Radio New Zealand - Tuesday, 1st June 2010

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Best song ever written - My Bonny
David Bailey from north of Auckland has chosen"My Bonny"sung by Laura Smith. [more]

TV review
A look at Television with TV producer Phil Wallington. [more]

Book review
With Nicky Pellegrino. [more]

New music with Nick Atkinson. [more]

Internet bits and bytes
With Ele Ludemann. [more]

Auckland Museum Director
The Auckland Museum has a new interim Director, Sir Don McKinnon. [more]

Pahiatua Railcars
The Pahiatua Railcar Society wants to run the railcars as a tourist attraction on the Woodville to Masterton line. [more]

He Rourou for 1 June 2010
The oratory skills honed at secondary school Maori speech competitions will benefit Maoridom as a whole. That's the opinion of Wiremu Grace, who judged the junior English section at the Wellington regionals recently. [more]

Tune your engine - Bev Aisbett
A best selling author, she's probably best known for"Taming the Black Dog", a guide to overcoming depression which was a best-seller both here and in Australia. [more]

Environment story - Computers and hand-drawn diagrams
Everyday it seems, computers are getting smaller, faster, and have more memory and while computers are far better than humans at crunching numbers and modelling, there are some tasks where the human brain is still superior. [more]

The panel (part 1)
With guests Graham Bell and Tim Watkin. [more]

The panel (part 2)
With guests Graham Bell and Tim Watkin. [more]

Asian Report

Asian Report for 1 June 2010 - A Taste Of Home
According to her husband Tim, Suriah Burns is one of the best Malaysian cooks in New Zealand. Producer Sonia Yee meets up with the Malaysian-born woman whose passion for food and people have helped her to make a life that she loves in New Zealand. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 1 June 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 1 June 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 1 June 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 1 June 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 1 June 2010
News from the business sector. [more]


Checkpoint choice for Tuesday 1 June 2010
A New Zealander is among 700 activists on board a flotilla stormed by Israeli commandos. The Foreign Affairs Minister asks the Israeli Ambassador for an explanation and more flooding with Mt Maunganui hardest hit. [more]

New Zealander on aid convoy stormed by Isreali troops
A New Zealander is among about 700 activists on board a humanitarian aid flotilla that was stormed by Israeli commandos. [more]

Correspondent on Israel fallout
Our correspondent Liane Wimhurst joins us on the line from Ramallah in the West Bank. [more]

Petrobras given permit for exploration off East Coast
The Government has awarded the first exploration permit for oil and gas off East Cape to one of the biggest petrol companies in the world. [more]

Law Commission recommends War Pensions Act be replaced
The Law Commission says the War Pensions Act should be scrapped and replaced with two separate support schemes for war veterans. [more]

Extensive flooding in parts of the North Island
Torrential rain has caused extensive flooding in parts of the North Island today, with the fire service rescuing one family from a car in Mount Maunganui. [more]

Evening sports news for 1 June 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Evening sports news for 1 June 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Israeli ambassador summoned to Parliament
The Israeli Ambassador was summoned to Parliament today, for a 'please explain' over the storming of an aid flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip. [more]

New bank proposed
Some of the country's oldest money lenders are considering merging to form a bank they say would stick with so-called"heartland"borrowers through good times and bad. [more]

Russian free trade deal potentially large boost to farm exports
Farmers look like being the main beneficiaries of a possible free trade deal with Russia. [more]

Waatea news for 1 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

World responds to Israeli action against flotilla
The United Nations Security Council has met in emergency session to discuss Israel's storming of a flotilla of aide ships bound for the Gaza Strip. [more]

Labour says government's tax calculator not good enough.
Labour has accused the Government of misleading the public with its on-line tax calculator, because it does not take into account Treasury's latest inflation forecast. [more]

Key facility for World Rowing Champs opened at Karapiro
A key facility that will be used at the World Rowing Championships on Lake Karapiro later this year has been officially opened by the Governor General. [more]

NZer on Gaza Strip aid convoy
The sister of a New Zealander who was on board a humanitarian aid flotilla that was stormed by Israeli commandos, has confirmed she's safe and well. [more]

Israel prepares for arrival of another aid ship
For the latest from Gaza, we're joined by BBC producer Hamada Abu-qamar . [more]

Police officers deny assaulting students
A university student has told the Auckland District Court that his friend was punched in the head several times by an off-duty police officer last year. [more]

Picture of Auckland super city becoming clearer
A clear picture of what the final Auckland super city will look like is emerging with the appointment of the first senior management roles. [more]

Villages under waist deep water in the Philippines
Heavy flooding in the southern Philippines could force the evacuation of up to 40,000 people. [more]

Police officers give evidence against colleagues
Two Dunedin police constables have broken down while giving evidence against two colleagues they say assaulted a man during an arrest. [more]

Turkish diplomat - Israel has damaged international relations
A senior Turkish diplomat in New Zealand says it will take some time to repair the damage between her country and Israel, following the raid on an aid flotilla heading for Gaza. [more]

Japan correspondent
Australia has launched legal action at the International Court of Justice to stop Japan's whaling programme a move Japanese officials are calling"extremely regrettable". [more]

Waatea news for 1 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Calls for inquiry into govt response to Thailand protests
The United Nations human rights commissioner Navi Pillay has called for an independent inquiry into Thailand's recent violence. [more]

A number of Cantabrians in support of a new NZ owned bank.
A number of Canterbury businesses are supporting a proposal for a new South Island-based New Zealand-owned bank. [more]

Archeologists astonished by age of Aborginal rock drawings
An Aboriginal painting of an ancient giant bird has astonished archeologists who say the discovery forces a major rethink of either the age of rock art in Australia or when some animals became extinct. [more]

Drunken kereru check into rehab
More than a dozen binge drinking birds have checked into rehab in the last fortnight. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 1 June 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 1 June 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Tuesday 1 June 2010
Israeli government says activists bent on violence, Banks promises a Maori advisor for Auckland supercity, Judge to ask courts to stop full review of his conduct, Bay of Plenty tops list of drugged drivers charged, Bethune takes stand in Tokyo to deny assault. [more]

Ministers insist NZ, Australia working closely on whaling
The Foreign Ministers of New Zealand and Australia insist they are working closely together to end Japan's whaling in the Southern Ocean - despite major differences in their respective approaches to the issue. [more]

Maori Party wants Haden to front over racist selection claims
The Maori Party wants the former All Black, Andy Haden, to front up over his claim that the Crusaders franchise operates a racist selection policy. [more]

Pacific News for 1 June 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 1 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Auckland's largest iwi backs Maori advisor plan for supercity
Auckland iwi and urban authorities are backing the idea of a Maori advisor for the new supercity mayor, saying it would be better than nothing. [more]

Israeli government says activists bent on violence
Israel is facing a storm of international fury after a deadly raid on a flotilla of six ships delivering aid to the Gaza Strip. Benjamin Netanyahu has called off a planned visit to Washington in the wake of the incident. [more]

Banks promises a Maori advisor for Auckland supercity
Maori have been promised a voice on Auckland local government if the Auckland City mayor, John Banks, wins the supercity mayoralty. But while his main rival, the Manukau mayor Len Brown, has said he will keep pushing for Maori seats on the council, Mr Banks is instead promising to appoint a Maori advisor. [more]

Judge to ask courts to stop full review of his conduct
Supreme Court judge Bill Wilson is to ask the courts to stop a full review of his conduct. For the first time in New Zealand a Judicial Conduct Panel has been convened to decide whether Justice Wilson should have sat on a case in which one of the lawyers was his business partner, to whom he owed a quarter of a million dollars. [more]

Bethune takes stand in Tokyo to deny assault
The anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune has told a Japanese court it was never his intention to harm people when he threw stink bombs at a whaling ship during a confrontation in the Southern Ocean. [more]

Aid flotilla is taken to Israeli port
The seemingly bungled naval raid off the coast of Israel has drawn international condemnation, with a meeting of the UN Security Council underway in New York. [more]

Sports News for 1 June 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

More problems with offshore patrol vessel
The second of two offshore patrol vessels long overdue for delivery to the Navy has broken down on its maiden voyage to New Zealand from Melbourne. [more]

Worry over further delays of Hobbit film after director quits
Screen actors are concerned the resignation of the director for Tolkien's Hobbit may leave the local film industry struggling. The Mexican-born director Guillermo Del Toro has quit his role, citing continuing delays in setting a date for filming to begin. [more]

Hauraki Council says cycleway doomed without more cash
The Hauraki District Council says the planned Hauraki Plains Cycle Trail is doomed unless the government comes up with more money. The 108-kilometre trail is one of the seven quick-start trail projects unveiled by the Prime Minister last year. [more]

UN holds emergency meeting after Israeli raid
The United Nations Security Council is in an emergency session in New York, in the wake of a deadly Israeli naval raid on an aid flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip. Within hours of the clash, the Turkish government issued a strongly-worded condemnation of the Israeli actions. The White House says it's working to understand the circumstances surrounding the storming of the flotilla - but there's already been diplomatic fall out already. [more]

Bay of Plenty tops list of drugged drivers charged
About one in five people charged under drug driving laws are from the Bay of Plenty. [more]

Vanuatu volcano threatens international air travel
An erupting volcano in Vanuatu is threatening international air travel. Wellington's Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre has reported an ash cloud covering 100 nautical square miles and stretching more than 1.8 kilometres high from Mt Yasur, on Vanuatu's Tanna island. [more]

Greens call for moratorium on NZ deepwater drilling
The Green Party is calling for a moratorium on deepwater oil drilling off New Zealand's south coast until the industry can prove it is safe. [more]

Sports News for 1 June 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Tourism Ministry says cycleway project making progress
A lack of funding means one of the cycleways for the planned national network might not go ahead. The Hauraki District Council says unless it gets more money from the Government, it's one hundred and eight kilometre trail from Kaiaua to Waihi won't go ahead. [more]

Tertiary education course overcharge not a rort says the QA
A Qualifications Authority review shows the government is paying more than it should for some tertiary education courses. The Authority is tightening regulations to deal with the problem. [more]

Waatea News for 1 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Noted film-maker Merata Mita remembered as a 'pioneer'
Some in the Film and Television Industry say the death of a noted film-maker marks the end of a generation of pioneering Maori onscreen creators. Merata Mita of Ngati Pikiao and Ngaiterangi died yesterday. [more]

Inaugural Music Month summit to inspire new musicians
Almost 200 budding musicians packed an auditorium at the Auckland Museum for the inaugural Music Month Summit. [more]

Winemakers switch from cork to plastic
The romance and ceremony of popping a champagne cork may be on borrowed time in New Zealand. A handful of winemakers are switching from the centuries-old cork closure to a new plastic device. [more]


Orchestras Unite : Paul Robertson
Organist Paul Robertson on two orchestras from different countries and on playing the newly restored Auckland Town Hall Organ. [more]

Sportstalk : Australia
ABC Sports Corespondent Paul Kennedy with his analysis of the state of play from recent recreational activities. [more]

Nights Conundrum Clue
Clue 3 [more]

Nights Conundrum Clue
Clue 4 [more]

Nine To Noon

Israel attacks aid flotilla heading to Gaza
BBC Gaza corrrespondent Jon Donnison, UN correspondent Graeme Usher, and Professor of Peace Studies Paul Rogers talk about Israel's attack on the aid flotilla heading to Gaza. [more]

What does soccer tell us about ourselves?
Simon Kuper, co-author of 'Soccernomics'. Has also written 'Soccer Against the Enemy', which won the William Hill Prize for sports book of the year in Britain, and writes a sports column in the Financial Times. [more]

US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
The oil spill off the gulf of Mexico is having a devastating affect. [more]

Feature Guest - Becky Blanton
American writer, photographer and former journalist who found herself homeless and at the bottom of the heap. Becky Blanton lived in her van for 3 years with a cat and Doberman dog for company, her self esteem deserting her as she realised she had virtually fallen off society's radar. She eventually pulled herself out of it, going on to win selection to speak at the prestigous TED global forum at Oxford University, where she inspired the audience with the story of her journey to the edge and back. [more]

Book Review - The Breaking of Eggs
Phil Vine reviews 'The Breaking of Eggs' by Jim Powell. Published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson. [more]

Business with Rod Oram
Business and Economic commentator Rod Oram discusses the US economy and what it means for our exporters. [more]

Alison Parr
Oral historian Alison Parr with the stories of those who stayed home during World War II - from farmers to conscientious objectors to the women struggling with rationing and fears for their loved ones. [more]

Media with Denis Welch
Denis looks at the two weekend political shows: TV3's The Nation and TV1's Q and amp;A. [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 1 June 2010
Questions to Ministers 1. Hon PHIL GOFF to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement that his proposed cycleway would cost $50 million and "will create just under 4000 jobs when it's being built"; if so, how many jobs have been created so far? 2. CRAIG FOSS to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received showing signs that the economy is rebalancing towards exports and investment and away from borrowing, consumption and property speculation? 3. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Minister of Energy and Resources: Will he, before issuing any permits for deep water oil drilling in the Great South Basin, ensure that all drilling companies have the ability to control any leaks that develop? 4. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Prime Minister: Does he agree with the 53 percent of New Zealanders in last night's TV One poll who believe they will not be better off as a result of the Budget? 5. NICKY WAGNER to the Minister of Health: Does he stand by all of his recent statements on health services? 6. Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE to the Minister of Finance: Does the Government's online budget calculator use the Treasury's forecast inflation rate of 5.9 percent for 2011; if not, why not? 7. SIMON BRIDGES to the Minister of Agriculture: What steps has the Government recently taken to improve animal welfare in New Zealand? 8. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Minister of Finance: Does he agree with Secretary to the Treasury John Whitehead's comments that the Government should remove overseas investment screening for all but the "most sensitive" of items; if not, why not? 9. Hon MARYAN STREET to the Minister for Tertiary Education: Does he stand by his statement that Budget 2010 will "ensure more higher education opportunities for New Zealanders"? 10. JOHN BOSCAWEN to the Prime Minister: How much of the $3 per week he referred to as the average cost for households of the Emissions Trading Scheme on TV One Breakfast on 24 and 31 May relates to electricity and petrol price rises, and how much relates to the flow-on effect of these costs into the price of all other goods and services that households consume? 11. Hon PETE HODGSON to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement to the New Zealand Herald last year that he has put certain assets into a blind trust that is "so blind I haven't got a clue what's in it"? 12. SHANE ARDERN to the Minister for Food Safety: What progress has been made on reforming New Zealand's food legislation? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 1 June 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 1 June 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Bruce Foreman
US jazz guitarist currently touring New Zealand. [more]

Southern Opera Review
Tony Ryan reviews last weekend's performance of Verdi's Aida. [more]

News stories:

Magic beaten by Firebirds
The Waikato-Bay of Plenty Magic have slipped to third in the trans-Tasman netball standings after a 55-54 loss to the Queensland Firebirds in Rotorua. Magic coach Noeline Taurua started shooter Jess ... [more]

Folau tipped to join AFL
The Brisbane Broncos giant rugby league centre Israel Folau is expected to tell his club today he's accepting a massive offer to switch to the AFL. 21 year-old Folau ... [more]

Henin beaten at French Open
The Australian Sam Stosur has become the first player to beat Justine Henin at the French Open for six years as she stunned the four-time champion to reach the quarter-finals. The ... [more]

Men's quarter-finalists found at French Open
Four-time champion Rafael Nadal clinched his 200th claycourt win to move into the French Open quarter-finals, but only after undergoing a tough examination by Brazil's Thomaz Bellucci. Second seed Nadal claimed ... [more]

Conway undergoes surgery
The Indycar driver Mike Conway is recovering after undergoing surgery to repair his broken left leg suffered in yesterday's horrific crash in the Indianapolis 500. The Briton went airborne sideways ... [more]

Valverde banned for 2 years
The number one ranked road cyclist Alejandro Valverde will miss the next two editions of the Tour de France after the Spaniard was given a two-year ban by the Court of ... [more]

Thurston in danger of missing Origin Two
The Queensland league halfback Johnathan Thurston is in danger of missing State of Origin Two on the 16th of this month after being charged with detrimental conduct at the ... [more]

Mourinho joins Real
Jose Mourinho has been unveiled as the new manager of Real Madrid after signing a four-year deal at the Spanish football club. The 47-year-old replaced Chilean Manuel Pellegrini to become Real's ... [more]

Patterson joins Cardiff
The Hurricanes forward Michael Patterson has signed a 3-year deal with the Welsh rugby club Cardiff Blues. Patterson was talked about as an All Black prospect, but he's decided to ... [more]

Storm damage claims total $1.5 million
The Earthquake Commission has received 138 claims worth $1.5 million following heavy rain across the country over the past fortnight. [more]

'Strong' growth reported in Indian economy
India's economy grew at an annual rate of 8.6% in the three months to March, largely due to growth in manufacturing. Growth was 6.5% in the previous quarter. [more]

New airpoints credit card
American Express and Air New Zealand have launched a new airpoints credit card. [more]

All Whites back to work in Austria
The All Whites resumed full training overnight in Austria after having a day off following their upset win over Serbia on Sunday morning. They have a complete squad again with Chris ... [more]

Roosters beat Titans
The Sydney Roosters have moved back into the top eight of the National Rugby League after an upset 30-16 win over the Titans on the Gold Coast. The Titans jumped out ... [more]

Mitchell to help Lions in South Africa
The Western Force rugby coach John Mitchell will assist the Golden Lions in South Africa's Currie Cup competition later this year. Coach Dick Muir will be with the Springboks during the ... [more]

England cricketers win first test
The England cricketers have beaten Bangladesh by 8 wickets in the opening test at Lord's. Following-on, Bangladesh were bowled out for 382 shortly before lunch on the final day with fast ... [more]

NZ Pacific Business Council says regional businesses can support Guam
The chairman of the New Zealand Pacific Business Council says regional businesses can provide much-needed support to Guam as it prepares to facilitate the large US military build-up on the... [more]

PNG's Health Department says people may be dying due to lack of testing equipment
The Health Department in PNG says it accepts people may be dying because of a lack of diagnostic equipment. The head of Pathology at the Angau Memorial Hospital in the... [more]

Fiji National Provident Fund announces a net loss of 88 million US dollars
The Fiji National Provident Fund has announced a net loss of 88 million US dollars for the past financial year. This follows the fund writing down 156 million US dollars... [more]

Samoa court orders MP to clear debts to NPF fund or face jail
A Samoan businessman who's also an MP, Muagututi'a George Meredith, has been convicted in the district court for failing to pay his employees' contributions to the National Provident Fund. The... [more]

Early childhood teachers expected to be spread more evenly
Prime Minister John Key says changes to the funding of early childhood centres may help spread qualified teachers throughout the industry. [more]

Queenstown to revise 10-year plan
Queenstown Lakes District Council is reworking its 10-year plan to take account of an expected fall in contributions from developers hit by the global financial crisis. [more]

Whanau Ora expected to start flowing in late July
Whanau Ora Minister Tariana Turia says funding should start flowing to the first providers by the end of July. Expressions of interest will be called after the completion of hui explaining the new model. [more]

Settlement evictions seen as last resort
The trust which owns the land at the settlement of Little Waihi in Bay of Plenty sees evicting residents as a last resort. [more]

Engine fault only teething problems - Mapp
Defence Minister Wayne Mapp says the Navy's latest ship to develop an engine fault is only going through teething problems. [more]

Reports in Tonga say Ministry of Transportation secretary has lost her job
There are unconfirmed reports from Tonga that the secretary of the Ministry of Transportation has lost her job amid concerns over air safety. 'Eleni Mone, who had faced criticism during... [more]

American Samoa to join forces with computer giant Microsoft
American Samoa will join forces with computer giant Microsoft to provide free technology training to individuals across the Territory. Through Elevate America, Microsoft will work with the Employment and Training... [more]

Coroner seeks more evidence into police killing
The Coroner who held an inquest into the death of a teenager mistakenly killed by the police on the north-western motorway in Auckland, is seeking more evidence. [more]

Lack of integrity in government prompts former Tongan cabinet minister to stand
A former Tonga Justice Minister and Attorney General has become one of the first to formally announce her candidacy for the November elections. Alisi Taumoepeau, who lost her posts after... [more]

Call for French Polynesia independence referendum
French Polynesia's pro-independence leader, Oscar Temaru, says it is urgent that a referendum on the territory's independence be held. Mr Temaru, who is the president of the assembly, made the... [more]

Proposal for pharmacists to prescribe medicines
Work is being done by the Pharmacy Council on whether some pharmacists could be trained to prescribe medicines. [more]

Another $550,000 for youth offender programmes
The Government is to spend another $550,000 on programmes aimed at dealing with serious youth offenders. Initial funding of $350,000 has already been committed. [more]

$2.2 billion handled by NZX in May
The New Zealand stock exchange handled $2.2 billion worth of trades in May - up 23% on the previous month. Almost $500 million worth of capital was raised as well. [more]

Cash and cannabis found by police
Police in Counties Manukau seized $242,000 in cash, 6kg of cannabis and weapons in a car on Friday. [more]

Flights to Vanuatu not likely to be disrupted by ash
Airlines say services to Vanuatu are not likely to be disrupted by a volcanic ash cloud from Mount Yasur on Tanna Island. [more]

Varroa bee mite found further south
The varroa bee mite has spread further south, with reports of infected hives in Queenstown and Central Otago. Varroa reached the top of the South Island in 2006. [more]

Smoking increases symptoms of depression - UK Journal
New research adds more weight to a link between smoking cigarettes and depression. [more]

Niueans in New Zealand want explanation on island house demolitions
Members of New Zealand's Niuean community want the island's government to explain why it's forging ahead with plans to demolish derelict houses, without more consultation. Some home owners met with... [more]

Guns used in two violent incidents in Tonga capital
Police in Tonga are expected to bring more charges against two men accused of attempted murder after an alleged drive by shooting in the capital, Nuku'alofa, early on Saturday morning. [more]

Nauru makes some political progress with election of Speaker
There has been a breakthrough after five weeks of political deadlock in Nauru with the election of a Parliamentary Speaker. The assembly has been evenly split since elections on April... [more]

Woman charged with assault on baby
Police have charged a woman with assaulting a baby in Murupara in the Whakatane district. [more]

NAB granted extension of time
The National Australia Bank has been given more time to satisfy the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission over an $A13 billion bid to take over AXA Asia Pacific Holdings. [more]

PNG Supreme Court suspends finance minister Pruaitch
Papua New Guinea's Supreme Court has ordered the suspension from office of the Finance and Treasury Minister, Patrick Pruaitch. He has been suspended on full pay pending an appeal against... [more]

Man badly injured when run over by tractor
A 45-year-old man was seriously injured when he was run over by a tractor at an industrial yard in Hamilton early on Monday morning. [more]

Concern for missing teen mother and baby
Police in Counties-Manukau have concerns for a teenage girl and her five-week-old baby, who are missing. [more]

Website monitored for news of missing woman
Police in Auckland are monitoring a New Zealand-based Asian website in the hope that new information about a missing Chinese student turns up on it. [more]

Niue house demolition plans anger absentee owners
Some New Zealand-based owners of houses listed for demolition by the Niue government are outraged at the plan. The Niue government has identified about 100 houses for demolition as it... [more]

SPREP warns draws lessons from Gulf oil disaster
The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme says the massive oil spill from a ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico is a wake-up call for Pacific Islands to... [more]

Little information as Tonga voter registration begins
Tongan voters are being told that they need to register in their electorates, starting from next week, but many still do not know to which electorate they belong. In November... [more]

Bainimarama queries Forum group's planned Fiji visit
Fiji's interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, questions why the Australian and New Zealand foreign ministers want to visit Fiji in the next few weeks. This comes after the Pacific... [more]

Mt Yasur eruptions cause trauma and sickness among Tanna islanders
Volcanic ash spewing from Vanuatu's Mt Yasur volcano is causing trauma and sickness among villagers living nearby. Government officials are on the island of Tanna assessing the situation but have... [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Tuesday's headlines: Boy confronts intruder who was strangling the family dog; fish and chip shops want a standard scoop size; Sir Peter Jackson may direct the two 'Hobbit' films himself. [more]

Southland cycleway funding 'not enough'
A government allocation of $4 million to build a proposed cycleway in Southland is said to be not enough. [more]

Missing man's clothing details issued
Police have issued details about what a missing Kapiti Coast man was wearing when he disappeared. [more]

Earthquake in Hawke's Bay
A 4.0 earthquake was recorded in Hawke's Bay just before midnight. [more]

New super-city roles mostly go to outsiders
The first senior management roles in the new Auckland Council have gone mostly to those outside the region. [more]

Super-city Maori liaison plan backed by iwi
Two Auckland iwi are backing the idea of a Maori adviser for the new super-city mayor, saying it would be better than nothing. [more]

Nauru's newly elected Speaker delays vote for President until Thursday
The newly elected Speaker of the Nauru Parliament says the body will endeavour to elect a President and Deputy Speaker when it reconvenes on Thursday. After five weeks of a... [more]

Kaitaia mill workers threaten to strike over pay
About 100 workers at Kaitaia's Juken Nissho mill are threatening to strike, following a breakdown in pay talks. [more]

900 submissions on proposed abolition of council
Northland councils have received more than 900 submissions from the public on their proposals for local government reform. [more]

A 4% wage rise? No way, minister tells teachers
The State Services Minister has told secondary school teachers that their claim for a 4% wage rise is way out of line. [more]

No backlash against rise in tax on tobacco - Turia
Associate health minister Tariana Turia says her fears of a backlash against a rise in the tax on tobacco have not been realised. She says smokers understand the reason for the price rise. [more]

Regrets over demise of Maori trade training
The new head of the Tertiary Education Commission has expressed regret for overseeing the demise of Maori trade training. [more]

Indoor housing for dairy cows to be subject of code
The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee is looking into indoor housing for dairy cows, with the aim of drawing up guidelines. [more]

Cautious forecast by Westland Milk Products
Westland Milk Products is taking a cautious approach to its forecast opening payout for the new dairy season, well below what Fonterra has announced. [more]

Resource consents sought for new dairy company
A new dairy company hopes to begin processing milk powder at its first plant in South Waikato from August next year. [more]

Study urged of economic benefits of sharemilking
The decline in sharemilking positions available on dairy farms has prompted a call for a new study to show the economic benefits they provide. [more]

Further film delays feared
Actors Equity fears the resignation of the director of two films based on the book 'The Hobbit', could lead to further delays for the project. It says the domestic film industry is already struggling. [more]

Bolt withdraws from NY meeting with tendon injury
Triple Olympic sprint champion and world record holder Usain Bolt has withdrawn from this month's New York Diamond League athletics meeting with a tendon injury. Bolt had been expected to face ... [more]

Adidas hit back at World Cup football criticism
Sports gear manufacturer Adidas has hit back at criticism that the official World Cup football is difficult to control and a nightmare for goalkeepers, stressing that it was widely tested and ... [more]

Stephen Donald out for at least four months
Waikato 's former All Black five-eighth Stephen Donald, will be out of rugby for at least four months after having surgery today to repair a torn chest muscle. Donald was injured ... [more]

Folau confirms switch to AFL
The Australian rugby league star Israel Folau is switching to Aussie Rules, having signed a four year deal with new AFL club Greater Western Sydney. GWS are due to join the ... [more]

Blackhawks ground Flyers
The Chicago Blackhawks are within two victories of their first Stanley Cup in 49 years after a 2-1 home win over the Philadelphia Flyers. The win gives the Blackhawks a 2-0 ... [more]

Up to five players to make test debuts for Wallabies
Up to five players could make their test debuts in the Australian rugby sides opening test of the year against Fiji in Canberra on Saturday. Front rowers Salesi Ma'afu and Huia ... [more]

Callum Bruce Leaves for Japan
The Chiefs midfielder Callum Bruce is leaving Waikato to take up a two-year rugby contract in Japan. The 26 year-old will leave this weekend to join the Cannon club after playing ... [more]

Injured Indy 500 driver out for three months
The British driver Mike Conway will be out of motor racing for at least three months, as he recovers from leg and back injuries suffered in yesterday's terrifying crash during the ... [more]

French Open final re-run in quarter-finals
There'll be a repeat of last year's French Open final when the champion and world tennis number one Roger Federer plays Robin Soderling tonight for a place in the semi-finals. Soderling ... [more]

South Africa thrash Guatemala in friendly
It was a record night for South African football and captain Aaron Mokoena as the 2010 World Cup hosts outclassed Guatemala 5-0 in a warm-up match. The winning margin was the ... [more]

Musa joins Phoenix
The young Whanganui football player James Musa has been signed by the Wellington Phoenix as one of the club's under-21 players. The 18-year-old defender joins the Phoenix for next season in ... [more]

Mourinho says no one is bigger than the club
Jose Mourinho has signalled a determination to do things his way and make subtle changes to the way Real Madrid operate after he was unveiled as coach. The Portuguese signed a ... [more]

UAE to host test cricket
The United Arab Emirates will host Test cricket for the first time later this year after Pakistan announced details of a series against South Africa. In October and November, they will ... [more]

Paraguay squad trimmed for World Cup
The England-based duo Roque Santa Cruz and Paulo Da Silva have been included in Paraguay's 23-man squad for this month's FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Paraguay face a friendly against ... [more]

8am sports heads
The Australian tennis player Samantha Stosur has ended Justine Henin's bid for a 5th French Open tennis title, overcoming nerves to beat the popular Belgian and qualify for the quarter-finals. Stosur, ... [more]

Henin out of French Open
Justine Henin received a standing ovation but it had a hollow ring for the Belgian as her 24-match winning run at the French Open came to a halt and her ... [more]

Man's death in Hamilton house not suspicious
Police in Hamilton say the death of a man in the suburb of Nawton yesterday was not suspicious. [more]

Woman charged with assaulting new-born baby
A 24-year-old woman charged with assaulting a new-born baby in Murupara appeared before the Rotorua District Court today. [more]

Fonterra welcomes prospect of NZ-Russia FTA
Fonterra says any free-trade deal with Russia could be a major boost to its sales to the former Soviet powerhouse. [more]

Overhaul of war veterans' pensions recommended
A Law Commission report is recommending two separate schemes of financial and practical support for war veterans, following a review of the War Pensions Act, 1954. [more]

Further loss by CER group
CER Group has reported a narrower full-year loss. The listed company lost $3.3 million in the year to the end of March - an improvement of 28% on the previous year. [more]

Southern Cross, Canterbury societies join guarantee
Southern Cross Building Society and Canterbury Building Society have been accepted into the Government's extended retail deposit guarantee. [more]

Business confidence seen as still robust
Business confidence is at an 11-year high, indicating the New Zealand economy is heading for annual growth of more than 5% by the end of the year. [more]

KFC sales up
KFC has boosted sales at Restaurant Brands despite falls at its other brands, Pizza Hutt and Starbucks Coffee. [more]

New 'Heartland' bank proposed
Canterbury Building Society, Southern Cross Building Society and Pyne Gould Corporation are considering merging to form a bank, which would be listed on the stock exchange. [more]

Video footage of alleged police assault presented
Video footage of a late-night attack has been played at the trial of two police officers charged with assaulting four men while off-duty. [more]

Key facility for world rowing champs opened
A key facility that will be used at the World Rowing Championships on Lake Karapiro in Waikato later this year has been officially opened by the Governor-General. [more]

Constables choke up giving evidence against colleagues
Two Dunedin police constables have become emotional while giving evidence against two colleagues accused of kicking a man they were arresting in February last year. [more]

New life urged for Maori Council
A long-serving member of the New Zealand Maori Council is backing calls for it to be reorganised and become more relevant for Maori today. [more]

Outrage at plan to demolish 100 Niuean houses
Some New Zealand-based owners of houses listed for demolition by the Niue government are outraged at the plan. [more]

Govt's online tax calculator not inflation-proofed
The Labour Opposition has accused the Government of misleading the public with its on-line tax calculator, saying it should take into account Treasury's latest inflation forecast. [more]

Airline group fears heavy airport charges will continue
An airline lobby group fears proposed changes to the way major airports value their assets will let them continue to unfairly charge many millions in extra charges. [more]

Allied shares sink to record low
Allied Farmers' share price has slipped to a record low of 5c. The shares have lost more than 75% of their value in the past six months. [more]

Recovery seen as fragile - NZIER
The NZ Institute of Economic Research warns the recovery is fragile and the Reserve Bank should hold off raising interest rates until at least September. [more]

NZ to consider whether to join bid to stop whaling
Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully says the Government will consider over the next week or two whether to join a legal bid by Australia to stop Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean. [more]

Some tertiary courses getting too much funding - NZQA
A review by the Qualifications Authority shows the Government is paying more than it should for some tertiary education courses. [more]

We'll learn lessons from Gulf spill - Brownlee
Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee says New Zealand observers in the US are looking at the clean-up operation after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. [more]

Supreme Court judge to seek to block inquiry
A Supreme Court judge facing an investigation into his conduct in a case involving his business partner is to seek to block the inquiry. [more]

Maori Studies head faults the way history is taught
The head of Victoria University's School of Maori Studies says the way New Zealand history is taught in schools is hurting race relations. [more]

Govt greenlights global oil giant to explore basin
The Government has awarded the first exploration permit for oil and gas off East Cape to one of the biggest petrol companies in the world. [more]

Peters's crack at Harawira whanuau 'below the belt'
A younger member of the Harawira whanau says Winston Peters is out of line in his attack on the family. [more]

Harcourts to launch in US
Harcourts plans to launch in the US. The real-estate group has agreed to a joint venture with a California-based group. [more]

Restaurant Brands shares up as market falls
The NZX50 index fell 6 points, or 0.2%, to close at 3054 on Tuesday on turnover of $20 million. [more]

PM writes to Speaker over blind trust
Prime Minister John Key has written to the Speaker in response to a Labour MP's complaint that he misled Parliament over his blind trust. [more]

Grandmother admits manslaughter of child
The grandmother of three-year-old Cherish Tahuri-Wright, who died from brain injuries in February last year, has admitted her manslaughter. [more]

Chatham Pacific back flying after probe into incident at Tonga airport
Tongan domestic airline, Chatham Pacific, is back flying following investigations into an incident at Fua'amotu Airport last week. A plane carrying eight people was forced to land without a nose... [more]

Pacific Mentoring Programme gaining foothold in region
A Pacific Mentoring Programme rolling out in 11 Pacific Islands this year is already proving popular among businesses which already have experience with the scheme. The initial three-year programme is... [more]

Union members to take action over pay claim
The EPMU says engineers responsible for about half of Auckland's power lines network are poised to begin industrial action over a stalemate in their pay talks. Overtime will be banned and callouts limited. [more]

Flood-hit Whakatane sets up evacuation centre
Parts of the Auckland region, Coromandel, Waikato and Bay of Plenty were hit by extensive flooding today. Whakatane has been hit particularly hard. [more]

Israeli ambassador expresses regret for deaths
The Israeli ambassador to New Zealand has expressed his regret over the deaths of activists on board aid ships stormed by Israeli commandos. [more]