Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 14th October 2010

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Best Song Ever Written - The Aeroplane over the Sea
Anna May from Christchurch chooses 'The Aeroplane Over the Sea' by Neutral Milk Hotel. [more]

Your Place - Pigeon Bay
Pigeon Bay is the site of one of the earliest European Settlements. At one point, around the turn of last century, its population reached three hundred and sixty, and the village became an important transport link on Banks Peninsula. [more]

IVF kids taller
According to a study by the University of Auckland's Liggins Institute children born through in vitro fertilisation, grow up to be taller than those conceived naturally. IVF kids can be several centimeters taller, and the tallest are the ones born as a result of an IVF process using fresh, and not frozen, embryos. [more]

Dog trapped for 8 weeks
A 16 year old labrador named Gail has been found alive after being trapped for 8 weeks in an abandoned house. She survived on her own body fat and water from a hole in the roof. [more]

He Rourou 14 October 2010
Ana Tapiata talks to Hana O Regan, a Ngai Tahu language stalwart and judge of the English language section of this year's Manu Korero speech competitions. [more]

Feature Album - Soldier of Love
The Feature Album is Sade's 'Soldier of Love'. [more]

The Arts Report - The Art of Stage Combat
For many years Tony Wolfe was one of New Zealand's only stage combatants but now his son Josh Wolfe is fighting fit and teaching the art of stage combat. Sonia Yee heads to one of Josh's workshops. [more]

Southern Story for 14 October 2010 - Memories of Ohai (part 1)
Sage Forest visits Ohai, a Southland coal town built on mining, now surviving on memories. [more]

Our Changing World - Wellington Harbour Bird Survey
Members of the Ornithological Society of New Zealand have been counting birds around Wellington Harbour, as part of a long-term survey of trends in bird species and numbers that began in the mid 1970s. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 14 October 2010
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel. [more]

The Panel with David McPhail and Mary McCallum (part 1)
A police review of firearms policy is expected to include a proposal to have lock boxes available in every police patrol car, and Auckland's tenement expansion. [more]

The Panel with David McPhail and Mary McCallum (part 2)
Hundreds of thousands of households have been charged the new, higher rate of GST on electricity, phone and water services that were supplied before the GST rise took place. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 14 October 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 14 October 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 14 October 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 14 October 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Thursday 14 October 2010
Government accounts in deficit, Chilean Embassy celebrates miners' rescue, Last Chilean miner rescued, Last Chilean miner rescued, Canterbury businesses lash out at National Bank, Daughter wants another inquiry into Crewe murders, Revenue Minister criticises utility companies for GST charges, Report on economic benefits of boosting university education, Sevens Team arrive back with gold. [more]

Last Chilean miner rescued
33 miners spent up to 70 days trapped 622 metres under ground. 54 year old Luis Urzua who was the shift leader at the time of the collapse, was the last miner out of the underground chamber. [more]

Government accounts in deficit
The Government's income has slumped as it recorded a $6.3 billion deficit for the financial year ended June the 30th. While the Government spent the same as it did the previous year, its tax income fell by $4 billion. [more]

Canterbury businesses lash out at National Bank
Businesses in Canterbury have lashed out at one of the country's largest banks, accusing it of charging them high interest to cover their losses from past mistakes. [more]

Daughter wants another inquiry into Crewe murders
A plea from a daughter still seeking answers after 40 years could trigger another police investigation into one of the country's most famous unsolved cases. [more]

Police Minister accused of putting pressure on Commissioner
Police Minister Judith Collins is being accused of putting pressure on the Police Commissioner to put guns in all police cars. [more]

Sevens Team arrive back with gold
New Zealand's victorious Sevens team has arrived back in the country after winning gold at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. [more]

Sports News for 14 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Pacific leaders decry axing of language resources
Pacific community leaders and teachers are angry at the Education Ministry's decision to suspend a series of popular books for Pacific Island students. [more]

Economic and Political progress for Chile
The mining saga has boosted the flagging popularity of the recently elected President Sebastian Pinera - just as copper mining has contributed to the rescue of Chile's economy. [more]

Rowing crew gets away following sea lion attack
A rowing crew in Otago has had a lucky escape following an encounter with an aggressive Sea Lion. [more]

Waatea News for 14 October 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Growers brace for crop losses in Gisborne area
Gisborne growers are bracing for crop losses following heavy rain and flooding. Up to 200 millimetres of rain fell in the Gisborne area, forcing the evacuation of eight homes north of Tolaga Bay and flooding fields of maize, sweet corn, squash and tomatoes on the Poverty Bay flats. [more]

Silver Ferns play Australia for Commonwealth Gold
The Silver Ferns will fight Australia for Commonwealth Gold, having beaten Jamaica for a place in the final. The New Zealand team beat their trans-tasman rivals to win gold at the last Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. [more]

American authorities crack Medicare fraud
US authorities have cracked what they're calling a vast network of Armenian gangsters who stole patient names and set up fake clinics in one of the biggest ever rip-offs of Medicare. [more]

Chilean Embassy celebrates miners' rescue
Staff at the Chilean Embassy drank champagne, waved paper flags and sang their national anthem as the last of the 33 trapped miners was rescued. [more]

Revenue Minister criticises utility companies for GST charges
The Minister of Revenue has strongly criticised three companies for charging the new GST rate of 15% on power and water for September. [more]

Bali prison report says Schapelle Corby faking mental illness
The governor of Bali's Kerobokan prison has delivered a harsh report on Schapelle Corby, accusing her of faking mental illness. [more]

Report on economic benefits of boosting university education
A new report says pouring an extra $200 million into university education over the next five years as a one off investment would give the economy a significant and permanent boost. [more]

Ngapuhi's sovereignty claim
The Waitangi tribunal enquiry into Ngapuhi sovereignty claims is drawing to a close at a marae north of Kerikeri. The tribunal is investigating the events surrounding Ngapuhi's 1835 declaration of independence and their claim that they did not cede sovereignty when they signed the Treaty of Waitangi. [more]

Sports News for 14 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

The search for a missing helicopter
A search of an area near Bluff is underway for a helicopter which was reported overdue. [more]

Productivity Commission's independence questioned
A proposed Productivity Commission is already being criticised for lacking independence from the Government. [more]

September house sales worst in a decade
House sales improved slightly last month - but were still at their lowest September total for at least a decade. [more]

Waatea News for 14 October 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Wellington business community's take on Wade-Brown mayoralty
Wellington's new mayor Celia Wade-Brown narrowly won the vote with a campaign for light rail, better use of clean technologies and greater community action. But some of her pre-election proposals have some in the business community nervous about who's going to be footing the bills. [more]

Law Society: widespread support for gowns in district courts
The Law Society says there's widespread support among its members to make wearing gowns mandatory during district court trials and sentencings. [more]

Silver Ferns take on Australia for Gold medal
The Silver Ferns are banking on their buildup in Singapore to give them the edge against Australia in the netball gold medal match. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 14 October 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 14 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Thursday 14 October 2010
Scenes of jubiliation as Chilean miners are freed, New Zealand connection to mine rescue, New Zealand has won two more gold medals in Delhi, Flood forces evacuations on East Coast, Police Minister backs easier access to guns, Move to ban Maori access charges described as insult, Government axes school intervention scheme, Labour says government hiding details of SCF bids. [more]

Ex-Marine to be tried for Michelle Beet's murder
A former American marine has been committed to stand trial for the murder of New Zealand-born nurse, Michelle Beets. [more]

Pacific News for 14 October 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 14 October 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Heavy rain continues to fall on the East Coast
Heavy rain has continued to fall on the East Coast, north of Gisborne, overnight - with fears of even more evaucations and road closures. [more]

Trapped Chilean miners have come to the surface
There have been scenes of joy and elation as one by one, the trapped Chilean miners have come to the surface. Seventeen of 33 miners have now been freed - after being trapped 7-hundred metres beneath the surface for more than two months. [more]

Aknowledged Anomaly in Marine and Coastal Areas BIll
The Attorney General acknowledges an anomaly will be created by a proposed change to the Marine and Coastal Areas Bill aimed at preventing fees for access. [more]

Scenes of jubiliation as Chilean miners are freed
There have been scenes of joy and elation as one by one, the trapped Chilean miners have come to the surface. [more]

New Zealand connection to mine rescue
And there is a New Zealand link to the rescue. The harnesses the miners are wearing that measure their vital signs was invented by a New Zealander, Brian Russell. [more]

New Zealand has won two more gold medals in Delhi
New Zealand has won two more gold medals in Delhi, in the team's best day yet at the Commonwealth Gmes. [more]

Flood forces evacuations on East Coast
Heavy rain in the East Coast overnight has caused the evacuation of more than 40 people as water crept closer to their homes and roads were closed. [more]

Police Minister backs easier access to guns
The Police Minister has given her strongest indication yet that police officers will get faster and easier access to guns. [more]

Move to ban Maori access charges described as insult
A move to specifically ban Maori who hold customary title over the seabed and foreshore from charging fees for access, is being described as an insult to iwi around the country. [more]

Government axes school intervention scheme
Education groups are upset the government is axing its main support programme for troubled schools. [more]

Labour says government hiding details of SCF bids
The Labour Party says the government should release details of offers it says were made for South Canterbury Finance. [more]

Sports News for 14 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Parliamentary report predicts oil price spike by 2012
A parliamentary report warns New Zealand could face the first of a series of oil price shocks by 2012, resulting in a cycle of recessions, punctuated by short-lived recoveries. [more]

Capital road overhauls face new hurdles with new mayor
Contentious - and expensive - roading projects planned for Wellington may be in jeopardy, with the election of a bicycle-riding mayor to the capital's top office. [more]

No guarantee Canterbury aftershocks will get smaller
Canterbury residents are being told there's no guarantee the aftershocks that have been rattling the region for more than a month will get any smaller. [more]

Two more Golds for New Zealand in Delhi
New Zealand has won a further two gold and four silver medals at the Commonwealth Games overnight - but one was plagued by controversy. [more]

Sharples says singling out Maori access fees an affront
The Maori Party says a law change that will specifically ban Maori customary title holders from charging public access fees is an affront to iwi. [more]

US Court orders end to Don't Ask, Don't Tell
A United States judge has ordered the Pentagon to stop banning openly gay men and women from serving in the US military. [more]

Report into freight shipping recommends hands-off approach
The Employers and Manufacturers Association says it agrees with a report that the Government should leave the freight shipping industry to sort itself out. [more]

Sports News for 14 October 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Verdict due today in Cairns home abortion case
A judge in Queensland is expected to deliver his verdict later today on a Cairns couple who've been charged with offences under the state's century-old abortion law. [more]

Napier, Gisborne polytechs plan to merge next year
The polytechs of Napier and Gisborne are planning to merge next year. [more]

Waatea News for 14 October 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

New mayor signals big changes in Whangarei council
The mayor-elect of Whangarei, Morris Cutforth, is promising a new era of openness in civic affairs - and an end to five-minute council meetings. [more]

Study shows US students drink harder in New Zealand
New research has found that American students studying in New Zealand drink twice as much alcohol here as they do back home. [more]

Pigeons love to gamble, study finds
An American study has found that pigeons, like humans, love a good flutter. [more]


Job Hunting Seniors
Sara Rix is a senior strategic policy adviser with AARP Public Policy Institute. She discusses the challenges unemployed Americans over the age of 50 are facing and how this impacts the economy and society. [more]

Science: Energy Usage
Professor Ralph Sims, director of Centre for Energy Research, Massey University. Tonight, breaking down your electricity bills. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Clue 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Wellington's first Green mayor
Celia Wade-Brown, mayor-elect of Wellington edged out incumbent Kerry Prendergast after a tight race that came down to special votes. Ms Wade-Brown has campaigned for better public transport. [more]

How does STV really work?
Dr Andy Asquith, a senior lecturer in management at Massey University, Albany. [more]

Adolescent sexuality
Dr Douglas Kirby, sexuality education expert. Dr Kirby has researched school and community programmes to reduce adolescent sexual risk-taking behaviours and is one of the keynote speakers at the Family Planning Conference, which starts on 15 October. [more]

UK Correspondent - Matthew Parris
The miner rescue in Chile and its affect on the UK, the future of University financing and speculation over Government budget cuts. [more]

Feature Guest - Randall Lane
Randall Lane, the former Forbes writer co-founded a magazine company Doubledown Media which launched magazines aimed at traders and the Wall Street elite and gave him a box seat of the goings-on of the rich and powerful. In his book The Zeroes: My Misadventures in the decade Wall Street Went Insane, he describes how his magazines all fed off - and encouraged - the Wall Street greed-fest before the company went belly-up in the financial crisis. Mr Lane is currently the editor-at-large of the The Daily Beast website. [more]

Book Review - The Brave
Sonja de Freiz reviews The Brave by Nicholas Evans. Published by Little, Brown. [more]

New Technology with Nigel Horrocks
Nigel looks at Google's testing of cars that drive themselves, a US professor's controversial way to deal to his personal library and the growth of local community websites. [more]

Parenting with Christian Wright
Speech-language therapist Christian Wright, discusses children's language development. [more]

TV Reviewer Simon Wilson
TV3's volcano drama Eruption, and new series The Big C. [more]

Our Changing World

Autonomous Rescue Robots
'Grandmother' heads a hierarchy of robots designed by Victoria University to search for survivors in collapsed buildings [more]

A Virtual Hearing Patient
At the University of Canterbury, a virtual patient allows students to learn how to test hearing in a simulated audiology booth [more]

Philosophy, Science and Belief
We think we are free to choose what to believe but University of Otago philosopher Alan Musgrave challenges this notion [more]

New Uses for Marine By-Products
Plant and Food Research's Natural Extracts team find novel high-value uses for molecules found in fish waste, such as Omega 3 [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 14 October 2010
Questions to Ministers 1. AMY ADAMS to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received on the Government's financial position? 2. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister of Finance: Does he agree with Alan Bollard who said that the economic recovery is proving "brittle, uncertain, and full of surprises"? 3. PAUL QUINN to the Minister of Justice: Has he recently referred any projects to the Law Commission; if so, what? 4. Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by his statement "this Government came into office with a plan to lift New Zealand's economic performance"? 5. Dr CAM CALDER to the Minister of Corrections: What advice has she received about the level of employment training in New Zealand prisons? 6. Hon RUTH DYSON to the Minister of Health: Does he still stand by his statement in relation to health funding that "the important thing is not how much extra money they're getting - it's what extra services you are getting as a taxpayer"? 7. MELISSA LEE to the Minister for ACC: What progress has the Government made in addressing the financial losses reported by ACC of $2.4 billion in 2007/08 and $4.8 billion in 2008/09? 8. Hon DAVID PARKER to the Minister for Land Information: How many farm sales to overseas purchasers has he declined since he became the Minister? 9. SHANE ARDERN to the Minister of Civil Defence: What is happening over Get Ready Week? 10. SUE MORONEY to the Minister of Education: Does she stand by her statement about possible responses by early childhood education providers to the funding shortfall they are facing that, "I would be really disappointed if the first thing they did was increase their charges"? 11. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Minister of Transport: Will he support an inquiry into the impacts of oil price shocks on the economy, including the transport sector; if not, why not? 12. DARIEN FENTON to the Minister of Labour: Does she stand by the statement made on her behalf on 22 September 2010 in relation to the Employment Relations Amendment Bill (No 2), "the Government made sure there were adequate protections in the bill in a number of areas in terms of the trial period"? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 14 October 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 14 October 2010
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Stephen de Pledge
Senior Lecturer in piano at Auckland university adjudicating Rönisch Auckland Secondary Schools Piano Competition. [more]

Grayson Gilmour
Janina Nicoll speaks to Wellington based composer and producer Grayson Gilmour ahead of his Wellington City Gallery performance under the alias 'Siamese'. [more]

Marku Ribas and Alda Rezende
Brazilian samba-rock legend and organiser of Wellington's Live Brasil Festival. [more]

You Me... Now!

Episode 15: Not What it Looks Like - again!
The band is ready to rock the Soul Bar as the cougar rocks the Alice and Johno boat. [more]

News stories:

DOC restricting cellphones to save money
The Department of Conservation has moved to restrict cellphone use by staff as part of its drive to save money. [more]

Lotto makes substantial profit
New Zealand Lotteries has made a substantial profit of $159 million coming off the back of the recession, but it is well below the record of two years ago. [more]

80 Jacobs' votes voided in capital DHB
About 80 people who voted for Mark Jacobs in the Capital and Coast District Health Board elections have had their votes declared void. [more]

Fluttering shearwaters lay on Mana Is
Mana Island, off the west coast of Wellington, is proving its worth as an ecological restoration site with seabirds laying eggs in specially designed burrows. [more]

New Zealand wins squash gold
New Zealand has won gold in the women's squash doubles at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. [more]

Interesting talks predicted between mayor and Govt
A Wellington City councillor believes interesting discussions lie ahead between the capital's new left-leaning mayor and the National-led Government. [more]

Lawn bowls silver for Smith
New Zealander Val Smith has won silver in the lawn bowls at the Commonwealth Games. [more]

New Zealand wins squash gold
The young New Zealand squash player Joelle King has finished her Commonwealth Games campaign with a gold and a silver medal. King, the rising star of New Zealand squash, teamed... [more]

Hockey girls gutted after loss to Australia
The New Zealand women's hockey coach Mark Hager says his players were completely gutted after losing a penalty shootout to Australia in the gold medal match at the Commonwealth Games. [more]

ICC approves Test cricket championship
The International Cricket Council has approved the creation of a league-style Test Championship and redrawn the lines of one-day cricket as part of an extensive restructuring of the international game... [more]

Gold medal for NZ shooters
The New Zealand shooters Mike Collings and John Snowden have won a gold medal in the pairs full bore open competition at the Delhi Commonwealth Games. The pair shot over... [more]

India whitewash Australia in Test series
India have underlined their number one ranking in Test cricket with a seven-wicket win over Australia in Bangalore, making it a sweep of the two-match series. The player of the... [more]

Black Sticks women have to settle for silver
The New Zealand women's hockey team has lost their gold medal match 4-2 on penalties to Australia at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi The Black Sticks fought right to the... [more]

Wilkinson predicts Cipriani will storm Super Rugby
England's World Cup winning rugby star Jonny Wilkinson has predicted fellow Englishman Danny Cipriani will take Super Rugby "by storm" next year. The 22-year-old Cipriani is due to join the... [more]

Draw with minnows has English media sharpening knives
England's footballers and manager Fabio Capello have received a media savaging after they stumbled to a disappointing goalless draw with tiny Montenegro in the Euro 2012 qualifiers. After being booed... [more]

UEFA opens probe after Serbia fans cause match abandonment
Serbia's long-standing football hooligan problem may lead to the Balkan country being tossed out of the sport. The midweek Euro 2012 qualifying match between Italy and Serbia in Genoa was... [more]

Offshore search for new canoe coach
Canoe Racing New Zealand's on the hunt for a new national coach and is looking offshore after seeing off Ian Ferguson, Paul MacDonald and Andras Szabo. The trio are no... [more]

ICC find no evidence of Pakistani corruption
There's relief in Pakistan cricket following an announcement by the International Cricket Council that its investigation into last month's England-Pakistan third one-day match at the Oval in London found no... [more]

India and Northern Ireland dominate boxing at Games
India and Northern Ireland have been the dominant nations in the boxing at the Delhi Commonwealth Games. The the 10 weight divisions India and Northern Ireland won three titles each,... [more]

New Zealand claims second silver in road cycling
The New Zealand cyclist Linda Villumsen admits she's a bit disappointed not to have won the gold medal in the women's road time trial at the Commonwealth Games. Denmark-born Villumsen,... [more]

Smith wins silver medal
The Nelson lawn bowler Val Smith has won a silver medal at the Delhi Commonwealth Games. Smith made a terrible start to the tournament losing four of her first six... [more]

Men's cyclists fail to fire in the time trial
The New Zealand cyclists have finished outside of the medals in the men's 40-kilometre time trial at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Jack Bauer was the best of the New... [more]

Indian walker tests positive for steroids
The Indian race walker Rani Yadav has been provisionally suspended from the Commonwealth Games in Delhi after testing positive for a banned steroid. Yadav, who finished sixth in the women's... [more]

BikeNZ support Tour of Southland with national team
The Commonwealth Games road cycling silver medallist Hayden Roulston and Greg Henderson, who decided not to go to Delhi, will lead an invitational national team in next month's Tour of... [more]

England frustrate fans again
England's footballers have frustrated their fans again after a lethargic and pedestrian goal-less draw with tiny Montenegro in a Euro 2012 qualifier in London. Apart from England's brief attacking rally... [more]

Shaun Kenny-Dowall and Jeremy Smith return to Kiwis
Shaun Kenny-Dowall and Jeremy Smith return to Test football after long absences when the Kiwis face Samoa in the first rugby league international between the two sides in Auckland on... [more]

Maori name strong squad for England match
New Kiwis Lewis Brown and Sam McKendry have been included in the New Zealand Maori rugby league side to take on England in Auckland on Saturday night. The Warriors backrower... [more]

Crowd trouble ends Italy-Serbia clash
The Italy-Serbia Euro 2012 Group C football match in Genoa was called off after Serb fans threw flares and bangers onto the pitch and at Italian supporters. The referee stopped... [more]

Rowing champs arrival pace picks up
It's getting busy at Lake Karapiro as more teams arrive for the 2010 World Rowing Championships that start on October 30th. The Greek team is spending a few days at... [more]

Ferguson 'mystified' over losing coaching job
One of the three coaches no longer required by Canoe Racing New Zealand says he is mystified as to why they have been axed. [more]

Black Sticks lose to Australia in penalty shoot-out
The New Zealand women's hockey team have lost their gold medal match 4-2 on penalties to Australia at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. [more]

Report warns of oil price spike by 2012
A parliamentary report warns New Zealand faces a series of oil price shocks, with the first as early as 2012. [more]

Bids for failed finance company were credible - Labour
The Labour Party says the taxpayer has paid up to $500 million too much because the Government rejected bids for South Canterbury Finance. [more]

New bee parasite 'well established' in Coromandel
The Ministry of Agriculture says preliminary results from an investigation into a new bee parasite indicate it is well established in New Zealand. [more]

Napier and Gisborne polytechs plan to merge
Napier and Gisborne polytechnics are planning to merge. [more]

Study shows US students drink harder in NZ
An addiction specialist is warning that the few months some foreign students spend in New Zealand could have long-term implications for their health. [more]

Attorney-General acknowledges anomaly in coastal bill
The Attorney-General concedes that specifically banning access charges to areas held under Maori customary title will create an anomaly under the law. [more]

Ferguson mystified by axing
The four-time Olympic gold medallist Ian Ferguson, one of the three national coaches no longer required by Canoe Racing New Zealand, is mystified as to why they've been axed. Sport... [more]

No pressure and no Penney for Breakers' opening game
The New Zealand Breakers begin their Australian National Basketball League season in Sydney on Saturday night without one of last season's stars and without the pressure of being widely tipped... [more]

Benayoun gone for most of Blues' season
English Premier League football champions Chelsea will be without Israeli national captain Yossi Benayoun for virtually the rest of the season after he underwent an operation to repair a torn... [more]

Former world champ Pettigrew died of overdose
Former 400 metres world champion Antonio Pettigrew died in August of an antihistamine overdose, according to a state autopsy report. The death was ruled a suicide with "diphenhydramine toxicity" as... [more]

Prospective Liverpool owner Henry attends board meeting
John W Henry, the man whose company is hoping to buy the Liverpool football club, has arrived in London for a meeting with the board after a court ruling earlier... [more]

Herbert happy with All Whites despite loss to Paraguay
The New Zealand football coach Ricki Herbert says he's happy with his side's performance in the two international friendlies against Honduras and Paraguay despite losing 2-0 to the South Americans... [more]

Counties-Manukau lock suspended, will miss Shield challenge
The Counties-Manukau lock Taiasina Tuifua has been suspended for one week for a dangerous high tackle on Auckland first five-eighth Matt Berquist during their national provincial rugby match at Pukekohe... [more]

Herbert praises Wood but says he must be more clinical
The New Zealand football coach Ricki Herbert believes striker Chris Wood has the potential to become the All Whites' premier goalscorer but concedes the teenager must be more ruthless in... [more]

Samoa man charged with murder
A man in Samoa has been charged with murder after he allegedly slashed his 31-year-old wife to death with a machete on the weekend. According to Assistant Police Commissioner, Leaupepe... [more]

People displaced by flooding in West Papua battle illnesses
Illness is now taking hold of a number of people evacuated from Wasior, Indonesia's West Papua, following devastating flooding in the area. Nearly 150 people died in the flooding and... [more]

Samoa's Attorney General's office looks into content of a TV3 story
Samoa's Attorney general's office is looking into the legal process and content of a TV3 story which questioned the whereabouts of millions of dollars of tsunami relief funds. The government... [more]

Firefighters stable after blaze at chicken shed
A firefighter who suffered serious burns in a blaze at a New Plymouth chicken shed has been transferred to Waikato Hospital for further treatment. [more]

Vanuatu opposition leader accuses PM of dividing MSG
The leader of the Vanuatu opposition, Maxime Carlot Korman, has accused the Prime Minister Edward Natapei of causing division in the Melanesian Spearhead Group, and undermining the country's reputation. This... [more]

Labour Party leader wishes Pacific MP well
The Labour Party leader, Phil Goff, says its mixed emotions for him losing a valued colleague and friend, Luamanuvao Winnie Laban. The MP for Mana is leaving behind an eleven... [more]

Solomon Islands govt reaffirms special relationship with Taiwan
The new Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Danny Philip has reaffirmed his country's special relationship with Taiwan during a meeting with its President, Ma Ying-Jeou." SIBC reports the Prime Minister has... [more]

ASPA receives grants of over 3 million US dollars
American Samoa's Power Authority has received grants of over three million US dollars from the federal government to help the utility's recovery from the 2009 earthquake and tsunami. One grant... [more]

Corrections says children involved in jail drugs drop
Corrections staff have thwarted a prison drugs drop in which they say children were involved. [more]

Warne explains Tweeting criticism
The Australian cricketing great Shane Warne says he's explained his Tweets criticising Ricky Ponting to the Test captain. Warne sent a series of Tweets during the fifth day of Australia's... [more]

Liverpool board determined to sell to Boston Red Sox owners
The board of English Premier league club Liverpool has vowed to go through with the club's sale to American company New England Sports Ventures, the owners of the Boston Red... [more]

Housing NZ facing $10m quake insurance bill
Housing New Zealand will have to pay $10 million in insurance excess following the Canterbury earthquake. [more]

Yudhoyono vows to rebuild flood-stricken West Papua township
Indonesia's president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, says his administration will rebuild the West Papuan town of Wasior where about 150 people were killed in floods and mudslides. About 700 people were... [more]

Domestic issue at centre of latest Easter Island property occupation
Reports from Chile say another property has been occupied on Easter Island but it is said to be unrelated to the recent seizures by Rapa Nui in their campaign to... [more]

PNG's New Ireland police fear for lives in piracy fight
Provincial police in Papua New Guinea's New Ireland say their lives are at risk as they tackle a growing number of piracy incidents on their high seas. The acting police... [more]

Ministry hopes for better links with NZ's Pacific churches
The Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs in New Zealand says it wants to build up a more strategic relationship with church leaders of Pacific congregations in New Zealand. Its chief... [more]

Officer who saved boys from burning van honoured
The Police Association has presented its first-ever bravery award to an officer who pulled two boys from a burning van. [more]

Gold medals for NZ in squash and shooting
New Zealand has won two more gold medals in Delhi in the team's best day yet at the Commonwealth Games. [more]

Joyce leads trade delegation to China
The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Steven Joyce, will lead a trade delegation to China this week. [more]

Farming leader against new MAF database
A dairy farming leader is opposing a farm information database MAF Biosecurity is developing. [more]

Growers join forces to market olive oil
A group of Marlborough olive growers have set up a company to market and sell their oil under one brand. [more]

First 10 youths set to begin 'boot camp'
Ten young men are set to join the first of the Government's boot camps for young offenders. [more]

TVNZ heads personally apologise to Sir Anand
The Governor-General has accepted an apology from the heads of Television New Zealand for comments made by former presenter Paul Henry. [more]

Wife had talked of leaving, murder trial told
A court has heard that the wife of a Matamata man had talked of leaving him, a year before he shot her at close range. [more]

PM plays down tensions over foreshore bill
The Prime Minister is playing down tensions between National's support parties over the foreshore and seabed, saying they just have very different points of view. [more]

Lawyer sees downside to legal-aid overhaul
A leading criminal lawyer says the overhaul of the legal-aid system will give younger lawyers fewer opportunities to get experience defending clients. [more]

Report suggests shipping sector be left to drive itself
A new report suggests the shipping sector should be left to grow on its own, rather than being driven by the Government. [more]

MP wants Samoa casino restrictions to be challenged
An opposition MP in Samoa, Taua Faraimo, says hoteliers should speak up about only two casino licences being planned as part of legislation now before Parliament. He says this restriction... [more]

Hobbit film disputants agree to work together
Those involved in a standoff about actors' employment on the Hobbit films have agreed to work together to update performers' conditions of engagement. [more]

Man missing nine months: reward offer renewed
The Crimestoppers organisation has extended a reward offer for information about the mysterious disappearance of a Nelson man in January. [more]

Intensive supervision for man cleared of murder
A Hawke's Bay man acquitted of murder after a double shooting north of Napier has been sentenced to two years' intensive supervision for an offence committed the same day. [more]

Cooks shipping unsettled after Mauke stranding
The Cook Islands government is trying to resolve a shipping problem after one of the two ships servicing the outer islands ran aground on the reef off Mauke. Just one... [more]

American Samoa wage situation reviewed
A team from the US General Accountability Office in American Samoa for a follow-up study on the impact of the minimum wage increases has heard from members of the Chamber... [more]

Speaker to penalise Carter for non-attendance
The Speaker is taking action against newly independent MP Chris Carter for being absent from Parliament. [more]

Bullerites resigned to loss of cement works
Buller mayor Pat McManus says locals are resigned to losing the Holcim cement works from the district but hope the closure is still years away. [more]

NZ inventor proud to play part in miners' rescue
A New Zealand inventor who created a bioharness used to help trapped miners in Chile says he is proud to be part of the rescue mission's success. [more]

Jail term sought for Crafar farms bidder
Prosecutors want the woman fronting a Chinese bid to buy the Crafar farms jailed if she's convicted of charges relating to her former, failed company. [more]

NZ claims second silver in road cycling
New Zealand cyclist Linda Villumsen has won silver in the women's 29-kilometre time trial at the Commonwealth Games. [more]

Indian walker tests positive for steroids
Indian race walker Rani Yadav has been provisionally suspended from the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, after testing positive for a banned steroid. [more]

Minister accused of pressuring police over guns
The Green Party is accusing the Minister of Police of putting pressure on the Police Commissioner to put guns in all police cars. [more]

Crown opens submissions in Maori sovereignty inquiry
The Crown has made its opening submissions in the Waitangi Tribunal hearing of the Ngapuhi sovereignty claim. [more]

PNG Planning Minister says condom use no solution to HIV
Papua New Guinea's National Planning Minister says using condoms is not the way to tackle his country's high rate of HIV infection. The National newspaper reports that Paul Tiensten made... [more]

Daughter of Crewe couple wants case reopened
The Police Commissioner is considering whether to reopen the investigation of the Crewe murders in 1970, following a plea from the couple's daughter. [more]

Ministry replacing programme for troubled schools
The Government is axing its main support programme for troubled schools in order to pay for a new unit in the Ministry of Education. [more]

Black Sticks take bronze in penalty shoot-out
The New Zealand men's hockey team won bronze at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, defeating England 5-3 on penalties in an intense play-off for third place. [more]

Pedestrian hit by truck dies
A pedestrian died after being hit by a truck south of New Plymouth on Thursday. [more]

Anger at New Zealand putting publication of Pacific language resources on hold
Pacific leaders in education are outraged at the New Zealand Education Ministry's decision to suspend some Pacific language resources. The Ministry says it has paused the publication of the Tupu... [more]

Universities seek to show their economic value
The umbrella body for universities has published a report it says shows the value of universities to the national economy. [more]

Pasifika teachers dismayed by ministry's action
Pacific Island teachers say the Education Ministry's decision to suspend publication of the two main Pasifika language resources is short-sighted cost-cutting. [more]

Utility companies deny GST rort
The utility companies accused of wrongly charging customers at a higher GST rate say they haven't done anything wrong. [more]

Auckland DHBs warn patients about test delays
Auckland's major public hospitals are warning patients to expect long delays in getting test results next week. [more]

Firearms could be in police cars within months
Police Minister Judith Collins says lock boxes for firearms in patrol cars could be rolled out within a matter of months. [more]

Sea-lion has a go at rowing boat
A crew member on a rowing boat attacked by an aggressive sea-lion in Otago says the mammal appeared to head-butt their boat. [more]

Inquiry into Ngapuhi claims draws to close
The Waitangi Tribunal's inquiry into Ngapuhi sovereignty claims is drawing to a close at a marae north of Kerikeri. [more]

Manufacturing activity shrinks again
Activity in the manufacturing sector contracted for the second month in a row in September. [more]

Retail sales unchanged in August
Retail spending has remained unchanged. [more]

Four American Samoa police in court for disturbing the peace
Four American Samoa police officers have been charged with disturbing the peace after an incident outside a tavern on Saturday night. One of the off duty officers, Lieutenant Ray Noa,... [more]

Gisborne rain destroys many crops
Growers in Gisborne say further heavy rainfall has caused more damage, leaving many crops underwater and destroyed. [more]

Carpet wool initiatives reaching stores
New initiatives for New Zealand carpet wools are starting to weave their way into the retail end of the market. [more]

Harawira wants tougher tobacco industry report
Te Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira says the draft report of the Maori Affairs select committee inquiry into the tobacco industry is the low-tar rather than full-strength version. [more]

Striking workers all Maori or Polynesian
The apiha Maori of the National Distribution Union says that all of the workers on strike at a recycling plant in Takanini are either Maori or Polynesian. [more]

Marshall Islands copra production hampered by poor shipping service
Copra production in the Marshall Islands has dived, falling to its lowest level in five years. The five and a half thousand tonnes is a 20 percent decline on the... [more]

NZAID defends Samoa's post tsunami rebuild after criticism on TV3
New Zealand's aid agency says Samoa has made demonstrable progress in restoring infrastructure to tsunami-hit communities. Samoa's government is considering complaining to the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority about a... [more]

Planned new cannery in American Samoa keeping eye on wage rises
The lawyer for Tri Marine International, Dan King, says an increase in the minimum wage in American Samoa will definitely have on impact on its planned new tuna cannery. Mr... [more]

PM open to new role for Prendergast
Less than 24 hours after Kerry Prendergast lost Wellington's top job, the Prime Minister says he would not rule out finding a role for the ex-mayor. [more]

Olam will do full review of struggling NZFSU
The Singaporean food giant Olam International, which recently acquired 78% of New Zealand Farming Systems Uruguay, says it will undertake a full review of the struggling business. [more]

Gains for most shares on Thursday's trading
The benchmark NZX50 index rose 31 points to 3263 on Thursday's trading, with turnover of $91 million. [more]

Essential staff in CNMI at risk of pay cut
Critical service positions in the Northern Marianas, such as doctors, nurses, police and firefighters could also have their wages cut by 16-hours per pay period from October the 24th, because... [more]

Kenyans win both men's and women's marathon
Kenyan athletes have won both the men's and women's marathon on the final day of the Games. John Kelai won the men's event and Irene Kosgai the women's, with Kenyans... [more]

Government deficit of $6.3 billion for financial year
The Government recorded a deficit of $6.3 billion in the past financial year, once investment gains and losses are excluded. [more]

Searchers sweep vast area for missing helicopter
Two people are believed to be on board a helicopter reported missing in the Awarua area, near Invercargill, on Thursday afternoon. [more]

Key, Brown talk super city over dinner
The Prime Minister and Auckland's new mayor-elect have had their first private meeting to discuss the future of the new city. [more]

New Whangarei mayor welcomes developers back
Whangarei's new mayor, Morris Cutforth, says he's issuing a fresh invitation to Auckland developers who, he claims, were blocked by the previous mayor from revitalising the city centre. [more]

More slips block state highway north of Gisborne
Emergency services are working to free stranded motorists on State Highway 2 north of Gisborne, where two large slips tumbled onto the road on Thursday afternoon. [more]

Bank cops flak from some Canterbury businesses
Some Canterbury business owners have lashed out at one of the country's largest banks, accusing it of charging them high interest to cover its losses from the global financial crisis. [more]