Radio New Zealand - Monday, 12th July 2010

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Eight months to Mars: Sir Ian McKellen
It's his late blossoming into movies that's lifted his profile immensely and made him one of the most recognised actors of both stage and screen today. [more]

New Zealand's first astronaut?
Dr. Karen Willcox wants to be New Zealand's first astronaut. She's in with a fine chance given her impressive credentials. [more]

World Cup final aftermath
World Cup Fever blogger Keith Lynch, having been hard at work since the early hours of this morning... joins us. [more]

He Rourou for 12 July 2010
The Maori Language Commission has one clear role - to encourage and support Maori communities to speak Maori to their children. That's according to Ngati Porou elder Taina Ngarimu. In He Rourou, Ana Tapiata asks Taina Ngarimu to explain himself. [more]

Author slot - Barry Blake
Barry Blake is a linguist and Professor Emeritus at La Trobe University. He's an expert on all aspects of language, and a well known authority on Australian Aboriginal languages. He's made a special study of the practice of being obscure in what we say, and how we write. It is the subject of his new book, Secret Language; Codes, Tricks, Spies, Thieves, and Symbols. [more]

Our Changing World - Bioengineering
Bioengineering is a fast developing field of research and is quickly becoming big business all around the world. [more]

The Panel warm-up
Jim reads some of your emails and introduces the guests and topics. [more]

The Panel (part 1)
With guests Sir Bruce Slane and Bomber Bradbury. [more]

The Panel (part 2)
With guests Sir Bruce Slane and Bomber Bradbury. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 12 July 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 12 July 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 12 July 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 12 July 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 12 July 2010
News from the business sector. [more]


Checkpoint Choice for Monday 12 July 2010
A plea from the parents of a Feilding farmer shot dead in his driveway. The Prime Minister accuses Pete Bethune of being downright ungrateful and the rescue of an instructor and student who survived a crash in the Ruahine Ranges. [more]

Parents of farmer shot dead in Feilding speak to media
The parents of a Feilding farmer shot in his driveway say his death has been gut-wrenching and the worst part is not knowing why someone would want to hurt him. [more]

Turnaround in Govt books
Higher investment returns have helped turnaround the Government's books, with its defict for the 11 months to the end of May just two-point-one billion dollars. [more]

Two survive plane crash near Palmerston North
Two men have survived a plane crash in the Ruahine Ranges, near Palmerston North. [more]

Fans in NZ bars and restaurants for the World Cup final
Spain's Prime Minister says he"suffered like never before"during his country's"epic"and"nailbiting"win over the Netherlands in this morning's Football World Cup final. [more]

PM defends government, calls anti-whaling activist ungrateful
The Prime Minister has hit back at anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune calling him ungrateful, after he told media he felt abandoned by the Government while he was in prison in Japan. [more]

Drug Foundation says Super City race wrong place for P debate
The head of the Drug foundation says the super city mayoral race is the wrong place to debate drug law reform. [more]

Evening Sports News for 12 July 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Uganda bomb attacks leave 64 people dead
The death toll in twin blasts in the Ugandan capital Kampala is rising. [more]

Evening Sports News for 12 July 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Westpac: Housing market likely to remain weak for years
Westpac economists are warning the housing market is likely to remain weak for several years. [more]

'Barefoot bandit' caught in the Bahamas
An American teenage fugitive who earned himself the name 'barefoot bandit' has been caught in the Bahamas after two years on the run. [more]

Waatea News for 12 July 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

First in series on driver safety
We begin a series on road safety - taking a closer look at why around 400 people die on New Zealand roads every year. [more]

Top job at risk after Japan's upper house elections
Japan's governing Democratic party has been thrashed in the upper house elections - putting the Prime Minister's job at risk. [more]

Proposed new electoral legislation is archaic
MPs here have heard that proposed new electoral laws are archane and could lead to confusion over who is funding campaigns. [more]

New photos of Castro appear on internet
New photographs of Cuba's former leader Fidel Castro have appeared on an official Cuban website. [more]

Two survive plane crash near Palmerston North
Two men have been rescued after their plane crashed in the Ruahine Ranges, near Palmerston North, this afternoon. [more]

Rumours of an August election for Australia
Opinion polls in Australia suggest that Julia Gillard's elevation to Prime Minister has boosted Labour's position against the coalition lead by Tony Abbott. [more]

UK correspondent
To Northumberland in the UK now, where Raoul Moat is dead after a week-long manhunt that culminated in a six hour stand-off with armed officers over the weekend. [more]

Japan's ruling party loses upper house majority
Japan's ruling party has been thrashed in the upper house elections - putting the Prime Minister's job at risk. [more]

New mobile phone software could be used in disasters
Researchers in Australia have developed software that allows ordinary mobile phones to communicate with each other without phone towers or satellites. [more]

People gather for a total solar eclipse of the sun
Many people travelled to parts of the Pacific region over the weekend to catch a glimpse of today's total eclipse of the sun. [more]

End of World Cup adventure for South Africa
That's the sound of Spain's 1-nil win over the Netherlands in this morning's World Cup final. [more]

15 years since Srebenica massacre
In Bosnia hundreds of victims of the Srebenica massacre are being reburied on the 15th anniversary of the atrocity when more than 7-thousand Muslim men and boys were murdered by Bosnian Serb troops. [more]

Waatea News for 12 July 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Polls show approval for Arizona's immigration laws
Over the weekend protesters in the United States ramped up opposition to Arizona's immigration laws which they say will target Hispanics. [more]

How survivors of Haiti quake are coping
Today marks six months since a devastating earthquake struck Haiti. [more]

Kenyan MPs want hefty salary increase
Kenya's parliamentarians say they won't pass the national budget unless the finance minister Uhuru Kenyata implements the hefty salary increase they awarded themselves last week. [more]

Tasmanian devil gets a make-over
Taronga zoo in Sydney is giving the endangered Tasmanian Devil a bit of an image make-over in an effort to save it from a flesh-eating cancer and possible extinction. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 12 July 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 12 July 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 12 July 2010
Netherlands and Spain battle it out in World Cup final, Spanish and Dutch fans gather to cheer on teams in final, Police say Fielding investigation in early stages, Two new names enter race for super-city mayoralty, Mayoral candidate ruffles feathers with drug comments, Second half of World Cup final under way, Dutch, Spanish ambassadors support national teams. [more]

Biggest prize in football up for grabs in Johannesburg
More than half a billion people people are expected to watch the Football World cup Final. [more]

Exit polls suggest DJP to lose majority
Exit polls after the Japanese parliamentary election suggest that the government may have lost its majority in the Upper House of parliament. [more]

Pacific News for 12 July 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 12 July 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

World Cup final gets under way
Fans are gathering in bars and restaurants and clubs around the world - More than half a billion people worldwide are watching the game. [more]

Calls for Royal Commission into police pursuits
A road safety group is demanding a Royal Commission of Inquiry be undertaken into police pursuits. [more]

Netherlands and Spain battle it out in World Cup final
The World Cup Final is underway. [more]

Spanish and Dutch fans gather to cheer on teams in final
Around the country and around the world, Spanish and Dutch fans are gathering to cheer on their team - each in the expectation their side will be the World Cup champions. [more]

Police say Fielding investigation in early stages
The hunt is continuing for the killer of a young Manawatu farmer. [more]

Two new names enter race for super-city mayoralty
What looked to be a tidy two-way race for Auckland's supermayoralty has been shaken up by two new names entering the frame. [more]

Mayoral candidate ruffles feathers with drug comments
A former soap star and mayoral candidate is ruffling feathers with his comments that the drug"P"should be decrimalised. Simon Prast admits to taking the drug and says it's hypocritical to ban methamphetamine when people can still get drunk and beat their wives and while the government profits from tobacco taxes. [more]

Second half of World Cup final under way
The second half has just kicked off in the World Cup final - and the score is nil all. [more]

Dutch, Spanish ambassadors support national teams
Fans of the two teams are partying all around the world - including in New Zealand. [more]

Sports News for 12 July 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

NZ government eyes Chinese joint farming venture
The New Zealand Government looks set to join the Government of China in a new type of joint venture in agriculture. [more]

Total eclipse this morning across Pacific
As we go to air, a total eclipse of the sun is racing across the Pacific from a remote part of the Cook Islands, across Easter Island and all the way to southern Chile and Argentina. [more]

Three key All Blacks in doubt for round two of Tri-Nations
Saturday's test at Eden Park saw the All Blacks exact revenge on the South Africans for last year's series loss, with a 32 to 12 thumping. [more]

Fans await final whistle in Football World Cup
There are just minutes to go in the World Cup final. [more]

Ashley family accuses prison van killer of publicity stunt
The family of a murdered teenager is accusing his killer of staging an annual publicity stunt near to the anniversary of the death. [more]

Fears a Victoria Park 'party central' would be dangerous
Some Auckland bars fear it could be dangerous to base the Rugby World Cup party zone near Victoria Park. [more]

Concerns synthetic marijuana still making it onto shelves
The government is worried synthetic marijuana may be continuing to make it into the country despite a ban on earlier versions known as Spice and Dream. [more]

Christchurch car club rallies support for legal skidpad
A group of Christchurch car enthusiasts are trying to win support to build a skid pad, where motor heads can burn out to their hearts content. [more]

Sports News for 12 July 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Fans on tenterhooks as World Cup final goes to extra time
Around the world Spanish fans/Dutch fans are celebrating the victory of their side. [more]

Rosetta space probe:"great day for world science"
The European Space Agency's Rosetta space probe has flown past the largest asteroid ever visited by a spacecraft. [more]

Trustees insist they are getting on with national standards
Most school trustees say they are getting on with the job of implementing the national standards, despite the continuing debate about the policy. [more]

Football World Cup final goes into half-hour of extra time
The World Cup final is in extra time. [more]

Waatea News for 12 July 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Oil unleashed in Gulf of Mexico in an attempt to contain it
BP has removed a containment cap from its Gulf of Mexico oil well in a first step towards installing a bigger cap to contain all the oil that's gushing into the sea and polluting the coast. [more]

Communities at war over dolphins final resting place
Two communities visited by a friendly dolphin, are at war over where his body should be laid to rest. [more]

News from Australia
with Phil Kafcaloudes [more]

Dutch, Spanish reporters on reaction in home countries
Reactions on the soccer World Cup final. [more]


A Peace Still in Process
The delicate and difficult politics of modern day Northern Ireland. Dr Brian Feeny, author of A Pocket History of The Troubles [more]

Thinkers: Religion
Professor Paul Morris, religions scholar, Victoria University Exploring the spiritual dimension of the human psyche. [more]

Clue number 1. [more]

Mexico Report
News and cultural trends from the united Mexican states in southern North America with Tara Fitzgerald. [more]

Clue number 2. [more]

Nine To Noon

McDonald's marketing to children
University of Auckland Emeritus Professor of Public Health, Robert Beaglehole, and the Managing Director of McDonalds New Zealand, Mark Hawthorne, discuss McDonald's marketing campaigns targeted at children. [more]

Chester Reed
Chester Reed, US postal worker who has finally retired at the age of 95. [more]

South Africa correspondent Griffin Shea
Griffin Shea talks about the reaction to the World Cup soccer final in South Africa. [more]

Feature Guest - Roger Beattie
Roger Beattie is a farmer who's breeding a rare species of Chatham Islands weka on part of his Banks Peninsula farm and wants to raise them commercially for their meat. He also wants to sustainably mill native trees on a block he owns near Wanganui to fund environmental protection work there. He talks about why he's not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. [more]

Book Review - The Widow's Daughter
Gail Pittaway reviews 'The Widow's Daughter' by Nicholas Edlin. Published by Penguin NZ. [more]

Political commentators Andrew Campbell and Matthew Hooton
The politics of the "party central" fiasco, foreign investment in farmland and Phil Goff. [more]

Guest chef - Ray McVinnie
Recipes from Ray McVinnie with wine commentator John Hawkesby. Today's recipes, indian spiced vegetable soup with prawns, chicken dumplings with white wine and greens. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 12 July 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 12 July 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Aivale Cole
New Zealand soprano and winner of the 2009 Lexus Song Quest who'll be performing with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra this Thursday in Beethoven's 9th Symphony. [more]

Hedda Oosterhoff
The winner of New Zealand Opera's inaugural Pettman Dare International Performance Scholarship. [more]

News stories:

Betel nut, oral cancer pilot study for Saipan, Guam underway
A betel nut and oral cancer pilot study in Saipan and Guam is to be launched soon. The data collection, to begin in October, aims to gather baseline information to... [more]

Police investigate girl's death
Police in Christchurch are investigating how a girl died at the weekend, after what they call an incident at the family home on Friday. [more]

Website job ads up
TradeMe says it's recorded an increase of 29% in job advertisements in the past year. [more]

Earthquake in Hawke's Bay
A magnitude 5.3 earthquake has been recorded in Hawke's Bay. [more]

SH1 closed beside Lake Taupo
State Highway One beside Lake Taupo is closed after a fatal crash just south of Hapete. [more]

Firms hesitant about hiring permanent workers - contractors preferred
Companies are hesitant about employing extra permanent staff, as the economy muddles along towards recovery. Contract workers are preferred for completion of delayed projects. [more]

Magic fall at final hurdle
The Adelaide Thunderbirds are celebrating their first trans-tasman netball championship victory after winning the grand final last night, beating the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic 52-42 in Adealaide. It was the ... [more]

Molinari scores breakthrough win in Scotland
The Italian Edoardo Molinari has scored a breakthrough win on the European golf tour, with a 3-stroke victory over Northern Ireland's Darren Clarke at the Scottish Open in Loch Lomond. Clarke's ... [more]

ABs start week Tri-Nations week two with three injuries
The All Blacks have three injury concerns - all in the backs - following their 32-12 win on Saturday over South Africa in the opening Tri-Nations test. Worst affected seems to ... [more]

Smeltz off to China
The All Whites striker Shane Smeltz is flying to China today to complete his medical tests after his A-league club Gold Coast announced they'd agreed to sell him for an undisclosed ... [more]

Mandela appears at Soccer City
A beaming Nelson Mandela waved to the tens of thousands of fans in Soccer City ahead of the football World Cup final, drawing thunderous applause as he was driven onto the ... [more]

Mandela hoping to attend World Cup final
Nelson Mandela says he wants to attend the World Cup final between Spain and Netherlands to greet football fans and thank South Africa for hosting such a successful tournament FIFA has ... [more]

Aussie takes Tour lead in Tour de France
The Australian cyclist Cadel Evans is the new leader on the Tour de France. On stage 8 in the French Alps, the world champion Evans and reigning Tour de France champion ... [more]

Excitement building ahead of World Cup final
Excitement has been building in Johannesburg with hordes of Dutch and Spanish fans roaming the streets ahead of a mouth-watering climax of Africa's first World Cup between the tournament's two most ... [more]

Webber wins at Silverstone, Hamilton extends championship lead
A fired-up Mark Webber won the British Grand Prix for Red Bull after a storming start that turned the tables on his teammate Sebastian Vettel. The victory put a smile on ... [more]

Loeb wins in Bulgaria WRC
The Frenchman Sébastien Loeb has led from start to finish to claim the Rally of Bulgaria, his 58th win in the World Rally Championship. Loeb's Citroën teammate Dani Sordo finished second, ... [more]

Bakkies Botha expresses remorse after receiving suspension
The Springbok lock Bakkies Botha has expressed remorse after being suspended from rugby for nine weeks for headbutting in the Vodacom Tri-Nations Test against New Zealand in Auckland on Saturday. Botha ... [more]

Warriors up to 6th after courageous win
The Warriors coach Ivan Cleary struggled to recall a more courageous performance than last night's in Sydney held out Penrith with a sustained defensive effort to win 12-6. The most telling ... [more]

Three golds highlight of finals day in Lucerne for Rowers
The New Zealand rowing team has won three gold, one silver and two bronze medals at the final World Cup regatta in Lucerne before the rowing world championships head to Lake ... [more]

Boyhood dream comes true for Young Farmer of the Year
A boyhood dream has come true for North Otago agricultural consultant Grant McNaughton, who is this year's Young Farmer of the Year. [more]

Audiences and performers drawn to Maori works
Taki Rua artistic director James Ashcroft says Maori playwrights and actors have hit a purple patch. He says a growing pool of talent is drawing audiences and more performers. [more]

Gobi documentary intended by runner
A documentary could be made of a gruelling seven-day endurance race through the Gobi desert by ultradistance runner Lisa Tamati. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Monday's headlines: Apology by Raurimu massacre gunman Stephen Anderson for the deaths of six people in 1997; empty three-storey block of classrooms destroyed at disused Wainuiomata College; cyclists driven off the road and abused while on a training ride [more]

Hubbard statutory management impact on SCF not yet clear
South Canterbury Finance chief executive Sandy Maier says it's still hard to tell how much impact the statutory management of Allan Hubbard has had on investor confidence. [more]

Samoa Observer editor says Tuilaepa wants Fiji's limelight
The Editor in Chief of the Samoa Observer says Fiji's interim Prime Minister is not taking the bait from Samoa's Prime Minister. The comments come as Tuila'epa Sailele Malielegaoi refused... [more]

Senator criticises Samoan Heritage week in Hawaii
An American Samoa Senator says the territory has more pressing needs than to fund another Samoan Heritage Week in Honolulu. Planning is already underway for the event, due to be... [more]

American Samoa legislative session opens
The Fourth Session of the 31st Legislature in American Samoa opens today and the main issue for this legislative session will be the review and approval of the budget. The... [more]

Victims being silenced in American Samoa
There is concern in American Samoa that victims of violence are being silenced and their needs are not being advocated. The American Samoa Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence believes... [more]

Eclipse travels across pacific
Tourists and scientists have poured into Easter Island ahead of this morning's solar eclipse, a mixed blessing of sorts for the tiny Pacific outpost. An estimated 4000 tourists, scientists, photographers,... [more]

Determined defence pushes Warriors further up NRL ladder
The Warriors have climbed to sixth on the NRL rugby league points ladder, cementing their place in the top eight with a 12-6 win over the second placed Penrith Panthers last ... [more]

Mining tax compromise welcomed
A compromise with global mining companies by the Australian government over a proposed new resource tax, has been welcomed in financial markets. [more]

Australia tipped to act on superannuation report
The Australian government has indicated it is likely to act on most, if not all, the recommendations of an 18-month inquiry into Australia's superannuation system. [more]

US and European markets up
Stocks in the United States and Europe last week chalked up their best weekly gains in a year. [more]

Mainstream hopes for new collection of Maori songs
A contributor to a new collection of te reo Maori songs believes it could be picked up by mainstream radio. [more]

Three ABs backs carrying injuries after Tri-Nations opener
The All Blacks have three injury concerns - all in the backs - following their 32-12 win on Saturday over South Africa in the opening Tri-Nations test. Worst affected seems to ... [more]

ABs prepared for backlash in second Tri-Nations test
The roles will be reversed for this weekend's second Tri-Nations test in Wellington after the All Blacks overturned a losing sequence to the Springboks with a 20-point thumping at Eden Park ... [more]

Cleary upset with refereeing in Warriors win
The Warriors rugby league coach Ivan Cleary has lashed out at the referees following last night's 12-6 win over the Panthers at Penrith Stadium. The Panthers received 11 penalties to the ... [more]

Djokovic inspires Serbia, Argentina shock Russia
Serbia have reached the Davis Cup tennis semi-finals for the first time after completing a 4-1 victory over Croatia in Split this morning. The World number two Novak Djokovic silenced a ... [more]

Solomons police commissioner ready for elections
The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner says he's not expecting next month's national election to bring a repeat of the riots that marred the last election. Police Commissioner Peter Marshall says... [more]

Victoria Park party zone could be dangerous - bar manager
A bar manager fears it could be dangerous to base next year's Rugby World Cup party zone near Victoria Park in Auckland. [more]

Black Sticks women lose to China
The New Zealand Women's hockey team have lost their second game in the Champions Trophy in England going down 3-1 to China. They came up against a determined China side which ... [more]

Possible vote of no-confidence against PNG Prime Minister
Papua New Guinea's Western Province Governor Dr Bob Danaya is warning a vote of no-confidence in Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare is imminent. As the Constitution does not allow any... [more]

Issues for Solomon Islands asylum centre different than for Nauru
The Solomon Islands Foreign Affairs Minister says the issues around opening a processing centre for asylum seekers in his country are completely different than for Nauru. Australian-run refugee processing centres... [more]

Full solar eclipse seen in the Pacific
Parts of the Pacific have this morning experienced a full eclipse of the sun. The five-minute event was seen in some parts of the South Pacific, with several cruise liners... [more]

Synthetic marijuana may be on sale - Dunne
The Government says synthetic marijuana may still be on sale in New Zealand, despite a ban on earlier versions known as 'Spice' and 'Dream'. [more]

Family accuses prison van killer of publicity stunt
The family of a murdered teenager is accusing his killer of staging an annual publicity stunt near the anniversary of the death. [more]

Permanent skid pad wanted for car enthusiasts
Car enthusiasts in Christchurch say a permanent skid pad could help solve the boy racer problem, after a chaotic weekend on city streets. It would cost nearly $500,000. [more]

Businessman may contest super-city mayoralty
The mayoral race in Auckland could have a new contender if millionaire businessman Tenby Powell does not believe John Banks can win the race. [more]

Cook Islands Parliament urged to launch a commission of inquiry over national fuel strategy
The Cook Islands Minister of Finance, Wilkie Rasmussen, has released the Audit Office's report into the government's controversial strategy to nationalise fuel supply. The report makes 13 major recommendations. The... [more]

Adidas big winner at World Cup
Adidas is one of the big commercial winners from the World Cup. Its its sales during this year's event are worth more than 1.5 billion euros. [more]

City Council chief quits
Tauranga City Council chief executive Stephen Town has resigned to take up a position as the Transport Agency's regional director for Auckland and Northland. [more]

Google-China stand-off over
A stand-off between the Chinese Government and Google is over, after officials renewed the company's internet licence to operate. [more]

Nauru state of emergency extended, Parliament adjourned until further notice
The caretaker President in Nauru, Marcus Stephen, has extended a state of emergency and adjourned Parliament until further notice. This comes after the Opposition boycotted a Parliamentary meeting on Friday... [more]

Samoa police launch raids on drug sellers
The police in Samoa have raided a major market in Apia on suspicion that drugs were on sale. A police source told the Samoa Observer a raid was conducted at... [more]

Tuvaluan sailor still traumatised nearly a year after being held by Somali pirates
One of the eleven Tuvaluan seafarers held hostage for four months by Somali pirates last year says there's been no effort by his former employers to provide them any post-traumatic... [more]

PNG opposition claims it can muster votes for no confidence vote in Prime Minister
The opposition in Papua New Guinea says it could muster the numbers to topple the Prime Minister in a no-confidence vote. But the National newspaper reports a senior government minister... [more]

Fiji says so far five non Melanesian countries to attend MSG summit
Fiji has invited Australia and New Zealand to attend next week's Melanesian Spearhead Group meeting as dialogue development partners. The MSG nations are Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and... [more]

NZ and China in talks on joint farm ventures
The New Zealand Government has held discussions with the government of China over joint ventures in agriculture in other countries. [more]

Funding change will hit low decile schools
The Labour Party says a change in the formula for school funding will be unfair on low decile schools with high Maori rolls. [more]

Govt announces new science funding
Research into freshwater ecology is at the forefront of new science funding announced by the Government. [more]

More signs housing market slowing - QV
QV says the housing market is showing more signs of slowing, with sales and values slipping in June. [more]

Seven Immigration NZ staff dismissed
Seven Immigration New Zealand staff have been dismissed this year for breaches of the department's code of conduct. [more]

Psychiatric input in article by Raurimu killer
North & South magazine says an article by a man who shot and killed his father and five other people in Raurimu in 1997, was written in consultation with his psychiatric care providers. His mother was also consulted. [more]

World Cup statistics
Spain's win at the World Cup means New Zealand was the only unbeaten side at the tournament. [more]

Fighting termites will cost Fiji more
The interim Fiji Government will have to spend more money on the termite infestation programme in Lautoka. The permanent secretary for Agriculture, Colonel Mason Smith, says overseas experts have briefed... [more]

Documentary planned on demise of tuna canning in American Samoa
An independent film maker from Hawaii is producing a documentary about the tuna industry in American Samoa to highlight its significance for locals and the economy. Tuna canning is vitally... [more]

Minister assures that PNG will control its sovereign wealth funds
The Papua New Guinea Minister for Public Enterprises, Arthur Somare, has clarified how Australian technical assistance will be used regarding money earned in the liquidified natural gas project. The LNG... [more]

Tonga public sector union slams call for extra payment to MPs
Tonga's Public Service Association is calling on the Prime Minister not to grant MPs an extra payment as a parting gift when the current Parliament disbands later this year. Last... [more]

Eclipse a tourist boon for parts of the south Pacific
A total solar eclipse drew an 11,000-kilometre arc over the Pacific earlier today, plunging remote islands into darkness in a display climaxing on remote Easter Island. The skies over Easter... [more]

Guildford and Mathewson to assemble with All Blacks
The Crusaders winger Zac Guildford and Blues halfback Alby Mathewson have been called into the All Blacks Tri Nations squad as cover for the injured players Richard Kahui, Joe Rokocoko and ... [more]

Botha unjustly treated says Springbok coach
The South African rugby coach Peter de Villiers believes lock Bakies Botha has been unjustly treated for headbutting All Blacks halfback Jimmy Cowan in the first test in Auckland at the ... [more]

Weepu not surprised by Botha's head-butt
The All Black halfback Piri Weepu says he wasn't totally surprised by the head-butt in the first Tri-Nations test that resulted in Springboks lock Bakkies Botha being banned for 9 weeks. ... [more]

English netballers may revolt over trans-tasman ban
The Adelaide Thunderbirds import Geva Mentor says England's best netballers could revolt over their ban from next year's trans-Tasman championships. The 26-year-old English defender says she'll fight an edict from ... [more]

Hamblin sets 1500m New Zealand record
The Cambridge middle distance runner Nikki Hamblin's set a New Zealand women's 1500m record at an athletics meeting in Belgium. Hamblin shaved three tenths of a seconds off Toni Hodgkinson's ten ... [more]

Nadal wants year long celebration
The world tennis number one Rafa Nadal says his Spanish compatriots victory in the World Cup final is unrepeatable Nadal, who is a keen football fan, was at the Johannesburg Stadium ... [more]

Armstrong says Tour de France over for him
Lance Armstrong's ruled himself out of winning an eighth Tour de France title, after two crashes saw him finish the latest stage, almost twelve minutes behind the winner. The 189km stage ... [more]

All Whites stand out in World Cup stats
Spain's win at the football world cup, means New Zealand is the only unbeaten side at the tournament. Going into the final the Netherland's hadn't lost a match at the tournament ... [more]

Help with effluent regulations starting to pay off
Dairy NZ says more intensive efforts to help dairy farmers comply with effluent management regulations are starting to pay off in Canterbury. [more]

Tough times for strawberry industry
The strawberry industry is experiencing its toughest trading conditions in years and the outlook is not great either. [more]

Further success for NZ shearers before world champs
New Zealand shearers had a successful weekend in another warm-up for the world shearing championships in Wales later this month. [more]

May accommodation numbers down
Statistics New Zealand says the number of people staying in hotels, motels, backpacker accommodation and holiday parks fell 6% in May - largely due to fewer overnight stays by domestic visitors. [more]

TVNZ ordered to issue statement over Boyle "retard" comment
Television New Zealand has been ordered to issue a statement on its 'Breakfast' programme after host Paul Henry described singer Susan Boyle as 'retarded'. [more]

Dutch blame the referee but admit Spain were deserved winners
Football world cup runners up, the Netherlands are blaming the referee, although Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk admits Spain were deserved one nil winners. The match was marred by constant foul ... [more]

Keenan steps down at Mystics coach
The coach of the Northern Mystics netball side Te Aroha Keenan has stepped down. Keenan has been head coach for the past two seasons guiding the team to fifth place in ... [more]

British Grand Prix winner questions decision to stay with Red Bull
Despite winning the British Grand Prix, the Australian driver Mark Webber is questioning his decision to re-sign with the Red Bull team. Webber was furious after a new front wing was ... [more]

England netballers could revolt
England's leading netballers could revolt over their ban from next year's trans-Tasman championships, says Adelaide Thunderbirds defender Geva Mentor. Mentor says she'll fight a rule by England coach, Sue Hawkins, refusing ... [more]

Higher investment helps turnaround in Govt books
Higher investment returns have helped turn around the Government's books, with its deficit for the 11 months to the end of May just $2.1 billion. Finance Minister Bill English says he will continue to rein in government spending. [more]

Melanesian leaders pull the plug on Fiji summit
Next week's summit of Melanesian leaders in Fiji is off with the current chair of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, Vanuatu's Prime Minister, Edward Natapei, saying it's been deferred until further... [more]

Tuvalu confident of significant progress on emissions at Cancun
Tuvalu's Director of the Environment says his country is still optimistic that progress can be made towards significant global carbon emission reduction at the next United Nations climate summit. Last... [more]

Christchurch police look for link between armed robberies
There have been 13 armed robberies in the Christchurch area since early May and police are investigating whether they are linked. [more]

Housing market to remain weak - Westpac
Westpac bank says the housing market is likely to remain weak for several years, as the changes to tax subsidies on investment properties in the budget take effect. [more]

Pair survive plane crash in Ruahine Ranges
Two men have survived what appears to be a forced landing in Manawatu's Ruahine Ranges while on a training flight from Hawke's Bay. Rescue services say the pilot's skill saved them. [more]

Cost of prescriptions risks Maori and Pacific health - researcher
A University of Otago study shows Maori and Pacific Island people are going without medication because of the high cost of prescriptions. [more]

Fiji claims it's still got backing of PNG and Solomons for MSG summit
The Fiji interim Government claims only Vanuatu has issues with its leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama assuming the chairmanship of the Melanesian Spearhead Group. That was due to happen next week... [more]

Boost in company earnings delayed
Forsyth Barr analyst Rob Mercer says the tepid economic recovery means an expected boost in company earnings will be delayed for at least another year. [more]

NZ and Australian markets up
The benchmark NZX50 index rose 7 points, or 0.2%, to close at 3012 on low turnover of $22 million. [more]

Mayoral candidate wants use of 'P' decriminalised
An Auckland super-city mayoral candidate and leading figure in Auckland theatre insists the prohibition of methamphetamine is expensive and highly ineffective. [more]

Rotorua marae to host Rugby World Cup visitors
As South African towns and cities clean up inn the wake of the Football World Cup, Rotorua's 13 marae are looking to tap into next year's Rugby World Cup. [more]

MSD stifling Whanau Ora - Minister
On the eve of announcing who will deliver services under Whanau Ora, the minister in charge is accusing the Social Development Ministry of stifling the programme. [more]

Proposed new electoral finance law archaic - Law Society
The Law Society says a proposed new electoral finance law is archaic and would benefit from a comprehensive redraft. [more]

Alternative welfare group to include Maori
A member of the alternative Welfare Working Group says Maori will be a top priority as the roopu of church and beneficiary rights groups challenges any radical rewrite of the welfare system. [more]

Skier dies after Mt Hutt accident
A 56-year-old woman has died in hospital after an accident at Canterbury's Mount Hutt Ski area. [more]

Blaze evacuates iwi offices in Napier
The Fire Service says it may take some time to determine what caused a blaze at iwi offices in Napier on Monday afternoon. [more]

Oceana Gold shares leap after new find
Shares in Oceana Gold have jumped 9% after the miner found significant new reserves of gold at its underground Frasers mine in Otago. [more]

Police describe slain Feilding man's last movements
Palmerston North police say a scene examination has given a clearer picture of what happened the morning a Feilding farmer was shot dead in his driveway. [more]

Rotorua marae plan to host Rugby
As South African towns and cities clean up inn the wake of the Football World Cup, Rotorua's 13 marae are investigating how to tap into next year's Rugby World Cup. [more]

NZ pilot lands plane in Darwin after engines fail
A Christchurch woman pilot is being hailed a hero in Australia for safely landing a plane carrying five tourists, after its engines cut out while approaching Darwin Airport. [more]

Inquiry wanted into car crashes including police pursuits
A road safety group is calling for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into all crashes, including police pursuits. [more]

Bethune says NZ Govt Japan's lapdog
Prime Minister John Key has described Pete Bethune as 'downright ungrateful' for saying he felt abandoned by the Government following his arrest after boarding a Japanese whaling ship earlier this year. [more]

Pitiful level of knowledge about local body elections - survey
The man in charge of the enrolment drive for this year's local elections says there is an unbelievable amount of ignorance about when and how voting will take place. [more]

Fatal crash on icy road
Police say an Australian man died and his colleague received serious spinal injuries when their car left the road near Greymouth on Monday morning. [more]