Radio New Zealand - Tuesday, 22nd June 2010

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Best Song Ever Written - She Moved Through the Fair
Christina Sie from Auckland has chosen "She Moved Through the Fair" performed by All About Eve. [more]

Internet bits and bytes
With Ele Ludemann. [more]

Music review
With our resident music critic and Music 101 host Nick Atkinson. [more]

TV review
A look at Television with TV producer Phil Wallington. [more]

Book review
With Nicky Pellegrino. [more]

Oil Spill clean up
Two New Zealanders from Maritime New Zealand's Pollution Response Service went to the USA to support the oil clean up efforts. Dayne Maxwell has just returned after three weeks in the middle of the disaster and he's on the line with us from Auckland. [more]

FIFA World Cup NZ referee
For the first time ever, a New Zealand referee took the field in Group B's opener between Greece and South Korea. [more]

Tune Your Engine
Mixed messages about booze and babies are confusing pregnant women in Australia. A new study in the Medical Journal of Australia shows 80% of Australian women drink alcohol during their pregnancy, despite new guidelines that warn they shouldn't. [more]

Our Changing World
It's being called a natural history horror story - and it's all unfolding on a remote British island in the South Atlantic - where killer mice are driving the island's rare birds to extinction. [more]

The Panel (Part 1)
With guests Julia Hartley Moore and Sir Bruce Slane. [more]

The Panel (Part 2)
With guests Julia Hartley Moore and Sir Bruce Slane. [more]

Asian Report

Asian Report for 22 June 2010 - Heart of an Artist
Sonia Yee meets an acclaimed sculptor and Professor from Chengdu, China who also has a special connection with one of New Zealand's most celebrated artists in the film industry. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 22 June 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 22 June 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 22 June 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 22 June 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 22 June 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Checkpoint Choice for Tuesday 22 June 2010
ANZ is forced into a 45 million dollar settlement with investors. An Auckland woman's found guilty of murdering her three-year old foster child and the fallout continues for Alan Hubbard. [more]

ANZ pays out a record 45 million dollars
The ANZ will pay a record 45 million dollars to thousands of investors who put their money into funds they believed were low risk. [more]

Auditor General's Office releases second report on police
The police must do more to ensure sexual assault victims are treated fairly when they make a complaint. [more]

Police respond to Office of Auditor General's report
Joining us is the Police Commissioner Howard Broad. [more]

Woman found guilty of murder of foster child
A High Court jury has found an Auckland woman guilty of the murder of her three-year-old foster child - who the Crown says was subjected to regular beatings in the months before his death. [more]

The fallout continues for Alan Hubbard
There is more uncertainty this evening for 30 thousand South Canterbury Finance investors as the fallout continues from the Alan Hubbards investigations. [more]

Evening Sports News for 22 June 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Goff questions Carter's apology
The Labour leader, Phil Goff, has poured extra pressure on to Chris Carter, saying he's not sure the Te Atatu MP understands why a genuine apology is needed over his ministerial expenses. [more]

Would-be Times Square bomber pleads guilty
A Pakistani-born American citizen defiantly told a court today"I plead guilty 100 times over"to attempting to set off a car bomb in New York's Times Square. [more]

King of Tonga gets 300 per cent pay rise
The King of Tonga is set to get a 300 per cent pay rise taking his allowance from the government to almost a million paanga a year or 700 thousand New Zealand dollars. [more]

Waatea News for 22 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

ING investor talks about ANZ's record settlement
The ANZ will pay a record 45 million dollars to thousands of investors who put their money into funds they believed were low risk. [more]

Nats say Norman should apologise.
The National-led Government says the Green Party co-leader Russel Norman should apologise for the scuffle with Chinese security officials at Parliament last Friday. [more]

Hone Harawira says DNA cases may be taken to IPCA
The Maori Party MP Hone Harawira says it will be up to the families of the teenagers at the centre of his DNA claims to decide whether they want to take the matter further. [more]

Anti-whaling groups split over compromise
Greenpeace is being criticised for supporting the New Zealand Government's push for a compromise deal on whaling. [more]

NZ's push for compromise creates split at IWC
Joanna Mossop - a senior lecturer of maritime law at Victoria University - has been listening to that and joins us. [more]

Bodies of Australians to be repatriated from Cameroon
An Australian mining company is now trying to repatriate the bodies of its employees involved in a fatal plane crash in the republic of Congo. [more]

Baby Blacks crush Australia to claim rugby World Championship
The New Zealand Under 20's rugby side has won its third consecutive Junior Rugby World Championship after crushing Australia 62-17 in the final. [more]

The love story of two tuatara is nominated for award
The story of the on-again off-again courtship between two tuatara has been selected as a finalist for the newcomers award at one of the UK's most prestigious natural history film festivals, Wildscreen. [more]

Evening Sports News for 22 June 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Oil experts say New Zealand prepared for oil spill.
Two New Zealanders who have just got back from helping with the clean up of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill say this country is ready to deal with a disaster of a similar scale. [more]

Failed bomber pleads guilty to all charges
A Pakistan-born American citizen accused of trying to set off a car bomb in Times Square in New York in May, has pleaded guilty to all ten charges against him. [more]

Venezuelan government congratulates Colombian President-elect
In the first conciliatory diplomatic move between Venezula and Colombia in almost six months, the Venezuelan government has congratulated Juan Manuel Santos on winning the presidential election last Sunday. [more]

Israel appeals to UN to drop inquiry
Following last month's deadly Israeli raid on an aid flotilla bound for Gaza, Israel's defence minister has appealed to the United Nations Secretary General to suspend efforts to arrange an international inquiry into the attack. [more]

Waatea News for 22 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Rugby World Cup fast-track bill labelled waste of time
A bill to fast-track special liquor licenses and other consents for the Rugby World Cup is being criticised for being a waste of time and open to abuse. [more]

US Congress continues attempt to force China to revalue Yuan
The US Congress will move forward with a new law intended to force China into revaluing the Yuan, with action that's expected in the next couple of weeks. [more]

Three per cent of Afghani adults addicted to opiates
The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime says the number of people using heroin and opium in Afghanistan has doubled in the last five years. [more]

Kiwirail raise awareness of level crossing dangers
Commuters at Wellington Railway Station are being confronted with the wreckage of a car involved in a controlled collision with a train. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 22 June 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 22 June 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Tuesday 22 June 2010
Top stories including: Police Commissioner's challenge to Maori Party MP; Allan Hubbard rebuts charges; PM to establish Parliamentary protests protocol; Japan's whaling compromise; Australian soldiers die in Afghanistan helicopter crash; Gulf oilrig issues noted before platform exploded and; new Police pursuits policy. [more]

Federer almost falls at Wimbledon
Six-times champion Roger Federer came back from the brink of a dramatic first-round exit at Wimbledon. [more]

Pacific News for 22 June 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 22 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

MP claims police may coerce young Maori to give DNA
Maori Party MP Hone Harawira says he's heard of cases where teenagers claim to have been told to give a sample so they can be identified if they go missing or die, or because their relatives are likely to be criminals. [more]

Timaru locals vocal in support of local identity Alan Hubbard
Mr Hubbard and his supporters say he hasn't been given time to defend himself.South Canterbury businessman Alan Hubbard and his wife have been put under statutory management, along with their investment company Aorangi Securities and several trusts. [more]

Police chief says Maori Party MP should put up or shut up
Police Commissioner Howard Broad has told MP Hone Harawira to put up or shut up over claims police are using Nazi style tactics to collect DNA. [more]

Allan Hubbard says he can rebut all charges against him
The Timaru businessman Allan Hubbard says he can rebut every single charge laid against him, and could prove his innocence in a matter of weeks. [more]

Prime Minister to establish protocol on Parliamentary protests
The Prime Minister John Key says the Green Party co-leader Russell Norman charged at the Chinese Vice President during a Parliamentary scuffle last week, and that's why he apologised to the visiting delegation. [more]

Japan has signaled it's willing to compromise on whaling
The International Whaling Commission has gone into closed door session within minutes of the opening of its conference in order to discuss a Japanese proposal. [more]

Australian soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan
Three Australian commandos are dead after a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, the largest loss of life in any incident in Australia's near decade of involvement in the country. [more]

Problems with oil rig noticed before explosion
An oilrig worker says he told BP of the leak in its equipment, just weeks before the rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. [more]

Police Commissioner on new police pursuits policy
The Police Commissioner says an internal review of police pursuits has found the policy needs only minor tweaking; he joins the show for comment. [more]

Sports News for 22 June 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Wreckage found of Australian mining tycoon's missing plane
Rescuers have found the wreckage of a crashed plane carrying Australian mining tycoon Ken Talbott and the entire board of the Sundance Resources mining company. [more]

Christchurch college rugby clash spectators may be breathalised
Police will be breath-testing some of the 5,000 strong crowd expected at today's annual fixture between Christ's College and Christchurch Boys High after last year's drunken brawl outside the game. [more]

Beleaguered businessman says he's been unfairly treated
Mr Hubbard and his wife have been put under statutory management, along with their investment company, Aorangi Securities, and several trusts. [more]

New Zealand dollar tipped to rise on Thursday GDP figures
The New Zealand dollar is tipped to rise this week, with the release of gross domestic product figures expected to show the economy is recovering. [more]

France football side in disarray
Star striker sacked and teammates refusing to train ahead of their final World Cup match. Elaine Cobb speaks from Paris. [more]

Chief censor steps down to become District Court Judge
Bill Hastings is moving on after 12 years and says he's looking forward to his new District Court Judge role and heading the new Immigration and Protection Tribunal. [more]

Sports News for 22 June 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Fall in migrants could dent fragile economic recovery
Latest figures show new immigrant numbers last month surpassed the number of people emigrating permanently by just 200. [more]

Police phone system may give criminal cases a defence
A Whangarei lawyer says the decision to dismiss a drink-driving charge because of flaws in a police telephone system could provide others with a possible defence. [more]

Waatea News for 22 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Phone companies urged to offer predictive texting in Maori
The Maori Language Commission believes predictive text in Maori should be available to all cellphone users. [more]

Giants struggle in World Cup
Pre-tournament hotshots England and Italy have failed to fire and must win their final matches in pool play. [more]

All Whites' odds now equal to Australia after Italian draw
Before the pool round, the All Whites were paying 2,000-dollars to win but after the stunning draw with Italy, they're rated a 500-dollar chance - the same odds as Australia's Socceroos. [more]

Romantic music gets women giving out their numbers
Apparently, women are more malleable and inclined to proffer their phone numbers when soothed by the romance of music. [more]


A right to flee
Phil Orchard is a lecturer in Peace and Conflict Studies and International Relations at the University of Queensland. He explains the rights people have to flee their country in times of conflict, and how other nations make choices to take in the displaced. [more]

Sports: North America
We talk to LA Times sports correspondent Helene Elliott about recent sporting events, including the FIFA World Cup and the Lakers vs Celtics NBA game. [more]

Clue 3. [more]

Clue 4. [more]

Nine To Noon

Graeme Newell - Police and DNA sampling
Maori Party MP Hone Harawira has raised concerns that Police are coercing young Maori into handing over DNA samples when no crime is committed. Graeme Newell is an Auckland criminal lawyer and speaks to the subject. [more]

Feature guest - Dr Jeffrey Wigand
He's renowned as the US tobacco industry whistle blower that inspired the movie The Insider. As an industry employee, he was tasked with developing a 'safer' cigarette but turned to becoming a key-witness in anti-tobacco litigation after his dismissal in 1993. [more]

U.S. Correspondent - Luiza Savage
Luiza and Kathryn discuss further economic stimulus requests of the G20 nations from the U.S. President and the latest from the Gulf with BP's ongoing environmental disaster. [more]

Aniruddh Patel and John Iversen - neuroscience of music
How does music affect our brains? New research reveals groundbreaking results on how humans make and process music. [more]

Book Review - Private Life
By Jane Smiley. Published by Faber. Reviewed by Carole Beu. [more]

Business Commentary - Rod Oram
Allan Hubbard and the Guinness Peat Group spin-off. [more]

Alcoholics' Anonymous 75th Anniversary
Nine to Noon speaks with AA spokesperson Ian Hastings and recovering alcoholic 'Val'. [more]

Media Critique - Denis Welch
Crowd-sourcing and citizen journalism, what's their future? [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 22 June 2010
Questions to Ministers 1. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Prime Minister: When he raised human rights with the Chinese delegation last week did he raise the right to freedom of opinion and expression; if not, why not? 2. Hon PHIL GOFF to the Minister of Finance: What concerns, if any, has Treasury expressed about the Budget proposal to give the Pacific Economic Development Agency $4.8 million as announced by Hon Georgina Te Heuheu on 20 May 2010? 3. CRAIG FOSS to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received showing new jobs are being created as New Zealand continues to build its economic recovery? 4. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: How does she define long-term welfare dependency in light of her statement that "I don't think it's just the length of time, at all"? 5. JOHN BOSCAWEN to the Minister for Climate Change Issues: Does he agree that New Zealand should not be doing more than the rest of the world on climate change and if so, why did he tell the House on 24 September 2009 that "This emissions trading scheme will be the first of any country outside Europe, and on 1 July 2010 will be the most comprehensive by including transport, industrial, and energy emissions"? 6. Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by his statement to the Finance and Expenditure Committee that "it is going to be pretty difficult to maintain" the value of New Zealand Post and TVNZ, and if so, will he rule out ever selling these state-owned assets? 7. PESETA SAM LOTU-IIGA to the Minister of Energy and Resources: What steps is the Government taking to encourage businesses to be more energy efficient? 8. Hon RUTH DYSON to the Minister of Health: Does he stand by all his recent statements on health services? 9. NICKY WAGNER to the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage: What is the Government doing to preserve New Zealand's film heritage? 10. Hon JIM ANDERTON to the Attorney-General: Does he stand by his statement that 2000 kilometres of coastline could be put into customary title? 11. KATRINA SHANKS to the Minister of Energy and Resources: How much of New Zealand's electricity generated in the March 2010 quarter came from renewable sources? 12. MOANA MACKEY to the Minister of Housing: What initiatives in Budget 2010 will guarantee that all New Zealanders have access to appropriate and affordable housing? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 22 June 2010
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

Midday Rural News for 22 June 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Roy Klassen
Conductor of US-based Fresno Pacific University Concert Choir performing tonight at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Wellington. [more]

Christchurch Symphony Orchestra Review
David Sell reviews last weekend's CSO concert featuring American violinist Kurt Nikkanen. [more]

News stories:

All Whites draw with Italy in World Cup shock
The New Zealand football team's draw with world champions Italy has helped put the whole Pacific region in the spotlight, says a senior football official. [more]

Draw against Italy a huge result, says Key
Prime Minister John Key says the All Whites' draw against Italy at the Football World Cup in South Africa on Monday morning has left every New Zealander proud. [more]

Portugal bury Nth Korea, Chile through to second round
Portugal are celebrating their biggest World Cup victory after sending North Korea crashing out of the tournament with a 7-0 nil in their second group match. Ronaldo got on the scoresheet ... [more]

All Whites goalie keeps place
The All Whites goalie Mark Paston will keep his place in the starting line-up for Friday morning's final World Cup group match against Paraguay, despite the return from suspension ... [more]

Federer lucky to survive at Wimbledon
Six-times champion Roger Federer came back from the brink of a dramatic first-round exit at Wimbledon, recovering from two sets down to beat gritty Colombian Alejandro Falla in five. Federer, bidding ... [more]

Swifts go unbeaten in trans-Tasman netball championship
History was made in the trans-tasman netball championship last night as the New South Wales became the first team to complete the round robin unbeaten with a decisive 56-38 victory over ... [more]

England, France players back at work
The unsettled France and England World Cup football teams are back at work and re-focussed on trying to qualify for the second round. France returned to training a day after boycotting ... [more]

Jones in doubt for Wales
First five Stephen Jones is rated 50-50 to be fit for Wales' second Test against the All Blacks in Hamilton on Saturday because of a thumb injury. Wales have already lost ... [more]

Pakistani cricketers thump Bangladesh
Captain Shahid Afridi blasted 124 off 60 balls to lead the Pakistani cricketers to their highest one-day international score of 385 and a 139-run consolation victory over Bangladesh in the ... [more]

New US Open champion 13th in world
The new US Open golf champion, Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell has improved 24 places to number 13 in the world rankings following his victory yesterday at Pebble Beach in ... [more]

Tahu's return not enough for Parramatta
Timana Tahu's return to Newcastle in the wake of the Andrew Johns racism row lasted eight fiery minutes before the Parramatta centre was put on report then sin-binned for consecutive ... [more]

Power acknowledges Hubbard criticism
Commerce Minister Simon Power says he is aware of the Southland businessman Allan Hubbard's criticism of the Government's actions after the appointment of statutory managers to take control of his affairs. [more]

AMP gets go-ahead to buy AXA businesses
The Commerce Commission has given AMP clearance to buy AXA Asia Pacific's New Zealand and Australian business. [more]

Port worker killed in Tauranga
A 61-year-old man has died after being hit by a forklift at the Port of Tauranga. [more]

Yuan move good for NZ tourism - economist
China's decision to allow its currency to appreciate could boost the New Zealand tourism market, an economist says. [more]

Boat builder confident of investment plan
The chief executive of Sealegs is confident shareholders will approve a deal to double one investor's stake to 40%, to fund the listed boat builder's expansion overseas. [more]

GST panel launches website and 0800 number
Businesses are being urged to make use of the newly created GST advisory panel if they have any problems grappling with the impending rise in the goods and services tax. [more]

Ranger called into All Black squad
The Northland three-quarter Rene Ranger has been called into the All Blacks squad as injury cover ahead of the second Test against Wales in Hamilton this weekend. Ranger, who previously assembled ... [more]

Second round qualifiers could be decided by lot
There's an outside chance a team from New Zealand's group at the World Cup will advance to the knockout phase by being drawn out of a hat. In fact ... [more]

Gill makes British Open final qualifying
The Scotland-based New Zealand golf pro James Gill is through to final qualifying for next month's British Open. 24 year old Gill, inspired by the All Whites World Cup draw with ... [more]

Spain beat Honduras
Striker David Villa hit two stunning goals -- and missed a penalty -- as Spain returned to form with a 2-nil victory over Honduras in a group H World Cup ... [more]

Drink-drive charge dismissed over Bill of Rights breach
A Whangarei man has escaped conviction on his 12th drink driving charge because a police phone system he used breached his Bill of Rights. [more]

Former Navy serviceman denied compensation
A former Navy steward has lost his bid for compensation from the Crown for sexual assaults he says occurred when he was serving on the HMNZS Canterbury in the 1980s. [more]

Predictive Maori texting 'should be available to all'
The Maori Language Commission says predictive text in Maori should be available to all cellphone users. At the moment only Telecom offers the service. [more]

Toxic sea slugs make comeback on Auckland beaches
Toxic sea slugs responsible for the deaths of dogs on Auckland's Hauraki Gulf beaches are back in high numbers. [more]

Apology to China not about trade, says PM
Prime Minister John Key says his apology to a visiting Chinese delegation over a scuffle at Parliament was not about trade, but about making sure visitors to New Zealand are treated with dignity. [more]

Pursuit rules need tweaking only, says Broad
An internal review of police pursuits policy has found only minor tweaking is needed, says Police Commissioner Howard Broad. [more]

17 sexual harassment claims by police staff in 3 years
Seventeen sexual harassment complaints were made against police staff by colleagues in the past three years. [more]

Tuesday's morning newspaper headlines
The All Whites draw against world champions Italy dominates the front pages. In other headlines: Australian soldiers die in Afghanistan crash; expert panel to address southern neurosurgery row; pastor allegedly tried to "heavy" disabled man. [more]

Farmer information system being developed
A wholly owned subsidiary of Telecom, Gen-i, has entered into a partnership with three agricultural companies, to develop an information storage and exchange system for farmers. [more]

Skilled immigrants needed, says Business NZ
A business group says New Zealand needs to do more to attract skilled immigrants at a time when the economy needs them most. [more]

Authorities in Indonesia transport relief supplies to victims of West Papua quake
The authorities in Indonesia are transporting tents, food and medical supplies by helicopter to the remote island in West Papua where more than 4,000 people were made homeless by an... [more]

Fears France will reduce aid to French Polynesia without local cutbacks
French Polynesia's vice-president, Edouard Fritch, says he fears France will cut funding if the territory fails to comply with the recommendations in a new report by French finance inspectors. They... [more]

Constitutional Convention opens in American Samoa
American Samoa governor, Togiola Tulafono, has addressed the opening of the Constitutional Convention attended by more than 100 delegates, who will decide on amendments to the constitution. Togiola said the... [more]

US Farm bill will benefit US Pacific territories
Farmers in the United States Pacific territories as well as Hawai'i, that experience high transportation costs will soon see relief through funding. This has been authorized through the Food, Conservation... [more]

CNMI hosts Micronesian Chief Executives Summit
Leaders from different parts of the region have started arriving on Saipan for a Micronesian Chief Executives Summit to discuss common issues of concern. Areas to be discussed include healthcare,... [more]

IRC in Indonesia says assisting most injured from quake is a priority
The International Red Cross in Indonesia says people seriously injured in last Wednesday's earthquake in West Papua are being evacuated by helicopter from their remote island home. 17 people are... [more]

Top censor stands down
The country's top censor, Bill Hastings, is stepping down after 12 years in the job. [more]

New Zealand wins Junior rugby World Championship title
The New Zealand under 20 rugby side has retained it's world championship title after beating Australia 62-17 in the final in Argentina. The two-time defending champions led 25-3 at half time ... [more]

Arrests after Lakers victory parade
Nine people have been arrested during an LA Lakers victory parade, bringing to about 60 the number apprehended in the wake of their NBA basketball championship win. The Los Angeles ... [more]

Djokovic just makes Wimbledon second round
Serbian third seed Novak Djokovic recovered from an early onslaught by Olivier Rochus and a mid-match closing of the Centre Court roof to book his place in the Wimbledon tennis ... [more]

Ministry orders investigation into leak to RNZ
The Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs has launched an investigation into the source of a leak of budget information to Radio New Zealand. [more]

Recovery expected to strengthen - survey
The latest survey of economists is picking the recovery to strengthen over the next few years, as improving global activity, particularly from Asia, boosts exports. [more]

Tougher supervision for Ireland's banks
Ireland has announced sweeping changes to enforce stricter supervision of its banks. [more]

Tobacco firms seek merger approval
A privately-owned Danish company, The Scandinavian Tobacco Group, is seeking regulatory approval to merge its New Zealand cigar and pipe tobacco business with Swedish Match. [more]

Language seen as key to retain Pacific arts
New research says fluency in Pacific languages is one of the priorities to maintaining healthy Pacific heritage arts in New Zealand. The finding is in research by Massey University on... [more]

NZ Labour boosts Pacific voice in rejig
A newly-promoted Pacific Island MP in New Zealand's Opposition Labour Party says his elevation to the front bench will ensure his party is in a position to represent the Pacific... [more]

Solomons in talks with EU to fund climate talks
Solomon Islands is holding talks with the European Union regarding funding to host the country's biggest ever international event. The Permanent Secretary for the Environment Rence Sore told SIBC the... [more]

Solomons expected to confirm August election date
The date for the Solomon Islands general election is expected to be formally announced this afternoon. The caretaker Prime Minister Derek Sikua has previously stated publicly that the election date... [more]

Tonga palace extension details released
More details have been released about planned extensions at the Royal Palace in Tonga's capital, Nuku'alofa. A media release from the Office of the Lord Chamberlain says there'll be two... [more]

All Black selectors ring changes and add Ranger to bench
There are seven changes to the All Black starting 15 to play Wales in Hamilton on Saturday night whenthe Blues centre/wing Rene Ranger will be on the bench. Fullback Mils Muliaina ... [more]

New role for Crown under pest management strategy
A pest management plan proposes a new responsibility for the Crown to meet its obligations as other landowners have to. [more]

Fiji rugby boss in custody over disaster rumours
Police in Fiji are reported to have taken into custody the chairman of the Fiji Rugby Union, Bill Gavoka, over rumours that the nation will be hit by a disaster... [more]

Saving pensions, Fiji Momi Bay decree unsettles some investors
Fiji's interim Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, says the issuing of a decree over the Momi Bay development was to help the pension fund recover its investment. Building of the planned... [more]

Vanuatu government probes recent land sales
The Vanuatu Government is investigating the sale of public lands and green spaces in Port Vila and Luganville. The Director General of the Ministry of Lands, Joe Ligo, says instructions... [more]

Two New Caledonia cops in theft probe
Prosecutors in New Caledonia have indicted two policemen and a lawyer for alleged theft and for selling goods seized during police operations. The prosecutor, Claire Lanet, says the matter is... [more]

Water system needs upgrade to fight PNG cholera, says doctor
The man overseeing efforts to contain a cholera emergency in the National Capital District in Papua New Guinea is pushing to extend water and sewerage systems to outlying villages in... [more]

Port Moresby Governor launches PNG political party
The Governor of Papua New Guinea's National Capital District, Powes Parkop, is launching a political party, called the Social Democratic Party. Mr Parkop says it'll be different from the typical... [more]

AOS callout closes east Auckland roads
The armed offenders squad was called out in east Auckland on Tuesday causing the closure of part of a major road. [more]

Debut novel in national award finals
A debut novel from a Wellington author is a finalist in the revamped annual national book awards. [more]

Teacher union presents national standards' petition
The primary teachers' union has presented a petition at Parliament calling for a trial of the national standards in reading, writing and maths. [more]

Police seek others over missing Kapiti man
Kapiti police are still looking for people involved with the disappearance of Paekakariki man Raymond Piper. [more]

Driver charged over crash that killed child
The driver of a car that struck and killed a four-year-old boy in Christchurch last month has been charged by the police. [more]

Two North Shore schools locked down
Two primary schools spent part of Tuesday afternoon in lockdown because of reports of an armed man on a street in Auckland's North Shore. [more]

SFO confirms Hubbard firm probe
The Serious Fraud Office says it will investigate businessman Allan Hubbard's investment firm Aorangi Securities for alleged fraud, saying there may be a case to answer. [more]

Draw looms in second test in St Kitts
The South African cricketers have ended the fourth day of the opening test against the West Indies in St Kitts on 23 without loss in their second innings, a lead of ... [more]

All Blacks make seven changes
The fullback Mils Muliaina and lock Tom Donnelly are among seven changes to the All Black starting 15 to play Wales in Hamilton on Saturday night. They've both been out for ... [more]

Chris Robshaw to lead England against NZ Maori
The Harlequins flanker Chris Robshaw will captain the England rugby team to play New Zealand Maori in Napier tomorrow night. The Maori have beaten the Barbarians and Ireland so far in ... [more]

Warriors name unchanged lineup for Roosters match
The Warriors coach Ivan Cleary has named an unchanged line-up for Sunday's 16th-round National Rugby League clash with the Sydney Roosters in AMI stadium Christchurch. Cleary says as well as beating ... [more]

Tahu facing 4-5 week ban
Timana Tahu is set to miss the third State of Origin rugby league match as he faces a four to five match suspension. Tahu's been charged with a grade three reckless ... [more]

School rugby game quiet; spectators breath-tested
Christchurch police say spectators at an annual college rugby match in Christchurch, marred last year by a drunken brawl, were well-behaved. [more]

Nauru independent MP told supporting Government will move country forward
Nauru's caretaker President, Marcus Stephen, says his Government deserves to continue to run the country, on the basis of Saturday's poll. The election was called to try and end months... [more]

WHO called on to survey Pacific Islanders mercury levels
Pacific Island delegates to UN talks on mercury control are calling on the World Health Organisation to survey the mercury levels of Pacific Islanders. A Cook Islands environmentalist Imogen Ingram... [more]

Amid austerity, Tonga King gets allocation tripled
The King of Tonga, George Tupou the 5th, is set to receive nearly 200 percent more from the state in the coming financial year. According to the new budget, he... [more]

Labour opposes compromise on whaling
The Labour Party says the Government has given up its principles on whaling. [more]

Solomons election process officially launched
The Solomon Islands election date has been officially confirmed as August the 4th when voters will choose a 50-member parliament for a four-year term. The announcement has opened a two-week... [more]

Caregiver guilty of preschooler's death
A woman has been found guilty of the murder of a three-year-old boy placed in her care. [more]

NZ air force helps distressed yacht off Niue
The New Zealand air force says it has successfully assisted a yacht off Niue after a distress signal had been received. It says an Orion aircraft found the 12-metre yacht,... [more]

DNA complaint may end up with IPCA
Maori Party MP Hone Harawira says his claims that the police have illegally taken DNA samples from teenagers may end up at the Independent Police Conduct Authority. He has accused the police of using Nazi-style tactics to collect samples from young Maori. [more]

Fiji officials' reaction to email warning of disaster in line with emergency regulations
A senior Pacific Studies lecturer at the University of Auckland says the reaction by Fiji authorities to an email warning of a disaster this Wednesday appears excessive but is in... [more]

American Samoan constitutional convention underway
American Samoa's Governor has told delegates at the opening of a convention discussing constitutional issues affecting the territory, that foremost in their minds has to be protecting the Samoan way... [more]

Samoa NGOs lobby for village over hydropower plant concerns
Samoa NGOs have agreed to lobby for a local village that claims a government hydropower plant is damaging the environment and affecting the livelihood of villagers. The Ta'elefaga Fagaloa village... [more]

Credit card spending up
Credit card spending rose 1.9% in May, to $2.2 billion, according to figures from the Reserve Bank. [more]

BNZ lifts floating interest rates
BNZ has become the last major bank to increase its floating interest rates, after the Reserve Bank lifted the benchmark Official Cash Rate nearly two weeks ago. [more]

Maori 'still hit hard by recession'
The New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services says Maori continue to be hard hit by the recession, despite a small drop in unemployment. [more]

Fast-track Rugby World Cup bill debated
A bill that will pave the way for building, alcohol and other consents to be fast-tracked during the Rugby World Cup is being criticised as unnecessary and open to abuse. [more]

Researchers look at high Maori, Pacific rate of lung disease
Researchers from Otago University's department of medicine are asking why Maori and Pacific Island children have among the highest rates in the world of admission to hospital for the serious lung disease bronchiolitis. [more]

Feilding-based company wins irrigation award
A Feilding-based company has won Irrigation New Zealand's inaugural innovation award for its water-saving irrigation system. [more]

Sky City forecasts $60m profit hit
Sky City Entertainment Group has lowered its profit forecast for this financial year, following tax changes announced in the budget last month. [more]

Record settlement over ING funds
Thousands of investors left out of pocket when two funds marketed by ING and ANZ National Bank were frozen more than two years ago may now get some of their money back. [more]