Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 20th May 2010

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Best song ever written - Percy Grainger's Handel in the Strand
Margaret Davidson from Auckland has chosen"Percy Grainger's Handel in the Strand"performed by the Academy of St Martin-In-The-Fields Chamber Ensemble. [more]

Your place - Duvauchelles
On"Your Place"we visit an area of the country, rich in geological history, Akaroa Harbour and at its head, lies the small rural village of Duvauchelle, which the locals pronounce Devoshells. [more]

Arts report
With Lynn Freeman. [more]

Christchurch Story for 20 May 2010 - The Art of Tease
Sonia Yee meets the down-to-earth burlesque troupe 'Ayla's Angels,' who want to prove that real women can be sexy and glamorous. [more]

Science story - Pathology Lab Tour (part 1)
If you've ever gone to the doctor and had a blood or urine sample taken - have you ever wondered what actually happens to that sample? For example, how's it tested? And how are the results used to diagnose a disease? [more]

The panel (part 1)
With guests Sir Bruce Slane and David Farrar. [more]

The panel (part 2)
With guests Sir Bruce Slane and David Farrar. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 20 May 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 20 May 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 20 May 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 20 May 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 20 May 2010
News from the business sector. [more]


Special coverage of Budget 2010
Sean Plunket and RNZ correspondents review the Budget. [more]

Checkpoint choice for Thursday 20 May 2010
Business and personal taxes come down as GST goes up to 15 percent. Angry Bluechip investors at court for the sentencing of the company's founder. [more]

Budget brings surprise tax cuts
A surprise tax cut for middle income earners and an unexpected cut in the company rate are part of what the Government is calling the most significant tax reform package in 25 years. [more]

Finance Minister Bill English
The Government will have to borrow around 400 million dollars to afford the tax cuts - Bill English says that's affordable. [more]

Shoppers at Westfield Mall in Hamilton questioned over tax cuts
Tax cuts and the rise in GST have been the main points of interest for shoppers at the Westfield Mall in Hamilton. [more]

Tax expert pleased with Budget
Geof Nightingale, a is a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers and is a member of the tax working group. [more]

RNZ's Political Editor on today's Budget
Joining us to discuss this further is our Political Editor Brent Edwards. [more]

Blue Chip founder gets fine and community service
The founder of the failed property investment company Blue Chip has been ordered to pay a fine of 37-and-a-half-thousand dollars and serve 75 hours community service - a sentence one investor describes as pitiful. [more]

Investor disappointed by Bryers' sentence
Linda Britton was among a group of investors who travelled up from Tauranga for today's sentencing. She joins us. [more]

Evening sports news for 20 May 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

What the Opposition think of today's Budget
Labour says today's budget is a series of broken promises, that delivers to the few not the many. [more]

RNZ's Economics Correspondent discusses Budget
Our Economics Correspondent Nigel Stirling is with us. [more]

Curfew extended as fires burn in Bangkok
Fires are still burning in central Bangkok a day after riots and arson by anti-government protesters in which at least 14 people were killed. [more]

Waatea news for 20 May 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Waatea news for 20 May 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Crew of doomed aircraft hadn't received proper training
The first findings from an investigation into the cause of the plane crash which killed the Polish president Lech Kaczynski, his wife and dozens of other top officials have been released. [more]

Political reaction to the Budget
As you've heard changes to income tax rates and a rise in GST are at the heart of this year's budget. [more]

Govt says tax cuts will create jobs
The Government says today's announced tax cuts are aimed at getting us saving and creating more jobs. [more]

Harawira speaks out over GST hike
But Hone Harawira has spoken out against the GST hike - despite the Maori Party being bound by its Confidence and supply agreement to support the Budget. [more]

Report: North Korean torpedo sank navy ship
An international report has found that it was a North Korean submarine's torpedo that sank a South Korean navy ship in March killing 46 sailors. [more]

Mother accused of abandoning children to go drinking
A South Auckland mother who the police say left her children alone while she got drunk at a party has appeared in court on charges of abandonment. [more]

RNZ's Correspondents on Budget
With us is our Business Editor Patrick O'Meara, our Health Correspondent Chris Bramwell and our Education Correspondent John Gerritsen. [more]

Evening sports news for 20 May 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Currency speculators partly blamed for Greece's woes
European leaders are laying some of the blame for the Greek financial crisis on international currency speculators who they say put pressure on Greece by betting it would default on its borrowings. [more]

Oil heads toward Florida and Cuba
Some of the oil from the leaking rig in the Gulf of Mexico has entered a powerful sea current and is moving closer towards Florida and Cuba. [more]

Anti-1080 protesters march in Hokitika
More than 200 protesters have marched through Hokitika today in protest against the continued use of 1080 for possum control. [more]

Northland lags behind as immunisation reaches record high
The highest ever number of children under the age of two are now fully immunised. [more]

Immigration debate dogs U.S. President
The U.S. President is becoming embroiled in a divisive debate about illegal immigration. [more]

Pacific Island correspondent on budget
Pacific leaders are questioning today's budget announcement - that 4.8 million dollars is going to the Pacific Economic Development Agency over the next four years. [more]

Angry reaction to Bryers' sentence
Investors in the failed property investment company Blue Chip are angry its founder Mark Bryers has escaped a prison sentence. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 20 May 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 20 May 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 20 May 2010
Latest on the Thai situation, Budget preview and discussion with RNZ political reporter, Blue Chip sentence, Banks lending policies for business, Kiwi dollars falls. [more]

Marice McGregor's family plan funeral now body identified
The family of a Whanganui woman who disappeared a month ago can begin planning her funeral now police have confirmed they've found her body. [more]

Suspect taken into custody for Australian nurses's murder
The prime suspect in the killing of Sydney-based New Zealand nurse, Michelle Beets has been taken into custody by homicide detectives. [more]

Few permit applications made to drive heavier trucks
There's been barely a trickle of applications lodged to operate much heavier trucks on the country's roads. [more]

Pacific News for 20 May 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 20 May 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Finance Minister says Budget will be fair for all
The Minister of Finance is adamant tax changes in today's budget will be fair for all. [more]

New Zealand paramedic describes chaos in Bangkok
New Zealander Mark"Marko"Cunningham is working as a paramedic at the front line and has been in the middle of the crackdown in Bangkok. [more]

Bangkok stock exchange burns
As we've said more than 20 buildings were set alight in Bangkok following the government crackdown, including the massive Central Plaza mall, the second largest shopping centre in South East Asia. [more]

Thai government crushes protest movement
The BBC's correspondent in Bangkok is Vaudine England. She says the government should not consider the battle over. [more]

Finance Minister say Budget will be no lolly scramble
The Finance Minister, Bill English, says today's Budget is driven by the need to raise the country's economic performance - and will not be a lolly scramble. [more]

Radio New Zealand's political editor previews Budget
RNZ political editor Brent Edwards discusses the Budget. [more]

Blue Chip investors demand jail for company founder
Investors in the failed property investment company Blue Chip are demanding a harsh penalty for the company's founder but fear he will get off lightly. [more]

Bank lending policies stifling commerce so business lobbies
Business leaders say banks are being too hard-nosed about business lending. [more]

Kiwi dollar free-falls on back of Europe woes
Problems in Europe are prompting the New Zealand dollar to slide sharply. [more]

Sports News for 20 May 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Teachers worried by $50 million funding cut
The government is expected to break a year of silence today on a planned 50-million dollar cut to school staffing. [more]

Two Coromandel mines examples of legacy of gold mining
Just under a week is left for the public to have a say on the government's proposals to open up protected conservation lands to mining. [more]

Possible Al Qaeda plot to attack FIFA world cup
The Iraqi police say they have foiled an Al Qaeda plot to attack the football world cup in South Africa. [more]

Road builders hungry for State Highway work
While a record amount is being spent on State Highway road building, it's far from boom times for those building and maintaining the country's roads. [more]

New Zealand's Thai ambassador warns people off visiting
A third of Thailand is under curfew as the authorities try to consolidate their clamp-down on anti-government protests. [more]

Families evaluate expected increase in GST
With predictions of a rise in GST and rumours of a cut to subsidised child care hours, families will be taking a keen interest in today's budget. [more]

Consultant warns property tax changes easy to circumvent
A top tax consultant is warning the government that changes to property investment laws could be easy to circumvent. [more]

Poll finds strong opposition to Auckland's super city
An eleventh hour poll on Auckland's supercity reforms says 96 per cent of those who took part are unhappy with the Government's handling of the amalgamation. [more]

Indo-Fijians grapple with identity
Members of the Indo-Fijian population who have migrated to this country because of the political situation in Fiji say they're struggling with competing cultural identities. [more]

Sports News for 20 May 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Senior police officer criticises stab-proof vests
The Head of Police National Covert Operations says the stab-proof vests issued to his staff are a hindrance not a help. [more]

Seafood industry hears of success in protecting seabirds
An Alaskan programme which is protecting seabirds and untargeted fish from being caught by fishing vessels may be trialled here. [more]

Waatea News for 20 May 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Picture book takes top honours at children's awards
A moving, charming and sensitively told story is how the judges described Old Hu-hu, this year's supreme winner at the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards. [more]

Landmark Auckland dance hall may soon be sold
A famous Auckland dancing venue, the Orange Hall, may be about to be sold. [more]


Kundalini Syndrome
We talk to psychologist Dr Ingo Lambrecht about the Kundalini Syndrome, a potential psychological side-effect of some Indian and Asian spiritual practices. [more]

Science - body parts
Professor Jean Fleming from the University of Otago explains some of the differences in brain structure and function between the genders. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Clue 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Crisis in Thailand
Thongchai Winichakul, University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor of History specialising in the intellectual and cultural history of Thailand. [more]

Ron McCallum plays a crutial roll ensuring disabled people across the world not only have a voice but are actively involved in the decision making that affects them. [more]

Wonky Donkey
Creator of Wonky Donkey book which won Children's Choice Award at the NZ Post Children's Book Awards last night in Auckland. [more]

UK Correspondent - Matthew Parris
A look at Britain's new coalition government. [more]

Feature Guest - Diana Patterson
Diana Patterson was the first woman to head an Antarctic research station. She has written the book, 'The Ice Beneath My Feet: My Year in Antarctica'. [more]

Book Review - Beatrice and Virgil
Phil Smith reviews 'Beatrice and Virgil' by Yann Martel. Published by Text. [more]

New Technology
Happy 5th birthday to YouTube. [more]

Auckland City Hospital Paediatrician and member of the Brainwave Trust, Simon Rowley, discusses the development of the brain, from conception onwards. [more]

TV review
Simon Wilson looks at Cougar Town and Hell's Kitchen. [more]

Our Changing World

Cooks Scurvy Grass in the Chathams
Each summer DoC botanist Amanda Baird monitors populations of the threatened coastal plant Cooks scurvy grass [more]

Radiocarbon Dating Bones from Cambodia
Nancy Beavan Athfield has been finding the age of human bones buried in jars in the Cambodian jungle [more]

Health Impacts of Volcanic Ash
The 1996 eruption of Mt Ruapehu had effects in Auckland and Hamilton, cities previously thought too far away to be impacted [more]

Pathology Lab Tour - Part 1
Take a tour of the Aotea Pathology laboratories to find out what happens to a medical sample once it's taken [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Finance Minister Bill English
Budget 2010 Speech. [more]

Leader of the Opposition Phil Goff
Responds to Budget 2010 speech [more]

Prime Minister John Key
Responds to the 2010 Budget speech. [more]

Dr Russel Norman
Responds to the 2010 Budget speech. [more]

Rodney Hide
Responds to the 2010 Budget speech. [more]

Tariana Turia
Responds to the 2010 Budget speech. [more]

Jim Anderton
Responds to the 2010 Budget speech. [more]

Peter Dunne
Responds to the 2010 Budget speech. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 20 May 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 20 May 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Grayson Gilmore
NZ Composer and songwriter on the recent release of his cd 'No Constellation'. [more]

Jan Hellriegel
Auckland-based NZ Singer and songwriter performing at Wellington's St James theatre tomorrow night. [more]

News stories:

AgResearch pushes on with GM work
AgResearch says it is business as usual for its genetically modified animal research at Ruakura, as it awaits the outcome of two court challenges. [more]

Consent for 1080 drops held to just a year
Helicopter operators seeking long-term consents to continue aerial drops of 1080 poison in the Waikato region have been restricted to just a year. [more]

As if drought wasn't enough to cope with...
Northland farmers trying to cope with the drought, now have something else to worry about: grass staggers. [more]

US market a tough one for venison to crack
A deer industry executive says the United States is a valuable market for New Zealand venison, but it is tough convincing chefs to use it. [more]

Bank predicts slowing in economic growth rate
The National Bank is expecting economic growth to continue but at a more moderate pace than in recent months. [more]

Ryman Healthcare outlines growth plans
Listed resthome and retirement village Ryman Healthcare says increasing contributions from management and care fees will help it to fund its growth plans in coming years. [more]

Boateng becomes public enemy no. 1 in Germany
Germany's new 'public enemy number one' Kevin-Prince Boateng has apologised for his tackle on Michael Ballack in last weekend's English FA Cup final which has ruled the German captain out of ... [more]

O'Connell named in Ireland squad despite injury concern
Lock Paul O'Connell has been named in a 33-man Ireland rugby squad for their tour of Australia and New Zealand despite doubts over his fitness. Munster star O'Connell, who captained the ... [more]

Canadian doctor charged with supplying illegal drugs
A Canadian doctor who has treated Tiger Woods and other elite athletes has been charged with supplying illegal drugs. Dr Anthony Galea is accused of giving unlawful drugs, including human growth ... [more]

Celtics put Magic on ropes with second road win
The Boston Celtics put the Orlando Magic in peril with a 95-92 win capturing the second straight game on their opponents' home floor in Florida to take a tight grip on ... [more]

Nonu joins All Black injury list
There's been another injury blow for the All Blacks before the June Tests against Ireland and Wales with the second-five Ma'a Nonu the latest casualty. Nonu ruptured the posterior cruciate ligament ... [more]

Football launches new $4 million foundation
Football New Zealand has announced a $4 million contribution to a charitable trust set up to help grow participation in the game here. The Football Foundation is funded with money from ... [more]

King-Turner out of French Open qualifying tourney
Daniel King-Turner's bid to qualify for the French Tennis Open is all over. New Zealand's top-ranked player has been beaten 6-1 6-2 in the second round of the qualifying tournament at ... [more]

Black Sticks draw third Test
The New Zealand women's hockey team has drawn the third Test with India 2-2 in Napier. The Black Sticks women fought back from 2-0 down after just eight minutes. India's Saba ... [more]

More games the merrier for Dingo Deans
Wallabies coach Robbie Deans has welcomed Australia's jam-packed 20-match programme in 2010 as an excellent build-up to next year's Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. While the All Blacks and the ... [more]

Kiwi centre banned for three games
Manly's Kiwi league centre Steve Matai will miss three NRL matches after pleading guilty to two careless high tackle charges, including a grade five charge. Matai has faced a total of ... [more]

Hockey players says security in Delhi is good
The New Zealand men's hockey team have no concerns about heading to India for the Commonwealth Games in October. The squad to contest the Champions Trophy in Germany in July was ... [more]

Barcelona snap up Spanish striker Villa
The Spanish football champions Barcelona have snapped up David Villa from Valencia, spending $73 million to secure the Spanish striker for four years with an option for a fifth year. Valencia's ... [more]

No change for Waratahs
The New South Wales Waratahs have named an unchanged side for Saturday's Super 14 rugby semi-final against the Stormers in Cape Town. The team has been preparing in Durban since arriving ... [more]

Tua back in States for July fight with "Two Gunz" Barrett
Boxer David Tua will fight Monte Barrett at a casino in Atlantic City in mid-July, rather than the more exotic location of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The fight's also moved back from ... [more]

First rugby tour set for 2012
The first tour of the new International Rugby Board scheduling has been announced with South Africa to host England in a three-Test series in 2012. The announcement follows a new International ... [more]

Bolt runs fast in first big race of the year
World and Olympic champion Usain Bolt blew away the field and set the fastest time in the world this year as he won his first big race of 2010. The Jamaican ... [more]

World Cup final stadium opens this weekend
The stadium that'll host the World Cup football final on the 12th of July will open its doors to the public this weekend, and organisers are hoping to attract 80,000 to ... [more]

Firearms and taser seized in drug bust
Police have busted what they believe is a drug ring in Coromandel, seizing firearms and a taser as well as tens of thousands of dollars worth of methamphetamine. [more]

Toxic site report due with Government
A report on the risks associated with New Zealand's most toxic site will go to the Government soon, for a decision on funding its clean-up. [more]

US immigration investigate visa scam reports in CNMI
US Federal immigration officials are investigating a Chinese student's accusations about a scam to lure people to the Northern Marianas with false promises of a U.S. visa. The female student... [more]

Journalists organisation criticises French authorities over case in French Polynesia
The journalists organisation, Reporters Without Borders, says it is scandalous how the French authorities went about a defamation case in French Polynesia. The authorities seized computers of the Tahiti-based correspondent... [more]

Fiji democracy lobby urges IMF to decline loan request
An alleged plan by Fiji's interim government to lobby the International Monetary Fund for half a billion US dollars has prompted the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement to write a... [more]

Paris urged to aid French Polynesians over snub at UN meet
One of French Polynesia's members of the French Senate has urgently written to Paris over the exclusion of a French Polynesian delegation from the UN Decolonisation seminar under way in... [more]

Paris urged to aid French Polynesians over snub at UN meet
One of French Polynesia's members of the French Senate has urgently written to Paris over the exclusion of a French Polynesian delegation from the UN Decolonisation seminar under way in... [more]

Health NGO says PNG's infrastructural flaws will keep cholera alive
The medical aid organisation, Medicins Sans Frontieres, says there's no end in sight for the prevalence of cholera in Papua New Guinea. As health officials voice frustration over the government's... [more]

Third inquiry into prison guard death
Another investigation has begun into the death of prison guard Jason Palmer who was punched by an inmate at Waikato's Spring Hill prison. [more]

Speed of dollar's fall blamed on European problems
A currency strategist says the pace of the New Zealand dollar's depreciation has been caused by economic problems in Europe. [more]

American Samoa businesses told to operate smarter after latest cannery loss
American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce chairman says the loss of up to 800 jobs at Starkist will have a huge impact on everyone directly associated with the industry, especially those... [more]

Foreign executives in PNG to be granted permament resident status
High foreign executives employed by firms in Papua New Guinea will now be granted permanent resident status in the country. PNG's Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Sam Abal says... [more]

American Samoa's LBJ Hospital has a new chief executive officer
American Samoa's LBJ Hospital has a new chief executive officer. Michael Gerstenberger was CEO of the Southwest Physician Network in Tuscon Arizona and is a former vice president of the... [more]

Shareholders of Erament in New Caledonia to vote on company control
Shareholders in Eramet the major nickel producer in New Caledonia, will decide today who comes out on top in a battle for control of the giant miner. The Duval family,... [more]

Two dead, 40 feared drowned as PNG boat capsizes
Two Papua New Guineans are dead and at least 40 are missing, feared drowned, after an overloaded boat capsized in rough seas off the country's northeast coast. Two bodies have... [more]

Body recovered from river in London
A body has been recovered from the River Thames in London but the Metropolitan Police are refusing to say if it is that of the missing New Zealand man Johnny Sleigh. [more]

Law Society may investigate Mr Asia lawyer
The Law Society says it has the power to investigate the former lawyer for the Mr Asia syndicate kingpin, who has been acquitted of money laundering. [more]

Senior public servant denies assault
A man accused of assaulting another man in the back of a car in central Wellington has denied punching or threatening the complainant. [more]

Teacher strike ends in Solomons Temotu province
Striking teachers at the Lata Community High School in Solomon Islands' Temotu province have returned to work, but have given 14 days notice to the provincial government for another strike. [more]

Cause of dolphin deaths revealed after seven months
A conservation group says the public has been kept in the dark about how two endangered Hector's dolphins died in New Zealand waters. [more]

After latest meeting Nauru parliament remains deadlocked
A brief meeting this morning of the Nauru Parliament has again failed to resolve a political stalemate. Parliament has now met eight times since early elections in April returned the... [more]

Air Pacific delays resumption of Christmas Island service
The Fiji flag carrier, Air Pacific, says the planned resumption of flights between Nadi and Christmas Island in Kiribati, with continuing service to Honolulu, has been delayed. The service was... [more]

Council considers city-wide liquor ban proposal
Some people making submissions about a proposed city wide liquor ban for Wellington say the plan is not the solution to aggressive and intimidating behaviour in public. [more]

American Samoa call to probe Thai tuna imports into US
American Samoa's member of the US Congress has asked the US Department of Commerce to open an anti-dumping investigation regarding canned tuna imported from Thailand. Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin says Thailand... [more]

MP appalled at 'dial-a-powhiri' for Mickey Mouse
Labour MP Shane Jones has slammed a powhiri in Auckland for Mickey Mouse as a welcome too far. [more]

International magazine makes fun of All Whites
The All Whites have been mocked by an international magazine in the lead-up to their first Football World Cup appearance in 28 years. [more]

Doubts remain over reports into Fiji's NPF deals
A Fiji economist says it is not known whether the results of an investigation into the country's National Provident Fund will be made public. Forensic accountants from Deloitte's in Australia... [more]

Fiji Women's Centre concerned about village law revival plan
The Fiji Women's Crisis Centre coordinator, Shamima Ali, says she believes a return to special village laws will make women and children more vulnerable. The proposed by-laws, reported in local... [more]

Tonga PM threatens to sue Kele'a paper for defamation
Tonga's Prime Minister, Dr Feleti Sevele, is threatening to sue a Tongan newspaper in the New Zealand courts, claiming it has defamed him. The Prime Minister's Auckland based lawyer, Mark... [more]

PNG Health Minister declares public health emergency in Central Province
Papua New Guinea's Minister of Health has declared a public health emergency in Central Province following criticism of the government's response to the latest cholera outbreak. The announcement follows a... [more]

PNG health minister says capital cholera outbreak under control
Papua New Guinea's health minister says a cholera outbreak that's sparked the declaration of a public health emergency in two areas is under control. Sasa Zibe's declared a public health... [more]

Businesses defer spending amid tight bank lending
Business leaders say productivity is being affected by tighter credit conditions but banks deny their credit criteria for businesses have changed. [more]

Man with good intentions bitten by police dog
A member of the public is in hospital after being bitten by a police dog. [more]

Chinese interests still keen on Crafar farms
The Chinese business interests bidding for the Crafar farms now in receivership are still hoping to buy them, despite the properties going onto the open market. [more]

Vodafone withdraws controversial talk plan
Vodafone has withdrawn a controversial mobile plan, just days after the Commerce Commission changed its mind on mobile termination rates. [more]

Concern at monitoring of children's food ad code
A professor of nutrition says she is worried about how new regulations covering the advertising of food to children will be monitored. [more]

Contingency plans for NZ company in Bangkok
A New Zealand company with a factory near Bangkok says it is closely monitoring the chaos in the Thai capital. [more]

South Africa beat Windies in first Twenty20 match
Seam bowler Ryan McLaren took five for 19 to lead South Africa to a 13-run win over the West Indies in their Twenty20 cricket international at the Sir Vivian Richards stadium ... [more]

Temaru says French Polyensia decolonisation bid goes to UN secretary-general
French Polynesia's pro-independence leader, Oscar Temaru, says the chair of the UN Decolonisation Committee will take the Maohi people's case to the UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon. The committee's chair, Dr... [more]

Despite woes with US, American Samoa opposes decolonisation
American Samoa Governor Togiola Tulafono says American Samoa still wants to be removed from the UN decolonisation list. The governor told the UN Decolonisation Committee that American Samoa stands upon... [more]

George Kerr puts hand in pocket for SCF again
South Island businessman George Kerr will inject another $15.5 million into South Canterbury Finance. That takes his total Torchlight Fund investment in SCF to $37.5 million. [more]

Renegade Vanua'aku Pati MP sides with Vanuatu opposition
A Vanuatu MP who claims to be the president of the political party which leads the government coalition has been appointed the deputy leader of the opposition. Harry Iauko maintains... [more]

IMF loan for Fiji seen as long-term liability
A Fiji economist says borrowing money from the IMF to pay for reforms will do long-term damage to the country's economy. Local media reports the interim Prime Minister, Commodore Frank... [more]

Former Solomons banker Hou to enter politics
A former Solomon Islands Central Bank Governor, Rick Hou, is to stand in this year's general election. The Solomon Star says Mr Hou is set to leave his post as... [more]

No sign yet of Fiji Media Decree
There is still no indication when Fiji's Media Decree will be finalised. Consultations took place last month and a number of submissions have been made. The interim regime says the... [more]

UNICEF urges to include children in Pacific recovery plans
The outgoing head of UNICEF in the Pacific says governments need to be reminded that recovery from the global recession should include support for children. Dr Will Parks is leaving... [more]

Viability of Marshalls retirement fund questioned
The President of the Chamber of Commerce in Marshall Islands say future generations of retirees could be hurt by the financial problems being faced by the country's retirement fund. For... [more]

Many missing in PNG boat tragedy
Papua New Guinea's National Maritime Safety Authority has continued a search for survivors of a vessel that capsized on Monday. The are no confirmed figures but reports say between 20... [more]

Immunisation rate reaches record high
Eighty-five percent of two-year-olds across the country are now fully vaccinated, the highest number ever. But the rate of immunisation is still much lower in Northland and Bay of Plenty. [more]

Mother in court accused of leaving baby to party
A woman has been accused of leaving her three-week-old baby in a car for five hours while she was drinking at a party. [more]

All the phones are back on in Mt Roskill
Telecom's network arm, Chorus, says phone and internet connections have been restored to the remaining people left without services in the Auckland suburb of Mt Roskill after a cable was damaged. [more]

Market closes down 10 points on Thursday
The benchmark NZX50 index closed down 10 points, or 0.3%, at 3111 on turnover of $79 million on Thursday. [more]

Not all finance company collapses criminal, says SFO
The head of the Serious Fraud Office says not all finance company collapses involved criminal behaviour, despite public opinion to the contrary. [more]

Schools await news of $50m cut
The Government is expected to break a year of silence on Thursday on a planned $50 million cut to spending on school staffing. [more]

Pistol, home-made bomb found in P lab raid
Two people have been arrested in a police raid on a clandestine P lab in rural Northland. A pistol and a home-made bomb were seized. [more]

Hu-hu grub tale takes top honour at book awards
The highest accolade in children's literature has gone to a picture book about a young hu-hu grub. [more]

Work dries up for roading sector
The roading sector is relying increasingly on state highway road- building to get by, because private development and local authority work has dried up. [more]

New seafood monitoring programme considered
A programme that protects seabirds and untargeted fish in Alaska from being caught by fishing vessels may be trialled in this country. [more]

Funding won for Maori prisoner reintegration units
A prisoner rehabilitation advocate is congratulating Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples for winning funding for two new kaupapa Maori reintegration units for prisoners. [more]

Waitomo teenager named top Elvis impersonator
Stephen Tihi-Koroheke admits there's not a lot of Elvis on his iPod, but the Waitomo teenager has just been named New Zealand's top Presley impersonator. [more]

Earthquake swarm around Whakatane
A swarm of earthquakes has occurred in the Bay of Plenty region. Eight quakes of magnitude 3.0 or higher were felt in and around Whakatane on Thursday morning. [more]

Factory explosion injures five
Five people suffered minor injuries from an explosion at a Fonterra plant in Waikato and had to be treated by ambulance staff. [more]

Blue Chip founder fined for 'catastrophic' failure
The founder of the failed property investment company Blue Chip, convicted on 34 charges mostly relating to inadequate financial reporting, has been ordered to pay fines of $37,500 and to serve 75 hours' community service. [more]