Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 23rd September 2010

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Best Song Ever Written - Imagine
Rhys Morris from Lower Hutt has chosen 'Imagine' by John Lennon. [more]

Your Place - Plimmerton
It happens to be along St Andrews Road, a section of State Highway 1. North of Paramata and south of Pukerua Bay, and only a short distance from Wellington. A town of 2058 residents - a place with a fascinating history and a strong community spirit. Welcome to Plimmerton - right by the beach. As Denis Glover mentioned in his poem Threnody:"In Plimmerton, in Plimmerton, the little penguins play...". [more]

Fashion week
New Zealand Fashion week has grown in size and stature since it started 10 years ago. New Zealand Fashion week has moved out of the Town Hall and down to the Viaduct Marine Harbour Village. [more]

Spring Cleaning
Spring is here. It's the time of year to start thinking about having a good old fashioned spring clean. It may be time to take stock of what you need and what you need to throw away. [more]

He Rourou for 23 September 2010
Their names are unfamiliar to many, yet Meri Manga-Kahia, Areta Mahu-Puku, Akene Tomoana and Sophia Herangi were some of the women of New Zealand's Suffrage movement. Ana Tapiata talks with Tania Simpson from the Ministry of Womens Affairs about the reasons these women wanted to vote and to stand for Parliament. [more]

Arts Report for 23 September 2010 - Fashion Week
Sonia Yee takes a look at New Zealand Fashion Week underway in Auckland, where there are more emerging designers than ever before. [more]

Our Changing World - Music of the Stars
They sing, they swing and they rock'n'roll - many stars, including our own sun, vibrate like a drum or a string that has been plucked. This 'music of the spheres' allows astronomers to probe the insides of stars, a part of the universe that has so far remained largely unobserved. Veronika Meduna meets University of Canterbury astronomer Karen Pollard and her team to listen to some celestial tunes and to find out why it is so difficult to explore the insides of stars. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 23 September 2010
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on today's Panel. [more]

The Panel with Gary McCormick and Simon Pound (Part 1)
Topics - The New Zealand Olympic Committee has advised NZ athletes to hold off traveling to Delhi until September the 28th - just two days before the scheduled start of the Commonwealth Games. Also the former ACT MP, David Garrett, has officially resigned from Parliament today. [more]

The Panel with Gary McCormick and Simon Pound (Part 2)
Topics - The Real IRA has said it will resume attacks on the UK mainland - principally targetting banks and bankers. Police report the New Zealand drug scene is expanding, with more young people using opiate drugs, world-leading rates of methamphetamine use, and an entrenched and"self-sufficient"cannabis culture. Auckland and Queenstown have, once again, featured at the top of the country's list of the most unaffordable areas for New Zealanders to buy a home in. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 23 September 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 23 September 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 23 September 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 23 September 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 23 September 2010
Stronger demand from Asia and higher international dairy prices have boosted Fonterra's profits, and its farmers' returns. [more]


Quake-hit state house tenant withholds rent
A state house tenant in the Christchurch suburb of Avonside is withholding her rent, saying Housing New Zealand has left her in the lurch following the big earthquake. [more]

Engineers work to restore Christchurch flood protection
Construction teams are working to fix earthquake damaged stopbanks in the Waimakariri and Kaiapoi rivers near Christchurch. [more]

Scientists gathering massive amounts of quake data
As aftershocks from Canterbury's 7-point-one magnitude earthquake continue, scientists are gathering massive amounts of scientific data and personal accounts. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Thursday 23 September 2010
The arrival of NZ athletes in Delhi is delayed. David Garrett quits parliament and the spring storm that has hammered the lower South Island has been officially declared an adverse weather event - meaning government assistance will be provided. [more]

The arrival of NZ athletes in Delhi is delayed
New Zealand's Olympic Committee has today delayed the arrival of athletes in Delhi, and there's still no final decision on whether they'll compete at all in the Commonwealth Games. [more]

Garrett says staying on as independent MP was untenable
The former ACT MP David Garrett has officially resigned from Parliament. [more]

Milk payout confirmed as Fonterra reports strong year
Record dairy exports have led to the second-highest ever payout from Fonterra - warming news for dairy farmers dealing with bitterly cold spring storms. [more]

Spring storms declared 'adverse weather event'
The spring storm that has hammered the lower South Island has been officially declared an adverse weather event - meaning government assistance will be provided. [more]

Evening Sports News for 23 September 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

GDP figures show growth slowed to 0.2 per cent
The latest Gross Domestic Product figures show the economy is continuing to be sluggish. [more]

Changes approved to Search and Surveillance Bill
The Privacy Commissioner has approved changes made to the Search and Surveillance Bill. [more]

Waatea News for 23 September 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Senior Health Ministry manager stands for local DHB
In an unusual move, the Director of Public Health is a candidate for his local district health board. [more]

Whales still stranded in Northland
Scores of people are still attempting to rescue stranded whales in Northland. [more]

Support on the way for desperate Southland farmers
Desperate Southland farmers will be given a helping hand, with the Agriculture Minister David Carter declaring the weekend storm an adverse weather event for the region. [more]

Federated Farmers Adverse Events spokesperson
Listening to that was the Federated Farmers Adverse Events spokesperson - David Rose - who is a sheep and beef farmer in Southland. [more]

Mana campaign begins in earnest.
A date has not yet been set for the Mana by-election but campaigning has begun in earnest. [more]

Court reserves its decision at Philip Field appeal
The Crown says lawyers for the disgraced former MP, Phillip Field made a tactical decision not to challenge the admission of certain statements at his trial and there was nothing wrong with the way the trial was conducted. [more]

Divisions may already be appearing in fresh-water accord
Cracks may be already appearing in a break-through accord on cleaning up and sharing the country's freshwater resources. [more]

Stags' forward coach speaks ahead of Shield match
The Ranfurly Shield and the lead in the provincial rugby championship are at stake when round nine starts in Invercargill tonight. [more]

Evening Sports News for 23 September 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Games Village problems
Back to our top story, with New Zealand athletes delaying their arrival at the Commonwealth Games in India. [more]

Waatea News for 23 September 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Grim picture painted of organised crime in New Zealand
A new police report into organised crime has been released - and it shows world leading rates of methamphetamine use in New Zealand and that more young people are using opiods. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 23 September 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 23 September 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Thursday 23 September 2010
Crisis over Commonwealth Games deepens; Australia considers whether to pull out of Games; English, Welsh teams still poised to leave for Delhi; Man who admitted shooting neighbour is cleared of murder charge; ACT aims to shift focus from party woes to economy; Growing numbers unhappy at lack of support after quake; Christchurch mayor discusses post-quake concerns; Misery keeps mounting for farmers in far south; Conservation staff try to help stranded whales. [more]

Greenpeace activist speaks of palm oil devastation
A Greenpeace activist, detained by Indonesian police on Sunday, is due back in New Zealand today. [more]

Switzerland government led by a majority of women
Switzerland could be on the brink of a new era. For the first time in the country's history women have a majority in the cabinet. [more]

Pacific News for 23 September 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 23 September 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Prime Minister unfazed by ACT campaign against him
The Prime Minister says he's unfazed by a campaign by the ACT Party which criticises his lack of achievements. [more]

Crisis over Commonwealth Games deepens
After 7 years of preparation and close to 3 billion dollars (NZ) spent building the games venues, a decision on whether the Commonwealth Games in Delhi will go ahead will be made within 48 hours. [more]

Australia considers whether to pull out of Games
In Australia, security fears are mounting and athletes have been told it's THEIR choice to go or not to go. [more]

English, Welsh teams still poised to leave for Delhi
In Britain, the English and Welsh teams say the Games are on a knife-edge but they will be sending their first athletes tomorrow. [more]

Man who admitted shooting neighbour is cleared of murder charge
A man who admitted smashing his way into a neighbour's house and killing a man with four rifle shots has been found not guilty of murder. [more]

ACT aims to shift focus from party woes to economy
The ACT Party is attempting to deflect attention away from its internal woes with a new campaign which takes aim at the Prime Minister, John Key. [more]

Growing numbers unhappy at lack of support after quake
Quake-affected residents in Christchurch will now be eligible for a new hardship grant, particularly targeting people who do not fall into the criteria that other grants require. [more]

Christchurch mayor discusses post-quake concerns
Bob Parker responds to residents. [more]

Misery keeps mounting for farmers in far south
It's not only roads that have been affected by the bad weather that continues to lash much of New Zealand. [more]

Conservation staff try to help stranded whales
And almost a hundred people have been battling high seas and cold winds overnight trying to save a large pod of whales stranded at Spirits Bay north of Kataia. [more]

Sports News for 23 September 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Labour bringing forward disciplinary hearing for Carter
The Labour Party is fast-tracking disciplinary action against Chris Carter and could make a decision on his membership of the party within two weeks. [more]

Conservationists angry at orange roughy move
An orange roughy fishery, closed in New Zealand a decade ago because of dwindling stocks, is to re-open. [more]

Book exposes internal battles over Afghan policy
A book due to be published in the United States next week says President Barack Obama's senior aides are deeply divided over American strategy in Afghanistan. [more]

India is adamant it will be ready for Commonwealth Games
India is adamant it will be ready to host the Commonwealth Games, despite growing concerns about security and hygiene at venues. [more]

Douglas goes on attack against Key as Garrett poised to quit
The ACT Party is taking aim at the Prime Minister's economic performance in an effort to shift attention away from the party's own turmoil. [more]

Study shows rheumatic fever rife among Bay of Plenty Maori
Rheumatic Fever is rife amongst Maori with one in 39 having the disease. [more]

Russia pushes for domination of Arctic
Nations bordering the Arctic region are jockeying for access to the riches that lie beneath. [more]

Sports News for 23 September 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport [more]

Obama's economic adviser to quit
The US President Barack Obama is looking for a new leader for his team of economic advisers, after the announcement that Larry Summers is to leave the post. [more]

Crown says disgraced former MP Field had a fair trial
The Crown has defended its handling of the Phillip Field case and says the Jury had a clear definition of what was meant by bribery and corruption. [more]

Waatea News for 23 September 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Titanic secret: 'wheel turned the wrong way' says new book
Author, Louise Patten, says the accepted account of a sudden and unavoidable collision with an iceberg is a fabrication. [more]

SPCA criticises primary school possum-throwing contest
A Manwatu primary school has been criticised by the SPCA for a possum throwing competition in which pupils grabbed dead possums and lobbed them through the air to see how far they could toss them. [more]

Dung beetles may be introduced to New Zealand
Agricultural interest groups want the dung beetle to be introduced to New Zealand to break down the millions of kilos of excrement sheep and cows produce each day. [more]


Sleep Spindles
Professor Jeffrey Ellenbogen from the department of neurology at Harvard Medical School explains brain rhythms and how we may keep sleeping through noises in the night. [more]

Science - body parts
Professor Jean Fleming from the University of Otago on the biology of sleeping and waking. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Clue 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

The Sellotape Legacy: Delhi and the Commonwealth Games
It's 'D-Day' for the two week competition which was supposed to burnish India's new position as an economic power but has turned into a public relations disaster. [more]

Christchurch quake
Should Housing New Zealand tenants in quake affected rental accommodation in Christchurch, have to pay full rent when they have to use port-a-loos and have no running water? [more]

Putting a price on criminal sentences
The costs of imprisonment are frequently hotly debated both in NZ and overseas. [more]

UK Correspondent - Michael White
The latest on what is happening with UK athletes regarding the Commonwealth Games. [more]

Feature Guest - Hugh Robertson
Our national bird is under threat from predators, cars, dogs, environmental destruction, from poachers, you name it. [more]

Book Review - The Hilliker Curse: My Pursuit of Women
Written by James Ellroy, published by Heinemann, reviewed by John King. [more]

New Technology
Security software for your computer. [more]

Picky eaters
Palatable recipes for kids. Here's a book designed to help parents to feed their children healthy food. [more]

Film Review
Dan Slevin reviews Wall Street and Money Never Sleeps. [more]

Our Changing World

Vision Perception
How our eyes and brain perceive and interpret our own motion in a moving world intrigues researchers at Waikato University [more]

Parkinson's Disease and Virtual Reality
A team of researchers in Christchurch have developed a 3D virtual reality system to retrain the Parkinsonian brain [more]

Animals and Pain
Massey University's Craig Johnson is recording electrical activity of the brain to determine if animals feel pain [more]

Dunedin Science Expo
The University of Otago 'Feeding the Mind' science expo was part of the food-themed International Science Festival [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 23 September 2010
Questions to Ministers 1. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement in the House yesterday that: "Mr Hide has carried out his affairs in a personal and private capacity to a high ethical standard"? 2. TODD McCLAY to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received on the economy? 3. Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE to the Minister of Finance: How much does inflation outstrip nominal wage growth for the next three years to March 2013 as forecast on page 63 of the Budget 2010 Economic and Fiscal Update? 4. JONATHAN YOUNG to the Minister of Revenue: How will the tax system be fairer and more equitable for all New Zealanders from 1 October? 5. Hon DAVID PARKER to the Minister for ACC: Does his recent admission that ACC has handled the issue of counselling for sexual abuse victims badly, give him cause to question whether ACC has also treated victims of hearing loss badly? 6. CHESTER BORROWS to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: What new legislation introduced by her is coming into force next week? 7. Hon NANAIA MAHUTA to the Minister of Energy and Resources: Does he stand by his comments regarding electricity prices made a year ago where he said "I'm promising to make every effort to slow the increase"? 8. SUE KEDGLEY to the Minister of Agriculture: Is animal welfare principally an ethical and moral issue; if not, why not? 9. GRANT ROBERTSON to the Minister for Tertiary Education: Why did the Government make the performance element of the student loan scheme that requires a borrower to pass more than half their course over a two-year period, retrospective to include courses taken in 2009 when it was introduced in Budget 2010? 10. AARON GILMORE to the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage: What assistance is the Government providing to assist with the repair, restoration and strengthening of heritage and character buildings in the Canterbury region? 11. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister of Local Government: What is the total cost to date of the services provided to the Auckland Transition Agency by the recruitment firm Momentum? 12. Dr CAM CALDER to the Minister of Transport: What further progress is being made on developing the commuter rail network in Auckland? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 23 September 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 23 September 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Dame Malvina Major
NZ Soprano talks about the recent Wellington addition to the Dame Malvina Major Foundation Arts Excellence awards. [more]

CC Adcock
Writer, singer and guitarist from Louisiana-based swamp pop group Lil' Band of Gold - touring NZ. [more]

News stories:

Scotland Games bosses delay departure of first part of team for team
Scottish Commonwealth Games bosses have delayed the departure of the first part of their team for Delhi. The decision comes after some of the Commonwealth officials, including Commonwealth Games Federation... [more]

CD beaten in last Twenty20 match
Central Districts have been beaten by 74 runs by Wayamba of Sri Lanka in their last match at the ICC Champions League Twenty20 cricket tournament in South Africa. CD were... [more]

Pakistan start chase for 257
The Pakistani cricketers have started their chase for 257 to win the 5th and final one day international against England at the Rosebowl in Southampton. After winning the toss and... [more]

NZ draw Uzbekistan first up in 2011 Davis Cup
The Davis Cup tennis draw is out for next year, and the New Zealand mens team will have a home tie against Uzbekistan in the opening round of the Asia-Oceania... [more]

Gold Coast beat Newcastle in A-League
A last-minute strike by substitute John Curtis has handed Gold Coast United a valuable 1-nil victory over the embattled Newcastle Jets in their A-League football clash at Skilled Park. The... [more]

Ernie Els voted into Hall of Fame
The South African golfer Ernie Els has been voted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. 40 year old Els, the winner of three major championships, was quite surprised to... [more]

Smit out for 3 months after surgery
The Springbok captain John Smit will miss the Springboks' Grand Slam tour of Britain and Ireland in November after undergoing a neck operation. Smit underwent a successful operation in his... [more]

Team NZ drops in MedCup racing
Team New Zealand has dropped to third after the second day of the final MedCup yachting regatta off Sardinia after another bad start to the day. Just like yesterday Dean... [more]

NZ officials arrive in Delhi to inspect athletes village
New Zealand Olympic Committee officials have arrived in Delhi to inspect Commonwealth Games facilities and security, after the team manager criticised the accommodation for athletes. The NZOC president Mike Stanley... [more]

Red Cross quake grants now available
A hardship grant of $1000 is now available from the Red Cross to people in need because of the Canterbury earthquake. [more]

Maori Party needs to consider Labour next time - Goff
Labour leader Phil Goff says the Maori Party needs to start listening to Maori voters and put a future coalition with Labour back on the table. [more]

Family values acknowledged in rural film
Film-maker Sumner Burstyn says her documentary on a Maori family growing up in rural New Zealand is succeeding because it encourages audiences to examine their own lives. [more]

Losses reversed by Govt Super Fund
The Government Superannuation Fund made $285 million in the year to June - reversing two years of losses. The result is a return of 10.4% on the fund's assets. [more]

Businesses now managing credit better - Baycorp
Baycorp says businesses in New Zealand have learned valuable lessons from the credit crisis and are now better managing credit. [more]

Water report not yet endorsed by farmers
Federated Farmers has not yet endorsed a report by the Land and Water Forum which recommends sweeping reforms in management of freshwater. [more]

Housing NZ to visit state houses in quake suburb
Tenants of state houses in the Christchurch suburb of Avonside affected by the earthquake are likely to get a visit from their landlord on Thursday. [more]

Expert Maori language teachers dwindling - commission
The Maori Language Commission is concerned at the dwindling numbers of Maori language experts able to educate others to teach Maori. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Thursday's headlines: Gales and heavy rain hamper rescue efforts of stranded whales; Chris Carter still considers himself a Labour MP; Timaru now the most affordable city in New Zealand to buy a home. [more]

Current account deficit expected to narrow due to quake payments
ASB chief economist Nick Tuffley expects New Zealand's current account deficit to temporarily narrow, as foreign insurers make payments for the Canterbury earthquake. [more]

New GPG directors applauded by investors
Investors have supported the appointment of four new directors to Guinness Peat Group, saying the future of the troubled investment concern has brightened. [more]

Pumpkin Patch to expand outlets
Pumpkin Patch is planning to expand its presence in its existing markets, as well enter new ones. The children's clothing company intends opening 22 new stores this year, 14 in Australia. [more]

Detained campaigner due back in NZ
A Greenpeace campaigner detained by Indonesian police on Sunday is due back in New Zealand on Thursday. [more]

Constitutional review seen as way to find views on Treaty
Former Governor General Sir Paul Reeves says a forthcoming Constitutional review will be a chance to find out what the Treaty of Waitangi means for New Zealanders. [more]

Shield challengers focus on NPC points tonight in Invercargill
There's more than the Ranfurly Shield at stake in tonight's top of the table provincial rugby championship match between Southland and Auckland in Invercargill. Southland are defending the shield for... [more]

Stags impress Benson Stanley
The Auckland rugby side has plenty of respect for Ranfurly Shield holders Southland heading into their clash in Invercargil tonight. Auckland's backup All Black midfielder Benson Stanley says he's been... [more]

ComGames organisers confident Delhi will be ready
Commonwealth games organisers are adament the athletes village will be up to scratch and everything will be in place before the Games open next week. Scottish and Canadian officials have... [more]

Mixed results on Wall Street
Stocks on Wall Street have been mixed, as investors absorbed news that the Federal Reserve may provide more help to the economy if necessary. [more]

Demand high for Portuguese bonds
Portugal has raised 750 million euros ($US1 billion) in its latest sale of government bonds. Demand was the highest so far this year. [more]

PM unfazed by ACT campaign
Prime Minister John Key says an ACT Party campaign that criticises his achievements is part of the rough and tumble of politics. [more]

4.5 aftershock felt in Christchurch
A magnitude 4.5 aftershock was felt in Christchurch on Thursday morning. It was centred about 10km west of the city. [more]

Chair of Pacific Forum says progress towards MDGs uneven
The chair of the Pacific Islands Forum has told a United Nations conference that without concerted action, the region is unlikely to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. A United Nations... [more]

China's defence ministry officials visit Fiji
A delegation from China's defence ministry is scheduled visit Fiji's interim Defence Minister today. Ratu Epeli Ganilau says the group is visiting on its own accord and says the meeting... [more]

Charges against New Zealand-based Samoan lawyer dropped
The District Court in Samoa has dropped charges that a New Zealand based Samoan lawyer, Leuluaialii Olinda Woodrooffe, had used insulting words, ruling there's insufficient evidence. Leuluaialii appeared in court... [more]

US Congress hears West Papua human rights papers
The Sub-Committee on Asia, the Pacific and the Global Environment of the United States Congress is this morning holding a hearing on human rights issues in West Papua. A number... [more]

American Samoa govt proposes a supplemental budget to cover extra expenses
The government in American Samoa is proposing a supplemental budget for the current fiscal year to cover expected overruns. The 4-point-5 million US dollar supplemental was sent last week to... [more]

New owners of Fiji Times paper take over
The new owners of the Fiji Times took over the country's oldest newspaper on Wednesday at a private handover in Suva. The Australian arm of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation reluctantly... [more]

England cricketers beat Pakistan in ODI series
The England cricketers have completed a clean sweep of their 2010 home series after beating Pakistan by 121 runs in the fifth and final one-day international at the Rosebowl in... [more]

Willis to run Fifth Avenue race on Monday
Defending Commonwealth Games 1500 metre champion Nick Willis will round out his Delhi preperations by running the Fifth Avenue Mile in New York on Monday. Willis has only been back... [more]

David wins another World Open title
World women's squash number one Nicol David has won a record-equalling fifth World Open title by beating Egypt's Omneya Abdel Kawy 3-nil in the final in Cairo. The Malaysian needed... [more]

A-league explansion plan delayed
Under-fire administrators of Australia's A-League may delay expansion plans for the ailing football competition after they were forced to intervene to save another financially troubled club. Football Federation Australia has... [more]

Europe will field all 12 players on Ryder Cup opening day
Europe's Ryder Cup golf captain Colin Montgomerie has revealed that all 12 of his team members will play on the opening day of the match against the U.S. at Celtic... [more]

New financial oversight agencies set up by EU
The European Parliament has ratified a law creating new financial oversight agencies, designed to help prevent future banking crises. [more]

Fiji blames critics for creating hysteria following deportee's death in Australia
The Fiji interim government says the death of a Fiji man in an Australian detention center was unnecessary. Police in Australia are investigating the death of Josefa Rauluni who jumped... [more]

New date for Kahui inquest
A new date of 4 October has been set for a Coroner's inquest into the deaths of the Kahui twins. It is due to finish on 12 November. [more]

Changes to search and surveillance legislation approved
Privacy Commissioner Marie Schroff has given approval to changes made to the Search and Surveillance Bill. [more]

Takeover target files suit against bidder
Potash Corporation in Canada has filed a lawsuit to try to stop a $US40 billion hostile takeover by BHP Billiton. [more]

Fiji business sold by Tourism Holdings
Campervan rental company Tourism Holdings has sold its two businesses in Fiji to Coral Sun, a tourist transport business there. [more]

Extra addiction funding welcomed, but more wanted
An additional $23 million of funding into methamphetine addiction is being welcomed by addiction specialists, but they say the real addiction problem is still alcohol. [more]

Virgin Blue and Abu Dhabi alliance approved
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has given interim approval to an airline alliance between Virgin Blue and Etihad Airways of Abu Dhabi. [more]

Coal volumes down in Queensland
Not enough coal is being produced to fill the number of ships waiting to be loaded off north Queensland. [more]

Carter still considers himself a Labour MP
Independent MP Chris Carter says he still considers himself a Labour MP and could still seek the party's nomination in Te Atatu. [more]

Study shows Pacific languages in NZ on way out
A University of Auckland study suggests Pacific Island languages in New Zealand are in a worse state than previously thought, with more action needed to ensure their survival. The study... [more]

More Solomon Islands tribes agree to stop dolphin hunting
Three tribes in Solomon Islands have signed an agreement with the American-based Earth Island Institute to stop their traditional killing of dolphins. An associate director of the Earth Island International... [more]

PNG court to decide on new plaintiff in Ramu disposal system case
A Papua New Guinea National Court Judge is today expected to decide whether legal action to stop an offshore tailings disposal system being built from Madang Province's Ramu nickel mine... [more]

Tuvalu's new fisheries programme will increase food security
The deputy director of Tuvalu's fisheries department says a new four-year programme for managing and developing its fisheries will ease the problem of food security. Nikolase Apinelu says the Institutional... [more]

Cooks official's Fiji comments played down
A senior Cook Islands Government official has played down media reports that he spoke supportively of the Fiji military regime while attending a conference in Fiji. The comments by Secretary... [more]

NZ market down
The New Zealand stock market was down on Thursday morning. However, the Australian market was up. [more]

Tukuitonga not impressed by NZ Pacific language research
The Chief Executive of New Zealand's Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs, Colin Tukuitonga, says he is underwhelmed with new research into the decline of Pacific languages. The University of Auckland... [more]

Tuvalu puts onus on developed countries for MDG progress
A Tuvalu diplomat says developed countries must recognise their role in helping the developing world reach the Millennium Development Goals. A UN General Assembly session is being held in New... [more]

PNG open to US Navy research base plans
A scientist at the University of Papua New Guinea says the institute would benefit greatly if the US Navy chose to set up a research base on its campus. The... [more]

Athlete arrivals to be delayed
It looks as if New Zealand will be going to to the Commonwealth Games, although athletes are being advised to delay travel to Delhi until next Tuesday. The lawn bowls,... [more]

Special start built for adaptive rowers at Lake Karapiro
World Rowing Championships organisers have confirmed a special start has been built for use at the 1000 metre mark for the adaptive, or disabled, athletes. Since adaptive races were added... [more]

Tautua Samoa claims broad support in election bid
The Tautua Samoa party is set to get support from small political parties in next year's election. A Tautua Samoa MP and former HRPP government minister, Palusalue Faapo II, has... [more]

Kidnap fear prompts PNG activist to call off protest march
A Papua New Guinea activist says a nationwide protest planned for today has been called off in Port Moresby because of an alleged government plot to kidnap the event's organisers. [more]

Death of 'Rich List' editor
Business journalist Graeme Hunt has died. He was a former editor at large of the National Business Review, where he edited the annual Rich List. [more]

International marketing award for Auckland airport
Auckland International Airport has been named the best airport in the Asian region for international marketing at the world airport marketing awards held in Canada. [more]

Danish and Swedish tobacco companies to merge NZ operations
The Commerce Commission has granted approval for Danish company Scandinavian Tobacco Group to merge its cigar and pipe tobacco business in New Zealand with Swedish Match. [more]

French Polynesia hunger strike ends amid Oli claim review
A hunger strike in French Polynesia over the slow reconstruction after Cyclone Oli has ended. 27 people of a group calling itself the Forgotten of Oli called off their action... [more]

Orange roughy fishery to re-open
The fishing industry is welcoming an increase in this season's hoki quota, but environmentalists are upset at the re-opening of an orange roughy fishery. [more]

Mana by-election begins in earnest
Campaigning has begun in earnest for the Mana by-election even though a date has not yet been set. [more]

Inquiry into South Auckland enrolment irregularities
Dozens of police in South Auckland are continuing inquiries into irregularities in enrolment for the local body elections. [more]

Rheumatic fever rife amongst Maori in Bay of Plenty
Rheumatic fever has been found to be rife among Maori families in the Bay of Plenty, in stark contrast to families of European descent. [more]

Slip near Taihape reduces highway to one lane
A slip blocking State Highway 1 south of Taihape has reduced the road to one lane for the rest of Thursday. [more]

Fiji regime extends emergency rule for 30 days
The Fiji President has extended the Public Emergency Regulations for a further 30 days. Ratu Epeli Nailatikau signed off the order before leaving for the United States. The interim regime... [more]

NZ tourism company sells Fiji interests
New Zealand tourism operator, Tourism Holdings Limited, is selling its interests in Fiji. These include Tourist Transport Fiji Ltd and Feejee Experience, which are to be merged with Coral Sun... [more]

US Congress urged to provide more oversight of Papua
There are hopes that today's US Congressional hearing on human rights issues in Papua will prompt more scrutiny of US policy towards Indonesia. The Congress' Sub-Committee on Asia and the... [more]

Truck driver impaled by canoe
A truck driver has been impaled by a canoe in a freak accident near Levin. [more]

White powder package non-toxic
A white powder discovered in a package at a business in Upper Hutt on Thursday morning was not toxic. [more]

Income splitting tax bill passes first vote
Legislation which would allow two-parent families to split their income for tax purposes has narrowly survived its first vote in Parliament. [more]

Canterbury beneficiaries exempt for work tests
Beneficiaries in earthquake-hit Canterbury are to be temporarily exempt from new work tests being introduced throughout New Zealand. [more]

Former ACT MP Garrett resigns from Parliament
Former ACT MP David Garrett has formally resigned from Parliament, effective from midnight on Thursday. [more]

Imports of dung beetles sought
Agricultural interest groups want to introduce 11 species of dung beetle to New Zealand to break down millions of kilos of excrement from sheep and cows. [more]

Struggling farmers to receive government aid
Farmers in Southland and south Otago struggling with the worst spring weather in decades are to receive assistance from the Government. [more]

Horticulture sector not yet part of primary partnership
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry says the horticulture sector was a surprise exclusion from the first year of the primary growth partnership with the Government. [more]

US Government confirms Guam marines' transfer will take longer
The United States Defense Department says the relocation of around 8,600 marines and 9,000 of their dependents to Guam from Japan will take until 2016, two years longer than expected... [more]

New Zealand highly likely to fund Tuvalu's new fisheries programme
A New Zealand foreign affairs official says it's highly likely that the government will fund a new fisheries intiative in Tuvalu once it's received a request for assistance from that... [more]

Fonterra confirms high payout, record exports
New Zealand dairy cooperative Fonterra has announced its second-highest ever payout for milk, as well as record exports and a bigger profit. [more]

Average person seeking budgeting help owes $32,000
The Federation of Family Budgeting Services says the average New Zealander seeking budgeting help is more than $32,000 in debt and is likely to rise. [more]

Defence lawyer hails jury in murder trial
Defence lawyer Russell Fairbrother says a jury in the High Court at Napier made a very brave and correct decision in finding his client not guilty of murder. [more]

Economy continues to slow
The pace of economic activity in New Zealand has slowed for the second consecutive quarter due to a decline in manufacturing. [more]

Public health director stands for local DHB
A public servant's candidacy for a district health board is being viewed as unusual and has raised concern about the potential for conflicts of interest. [more]

Court reserves decision over Field appeal
The Court of Appeal has reserved its decision over whether or not disgraced former MP Phillip Field received a fair trial. [more]

Repairs to stopbanks begin
Teams of contractors are working to repair earthquake damage to stopbanks in the Waimakariri and Kaiapoi rivers in Canterbury. [more]

More severe weather on the way
MetService has issued a severe weather watch after another night of snow in the Southland region. [more]

Greenpeace protest at Fonterra building
Police say charges are likely to be laid over a Greenpeace protest that caused hundreds of workers to evacuate the Fonterra building in Auckland. [more]

Five more routes added to national cycle trail
Five more cycle trails have been approved as part of the New Zealand cycle trail project. [more]

Skyhawk deal extended
United States authorities have given a 12-month extension to the American company wanting to buy New Zealand's 17 mothballed Skyhawk fighter aircraft. [more]

Swells and strong winds hamper whale rescue
Cold swells of up to two metres and winds of more than 100km/h have been hampering efforts to save stranded pilot whales in the Far North. [more]

Southland hold on to Shield
The Ranfurly Shield will stay in Southland for at least another fortnight. [more]

Crime report made public to encourage tip-offs
Police hope making an annual report on the level of organised crime public for the first time will encourage people to come forward with information. [more]

NZ team's boss loses faith in Games organisers
The head of the New Zealand Commonwealth Games team says he has lost all faith in organisers of the Delhi Games and the Commonwealth Games Federation. [more]