Radio New Zealand - Monday, 4th October 2010

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Best Song Ever Written - In The Quiet Morning
Brian Langley is a Dunedin-based tour guide for Head First Travel. His choice is In The Quiet Morning as performed by Joan Baez. [more]

Eight Months To Mars - Nick Dwyer
Today we journey to Mars with globetrotting TV presenter Nick Dwyer, host of global music show 'Making Tracks'. [more]

America's Worst Mom
In 2008, mother-of-two Lenore Skenazy dropped her nine-year-old son off in downtown Manhattan to take the subway home alone. He got home ok, but Lenore was subject to a firestorm of abuse from around the world. She started a movement called called Free Range Kids, urging parents to stop hovering, take the bubble wrap off the kids and teach them independence by loosening the reins. She now writes a syndicated column and blog, and a book called Free-range Kids: Giving Our Children The Freedom We Had Without Going Nuts With Worry, [more]

Polar Names
The map of Antarctica is full of valleys and ice shelves named for great explorers and scientists who made brilliant discoveries or endured much on the Ice. But nowhere on the maps do you see names that reflect the support crew for one of the greatest Antarctic expeditions of all, the great race to the South Pole in the winter of 1911-1912 by Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen. Now Cartographic immortality has been granted to 11 of the the dogs and ponies used by Scott and Amundsen. The animals' names will mark navigation waypoints along the main air routes between New Zealand and McMurdo Station. Lou Sanson is the Chief executive of Antarctica New Zealand and he talks to us from Christchurch. [more]

He Rourou for 4 October 2010
The annual National Secondary School Maori speech competitions Nga Manu Korero wrapped up recently and the award for the best senior competitor in the Maori language section went to Herea Winitana. Ana Tapiata caught up with the Turangi student just after the prize giving ceremony. [more]

Feature author - Ian Chapman
Ian Chapman is a lecturer in Contemporary Music at the University of Otago. His specialist subject is the pop culture of the 70's, an era he demonstrates his ongoing commitment to by driving a Triumph, playing a flying V guitar and collecting platform shoes. His research has also found form in the glittery persona of Dr. Glam, his performance alter ego. [more]

Our Changing World - Census of Marine Life and Seamounts
A team of NIWA scientists are in London, to report back on their part of the Census of Marine Life, a 10 year international effort to find out what lives in the world's oceans. The New Zealanders have been leading a global research project on seamounts, and before they left for London Alison Ballance caught up with Malcolm Clark, Mireille Consalvey and Ashley Rowden to learn about their key findings, and discover what seamounts actually are. [more]

The Panel Pre-show for 4 October 2010
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on today's The Panel. [more]

The Panel with Neil Miller and Linley Boniface (Part 1)
Under the new rules, if you get a jury summons and you can't make it, you'll have to do jury service at a more convenient time within 12 months; the growth in complaints about the conduct of judges includes a six-fold increase in complaints about judges sitting in the country's highest (Supreme) court; would it be of concern to you to know that, in the five years to the end of last month, almost 160,000 hectares of land has been approved for sale to overseas investors? [more]

The Panel with Neil Miller and Linley Boniface (Part 2)
It's been reported today that the Yellow Pages Group expects to spend around 40 million dollars on building its business this year; the bereaved mother of a flying instructor killed in a mid-air collision is shocked at figures showing a dramatic increase in the number of near-misses reported to aviation authorities; in Britain, a safety-conscious council has removed all the conkers from a giant chestnut tree after a four-year-old girl suffered a fractured skull walking beneath it. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 04 October 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Midday Business News for 4 October 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 4 October 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 4 October 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Top Stories for Monday 04 October 2010
Today: a month on from the Canterbury earthquake, we take a comprehensive look at the recovery process from the Garden City; we get a glimpse at the Commonwealth Games and; trauma affects police involved in the recovery of Carmen Thomas' body. [more]

Canterbury Earthquake a month on
Jessica Maddock has been covering the quake and its aftermath throughout the past month. [more]

Hundreds of Canterbury Businesses face closure
There are fears more than a hundred businesses, particulary in the retailing and restaurant sectors, will have to close their doors as a result of the physical and economic damage caused by the earthquake. [more]

Earthquake Recovery Minister, Gerry Brownlee on Quake
The Government responded to Canterbury's plight by putting through Parliament emergency legislation to give special powers to the Earthquake Recovery Minister to deal with the effects of the quake. [more]

Sewage restoration given top priority
Plans for the reconstruction of earthquake damaged parts of Christchurch are slowly taking shape as priority is given to restoring fundamental services to residential areas of the city. [more]

Business owners decision on buildings' future
Business owners have told the Christchurch City Council they are haemorrhaging thousands of dollars a week, while it decides whether or not to demolish their buildings following last month's earthquake. [more]


Calls mount for Paul Henry to be sacked
Pressure is mounting on the state broadcaster, TVNZ, to sack Paul Henry for making comments that have been described as racist and bigoted. [more]

Dame Cath Tizard talks about Paul Henry's comments
The country's first woman Governor General says she's astonished that the Prime Minister didn't respond more strongly to Mr Henry's question during this morning's TV interview. [more]

Government Ministers talk to main players in Hobbit dispute
The Government has stepped in and spoken to the main players in the industrial dispute over Sir Peter Jackson's film, The Hobbit. [more]

Competition gets underway in Delhi
After weeks of negative publicity about the preparations the real action is finally underway at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. [more]

Eden Park goal posts bought by former Aussie coach
The Eden Park goal posts have been auctioned off for charity, with the winning bid made by a former Wallabies coach. [more]

Wellington Civil Defence ill-prepared for major quake
A major earthquake in Wellington would put most of the region's emergency response centres out of action just when they're needed most. [more]

Sports News for 4 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Kahui inquest gets underway in Auckland
A senior police officer has told a coroners hearing into the deaths of the Kahui twins that a lack of new information has prevented the case from being investigated further. [more]

Quake Coffee shop owner needs decision on demolition
Richard Peebles owns the Manchester Court Building amd joins us on the line. [more]

Manchester Court Building owner on demolition prospects
The Christchurch City Council has delayed a decision on whether to help pay for repairing heritage buildings damaged by the quake until Wednesday. [more]

Federated Farmers Adverse Events spokesperson
Farmers in Southland and Otago are still busy dealing with the aftermath of the prolonged and devastating snow storms that hit two weeks ago. [more]

Waatea news for 4 October 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Contact admits windfarm construction could be 10 years away
Contact Energy has admitted construction of a proposed 58 turbine wind farm south east of Dannevirke could be delayed for up to ten years, even if its appeal to the Environment Court is successful. [more]

Mahendra Chaudhry is released on bail
The former Prime Minister of Fiji, Mahendra Chaudhry, has been granted bail after appearing in court charged with breaching the country's public emergency regulations. [more]

Burmester fails to qualify for 200m butterfly final
At the Commonwealth games, swimmer Moss Burmester has failed to even qualify for the final in the 200 metres butterfly. [more]

Paul Henry comments prompt calls for his sacking
Pressure is mounting on the state broadcaster, TVNZ, to sack the Breakfast host Paul Henry for making comments that have been described as racist and bigoted. [more]

Government extends earthquake wage subsidy for four weeks
Employers will be able to apply for another 4 weeks of help paying wages from the Government. [more]

Local govt elections in focus: Hawke's Bay
In Hawke's Bay voting will never be the same again, if the present Mayor of Hastings has his way. [more]

Sports News for 4 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Britain backs US warning of possible attacks in Europe
Britain has backed a US warning to American travellers of possible terror attacks in Europe, and says its own assessment remains at"severe"- meaning that an attack is"highly likely". [more]

Waatea News for 4 October 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Two bronze medals for NZ at World Equestrian Games
New Zealand has snapped up two medals in eventing at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, securing the team a place at the London Olympics in 2012. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 4 October 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 4 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Troops depart for Afghanistan today
About 100 members of New Zealand's defence force are leaving for Afghanistan today. [more]

Pacific News for 04 October 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 04 October 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Police still scouring Waitakere Ranges
Police are continuing to scour the rugged site in the Waitakere Ranges where the dismembered remains of Auckland woman, Carmen Thomas, were discovered at the weekend. [more]

Canterbury Civil Defence manager, Jon Mitchell
Geoff speaks with one of the region's main relief personnel. [more]

Darfield a month on from devastating quake
The centre of the quake was in Darfield where Matthew Peddy speaks to Paddy McKay from the Malvern Butcher. [more]

Avonside residents still without sewerage
Reporter Gay Cavill is in the Christchurch suburb of Avonside which is still without sewerage. [more]

Canterbury Resident severely injured in quake
Glenroy resident Simonetta Cottrell's husband William was injured during the quake but didn't realise at the time just how severely. [more]

Business owner who's building is being demolished
We speak to local auto electrician, Denis Moore, whose premises fall under the wrecking ball this morning due to quake damage. [more]

Let the Games commence
The Commonwealth Games have opened in Delhi amidst tight security - after a run-up dogged by construction delays, corruption scandals and fears over health and safety. [more]

Police officers involved in Thomas case to receive counselling
The Police Association says it will work to support officers involved in excavating the remains of Auckland woman, Carmen Thomas. [more]

Sports News for 04 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Hobbit wrangle close to a resolution
The Council of Trade Unions is refusing to confirm if the wrangles over filming of The Hobbit are close to being resolved, but a report from Hollywood indicates that production on the Tolkein classic could begin in January. [more]

Strong voter turnout in Auckland defies pundits
A strong voter turnout in South Auckland is defying predictions that poorer communities would be less likely to take part in the super city election. [more]

Media coverage of the Canterbury quake
Former Radio NZ journalist, who'd been a big part of our quake coverage, Monique Devereux and Editor of The Press newspaper Andrew Holden discuss with Geoff the media coverage of the event. [more]

Bexley suburb picking up the pieces
Reporter Jessica Maddock describes the scene of recovery in one of the worst hit Christchurch areas, the new sub-division of Bexley. [more]

Kaiapoi still reeling from quake effects
Kaiapoi was another area fractured by the quake. Andrew McRae is there. [more]

Christchurch's Mayor, Bob Parker
His Worship describes the process of recovery for the city. [more]

Jim Anderton says he can help Christchurch recover
The other main contender for the Christchurch Mayoralty is sitting Wigram MP Jim Anderton who joins the show this morning. [more]

Locals feel stuck in limbo a month on from the quake
Reporter Chris Bramwell's been speaking to some residents in hard hit Bexley. [more]

Sports News for 04 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Plans for Canterbury's future look bright
Members of the New Zealand Institute of Architects, who will work for free, say they want improve the legacy for future generations. [more]

Hobbit only days away from getting green light
According to the LA Times, The Hobbit is closer to getting off the ground than ever before. Their correspondent Steven Zeitchik speaks to Julian Robbins. [more]

Waatea News for 04 October 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

US issues terror alert to Americans travelling to Europe
The alert follows the detection of an Al-Qaeda plot to send teams of gunmen to kill western civilians in European cities. [more]

Hundreds of animals still missing in Christchurch
Many pet owners are still missing their favourite feline or canine friends since the quake struck the region. [more]

Jean Drage says tight mayoral races fuelling vote returns
University of Canterbury local government lecturer, Jean Drage. [more]


Artificial Intelligence
Embodied artificial intelligence and the path to robots making their own choices. [more]

Soul Searching
How is human intelligence guided by the soul as opposed to the mind? [more]

Clue 1. [more]

Mind Mechanics
What is the mind and how does it differ to the brain? [more]

Clue 2. [more]

Nine To Noon

The Commonwealth Games - Joseph Romanos
Sports commentator Joseph Romanos is at the games. [more]

The Commonwealth Games - Boria Mujumdar
Indian sports historian and co-author of Sellotape Legacy: Delhi and The Commonwealth Games . [more]

Africa correspondent - David McKenzie
We hear the latest from sub-Saharan Africa via our correspondent based in Nairobi, Kenya. [more]

Feature Guest - Jake Adelstein
After 12-years on the crime desk of the Yomiuri Shimbun, a respected Tokyo newspaper, Jake has written Tokyo Vice chronicling the activities of the Yakuza and other Japanese underworld dwellers. [more]

Book Review - Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life
Written by Justine Picardie. Published by HarperCollins. Reviewed by Jane Westaway. [more]

Politics with Matthew Hooten and Andrew Campbell
The spectrum is covered from left to right and right to wrong. [more]

Food and Wine
Catherine Bell provides the recipes today, this time with a focus on beans. Stephen Morris matches the perfect wine accompaniment. [more]

Business commentary - Rod Oram
It's 'crunch-time' for the Hobbit. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 4 October 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 4 October 2010
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


The Song Company
Australian vocal ensemble performs live in the Christchurch studio, and Eva interviews their director Roland Peelman. [more]

Sarah Foster
Choreographer in the Footnote Dance Forte Series, with performances in Auckland, Nelson and Wellington. [more]

News stories:

Loeb takes another world title
The French driver Sebastien Loeb has claimed an unprecedented seventh consecutive world rally championship by winning his home round in Alsace. The Citroen driver took charge over the first two... [more]

Stoner wins in Japan
The Australian motorcyclist Casey Stoner, on a Ducati, has won the Japanese Grand Prix at Motegi, his second successive MotoGP win. MotoGP world championship leader Jorge Lorenzo finished fourth to... [more]

Amir and Asif appeal suspensions
Pakistan bowlers Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif have joined captain Salman Butt in appealing their suspensions from cricket over allegations of spot fixing. Amir and Asif have sent their appeals... [more]

Europe dominate day three at Ryder Cup
It's been a dominant day for the European golf team who'll take a three-point lead into the final day of the rain-delayed Ryder Cup match against the United States. Trailing... [more]

Mitchell helps Australia fightback in Mohali
The Australian cricketers have a 23-run lead after the third day of the opening Test against India at Mohali. Replying to Australia's first innings total of 428, India were cruising... [more]

Still wide open in ITM Cup
While the semi-final situation remains wide open, the focus in the national provincial rugby championship now turns to the Ranfurly Shield meeting between the top two sides. Holders Southland lost... [more]

Hushovd wins world cycle title, NZ riders off pace
Thor Hushovd became Norway's first road cycling world champion, powering clear of a mass sprint to edge out Denmark's Matti Breschel in a dramatic finish at the World Championships in... [more]

Junior Warriors win Premiership
The New Zealand Warriors were heartbroken at being knocked out in the first round of the National Rugby League finals, but their next generation have powered to an impressive 42-28... [more]

Athlete contracts dengue fever
The first case of dengue fever in the athletes' village has added to the woes of Delhi officials already facing criticism for shoddy preparations ahead of the biggest-ever Commonwealth Games. [more]

Warriors win NYC title
The Junior Warriors have won the National Youth Championship rugby league title, with a convincing 42-28 win against the South Sydney Rabbitohs in the grand final in Sydney. The Rabbitohs... [more]

Eriksson joins Leicester City
The former England football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson has joined Leicester City because he wants to work in the Premier League again and says the Championship (second division) side had the... [more]

Dixon wins at Homestead, Franchetti claims title
The New Zealand IndyCar driver Scott Dixon has won the final Indy300 at the Homestead-Miami speedway in Florida, while his team-mate Dario Franchetti came away with the Championship title. The... [more]

Football Ferns beat Tahiti 7-0
The New Zealand women's football team has finished pool play at the Oceania Nations World Cup qualifiers by beating Tahiti 7-0 in North Harbour. New Zealand lead just 1-0 at... [more]

Aaron Cruden stars as Turbos overcome Makos
Manawatu have defeated Tasman 20-8 in their national provincial rugby match in Palmerston North. Tasman lead the home side 8-3 at half-time, but Manawatu took charge in the second half... [more]

Celtic need to improve on starts
The Celtic football coach Neil Lennon says his side must drastically improve how they start games, after his side survived an early scare to defeat Hamilton 3-1 and top the... [more]

Webber won't take cautious approach at japan Grand Prix
The Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber has no intention of taking a cautious approach to next weekend's Japanese Grand Prix, as he focuses on gathering more points in his... [more]

NZ soldiers leave for Afghanistan
A contingent of about 100 New Zealand soldiers left for Afghanistan on Monday, the 17th deployment to the country. [more]

Police Assn to support officers in Carmen Thomas inquiry
The Police Association says it will work to support officers involved in the recovery of the remains of Auckland woman Carmen Thomas. [more]

Trade Me attacked by cybercriminals
Online auction site Trade Me has been attacked by cybercriminals trying to infect the computers of website users with a virus. [more]

Pets still missing after Canterbury quake
The SPCA says more than 200 pets are still missing in Christchurch following last month's earthquake. [more]

The Hobbit tipped for US studio green light - report
A US newspaper is reporting that Hollywood studios may give The Hobbit the official go-ahead in the next few days, and that the dispute with actors' unions is also close to being resolved. [more]

Former Fiji PM to appear in court
Fiji's Former Prime Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry is expected to appear in Tavua magistrate Court this morning, along with five other people. It is alleged that Mr Chaudhry and the five... [more]

Vanuatu flour company seeks offshore markets
A local food company in Vanuatu is trying to find a way to market and sell their organically grown gluten free flour to New Zealanders. Lapita Cafe Limited has successfully... [more]

Relief as the Games begin
There is some relief within the New Zealand Commonwealth Games camp that the Delhi event is finally underway. The Silver Ferns shooter Irene van Dyk led the New Zealand team... [more]

Counties beat Harbour in nail-biting match
Counties Manukau have climbed above Wellington into the crucial top seven of the national provincial rugby championship after winning a nail-biting match against North Harbour in Pukekohe, defeating the visitors... [more]

Former Fiji prime minister should be granted bail: lawyer
The lawyer representing the former Fiji prime minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, says he expects his client to be granted bail when he appears in court today. Mr Chaudhry has been held... [more]

Single trade sparked Dow plummet
The US trading watchdog says May's so-called flash crash, which saw the Dow Jones index fall by nearly 10% within minutes, was caused by a single trader's computer program. [more]

American Samoa grateful for minimum wage increase delaying bill
American Samoa's Governor says he is very grateful to President Obama for signing federal legislation delaying minimum wage increases for the Territory this year and next. The measure also delays... [more]

Cooks Democratic Party candidate to seek only two terms
The winner of a Cook Islands Democratic party selection run-off last week says he'll demonstrate his support for political reform by limiting his political career to just two terms, if... [more]

Samoa Government considers legal action over tsunami relief story
Samoa's Prime Minister is considering legal action over a story on TV3's Campbell Live questioning how money donated for tsunami relief was spent. Tuilaepa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi says the story contained... [more]

Lehman artwork auction fetches millions
Artwork and memorabilia from collapsed investment bank, Lehman Brothers, have fetched £1.6 million at auction. [more]

Julian Dean only New Zealander to finish at Geelong
The New Zealand cyclist Julian Dean was left bitterly disappointed after ending his season at the World Road Championships in Melbourne on Sunday. Dean was the only New Zealander to... [more]

Leonard cleared of serious injury
Waikato have moved into semi-final contention with three rounds of the provincial rugby competition remaining, after a 12-point victory at Northland. But the Mooloo men's win came at a cost... [more]

More silos damaged in quake than first thought
One month after the Canterbury earthquake, farmers have reported damage to more than 100 grain silos. [more]

Landcorp lifts profit and dividend to Government
State Owned farming enterprise Landcorp will be paying its sole shareholder, the Crown, an $18 million dividend after a more profitable year. [more]

Firms return to strength after quake
Most of Canterbury's companies are now back to full production, having tallied up the cost of the disruption of last month's earthquake to their business. [more]

Fiji lawyer found guilty of professional misconduct
A legal practitioner has been found guilty of three counts of professional misconduct and one count of unsatisfactory professional conduct by the Independent Legal Services Commission (ILSC). Haroon Ali Shah... [more]

Iwi have big role in super city, says Banks
Auckland super city mayoral candidate John Banks has moved to appeal to Maori voters, after an off-the-cuff remark last week offended some in the Maori and Pacific community. [more]

Commonwealth Games open in lavish ceremony
The Commonwealth Games have opened in the Indian capital Delhi with a colourful ceremony in front of more than 60,000 people. [more]

Rebuilding aimed at improving the city's legacy
The head of the team planning how the Canterbury region should be rebuilt says the most important thing is asking what the people of Christchurch want to see in their city. [more]

Rule changes aim for increase in juror attendance
People called for jury duty can apply to do it at a more convenient time, so long as it is within 12 months of the original summons date, under changes that have come into effect on Monday. [more]

More help planned while basic services restored
Temporary waste tanks are being trialled in Christchurch where households still do not have sewerage following the earthquake. [more]

Process needed to ensure good results - Brownlee
Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says the Government is working hard to ensure good results for the residents affected by the earthquake in the Canterbury region. [more]

Burmester defends title on opening day
New Zealand athletes will compete in 10 sports on the opening day of the Commonwealth Games, with swimmer Moss Burmester leading the charge. [more]

Fidelity urges delay in takeover offer decision
The board of Fidelity Life Assurance is urging shareholders to hold off making a decision on Tower's $118 million takeover offer for the company until a professional has appraised it. [more]

Chinese energy company expands into Brazil
Chinese state owned oil company Sinopec has acquired a 40% stake in Spanish energy giant Repsol's operations in Brazil. [more]

Ikea sales rise in first published results
Swedish home group Ikea has published its first ever earnings report. [more]

Athletes turn focus to competition after Games' opening
With the opening ceremony successfully negotiated attention in Delhi now turns to the opening day of competition at the Commonwealth Games. Among the sports getting underway this evening are swimming,... [more]

Former Fijian prime minister should be granted bail: lawyer
The lawyer representing the former Fijian prime minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, says he expects his client to be granted bail when he appears in court today. Mr Chaudhry has been held... [more]

Government shutdown continues in CNMI
The Northern Marianas legislature has once again failed to pass a budget, meaning the Government shutdown continues. More than 1,400 government employees considered non-essential will still not be able to... [more]

PNG locals concerned at build-up of guns
Locals in the Kandep district of Papua New Guinea's Enga Province have voiced concern about an arms build-up in the area. The Post Courier reports that since 2003, 75 people... [more]

PNG clothing company hopes to market offshore
A bilum clothing company in Papua New Guinea is hoping to market its unique products overseas starting with New Zealand. Florence Jauke runs Bilumwear, a business that makes handcrafted bilum... [more]

US Calls On Indonesia To Advance Papua Autonomy
The United States has called for Indonesia to move forward on autonomy in its Papua region and insisted it would not overlook human rights as it seeks broader relations with... [more]

Young Fiji women urged to seek care early in pregnancy
A Fiji obstetrician is urging more young pregnant women to seek care earlier in order to make childbirth safer and reduce maternal mortality. The first anniversary of Fiji's White Ribbon... [more]

New book tells stories of Pacific Tsunami survivors
A book telling the stories of 180 tsunami survivors in Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga was launched recently. Pacific Tsunami-Galu Afi was compiled by author Lani Wendt Young of Samoa. [more]

Athletes soak up Opening Ceremony as Delhi Games open
The Commonwealth Games opening ceremony concluded without problem this morning, with more than 60-thousand people packing in to Delhi's Jaharwalal Nehru's stadium. The Cook Islands flag bearer was lawn bowler... [more]

Tonga searching for big win
Tonga need a big win over Papua New Guinea today to see them qualify for the semi finals of the Oceania Women's Nations Cup football competition. PNG have already qualified... [more]

Oceania title a boost for Australia ahead of Delhi
Australia upset reigning world sevens champions Samoa 34-12 to claim their first ever Oceania Sevens Championship in Darwin on Saturday. It was the first time the hosts had beaten Samoa... [more]

Moss Burmester not expected to repeat in Delhi
Swimming New Zealand's high performance manager Jan Cameron isn't expecting great things from Moss Burmester who headlines the start of competition at the Delhi Commonwealth Games today. Burmester will defend... [more]

Officer attacked with own torch
A police officer was repeatedly hit over the head with her own torch as she went to handcuff a woman involved in a domestic dispute in Hamilton. [more]

Mushroom producer plans $45m expansion
The country's biggest mushroom producer is undergoing a $45 million expansion which includes moving its composting facility indoors to contain odours. [more]

Stock feed offered in wake of storms in south
Southern farmers and some in the North Island desperate for stock feed after the storms that struck two weeks ago will be able to draw on supplies compiled by Federated Farmers. [more]

CNMI governor nixes House, Senate compromise deal
It has been revealed that the legislature in the Northern Marianas could have passed a budget and put the government shutdown closer to resolution if not for the Executive branch... [more]

Three teens injured in fire
Three teenagers have been burned after allegedly setting fire to a car in the West Auckland suburb of Massey. [more]

Fiji magistrate defers Chaudhry case
A magistrate's court in Fiji has released a former prime minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, on bail after the magistrate excused himself from the bench. Last week, Mr Chaudhry was apprehended for... [more]

Unionist warns of possible Fiji sugar industry collapse
A representative of Fiji's sugar workers, Felix Anthony, says the sugar industry risks collapse if a new, strong and permanent leader isn't chosen soon to run the Fiji Sugar Corporation. [more]

French Polynesia strike notices amid Teva i Uta dispute
A raft of strike notices has been issued in French Polynesia in an apparent link to a dispute in a small Tahiti township. According to Tahitipresse, the union O Oe... [more]

American Samoa governor off to Hawaii in bid to seal cannery deal
American Samoa's Governor Togiola Tulafono is heading a delegation of cabinet members to Hawaii to complete negotiations with Tri Marine International, which plans to set up a fish canning operation... [more]

Christchurch mayor still refusing debate
Christchurch mayor Bob Parker is still refusing to take part in a debate in the lead-up to the mayoral election saying he is focusing on re-building the quake damaged city. [more]

Todd Carney to be back up halfback with Scott Prince left out of Kangaroos
The Dally M medallist Todd Carney will be Australia's back-up halfback for the Four Nations rugby league tournament beginning later this month after Gold Coast captain Scott Prince was overlooked. [more]

All Whites defender ruled out of matches against Honduras and Paraguay
The Ipswich defender Tommy Smith has been ruled out of the All Whites international football matches against Honduras and Paraguay, with a back injury. Smith has suffered a prolapsed disc... [more]

USA women's world basketball champions again
The United States are the women's basketball world champions for the eighth time after an 89-69 win over the hosts, the Czech Republic. Spain claimed the bronze medal when they... [more]

Monday's newspaper headlines
Homeowners asking Rugby World Cup rent of $20,000 a week; capital not prepared for major earthquake; jury service can be put off for a year; hundreds queue for fire-sale logs. [more]

Inquiry into Auckland CEOs' exit payments
The Auditor-General has announced an inquiry into the exit payments for outgoing chief executives of Auckland's eight local authorities. [more]

Body found in Riccarton house
A body has been found in a house in the Christchurch suburb of Riccarton. [more]

Man 'lucky to be alive' after weekend attack
A man remains in the intensive care ward of Nelson Hospital after being attacked while walking home from a party just after midnight on Friday. [more]

Rapa Nui man says Easter Island locals on high alert
A Rapa Nui man based in New York says people occupying their ancestral lands on Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, are on high alert following the arrival of a new... [more]

Australian shearer wins NZ championship title
An Australian shearer has taken the honours at the first event of the New Zealand shearing season. [more]

Another top Fiji Sugar Corporation executive resigns
A third senior executive at Fiji Sugar Corporation has resigned. The corporation has announced its General Manager- Finance, Ali Ubadutt, is stepping down. Last week Chief Executive Officer, Deo Saran,... [more]

Mana by-election set for 20 November
A date has been set for the Mana by-election: Saturday 20 November. [more]

Bennett on six-week fellowship in US
Social Development Minister Paula Bennett will be in the United States for the next six weeks on a Eisenhower Fellowship for women leaders. [more]

Nicholson secures double bronze for NZ in Kentucky
New Zealand's won two medals in the three-day eventing at the world equestrian games in Kentucky, thanks to a clear final round in the showjumping by the veteran Andrew Nicholson. [more]

Moss Burmester fails to make 200m Butterfly final
The defending Commonwealth Games 200-metre butterfly champion, Moss Burmester, has failed to qualify for the final in Delhi. Burmester, who won the gold medal in a Games record four years... [more]

Europe take lead into historic fourth day in Ryder Cup
The European golf team will take a three-point lead into the historic final day of the rain-delayed 38th Ryder Cup match against the United States. It's the first time the... [more]

First New Zealand swimmer qualifies for final at Commonwealth Games
The Auckland swimmer Lauren Boyle is the first New Zealand swimmer to qualify for a final in the pool at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Boyle posted the third fastest... [more]

Silver Ferns in action tonight against PNG
The New Zealand netballers start defending their Commonwealth Games title in Delhi tonight with what should be little more than a training run against Papua New Guinea. The Silver Ferns... [more]

Docherty wins triathlon in Los Angeles
The New Zealand triathlete, Bevan Docherty, announced his return to race fitness with an impressive victory in a triathlon in Los Angeles. Docherty finished first in a little more than... [more]

Kahui gave CPR to one son, inquest told
An inquest into the deaths of the Kahui twins has been told their father gave one of the babies CPR but did not seek further medical attention, though the child's breathing sounded like he was sucking through a straw. [more]

Whanau Ora success up to Maori, says Tamihere
A former Labour government minister says it will be up to Maori rather than the Government to make Whanau Ora a success. [more]

Funding available for community group relocation
Community organisations in Canterbury forced to relocate because of the earthquake will be able to access government funding. [more]

Paul Henry apologises to Governor-General
TVNZ presenter Paul Henry has apologised for comments he made on Monday's Breakfast programme about the Governor-General, Sir Anand Satyanand, while interviewing Prime Minister John Key. [more]

Burmester can't work his Melbourne magic again
The defending Commonwealth Games 200-metre butterfly champion, New Zealand's Moss Burmester, has failed to qualify for the final in Delhi. [more]

Dollar rises sharply against US currency
The New Zealand dollar has risen sharply, gaining nearly a cent over the weekend. [more]

Raukawa-Tait urges Maori to step up on child abuse
A former Women's Refuge chief executive says tribal leaders aren't doing enough to address the disportionately high number of Maori child abuse cases. [more]

Kiwifruit promoted as antidote to depression
Kiwifruit can help people overcome depression, and that's why a Maori mental health service in Te Puke is highlighting the hairy berry during Mental Health Awareness Week this week. [more]

Former Aussie coach buys Eden Park goalposts
The goalposts that have stood at Eden Park since 1960 have been sold to former Australian rugby coach Bob Dwyer. [more]

Crown, wananga settle claim at $14.5m
The Crown has settled a claim before the Waitangi Tribunal by Te Whare Wananga o Awanuirangi with a $14.5 million settlement. [more]

Sharemarket gains 16 points on Monday
The benchmark NZX50 index rose 16 points to 3229 on turnover of $37 million on Monday. [more]

Efforts in Fiji to promote awareness on safe pregnancy and childbirth
A community initiative in Fiji set up to promote public awareness on pregnancy and childbirth is publishing a pamphlet warning pregnant mothers about danger signs to look out for. Fiji... [more]

American Samoa's top health official resigns
American Samoa's Health Department director, Tuiasina Dr Salamo Laumoli, has resigned. Tuiasina has not offered any reasons behind his resignation publicly and Governor Togiola Tulafono's office has merely confirmed that... [more]

Palau's President signs amended budget bill
Palau's President Johnson Toribiong has signed the amended fiscal year 2011 budget bill amounting to US$56 million. The House of Delegates last week rejected the changes to the budget bill... [more]

CNMI legislature no closer to passing budget
The Northern Marianas Legislature says it is no closer to passing a budget and ending the government shutdown despite reaching a deal at the weekend. More than 1,400 government employees... [more]

Call for strong, permanent leadership for Fiji Sugar Corporation
A representative of Fiji's sugar workers, Felix Anthony, says the sugar industry risks collapse if a new, strong and permanent leader isn't chosen soon to run the Fiji Sugar Corporation. [more]

Vanuatu PM yet to raise Papua issue at UN despite parliament motion
A spokesman for Vanuatu's Prime Minister Edward Natapei has confirmed he did not raise the issue of the status of Indonesia's Papua last week while attending the United Nations General... [more]

Wages subsidy for small quake-hit firms extended
The Government is extending for four weeks its wage subsidy for employees of small businesses seriously disrupted by the Canterbury earthquake. [more]

Two more aftershocks: more than 1300 now
Christchurch has experienced two more in a long line of aftershocks. It has now had more than 1300 of them since 4 September. [more]

Netballers, women's hockey team win first up
The New Zealand netballers made the best possible start to their Commonwealth Games title defence, beating Papua New Guinea 102-21. [more]

Sharples not happy about higher GST
Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples says he's unhappy with the rise in GST, even though he voted for it. [more]

Key says progress being made on Hobbit dispute
Prime Minister John Key believes progress is being made towards resolving the industrial dispute involving Sir Peter Jackson's film The Hobbit. [more]

Capital ill-prepared for major quake, report finds
An audit of the Wellington region's emergency response centres has found that most of them may not be able to function after a major earthquake. [more]

Businesses fear the waiting will ruin them
Business owners have told the Christchurch City Council that waiting for a decision about the future of their quake-damaged buildings could ruin them. [more]

Windfarm opponents fear 10 years of uncertainty
The lawyer representing opponents of a windfarm southeast of Dannevirke has challenged Contact Energy over the timeframe of the consents it's seeking. [more]

Silver Ferns have easy first win in Delhi
The New Zealand netballers made the best possible start to their Commonwealth Games title defence, beating Papua New Guinea 102-21 in Delhi. Up 57-12 at half-time, the Silver Ferns coach,... [more]

Black Sticks women win first pool match at Games
The New Zealand women's hockey team has won their first Commonwealth Games pool match 5-1 against Wales in Delhi. The score was locked at 1-all at half-time, with New Zealand's... [more]

Lee Westwood will spearhead Europe's Ryder Cup hunt
Lee Westwood will spearhead Europe's hunt for the five points they need to regain golf's Ryder Cup from the United States tonight. After heavy rain laid waste to the Celtic... [more]

Lawn bowls teams off to a strong start
New Zealand's made a strong start in the lawn bowls events at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. The men's triples team of Richard Girvan, Shannon McIlroy and Todd Andrew comfortably... [more]

Knight cruises through first round of men's Squash
The New Zealand men's squash player, Martin Knight, has beaten Kenya's Hardeep Reel in straight sets in his first game at the Commonwealth Games. Reel was no match for Knight,... [more]

Women's hoops facing big changes
Basketball's governing body FIBA is considering lowering the rims and introducing more revealing uniforms for women players. FIBA's responded to criticism that women's basketball need the explosive slam-dunk scoring seen... [more]

Erakovic scores first win in Delhi
The New Zealand women's tennis player, Marina Erakovic, go her Commonwealth Games campaign off to a good start, comfortably winning her singles match 6-1, 6-love against Nikkita Fountain of the... [more]

Boyle finishes 7th in 200m freestyle final
The New Zealand swimmer, Lauren Boyle, has finished seventh in the women's 200-metre freestyle final at the Commonwealth games in Delhi. Boyle qualified for the final in third place, and... [more]