Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 7th October 2010

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Best Song Ever Written - Fuel Up
For Radio New Zealand staffer and musician Nick Atkinson, it's Fuel Up by Stornoway. [more]

Your Place - Cheltenham
Today we get an insight into the Manawatu town of Cheltenham. [more]

Chilean Miners - Jonathan Franklin
Jim speaks with a freelance journalist who's been covering the emerging story of the San Jose miners. [more]

Janet Frame house - Vanessa Barnes
Vanessa recalls the mysterious house down the road in Hokowhitu, Palmerston Nth. [more]

He Rourou for 07 October 2010
Today Herea Winitana talks about the things we can learn from the native birds of NZ. [more]

Arts Report
Lyn Freeman gets an insight into the design of extra-terrestrial weaponry and alien biology with Daniel Falconer of District 9. [more]

Southern Story for 7 October 2010 - Goat Cheese
The rugged West Coast produces some wonderful characters, and a goats' cheese that's popular with tourists. [more]

Our Changing World - Tetrodotoxin and Sea Slugs
After five dogs mysteriously died on Auckland beaches, scientists discovered that grey side-gilled sea slugs contain lethal doses of a poison called tetrodotoxin. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 07 October 2010
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on today's Panel. [more]

The Panel with Stephen Franks and Tim Watkin (part 1)
The Chris Carter and Paul Henry sagas plus a dinner with Len Brown, Supercity Mayoral hopeful. [more]

The Panel with Stephen Franks and Tim Watkin (part 2)
Grumpy? What gets you going? Panellists opine. The latest NZ work stat's. Is Fonterra encouraging tropical deforestation? Islamic extremism and Tony Blair. All on part 2 of The Panel. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 7 October 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 7 October 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 7 October 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 07 October 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Christchurch Real Estate agents' livelihoods are at risk
The Real Estate Institute says earthquake related delays in getting LIM reports for house purchases in Christchurch could ruin the livelihoods of real estate agents. [more]

Canterbury geo-tech report shows majority of land repairable
The Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says all but a few Cantabrians will be able to rebuild on their original properties. [more]


Savings Working Group not convinced about compulsory savings
The head of the group hand picked by the Government to solve the country's savings problem is still to be convinced that compulsory savings are the answer. [more]

Controversial farmer leader polarises Kaipara vote
A controversial farming leader has polarised voters in Northland's Kaipara District Council elections, but he's also generated one of the highest voter turnouts ever. [more]

Checkpoint Top Stories for Thursday 07 October 2010
Auckland Mayor breaks down in tears while giving evidence at inquest; Chris Kahui speaks publically for the first time; Canterbury quake report shows most land repairable; failure of Whanganui Mayor to foil offensive fence; Chris Carter to stand down in Te Atatu. [more]

Banks breaks down giving unexpected evidence at inquest
The Auckland mayor, John Banks, has broken down in tears while giving evidence at an inquest into the death of his son's friend - James Webster - who died from acute alcohol poisoning. [more]

Chris Kahui speaks publically for first time
Chris Kahui has spoken in public for the first time about the events leading up to the deaths of his three-month-old sons, Chris and Cru. [more]

Chris Carter will stand down from Te Atatu nomination
The disgraced former Labour MP Chris Carter has bowed to the inevitable and announced he's getting out of politics at the next election. [more]

Whanganui's mayor fails to bust gang fence
Whanganui's mayor is about to leave office - without having managed to tear down the two metre high fence around the city's Hells Angels headquarters. [more]

Sports News for 07 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Bexley resident doubts neighbours will return
News that most Cantabrians will be able to rebuild on their original properties has shocked one resident from the suburb of Bexley. [more]

Auckland lawers barred from legal aid work speak out
Two Auckland lawyers barred from doing legal aid work say they had no idea the police are now investigating a complaint against them. [more]

Waatea News for 07 October 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Ady Gil says Sea Shepherd owes him a boat
A former patron of the anti-whaling organisation, Sea Shepherd, is accusing it of using publicity stunts to attract funding - and says it owes him a boat. [more]

Carter bows out of nomination race at 11th hour
The Te Atatu MP Chris Carter has announced he's getting out of politics at the next election. [more]

Minister announces review of pre-school education
The Education Minister has announced a wide ranging review of how pre-school education is funded but says it is not a cost cutting exercise. [more]

Japan considers joining TPP
The world's third largest economy, Japan, may be about to join the trans-pacific free trade talks which include New Zealand and the United States. [more]

Business interview with Comvita
The listed honey and health products firm, Comvita, has been invested in by two large Asian companies. [more]

Denise L'Estrange-Corbet appeal on mental health
A leading New Zealand clothing designer is urging employers not to be put off hiring - and keeping staff - who have mental health problems. [more]

Elderly grin and bear it as aftershocks rattle on
Reporter Matthew Peddie spoke to Grey Power members in Rangiora to find out how the elderly are coping with persistent aftershocks which continue to jangle the nerves of Canterbury residents. [more]

Sports News for 07 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Sustainability survey of candidates a likely first
A Hamilton group which has conducted an in-depth study into local body election candidates' views on sustainability says it hopes the idea will catch on in other regions. [more]

Vodafone Music Awards
The vodafone music awards are being held in Auckland this evening. Reporter Laura Davis is on the red carpet doing a bit of star spotting. [more]

Waatea News 07 October 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Courses too short warn English language teachers
A group representing English language teachers says a one year cap on english courses for the unemployed means more refugees and immigrants will be stuck on the dole. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 7 October 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 7 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Thursday 7 October 2010
Pete Bethune says Sea Shepherd morally bankrupt, Still no elusive gold medals at the Commonwealth Games, Reaction to Government's decision to take civil action, More dishonest legal aid lawyers may be named, British diplomats come under attack in Yemen, Macsyna King alleged to have inflicted injuries on twins. [more]

New rules for teacher training
There are predictions new rules could prompt some tertiary institutions to drop teacher training courses. [more]

Pacific News for 7 October 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 7 October 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

19-year-old comes from behind to take silver medal
New Zealand has had another excellent night at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi - but still has not won any golds. [more]

Marlborough Mayor says 'boasting' Waihopai 3 a disgrace
The Mayor of Marlborough is applauding the government for taking action against the group known as the Waihopai three. [more]

Pete Bethune says Sea Shepherd morally bankrupt
The anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune has officially split from the Sea Shepherd group, saying it is morally bankrupt and regularly lies and schemes to capture public attention. [more]

Still no elusive gold medals at the Commonwealth Games
There's been another haul of medals overnight at the Commonwealth Games, but still no elusive golds. [more]

Reaction to Government's decision to take civil action
The Crown's decision to take civil action against the group known as the"Waihopai Three"is shaping up to be as divisive as the jury's decision to acquit them. [more]

More dishonest legal aid lawyers may be named
The Law Society says the naming and shaming of three legal aid lawyers will mean their work has to be picked up by their overworked and underpaid colleagues. [more]

British diplomats come under attack in Yemen
Suspected Al Qaeda militants have fired a rocket propelled grenade at a British diplomatic motorcade in the capital of Yemen, Sanaa. [more]

Macsyna King alleged to have inflicted injuries on twins
It's been alleged at a coronial inquest that the mother of the Kahui twins had a window of opportunity to inflict their fatal injuries. [more]

Sports News for 7 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

The impact of socio-economic status on Moari school students
A Northland principal says socio-economic status is a factor in the failure of Maori students and it is unrealistic to put the blame on schools. [more]

Archbishop Demond Tutu retires
The South African anti-apartheid activist and Archbishop emeritus, Desmond Tutu, is retiring from public life today. [more]

Japanese whaling"applauds Bethune's honesty"
There has been a bitter bust up between the anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune and his former colleagues at the Sea Shepherd Society. [more]

Ron Smith and Keith Locke discuss Waihopai Three
Three protestors who damaged the Waihopai spy base say they will use the civil case, being taken against them by the crown, to publicise their anti-war views. [more]

Further fall out over the Paul Henry controversy
The controversy over broadcaster Paul Henry's comments doesn't seem to be going away. [more]

Groser sees circuit-breaker to stalled Doha world trade talks
The Trade Minister says a new negotiating strategy could breathe life into stalled world trade talks potentially worth billions of dollars to exporters. [more]

Sports News for 7 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Coal seam gas power generation possible within two years
An Australian company says its confident aerial surveys of the West Coast and the Waikato will pinpoint good sites for methane gas mining. [more]

Porirua mayoralty fair game
The door is wide open in the race for the Porirua mayoralty, after its mayor of 12 years stood down. [more]

Waatea News for 7 October 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

More medals at the Commonwealth Games
4 more medals have been added to the New Zealand tally at the Delhi Commonwealth Games with 2 each from swimming and track cycling. [more]

Government to inject cash into waste processing facilities
The Government is to establish full time electronic waste processing facilities to mine valuable minerals from unwanted computers. [more]

Donald Trump says he's considering standing for President
Property mogul, Donald Trump has told American television shows he's giving serious consideration to running for the American presidency in 2012. [more]


South Africa Report
News and cultural trends from the Republic of South Africa, pop. 49,052,489 (2009 estimate)... the Protection of Information Bill could send investigative journalists to jail for 25 years. [more]

Science: Physics
Matter and energy and of interactions between the two... quantum computing. [more]

Clue 7 [more]

Clues 4 and 8 [more]

Nine To Noon

Waihopai civil action
Andrew Ladley, constitutional law expert and analyst on international conflict issues. [more]

The Canterbury DHB's handling of Dr Onovo
A former patient of Dr Chidozie Onovo was treated by him between March and August this year. The Canterbury District Health Board employed Dr Onovo, a convicted drug smuggler from Nigeria. He was last week sentenced to 16-months in prison after admitting three charges of fraud relating to work permits and a residency application. [more]

The climate action movement
Bill McKibben, founder and global organiser of The American environmentalist and author has been described by Time magazine as"the world's best green journalist". is organising a Global Work Party on 10 October, in a bid to get thousands of volunteers to set up solar panels, dig community gardens or lay out bike paths. [more]

UK correspondent - Jon Dennis
The first conservative conference since the election, the withdrawal of child benefits and government budget cuts. [more]

Feature Guest - Peter Lloyd
Australian journalist Peter Lloyd, who was working as a correspondent in Singapore when he had a very public fall from grace when he was jailed on drugs charges. [more]

Book Review - Guest House
Carole Beu reviews Guest House by Nicole Krauss. Published by Viking. [more]

New Technology with Nigel Horrocks
Nigel discusses the dark side of social media and dodgy overcharging for mobile calls in the US. [more]

Author Bridget Williams
Bridget Williams' books have won a number of significant awards, the most recent of which, Judith Binney's Encircled Lands, has recently won the NZ Post Book Awards Book of the Year Award. [more]

Film review with Dan Slevin
Dan looks at Animal Kingdom, Water Whisperers/Tangaroa and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole. [more]

Our Changing World

Study on preventing winter falls wins an Ig Nobel Award
Study on preventing winter falls wins an Ig Nobel Award. [more]

Cats, Skin Cancer, and Feline Papillomavirus
Nick Cave treats cats with skin cancer and John Munday wants to know if there is a link between the cancer and papillomaviruses [more]

Wellington Harbour Bird Survey
The Ornithological Society is completing the latest 2-year survey, building a 35 year picture of trends in species and numbers [more]

Scientific Glassblowing
Mike Wadsworth demonstrates some scientific glassblowing and explains what a necrodegradometer is. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 7 October 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Peter Wareing
Experimental New Zealand Filmmaker and artist presenting a series of short films at the NZ Film Archive in Wellington this week. [more]

Fiona Pears and Ian Tilley
NZ violinist and her music director talk about country wide tour starting 8 October until 6 November. [more]

You Me... Now!

Episode 8: It's Not What It Looks Like
Johno is caught with another woman. [more]

News stories:

Erakovic breezes into tennis quarterfinals
New Zealand tennis player Marina Erakovic breezed into the singles quarterfinals at the Commonwealth Games with a straight sets win on Wednesday. [more]

Cyclists, swimmers boosts NZ's medal haul
New Zealand's Commonwealth Games medal tally was boosted to six early on Thursday after success at the velodrome and in the pool. [more]

New Eels coach will have final say on Roosters roster
The Kiwis coach Stephen Kearney has revealed he demanded assurances from the Parramatta board that he would have final say on the Eels' playing roster before accepting the most pressure-filled... [more]

England captain could miss ABs Test
England's rugby captain Lewis Moody might miss next month's Test against the All Blacks after injurying an eye playing for Bath against Gloucester. Moody faces up to a month on... [more]

Men's hockey team beats South Africa
The New Zealand men's hockey team has recorded its second win at the Delhi Commonwealth Games, beating South Africa 4-2. The Black Sticks' next match is against England on Saturday,... [more]

Olympic sprint champion banned
The Jamaican sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser, the current world and Olympic 100 metres champion, has been banned for six months for failing a drugs test. Fraser returned a positive test to... [more]

Luke McAlister's World Cup hopes looking slim
Any chance the former All Black midfielder Luke McAlister had of making the end of season tour is over after it was confirmed that he has a broken jaw. The... [more]

Badminton team beaten 5-0
The New Zealand badminton team has been beaten 5-0 by Singapore in their last group match at the Delhi Commonwealth Games. The result means they will play top seeds and... [more]

Africans dominate first final on the Games track
As expected the Africans dominated the first athletics final at the Commonwealth Games main stadium in Delhi. Repairs on the track finished in time to allow the 100 metre heats... [more]

Para shot putter wins silver medal
The Southland paralympian Jess Hamill has won a silver medal in the shot put at the Delhi Commonwealth Games. 20-year-old Hamill threw 7.17 metres. Once her level of disability was... [more]

NZ archery teams beaten
The New Zealand men's and women's archery teams have both been eliminated at the quarter-final stage of their compund competition at the Delhi Commonwealth Games. In front of a big... [more]

NZ squash players beaten
Both New Zealand women have bowed out of the Commonwealth Games singles squash competition. In the quarter-finals Joelle King went close to a major upset before she was beaten in... [more]

Donaldson beaten in Delhi
The Palmerston North lightweight boxer Angus Donaldson has been beaten in his second round bout at the Delhi Commonwealth Games. Donaldson was beaten 6-0 on points by Northern Irishman Mark... [more]

NZ wrestler misses out
The New Zealand Greco-Roman wrestler Stephen Hill has been eliminated in the first round at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Wrestling in the 84-kilogramme exponent, Hill lost 7-1 to South... [more]

New Zealand lawn bowlers have mixed bag
The New Zealand women's lawn bowls pair of Jan Kahn and Manu Timoti have suffered their first loss of the Delhi Commonwealth Games, going down to Canada in their only... [more]

ICC to hold hearings for suspended Pakistani cricketers
The International Cricket Council will hold appeal hearings for the suspended Pakistan cricketers Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif in Qatar later this month. The hearings are set for... [more]

Match fixing allegations now hit volleyball
Volleyball has become the latest sport to be affected by claims of match fixing, prompting a revamp of the world championship format. Match-fixing in sport has been in the spotlight... [more]

Kearney confirmed as Parramatta coach
The Kiwis and former Melbourne assistant coach Stephen Kearney has been been confirmed as the new coach of the Parramata national rugby league side. Kearney's signed a three-year deal with... [more]

Work still being done on track and field venue
Repairs to the main Delhi Commonwealth Games stadium continued right up until just a couple of hours before the track and field programme. Staff worked through Tuesday night to make... [more]

Vettori says Black Caps have to target Shakib
The New Zealand cricket captain Dan Vettori says the Black Caps have to nullify the Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan if they're to square the five-match one day series in... [more]

Football Ferns one win away from World Cup
The New Zealand women's football team is just one win away from reaching the 2011 World Cup after beating the Solomon Islands 8-0 in the semi-finals of the Oceania Women's... [more]

Whincup supports new driver rule for Bathurst
The reigning V8 Supercar drivers champion Jamie Whincup believes this year's Bathurst 1000 will be much harder to win than in the past. Whincup says a new rule preventing regular... [more]

Mils Muliaina back for Waikato
Waikato's All Black fullback Mils Muliaina will start in Friday night's provincial championship rugby match against Otago in Hamilton Coach Chris Gibbes says it's exciting to have Muliaina back in... [more]

Newcastle demand FA punish De Jong
Newcastle has demanded that the English Football Association take action against Manchester City midfielder Nigel de Jong over the horror tackle which left Hatem Ben Arfa with a broken leg. [more]

Liverpool in crisis says Reds' legend
The Liverpool football legend Mark Lawrenson says his former club is in crisis after a dismal start to the season. The Reds are in the Premier League relegation zone following... [more]

Olazabal interested in Cup captaincy
Spain's Jose Maria Olazabal says he would love to lead Europe's bid to retain the Ryder Cup in 2012. Olazabal was one of the European vice-captains as his team edged... [more]

Two debutants in Kiwis squad for Four Nations
Two debutants and a recall after a three-year absence are the features of the 23-man New Zealand rugby league squad named for the end-of-season Four Nations and a one-off Test... [more]

Electricity tipped soon from coal gas deposits
An Australian company surveying for coal seam gas deposits on the West Coast and Waikato says the gas could be used to generate electricity within 18 months. [more]

Impact on immigrants and refugees feared
English language teachers fear immigrants and refugees will suffer from changes to an unemployment education programme. [more]

NZ squash players beaten
Both New Zealand women are now out of the Commonwealth Games singles squash competition. [more]

Donaldson beaten in Delhi
Palmerston North lightweight boxer Angus Donaldson has been beaten in his second round bout at the Delhi Commonwealth Games. [more]

New car registrations up
New car registrations rose almost 13% in September, buoyed by a pre-GST rise rush and more rental vehicles. [more]

Talley's now holds 90.5% of AFFCO
Talley's is now the dominant owner of AFFCO. It says holds acceptances for 90.5% of all shares in the company. [more]

Lamb losses estimated at 50% for some
Slink Skins Ltd of Southland says some southern farmers lost more than half of their lambs to the extreme weather at the tail end of September. [more]

Flush of feed now expected
Southern sheep farmers are being advised to plan for an expected flush of grass, especially if they now have fewer mouths to feed. [more]

Foreign investment survey
A survey on foreign investment has found that more New Zealanders would support overseas investment in farmland if it increased domestic employment and benefitted the economy. [more]

University to measure environmental impact of cows
A Lincoln University project aims to simplify the way farmers measure the environmental impact of dairy cows. [more]

New rules for teacher education programmes
The Teachers Council says new regulations could prompt some institutions to stop training teachers. [more]

Appointment seen as unacceptable by Labour
Labour says the appointment of Mark Ford as the chief executive of Auckland's Watercare Services is an unacceptable concentration of power. [more]

Too few schools implementing new strategy - ERO
The Education Review Office says the Ka Hikitia strategy will lift Maori educational achievement, but too few schools are implementing it. [more]

Pregnant women sought for sleep survey
Massey University researchers are looking for pregnant Maori women to join a study on disrupted sleep. [more]

IMF expects slower global growth
The International Monetary Fund says the global economy will grow slightly more slowly than previously expected next year. [more]

New saving funds launched
Two new savings products have been launched this week, employing fresh tactics to get New Zealanders to put aside their pennies. [more]

Seats still unsold for NZ - Honduras match
A football friendly match between the All Whites and Honduras in Auckland on Saturday is yet to sell out, with three days to go before kick-off. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Thursday's headlines: public service managers being asked to swear under oath that they have not leaked official documents; payment of $90,000 for being sacked after asking for time off at Christmas; mother of Kahui twins was haunted by a ghost after thei [more]

Wall Street down
Stocks have fallen on Wall Street after a disappointing jobs report while technology stocks slippped after a broker downgraded the chip sector. [more]

Guilty pleas by Five Star Group directors
All the former directors of failed finance firm Five Star Group have now pleaded guilty to breaching to the Securities Act and Financial Reporting Act. [more]

Silver medal won by paralympian
Southland paralympian Jess Hamill has won a silver medal in the shot put at the Commonwealth Games. [more]

Mational standards being considered for Maori immersion schools - PM
Prime Minister John Key says Cabinet is considering the next steps towards rolling out national standards for full immersion Maori schools. [more]

Extended voting period wanted
An Auckland super city candidate for the Papakura-Manurewa ward, wants postal voting to be extended by a week because of problems with the delivery of voting papers. [more]

Gold wanted out of Hauraki settlement
Conservationists in Coromandel want gold left out of the Hauraki Treaty settlement. [more]

Poverty seen as key to learning problems
A Northland school principal says poverty and deprivation are major factors in the learning failure of many Maori students and it is not a problem that schools can fix on their own. [more]

RAMSI head in Solomon Islands welcomes PM's comments
The head of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands says he appreciates comments made by the Prime Minister Danny Phillip during the launch of his government's policy statement. The... [more]

PNG police will need millions of dollars to protect LNG project says commissioner
Papua New Guinea's police commissioner says police will need about 770-million US dollars to adequately provide protection to the multibillion dollar LNG project. The Post Courier reports Police Commissioner, Gari... [more]

Solomon Islands union calls for police commissioner to explain retirement scheme
The Solomon Islands Public Employees Union is calling on the Police Commissioner to come clean on his objectives behind the Voluntary Early Retirement Scheme. The Union's President, Peter Auga, says... [more]

Tonga NGO for women may have to close its door next year
The Tonga Women and Children's Crisis Centre says it's worried that it may have to close its doors next year if it can't find funding either locally or from overseas. [more]

Search for three Tokelauan teenagers missing at sea resumes
The search for three Tokelauan teenagers missing at sea since yesterday will resume this morning. The boys, two aged 15 and one aged 14, were last seen late on Tuesday... [more]

American Samoa signs new deal with major tuna supplier
The American Samoa government and one of the world's largest tuna suppliers, Tri Marine International, have signed a deal which will see Tri Marine takeover a closed plant. The documents... [more]

Open race for mayoralty of Porirua
The Porirua mayoralty is anyone's game, with the city's mayor of 12 years not standing for re-election. [more]

Possibility of new life seen for Doha round
Trade Minister Tim Groser says a new negotiating strategy could breathe life into the Doha round of world trade talks. [more]

Warning of cold-calling phone scam
The Ministry of Consumer Affairs advises people to be wary of a phone scam in which people are tricked into giving strangers access to their home computers. [more]

Tonga's National Centre for Women and Children looks for funding
Tonga's National Centre for Women and Children says fundraising for money is their last ditch attempt to be able to keep operating at least until December. NZAID pulled funding for... [more]

Govt looks at extending non-consents for quake houses
Building Minister Maurice Williamson says the Government is looking at extending what Christchurch residents can do to repair their earthquake damaged homes without obtaining consents. [more]

Niue lawn bowlers upset NZ
Niue's lawn bowlers have produced an upset on day three of the Delhi Commonwealth Games, with the men's triples team of Ian McKenna, Kolonisi Polima and Vihekula Kanaihu upsetting New... [more]

Liverpool set for new ownership
The board of England's most successful football club Liverpool has agreed to sell the club to the owners of baseball's Boston Red Sox, although the club's fate could yet be... [more]

Aussie cyclist in trouble after disqualification
The Australian track cyclist Shane Perkins is in trouble after reacting angrily to his disqualification from the motor-paced kierin event at the Commonwealth Games. Perkins, the pre-race favourite, was thrown... [more]

Tendulkar Player of the Year
The great Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar has won the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy as the International Cricket of the year, and his team-mate Virender Sehwag was named Test Cricketer of... [more]

Tautua Samoa Party banding together with smaller parties
The chairperson of Samoa's opposition Tautua Samoa party says it's joining forces with smaller parties against the ruling Human Rights Protection Party. Tautua Samoa's delaying releasing the names of its... [more]

Electronic waste processing facilities to be established
The Government is to set up full-time electronic waste processing facilities to mine minerals from unwanted computers. [more]

Fidelity Life to seek independent valuation
Fidelity Life says it will soon appoint an independent valuer to assess its worth, after an informal bid by Tower was rejected by the company's two largest shareholders. [more]

Meeting to discuss access to Kaingaroa forest
A meeting is underway in Murapara to discuss public access to the Kaingaroa forest. [more]

Asian companies take stake in Comvita
Two Asian companies have taken a strategic stake in the natural healthcare group, Comvita. [more]

Average investment income down
Average investment income fell by a quarter in the June quarter, compared to a year ago. [more]

Cannabis operation found next to baby's room
Police in Hamilton say they found an indoor cannabis growing operation next to a baby's bedroom while carrying out a check at a property in Fairfield. [more]

All Whites keen on underdog status despite home advantage
All Whites captain Ryan Nelsen's keen to play the underdog card in the upcoming football friendlies against two visiting Latin American sides. Despite a successful undefeated campaign by the All... [more]

Jumbo Ozaki included in golf's Hall of Fame
The Japanese golf legend Masashi "Jumbo" Ozaki has been elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame. The 63-year-old will be inducted in May along with Ernie Els of South... [more]

Honduras and Paraguay games not "friendlies" says Nelsen
They're officially dubbed friendlies, but All Whites football captain Ryan Nelsen says make no mistake - the two internationals against fellow World Cup sides Honduras and Paraguay will be highly... [more]

Govt grant to develop cherry sorting machine
Compac Sorting Equipment is to use a Government technology grant of $3.5 million to develop a new high-speed sorting and grading machine for cherries. [more]

Another cold front forecast for Southland
Southland farmers hope a cold front that is forecast over the South Island this weekend is not as severe as last month's spring storms. [more]

Temporary agreement over scrub clearance rules
Manawatu-Whanganui Regional Council has reached an agreement with hill country farmers over scrub-clearing rules. But it's a temporary arrangement. [more]

Plaster busts to raise awareness of cancer
Rural women have given new meaning to the term "getting plastered". They are making plaster casts of their busts to be displayed as sculptures in a national campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer. [more]

Cook Islands Democratic party to target diet-related disease
The president of the Cook Islands Democratic Party says under its election manifesto it'll be targetting diet-related disease in the country. The party's launching its official campaign tomorrow night and... [more]

NZ and Australian markets down
The New Zealand and Australian sharemarkets slipped on Thursday morning. [more]

NZ dollar rising
The New Zealand dollar has cracked 75 US cents for the first time in almost a year. [more]

Fiji marks 40 years of independence from Britain
Fiji's interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has launched Fiji Day celebrations marking the 40th year of independence from Britain. In his speech at Albert Park in Suva, he said... [more]

Former Cook Islands Prime Minister to run as independent
The former Cook Islands Prime Minister, Sir Terepai Maoate, has confirmed he'll stand as an independent in next month's general election. Sir Terepai, who's been a stalwart member of the... [more]

France appoints Dupuy as next New Caledonia high commissioner
The French government has chosen Albert Dupuy as the next high commissioner to New Caledonia. Mr Dupuy had been the prefect in the Isere department but was demoted in July... [more]

Carmen Thomas post-mortem complete
Police investigating the killing of Carmen Thomas in Auckland say a post mortem on her body has been completed. [more]

Waihopai civil action given better chance of succeeding: lawyer
Defence lawyer Jonathan Krebs says civil action against three men who attacked the Waihopai spy base in 2008 has a better chance of succeeding than a criminal case that failed. [more]

Men's hockey team beat South Africa
The New Zealand men's hockey team has recorded its second win at the Commonwealth Games, beating South Africa 4-2. [more]

Malaysia joins trade talks
The Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade talks have received a boost with the inclusion of Malaysia. And Japan may seek to join the talks. [more]

Fatal crash closes highway near Tirau
State Highway 1 is closed north of Tirau in the Waikato following a fatal collision between a truck and a car. One person died and two others were injured. [more]

Law reform to repeal adultery law in Samoa
A report has been tabled in the Samoan parliament that, if adopted, would repeal the law making adultery illegal. The report, by the Samoa Law Reform Commission, argues the adultery... [more]

European court silent on Tahitian language ban
The European Court of Human Rights has thrown out a complaint by a French Polynesian assembly member over a ban to use Tahitian in the legislature. The court in Strasbourg... [more]

Cook Islands Democratic Party pays tribute to ousted Maoate
The president of the Cook Islands Democratic Party says the decision by the former Prime Minister, Sir Terepai Maoate, to go independent doesn't detract from his political contribution. Sir Terepai,... [more]

Samoa opposition plans to change conditions for political candidates
The chairperson of Samoa's opposition Tautua Samoa party says the current system whereby state servants face losing their jobs if they stand as opposition candidates is undemocratic. The comment follows... [more]

PNG looking for vast improvement ahead of football final
New Zealand will play Papua New Guinea in the final of the Oceania Women's Nation's Cup football tournament. New Zealand beat the Solomon Islands 8-nil in Wednesday's first semi-final before... [more]

Pandemic over, but swine flu still circulating
Health officials say even though the flu season is almost over, swine flu has not gone away completely. [more]

Real estate agents under pressure
The Real Estate Institute says delays in getting LIM reports could be the last straw for its members in Christchurch following last month's earthquake and many could be forced out of the industry. [more]

Rejuvenation of inner-city urged
The head of Ballantyne's says last month's earthquake has provided the opportunity to rejuvenate Christchurch's decaying inner-city. He says a strong shopping centre is needed in central Christchurch. [more]

Papua flood victims reached by sea
Rescue and relief efforts in response to the flash flooding in Indonesia's West Papua province are largely being deployed by sea because of crippled transport links. Media reports put the... [more]

Early childhood education spending under scrutiny
Taxpayer funding of pre-school education is to be scrutinised by an expert panel. [more]

NZ swimmers advance to semifinals
All seven of the New Zealand swimmers competing in the first session in the pool at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi have advanced to the semifinals of their events on Thursday. [more]

Badminton team beaten 5-0
The New Zealand badminton team has been beaten 5-0 by Singapore in their last group match at the Commonwealth Games. [more]

Archery teams beaten
The New Zealand men's and women's archery teams were been eliminated at the quarterfinal stage of their compound competition at the Commonwealth Games. [more]

McDonald not convinced about compulsory savings
The head of the group appointed by the Government to solve New Zealand's savings problem is yet to be convinced that making savings compulsory is the answer. [more]

Tighter restrictions by auction site on kwila products
Online auction site Trade Me has decided to impose tight restrictions on all new products made from kwila, a tropical Papuan hardwood. [more]

Ferns pushed but win pool match against England
New Zealand have beaten England in their netball pool match at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, but were pushed hard on Thursday. [more]

Search for missing Tokelauan boys suspended
The search for three Tokelauan teenagers missing at sea has been unsuccessful so far. The boys, two aged 15 and one aged 14, went missing from Atafu Atoll in the... [more]

Death toll mounts as Papua flood relief is slow
A humanitarian NGO worker says some areas badly hit by the deadly flooding in Indonesia's West Papua province are yet to be reached by rescue and relief teams. Media reports... [more]

Continued Tahitian language ban disappoints former assembly member
A former French Polynesian assembly member, Sabrina Birk, says she is disappointed that a French ban of the use of the Tahitian language in the legislature will remain. Her complaint... [more]

Whanganui mayor fails to tear down gang fence
Whanganui mayor Michael Laws is about to leave office without fulfilling his pledge to tear down the fence around the city's Hells Angels headquarters. [more]

Tearful mayor makes apology at teen's inquest
Auckland City mayor John Banks has made a tearful apology for his son taking alcohol to a party and encouraging another teenager, who later died, to drink. [more]

Former Labour MP to withdraw Te Atatu nomination
Labour leader Phil Goff says Te Atatu MP Chris Carter had no other option than to withdraw his nomination to stand for the party again in the seat. [more]

Father tells of night Kahui twin stopped breathing
The father of the Kahui twins who died after suffering severe head injuries has told an inquest he was freaked out on the night one of the babies stopped breathing. [more]

Call not to shun workers with mental health issues
A leading New Zealand clothing designer is urging employers not to be put off hiring and keeping staff who have mental health problems. [more]

Hamblin into women's 1500m final
New Zealand middle distance runner Nikki Hamblin will race in the final of the women's 1500m at the Commonwealth Games after advancing from her heat. [more]

Crown disputes new evidence for fatal crash driver
The Crown says new evidence in an appeal hearing for a man who killed a woman by deliberately driving his car into hers is not fresh enough to lead to a retrial. [more]

Conference told tasers needed in prisons
Prison officers say they need tasers in prisons to stop attacks on them. [more]

Harvard University to buy Central Otago farmland
Federated Farmers is welcoming the purchase of more than 1600 hectares of farmland in Central Otago by Harvard University for $34.1 million. [more]

Barred lawyers investigated by police
Police in South Auckland are investigating two of the three lawyers barred from doing legal aid work. [more]

Sea Shepherd under fire from former patron
The anti-whaling Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is under further attack - this time from its former patron. [more]

Most quake-hit residents able to rebuild, says minister
Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says all but a few Cantabrians will be able to rebuild on their original properties. [more]

Australians seethe after athletes ruin medal chances
Australia's sporting reputation has been tarnished by the bad tempers of two of its athletes at the Commonwealth Games. [more]