Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 12th August 2010

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Best Song Ever Written - Wish You Were Here
Alex Hayward of Greymouth chooses 'Wish You Were Here' by Pink Floyd. [more]

Your Place - Farewell Spit
On Your Place we visit a geographic region rather than one of our smaller towns. Farewell Spit is a unique, narrow, 26 kilometre long land spit that runs west to east at the top of the South Island. [more]

The ashes of Bert Sutcliffe
It was never easy to stump Bert Sutcliffe, one of the truly great batsmen in cricket. Now he's got everyone stumped about where his ashes are buried at Carisbrook. [more]

Dresses from Gone With The Wind
The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas in Austin is launching a world wide appeal to raise enough money to exhibit some of the famous dresses Scarlett O'Hara wore in Gone With The Wind in order to mark the film's 75th anniversary in 2014. The costumes are currently in a fragile condition and can't be displayed. [more]

He Rourou for 12 August 2010
A long time advocate of the national secondary schools kapa haka competition, Morvin Simon says the stage provides a great practise area before graduating to the marae. [more]

Feature Album - 1984
The featured record is '1984' by Van Halen, the last album featuring singer David Lee Roth before he left the band. [more]

The Arts Report
Christchurch artist Bridgit Anderson asked a local funeral home to let her shadow them for a year, documenting the care they provide for the deceased and their families. Justin Gregory got Bridgit together with funeral director Tony Garing to talk about drawing attention to what normally remains hidden. [more]

Our Changing World - Vitamin C and Cancer
Historically Vitamin C has been used to prevent scurvy, and nowadays many people take it in the belief that it will prevent colds. But could this essential nutrient actually prevent cancer? University of Otago's Margreet Vissers has found a mechanism which suggests it can. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 12 August 2010
Your feedback and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel. [more]

The Panel with John Bishop and Duncan Webb (part 1)
Reportage of suicide, and junior rugby Haka ban. [more]

The Panel with John Bishop and Duncan Webb (part 2)
BSkyB in legal battle with Skype, Richard Dawkins on burkas, swine flu related death, and the difficulty of getting work for over-fifties. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 12 August 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Midday Business News for 12 August 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 12 August 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 12 August 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Thursday 12 August 2010
Manufacturing adds more gloom to economic outlook, Market analysis from RNZ's Business Editor, Transport Minister issues warning over super city pledges, Skiers stranded by high winds at Mount Hutt, Senior media figures support publishing suicide information, City councillor quits over sandcastle trip. [more]

Manufacturing adds more gloom to economic outlook
The already weak economy has taken a significant hit with the latest manufacturing figures suggesting the sector is in trouble. [more]

Market analysis from RNZ's Business Editor
Stock markets on both sides of the Tasman have slumped, with investors worried corporate profits will be hit as the pace of global economic growth shows signs of slowing. [more]

Minister pours cold water on the supercity election
The Minister of Transport Steven Joyce has poured cold water on some ambitious campaign pledges being made by candidates for the Auckland super city mayoralty. Mr Joyce told a conference in Auckland that some mayoral candidates need to think hard about how some of their promises might be paid for. [more]

Skiers stranded by high winds at Mount Hutt
High winds have left about 900 skiers stranded at the Mount Hutt skifield. [more]

Senior media figures support publishing suicide information
A decision by the Chief Coroner to release information on how people have committed suicide has reignited debate about the current restrictions on reporting. [more]

Commonwealth Games security under scrutiny
Security at October's Commonwealth Games in New Delhi is once again under scrutiny following Government diplomatic cables which state an attack is possible. New Zealand is sending nearly 300 people to the games and the Olympic Committee says it has been reassured security measures are strong. [more]

Sports News for 12 August 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Health Minister makes surprise hospital visits
The Health Minister, Tony Ryall, has been making unofficial visits to hospital emergency departments to see how they're coping. [more]

City councillor quits over sandcastle trip
A Christchurch city councillor is quitting local politics - blaming the abuse she says she and her family have suffered over a ratepayer-funded trip to a sandcastle competition in California. [more]

Transport Minister issues warning over super city pledges
The Minister of Transport has poured cold water on some ambitious campaign pledges being made by candidates for the Auckland super city mayoralty. Steven Joyce says that some candidates need to think hard about how their promises might be paid for. [more]

Waatea News for 12 August 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Nick Smith concedes changes to counselling not handled well
The ACC Minister admits changes to the handling of counselling for sexual abuse victims were not handled well and that's led to some people missing out on help. [more]

About 900 skiers trapped on Mt Hutt
High winds have left about 900 skiers stranded at the Mt Hutt skifield. The Canterbury mountain was open until about midday when the wind picked up and visibility dropped. [more]

Manufacturing figures suggest sector in trouble
The BNZ Business New Zealand latest monthly survey shows manufacturing activity fell for the first time in nearly a year. [more]

Afghan woman awaits reconstructive surgery
An 18 year old Afghan woman whose mutilated face has appeared on the cover of Time Magazine is now in the United States awaiting surgery to reconstruct her nose and ears amputated by the Taliban. Bibi Aisha was just 12 years old when she and her sister were given to a Taliban fighter as a peace offering after their uncle killed one of the man's relatives. Esther Hyneman is on the board of Women For Afghan Women - a New York organisation which has been working in Afghanistan since 2001, which runs the shelter where Bibi stayed. [more]

Sports News for 12 August 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Landslide death toll rises and fresh rain causes new floods
The death toll from a massive landslide in the north-west of China has risen to more than eleven-hundred people. Fresh rain has bought increased misery to the area with new floods leaving more people missing. [more]

Waatea News for 12 August 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Canterbury planning bylaw to enforce lifejacket use
Cantabrians don't have long to make submissions on a new bylaw that will make it compulsory to wear life jackets in small boats. [more]

Train use drops off in Wellington as frustration grows
New figures show Wellingtonians took several hundred thousand fewer trips on the region's network in the past year. [more]

Olympic committee not swayed by renewed terrorist threats
Security at October's Commonwealth Games in New Delhi is once again under scrutiny following Government diplomatic cables which state an attack on a so-called 'soft target' is possible. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 12 August 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 12 August 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 12 August 2010
Body of Air New Zealand pilot found in Hong Kong; ACC backtracks, okays counseling for sex abuse victims; China-based business adviser says Fonterra"highly regarded"; Government promises more public-private partnerships; Final tribute paid to Lieutenant Tim O'Donnell; Blocked jetstream wind may be exacerbating floods, fires. [more]

Biodiesel scheme to be rolled out nationwide
A pilot programme that introduced New Zealand's first commercial biodiesel facility to Queenstown is to be rolled out nationwide. [more]

Pacific News for 12 August 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 12 August 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Hong Kong police rule out foul play in pilot death
Police in Hong Kong have found the body of missing Air New Zealand pilot Steve Morrissey. [more]

ACC policy change for sexual abuse victims
The Accident Compensation Corporation has announced sexual abuse victims will once again be eligible for up to 16 hours of counselling. [more]

Body of Air New Zealand pilot found in Hong Kong
The body of the Air New Zealand pilot missing in Hong Kong has been found in dense bush. [more]

ACC backtracks, okays counselling for sex abuse victims
The Accident Compensation Corporation has backtracked and says it will now pay for up to sixteen hours of counselling for all victims of sexual abuse. [more]

China-based business adviser says Fonterra"highly regarded"
A New Zealand business adviser based in Beijing says New Zealand's reputation will not be harmed by the latest tainted milk scandal in China. [more]

Government promises more public-private partnerships
Supporters of Public Private Partnerships say the opening up of government building projects to independent investors could provide a multi-billion dollar boost to capital markets. [more]

Final tribute paid to Lieutenant Tim O'Donnell
Close to a thousand mourners attended yesterday's military funeral at Linton Military Camp for Lieutenant Tim O'Donnell. [more]

Blocked jetstream wind may be exacerbating floods, fires
The rain and mudslides in China follow catastrophic floods in Pakistan and an unprecedented heatwave in Russia. [more]

Sports News for 12 August 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Markets slide on gloomy growth forecasts
World markets have fallen on news that two of the largest economies - the United States and the United Kingdom - are in a worse state than people thought. [more]

Australia's Liberals accused of online election dirty tricks
The Australian Liberal Party is being accused of using dirty tricks to manipulate Google search results for federal election candidates around Australia. [more]

Eminent businessman Sir Ron Trotter dead at 82
The business leader, Sir Ron Trotter, who has died in Wellington, is being praised as a captain of industry who turned his back on protectionism. [more]

Chief Coroner says suicides should be more widely reported
The Chief Coroner supports more reporting on suicides, as the number of New Zealanders taking their own lives out ranks those who are killed on the roads. [more]

Lab workers' industrial action starting to delay treatment
A Chief Medical Officer says industrial action by Auckland Hospital lab workers is delaying patient treatments, and stretching the goodwill of clinicians and surgical staff to breaking point. [more]

ACC backs down on changes to sexual abuse treatment
The Accident Compensation Corporation is denying it's been forced to make an embarrassing u-turn over treatment for victims of sexual abuse. [more]

Pakistani community in New Zealand rallies for flood victims
Pakistani-New Zealanders with friends and family in their flood-ravaged homeland say they are still coming to terms with the enormity of the disaster. [more]

Call for less red tape on classifying more obscure DVDs
The Government is being asked to cut the red tape on what critics say is an outdated process that limits the number of DVDs available for sale, rent and viewing. [more]

Markets Update for 12 August 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Sports News for 12 August 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Backers say PPPs could boost lacklustre sharemarket
Savers disheartened by the sharemarket's meagre offerings could soon get a boost from a potential explosion in Private Public Partnerships. [more]

Labor faces threat of losing key seats in Queensland
Australia's Labor government faces the threat of losing key seats in Queensland as it fights to hold on to power. [more]

Waatea News for 12 August 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Zoo's plan to boost elephant numbers 'ludicrous'
Auckland Zoo says it has taken a giant step toward importing a new herd of elephants. [more]

Bay of Plenty rugby union changes tune over vuvuzelas
You will now not hear the sound of vuvuzela's at any home games at the Bay of Plenty Rugby Union this year. [more]


Politics As Comedy
Dr Joe Atkinson, Senior Lecturer in Political Studies, University of Auckland. [more]

Science: Body Parts
Professor Jean Fleming Endocrinologist, University of Otago. [more]

Clue number 7. [more]

Clue number 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Suicide reporting
Should suicides be more widely reported in order to potentially save lives? [more]

How to survive a leaky home
The leaky home crisis has often been seen as a North Island problem. Leaky home owner and author, Yvonne van Dongen, believes there are many South Islanders who will get caught up in the crisis too. [more]

The missing ashes of cricketing legend Bert Sutcliffe
It seems Carisbrook is reluctant to let go of Cricketing legend Bert Sutcliffe. [more]

UK correspondent Matthew Parris
The Governor of the Bank of England has issued a statement that the British economy is not headed back up into the clear and that inflation may actually be going up. Also a look at London's bike scheme. [more]

Feature guest - Ann M. Veneman
Ann has just stepped down from the top roll with the United Nations Childrens Fund (Unicef). [more]

Book review - Matterhorn
Don Rood reviews 'Matterhorn' by Karl Marlantes. Published by Corvus (Atlantic). [more]

New Technology with Nigel Horrocks
Google admits it doesn't have all the answers to all the questions in the world. And, double rainbows; What does it mean? What does it mean? [more]

Christian Wright - Speech and language therapist
Christian Wright answers listeners questions on children's speech and language problems. [more]

Graeme Tuckett
Graeme reviews two new films. Skin and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. [more]

Our Changing World

Rutherford's Den
Year 12 Christ's College students and their teacher Andrew Taylor explore Rutherford's Den with educator Claire Norton [more]

Waikato River
A Waikato University 'large river' research project is focusing on life in New Zealand's longest river [more]

Maggie-Lee Huckabee is helping people with swallowing difficulties, such as stroke patient Derek Chapman who's making progress [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 12 August 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 12 August 2010
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Carl Crossin
Co-Adjudicator of The Big Sing national secondary school's choral festival talks about the final. [more]

Robert Oliver, Dimitri Theodoridis and Jonathan le Cocq
Music director, baritone and theorbo player preview upcoming Musica Sacra series presentation of Monteverdi's Vespers. [more]

News stories:

Growth forecast downgraded for UK
The Bank of England has downgraded its forecast for economic growth and says inflation will fall more slowly than expected. [more]

Farmers optimistic about future - new survey
Farmers are more optimistic about the future according to the latest survey of confidence in the rural sector by Rabobank. It found 87% expect economic conditions to either improve or remain stable. [more]

Warriors out for home final
The Warriors first priority this weekend is two more points to secure their place in the National Rugby Leagues top eight, but their ultimate aim is a place in the ... [more]

Hewett takes up Crusaders assistants role
The former All Black and Crusaders prop Dave Hewett has been appointed as the new Crusaders assistant forwards coach. Hewett, who has been the Crusaders scrum coach for the past three ... [more]

Australia far too good for Jamaica
The Australian netballers continued their Commonwealth Games preparations with a commanding 69-42 win in their second test against Jamaica last night in Sydney. Australia were without three first choice ... [more]

Henderson won't ride Vuelta
The New Zealand cyclist Greg Henderson has missed out on selection for his British Team Sky for this month's Vuelta, Tour of Spain. Henderson, who has been battling illness, also missed ... [more]

Blatter seeks answers from North Korea
FIFA's president Sepp Blatter wants answers from North Korea about reports that the country's World Cup squad was publicly humiliated and coach Kim Jong-Hun sentenced to hard labour when ... [more]

Only one NZ win in opening round of Australian Squash Open
Jaclyn Hawkes is safely through to the second round of the Australian Open, on an otherwise gloomy day for New Zealand's top squash players in Canberra. Hawkes made light work of ... [more]

All Blacks-Springbok test to be played in Port Elizabeth
The All Blacks test against South Africa next year will be played in Port Elizabeth. The decision was taken as part of SARU's commitment to take top-flight rugby to the region. ... [more]

Injury situation of Frans Steyn should be cleared up tonight
The injury situation for the Springbok utility back Francois Steyn should be known tonight, with the Springbok medical staff due to receive a medical report from Steyn's French club Racing Metro. ... [more]

Culhane appointed Highlanders assistant coach; Woodward joins Blues
The former All Blacks first five Simon Culhane's been appointed assistant coach of the Highlanders Super rugby franchise. Culhane joins fellow former All Black Jamie Joseph, who was recently named as ... [more]

Federer has positive start to US Open build up
The former world tennis number one, Roger Federer, has had a positive start to his US Open build up with a straight sets win over Juan Ignacio Chela in the second ... [more]

Two additions to Commonwealth Games team
An additional cyclist and athletics team member have been confirmed for New Zealand's Commonwealth Games team. The young road rider Clinton Avery joins a now 27-strong cycling team in Delhi and ... [more]

Bangalore pay $275 thousand for Taylors services
The Indian Twenty-20 cricket side, the Royal Banglore Challengers, is paying out over $800 thousand to retain the services of three overseas players, including New Zealand's Ross Taylor, for next month's ... [more]

Sonny Bill's debut for Canterbury off again
The much anticipated debut of Sonny Bill Williams for the Canterbury rugby side, has been delayed for at least another week. Williams has been left out of the Canterbury squad for ... [more]

Federer sets new record in ATP world tour match wins
Roger Federer has become the all-time match wins leader in ATP World Tour Masters 1000 action after defeating Argentina's Juan Ignacio Chela in straight sets at the Toronto Masters. It's Federer's ... [more]

Motu River cycleway seen as vehicle for revival
The Whatakatohea iwi in eastern Bay of Plenty, hopes a cycleway along the Motu River will boost tourism and revive communities hit by declines in forestry and farming. [more]

Strategy question sessions ahead for meat industry
The meat industry can expect to be interrogated over the next few months on the direction they think it should be heading, as part of the development of strategy to restore confidence and investment in the sector. [more]

DNZ Property Fund to begin trading on NZX on Monday
Shares in DNZ Property Fund will debut on the New Zealand stock exchange at 97 cents per share on Monday. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Thursday's headlines: Chief Coroner says the number of New Zealanders taking their own lives is 50% higher than the road toll; NZ officials in India expect a terrorist attack before the Commonwealth Games in October; where are the ashes of cricket legend [more]

Rugby Sevens ticket date
Tickets for the Wellington round of the next IRB Rugby Sevens will go on sale on 28 September. This year's event sold out in three minutes. [more]

Deutsche Bank to take 49% stake in investment company
Deutsche Bank says it has completed a deal to acquire a stake of 49.9% in the private wealth and investment management company Craigs Investment Partners as part of a strategic alliance. [more]

Legal action possible over state of drilling rig
New Zealand Oil & Gas is considering taking legal action against the operator of a drilling rig it hired, because of the poor state it arrived in. [more]

National baby hearing tests welcomed
The principal of the Kelston Deaf Education Centre has welcomed the national roll-out of a screening programme to test the hearing of newborn babies. [more]

Vote to be held on settlement offer
Ngati Rereahu descendants will be asked this month if they will accept a settlement for the loss of almost 20,000 hectares around the Pureora Forest northwest of Lake Taupo. [more]

World stocks fall
Global sharemarkets have tumbled as investors worry about the health of the US economy after the Federal Reserve lowered its outlook for the recovery. [more]

Sharemarket boost tipped from PPPs
Backers of a move by the Government to use more Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) say it could boost the New Zealand sharemarket. [more]

Solomon Islands Electoral Commission denies corruption claims
The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission is defending itself against claims last week's election was corrupt. Two defeated MPs have called for the chief electoral officer Polycarp Haununu to be sacked... [more]

Threat to aquaculture plans seen from oil drilling
The head of the Whakatohea Maori Trust Board says oil drilling in the Raukumara basin would be a serious threat to the iwi's aquaculture plans. [more]

Two National Park of American Samoa officials to assist with Gulf of Mexico oil spill
Two local employees of the National Park of American Samoa will assist in the U.S. Government's efforts to assess and recover from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Dr Peter... [more]

American Samoa's international airport to undergo upgrade
The U.S. Department of Transportation has awarded American Samoa four point four million US dollars to rehabilitate the taxiway at Pago Pago International Airport. The Governor Togiola Tulafono says the... [more]

Hopes in American Samoa cannery will re-open with new owner
Details of an agreement said to have been reached over American Samoa's Chicken of the Sea Samoa Packing cannery have still not been released. Reports in the local media nearly... [more]

Frustration rises over industrial action at hospital
The Chief Medical Officer in Auckland says it is unacceptable that industrial action by laboratory workers at Auckland hospital is disrupting the standard of care that patients should expect to receive. [more]

England and Argentina begin recoveries
Embattled England and Argentina have begun their post-World Cup recoveries with morale-boosting wins in football friendlies. But France slumped to a 2-1 loss to Norway in Oslo with a team purged ... [more]

Beckham's international career appears to be over
The England football coach Fabio Capello has virtually called time on David Beckham's international career. Beckham was unable to play in the World Cup due to an Achilles injury suffered ... [more]

Wood's rivals bemused at loss of form
The World golf number one Tiger Woods's poor display at last week's U.S. PGA event has left his rivals bemused and wondering how he'll fare in the final major of the ... [more]

Indian weightlifters may not be able to compete in Delhi
Indian weightlifters remain unsure of their participation at the Delhi Commonwealth Games in October as the country's federation struggles to cover an unpaid fine for repeated doping offences. After six ... [more]

NZ sailors consolidate positions at Weymouth
New Zealand sailors have consolidated their positions at the halfway point of the final round of the Olympic Class World Cup series off Weymouth in England. With 3 of the six ... [more]

Mitchell may stay at Lions
The Western Force coach John Mitchell could cut short his time at the Perth-based franchise to lead South Africa's Lions next Super 15 season. Mitchell is currently in South Africa coaching ... [more]

Springboks call in defensive help
The Springbok coach Peter de Villiers has called in some extra defense help this week as they prepare for next week's Tri-Nations match against the All Blacks in Johannesburg. Their recent ... [more]

Former England captain axed
England's rugby coach Martin Johnson has axed former captain and lock Steve Borthwick from his squad of 32 for the coming northern season. Johnson sasy it doesn't get any ... [more]

Good times for Southland Rugby
Southland rugby is on a high at the moment and that's been capped off with the announcement that co-coach Simon Culhane will be Jamie Joseph's assistant at the Highlanders Super franchise ... [more]

Blatter says countries don't have to play today
Fifa President Sepp Blatter says clubs angry at the timing of international friendly matches should aim their frustrations at the national associations who arrange them and not the world governing body. ... [more]

Mikelson feels 90 percent heading into PGA Championship
The world golf number two Phil Mickelson doesn't believes his arthritis will afect him too much at this weekend's US PGA Championship in Milwaukee. Mikelson revealed he has been diagnosed with ... [more]

Holyfield to fight at 48
Evander Holyfield will fight Sherman "The Tank" Williams in November, just a few weeks after the former four-time heavyweight boxing champion turns 48. Holyfield, who has a 43 and 10 record ... [more]

US Ryder Cup captain denies Wood's certain to play against Europe
The American Ryder Cup golf captain Corey Pavin has denied reports that Tiger Woods is a certainty to be on the US team to play Europe in Wales in October. Going ... [more]

sevens tickets to go on sale on September 28th
Tickets for the Wellington round of the IRB rugby sevens will go on sale on September the 28th. Westpac Stadium has been a complete sell-out for the two day event since ... [more]

Less red tape urged over rental DVDs
The Government is being urged to cut the red tape involved in allowing a wider variety of DVDs to be sold, viewed and rented. [more]

Bond extension approved
Nearly 90% of bondholders in PGG Wrightson Finance have approved a proposal to extend $100 million worth of bonds for another year. [more]

Qantas profit down again
Australia's largest airline, Qantas, has posted another fall in profit despite extensive cost-cutting. No dividend will be paid to shareholders. [more]

Food prices up in July
Food prices rose 1.6% in July, compared to June, boosted by higher fruit and vegetable prices. Dairy prices also increased. [more]

Another Wairoa gang member in hospital after brawl
Another gang member is in hospital with gunshot wounds following an incident in Wairoa earlier this week. [more]

Unemployment to be focus of by-election - Goff
Labour leader Phil Goff says the party will make Maori and Pacific unemployment a focus of the Mana by-election. [more]

Marac upgrade issued by ratings agency
Marac, the finance arm of Pyne Gould Corporation has received good news from Standard & Poors. The agency has upgraded Marac's future prospects, from negative to stable. [more]

Tax rule changes welcomed by property company
Kiwi Income Property Trust has welcomed proposed changes to tax rules which will allow commercial fitouts to be depreciated. [more]

Jump in profit reported by Disney
Walt Disney has reported a 40% jump in profit to $US1.3 billion as itys studio entertainment division swing from an operating loss to profit. Overall revenues rose to $US10 billion. [more]

NZ sheep numbers stabilise after three years of decline
There are signs that New Zealand sheep numbers are starting to stabilise after three years of significant decline. However, almost 750,000 fewer lambs will be born this spring. [more]

American Samoan Government called on to keep to its budget
American Samoa Senator, Velega Savali, says its high time the budget law was strictly followed to stop overspending of government funds. Velega was commenting on Treasurer Magalei Logovii's letter to... [more]

Victims of Papua New Guinea's Kokoda plane tragedy remembered
Commemorations were held yesterday to mark the first anniversary of the Kokoda plane crash in Papua New Guinea in which 13 people, including nine Australians, died. A year ago on... [more]

Wide support to rein in foreign acquisition of land in Vanuatu
Customary landowners on Vanuatu's outer islands are backing chiefly calls to stop foreigners acquiring more land for development. Efate's chiefs are concerned that close to 80 percent of customary land... [more]

New Pacific media group to fill PINA's accountability lapses
The newly-formed Pacific Media Organisation says it will fill the gap, left by what it calls, the accountability lapses of the Pacific Islands News Association, or PINA. Journalists from around... [more]

Solomons' police say Honiara death not election related
The Solomon Islands Police say the death of a man in Honiara in the early hours of this morning is not related to the national election. The Regional Assistance Mission... [more]

Authorities and parents in Samoa worried about student violence
Parents and businesses in Samoa are becoming increasingly concerned about violence following inter-school sporting events. Last Friday, two 19-year-old students were charged with disorderly conduct after becoming drunk and starting... [more]

Markets follow downward trend
The New Zealand and Australian sharemarkets have fallen in line with global markets. [more]

Beef numbers decline
Three years of drought and an increase in farm conversions to dairy, have taken their toll on beef numbers. [more]

Premium prices being paid for heavyweight lambs
Beef + Lamb New Zealand's Economic Service says farmers have been keeping back more lambs this season to add extra weight and take advantage of late winter-early spring premiums. [more]

New TB vaccines being developed
AgResearch scientists developing vaccines to protect cattle and deer from bovine tuberculosis are expecting to have the answers on their effectiveness in the next three years. [more]

Weatherston appeal delayed until 2011
Clayton Weatherston's appeal against his conviction for the murder of former girlfiend Sophie Elliott will not be heard until 2011. [more]

Hong Kong police rule out foul play in pilot's death
Police in Hong Kong say no foul play was involved in the death of an Air New Zealand pilot, whose body has been found in dense bush. [more]

Court refers case back to Privacy Commissioner
The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal by former Labour Justice Minister Bill Jeffries and referred it back to the Privacy Commissioner for further consideration. [more]

NZ Commonwealth Games uniform unveiled
The New Zealand team's Commonwealth Games uniform for Delhi has been unveiled. [more]

Steel company profit well down
Steel & Tube's annual profits have fallen by more than 78% to $5.7 million. Revenue fell 22% to $380 million in what the company describesd as one of the most difficult trading years in its history. [more]

TelstraClear revenues fall
Telstra says revenues at its New Zealand operation, TelstraClear, fell by 0.7% to $NZ666 million in the year ending June. [more]

Tonga target Australian tourism market after fall in numbers
Tonga is to target Australian tourists after a fall off in that market since the beginning of 2009. It is one of 12 island countries that are part of the... [more]

Kiwi being moved from sanctuary after nine killed
Kiwi in a Wairarapa wildlife sanctuary are being moved to safety, after ferrets killed nine of them in the past month. [more]

NZ Commonwealth Games uniform unveiled
The New Zealand team's Commonwealth Games uniform for Delhi has been unveiled. [more]

Tuvalu Parliament to be dissolved tomorrow ahead of elections in five weeks
Tuvalu's national parliament is to be dissolved tomorrow as it prepares for national elections on the 16th September. The Pacnews agency reports Prime Minister Apisai Ielemia will lead a caretaker... [more]

New Pacific media group stresses it'll have no relationship with PINA
One of the founders of a new media organisation says it will have no relationship with the Pacific Islands News Association, or PINA. This week's establishment of the Pacific Media... [more]

Notorious PNG bank robber pleads guilty
The notorious Papua New Guinea bank robber, William Kapris, has pleaded guilty to robbing the Madang branch of Bank South Pacific of 900,000 US dollars in 2008. The newspaper, The... [more]

Tribunal seen as inhibiting kaumatua from giving evidence
Former Northern Maori MP Bruce Gregory says the Waitangi Tribunal is inhibiting kaumatua from giving evidence. [more]

Rise in online job ads seen as no help for some
A South Auckland budget advisor says a rise in online job ads is unlikely to affect her clients. Makere Biddiss from the Whare Mauriora Budgeting Service says many don't have the sorts of skills being sought now. [more]

Drug dealer jailed for killing toddler
A Kerikeri drug dealer has been sentenced in the High Court at Whangarei to prison for nine-and-a-half years for killing his stepson. [more]

Solomons party vows to stick to its principles in negotiations
A leading politician in Solomon Islands says his party will be sticking to its principles and policies during negotiations to form a coalition government, although he's not sure about others. [more]

NZ milk free of hormonal contamination - authority
The Food Safety Authority is backing an assertion by dairy cooperative Fonterra that any hormonal contamination in Chinese infant formula did not come from New Zealand milk. [more]

Proposed elephant enclosure 'not big enough'
An animal rights campaign group has renewed a call for Auckland Zoo to abandon plans to house more elephants by building on part of a public park, saying the enclosure will not be big enough. [more]

NZOC 'reassured' over Commonwealth Games security
The New Zealand Olympic Committee says it has been reassured security measures at the Commonwealth Games in India are strong despite renewed threats of possible terrorist attacks. [more]

Samoa Prime Minister wants harsher penalties for students involved in violence
Samoa's Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi, has called on school principals to expel students who become involved in brawls. Last Friday, two 19-year-old students were charged with disorderly conduct after... [more]

Cowan confirmed in All Blacks squad after passing fitness test
The All Blacks halfback Jimmy Cowan will travel with the side to South Africa this weekend, after passing a fitness test. Cowan suffered a rib injury in the All Blacks win ... [more]

New Zealand A cricketers finish third
New Zealand A have has beaten South Africa by 15 runs to finish third at a Twenty20 Emerging Players Cricket tournament in Brisbane. Batting first New Zealand made 148 for six, ... [more]

Trouble locating Bert Sutcliffe's ashes
One of New Zealand's greatest cricketers is proving as difficult to shift in death as he was in life. Attempts to find and relocate the ashes of Bert Sutcliffe have failed ... [more]

NZ Commonwealth Games uniform unveiled
The New Zealand team's Commonwealth Games uniform for Delhi has been unveiled. The team's Chef de Mission Dave Currie says the range of casual and training wear has been designed to ... [more]

Breakers have first up win in China
The New Zealand Breakers have scored a first up win at a pre-season basketball tournament in China. The Breakers scored a 97-87 overtime victory over Liaoning. The match was played outdoors ... [more]

Canterbury plans bylaw to enforce use of life jackets
Cantabrians have until the end of Friday to make submissions on a planned bylaw that will make wearing life jackets in boats under six metres compulsory in the region. [more]

TV audio description service planned for 2011
A new service for people with impaired vision will mean they can follow television programmes more easily. [more]

Retail biofuel roll-out intended
The company behind a commercial retail biodiesel operation in the South Island says it expects to start taking it nationwide before the end of the year. [more]

Vanuatu police arrest eight over Tanna airstrip protest
The Vanuatu Mobile Force has arrested 8 people from Tanna island in the Southern part of the country over a protest which delayed a plane's departure from the local airport... [more]

Manufacturing sector growth stalls
Growth in the manufacturing sector in New Zealand has stalled following almost a year of expansion. [more]

Customs officers reinstated after winning case
Two Customs officers who say they were wongfully sacked have won their employment case. [more]

Mayoral candidates warned over campaign promises
Transport Minister Steven Joyce says candidates for the Auckland mayoralty need to consider who will pay for promises being made on the campaign trail. [more]

Minister admits to doing spot checks of hospitals
Health Minister Tony Ryall has admitted he visits public areas of hospitals without the knowledge of hospital bosses to see how they are managing the influx of patients. [more]

Man dies in Solomons after RAMSI soldiers fire on a crowd
The police in Solomon Islands say a homicide investigation has been launched after a man died when Tongan soldiers from the Regional Assistance Mission fired shots early this morning. The... [more]

Fiji launches plan to strengthen response to dengue
The Fiji interim Government's Health Minister, Neil Sharma, says urgent action is needed to combat dengue fever. He has launched a Dengue Strategic Plan in response to what he says... [more]

New Pacific media group seeks audience with Fiji regime leader
The newly-launched Pacific Media Association has asked for a meeting with Fiji's interim leader, Commodore Frank Bainimarama. The Association's establishment follows the failure by the Pacific Islands News Association, or... [more]

China to provide Niue with more tourism accommodation
Chinese officials have reached agreement with the Niue Government to increase accommodation for tourists on the island. The Premier of Niue, Toke Talagi, says China has been in discussions with... [more]

Questions raised over allocation of public funds to PNG government MPs
About 50 MPs in Papua New Guinea have reportedly each been paid around 740,000 US dollars to ensure they continue to back the ruling coalition. The newspaper, The National, reports... [more]

Transparency questions over allocation of public funds to PNG government MPs
About 50 MPs in Papua New Guinea have reportedly each been paid around 740-thousand US dollars to ensure they continue to back the ruling coalition. The newspaper, The National, reports... [more]

Former Solomons MP says votebuying happening in government negotiations
A former Solomon Islands politician says negotiations to form a coalition government are again being influenced by votebuying and horsetrading. Lobbying to gain the numbers to form a government is... [more]

Christchurch councillor quits over sandcastle trip
A Christchurch City Councillor is quitting after 15 years in local politics following criticism over a ratepayer-funded trip to the US to attend a sandcastle competition. [more]

Smith says ACC counselling changes not handled well
ACC Minister Nick Smith concedes changes to the handling of counselling for sexual abuse victims were not handled well. [more]

Fewer trips made on Wellington trains
Commuters are deserting the Wellington region's problem-plagued trains with new figures showing passengers took more than 733,000 fewer rail trips in the past year. [more]

Chief coroner calls for more awareness of suicide rate
For the first time, New Zealand's Chief Coroner has released data showing the methods used by people to commit suicide. [more]

Search for man after Mamaku callout
Police are searching for a man after the members of the armed offenders squad were called to an incident in Mamaku on Thursday. [more]

Government reveals planned changes to building laws
Homeowners will be able to complete small additions such as carports and verandas without the need for building consents if planned law changes are passed in Parliament. [more]

Carisbrook stumped over Sutcliffe's ashes
One of New Zealand's greatest cricketers is proving as difficult to shift in death as he was in life. [more]

Another writedown of Hanover Finance by Allied Farmers
Allied Farmers has written down the value of its Hanover Finance assets again. They are now said to be worth $94.3 million - about a quarter of their $396 million purchase price in December. [more]

Markets fall as economic gloom spreads
Markets in Asia and the Pacific fell on Thursday, as economic gloom again spread around the globe. [more]

Consultation with Maori advised in makutu cases
A Wellington coroner has recommended that kaumatua and tohunga be consulted in suspected makutu cases. [more]

NZ market lower
The New Zealand sharemarket fell 29 points, or 1%, to close at 3007 on Thursday on turnover of $43 million. [more]

Hundreds of skiers forced to spend night at Mt Hutt
Hundreds of skiers stranded at Mt Hutt have been forced to spend the night after high winds closed the access road at the Canterbury resort. [more]