Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 26th August 2010

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Your Place - Bluff
Time now to visit another small New Zealand Community. Last week we took a look at the town named after our 17th Prime Minister, Joseph Ward. Today we are in the place he grew up in as a child. [more]

The Best Song Ever Written
Simon Boghurst in London chooses When This Passing World Is Done. [more]

The Titanic
Right now, in the icy waters of the Atlantic, a team of oceanographers, technicians and researchers are on a mission to virtually raise the Titanic. They are using cutting-edge acoustic technology and robotic underwater machinery to scan the entire debris field of where the Titanic sunk in 1912. [more]

Farm Park
Saving New Zealand's heritage and artifacts from a bygone era has long been a passion of brothers Richard and Bob Spark from Rangiora. They've been collecting tractors, colonial cooking utensils, bricks, turn of the century clothes, and so much more for nearly 30 years. [more]

He Rourou for 26 August 2010
Ana Tapiata talks with Dr Rangi Mataamua about his educational pathway, which lead him back to possum hunting in the Urewera ranges. [more]

Feature Album - White Ladder
Is the multi-platinum selling fourth studio album by British singer - songwriter David Gray. Worldwide sales of the album stand at 7 million. [more]

The Arts Report with Lynn Freeman
This week Lynn Freeman talks with the very creative family of the late painter, printmaker and muralist, John Drawbridge, who died in 2005. [more]

This Way Up with Simon Morton
Simon Morton is back with us foraging for more free food and this week cordyline australis - also known as the cabbage tree or Ti Kouka. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 26 August 2010
Your feedback and a preview of the guests and topics on today's Panel. [more]

The Panel with Mai Chen and Tony Doe (part 1)
Immigration staff investigated for misconduct, Is there a growing discrepancy in the way the judicial system deals with the underprivileged in comparison with those who hold positions of power? [more]

The Panel with Mai Chen and Tony Doe (part 2)
Brain Downtime, The Australian newspaper's political editor calling for another election, Is the US economy is in a 1930s-style Depression? [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 26 August 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 26 August 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 26 August 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 26 August 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 26 August 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Thursday 26 August 2010
Body of four year old Lucas Ward found, Air travel industry players forecast recovery, Six year jail term for thief's part in medals theft, Labour releases OIA'd correspondence showing opposition to National Standards, Hide and Roy declare differences are now behind them, 72 found dead at ranch in Mexico. [more]

Body of four year old Lucas Ward found
The body of the four year old Gisborne boy Lucas Ward has been found in the Waimata River - just 400 metres upstream from a jetty near his grandmother's house. [more]

Air travel industry players forecast recovery
Demand for travel is on the up following a turbulent year - according to two of the industry's biggest players. [more]

Six year jail term for thief's part in medals theft
A career criminal has been sentenced to six years jail for his part in the theft of medals from the National Army Museum. [more]

Released correspondence shows opposition to National Standards
The Education Minister is under fire over her claims that school boards support National Standards. [more]

Hide and Roy declare differences are now behind them
Rodney Hide and Heather Roy appeared at Parliament this afternoon side by side, insisting that all of their differences are now behind them. [more]

Sports News for 26 August 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

72 found dead at ranch in Mexico
Mexican officials, investigating the deaths of 72 people found murdered at a ranch in the north of the country, say they were from Central and South America. [more]

Calls for privileged criminals to get harsher sentences
A justice reform group says wealthy powerful people have a responsibility as role models and when they commit a crime they should be given harsher sentences than those from disadvantaged backgrounds. [more]

You Tube used to market cigarettes, according to Otago research
Researchers from Otago University say tobacco companies are using You Tube to market cigarettes. [more]

Waatea News for 26 August 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

ASB the first bank to offer equity release homeloans
ASB's to be the first major New Zealand bank to offer reverse mortgages. [more]

Struggling wine producers call for tax review
Struggling wine producers are calling for a review of Government excise taxes, saying it's the single biggest challenge to their survival. [more]

Auckland's major fan zones revealed
Auckland's major so-called fan zones for next year's Rugby World Cup have been revealed. [more]

Man sentenced to 6 years for his part in theft of medals
A career criminal has been sentenced to six years in prison for his part in the theft of medals from the National Army Museum - a crime the sentencing judge says all New Zealanders resented. [more]

Cold water bacteria help speed oil clean up
Scientists studying bacteria found in the Gulf of Mexico say they've found a new species which could result in oil from the BP spill being cleared up much faster than some had predicted. [more]

ASB has announced it's to offer equity release homeloans
ASB has announced it's to offer equity release homeloans - the first major New Zealand bank to do so. [more]

Football Ferns captain signs to Chelsea
The beautiful game's greener pastures has claimed another New Zealander. [more]

Sports News for 26 August 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Hong Kong holds special ceremony for slain tourists
Hong Kong held a three minute silence this morning for the eight tourists killed in a bus hijack in the Philippines earlier this week. [more]

Wellington Coroner criticses police search
A Wellington Coroner is recommending that the Police and health board work more closely together when people go missing from the Hospital. [more]

Seal pups a huge drawcard near Kaikoura
It's been dubbed the daycare centre for seals and its drawing hundreds of tourists everyday. [more]

Waatea News for 26 August 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Ngai Tahu says attitudes toward Te Reo are maturing
Ngai Tahu says a move by the Canterbury Regional Council to use both Maori and English place names on its documents shows attitudes toward Te Reo are maturing. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 26 August 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 26 August 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Thursday 26 August 2010
Act seemingly united following return of dumped deputy leader, Screening hearings mooted to weed out parole no-hopers, Police cameras net extra quarter million at Queens Birthday, Justice Minister argues for sweeping changes to justice system, PPTA says their teachers feel insulted by the government and Minister furious over forged letter to school students. [more]

US voters in 5 states select candidates for general elections
Voters in five American states have been to the polls to select party candidates for November's general elections. [more]

Pacific News for 26 August 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 26 August 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Act MPs vow they can work together
Members of the Act Party are vowing they can work together after yesterday's dramatic return to Parliament of dumped deputy leader, Heather Roy. [more]

Act seemingly united following return of dumped deputy leader
The Act Party is putting up a united front, following the return of dumped deputy leader, Heather Roy. [more]

Screening hearings mooted to weed out parole no-hopers
The head of the Parole Board has floated the idea of screening prisoners who are eligible for a parole hearing, to see if they stand a realistic chance of succeeding. [more]

Police cameras net extra quarter million at Queens Birthday
A police crackdown on speeding at Queens Birthday weekend caught out thousands of drivers and netted an extra quarter of a million dollars in speed camera fines. [more]

Justice Minister argues for sweeping changes to justice system
The Justice Minister says sweeping reforms of the justice sector will happen with or without the support of the legal fraternity. [more]

PPTA says their teachers feel insulted by the government
Secondary school teachers' mood is grim according to the post primary teachers' union. [more]

Minister furious over forged letter to school students
The Minister of Education is furious Southland primary school students were given a letter, with her forged signature on it, saying the school day was to be extended by an hour for primary schools and 90 minutes for secondary schools. [more]

Sports News for 26 August 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Labour condemns actions over police officer appointment
Labour is condemning the lack of action from the Police Minister Judith Collins over the appointment of a reprimanded police officer, to a top training job. [more]

Four-day radiographers strike begins in Counties Manukau
Counties Manukau radiographers will not be arriving at work this morning, as they begin a four-day strike over pay. [more]

Law society questions pace of any changes to justice system
The Law Society is concerned about the speed of changes being made to New Zealand's justice system by the government, and fears the efficiency of courts is being put before people's rights. [more]

Survey reveals employers have redundancy regrets
A survey has revealed many employers in New Zealand regret laying off as many people as they did during the recession. [more]

SFO lays 100 charges in failed finance company case
The Serious Fraud Office has laid more than 100 charges against four men involved in the collapsed finance company, Five Star Finance. [more]

Council takes on NZTA over speed limits outside rural schools
A Canterbury council has thrown down the gauntlet to the Transport Agency by deciding to change the speed limits outside seven schools in its region. [more]

Barnados to pull out of Bay of Plenty
Barnados, which provides family support and counselling services to more than 10 thousand people a year, is pulling out of Bay of Plenty. [more]

Sports News for 26 August 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

British spy found stabbed to death
Mystery surrounds the death of a British spy found stabbed to death in grisly circumstances in central London. [more]

Stock Exchange queried over its role in electricity bill fiasco
The competence of the Stock Exchange is being called into question after allegations it failed to process a payment from an electricity retailer. [more]

Waatea News for 26 August 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Wave of bombings hit Iraq as US troops prepare to leave
With less than a week before United States combat troops quit Iraq, a series of bombings across the country have left at least 60 people dead and more than 200 wounded. [more]

Long stays in space turn fit astronauts into weaklings
A new study says astronauts can become as weak as 80-year-olds after six months in space. [more]


Star Wars and the Roman Empire
The historian Ralph Covino, from the University of Tennessee in the USA, talks about Star Wars, and the Roman Empire, and why american popular culture seems to have it in for the classical Romans. [more]

Science: Physics
Physicist Dr Shaun Hendy discusses matter and energy and of interactions between the two, auroras. [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 7 [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 8 and all other clues for the week. [more]

Nine To Noon

Is the justice system harsher on the underprivileged?
Byron Ballan, whose former business partner recieved home detention in 2004 after pleading guilty to defrauding their clients of 2 million dollars, and criminal defense lawyer John Billington discuss whether or not the justice system favours those who are priviledged or in positions of power. [more]

Scientometrics: the science of science
Sam Arbesman, arvard post-doctoral fellow and writer who has researched three scientific fields to find out how difficult it has been to discover things throughout history. [more]

365 days of golf around the world
Michael Goldstein and Jamie Patton are playing a game of golf - every day - at different courses around the world for an entire year to raise funds for children's charity, First Tee. [more]

UK Correspondent - Michael White
Discussing the confirmation that a priest was part of an IRA bombing in the 1970s. [more]

Feature Guest - Rosie Horton
Rosie Horton, Auckland philanthropist, legendary charity fundraiser, recipient of the 2010 Auckland Distinguished Citizen Award. [more]

New Technology with Nigel Horrocks
Is the internet changing how our brains work? Figuratively and physiologically, Facebook users choose to tell their friends exactly where they are - is this Big Brother at last? [more]

Parenting with Nigel Latta
Psychologist and parenting expert Nigel discusses parent-techer relationships. [more]

Book Review - The Good Psychologist
Sonja de Freiz reviews The Good Psychologist by Noam Shpancer. Published by Abacus. [more]

Film Review with Graeme Tuckett
Graeme Tuckett reviews The White Ribbon, Predicament and Harry Brown. [more]

Our Changing World

Glow Worms
Miriam Sharpe and Kurt Krause want to identify glow worms' light-emitting protiens for use in medical and other purposes [more]

Sir Graham Liggins
A tribute to Sir Graham Liggins, better known as Mont Liggins, who died this week on Tuesday 24 August [more]

Lifestyle Foods for Energy Balance
An ongoing research programme is developing new foods to release energy more slowly and improve health [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 26 August 2010
Questions to ministers 1. PESETA SAM LOTU-IIGA to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received on the nature of New Zealand's economic recovery? 2. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: How many more people were receiving an unemployment benefit in July 2010 than in July 2008? 3. Dr PAUL HUTCHISON to the Minister of Health: What reports has he received related to District Health Boards delivering on the Government's six health targets? 4. Hon DARREN HUGHES to the Minister of Transport: Has he read the report Alcohol and other drug use in New Zealand drivers 2004-2009 by Environmental Science and Research Ltd prepared for New Zealand Police; if so, is he aware that it contains data showing the number of fatalities for drivers with a blood alcohol level above 50mg but below 80mg/100mL? 5. JOHN HAYES to the Minister for Communications and Information Technology: What announcement has he made today on the rural broadband initiative? 6. Hon TREVOR MALLARD to the Minister of Education: Does she stand by her statement in relation to the implementation of the National Standards "The Trustees, who govern schools on behalf of communities and parents, were extremely supportive"? 7. SUE KEDGLEY to the Minister of Justice: Why are the Police, Fire Service and Defence Force bars exempt from liquor licensing requirements? 8. CHARLES CHAUVEL to the Minister of Consumer Affairs: Does he stand by his statement that he is "eager to continue making it easier for businesses and consumers to deal confidently in a fair marketplace" at the Member Forum for Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner Scheme DVD Launch yesterday? 9. MELISSA LEE to the Minister of Corrections: What reports has she received about the rate of escapes from New Zealand prisons? 10. DARIEN FENTON to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: Does she agree with the Minister of Labour, who, when asked about someone on the unemployment benefit being referred by Work and Income to a job with a 90-day trial period, said "If they do not want to avail themselves of that job opportunity and that trial period then they do not have to"? 11. HEKIA PARATA to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: How is Work and Income delivering services to seniors more effectively? 12. CAROL BEAUMONT to the Minister of Labour: What situations would be defined as unreasonably withholding consent by an employer under her proposed changes to workers having access to their union in the workplace? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 26 August 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 26 August 2010
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Justine Cormack
NZ Trio violinist on upcoming Auckland Museum concert and recent tour to China. [more]

Peter Walls
Violinist and authority on Francesco Geminiani previews Musica Lyrica's upcoming concert of works by the Baroque composer. [more]

News stories:

School says sorry for fake letter from minister
A Southland school has apologised to Education Minister Anne Tolley for using a fake letter with her signature as part of a creative writing exercise. [more]

Step forward for restrictions on cold tablets
Legislation banning the over-the-counter sale of cold tablets which contain the precursor ingredients for the illegal drug, methamphetamine, or P, has passed its first hurdle in Parliament. [more]

Gun shots heard in Lower Hutt
Police in Wellington are investigating reports of several gun shots going off in Lower Hutt late on Wednesday night. [more]

Familiar foe Sehwag too hot for Blackcaps to handle
The New Zealand cricketers have missed their chance to play in the final of the tri-series against hosts Sri Lanka on Saturday after being thumped by 105 runs in their... [more]

Tiger's ex-wife speaks out about affairs
The world number one golfer Tiger Woods's ex-wife Elin Nordegren has broken her silence about the couple's failed marriage in a magazine interview, expressing shock and disbelief upon learning about... [more]

FIFA dismiss North Korea witchhunt claims
FIFA has dismissed allegations that North Korea's football coach and the team were publicly shamed for losing all three of their games at the World Cup finals in South Africa. [more]

Furyk oversleeps and gets kicked out of golf tournament
The American golfer Jim Furyk was disqualified from the first of four lucrative FedExCup playoff events after sleeping late and missing his tee at the Barclays Pro-Am in New Jersey... [more]

Black Caps batting crumbles against India
The New Zealand cricketers didn't even come close to making the one day Tri series in Sri Lanka this morning, comprehensively beaten by 105 runs in their virtual semi-final against... [more]

France football star won't appeal ban
The France midfielder Franck Ribery will not appeal the decision by the French Football Federation (FFF) to ban him for three matches for his role in the team's World Cup... [more]

Alonso eyes continuation of Ferrari dominance at Belgian Gran Prix
Fernando Alonso will be chasing Ferrari's fourth Belgian Grand Prix victory in a row on Monday while hoping Mark Webber again fails to shine at Spa-Francorchamps. The Championship leader Webber,... [more]

Teenage boxer claims silver at Youth Olympics
Teenage boxing star Joseph Parker brought the curtain down on New Zealand's campaign at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games with a silver medal in the super heavyweight class in Singapore... [more]

Forest and Bird hails dam decision
Environmental group Forest and Bird says a decision not to allow a dam to be built on the Nevis River in Central Otago is a victory for wild river protection. [more]

GM pine trees part of proposed field trials
Pine trees that have been genetically modified to grow faster and be more disease resistant are included in a new series of field trials proposed by forestry researcher Scion. [more]

Quality to be focus of wine industry conference
The wine industry will be looking to the future at its annual Romeo Bragato conference, starting in Blenheim today. [more]

Underdone Blackcaps thrashed by India in tri-series virtual semi-final
The New Zealand cricket vice-captain Kyle Mills is blaming the Blackcaps dismal batting performance in their 105 run Tri-series loss to India in Dambulla on the unpredictable Sri Lankan weather. [more]

SIlver medallist must fight overseas to progress
The teenage boxer Joseph Parker has claimed New Zealand's final medal at the Youth Olympics in Singapore, winning silver in the super heavyweight class overnight, and his coach says he... [more]

Football ferns captain signs with Chelsea
Another New Zealand footballer has signed with an overseas club. The NZ womens captain Hayley Moorwood has signed a one year professional deal with Chelsea to play in next year's... [more]

Canterbury coach admits Williams All Black window closing rapidly
The Canterbury assistant coach Tabai Matson concedes time is running out for Sonny Bill Williams to stake his claim for a place on the All Blacks end of year tour... [more]

Monty says wildcard selections are close
Europe's Ryder Cup golf captain Colin Montgomery says he knows the identity of the players he'd like to name for his wildcard picks for October's event against the United States... [more]

Semenya selected to compete in Delhi
Caster Semenya, the women's 800 metres world champion, has been named in South Africa's Commonwealth Games squad. Semenya has made just three competitive appearances since being cleared to race by... [more]

Pace of proposed justice reforms too fast - Law Society
The Law Society says the pace of proposed reforms to the justice system needs to be slowed down. [more]

Exporters want infrastructure to welcome bigger ships
A report commissioned by the Shippers' Council warns that New Zealand will seriously damage its trade performance if it fails to accommodate bigger ships. [more]

Pike River on track for hydro-mining start
Pike River Coal says it is on track to start hydro-mining in its West Coast mine from mid September. [more]

DHB says spending cuts will not affect services
South Canterbury District Health Board says there will be no reduction in services despite spending $1.4 million less during the next year. [more]

Council challenges Transport Agency on speed limits
Selwyn District Council says it is laying down a challenge to the Transport Agency by deciding to change the speed limits outside seven schools in its region. [more]

Fiji's Police Commissioner resigns
The Police Commissioner in Fiji has resigned. Commodore Esala Teleni says he believes he has made a significant contribution to the police force, however, it is now time for him... [more]

Black Caps head back to NZ as they prepare for world cup
The Blackcaps are heading back to New Zealand for a month of training following their elimination from the one day cricket tri-series against India and Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka,... [more]

Team NZ third after first day in Spain
Team New Zealand is in third place after the opening day of the latest MedCup regatta in Spain. Dean Barker's crew finished 4th and 2nd in the day's two races... [more]

Spurs into Champions League
The English football club Tottenham Hotspur have romped into the European Champions League following a 4-nil win over Swiss side Young Boys in the second leg of their qualifying match... [more]

Independents seek Treasury costing advice from Coalition
The three confirmed independent MPs following Australia's inconclusive general election have criticised Opposition leader Tony Abbott for failing to have the Coalition's policies costed by Treasury. [more]

Bulolo leaders in PNG blame inactive authorities for unrest
The leaders of the Papua New Guinea village of Bulolo are blaming the weekend's unrest on a lack of action by provincial administrators. The latest clash between local people and... [more]

Vanuatu obtains equipment to carry out AIDS tests
Vanuatu has obtained equipment to carry out AIDS tests. The country's HIV/AIDS coordinator, Marina Laklotal, says in the past blood samples had to be sent to New Caledonia and Australia. [more]

Party politics far from established in Solomons, says academic
An academic says the election of the new Solomon Islands Prime Minister is a sign that party politics is still far from established in the country. The comment from Dr... [more]

Samoa company hopes to export honey and nonu products to China
A Samoan company hopes to be able to export honey and nonu powder and juice to China after all its 120 bottles of honey were sold at the recent trade... [more]

Former French Polynesia President's costly Auckland hostel passes in at auction
The company managing the sale of an historic Auckland house bought by French Polynesia under the presidency of Oscar Temaru says it's been passed in at auction. Tim Lichtenstein of... [more]

American Samoan lawmaker saddened about Starkist exchange
An American Samoan lawmaker, Vaitoa Hans Langkilde, says he is saddened to hear the exchange of views between leaders concerning StarKist's plans to move a part of its operation to... [more]

Slight drop in enrolment for local body elections
Voter enrolment for the upcoming local body elections has dropped 0.5% on the previous election. [more]

Speed crackdown boosts fine revenue
A crackdown on speeding drivers during Queen's Birthday weekend netted an extra $247,470 in speed camera fines. [more]

Risks of flood irrigation highlighted to dairy farmers
Dairy farmers are being warned against using a border strip or flooding types of irrigation systems because of the risk to their health. [more]

Deer herds build as industry recovers
Deer farmers are starting to rebuild herd numbers as the industry stabilises after emerging from its worst downturn about five years ago. [more]

Kiwifruit industry rates own performance
The kiwifruit industry has given itself a mark out of ten of 7.4 for its global performance. [more]

Man who died in pharmacy struggle had criminal past
The man who died after a struggle with an Auckland pharmacist had several criminal convictions and had spent time in prison for killing a woman in a car crash. [more]

Top Cooks official Henry removed from NZ flight for terrorist remark
A source in the Cook Islands has confirmed that a former Prime Minister was removed from an Air New Zealand flight after saying he was a terrirost. Air New Zealand... [more]

NZ foreign minister meets Fiji counterpart in Suva
Reports from Fiji say the interim foreign minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, has held talks with the New Zealand foreign minister, Murray McCully, in Suva. The Fiji Sun says it was... [more]

Tahiti election reform talks in doubt
There are growing signs that next month's planned talks in Paris about electoral reforms in French Polynesia will fail. The opposition Union For Democracy has already said it won't attend... [more]

GPG to sell most NZ assets
Guinness Peat Group has made a half year profit and says it will sell all its New Zealand interests except for Turners and Growers, and Tower. [more]

Record profit for Nuplex
The resins and chemicals maker Nuplex Industries has made a record full year profit after cutting costs to cope with a decline in revenue. [more]

Finance arm helps Pyne Gould return to profit
Pyne Gould Corporation has returned to profit, largely due to an improved performance at its finance arm. [more]

Profit drops 75% for NZ Oil and Gas
Higher exploration costs have hit New Zealand Oil and Gas' bottom line. [more]

Fiji police commander Teleni quits
The Police Commissioner in Fiji has resigned. Commodore Esala Teleni says he believes he has made a significant contribution to the police force, however, it is now time for him... [more]

Samoa commission to probe Tui Atua row
A commission of inquiry has been established in Samoa to look into a dispute between the head of state and the village of Lufilufi where his title, Tui Atua, comes... [more]

Former Cook Islands PM in terror alert
Air New Zealand says a passenger on a flight to New Caledonia was removed after saying he was a terrorist. It's understood the man was the former Cook Islands Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Henry. [more]

Dual place names set to be approved for Canterbury
Canterbury Regional Council commissioners are expected to formalise a deal on Thursday to use dual Maori and English names for places in the council's territory. [more]

Large number of children going missing in PNG
The co-ordinator of a Papua New Guinea programme set up to address problems of family and sexual violence says large numbers of children are going missing every year. Ume Wainetti... [more]

CNMI Senate still opposed to Saipan casino
Some senators in the Northern Marians say they will oppose the Saipan casino bill that the House of Representatives passed or respect the passage of a Senate resolution in April... [more]

Hawaii commemorates American Samoan victims of US MIddle East wars
The mother of a fallen soldier in Iraq is grateful a memorial service is being held in Hawaii to remember Samoans who have died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars... [more]

Cooks cabinet considers November referendum on political reform
Cabinet ministers in the Cook Islands have this week been discussing the possibility of holding a national referendum on political reform during the November general elections. The Prime Minister Jim... [more]

Fiji dismisses rumours surrounding Teleni resignation
Fiji's interim government is denying that rumours surrounding the Police Commissioner have led to his resignation. Commodore Esala Teleni resigned yesterday saying it is now time for him to consider... [more]

Defence Force chief to head Government spy agency
New Zealand's Defence Force chief Lieutenant General Jerry Mateparae will retire by the end of the year to become the head of the Government's electronic spy agency. [more]

Radiographers begin strike over pay dispute
Up to 65 radiographers from one of New Zealand's busiest hospitals on Thursday began a four-day strike over pay. [more]

McCully meets with Fiji foreign minister
New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister says he has met with his Fiji counterpart as part of ongoing diplomatic talks. [more]

Screening hearings mooted to weed out parole no-hopers
The chair of the Parole Board has floated the idea of pre-screening those applying for parole to see if they stand a realistic chance of succeeding. [more]

Prison escapes at record low, says minister
The number of prisoners escaping from custody reached a record low of nine in the last financial year. [more]

Minister voices concern about police appointment
The Police Minister says she is concerned the Police Commissioner was not made aware of the appointment to a top job of a previously disciplined officer. [more]

Police brutality claim probed in American Samoa
The Federal Bureau of Investigations in American Samoa is investigating claims of police brutality by Siaumau Siaumau Jr., who has been charged with the murder of Police Lt. Liusila Brown. [more]

Vanuatu MPs to observe Euroepan parliament
Vanuatu's Brussels-based Ambassador to the European Union, Roy Micky Joy, has made it possible for members of parliament from Vanuatu to go to Brussels to study how the European parliament... [more]

McPhee murder accused named
Name suppression has been lifted for the man accused of killing a Wellington woman in her home. [more]

Barnados to close Bay of Plenty offices
Family support and counselling service Barnados is pulling out of Bay of Plenty because its work there is no longer sustainable. [more]

Warning that PNG's HIV orphans at risk of abduction
A Papua New Guinea programme set up to address problems of family and sexual violence is warning that children in rural orphanages could become targets for child-traffickers. Ume Wainetti of... [more]

Medals thief jailed, ordered to repay reward money
A judge has told a career criminal he made a gross miscalculation in stealing medals from the National War Museum. [more]

Four-year-old's body found in Gisborne river
The body of a four-year-old boy who went missing in Gisborne just over a week ago has been found. [more]

Sonny Bill Williams told off for going skiing
The Rugby league convert Sonny Bill Williams has been reprimanded by Canterbury rugby for skiing while injured. Williams joined Canterbury after signing with the New Zealand Rugby Union earlier this... [more]

Joseph says the ball is in Thomson's court
It appears the new Highlanders coach Jamie Joseph won't be pandering to any of his players as he tries to finalise a squad for next year's Super 15. Just two... [more]

Ticket woes add to Commonwealth Games problems
There have been further problems for Commonwealth Games organisers, with hundreds of people queuing for tickets in New Delhi being turned away from outlets because the tickets hadn't arrived. Games... [more]

Canterbury make 6 changes for Auckland match
The Canterbury rugby coach Rob Penney has made 6 changes to his side following their upset loss to Tasman for Saturday night's NPC match against Auckland in Christchurch. Halfback Andy... [more]

Two All Blacks back for Auckland
All Blacks Benson Stanley and John Afoa have been named in the Auckland starting lineup for their NPC match against Canterbury in Christchurch on Saturday night. They're among five changes... [more]

Newcastle, Everton, Fulham have League Cup wins
English Premier League football sides Newcastle, Everton and Fulham strolled into the League Cup third round with convincing wins over lower league opponents. Newcastle, fresh from their 6-0 demolition of... [more]

Colin Slade signs with Highlanders for 2011
The Highlanders rugby coach Jamie Joseph says it was important for the franchise to secure a player like Canterbury first five-eighth Colin Slade for next season competition. After two seasons... [more]

ACT MPs put differences behind them
ACT MPs Rodney Hide and Heather Roy have declared their differences are now behind them and are vowing to work together. [more]

Coroner criticises police handling of search for man
A coroner has criticised flaws in the the way police handled the case of a man with alcohol problems who went missing from Wellington Hospital in 2008. [more]

Correspondence shows opposition to national standards
The Labour Party has released correspondence from school boards of trustees to the Education Minister which show nearly all fault or oppose national standards. [more]

Lawyer links wealth and power to court sentences
A prominent defence lawyer says wealthy and powerful criminals who can afford reparations have a head start on more disadvantaged offenders when it comes to sentencing. [more]

Plans unveiled for Rugby World Cup fan zones
Auckland's major fan zones for the 2011 Rugby World Cup have been revealed. [more]

Excise tax 'punishing' wine producers
An industry leader says excise tax on wine is punishing producers, rather than affecting the retail price. [more]

French Polynesia leaders commit to Paris talks
Leaders of French Polynesia's pro-autonomy parties say they have decided to accept a French invitation to go to Paris next month to discuss planned electoral reforms for French Polynesia. This... [more]

Australia supports basic finance initiative in Pacific
Australia is providing 8.6 million US dollars towards an initiative that aims to improve access to basic financial services in the Pacific Islands region. The International Finance Corporation, which is... [more]

Fiji talks important to remain engaged, says NZ foreign minister
New Zealand's Foreign Minister Murray McCully says his latest discussions with his Fiji counterpart are an important part of New Zealand staying engaged with Fiji's interim regime. New Zealand is... [more]

Newly elected Solomons MP Laore dies
A newly elected Solomon Islands MP, Steve Laore, passed away suddenly this morning. Mr Laore was rushed to the National Referral hospital in Honiara but on arrival he was pronounced... [more]

Signs of recovery in air travel industry
The air travel industry appears to be on the mend, with two of the sector's biggest players saying demand is picking up following a turbulent year. [more]

NZ market higher at close
New Zealand's benchmark NZX 50 index rose 12 points, or 0.4%, to 3018 by the close of trade on Thursday. [more]

Council to use Maori and English place names
Ngai Tahu says a move by the Canterbury Regional Council to use Maori and English place names will help normalise Te Reo Maori. [more]

34 immigration staff under investigation
The Department of Labour has confirmed 34 immigration staff are being investigated for allegations ranging from corruption to the misuse of property and systems. [more]

PPTA staying quiet on strike action
The union for secondary school teachers is giving little away on whether strike action is likely over stalled pay talks. [more]

Bill processing blamed for electricity market disruption
The company accused of bringing turmoil to the electricity market with a late payment last week insists it was not at fault. [more]

Faster detour between Opotiki-Te Kaha set to open
The Transport Agency is confident of opening a detour on an old forestry road between Opotiki and Te Kaha by the end of this weekend. [more]

Swine-flu related death toll now 15
The number of deaths in New Zealand this year linked to swine flu has climbed to 15. [more]