Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 2nd September 2010

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Best Song Ever Written - Light My Fire
Elwyn Hunt from Inglewood in Taranaki has chosen 'Light My Fire' by Jose Feliciano. [more]

Your Place - Taumarunui
Taumarunui is a service town and shopping centre in the middle of the North Island. In fact it's the largest town in the Ruapehu District, a lively community of just under 5,000 located at the confluence of the Whanganui and Ongarue Rivers. This year it celebrates its centenary, but it was an important centre for Maori long before European settlement. [more]

Peter Snell Anniversary
It's the 50th anniversary of New Zealand's golden hour at the Olympics on September 2, 1960 in Rome. Peter Snell powering through to win the 800 metres gold, and then about half an hour later, his Owairaka clubmate, Murray Halberg stunned a great field to win the 5,000 metres gold. [more]

He Rourou for 2 September 2010
Ngapuhi elder, the late Sir James Henare was a staunch advocate of the Treaty of Waitangi, saying it provide Maori with direction and guidance for the future. In an interview recorded in the late 1990s, where Sir James talks about the significance of the Treaty of Waitangi. [more]

Arts Report
On this week's arts report Julie Hill visits the Auckland writing centre - the Creative Hub. [more]

Southern Story for 2 September 2010 - Ian Becker
QSM recipient Ian Becker is a busy man. He volunteers for Vietnam Veterans, is the president of the Awarua RSA, a past Rotary president and runs a successful recycling business. It's a recycling business with a difference - most of the staff have intellectual disabilities. [more]

Our Changing World - Lifestyle Foods
We're always told cakes and biscuits are bad for us - but what if they were made of improved healthy carbohydrates instead? Plant and Food Research's Arran Wilson and Kevin Sutton talk with Alison Ballance about chewing, digestion and their work to develop an improved snack bar. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 2 September 2010
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on today's Panel. [more]

The Panel with Chris Trotter and Tino Pereira (Part 1)
Topics - An overhaul of the country's child support system proposed today by the government will take into account the income of both parents and letters are going out to investors in the collapsed South Canterbury Finance company outlining exactly who will get what from the government's Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme. [more]

The Panel with Chris Trotter and Tino Pereira (Part 2)
Topics - removing the 'gay' word from a childrens song, former British PM, Tony Blair's in the headlines in UK papers again this week after the release of his memoir"A Journey", which dredges up all the old controversies and fans are now demanding that Ben Collins be sacked after he was unmasked as UK Top Gear's The Stig. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 2 September 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 2 September 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 2 September 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 2 September 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 2 September 2010
An economist says an unexpectedly strong rebound in dairy prices, signals that demand is improving, but supplies remain tight because of the drought in Russia. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Thursday 2 September 2010
Expect long delays at Auckland emergency departments as radiographers strike. The Government calls for major changes to child support and the Government is proposing a 10 per cent cut to SuperGold card scheme which gives pensioners free off peak bus train and ferry rides. [more]

Strikes mean Aucklanders face long delays at hospitals
Aucklanders are being warned they face very long delays at hospital emergency departments this weekend as striking radiographers once again escalate their action. [more]

Government wants major changes to child support system
The Government wants major changes to the child support system, including making compulsory deductions from parent's wages. [more]

Government proposes cuts to transport subsidies for elderly
The Government is proposing a 10 per cent cut to SuperGold card scheme which gives pensioners free off peak bus train and ferry rides. [more]

IMF assesses NZ govt finances among strongest
The International Monetary Fund has assessed the New Zealand government finances as amongst the strongest in the world. [more]

Labour opposes New Chums beach subdivision
The leader of the Labour Party, Phil Goff, has added his weight to opposition to a housing development behind a pristine Coromandel beach rated one of the world's best. [more]

Evening Sports News for 2 September 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Police shoot hostage-taker dead in the US
Police in the US have shot and killed a gunman who took three people hostage at the Discovery Channel headquarters near Washington. [more]

Drink driver gets four years for killing a woman
A recidivist drink driver has been sentenced to four years in jail for killing a woman in a head on crash while drunk and disqualified. [more]

Conference hears recommendation for NZ republic
A conference has been told not to wait for the Queen to die, but to start now on the road to becoming a republic. [more]

Waatea News for 2 September 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Peace talks get underway in Washington
A new round of direct Mid-East peace talks is underway in Washington. [more]

Whale to be euthanised with explosives
Australian authorities will use explosives to euthanise a 12-tonne whale stranded on Western Australia's south coast tonight. [more]

Radiographers' strike throws spanner in works for gym event
Aucklanders are being warned they face very long delays at hospital emergency departments this weekend as striking radiographers once again escalate their action. [more]

Fathers say child support system is destroying families
Some fathers who pay child support say the current system is failing them and doing more to destroy families than help them. [more]

Autobiography reveals Blair-Brown relationship breakdown
The British media have been making much of what Tony Blair has revealed about his relationship with Gordon Brown in his memoir, 'A Journey'. [more]

Judicial Commissioner's lawyer defends his hearing
A lawyer for the Judicial Conduct Commissioner has today defended his handling of complaints made against the Supreme Court Judge, Justice Bill Wilson. [more]

Evening Sports News for 2 September 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Act Party challenged by Maori at Whangarei meeting
The Act Party's had a grilling over its views on foreshore and seabed ownership this week by Northland people - pakeha and Maori. [more]

Ancient reef found in South Pacific
A team of New Zealand and Australian researchers have discovered a large ancient reef in the Pacific much further south than previously thought existed. [more]

Waatea News for 2 September 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Financial pressure to increase on home health services
A conference about home help for the elderly and disabled is grappling with how to offer services as funding remains static and demand for help increases. [more]

Tourism operators to increase cycling holiday and farm tours
The potential for cycling holidays and tourism on working farms were among the topics discussed today as operators from the nature-based tourism industry gathered in Rotorua. [more]

A look ahead to tonight's netball test in Wellington
The Silver Ferns will be hoping to put their final quarter meltdown in Adelaide well behind them when they take on Australia in the second netball test in Wellington tonight. [more]


Mediawatch Extra for September 2010
The online-only edition of Mediawatch, which takes in queries and comment from the listeners. This month: the contentious and closely contested media coverage of Middle East conflict; more fallout from 'The Unfortunate Experiment'; reaction to one rugby writer's rant about 'Rip-Off NZ'; slack selection of stock pics in papers; revealing tweets from professional journalists - and trivial ones. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 2 September 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 2 September 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Thursday 2 September 2010
Government embarks on major overhaul of child support system, Supporters say Allan Hubbard is now broke, Investors cry foul over government bail-out of SCF, Banking Ombudsman gets new powers to solve disputes, Australian economy smashes economic growth forecasts, US hands over control of Iraqi security, Tony Blair's memoirs spark fears of ongoing divisions between Brownites and Blairites. [more]

Pacific News for 2 September 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 2 September 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Overhaul of child support will tackle billion-dollar debt
The Revenue Minister says he intends to make the child support system fairer for parents, as well as tackling New Zealand's two-billion-dollar child support debt. [more]

New Zealand cutting back on entry of skilled workers
Several trades and professions have been culled from the list of approved occupations including the building and horse racing industries. [more]

Government embarks on major overhaul of child support system
The government is to overhaul the child support system. [more]

Supporters say Allan Hubbard is now broke
Supporters of Timaru businessman, Allan Hubbard, say the eighty-two-year-old is now broke and has been left with nothing. [more]

Investors cry foul over government bail-out of SCF
An group which represents disgruntled small investors is criticising the government for its bail-out of South Canterbury Finance, saying it's leaving other investors in in the lurch. [more]

Banking Ombudsman gets new powers to solve disputes
The Banking Ombudsman is getting new teeth to solve disagreements between customers and financial institutions. [more]

Australian economy smashes economic growth forecasts
Now a story which will put pay to any suggestion of New Zealand closing the income gap with Australia. [more]

US hands over control of Iraqi security
In Ramadi in Iraq, the end of the United States combat mission has been marked with a ceremony attended by US vice-president Joe Biden and Defence Secretary Robert Gates. [more]

Tony Blair's memoirs spark fears of ongoing divisions
In the UK the publishing of Tony Blair's much hyped memoirs has sparked fears ongoing divisions between Labour Party grandees could trigger a civil war within the party. [more]

Sports News for 2 September 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Womens rugby trounce France
The New Zealand women's rugby team is into the World Cup final after beating France 45-7 in their semi-final in London. [more]

Fonterra's latest online auction
Dairy prices have rebounded, after four months of falls. [more]

Finalists for New Zealand music awards announced
Veteran rockers and young pop singers donned their most stylish threads last night to come out and celebrate the best in the industry. [more]

Union of Fathers wants more detail on child support changes
The Government is hoping a planned review of the child support system will not only be fairer, but will also help reduce a massive debt owed by liable parents. [more]

Man holds hostages at Dicovery channel in Washington
A man carrying a gun is holding a number of hostages inside the Discovery television Channel headquarters building in Washington. [more]

Australia's leadership race is neck-and-neck
Australia's major political parties are now neck-and-neck in the race to secure enough seats to take control of the country. [more]

SCF investors expected to choose traditional investment options
Analysts say South Canterbury Finance investors are very unlikely to put their bailout money back into finance companies. [more]

Te Reo revitalisation should be run by Maori
Maori educators say government-backed programmes to revitalise Te Reo will only succeed if they're run by Maori. [more]

Intense training gives Silver Ferns lift for Australia game
The Australian netball team will go into tonight's second test with the advantage of having taken first blood in the three-game series. [more]

Sports News for 2 September 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Betting agencies will be keeping cricket under spotlight
The Pakistani cricket team will be under scrutiny not only from fans and officials but also betting agencies when it comes to New Zealand this summer. [more]

High Court hearing over alleged Judicial misconduct continues
Allegations of bias against a Supreme Court judge will continue to play out in the High Court today. [more]

Waatea News for 2 September 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Stalemate in hotel negotiations sees 99 jobs go
The receiver of one of Auckland's swankiest hotels, says belligerence by room owners has cost almost 100 staff their jobs. [more]

The Stig loses his mystique
The BBC's hugley popular Top Gear motoring programme has lost its bid to keep the most closely guarded secret in British television. [more]


Caring in Crisis - Mary Lou Carter
Disability rights advocate, Mary Lou talks about the challenges of supporting family members with disabilities in Australia. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Energy with Ralph Sims
Crude oil blues? How far through our finite fossil fuel source are we? [more]

Clue 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Shake up of child support rules
With Lisa Bridson - Mother owed tens of thousands in child support from her child's father, Mark Henaghan - Otago University law faculty and Jim Bagnall - Coalition of fathers. [more]

Pakistan relief effort
Save the Children's International CEO Jasmine Whitbread on how the relief effort's going in Pakistan, and trying to counter donor fatigue. [more]

UK correspondent - Kate Adie
Tony Blair has his book released today and the fallout from the cricket game fixing scandal. [more]

Feature Guest - Colin Currie
Scottish Percussionist Colin Currie is known for his energetic performances of works by today's leading composers, and has appeared with many of the world's key orchestras. [more]

Book Review - Common Table
An Uncommon Tale of Friendship and Food, written by Janice Marriott and Virgina Pawsey. Reviewed by Rae McGregor and published by HarperCollins. [more]

New technology - Nigel Horrocks
Website investigates company that posted phony reviews and new Apple announcements. [more]

Ronni Khan
Founder of Ozharvest, a nonprofit food distribution system that picks up good perishable food from events, supermarkets and corporate functions and delivers it to those in need. [more]

TV Review with Simon Wilson
Today Simon reviews Spartacus. [more]

Our Changing World

Ultraviolet Dosimeters
University of Otago and NIWA scientists are measuring people's UV exposure with dosimeters to compare with vitamin D levels [more]

The Acid Test - a Feature on Ocean Acidification
Increasing carbon dioxide is making the world's oceans more acidic; what does this mean for marine life? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 2 September 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 2 September 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Alexander Shelley
British conductor working with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra's 'Soundscapes' tour. [more]

Matthew Leese
US-based NZ conductor and baritone guest conducting the Tudor Consort's 'Ein Deutches Requiem' concert. [more]

News stories:

Hutt council cleared of playing favourites
The Auditor-General has found that the Hutt City Council is dealing appropriately with debts owed by commercial ratepayers. [more]

Owner 'belligerence' has cost hotel staff their jobs
The receiver of one of Auckland's top hotels says belligerence by owners of the complex's rooms has cost 99 staff their jobs. [more]

Minister urges farmers to sign river clean-up accord
Environment Minister Nick Smith is urging Federated Farmers to jettison its so-called People's Accord and sign the Leaders Accord aimed at cleaning up the Manawatu River. [more]

List of approved immigrant skills culled
The immigration service has culled several professions from the list of approved occupations for skilled workers coming into the country. Many are in the building and horse-racing industries. [more]

Big increase in calls to Plunket Line
Calls to Plunket Line have increased almost 40% since government funding enabled the telephone service to expand to 24 hours a day. [more]

Brown, Banks both promise free pool entry
The two leading candidates for the new Auckland super city mayoralty are trying to attract Pacific Island voters by promising free entry to public swimming pools in South Auckland. [more]

Crafars say Rabobank won't accept their money
The Crafar family says it has the money to take its farming business out of receivership but the bank won't accept it. [more]

Tall Blacks beat Canada
The New Zealand men's basketball team has beaten Canada 71-61 to move into the second round at the World Championships in Turkey. It follows yesterday's victory over Lebanon. New Zealand's... [more]

Aitken not happy with a new umpire
The Silver Ferns coach Ruth Aitken is less than impressed that they'll have a new umpire in tonight's second netball test against Australia in Wellington. Ferns captain Casey Williams was... [more]

Pietersen faces official investigation after axing
The England cricketer Kevin Pietersen faces an official investigation after his angry reaction yesterday to being axed for the limited overs series against Pakistan. Pietersen jumped the gun on the... [more]

FFA confirms diving bans stand
Football Federation Australia have confirmed last weekend's first suspensions for "diving" in the A-league will stand, reaffirming it's strong stance that simulating an offence has no place in the game. [more]

Vuvuzelas banned from Uefa matches
Vuvuzelas have been banned from all Uefa-sanctioned football matches such as Euro 2012 qualifiers and Champions League games. The horns were popular at the World Cup in South Africa but... [more]

3 changes to Wallabies lineup
The Wallabies coach Robbie Deans has beefed up his pack in an effort to match the physicality of South Africa's set-piece in this weekend's Tri-Nations test in Bloemfontein. In three... [more]

Boks coach talks his way into more trouble
Peter de Villiers' mouth has got him into more trouble with his bosses. The Springboks coach faces another disciplinary hearing before the South African Rugby Union after expressing his "100... [more]

Australia to appeal against ruling on NZ apples
The World Trade Organisation has confirmed that Australia is appealing against the decision that its restriction on the importation of apples from New Zealand breaks international trade rules. [more]

Maori elder dismisses 'absurd' foreshore fears
A Hokianga Maori elder says Pakeha have nothing to fear from the Government's new foreshore and seabed legislation. [more]

Commodity prices fall for third month in row
Commodity prices fell for the third month in a row in August, led by falling prices for dairy, apples, logs, timber, skins and and lamb. [more]

Venture capital fund aimed at plugging gap
New venture capital funds that invest in young innovative companies are expected to plug a gap in the funding market. [more]

More money for alternative education sector
The Government says it will increase spending on alternative education for the first time in a decade. [more]

Nelson water rates dispute goes to arbitration
Tasman District's mayor says he's happy for a water rates conflict to be resolved by an arbitrator. [more]

$28m new look for Onehunga foreshore
The Auckland City Council and the Transport Agency is to spend $28 million redeveloping the Onehunga foreshore. [more]

Banking Ombudsman Scheme to cover finance firms
The Banking Ombudsman Scheme is being expanded so it can deal with disputes involving non-bank businesses that also take deposits. [more]

Gin Wigmore, Dane Rumble head music awards list
Gin Wigmore and Dane Rumble head the list of finalists for this year's New Zealand Music Awards, with each being nominated in six categories. [more]

Insulation scheme 'giving work to young Maori'
Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei says the home insulation scheme pushed by the Greens is proving a great employer of young Maori. [more]

Australian growth up 1.2% in June quarter
Australia's economy has surprised economists, expanding a better than expected 3.3% in the year to June. [more]

Air NZ, Fonterra voted 'most respected'
The country's business leaders have voted Air New Zealand and Fonterra as the most respected companies. [more]

Black Ferns cruise into World Cup rugby final
The New Zealand women's rugby team is into the World Cup final after beating France 45-7 in their semi-final in London. [more]

Gillard defends climate change policy shift
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard says her party's deal with the Greens won't necessarily spell the end of Labor's policy for a citizens' assembly on climate change. [more]

TAB relaxed about bets on Pakistan cricket tour
The TAB is still planning to take bets on matches when the Pakistan cricket team tours New Zealand this summer. [more]

Role of farmlets in research praised
A Dairy NZ scientist says small-scale farms play an important role in dairy research, and bigger farmers can learn a lot from them. [more]

Black Sticks beaten again at World Cup
The New Zealand women's hockey team has been beaten 7-3 by the Netherlands in their second match at the World Cup in Argentina. The Black Sticks scored first after just... [more]

Black Ferns into World Cup final
The New Zealand women's rugby team will play England in the final of the World Cup in London. The Black Ferns scored 7 tries to 1 in their 45-7 victory... [more]

Malaysian to become youngest F1 test driver
The Malaysian Nabil Jeffri has become Formula One's youngest test driver at the age of 16, after being driven to the track by his proud father. Jaffri, still too young... [more]

Azarenka collapses at US Open
Victoria Azarenka collapsed on court and was taken away in a wheelchair in the searing heat at the U.S. tennis Open during the first set of her match against Argentina's... [more]

NZ Laser yachties going well at World Champs
New Zealand yachties fill 4 of the top 8 places after 3 days of the Laser World Championships in Britain. Josh Junior is in second, Mike Bullot fourth, Andy Maloney... [more]

Berdych beaten in New York
The Czech tennis player Tomas Berdych has become the first big casualty of the U.S. Open after being outclassed 7-6 6-4 6-4 by France's Michael Llodra. Llodra, a doubles specialist,... [more]

Flawed approach to land seen in SCF collapse
The chair of a South Island Maori incorporation says the type of lending that contributed to the collapse of South Canterbury Finance is symptomatic of a flawed approach to land. [more]

Accountants create trans-Tasman alliance
The Institute of Chartered Accountants has created an alliance with its Australian counterpart, in a project aimed at aligning standards and training. [more]

Te reo revitalisation 'needs Maori leadership'
A Maori teachers training organisation say government-backed programmes to revitalise te reo will succeed only if run by Maori. [more]

Drug seizures pushing up price of 'P'
New research shows the street price of methamphetamine has risen sharply - driven up by the large seizures being made of the lethal drug by police and Customs officers. [more]

Transport Agency stands by closure of Auckland road
The Transport Agency is standing by its decision to close part of State Highway 1 in Auckland this weekend, saying it hopes disruption will be kept to a manageable level. [more]

Hotel relocated after slowest pub crawl ever seen
Auckland's historic Birdcage Hotel has finished what some people are calling the slowest pub crawl they've ever seen. [more]

Guarantee scheme adequate - Chris Lee
A stockbroker says the amount of money set aside by the Government to repay investors under its Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme should be enough, even if more finance companies go under. [more]

Transpower sees 'Smart Grid' as a money-saver
Transpower says new technology limiting electricity demand in the upper North Island will allow it to defer building new infrastructure. [more]

Northland highway open again after cream spill
A truck spilt cream along State Highway 1 in Northland on Thursday morning, and a northbound stretch of the road was temporarily closed. [more]

Police find nothing criminal in Google data-gathering
Police say there is no evidence to suggest that the internet giant Google did anything criminal when it collected information from wireless home networks. [more]

Collusion among freight forwarding firms alleged
A number of international freight forwarding companies have had proceedings filed against them at the High Court in Auckland, after accusations of price-fixing. [more]

Masterton survey throws light on social services
A Families Commission report into social services in Masterton has found a strong preference for community-led programmes, which are rated highly by most people who use them. [more]

Curfew-breaker gets stuck in school building
Hamilton police say a woman on home detention who said she was trying to get home ahead of her curfew became trapped in a school. [more]

Critical wind shift caused small plane to crash
A Transport Accident Investigation Commission report has found that a wind shift at a critical time caused a small plane carrying five passengers to crash on takeoff. [more]

Suspension of striking lab workers defended
The head of Canterbury Health Laboratories is defending the suspension of some striking lab workers for five days. [more]

Torchlight Fund's SCF loan repaid
Pyne Gould Corporation has confirmed that a $100 million loan provided to South Canterbury Finance by George Kerr's Torchlight Fund has been repaid. [more]

Farming Systems coy about third-party talks
New Zealand Farming Systems Uruguay says discussions with a mystery third party willing to inject fresh capital into the company are ongoing, and more should be known early next week. [more]

Dairy prices rise sharply again
Dairy prices have rebounded after four months of falls. At Fonterra's latest auction they jumped an average of 17%. [more]

Wool Group appoints independent chairman
The new Wool Group set up by the Agriculture Minister to develop a strategic direction for the industry has named Colin Harvey as its independent chairman. [more]

Profit challenge focuses minds of citrus growers
As citrus growers gather in Gisborne on Thursday for their annual conference, chairman Rick Curtis says the biggest issue facing most growers is a lack of profitability. [more]

130 keen to provide Whanau Ora programmes
The minister for the new social services policy, Whanau Ora, says 130 proposals have been submitted by providers who want to take part in the programme. [more]

Missing man was seen in suburban supermarket
Police are focusing their search for a missing Wellington man on a sighting of him at a local supermarket the day before he went missing. [more]

Farm couple awarded compensation for legal battle
A Canterbury couple have won a legal battle against the company behind a multi-million-dollar irrigation scheme, and will get $46,000 compensation for the costs they incurred. [more]

Last day for submissions on Food Bill
Submissions on the Food Bill, which had its first reading in Parliament in late July, close on Thursday with the Primary Production Select Committee. [more]

Satellite data ready soon for pasture management
Dairy farmers could be using satellite technology within the next five years to estimate pasture production. [more]

Samoa Red Cross members to face court hearing for breach of injunction
Several senior members of the Samoa Red Cross have been named as defendants in a civil suit to be heard later this month They are due in court for disobeying... [more]

Driver charged over unrestrained children in car
Bay of Plenty police have charged the driver of a crashed car for failing to ensure five children in the vehicle were correctly restrained. [more]

Motueka lease issues still unresolved, says trust
The chair of the Ngati Rarua-Atiawa Trust, Paul Morgan, says there's still a lot of work needed before all issues over its land at Motueka are resolved. [more]

Former Lehman head says bank was denied help
The former head of Lehman Brothers has blamed regulators for the collapse of the Wall Street investment bank. [more]

Supporters of American Samoa plastic bag ban celebrate it becoming law
Supporters of the bill to ban the distribution of plastic shopping bags in American Samoa are celebrating now it has become law. Governor Togiola Tulafono has signed into law the... [more]

Guam told to see military buildup as an opportunity, not solution to region's ills
Guam's Chamber of Commerce board chair, David John, says the military buildup should be seen as an opportunity and not a free lunch or the solution to all the problems... [more]

Major commitment by PNG government to fix Lae city roads
The Papua New Guinea Government's announced immediate funding of 18 and a half million US dollars for the rehabilitation of the roads in the second biggest city, Lae. Our correspondent... [more]

Black box retrieved from Papua New Guinea air crash site
Papua New Guinea accident investigators have retrieved the black box of a Trans Air charter flight that crashed on a remote island, killing three Australians and a New Zealander. The... [more]

New Zealand Opposition says Foreign Minister McCully on ideolgical crusade over aid spending
New Zealand's opposition foreign affairs spokesman Phil Twyford says the country's Foreign Affairs Minister is on an ideological crusade as he slashes aid to Pacific NGOs. Murray McCully has said... [more]

Hubbard lost control of lending, says old friend
A long-time friend of Timaru businessman Allan Hubbard says he tried to sound the alarm over reckless lending at South Canterbury Finance - the company placed in receivership on Tuesday. [more]

American Samoa considering much bigger Budget for coming year
The American Samoa Government's Budget for the coming year is 466 million US dollars, 39 percent higher than the current year's allocation. The budget document was received by the Fono... [more]

American Samoa businessman says ignore costs of plastic bag ban
The former president of American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce says businesses will just have to bear the cost of complying with a new law doing away with plastic shopping bags... [more]

Anger that UN conference in Melbourne ignored maternal health issues
The head of Family Planning in New Zealand says she fears women in the Pacific have been failed by a United Nations conference on Global Health this week. Returning from... [more]

Tonga's new electoral roll due out next week
Voter registration for Tonga's November the 25th election has now closed and the final roll is due to be printed next Thursday. The election will see Tongans vote for a... [more]

New Zealand delegation briefed on Kiribati's plans to develop Christmas Island
The New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully has been briefed by Kiribati officials on Christmas Island about development plans for the country's biggest island. Mr McCully's visit follows a meeting... [more]

NGO chair makes stinging attack on NZ Foreign Minister
The Chairman of one of the Pacific's largest aid organisations has attacked New Zealand's Foreign Minister as paternalistic and Stalinist in his approach to aid cuts to NGOs working in... [more]

Wrangle over nomination in Cook Islands seat held by Sir Terepai Maoate ongoing
In the Cook Islands, problems continue to plague the ruling Democratic Party with two factions in the Ngatangiia constituency on Rarotonga unable to reach a compromise over who should represent... [more]

Three dead in Fiji truck crash
An alcohol fuelled crash in Fiji has killed three members of an extended family, left another passenger in intensive care and three more nursing injuries. A late night joyride in... [more]

Changes to disabled homecare funding considered
The Ministry of Health is considering changes to the way it funds the homecare of disabled people. [more]

Major overhaul of child support system proposed
The Government is embarking on what could be a major overhaul of the child support system. It hopes to make it fairer while helping to reduce the huge debt - currently $2 billion - owed by liable parents. [more]

Govt proposes cuts to transport subsidies for elderly
The Government is proposing to cut subsidies to transport operators by 10% to make the SuperGold card scheme cheaper. [more]

Petulant Roddick ousted in New York
Former champion Andy Roddick has made an early exit from the U.S. Tennis Open eliminated in the second round by the unseeded Serb Janko Tipsarevic 3-6 7-5 6-3 7-6. Roddick,... [more]

Warne calls for life bans
The former Australia cricket star Shane Warne wants the game's world governing body to flex its muscles" by issuing life bans for Pakistan players found guilty of involvement in betting... [more]

Football New Zealand signs multi-million dollar deal
After being almost bankrupt a few years ago New Zealand Football has announced a multi-millon dollar agreement with ASB to help fund development of the game at all levels. The... [more]

NZOC head calls for closer look at youth games
New Zealand's International Olympic Commitee member and NZOC Secretary General Barry Maister says New Zealand sports need to take a closer look at the rise of youth games. New Zealand's... [more]

Lions down a Gear for Turbos match
The Commonwealth Games Sevens squad member and former All Black wing Hosea Gear has been ruled out of the Wellington team to play Manawatu in Palmerston North on Saturday. Gear... [more]

Murray finally gets through to second round in New York
Britain's Andy Murray made a belated start to his U.S. Open with a straight-sets victory over Lukas Lacko and says the cramped schedule will not hamper his chances of a... [more]

Boks coach on shaky ground
There's growing speculation in South Africa that Springboks coach Peter de Villiers could be sacked as early as Sunday. Reports there say the outspoken de Villiers is in trouble after... [more]

Richard Kahui back for Waikato
The All Black back Richard Kahui will return to rugby action this weekend after being named on the Waikato reserve bench for their provincial match against North Harbour in Albany... [more]

3 Pakistani cricketers free to play England at this stage
The chairman of Pakistan's Cricket Board says the 3 players facing corruption allegations will be free to play in this weekend's Twenty20 international against England if they haven't been charged... [more]

Clean Up Day to prepare Samoa for Teuila Festival
Government workers and private businesses will work together to clean up Samoa's capital on Saturday in preparation for the annual Teuila Festival. The Samoa Tourism Authority and the National Beautification... [more]

United States missile range in Marshall Islands cuts 79 jobs
The American missile testing base on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands announced job layoffs this week but the numbers were much less than expected. The United States Army's plans... [more]

Judicial Conduct Commissioner's role explained to court
The role of the Judicial Conduct Commissioner is to make preliminary inquiries when a complaint is made against a judge, the High Court in Wellington has been told. [more]

Independent MP Wilkie backs Labor
Australian independent MP Andrew Wilkie has announced he will back a Labor minority government. [more]

Woman charged over drugs haul denied bail
Bail has been denied for a Wellington woman charged with the possession of methamphetamine with an estimated street value of $400,000. [more]

Twenty pregnant women each month HIV positive in PNG clinic
Up to twenty pregnant women each month are testing positive for HIV at the antenatal clinic in Papua New Guinea's Port Moresby General Hospital. The hospital's maternity nurse co-ordinator, Jennifer... [more]

PNG air crash survivor could be out of hospital in days
The family of the sole survivor of a plane crash in Papua New Guinea, Kelby Cheyne, say he could be released from hospital within days. The 25-year-old co-pilot of the... [more]

Kiribati's Christmas Island resettlement plans contingent on water
Plans by the Kiribati government to move residents from overcrowded Tarawa to Christmas Island depend on securing water supplies. The New Zealand Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, who's visiting the country's... [more]

Another toxic slug found on Auckland beach
The Auckland Regional Council is warning people with children and pets to watch out for toxic sea slugs after another one was found on the shores of Manukau Harbour. [more]

Family calls for tougher laws on repeat drink-drivers
The brother of a woman killed by a recidivist drink-driver is pleading for the law to be made tougher for such crimes. [more]

Cullen says NZ becoming a republic inevitable
A former deputy prime minister says it is inevitable that New Zealand will become a republic. [more]

NZ rated well placed to handle economic crisis
The International Monetary Fund has assessed the New Zealand Government finances as amongst the strongest in the world, saying it well placed to deal with an economic crisis. [more]

Security van robbed in West Auckland
Police are searching for two or three armed men who confronted Armourguard security staff at a bank in West Auckland. [more]

Overwhelming opposition to Coromandel beach plan
More than 1000 submissions have been received on a proposed housing development at a secluded Coromandel beach. [more]

Auckland radiographers set to begin strike
Auckland radiographers are set to strike for three days from Friday after last-minute talks with their district health board employers failed. [more]