Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 3rd June 2010

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Best song ever written - Throw your arms around me
Erin Simpson from the Hawkes Bay has chosen"Throw your arms around me"by Hunters and Collectors. [more]

Your Place - Springfield
We visit a small town in one of New Zealand's fastest growing districts; Selwyn, in Canterbury. [more]

Motorsport Study
For anyone who has ever wondered if motorsport drivers are athletes, a new study by the University of Otago indicates there is something special about the men and women behind the wheel. [more]

Grim reaper competition
The New Plymouth Injury Safe program ran a competition to find lookalikes of the creepy figure on a National road safety campaign featuring the wheel of misfortune. The winner is Ralph Barton. He's spending the next two weeks at intersections in New Plymouth.. reminding drivers to make good calls at intersections. [more]

He Rourou for 3 June 2010
Maori musicians are benefiting from the current trendiness of Maori music. In He Rourou Ana Tapiata talks with long-time muso Kimo Winiata about the change in support for Maori language music. [more]

Arts Report
Time to delve into happenings on the arts scene with Lynn Freeman. [more]

Christchurch Story for 3 June 2010 - Christchurch Style
When it comes to style, Andhy Blake has come into his own since arriving in New Zealand. Producer Sonia Yee meets the man who claims to have had no clue about fashion whilst growing up in Fiji, but now he's taking the New Zealand fashion industry by storm and he's keen to go all the way to the top. [more]

Science - Pathology Laboratory Tour (part 3)
In the histology department at Aotea Pathology, it's not unusual to see a whole human kidney containing a tumour being analysed by a pathologist. That's exactly what Ruth Beran sees as she continues her tour of Aotea Pathology, a Wellington community pathology lab. [more]

The panel (part 1)
With guests Chris Wikaira and Islay McLeod. [more]

The panel (part 2)
With guests Chris Wikaira and Islay McLeod. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 3 June 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Market Update
A quick market update. [more]

Midday Business News for 3 June 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 3 June 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 3 June 2010
News from the business sector. [more]


Checkpoint choice for Thursday 3 June 2010
A rampage in Britain's lake district may have been sparked by a fight over a will. The plan to pay doctor's salaries while they are on their OE and The National-led Government has been scrambling yet again to clarify its position on asset sales. [more]

UK reeling following mass shooting
A dispute over a family will may have been what triggered a tax driver's shooting rampage through the British countryside which has left 12 people dead. [more]

Plan to pay trainee doctors while overseas cautiously welcomed
Senior doctors say a plan to pay doctors while they're on their OE could help slow the brain drain to Australia. [more]

Activists deported from Israel arrive in Turkey
Three plane loads of pro-Palestinian activists including a New Zealander have arrived in Turkey after being deported from Israel. [more]

Police murder-accused's memory loss not real says Crown
A man charged with murdering a police officer has been accused of lying about his loss of memory in a bid to keep his story on track. [more]

Govt scrambling to clarify position on asset sales
The National-led Government has been scrambling yet again to clarify its position on asset sales after the Prime Minister left open the possibility KiwiBank might be sold after all. [more]

Auckland lab testing review to begin
The Government has just announced a review into the way community laboratory testing changed hands in Auckland last year. [more]

Obama campaigns for clean energy future
The US President Barack Obama has pledged to campaign for what he calls a clean energy future - citing the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as a sign that America needs to amend its reliance on fossil fuels. [more]

Evening sports news for 3 June 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Power generators turn to Australia's stock exchange
New Zealand's major power generators have turned to Australia's stock exchange to help bring more competition to the industry here. [more]

Environmental Defence Society welcomes EPA
The government's been praised by an environmental group for its plans to regulate deep sea drilling within the country's economic zone. [more]

1080 warning signs destroyed
The Animal Health Board says someone is deliberately destroying signs warning people about the presence of 1080 poison in Westland. [more]

Waatea news for 3 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

World Cup forces mass eviction of Sth African poor
The Football World Cup kicks off in just over a week in South Africa with more than just the players with something to win. [more]

Economic spinoffs already being felt from Football World Cup
While the Football World Cup has yet to kick off in South Africa - the financial spinoffs are already being felt here. [more]

Questions over why taxi driver shot 12 people dead in Cumbria
The killing of 12 people in Britain is the worst mass shooting there for 14 years. [more]

Police seek motive in Cumbria killing spree
British police are investigating what sparked a killing spree by a lone gunman in West Cumbria, in which 12 people died. [more]

Chair of Health Workforce on plan to slow brain drain
Senior doctors and nurses say a plan to pay doctors while they're on their OE could help slow the brain drain to Australia. [more]

Pacific Islands rising, not sinking - climate scientists
Climate scientists say they're surprised at findings showing that many low-lying Pacific islands are rising, not sinking. [more]

Auckland Super City Bill becomes law
The third and final Auckland Super City Bill passed its final reading in Parliment this evening. [more]

Tributes for former Treasury secretary
The former head of the Prime Minister's Department and Secretary of the Treasury, Bernie Galvin, has died at the age of 77. [more]

Evening sports news for 3 June 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Arab League add voice calling for lifting Gaza blockade
The demands for Israel to lift its blockade of Gaza are growing after the attack. [more]

ICRC calls for end of Gaza blockade
Western powers agree with Israel that Hamas is a threat - but say the embargo should not punish the 1.5 million people trapped in the Gaza Strip. [more]

Australia's minimum wage to rise
Australia's national workplace relations tribunal has increased the minimum wage by $26 Australian dollars a week. [more]

Fiji militarisation of public life said to be pragmatic
Fiji's interim regime is defending putting more and more soldiers into civilian jobs in the public service. [more]

Waatea news for 3 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Justice Minister grilled about three strikes policy
The Labour Party used the opportunity of the Justice Minister's appearance before a select committee today, to grill him about the controversial three strikes legislation. [more]

Review of pharmacy recalls due to begin
The Government has announced an urgent review of drug recalls. [more]

Funeral directors say phoney mourners are common
Funeral directors say serial phony mourners are common place, but policing who should or shouldn't be at a service is near impossible. [more]

Crew to spend 18 months in mock space capsule
A record-breaking experiment will begin in Russia later today to simulate the extremely testing conditions that astronauts would have to cope with on a return space flight to the planet Mars. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 3 June 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 3 June 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Lone gunman goes on a shooting spree in the Lake District
An armed man has gone on a rampage in north-west England, killing 12 people and wounding 25 others before killing himself. [more]

Hep C doctor known as a 'potential danger'
A law firm representing women who contracted Hepatitis C from a doctor working at a Melbourne abortion clinic says the doctor was known to be a potential danger to the community. [more]

Pacific News for 3 June 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 3 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Don't soften ETS, government advised
The Ministry for the Environment says there is no justification for further softening or delaying the Emissions Trading Scheme. [more]

Gunman kills 12 in shooting rampage in England
12 people have been shot dead and 25 others injured in a shooting rampage in the north west of England. [more]

Chinese Community call for action after student death
Some in the Chinese Community say the death of an 18-year-old Auckland woman is proof that not enough is being done to ensure the safety of international students. [more]

Police limit leeway on speeding over long weekend
This Queen's Birthday weekend, the police are limiting the amount of leeway they're prepared to give motorists once their odometer nudges over the 50 or 100 kilometre an hour mark. [more]

New Zealander held in detention in Israel has been released
The British aid group Viva Palestina has confirmed the release of a New Zealander who had been held in detention in Israel following the Israeli commando raid on aid ships heading for Gaza. [more]

'Unfortunate Experiment' author discusses new study
Sandra Coney, who blew the whistle on Dr Herbert Green's so-called unfortunate experiment at National Women's Hospital says new research should scupper any bid to rehabilitate his reputation. [more]

PM changes his tune on possible sale of Kiwibank
The Prime Minister won't say whether he will stand by an election promise that Kiwibank will never be sold. [more]

Political editor comments on Kiwibank
Political editor Brent Edwards. [more]

Sports News for 3 June 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Top Stories for 3 June 2010
Shooting in England, speeding motorists, Kiwibank, Israel ship raid. [more]

New Zealanders able to join lawsuit over Hepatitis C
A law firm representing women who contracted Hepatitis C from a doctor working at a Melbourne abortion clinic says the doctor was known to be a potential danger to the community. [more]

Galloping clubs fear axe is looming over racecourses
A group representing half the country's galloping clubs is calling for heads to roll, as papers show its governing body has drawn up plans to shut down 17 racecourses. [more]

New Zealander caught up in gunman shooting spree
A taxi driver has gone on a rampage in north-west England shooting dead 12 people and injuring 25 others. [more]

Mortgage approvals flat despite removal of tax uncertainty
Lending on houses continues to flatline, defying predictions of a post-Budget sales bonanza. [more]

Property investment consultant on prospects for housing
Property investment consultant, Ollie Newland discusses prospects for housing. [more]

Early guilty pleas focus of appeal to Supreme Court
The way judges reduce sentences for early guilty pleas is the focus of an appeal to the Supreme Court. [more]

Sports News
The latest from the team at Radio NZ Sport. [more]

Opponents of Central Plains Water irrigation mull appeal
Opponents of the Central Plains Water irrigation scheme say they won't stop fighting the proposal. [more]

Murder accused to face more cross examination today
The man accused of murdering a policeman will face more scrutiny about his knowledge of weapons today after saying he was shocked his airgun was powerful enough to kill. [more]

Waatea News
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

Pharmac looking at funding new form of contraceptive
The Government's drug buying agency, Pharmac is considering funding a contraceptive implant for young women. [more]

1982 All Whites side - where are they now?
It's just over a week away from the opening of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. [more]


Cosmic Acceleration
Life, the universe and everything.... as seen by Dr. Tim Schrabback. [more]

Science - Physics
Matter, energy and of interactions between the two with Dr. Shaun Hendy. [more]

Clue number 7. [more]

Clue number 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

UK Shooting
Billy Boakes was an eyewitness to the Cumbria shooting. [more]

Singapore's experience regulating biomedical research
Dr Terry Khan is Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore's Law Faculty and inaugural member of the Singapore National Medical Ethics Committee which advised the Minister for Health on emerging ethical, legal and social issues in the practice of medicine. [more]

Should kids be in cafes?
Two leading cafe owners share their views on badly behaved kids in cafes. [more]

UK correspondent Michael White. [more]

Feature Guest - Robert Long
Robert Long moved to South Westland, two days walk from Haast, in 1980, after dropping out of medical school. He's an artist and carver and custodian of DOC's Gorge River hut, and now an author. [more]

Book Review
Emma Hart reviews Home by Alison Parr. [more]

New Technology
Nigel Horrocks looks at how the internet is challenging the control of PR companies and whether community co-op papers are the next big thing. [more]

Psychologist and parenting expert Nigel Latta discusses pessimistic children. [more]

TV Review
Simon Wilson discusses 50 years of TVNZ and the final of Lost. [more]

Our Changing World

Chatham Island Taiko
DoC ranger Pat Liddy is part of a team working to protect rare Chatham Island taiko during the breeding season [more]

Computers and Hand-drawn Diagrams
University of Auckland's Beryl Plimmer is developing programmes to help computers recognise hand-drawn diagrams [more]

Test for Kidney Transplant Rejection
A new non-invasive urine test will enable the rapid detection of a transplanted kidney being rejected [more]

Pathology Lab Tour - Part 3
Ruth Beran continues her tour of the molecular biology and histology departments at Aotea Pathology [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 3 June 2010
Questions to Ministers 1. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister of Finance: Will the Government tell New Zealanders before the election which assets, if any, they will sell if they are re-elected? 2. PESETA SAM LOTU-IIGA to the Minister of Finance: How will the Budget help give New Zealand economic advantages over other countries, which are being forced to increase income taxes and go deeply into debt? 3. Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE to the Minister of Finance: Why did he say that the gap between rich and poor is "about the same" as a result of Budget 2010? 4. TIM MACINDOE to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: Why has the Government doubled the number of Job Ops for young people? 5. Hon SHANE JONES to the Minister for Economic Development: What steps is he taking in the 2010-11 financial year to foster innovation, firm growth and an export-led recovery? 6. DAVID CLENDON to the Minister of Finance: Is a lawyer working for Hong Kong-listed Natural Dairy NZ on the Technical Reference Group advising the Government on the review of the overseas investment rules; if so, when was he alerted to this? 7. Hon DAMIEN O'CONNOR to the Minister of Agriculture: Did he or his office contact NZ Police about Farmers Weekly journalist Alan Emerson relating to the incident in his office on May 17; if so, what information was passed to Police? 8. PAUL QUINN to the Minister of Corrections: Can she provide an update on any major initiatives to avert the prison capacity crisis? 9. SU'A WILLIAM SIO to the Minister of Pacific Island Affairs: Was there an open and transparent bidding process to ensure accountability for taxpayer funds before the decision was made to grant $4.8 million to the Pacific Economic Development Agency Limited in Budget 2010; if not, why not? 10. CHRIS AUCHINVOLE to the Minister for the Environment: What decision has the Government announced today with effect to the establishment of a new standalone Environmental Protection Authority? 11. GRANT ROBERTSON to the Minister of Internal Affairs: Will the positions of National Librarian and Chief Archivist be employees of the Chief Executive of the Department of Internal Affairs and be accountable to him under the proposed merger of National Library and Archives New Zealand into the Department of Internal Affairs? 12. TODD McCLAY to the Minister for Communications and Information Technology: What response has the Government received to the Rural Broadband Initiative? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 3 June 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 3 June 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Didy Veldman
Dutch choroegrapher and creator of Royal New Zealand Ballet's upcoming season of Carmen. [more]

Jesse Peach and Anthony Young
Director and Music Director of Stephen Sondheim's 'Sweeney Todd' opening at Auckland's Maidment Theatre this evening. [more]

News stories:

New rules for rest home auditors
The Government is toughening the rules for organisations that audit rest homes. [more]

Public meetings now required for council organisations
Parliament has made a late change to the third Auckland super-city bill, that will require council-controlled organisations to hold at least two public meetings a year. [more]

Capello to stay on as England coach until 2012
Fabio Capello will remain as England's coach until 2012, the Football Association says. The Italian, poised to lead England to this month's World Cup in South Africa, had been linked in ... [more]

Afoa moves to hooker for Barbarians
The All Black John Afoa will move from prop to hooker in the New Zealand Barbarians against New Zealand Maori at Whangarei on June 12 before the All Blacks play Ireland ... [more]

Arsenal reject Barcelona's Fabregas offer
Arsenal have rejected a formal offer from Barcelona for their Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas and told the Catalan football club they will not enter into any transfer negotiations. The London Premier ... [more]

Lippi denies 2006 team bias
Italy's coach Marcello Lippi has scoffed at claims he is overly faithful to the players who won the World Cup with him in 2006 in Germany. Italy leave next week for ... [more]

London to put cash before flash, says Coe
The 2012 London Olympic Games chief Sebastian Coe says they are financially robust and have the full backing of Britain's new government. Coe says organisers won't try to out-dazzle the 2008 ... [more]

Pakistan name Butt vice-captain for Asia Cup and England
Pakistan have appointed opening batsman Salman Butt as vice-captain for the Asia Cup and the tour to England. The 25-year-old will deputise for all-rounder Shahid Afridi in the four-nation event in ... [more]

Brazil weather Zimbabwe storm
Brazil weathered a Zimbabwe storm before scoring twice late in the opening half to set up a 3-0 victory in a World Cup warm-up game at Harare. It was easy in ... [more]

Blatter praises Mandela at stadium handover
FIFA's president Sepp Blatter has called Nelson Mandela the most charismatic humanist alive when the venue for the World Cup's opening match, was officially handed over to football's world governing ruling ... [more]

Henry dismisses reports of Domenech threat
Thierry Henry has dismissed reports that the France coach Raymond Domenech threatened to leave him out of the World Cup if he refused to be a substitute. France's former captain and ... [more]

Warriors coach says Folau's move a no-brainer
The Warriors coach Ivan Cleary says the AFL is throwing crazy money at Israel Folau considering the rugby league star's never played Australian Rules. The Brisbane Broncos player has signed a ... [more]

New stamps to mark 100 years of Maori rugby
New Zealand Post expects keen interest in a stamp issue next week to mark 100 years of Maori rugby. [more]

Govt advised not to soften ETS
The Ministry for the Environment has advised the Government not to soften or delay the Emissions Trading Scheme, despite concerns raised by business. [more]

Dunne critical of decision to end fluoridation
Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne is critical of a decision by the Far North District Council to end fluoridation of water in Kaikohe and Kaitaia. He says Far North children have the worst oral health in the country. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Thursday's headlines: Slain teenager came to New Zealand with dreams of a better life; women may have been exposed to potentially fatal virus in Melbourne; funeral gatecrasher brought tupperware containers to fill with food. [more]

No post-Budget pick-up in housing market yet
A predicted post-Budget pick-up in activity in the housing market has so far failed to eventuate. [more]

5.8 quake in Papua New Guinea
A 5.8-magnitude quake struck Papua New Guinea overnight. US seismologists says the quake's epicentre was 25 kilometres west of the town of Kandrian on New Britain island at a depth... [more]

US Coast Guard inspects American Samoa's MV Sili vessel again
The United States Coast Guard is inspecting the MV Sili today after an initial inspection last Friday and did not give the vessel passing marks. Lt Ted Harre, who heads... [more]

Operator of Tonga's interim interisland ferry to be announced this month
The successful tender to operate Tonga's interim interisland ferry is expected to be announced this month. The Tongan Government has chartered the Ajang Subuh from a Malaysian shipping company until... [more]

PNG's kina expected to experience some stability against US dollar
Papua New Guinea's currency, the kina, is expected to experience some stability against the greenback or at least a slight recovery. According to ANZ bank, the Kina and US dollar... [more]

CNMI likely to suffer power outages
The Commonwealth Utilities Corporation is likely to suffer power outages from this weekend, due to a lack of fuel to power the plants. CUC executive director, Tony Muña, told the... [more]

Real estate sales up in May
Barfoot & Thompson real estate says sales volumes and prices rose slightly in May. [more]

Fiji authorities seek divine intervention over termites
The authorites in Fiji's second biggest city are calling on God to quash an infestation of termites. The infestation by a sub-species of termite found in Australia and Asia but... [more]

Two NZ oil experts helping in Gulf of Mexico
Two experts from Maritime New Zealand are helping in the clean-up of oil from an undersea leak in the Gulf of Mexico. [more]

Accounting software deal with ANZ for Xero
Xero has entered into an agreement with ANZ Bank to distribute its online accounting software to the bank's customers in Australia. [more]

Boxing returns to Yankee Stadium
Jabs and uppercuts will replace line drives and home runs this weekend at Yankee Stadium in New York as championship boxing returns to the ballpark in the Bronx for the ... [more]

Junior retires from MLB
The Seattle Mariners slugger Ken Griffey Jr has retired after a 22-year career in major League Baseball. Griffey's 630 career home runs rank him fifth on the all-time list. The ... [more]

Same England women's cricket team named
The England women cricket selectors have named an unchanged squad for this month's Twenty20 and ODI series against New Zealand, despite their disappointing showing at the World Twenty20 in the Caribbean ... [more]

CNMI threatened by power cuts
A lack of fuel is likely to lead to power cuts in the Northern Marianas this weekend. Two years ago, the islands suffered rampant power outages because of poor power... [more]

Forum group visit to Fiji is up to Suva, says NZ foreign minister
New Zealand's foreign minister, Murray McCully, says it is up to Fiji's interim Prime Minister to invite Forum Ministers to visit the country. Fiji's interim foreign minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola,... [more]

American Samoa shipyard takeover hits snag
The American Samoa Government's planned take-over of the shipyard at Satala at the end of next week has been upset by the bankruptcy protection given to the present operators, MYD... [more]

Coconut industry revival discussed at SPC seminar
A seminar is being held in Fiji today to help revitalise the coconut industry, by promoting ways to earn money from old or senile palms. The seminar in Suva has... [more]

Brazil growth continues
Brazil's economy grew at an annual rate of 7.5% in the first three months of the year, due to a vibrant domestic economy and low unemployment rate. [more]

PNG govt selling out landowners' rights with law changes, says opposition
Papua New Guinea's opposition says government-driven changes to the Environment and Conservation Act have sold out the rights of landowners. The amendment to the Act which rules on major resource... [more]

Te Puni named new NZ High Commissioner to Cook Islands
The New Zealand foreign minister has named a new High Commissioner to the Cook Islands. Linda Te Puni, who has been the Acting High Commissioner in Rarotonga, will take up... [more]

Fiji anti-typhoid campaign sustained
The Ministry of Health in Fiji is appealing to people in villages to improve their hygiene practices in an effort to combat typhoid. Fiji declared a public health emergency in... [more]

US allocates US$30m towards American Samoa education
The American Samoa education sector has been allocated a little over 30 million US dollars under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. American Samoa's US Congressman, Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin, says... [more]

Jail request in French Polynesia Rolls Royce import case
The public prosecutor in French Polynesia, Jose Thorel, has asked for the jailing for one year of Rene Hoffer for refusing to pay import duty for a Rolls Royce car... [more]

Smith and Ranger join All Blacks squad as cover
The Highlanders wing Ben Smith and Blues centre / wing Rene Ranger will train with the All Blacks while the squad is in camp in Auckland this week. Smith and Ranger ... [more]

Thurston dodges one-game ban
The North Queensland league captain Johnathan Thurston is free to play against South Sydney on Monday after successfully defending a detrimental conduct charge from last weekend. Thurston was charged for an ... [more]

Woods still not 100 percent fit for US Open
Tiger Woods is recovering well from a neck injury that forced his withdrawal from last month's Players Championship, but he doubts he'll be 100 percent fit for the US Open at ... [more]

Melzer roars back to upset third seed Djokovic
Austria's Jurgen Melzer produced a dramatic fightback from two sets down to send third seed Novak Djokovic spinning out of the French Open. Melzer, playing in the quarter-finals of a grand ... [more]

Gebrselassie to make New York City Marathon debut
The Ethiopian world-record holder Haile Gebrselassie will make his first appearance in the New York City Marathon on November 7th. The New York Road Runners Club president Mary Wittenberg says it's ... [more]

Paraguay too strong for Greece in warm-up game
One of New Zealand's opponents Paraguay sealed a morale-boosting 2-0 victory over Greece as the two World Cup finalists clashed in Switzerland in their last warm-up game before flying to South ... [more]

Brad Pitt joins up for USA pitch to host World Cup
Actor Brad Pitt's added his name to the United States bid bid committee seeking to host the football world cup World Cup in 2018 or 2022. Pitt joins former US President ... [more]

Liverpool to offer Benitez $6.5 million to go away
The Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez will be offered a $6.5 million compensation deal to quit the Premier League football club, according to the BBC. Benitez joined the club in 2004 and ... [more]

No racing again for Team New Zealand
Strong winds meant Team New Zealand was unable to get on the course today in the Louis Vuitton Trophy regatta off Sardinia, Italy. Team New Zealand has had just eight matches ... [more]

Auckland lure Berquist north
The Highlanders and Hawke's Bay first five-eighth Matthew Berquist is heading north to play for Auckland in this year's provincial rugby championship. The 27-year-old will be joined by the former Chiefs ... [more]

Stosur eliminates defending champion in Paris
The men's and women's defending champions and top seeds have both been beaten in the space of 24 hours at the French Open tennis tournament. Following Roger Federer's loss to Robin ... [more]

Weepu thought he'd be playing for the Maori
The recalled All Black halfback Piri Weepu says he thought he'd probably be playing for New Zealand Maori this month not the Tests against Ireland and Wales. Weepu admits he hasn't ... [more]

NZ Football determined World Cup will end boom bust cycle
New Zealand football is determined the All Whites appearance at the world cup in South Africa will signal end to the boom bust cycle of the sport in New Zealand. It ... [more]

Funeral food scavenger described as insensitive
Funeral directors describe the behaviour of a man who attended several services a week, filling tupperware containers with food, as cold and insensitive. [more]

Former Treasury Secretary dies
Former Treasury Secretary Bernie Galvin, has died aged 77. He was heavily involved in the devaluation of the New Zealand dollar by Labour in 1984 and the economic reforms that followed. [more]

Pharmac looking at funding contraceptive implant
Pharmac is looking at funding a contraceptive implant for women. It would be free. [more]

Latest research should end rehabilitation of Green - Coney
A health advocate who blew the whistle on what became known as the unfortunate experiment at National Women's hospital says the findings of new research should stop any bid to rehabilitate Dr Herbert Green's reputation. [more]

Wigmore new leader of Democratic Party in Cook Islands
The Democratic Party in the Cook Islands appears to have resolved a serious split within its ranks, by readmitting the Prime Minister and other ministers at its party conference today. [more]

Volcanic ash halts Air Caledonie flights to Loyalty Islands
Volcanic ash from Vanuatu has prompted New Caledonia's domestic airline to cancel today's flights to the Loyalty lslands. The decision affects five flights to Lifou and Ouvea after more ash... [more]

Govt forming housing partnerships with iwi
Housing Minister Phil Heatley says the Government is forming partnerships with iwi to develop housing. [more]

Fragile reconciliation within Cooks' Democratic Party ranks
It's not yet clear whether the election of a new leadership will resolve a rift in the Cook Islands Democratic Party. The party has been split since last year but... [more]

Minister grilled about three strikes policy
Justice Minister Simon Power has been questioned at a Parliamentary select committee about why his ministry did not provide advice about the three-strikes legislation. [more]

Review of pharmacy recalls announced
After a number of recalls of medicines from shelves in pharmacies recently, Health Minister Tony Ryall has announced a review of recalls. [more]

No figure yet on cost savings for super-city
Local Government Minister Rodney Hide is still unable to put a dollar figure on how much the new Auckland super-city will save, despite elections being less than six months away. [more]

Islands at risk despite growth, says researcher
A New Zealand researcher says Pacific Islands still face serious threats from rising sea levels even though his research suggests most are not shrinking. A study of 27 Pacific Islands... [more]

Visa woes prompts Fiji rugby team rejig
Fiji has been forced to make changes for Saturday's rugby test against Australia in Canberra after two players were denied visas because of alleged military links. Prop Alefoso Yalayalatabua and... [more]

Typhoid vaccinations underway in Fiji's Navosa province
Village leaders have been vaccinated against typhoid fever as health authorities in Fiji try to limit the spread of the disease. Fiji declared a public health emergency last week after... [more]

Small Island States push for binding climate change deal
The Alliance of Small Island States has called on climate change negotiators meeting in Germany to push for a legally-binding outcome. This goal is consistent with the so-called Bali Action... [more]

New geothermal plant approved
Waikato Regional Council has approved the building of a second geothermal power plant on tribal land at Taupo. [more]

Two die in motorbike crash
Two men are dead after a motorcycle crashed into a power pole in Christchurch in the early hours of Thursday morning. [more]

Opinion divided over killer's sentence
Opinion in Rotorua is divided over the prison sentence for councillor and principal Hawea Vercoe's killer. [more]

Brothel closed after fed up neighbour complains
Auckland City Council has closed a suburban brothel in Mount Albert, after a complaint was made by a resident who was tired of clients mistakenly knocking on his front door. [more]

Lifting airport curfew for Rugby World Cup mooted
Wellington City Council is discussing whether a curfew on Wellington international airport should be lifted for flights during the 2011 Rugby World Cup. [more]

1080 warning signs destroyed
The Animal Health Board says someone is deliberately destroying signs warning people about the presence of 1080 poison in Westland. [more]

Forecast milk payout still on course - economist
A BNZ economist says a second consecutive monthly fall in Fonterra's milk powder prices will not affect the forecast payout to its farmer shareholders. [more]

Minister not fazed by talk of rural political party
Agriculture Minister David Carter is not taking a threat of political action by farmers seriously. Some farmers in Waikato and Gisborne are discussing the idea of forming a rural political party. [more]

CPW hopes to irrigate first farms in two years
The Central Plains Water Company, which has just been granted consents for a large-scale irrigation scheme in Canterbury, hopes it might be able to get water to the first farms in a couple of years. [more]

Retailer wants NZ to get behind domestic pork products
Bulls-based bacon retailer Michelle Fox says New Zealanders need to get behind domestic pork products, otherwise they risk losing the industry. [more]

Research aims to save forest industry $100m
A new research project aims to save the forest industry $100 million over the next eight years. [more]

Niche found by Designworks
Designworks chief executive Sven Baker says the company has carved something of a niche for itself in its 30-year history, filling a gap in the market between advertising and brand design. [more]

Chews Lane units sold
AMP NZ Office Trust says it has settled sales of five individually-titled retail units in the Chews Lane precinct in Wellington, for $11.65 million. [more]

Prospecting permit sought near Huntly
L&M Energy is applying for a coal prospecting permit, for more than 2000sq km of land stretching north and south of Huntly. [more]

Late payments survey
A quarter of New Zealanders surveyed on their bill paying habits say they will make a late payment over the coming year. [more]

Commodity prices up by 30%
Commodity prices have climbed by almost a third in the last year, with the ANZ index hitting a record high in May. The rise was mainly driven by an increase in dairy prices. [more]

Public sector sale announced in Greece
Greece has outlined plans to part-privatise a number of publicly-owned companies in an effort to raise funds to boost government finances. [more]

More offshore interest in gas, oil seen as likely
New Zealand may see more large energy explorers in future as state-backed companies to look further afield for gas and oil prospects. [more]

US deficit tops $US13 trillion
The United States deficit has reached $US13 trillion for the first time in history. [more]

Govt spending still drives growth in Australia
Government spending continues to prop up growth in Australia. [more]

Auckland lab testing review to begin
The Government has announced its promised review into the way community laboratory testing changed hands in Auckland last year. [more]

Wine industry gets $1.2m to crack US market
The Government is giving $1.2 million to the wine industry to help with a marketing push into the United States and some other markets. [more]

Death not suspicious
Police say the death of a man whose body was discovered at a property in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn is not suspicious. [more]

PM adamant KiwiBank position has not changed
Prime Minister John Key is adamant his position on KiwiBank has not changed, despite no longer ruling out the possibility of selling the bank. [more]

New EPA to oversee drilling, other big projects
The new Environmental Protection Authority will consider resource consents for projects in New Zealand's exclusive economic zone, such as deep sea drilling. It will replace the Environmental Risk Management Authority. [more]

PM threatened for good of public - defendant
A Canterbury farmer charged with threatening to kill the Prime Minister has told a jury he was acting for the greater public good. [more]

Changes to driver licencing fees
The Government has confirmed changes to drivers' licence fees. [more]

Third tier of super-city management almost complete
Fourteen more appointments have been made to Auckland's super-city council. [more]

Wellington man charged over morphine
Police have arrested a 60-year-old man in central Wellington, as part of a crackdown on drug dealers supplying morphine sulphate tablets. [more]

Horomia critical of Petrobras deal
The Labour Party's Maori Affairs spokesperson has criticised the issue of a licence to a Brazilian state-owned company to prospect for oil off the North Island's East Coast. [more]

Major electricity companies turn to Australian stock exchange
Major electricity generation companies have turned to the Australian stock exchange to help improve liquidity in New Zealand's electricity market, spurning the NZX. [more]

Crown says Skinner lying about memory loss
The Crown says a man accused of murdering an Auckland police officer is lying about his loss of memory the night in question. [more]

Auckland super-city bill through final reading
The third and final Auckland Super City Bill passed its final reading in Parliament on Thursday evening. [more]

Trainee doctors to do OE on full pay in trial
A Government agency is trialling a programme to pay trainee doctors a full salary while they gain experience overseas. [more]

Attention drawn to Synlait, Central Plains water case
An iwi representative believes a deal is close on a case that could set the rules for allocation of water and other resources in Canterbury. [more]

Racing resignations wanted by clubs
A group representing half the galloping clubs in New Zealand is calling for resignations at the industry's governing body. [more]