Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 24th June 2010

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Best Song Ever Written - Indian Sunset
Phil Cawley from Wellington has chosen "Indian Sunset" sung by Mary Travers. [more]

Your Place - Te Hapua
Your Place today is the last population centre before you reach the tip of the North Island - Te Hapua, home to just 200 people. [more]

Feature story - author Bret Easton Ellis
Few writers have defined a generation like Bret Easton Ellis, fewer yet with the wit and economy that have always been the mark of his style. [more]

He Rourou for 24 June 2010
In Waikato, Te Puea was a direct descendant of royalty yet one of her enduring symbols was the 'sugar bag apron'. In He Rourou Mah-my Takerei explains to Ana Tapiata why her group used the apron as part of their performance at the 'Over 60s' Maori cultural festival at Te Papa recently. [more]

Arts Report
Lynn Freeman meet Te Papa's new Senior Curator of Art and finds out about a cowboy movie rumoured to have been filmed in the far North in 1926. [more]

Southern Story for 24 June 2010 - The Bridge That Made a Town (Part 1)
What would happen if Auckland decided to rip down its Sky Tower, or Christchurch no longer had its Cathedral Square? Fair to say the citizens have a fair attachment to both those structures. For locals in the district of Balclutha - that's exactly how they feel about their very own icon - the Clutha Bridge. It's something they can't live without. [more]

Our Changing World
Last week New Zealand sea lions catapulted into the ranks of the world's most endangered animals, given a new threat ranking of 'nationally critical'. But while the main subantarctic population is in a sharp decline, a fledging population of sea lions on the Otago Peninsula is thriving, and could offer new hope to the beleaguered species. [more]

The Panel (Part 1)
With guests Joanne Black and Deborah Hill Cone. [more]

The Panel (Part 2)
With guests Joanne Black and Deborah Hill Cone. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 24 June 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 24 June 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 24 June 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 24 June 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 24 June 2010
News from the business sector. [more]


Checkpoint Choice for Thursday 24 June 2010
A political coup gives Australia its first woman Prime Minister. A big pay rise for Auckland's supercity mayor and the All whites go all black for tonight's crucial encounter with Paraguay. [more]

Rudd resigns
Just six months ago he was riding high in the polls and for a while was one of Australia's most popular Prime Ministers. [more]

NZ politicians react to Rudd's demise
The Prime Minister, John Key, spoke with Julia Gillard little more than an hour after Kevin Rudd bowed to the inevitable, and stepped aside. [more]

$240,000 for Super City Mayor
Auckland's new super city mayor will be paid a salary of $240,000 - that's $80,000 more than the current City Mayor. [more]

ACC Minister praises performance at select committee
The Minister for the ACC is reporting a huge turnaround in its performance with it set to make a two billion dollar surplus this year. [more]

Football fever takes over
Football fans are counting down to the All Whites match against Paraguay at the World Cup in South Africa. [more]

Evening Sports News for 24 June 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Evening Sports News for 24 June 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Author of Rudd biography talks about today's ousting
Australia has a new Prime Minister after Labour ousted Kevin Rudd handing the leadership to his former deputy Julia Gillard. [more]

Northland man found guilty of manslaughter
A Northland drug dealer has been found guilty of the manslaughter of his young stepson. [more]

Both sides of US politics support sacking of McChrystal
The decision to sack General Stanley McChrystal from his command in Afghanistan has been met with support from both sides of US politics. [more]

Waatea News for 24 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Former All Black fined for assault in bar
A Hamilton District Court Judge has described the actions of a former All Black, who assaulted a man in a city bar in March, as gormless. [more]

New Super City Mayor salary set at $240,000
Auckland's new super city mayor will be paid a salary of $240,000. [more]

12 people killed in Spain crossing train track
A high-speed train passing through a Spanish railway station has struck a group of people crossing the tracks, killing at least 12. [more]

Wimbeldon match longest in tennis history
The contest between American, John Isner, and Frenchman, Nicolas Mahut, is locked at 59 all in the final set after 10 hours of play. [more]

What Australian voters think of their new PM
Just six months ago he was riding high in the polls and for a while was one of Australia's most popular Prime Ministers. [more]

Greens urge court action to stop Japanese whaling
The Green Party says a court injunction to stop the Japanese whaling programme is the only option now the diplomatic process has failed. [more]

Star ratings released for state highways
A new star system for roads has rated 90 percent of New Zealand's highways and found, we have no 5 star roads, and only five percent make four stars . [more]

Economic growth eases in first three months of 2010
New figures show the pace of the economic recovery faltered slightly in the first three months of this year due to a slowdown in the production of goods [more]

Obama accepts McChrystal's resignation
More now on the resignation of the United State's top commander in Afghanistan over his explosive comments made to Rolling Stone magazine. [more]

The factional strongmen behind Rudd's fall
So who was behind Kevin Rudd's political execution? [more]

All Whites prepare to take on Paraguay
They defied the odds by holding Slovakia - and then defending Football World Cup champions Italy - to a draw, but will success against Paraguay be a bridge too far for the All Whites? [more]

Opposition in France to lifting of retirement age
Governments around the world are inflicting some serious austerity measures on their citizens - and France is no exception. [more]

Waatea News for 24 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Drop in smoking in Australia but cancer rates are up
A national report card on Australia's health also shows people are living longer and there's a drop in deaths from cardio vascular disease. [more]

Threats to stop flow of Russian gas over bill dispute
The row between Russia and Belarus about allegedly unpaid gas bills is stepping up a gear. [more]

China invests $250,000 in New Zealand schools
The Chinese Government has invested a quarter of a million dollars into at least six New Zealand schools so students can learn Mandarin. [more]

Record sale at Christies
There are further signs that the top end of the fine art market is resisting the economic downturn. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 24 June 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 24 June 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 24 June 2010
Heads roll in Washington as Barack Obama sacks Stanley McChrystal, Whaling talks reach stalemate in Morocco, Ricki Herbert says the All Whites are up to the challenge of Paraguay, and in our top story this morning, The Australian Prime Minister fights for his political life. [more]

New Zealand catches mild dose of football fever
New Zealand's success at the World Cup has resulted in a huge increase in interest in the game. [more]

All Whites at mercy of complicated rules to progress
If New Zealand wins against Paraguay, they're assured a place in the next round, and if they lose, the All Whites will be flying home regardless of the result between Italy and Slovakia. [more]

Pacific News for 24 June 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 24 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Kevin Rudd's leadership is under threat this morning
The country is poised for a leadership spill with Labor Party MP's holding a ballot at 11am New Zealand time. [more]

Kevin Rudd could lose his job today
Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd may lose his job today. [more]

Canberra correspondent previews leadership spill
The political editor of the Melbourne Age, Michelle Grattan joins us now from Canberra. [more]

Obama accepts resignation of Afghanistan commander
President Barack Obama has accepted the resignation of his commander in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal. [more]

IWC talks break down
Some environmental groups fear Japan will increase whale cull following the break down in talks at the International Whaling Commission in Morocco. [more]

All Whites chase top 16 berth at Football World Cup
The lowly ranked All Whites were supposed to be making up the numbers at the Football World Cup. [more]

All Whites coach hopes team can go all the way
All Whites coach Ricki Herbert spoke to Geoff Robinson. [more]

Government hails closer economic ties with Australia
The Trade Minister is hailing what he's calling historic progress towards an even closer economic relationship with Austarlia. [more]

Officials may have underestimated PCP-affected workers
Health officials are being warned they may have underestimated the numbers affected by a chemical used to preserve timber up until the late 1980s. [more]

Sports News for 24 June 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Whaling talks reach dead end in Morocco
International whaling talks in Morocco are at stalemate. [more]

Radical overhaul of securities law proposed
The government is proposing a radical overhaul of securities law aimed at aiding investors in failed firms like Blue Chip, that fall outside the current law. [more]

Maori rugby caps off centenary series by downing England
Maori rugby has celebrated its centenary in style with a win over England 35-28, in Napier. [more]

Shock in Canberra as Kevin Rudd faces leadership challenge
The Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd has vowed to fight off the shock leadership challenge from his Deputy, Julia Gillard. [more]

Commander replaced after criticism of Obama
The top US military commander in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal has lost his job after criticising senior members of the Obama administration. [more]

Late night ahead for New Zealand, Paraguay football fans
Football fans will have another late night tonight as the All Whites take on Paraguay in their final match in pool play. [more]

Ex-sawmill workers to continue battling for recognition
Former sawmill workers say official recognition they were exposed to chemicals which can cause cancer is a starting point. [more]

Sports News for 24 June 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Mayors want to stall downgrade of Gisborne-Napier rail link
Mayors from Gisborne and Napier will meet KiwiRail today to discuss the future of the Gisborne to Napier rail line. [more]

Curent account data show shift from short term loans
Ground-breaking changes to the way banks raise money are starting to bear fruit. [more]

Waatea News for 24 June 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Possible Pakistan reactor sale to be focus of NZ meeting
A disarmament campaigner says New Zealand could come under pressure from China and the United States as they square off over the proposed sale of nuclear reactors to Pakistan. [more]

UK scientists find no cancer-cellphone tower link
British scientists have found there is no link between childhood cancers and cellphone towers. [more]

Marathon tennis match set to continue tomorrow
To Wimbledon now where play will continue tomorrow for a third day in what is already the longest match in tennis history. [more]


Donors and development
Understanding the uncomfortable relationship between foreign policy and development assistance. [more]

Science - Earth Science
Drilling a core into the geologic cycle. The Raukumara Basin and asteroid rock. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Clue 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

David Petraeus replaces Stanley McChrystal in Afghanistan
Kevin Baron, reporter for Stars and Stripes - an independent newspaper which is circulated to US troops stationed overseas, discusses the replacement of Stanley McChrystal in Afghanistan. [more]

Attacks on healthworkers
Ruth Spearing, Haematologist and chair of the Christchurch Hospital Medical Staff Association, and Ann Esson, Nurse Manager of Christchurch Hospital's Emergency Department, discuss the need for increased security measures in hospitals. [more]

The dangers of salt
The head of the World Health Organisation's Coallaborating Centre for Nutrition, Professor Franco Cappuccio, is urging governments around the world to introduce laws regulating the amount of salt in processed foods. [more]

UK correspondent Jon Dennis
The new UK government's first budget, military deaths in Afghanistan and England's performance in the FIFA World Cup. [more]

Feature guest - Sebastian Junger
In his new book War, he describes the camaraderie of a platoon in the 2nd battalion, the trauma of killing and the love between platoon-mates who would rather die than let each other down. [more]

Book Review - Road of Bones: The Siege of Kohima 1944
Quentin Jones reviews Road of Bones: The Siege of Kohima 1944 by Fergal Keane. Published by Fourth Estate. [more]

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd under pressure to resign
Kevin Rudd biographer Robert Macklin on the potential ousting of the Australian Prime Minister. [more]

New Technology with Nigel Horrocks
Nigel looks at Australia's plans to censor the Net falter Next Big Thing?; More madness about 3D TV, movies and games; and The New York Times gets lofty about the word"tweet". [more]

Business stuff-ups
Nick Katsoulis, Ian Taylor and Erica Crawford discuss Business stuff-ups. A documentary with eight business leaders talking about the mistakes they've made is being shown at Bizzone Business Expos in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. [more]

TV review with Simon Wilson
Simon looks at coverage of the football World Cup. [more]

Our Changing World

NZ Sea Lions on the Otago Peninsula
The critically endangered NZ sea lion is faring poorly in the subantarctic, but a small mainland population is doing much better [more]

Preventing Nuclear Cataracts
Julie Lim, winner of the 2010 Zonta Science Award, is working on a preventative treatment for cataracts [more]

Gough Island and its Killer Mice
Two Kiwi biologists are working on Gough Island in the South Atlantic studying seabirds and super-sized mice [more]

Genes, Smell and Taste
Richard Newcomb and Jeremy McRae are seeing if variation in odour receptor genes changes our sense of smell, taste and flavour [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 24 June 2010
Questions to Ministers 1. KATRINA SHANKS to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received on the economy? 2. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: Does she stand by her statement that "people do have a right to privacy but they have in my opinion broken privacy deciding to go out there, put their names and faces to it as well in photos in the paper,"; if not, why not? 3. CHRIS AUCHINVOLE to the Minister for Climate Change Issues: What reports has he received on support for emissions trading schemes as an effective measure to reduce climate change? 4. Hon TREVOR MALLARD to the Prime Minister: When he said "there's always clarification of the rules and they're not always straightforward" in relation to Hon Christopher Finlayson on four occasions failing to declare a directorship he held, what did he find "not always straightforward" about the requirement to declare "the name of each company of which the member is a director"? 5. HEKIA PARATA to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: What announcements has the Government made on Community Max? 6. Hon JIM ANDERTON to the Attorney-General: Is it Government policy to grant customary title in the entire Northland Coast from Mangonui up the Cape and down to the Hokianga Heads? 7. NIKKI KAYE to the Minister of Transport: What reports has he received on the safety ratings of New Zealand's state highways? 8. MOANA MACKEY to the Minister of Housing: Does he believe that all New Zealanders should have access to appropriate and affordable housing? 9. GARETH HUGHES to the Minister for the Environment: When did the Government become aware that radioactive uranium ore was being shipped through New Zealand ports and the exclusive economic zone for later use in nuclear reactors? 10. SUE MORONEY to the Minister of Education: Does she stand by her recent statement to the House that she has no responsibility for decisions that early childhood education services make, as a result of her removal of the subsidy for 80-100 percent qualified staff? 11. JOHN HAYES to the Minister of Conservation: What progress has been made regarding establishing the Game Animal Council? 12. DARIEN FENTON to the Minister of Transport: What recent reports has he received about concerns with transport systems? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 24 June 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 24 June 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Karen Grylls
Director of NZ National Youth Choir talks previews upcoming international tour. [more]

Andrzej Nowicki and Tristan Carter
SMP Ensemble director and composers talk about this weekend's Wellington performance. [more]

News stories:

England, US through to World Cup second round
England have beaten the World Cup's smallest nation Slovenia to squeeze into the knockout stage, and they've been joined by the United States who scored a last gasp goal against Algeria. ... [more]

Malouda flees French camp solo
Florent Malouda has become the latest player to quit the disgraced French camp ahead of their scheduled return from their catastrophic World Cup finals campaign The 30-year-old Chelsea left winger followed ... [more]

Kilmarnock name Finn as manager
The Scottish Premier League club Kilmarnock has named former Finland striker Mixu Paatelainen as its new manager on a two-year contract. He replaced Jimmy Calderwood who quit at the end of ... [more]

Carter rejects US attack on Fonterra proposal
The Minister of Agriculture has challenged a claim by American dairy interests that the Government is backing moves by Fonterra to strengthen its hold on the domestic and international dairy trade. [more]

Capital markets overhaul could be a long haul
A securities lawyer says the overhaul of the rules governing capital markets could take some time, following the release of a Government discussion document on the relevant legislation. [more]

Hang in there, Dorchester urges investors
Dorchester Pacific has told investors that its prospects are solid and its key shareholders are in it for the long haul as they consider another financial restructuring plan. [more]

BNZ upbeat about anti-fraud technology prospects
BNZ is hoping to sell new anti-credit card fraud technology that it has developed to other banks and major credit card companies. [more]

Sonny Bill Williams signs with Canterbury
The former league star Sonny Bill Williams will play for Canterbury in this year's provincial rugby championship and the Crusaders in next year's expanded Super Rugby competition. Canterbury head coach Rob ... [more]

Fresh charges laid against two Bridgecorp directors
Two directors of failed finance company Bridgecorp have pleaded not guilty to eight new charges under the Crimes Act and the Companies Act. [more]

Australia-NZ deal on streamlining export process
The New Zealand and Australian governments have completed a review of which goods can be exported between the two countries duty-free under the Closer Economic Relations trade agreement. [more]

Law change allows serving police to stand in local elections
Legislation allowing serving police to seek office as local body politicians has been passed under urgency. [more]

Prisoner compensation scheme extended by two years
Parliament has passed legislation that extends the deadline for claims in the prisoner compensation law. [more]

Ministry 'underestimating' toxic chemical issue
The union representing sawmill workers says the Ministry of Health may be underestimating the number of people who need help from exposure to a carcinogenic chemical used to treat timber. [more]

Mahut-Isner epic halted at 59-59 in fifth
The longest match top tennis has ever seen has been stopped at 59-59 in the fifth set at Wimbledon after \the American John Isner and France's Nicolas Mahut battled for astonishing ... [more]

Nelson father accused of leaving infant alone
A man police say left his infant child home alone while he was drinking in central Nelson has been charged with abandoning the child. [more]

Samoa's head of state flown to NZ for medical reasons
Samoa's head of state, Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, is in New Zealand medical reasons. The 72 year-old head of state was admitted to the Tupua Tamasese Mea'ole hospital in... [more]

PNG geologist to meet PM by end of week over LNG pipeline risks
A Papua New Guinea geologist expects to meet with the Prime Minister by the end of this week to discuss the risks involved in laying ExxonMobil's liquified natural gas pipeline... [more]

Former Speaker of Samoa's Parliament faces contempt of court charges
A former Speaker of the Samoa Parliament has been charged with contempt of court. Leota Leulua'ialii Ituau Ale will appear in court this month after he refused to stop running... [more]

Status of women in American Samoa to be raised at Constitutional Convention
One issue likely to be raised at the American Samoa constitutional convention is the status of women in the territory's villages. The convention, which began on Tuesday includes 15 women,... [more]

American Samoa govt departments told to keep expenditure down
Departments and agencies of the American Samoa Government have been directed to keep their proposed budgets for fiscal year 2011, two percent below their current year budgets. The new fiscal... [more]

Fiji villagers on Koro Island find bio-fuel cheaper and cleaner
Fiji villagers on Koro Island have adapted to the use of bio-fuel which they believe is cheaper and cleaner than diesel. The vice chairman of Koro Bio-diesel Cooperative Ltd, Tevita... [more]

Golden double start for McMillan
New Zealand swimmers won nine medals including four golds on the first day of competition at the Oceania Championships at Apia in Samoa. North Shore's experienced Andrew McMillan led the way ... [more]

American Samoa is getting federal funds for paperless project
In a very rare move, American Samoa is getting federal funds that will allow the Fono to implement a long standing project of going paperless, thanks to the American Recovery... [more]

Polynesian Airlines opens its newly renovated offices in American Samoa
Polynesian Airlines has opened its newly renovated offices at Tafuna Airport in American Samoa. The office now has a bigger customer service area and employee workstations have received a major... [more]

Micronesia Cruise Task Force formed at Summit
The island nations of Micronesia look likely to host cruise ships like the Queen Mary , Holland America , Royal Caribbean , and Princess Cruise later this year." This comes... [more]

Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council scientists meet in Hawaii
A group of scientists who advise the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council is meeting in Hawaii from today to make decisions that could have significant impact on the amount... [more]

Thursday's newspaper headlines
Iwi plan title claim on Ninety Mile Beach and Cape Reinga; security review at Christchurch Hospital; China warns citizens about NZ crime. [more]

Public support shown for embattled Hubbard
Hundreds of people have expressed support support for Timaru businessman, Allan Hubbard, whose investment company is being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office [more]

Parole Board orders review of murderer's case
The Parole Board has ordered an expert review of the file of a man who enacted his fantasy of killing then burying his victim in a prepared grave, and will next see him in August. [more]

Football World Cup helps Fiji government TV programme
The head of Mai TV in Fiji says a government information programme will be getting lots of viewers because it is being shown straight after a Football World Cup highlights... [more]

Hawaii gets more funding for weather tracking
Hawaii has received 1.7 million US dollars in federal funds from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for weather tracking and prediction projects. The federal grant is focused specifically on... [more]

Micronesia talks told of climate change challenge
The President of the Marshall Islands has told a summit of Micronesian chief executives that climate change and rising sea levels pose a real danger, especially to small island territories... [more]

Fiji detention continues for two over disaster claims
Fiji's Rugby Union chairman Bill Gavoka and a pastor remain in police custody for spreading a claim that Fiji would be hit by a natural disaster. The pair are being... [more]

Australia's Gillard inherits Pacific Islands Forum chairmanship
Australia is to have a new leader after the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd stood down as leader of the governing Labour Party today. His deputy Julia Gillard will become the... [more]

Property trust proposes to buy out St Laurence
The National Property Trust is proposing to buy out the management contract owned by St Laurence for $2.5 million, and also buy back the $16 million worth of units that it holds. [more]

Landcorp plans to bid for Crafar farms
Landcorp says it is now only waiting for approval from its board before it puts in a bid for some of the Crafar family farms that are in receivership. [more]

Assaults on hospital staff prompt security review
Christchurch Hospital may bolster its security, following new figures which show almost 1200 staff have been physically assaulted by patients in the past two years. [more]

US interest rates kept on hold
The US Federal Reserve has kept interest rates on hold at near zero to keep the economic recovery from stalling. [more]

Investors climb on board broadband project
More investors have joined a plan for a high-speed trans-Pacific internet cable, including Australian-based businessman and former All Black captain David Kirk. [more]

Manu'a in line for two more American Samoa seats
The Constitutional Convention subcommittee reviewing Article II of the American Samoa constitution has approved the reinstatement of two Senate seats for Manu'a District. This would increase the number of Senators... [more]

ETS criticised at farmers' conference
The Emissions Trading Scheme has come under fire at the National Federated Farmers Conference which began in Invercargill on Thursday. [more]

Soil carbon levels vary widely, scientists find
Surveys have shown significant changes in carbon levels in the soil on different types of farms. [more]

Short-term borrowing falls to record low
New figures show New Zealand's reliance on short-term borrowing has fallen dramatically - though the country's overall foreign debt remains very high. [more]

Tate joining Cowboys on three year deal
The former Australian rugby league Test and Queensland State of Origin centre Brent Tate is to leave the Warriors to play for the North Queensland Cowboys on a three-year NRL deal ... [more]

Campbell and Gill in Open qualifying
Michael Campbell and James Gill are the only New Zealand golfers with any chance of making The Open field at St Andrews in Scotland next month. The draws for Local Final ... [more]

Howard seeks Zimbabwe ICC support
The former Australian prime minister John Howard has met with Zimbabwe Cricket officials, trying to defuse a row over his nomination for International Cricket Council vice-president. Under ICC procedures, as vice ... [more]

Sarkozy to chair meeting on Cup campaign
French president Nicolas Sarkozy will chair a government meeting tonight to look into the failure of the nation's footballers at the World Cup and will meet team captain Thierry Henry. France's ... [more]

FIFA release 5,000 knockout stage tickets
FIFA will release 5000 tickets for the World Cup knockout stage after hosts South Africa and 1998 champions France went out at the group stage. The tickets had been reserved by ... [more]

Five clubs fined for cap breaches
The National Rugby League has fined five clubs for 2009 salary cap breaches. But all the breaches pale in comparison to the Melbourne Storm cap scandal that has rocked the NRL. ... [more]

Hyaden Roulston to miss Tour de France
The New Zealand cyclist Hayden Roulston says he's getting over the disappointment of being told he won't be riding in the Tour of France. In a message on his website the ... [more]

Henin, Clijsters reach Wimbledon third round
The Belgian pair Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin have moved a step closer to a last 16 meeting at Wimbledon after making it through to the third round. The US Open ... [more]

Erakovic out of Wimbeldon
The New Zealand tennis player Marina Erakovic and her American partner Jill Craybas have been beaten in the opening round of women's doubles at Wimbledon. The pair lost in straight sets ... [more]

Bay into basketball semi-finals
Hawke's Bay have beaten North Harbour 82-77 in their National Basketball League quarter-final on the North Shore. Harbour had to play the game without two of their three leading scorers Corey ... [more]

All Whites skipper misses training
The All Whites captain Ryan Nelsen didn't train overnight as the other players prepare for their final World Cup group match against Paraguay tomorrow morning. Although it's been reported Nelsen is ... [more]

Maori finish with win over England
Maori rugby has finished its three-Match centenary series unbeaten with a 35-28 win over England in Napier, the wing Hosea Gear scoring three of their four tries. The Maori had to ... [more]

Singles match not over yet at Wimbledon
The American John Isner and Nicolas Mahut of France have rewritten the record books as their epic first-round contest at Wimbledon became the longest in tennis history. The match was locked ... [more]

England through but Germany's next
England are through the last 16 at the football World Cup in South Africa but as they qualified second in Group C, despite beating Slovenia 1-0, their next opponents are Germany. ... [more]

Tests on World Cup football inconclusive
Aerospace engineers at the California Institute of Technology have been wind tunnel testing the controversial new Jabulani ball from the football World Cup. The debate over the unpredictability of the ball ... [more]

Ghana's qualification causes African celebrations
All of Africa is celebrating Ghana's achievement in reaching the World Cup second round. Ghana lost 1-0 to Germany in their last group D but still qualified for the knockout phase ... [more]

All White adjust their sights to Paraguay
The World Cup's surprise package, New Zealand, adjust their sights to Paraguay in Polokwane early tomorrow morning after defying the odds by drawing with defending champions Italy. Having suffered three losses ... [more]

Uncertain future for Maori squad
The New Zealand Maori may have finished their centenenary season with a win over England after beating Ireland and a strong Barbarians side but the players don't know when they'll be ... [more]

IOC recognises work of NZ sports administrator
The International Olympic Committee has honoured New Zealand sports administrator Susie Simcock for her contribution to the promotion of women in sport. Simcock was awarded the IOC trophy for the Oceania ... [more]

Jackson to make decision on future next week
The Los Angeles Lakers basketball coach Phil Jackson says he's leaning toward retiring, but won't make a final decision until next week. Jackson, an 11-time NBA champion says he's waiting on ... [more]

Aussies say they can hold their heads high
The Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek says Australia can be proud of their World Cup, picking themselves up after a big loss in the opening match against Germany. But ultimately that 4-0 ... [more]

Dodgy Test tickets may be on sale
One hundred and seven cancelled tickets to Saturday night's All Blacks- Wales Test in Hamilton may have been on-sold to unsuspecting rugby fans. Anyone who didn't buy tickets through official outlets ... [more]

Playing alongside Dan Carter the major attraction says Sonny Bill
The rugby league convert Sonny Bill Williams says he received much better financial offers but he's decided to join Canterbury and the Crusaders in large part due to the presence of ... [more]

Noumea Accord review to open in Paris
New Caledonian leaders have arrived in Paris to review the 1998 Noumea Accord on greater autonomy. The meeting comes after the French overseas territories minister, Marie-Luce Penchard, visited New Caledonia... [more]

A public holiday if All Whites win? MPs say no
Government MPs have unceremoniously rejected the idea of a one-off public holiday on Friday in the event of a All Whites win at the World Cup overnight. [more]

On environmetal campaign, Plastiki Sydney-bound
The crew of a boat made entirely from plastic bottles, which has sailed from San Francisco, is expecting to arrive in Sydney in a couple of weeks. The Plastiki, made... [more]

Farmers and family groups march against ETS
The president of Federated Farmers says the Emissions Trading Scheme will impose unfair added costs on the agriculture industry, and the law will not last the test of time. [more]

Maori trust plans new cheese processing plant
A central North Island Maori trust plans to open what it says will be one of the most sustainable dairy factories in the world. [more]

New Maori dairy venture under way
Work has started on preparing the site of a new Maori-owned milk powder plant in the central North Island. [more]

Arable industry looks at faba beans potential
The Foundation for Arable Research has given the go-ahead for seven new projects which aim to provide benefits for the arable industry, including a investigation of faba beans as high-quality animal feed. [more]

Call for import rules review in wake of GM decision
The Soil and Health Association is calling for a review of the country's import standards following a decision to lift a ban on the sale of genetically modified alfalfa seeds in the United States. [more]

South Canterbury Finance relaunches prospectus
South Canterbury Finance has relaunched its prospectus for the second time this week after updating it to include the downgrade of its credit ratings. [more]

Deficit drops to 20-year low but likely to rise again
The current account deficit is at its lowest in more than 20 years, mainly because of higher commodity prices and a drop in investment income. [more]

Source of Grey Lynn gas leak located
The gas supply company Vector has located the source of a gas leak in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn that caused two buildings to be evacuated. [more]

American Samoa told to leave judicial appointment process unchanged
There has been a unanimous call by delegations for the Constitutional Convention of American Samoa to maintain the current regulation to have the chief justice and associate justice appointed by... [more]

Challenge to kohanga reo on child development
The kohanga reo movement has been told it is focusing on Maori language at the expense of other aspects of a child's development. [more]

University revokes Peruvian leader's honorary degree
Lincoln University has revoked the honorary doctorate it gave to former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori in 1998. [more]

No higher probe into mayor's credit-card use
The Auditor-General has declined a request from Manukau mayor Len Brown to look into his credit card expenditure but says it will take a closer look at spending within his council. [more]

Jakarta admits torture of Papuan political prisoners is indefensible
The Indonesian government has told the global rights watchdog group, Human Rights Watch, that it plans to address the mistreatment of political prisoners in Papua. In its new report on... [more]

KiwiRail vows to explore all freight options for line
KiwiRail's chief executive has made a commitment to explore all commercial possibilities for putting more freight on the Gisborne-Napier line, before deciding on its future. [more]

Carter cleared to play against Wales
The All Blacks first five eighth Dan Carter has been cleared to play in Saturday night's second test against Wales in Hamilton. Carter suffered a calf strain in the first test ... [more]

Tax changes will cost Fletcher Building $30m
Fletcher Building says tax changes will cost it an extra $30 million this financial year. [more]

Pacific unaffected by sudden Australia leadership change
Commentators in Australia says foreign affairs and the Pacific are unlikely to be a priority for the country's new Prime Minister. Julia Gillard has been sworn in as Australia's first... [more]

Super-city mayor's salary will be $240,000
Auckland's new super-city mayor will be paid a salary of $240,000. The current mayor of Auckland City is paid $160,000. [more]

Economic growth eases slightly
Economic growth continued during the first three months of the year but eased a little to a slowdown in the production of goods. [more]

NZ highways to get new safety ratings
A new system for rating the safety of the nation's roads has been unveiled. [more]

Proposal for hunters to manage pest control
The Government is considering a proposal that would take control of hunting introduced species considered pests away from the Department of Conservation and put it in the hands of hunters. [more]

Air NZ vows to fix check-in loophole quickly
Air New Zealand says it's fixing a security loophole by means of which passengers can board domestic flights using other people's names. [more]

Courses with low pass rates face funding axe
Tertiary courses with pass rates below 30% could lose their funding at the end of the year, the Tertiary Education Commission says. [more]

Former All Black apologises for 'silly' assault
Former All Black Sione Lauaki says he is sorry for assaulting a man in a Hamilton bar and now wants to get his life back on track. [more]

Drug dealer found guilty of toddler's manslaughter
A Northland drug dealer has been found guilty of the manslaughter of his young stepson, who died of head injuries 18 months ago. [more]

Labour pledges to broaden Reserve Bank's focus
The Labour Party says the Reserve Bank's focus should be widened to cover the stability of the dollar and other factors, as well the containment of inflation. [more]

Sharemarket sheds five points on Thursday
The benchmark NZX50 index fell five points to close at 3049 on Thursday on turnover of $50 million. [more]

Date of SAS withdrawal still undecided
The Government has clarified its position on the withdrawal of SAS troops from Afghanistan. It may be that they won't pull out next March, as earlier stated by the Defence Minister. [more]

Court action on whaling 'the only way now'
The Green Party says court action is the only way to end the Japanese whaling programme, now that the diplomatic process has failed. [more]

Former Maori Law Society president mourned
Te Roroa and Ngati Whatua as well as the Maori legal fraternity are mourning former Maori Law Society president Jolene Patuawa-Tuilave, who died of cancer on Thursday morning in Tauranga. [more]

ACC set to make surplus: Smith much happier
The Accident Compensation Corporation is set to make a surplus this year, mainly because of higher returns on its investments - and ACC Minister Nick Smith is much happier with it. [more]

US export group warns Fonterra move damaging
American dairy interests have joined the lobbying against Fonterra's proposal to allow share trading among its farmer shareholders. [more]

South Island dairy farmers take pride in SIDE
South Island dairy farmers at their annual conference have been given a heartfelt message not to give up on their dreams. [more]

PMs could sign off trans-Tasman investment deal
The New Zealand and Australian Prime Ministers will have the final say on a deal to free up overseas investment rules between the two countries. [more]

Paraguay or paradise? It's the moment of truth
The All Whites go into their final World Cup pool game in South Africa early on Friday morning in a position few New Zealanders would ever have imagined possible - with a very real chance of qualifying for the final 16. [more]