lawsuits taken against them. [more]

UN backing cited over bid for direct negotiation of trust's claims
The chair of Nelson's Te Kahui Ngahuru Trust, James Wheeler, hopes tough talking by the United Nations will help towards direct negotiation of its claims. [more]

$12,000 paid for painting by Goldie pupil
The auctioneer who sold a painting by a pupil of Charles Goldie for a record $12,000 says the politically incorrect subject matter of a Maori woman smoking a pipe may have added to its sales appeal. [more]

Maori hospital admissions high for drug and alcohol related problems
Canterbury District Health Board wants to know why Maori are being admitted to its hospitals for drug and alcohol related problems at twice the national average. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Thursday's headlines: New Zealanders reportedly buying kidneys and having transplant operations in the Third World; criticism of $45,000 Dunedin sculpture depicting six oversize wisdom teeth; giant chess pieces stolen from outdoor chessboard in Cathedral [more]

Earnings uncertainty over GST
Restaurant Brands is optimistic it will achieve full year profit of about $20 million this year - but uncertainty around GST could affect earnings. [more]

Masters chairman castigates Woods
On the eve of the Masters golf tournament, the chairman of the Augusta National club has castigated Tiger Woods for failing to live up to expectations as a role ... [more]

Man U out to maintain proud England record in Europe
Sir Alex Ferguson has sprung a major surprise an hour before kickoff by naming Wayne Rooney in Manchester United's starting lineup to play Bayern Munich in their quarter-final decider at Old ... [more]

New Zealand leads by one in Queen Sirikit Cup
The young New Zealand team will take a one shot lead into today's second round of the Queen Sirikit Cup women's golf international in Hamilton. Eighteen year old Zoe Brake fired ... [more]

Lee retains Cricket Australia contract
Fast bowler Brett Lee has retained his Cricket Australia contract for 2010-11 but fellow pacemen Stuart Clark and Nathan Bracken were among five players dropped from the 25-strong list. Batsmen Brad ... [more]

American free to play pending doping probe
The American tennis player Wayne Odesnik, who has pleaded guilty to importing human growth hormone into Australia, can continue to play competitively pending an International Tennis Federation investigation. 24 ... [more]

Messi strikes fear into Real
Lionel Messi's destruction of Arsenal in the Champions League has filled the Madrid-based sports press with trepidation ahead of this weekend's "Clasico" between Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. ... [more]

Fien won't give up on 2010
The injured St George Illawarra hooker Nathan Fien is adamant his NRL season is not a write-off with the New Zealand international eyeing a return just before the finals series. Fien's ... [more]

Cayless furious at the leaking of his impending retirement
The cracks in Parramatta's sinking premiership campaign appear to be widening with the Eels skipper Nathan Cayless fuming at the leaking of his impending retirement. The one-time NRL title favourites are ... [more]

Navratilova diagnosed with breast cancer
Martina Navratilova, one of the finest female tennis players of all time, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The 53 year old Czech-born American has told People magazine ... [more]

Two more qualifiers at sqwim champs
Olympian Glenn Snyders got the perfect birthday present when he qualified for the Commonwealth Games at the national swimming championships in Waitakere. Snyders, who turned 23 yesterday, met the qualifying time ... [more]

Terry Jenner suffers serious heart attack
The former Australian test cricketer Terry Jenner has suffered a serious heart attack in London. The long time coach of leg spinner Shane Warne, Jenner suffered his heart ... [more]

Rural housing development proposed
Rodney District Council is proceeding with a proposal to change the district plan so developers can build on a 90-hectare farmland block in rural Huapai. [more]

Best-seller to be sought from Maori writers
The Maori Literature Trust is looking for six Maori writers who are serious about creating a best-seller. [more]

Greece woes mount
Banks in Greece have asked for further government support as the country's financial woes continue. Meanwhile, government bond yields have hit new highs. [more]

Markets slip on lower forecast for eurozone
Stocks on Wall Street have fallen, taking a lead from European markets which slipped after the OECD lowered its growth forecast for the eurozone. [more]

Bayern Munich knock out United
Bayern Munich has qualified for the semi-finals in European football's Champions League despite losing 3-2 at Manchester United. The German side progressed on the away goals rule as the tie finished ... [more]

Masters field face different course
Changes to Augusta National's carefully manicured course have been on the minds of the world's elite golfers on the eve of the first major of the year, the Masters. The American ... [more]

Burmester surprised by slow times at Games qualifying
With two days to go six swimmers have now qualified for the Commonwealth Games at the national swimming championships, which are being used as trials for New Delhi. Glenn Snyders and ... [more]

Woods will now be judged on off course behaviour not on course results
On the eve of the Masters golf tournament, the chairman of the Augusta National club has castigated Tiger Woods for failing to live up to expectations as a role model. In ... [more]

Rare tree being revived on Three Kings
Conservation workers are flying to the Three Kings Islands, north of Cape Reinga, on Thursday to sow seeds of one of the world's rarest trees, the Pennantia Baylissiana. [more]

Former Fiji Sun publisher says media decree worse than expected
A former publisher of the newspaper the Fiji Sun, says the media decree proposed by the interim government is worse than expected. Russell Hunter, the first of three Australian publishers... [more]

Vanuatu visitor numbers fall
Vanuatu's tourism office says the country may still be seen as an expensive destination following data that show a slump in overall visitor numbers. The overall number of visitors is... [more]

No changes to emissions trading scheme until 2013
The Government has ruled out further delays to the start of the Emissions Trading Scheme for high-polluting sectors of the economy. [more]

French oil company to be investigated
French oil company Total is to be investigated over accusations of corruption relating to Iraq's oil-for-food programme. [more]

Daimler, Renault and Nissan form alliance
Daimler, Renault and Nissan are to take a 3.1% stake in each other's business as part of a global tie-up of their brands. They will co-operate to make electric cars and light commercial vehicles. [more]

NZX to de-list Botry-Zen
The NZX is to de-list the biotechnology company Botry-Zen Ltd on Friday. [more]

Law Society acknowledges legal aid reforms
The Auckland District Law Society says reforms to the legal aid system such as lawyers having to take competency tests, are important to ensure the legal profession has high standards. [more]

Export groups to co-operate more closely
Export New Zealand is to co-operate more closely with the New Zealand China Trade Association and ASEAN New Zealand Combined Business Council. [more]

Israeli embassy to reopen
Israel's first resident ambassador since 2002 is expected to arrive in New Zealand next week. [more]

New Zealand announces latest Prime Minister's Fellow for Tonga
The Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, has announced that Tonga's Solicitor-General, 'Aminiasi Kefu, will be the New Zealand Prime Minister's Fellow for Tonga this year. Mr Kefu will... [more]

Call centres planned for American Samoa
Blue Sky Communications is considering setting up small call centres in American Samoa. At a hearing yesterday, the House Vice Speaker, Laolagi Savali, asked why the territory is not seeing... [more]

IFJ critical of Fiji draft media decree
The International Federation of Journalists is condemning Fiji's draft media decree. The decree is to replace emergency regulations enforced on the media since last year when the president scrapped the... [more]

Cabinet decision could spark more violence in Tonga, says MP
A pro-democracy MP in Tonga says Cabinet has rejected the proposals put forward by a commission set up to determine electoral boundaries and is opting instead to have 17 constituencies... [more]

Three die in Dannevirke collision
A third person has died after a head-on collision on State Highway 2 on Wednesday night near Dannevirke in Manawatu. [more]

Attempt to abduct girl in Hamilton
Police in Hamilton are investigating an attempted abduction of a teenage girl on Wednesday evening. [more]

Bus driver in court on drink-driving charges
A bus driver has appeared in the Hastings District Court on two drink-driving related charges. [more]

Inquiry into use of funds by Maori health service
Capital and Coast District Health Board is being criticised by iwi for failing to pick up earlier on financial irregularities at a Maori health service. [more]

Unions fear jobs losses as result of ANZ Manila move
Banking unions in Australia and New Zealand warn jobs will be lost as a result of a decision by the ANZ Group in Australia to set up a new back-office hub in Manila, in the Philippines. [more]

Industrial action by radiographers called off
Radiographers have dropped rolling industrial action at district health boards to return to pay talks with their employers. [more]

PINA yet to comment on Fiji Media Decree
The Pacific Islands News Association, or PINA, says it's adopting a wait and see approach following the release of a draft media decree in Fiji yesterday. The decree plans to... [more]

No commercialisation of organ donation - minister
Health Minister Tony Ryall says the Government is not going to create a market for human organs by paying people to donate them. [more]

Giant chess pieces returned
Giant chess pieces stolen from Cathedral Square in Christchurch have been returned, while another piece taken six years ago has also surfaced. [more]

Cooks Democratic Party expels four members still in government
The president of the Cook Islands Democratic Party, Makiuti Tongia, says the four party members who refused to resign as ministers have been expelled. An ultimatum had been given to... [more]

Strike hits PNG's Ok Tedi mine
Papua New Guinea's largest copper and gold mine has stopped production for a week due to 1,000 workers striking over expatriate staffer getting better benefits and bonuses. The strike at... [more]

Marshalls public enterprises drain government resources
Publicly owned enterprises in the Marshall Islands are set for a major overhaul, after a report labelling most of them a waste of taxpayer money. The Asian Development Bank report... [more]

ACC funding cuts to be covered by health system
ACC Minister Nick Smith has confirmed millions of dollars of funding cut from the scheme is to be covered by the health system. [more]

Dip in Toyota's market share
Toyota's market share of new car purchases in New Zealand dipped in February. [more]

Pair who sexually abused schoolboys granted early release
Two men convicted of sexually abusing schoolboys in Christchurch in the 1970s have been granted early prison releases, after serving less than half of their sentences. [more]

More arrests made over string of robberies
Two more arrests have been made in relation to at least 10 aggravated robberies in the Auckland area. [more]

River body confirmed as missing Hamilton woman
Police in Hamilton have confirmed that a body found in the Waikato River on Saturday is that of a missing elderly woman. [more]

Israeli charged over fatal tourist crash in Southland
An Israeli woman has been charged with causing the deaths of two English tourists following a crash near Mossburn in Southland. [more]

Sky TV confirms Sanzar rugby broadcasts
Sky Television has confirmed it has reached agreement with SANZAR extending its rugby broadcast arrangements for five years from 2011 to 2015. [more]

Police dive team may join Far North search for body
The police dive squad may be called in to search for the body of a man swept out to sea at Ngunguru, north of Whangarei. [more]

Lauaki on final warning with New Zealand Rugby Union
The rugby career of former All Black Sione Lauaki is hanging by a thread with the New Zealand rugby union puttnig him on a final warning. The Chiefs number eight Lauaki ... [more]

Oosthuizen shoulders the curse
The favourites for the U.S. Masters title heaved a collective sigh of relief when the Siouth African golfer Louis Oosthuizen won the Par-Three contest and shouldered the weight of its fabled ... [more]

Lyon oust Bordeaux to set up clash with Bayern
Olympique Lyon reached the Champions League semi-finals for the first time despite losing 1-0 at French rivals Girondins Bordeaux . The Ligue 1 champions Bordeaux had only an outside chance ... [more]

FIA issues clarification after ride height rumours
Formula One's governing body has written to teams warning them any system that adjusts a car's suspension and ride height between qualifying and the race is illegal. The move follows speculation ... [more]

New Caledonia's Lafleur ends political career
New Caledonia's veteran politician, Jacques Lafleur, has quit politics. Mr Lafleur, who was the territory's dominant political figure for the past 30 years, has resigned as member of the Congress... [more]

TV3 pulls plug on breakfast shows
TV3 has axed its early morning news shows Sunrise and ASB Business, with the loss of 20 jobs. The channel's owner says the cost of producing the programmes is unsustainable. [more]

Jetstar marks millionth domestic customer
Jetstar celebrated its 1 millionth domestic customer in New Zealand on Thursday. [more]

Police families homeless after Papua New Guinea barracks condemned
More than a hundred policemen and their families in Papua New Guinea's second largest city, Lae, are homeless following the condemning of the Bumbu police barracks. The Post Courier newspaper... [more]

Fiji transformation in past year like a revolution, says academic
On the 10th of April it will be a year since Fiji's constitution was abolished, its judiciary sacked and emergency regulations were introduced. The move came a day after a... [more]

Vanuatu MP claiming leadership of main party not chasing Prime Ministership
The man claiming to be the President of Vanuatu's largest political party, the Vanua'aku Pati, says he doesn't automatically expect to also be Prime Minister. Tanna MP, Harry Iauko, says... [more]

Case against finance company directors adjourned
A case brought by the Securities Commission against the directors of the failed finance firm Capital + Merchant has been adjourned until 4 May. [more]

Analyst predicts strong public interest in Fonterra fund
An analyst expects there to be strong public interest in a Fonterra shareholders fund. [more]

Website promoting NZ business community launched
A website promoting New Zealand's business community has been launched by the founder of The Warehouse Sir Stephen Tindall. [more]

Tonga Cabinet rejects recommendations from boundary commission
A pro-democracy MP in Tonga says Cabinet has rejected the proposals put forward by a commission set up to determine electoral boundaries so it can have an equal number of... [more]

Minister rejects claim of interference in Hurunui process
Agriculture Minister David Carter is rejecting claims by the Green Party that he tried to interfere in a matter that could potentially affect his farming operation. [more]

Help for owners of leaky homes close, says minister
The Building and Construction Minister hopes the Prime Minister will announce a package in the next two months to help owners of leaky homes. [more]

Name of second slain Hokitika man released
The name of the second man killed in a double shooting in Hokitika has been released. [more]

Carvers admit hiding snowflake greenstone
Carvers say they are hiding snowflake greenstone after police confiscated almost two tonnes of it from Hokitika stores last week. [more]

Free after-hours health care wanted for young children
An Auckland University Professor wants a nationwide movement to get free after-hours health care for children under the age of six. [more]

Victim says abuse still happening within Catholic Church
A man who was sexually abused by a Catholic priest 28 years ago, believes there is still abuse happening within the Church, but it is being covered up. [more]

Telecom XT customers hit by another failure
Telecom's problem-plagued XT mobile network was affected by another fault on Thursday, with services in the upper North Island down for about four hours. [more]

Baby critical after being shaken by boy
A 13-year-old boy has admitted to shaking a baby, leaving her with critical head injuries. [more]

Governance group to run Whanau Ora scheme
The Government has rejected a key part of the Maori Party's flagship Whanau Ora policy, saying the $1 billion plan to help families will not be run by an independent trust. [more]

Waihopai station not a US spy base, says bureau
Allegations that a monitoring station in New Zealand is a US spy base have been formally rebutted by the organisation that runs it. [more]