Radio New Zealand - Friday, 7th May 2010

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The best song ever written
Norm Leese of Te Aroha chooses Ella Fitzgerald's rendition of 'Mack the Knife'. [more]

UK elections
It's the tightest and most unprediectable election campaign in recent memory, and the results so far don't show any clear pattern. [more]

Charlie Dark
Poet, writer, teacher, producer, rapper, DJ. These are just some of the creative hats worn by British performance artist Charlie Dark. [more]

He Rourou for 7 May 2010
Whanau Ora is one of the government's major programmes, however there are many different ideas of exactly what a whanau is. Ana Tapiata talks to Moy Milne about the definition of whanau. Ana also talks to Dame Iritana Tawhiwhirangi about how Whanau Ora may impact on early childhood education. [more]

UK elections update
The cliffhanger continues in the UK. The swing toward David Cameron's conservative party is growing but at the moment its not delivering them the 326 seats needed for an outright victory. At present Labour has 127 seats and the Conservatives 111, though at this stage it doesn't mean much. [more]

Fresh fast food
With guest chef Richard Till. [more]

Wine reviews with Karl du Fresne. [more]

Weekend weather
With Bob McDavitt. [more]

New movie reviews with Noelle McCarthy. [more]

Sports news with Murray Williams. [more]

NZ Society - Books that built New Zealand
Four New Zealand writers and thinkers have nominated the work they think has helped create our country. Today's book is actually a poem that tries to get in touch with our more sensitive side. [more]

The Panel (part 1)
With Bernard Hickey and Simon Pound. [more]

The Panel (part 2)
With Bernard Hickey and Simon Pound. [more]

Best Of The Week

Best of the Week - 07 May 2010
Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 7 May. This week........three young British politicians discusss the chances of electoral reform after the British election, British foreign correspondent Dame Ann Leslie on being a woman in the media, Pacific Rim cooking and when the facts can get in the way of a good story. [more]

Business News

Morning Business News for 7 May 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 7 May 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 7 May 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business for 7 May 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business for 7 May 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Checkpoint Choice for Friday 7 May 2010
Latest results in the UK elections; final tally still hours away; and liquor store murderer gets at least 17 years. [more]

Final tally still hours away
Britain appears to be heading towards a hung parliament after the closest election in 30 years. [more]

Liquor store murderer gets at least 17 years
A judge who's sentenced a liquor store murderer to at least 17 years in jail this afternoon says South Auckland has a serious problem with armed robberies. [more]

The latest results
We get a live election update from our London correspondent Olly Barrett. [more]

NZX-50 closes down following Dow Jones slump
The New Zealand, Australian and Asian markets are all down on the day's trade following the biggest fall on Wall Street since the 1987 crash. [more]

Dow Jones slump
The ongoing debt crisis in Europe could mean another shaky day in the markets. [more]

Jock Hobbs stands down
The chairman of the New Zealand Rugby Union, Jock Hobbs, has taken leave of absence to focus on his fight against leukemia. [more]

Sports news for 7 May 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Government books take a turn for worse
Businesses are still struggling to make profits with latest Treasury figures showing the government's tax take from companies has been weaker than expected. [more]

OIO relaunches investigation into farm sales
The Overseas Investment Office has relaunched an investigation into the sale of four Crafar family farms to companies linked to Chinese business woman May Wang. [more]

Waatea news for 7 May 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

More clues in missing woman case
A well dressed man who was parked at a lookout on Christchurch's Port Hills may hold a clue to the whereabouts of missing woman Emma Campbell. [more]

New Israeli ambassador hopes to increase tourism
The new Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand hopes his new posting will improve tourism and trade between the countries. [more]

XT network was not ready - report
Telecom's flagship XT network has been plagued with failures because it wasn't ready to handle large volumes of mobile traffic. [more]

More on the British election results
Britain's opposition Conservatives are expected to top the polls in the country's closest election in three decades. [more]

Number of erectile dysfunction formulas recalled
Medsafe has ordered the immediate recall of four brands of erectile dysfunction pills and is warning men to stop taking them because of significant health risks. [more]

Volunteers prepare to rescue seabirds from oil slick
The US Coastguard says oil, from an explosion on a Gulf of Mexico oil rig which later sank, has now started to wash ashore. [more]

ASA criticised for allowing junk food marketing to children
Public health researchers are criticising the Advertising Standards Authority, saying it's failing to prevent junk food manufacturers targetting children through marketing. [more]

An Australian academic says no TV for toddlers
An Australian academic has told pre-school teachers that children should not be exposed to any television before the age of two. [more]

Sports news for 7 May 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Waatea news for 7 May 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Cairo wants Rosetta back
The Rosetta Stone unlocked the mysteries of Ancient Egypt's heiroglyphics showing scholars how to translate the symbols. Today it stands in the British Museum in London but the Director of National Antiquities in Cairo wants it back. [more]

Country Life

Mission Station - The end of the road
Mission Station is on the North Eastern tip of the Chatham Islands and is home to Jim and Sally Muirson, who run sheep and beef on the windswept Peninsula. Jim, who came to the Chatham's in the 1960's from Banks Peninsula, takes Cosmo Kentish-Barnes on a tiki tour of this historic farm that has one of New Zealand's earliest cemeteries, the remains of an American whaling settlement, a large seal colony and the wreck of a World War 2 Sunderland flying boat that crash-landed in Te Whanga lagoon in 1959. [more]

Intro and Regional Wrap
In the increasingly dry North Island the kiwifruit harvest is progressing well and in the South most dairy herds are onto once a day milking as the season comes to an end. [more]

Dairy Mood and Book Winner
Andrew McRae checks out the mood of dairy farmers at a Dairy NZ forum this week. Rare Breeds Book winner Carol McKeever. [more]

Sister Sue: Whanganui Traders market
Sister Sue lives in Jerusalem and sells preserves made from local produce, at the Whanganui Traders market. [more]

Focus on Politics

Focus on Politics for 7 May 2010
In just under two weeks the Finance Minister, Bill English, will deliver his second Budget. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 7 May 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 7 May 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 7 May 2010
Pressure mounts on interest rates as the dole queue shortens. The protests continue but the Greek government goes ahead with austerity measures and 44 million Brits make their choice in the general election. [more]

Brits go to the polls
More than 44 million people across Britain have been going to the polls today, in what polls suggest will be the closest general election in decades. [more]

Electoral spending law passes first hurdle in Parliament.
The Green Party fears efforts to overhaul the current law on electoral campaign spending will open the door to corruption in politics. [more]

Bid for greater local body Maori representation questioned
Local Government New Zealand is questioning whether a bill calling for Maori representation on local body groups would actually achieve increased Maori representation. [more]

Pacific News for 7 May 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea news for 7 May 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Labour says government must spell out Whanau Ora details
The Government has announced its first funding commitment to the Whanau Ora programme but details on how the money will be spent and who will spend it are unclear. [more]

Economic recovery gathering steam
New figures showing a sharp fall in unemployment are being hailed as a sign the economic recovery is gathering steam. [more]

World markets fall
While economic indicators here are on the improve, overnight world markets have fallen markedly. [more]

Greece passes controversial austerity measures
After days of violence and rioting in the streets of Athens, Greece's parliament has finally voted in favour of savage cuts and reforms to address the country's financial crisis. [more]

British tourists in NZ react to UK election
Polling stations in the British general election are about to close. [more]

Final votes cast in UK election
Joining us from the Dean Street polling booth in London's Soho district is our UK correspondent, Oly Barratt. [more]

Admin costs expected to be big for Whanau Ora
The bill for Whanau Ora is likely to top half-a-billion dollars over the next four years, once the cost of contracts to deliver social services is factored in. [more]

Police pursuit policy questioned
Two police officers who chased a car that crashed, killing a teenage passenger, have been cleared of misconduct despite a finding they should have abandoned the pursuit. [more]

Morning sports news for 7 May 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

New Zealand CEOs still get pay rises despite recession
Almost half of the country's chief executives received pay rises last year despite the recession and wage freezes for many workers. [more]

Children's commissioner criticises beer-rugby partnership
The Children's Commissioner says children are associating drinking with success because of beer company sponsorship of top rugby. [more]

Injured climber forced to spend night at Mount Cook
A 34-year-old climber has had to spend the night in the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, with what is thought to be a collapsed lung. [more]

The Dow slides over European debt woes
Wall street has rebounded after plunging almost 1,000 points amid fears European debt problems could stall the global recovery. [more]

Unemployment rate drops but many locals still hunt work
The unemployment rate has dropped significantly and is now well below many first world countries. [more]

BERL economist says NZ not out of doldrums yet
So does the improvement in employment show the economy has turned the corner? [more]

Voting stations close in less than an hour in the UK
Voting stations close in less than an hour in the UK with the outcome likely to go right to the wire if final polling is any indication. [more]

Waikato River settlement may be model for foreshore
A former treaty negotiations minister believes the historic Waikato River settlement, could provide a new approach for addressing the foreshore and seabed issue. [more]

Jim Anderton to stand for Christchurch Mayor
The Wigram MP and Progressive Party leader, Jim Anderton, says he's putting his name forward to lead Christchurch. [more]

Morning sports news for 7 May 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Maori groups dream big for Whanau Ora funding
Maori groups delivering social services have begun staking their claim for some of the funding soon to be made available through Whanau Ora. [more]

All Black made to visit schools after foul-mouthed outburst
The All Blacks and Hurricanes midfielder, Ma'a Nonu, will have to do a school visit as part of his attonement for repeatedly swearing in a live radio interview. [more]

Waatea news for 7 May 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

25 years since ozone hole discovered
Climate change may the biggest environmental story of the moment, but 25 years ago, it was the hole in the ozone layer which was creating headlines. [more]

Kerry-Anne Walsh with news from Australia
We cross to Canberra to join our correspondent, Kerry-Anne Walsh. [more]


Mature women leap into a freezing cold pool to raise money for New Zealand kids with heart conditions. [more]

Nine To Noon

Polls close 9 am NZ time in the UK election
John O'Farrell, former Spitting Image comedy screenwriter, British author and broadcaster. [more]

UK election
Dr Tim Bale, political scientist at University of Sussex; formerly Victoria University. [more]

Charities and pokie machines
We are joined by Brendon Burns, MP for Christchurch Central, who has looked at issues of pokie machine administration and Warrick Hodder, acting CEO of The Trusts Charitable Foundation. [more]

Australian sociologist and authority on so-called"micro-nations". There was a micro-nation conference in Sydney recently and there's now a film being made about the phenomena. So what exactly is a micro-nation? [more]

Tuhoe Issac - Life after the Mongrel Mob
The Life of an ex-Mongrel Mob Gang Leader biography, explores the gang life of ex-Mongrel Mob gang leader Tuhoe 'Bruno' Isaac and what it took for him to leave that environment and find a new life. [more]

UK election update
We are joined by former Tory minister and leadership contender Michael Portillo. [more]

Children's Book Review with John McIntyre
Todays books are The Witch in The Cherry Tree by Margaret Mahy, illustrated by Jenny Williams and published by Puffin.The Three Legged Cat by Margaret Mahy,illustrated by Jonathan Allen and published by Puffin. The Boy Who was Followed Home by Margaret Mahy,illustrated by Steven Kellogg and published by Puffin. [more]

New Music with Sean McKenna
Sean McKenna brings us a selection of new tracks as detailed below on this page. [more]

Election update - Matthew Parris
Joining us is Matthew Parris from the BBC where he is part of a live election night programme. [more]

Sports commentator Joseph Romanos
Sports commentator Joseph Romanos discusses Twenty 20 cricket and golf's Players Championship often referred to as"the fifth Major". [more]

The Week That Was
With Radar and Irene Pink. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 7 May 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 7 May 2010
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

Saturday Morning

Fiona Pardington: snapping busts
Leading New Zealand photographer with shows in Wellington, Auckland and Sydney of photographs of head-and-shoulder busts [more]

Playing Favourites with Rhian Sheehan
New Zealand musician whose work has appeared on TV programming and commercials, movie trailers, short films and planetarium shows; he has a new show based on his new album, Standing in Silence [more]

The Week In Review

The Week in Review - week ending 7 May 2010
A review of the week's news including a dramatic drop in the unemployment figures, the PM's secret trip to Afghanistan, an airline link up could mean better trans Tasman deals, Gulf oil spill could affect New Zealand oil exploration, industry reacts to large protest against mining, rail workers want share of rail upgrade, two log ship workers suffocate to death, tourist tramping death sparks warning, national vote in France leads to return of Maori heads, text-a-fight trend worries Gisborne police and campaign launched to polish up dairying's image [more]


Ross Harris and Anthony Marwood
NZ composer and the British violinist who is premiering Ross's Violin Concerto for the NZSO's Made in NZ concert tonight. [more]

Natalia Mann
Wellington-born harpist performing a concert called Medusa Dreaming at the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul tomorrow night. [more]

News stories:

V8 Supercars Australia agrees to underwrite Hamilton event
V8 Supercars Australia has announced a new partnership with Hamilton City Council to promote and financially support the New Zealand round of the event. Citing the race's importance to motorsport, V8 ... [more]

England beat Pakistan at Twenty20 World Cup
A unbeaten 73 from Kevin Pietersen led England to a comfortable six-wicket victory over Pakistan in their opening Super Eight game at the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup in Barbados. England had ... [more]

Giants beat Manawatu in NBL
Tall Black Phill Jones scored 34 points to help the Nelson Giants to a 106-86 win over Manawatu in the National Basketball League. The win puts the Giants to second place ... [more]

Effectiveness of Maori representation bill questioned
Local Government New Zealand is questioning whether a member's bill calling for Maori representation on local body groups would actually have the desired outcome. [more]

Nonu reprimanded for swearing in interview
All Blacks and Hurricanes rugby player Ma'a Nonu will have to carry out a community project as part of his punishment for using foul language in a radio interview. [more]

Tainui settlement point way on foreshore issue - Cullen
A former Treaty Negotiations Minister believes the historic Tainui settlement could provide a new approach for addressing the foreshore and seabed issue. [more]

Free council wheelie bins - but not for houses on hills
Wellington City Council is to give its residents wheelie bins for recycling - but a fifth of households will miss out because the houses are on steep hills. [more]

Court rules against Sensible Sentencing Trust
The Sensible Sentencing Trust has lost its chance to sue the Police and the Corrections Department over their handling of the case of Graeme Burton, who murdered a man while on parole. [more]

Children's commissioner criticises beer-rugby partnership
Children's Commissioner John Angus says the link between beer and rugby is pervasive and is affecting younger and younger children. [more]

Injured Ila takes share of top police dog title
A police dog injured during an Armed Offenders Squad callout in Porirua three weeks ago has retained her National Police Dog title. [more]

BNZ reports half-year earnings fall
The Bank of New Zealand's first half earnings have fallen to $255 million - a drop of 8.6% compared to last year. [more]

Eftpos company to axe manufacturing in NZ
New Zealand's only maker of Eftpos terminals is axing its manufacturing workforce and moving that part of its operations to China. [more]

South Canterbury Finance set for another cash injection
South Island businessman George Kerr is set to inject a further $15.5 million into South Canterbury Finance. [more]

AMP Financial Services NZ announces $57m profit
Listed wealth manager AMP says earnings from its New Zealand business rose by nearly a quarter in the first three months of this year. [more]

Jade Software secures multi-million dollar contract
Jade Software has secured a multi-million dollar contract renewal with Europe's largest freight rail operator DB Schenker Rail. [more]

Jim Anderton to enter Christchurch mayoral race
Progressive Party leader Jim Anderton has signalled he will run for mayor of Christchurch in October's local government elections. [more]

Dunne wants conscience vote limited to drinking age
A senior MP will be lobbying for any conscience vote on changes to the alcohol laws to be limited to the drinking age. [more]

Voting closes in school trustee elections
Three schools will be governed by commissioners after they failed to field enough candidates in board of trustees elections. [more]

Whanau Ora bill likely to top $500m
The bill for Whanau Ora is likely to top half a billion dollars over the next four years, once the cost of contracts to deliver social services to at-risk families is factored in. [more]

Officers involved in fatal Christchurch pursuit cleared
Two officers involved in a vehicle pursuit that led to the death of a Christchurch teenager have been cleared of misconduct by the Independent Police Conduct Authority. [more]

Vanuatu's Education Minister pushes for end to restriction on students studying overseas
Vanuatu's Education Minister is pushing for the abolition of restrictions placed on ni-Vanuatu students studying overseas. It is a government policy that all students who have completed their overseas study... [more]

Frustration over Kiribati ferry disaster report kept secret
The New Zealand High Commissioner to Kiribati says delays in the public release of a report into last July's ferry disaster are frustrating, as maritime incidents continue to happen. More... [more]

Hopes more women will succeed in Bougainville election
There are hopes for a jump in the number of women sitting in the parliament of the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville after elections starting today. Helen Hakena... [more]

Fiji Provident Fund write-off needed for long-term benefit
The Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre says the move by the Fiji National Provident Fund to write off US$168-million worth of its assets is a necessary step to ensure the... [more]

Improper voter resistration alleged in Solomon Islands
Allegations of improper voter registration have emerged in Solomon Islands with the MP for West Honiara claiming thousands of non residents plan to vote in his constituency. Isaac Inoke Tosika... [more]

Claims of breach of human rights in upcoming Samoa by-election
Several villages in the constituencies of Safata and Faleata west in Samoa have imposed a ban against candidates of the Tautua Samoa party ahead of next week's by-elections. The former... [more]

Black Caps beaten by South Africa
The New Zealand cricketers have been beaten by 13 runs by South Africa in their opening Super Eight match at the Twenty20 World Cup in Barbados. South Africa scored 170 for ... [more]

Fifa clamps down on unauthorised World Cup merchandise
Football's world governing body FIFA has launched 2,500 legal actions around the globe to protect its World Cup brand. 450 actions had been taken or were pending in South Africa ... [more]

Salenko prepared to sell his Golden Boot
The 1994 football World Cup's joint top goalscorer Oleg Salenko is prepared to sell his Golden Boot award for half a million dollars to pay off his debts. Salenko is ... [more]

Changes to be made to how Hastings hopsice run
The Hawke's Bay district health board says the governance of Cranford Hospice in Hastings will be changed, to safeguard its palliative care services. [more]

Farmers invited to help develop water policy
Otago farmers are being asked to help develop a regional water quality plan. [more]

Survey reveals chief executives' pay rises
Almost half of the country's chief executives received pay rises last year, a survey suggests. [more]

Barnett pulls out of super-city council election
A leading candidate in the Auckland super-city council election, Michael Barnett, has withdrawn on health grounds. [more]

Friday's newspaper headlines
Jury rejects provocation defence of man who stabbed wife to death; Anderton reported to have joined Christchurch's mayoral race; CV fraudster John Davy complains about sentence. [more]

Breast screening campaign taken to Sikh temple
Community campaigners are attempting to increase breast screening among ethnic minorities by taking their message into the country's largest Sikh temple. [more]

Flosse eligibility for office to be decided in Paris in June
France's highest court says it will decide on June the 16th if French Polynesia's veteran politician, Gaston Flosse, is still eligible for office. A ruling was due in early April... [more]

Fiji interim minister says asset write-down puts FNPF back in sound position
The Fiji interim Commerce Minister, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, says the Fiji National Provident Fund is in a sound position after its asset base was written down by about ten percent. The... [more]

Cholera claims four lives in PNG capital
Four people have now died from cholera in the Papua New Guinea capital, Port Moresby. It follows revelations last week that three people had died in the city after the... [more]

Engineers warn about some Samoa post-tsunami buildings
A team of University of Auckland engineers is warning that some homes that have been rebuilt after Samoa's tsunami could leave villagers exposed to future disasters. A long-term study is... [more]

Catholic Bishops Conference says PNG amendment process lacked consultation
The Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands says the people responsible for drawing up amendments to the Ombudsman Commission have not done enough consultation. A protest... [more]

American Samoa gears up for constitutional convention
The American Samoa Constitutional Review Office has received a lot of feedback from community and religious groups and the general public on issues they want raised at the Constitutional Convention... [more]

Homicide inquiry after man dies at Masterton flat
A Masterton man was scheduled to appear in court on Friday, after the death of another man at a flat in the Wairarapa town. [more]

Kiwifruit marketing challenge heads to court
The High Court will begin hearing in July a case challenging the kiwifruit industry's single desk marketing structure and the way it's being run. [more]

Lincoln University farm comes up with milking stats
A Lincoln University dairy farm has come up with some figures on the effect on production levels of milking once a day during calving. [more]

Fiji interim justice minister hits out at Australia over abduction case
Fiji's interim Minister of Justice has criticised the Australian government, saying it is ironic it sought Fiji's assistance in a child abduction case. The High Court in Suva has ordered... [more]

Amid deadlock, Nauru opposition considers suggesting speaker candidate
The Nauru opposition says it may put forward a candidate for Speaker to overcome an impasse that has stopped parliament from sitting since a poll two weeks ago. That election... [more]

Rail union calls off Auckland stopwork meeting
The union for Auckland passenger train workers says it has reached an agreement about staff safety and is calling off a stopwork meeting on Friday which could have caused major disruption for commuters. [more]

New Pacific cook book launched in NZ
A new cook book featuring many Pacific dishes traditionally cooked in homes has just been launched in New Zealand. The book titled, Me'a Kai, Food and Flavours of the South... [more]

Fiji's Kunatuba fails in scam sentence appeal
The Suva High Court has dismissed an appeal by a former Fiji Agriculture and Fisheries permanent secretary Peniasi Kunatuba against his abuse of office conviction. Kunatuba was convicted of two... [more]

French Polynesia's Tahaa included in ferry service
The operators of French Polynesia's new King Tamatoa fast ferry now say they will serve the island of Tahaa. Tahitipresse says this follows a public outcry over their decision that... [more]

PNG's Somare asked to stand aside over controversies
There's a call in Papua New Guinea for the prime minister, Sir Michael Somare, and ministers accused of corruption to step aside and allow investigations to proceed. The Post Courier... [more]

Protests greet new Israeli ambassador
The new Israeli ambassador has been greeted by jeers from a pro-Palestinian group at a welcoming ceremony given by the Governor-General. [more]

Wellington economy boosted by stadium, report shows
A report shows Wellington's Westpac Stadium has injected almost half a billion dollars into the region's economy since it opened 10 years ago. [more]

Catholic Bishops Conference says PNG amendment process lacked consultation
The Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands says the people responsible for drawing up amendments to the Ombudsman Commission have not done enough consultation. A protest... [more]

Tonga customs official pleads not guilty in drugs importation case
A Tongan customs officer has pleaded not guilty of importing more than seven million US dollars worth of methamphetamine into the country last September. The Supreme Court heard details of... [more]

Police dog bites boy at kindergarten
The father of a three-year-old bitten by a police dog says the incident was a one-off. [more]

Petter Solberg leads Rally New Zealand
The Norwegian driver Petter Solberg leads Ford's Jari-Matti Latvala of Finland by 1.5 seconds after eight stages on the first day of the Rally of New Zealand. Solberg was fastest through ... [more]

Weather continues to hamper climber rescue
A climber suspected of having a collapsed lung will have to spend a second night in Aoraki-Mount Cook National Park. [more]

Recession tough time for businesses
Finance Minister Bill English says latest figures from the Treasury show just how hard the recession has hit businesses. [more]

Some mortgage rates rise
Some banks have increased fixed mortgage rates in the wake of better than expected employment figures and comments from the Reserve Bank Governor. [more]

Woman seriously injured in bungy jump
A woman has suffered serious injuries in a 30-metre bungy jumping accident near Hanmer Springs in Canterbury. [more]

Inquiry into complaint about judge warranted - law expert
The Judicial Conduct Commissioner had no other choice but to recommend further investigation into a complaint about a Supreme Court judge, a law lecturer says. [more]

Telecom shares hit record low
Telecom shares sank to an all-time low of $2.08 cents on Friday after the company reported a 32% fall in its third-quarter profit and trimmed its dividend ratio for 2011. [more]

XT network not ready for large volumes of traffic - report
A report on Telecom's troubled XT network shows the company accurately forecast demand for the service but the system just couldn't cope. The company's profit slipped by a third in the three months to March. [more]

Hundreds attend funeral for NZ nurse killed in Sydney
Hundreds of people have attended the funeral of a New Zealand nurse killed in Sydney last week. [more]

Stocks lower at close of trade
The New Zealand sharemarket shed 59 points, or 1.8%, to close at 3158 on Friday. [more]

NZ market calm after panic on Wall Street
The New Zealand share market remained relatively calm on Friday after of the most turbulent days on Wall Street to date. The NZX 50 shed 59 points to close 1.8% lower. [more]

Emma Campbell search: police want to speak to man
Police investigating the disappearance of Christchurch woman Emma Campbell want to speak to a man parked at a lookout on the Port Hills early last Saturday morning. [more]

Erectile dysfunction products recalled
Medsafe has ordered the immediate recall of a number of erectile dysfunction formulas and is advising consumers to stop taking the products because of significant health risks. [more]

Hobbs stands down from rugby roles due to ill-health
New Zealand Rugby Union and Rugby New Zealand 2011 Ltd chairman Jock Hobbs has stood aside from his roles because of ill-health. [more]

Life sentence for man who killed liquor store owner
The man who shot and killed a South Auckland liquor store owner will spend at least 17 years in jail. [more]

Australian expert says no TV for toddlers
An academic has told early childhood workers that children aged 2 and under should not be watching any television. [more]

Inquiry into purchase of Crafar farms re-launched
The Overseas Investment Office has re-launched an investigation into the purchase of four farms previously owned by Crafar family interests. [more]