Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 18th November 2010

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Best Song Ever Written - My Way
Fleur Sullivan from Oamaru has chosen 'My Way' by Nina Simone. [more]

Your Place - Barrytown
Once home to more than two thousand miners, Barrytown itself is now nothing more than a dot on the map. In fact it's merely a village with nothing more than a church, a school and a famous old pub at its centre. The community is scattered along a narrow 14 kilometre long coastal flat, that stretches north, almost to Punakaiki. [more]

Gorillas for Orana Wildlife Park
Orana Wildlife Park has just announced plans to to bring three Silverback gorillas to New Zealand for the first time. Kibabu and his two sons Fataki and Fuzu may soon be calling Christchurch home. At the moment 210 kilo "Big Daddy", who is 33, and his young sons live in Sydney's Taronga Zoo. [more]

Wellington Love Letter
When you work for Weta Digital, a five-time Academy Award-winning visual effects studio, you can't just send around the standard "thanks for everything" email when you leave to take a job in the United States. So when Jesse Lewis Evans resigned to take a job with a prestigious animation studio on the East Coast, he and his mates created a video to send in his parting email. [more]

He Rourou for 18 November 2010
Every year the Takirua theatre produces a Ma-ori language play and this year the production was He Matapihi ki te Ao - A Window to the World. In He Rourou we hear a scene where Ma-ori is spoken with an Egyptian, a Swedish and a French accent. The actors in the play are Tiki Daniels, Nepia Takuira Mita, Paulette Hansen and Karl Te Ariki. [more]

Arts Report for 18 November 2010
This week marks the launch of a new book from one of our most visual of film-makers, Vincent Ward. [more]

Southern Story for 18 November 2010 - A Celtic Poet
Sonia Yee is in the deep South where she meets a man interested in history and storytelling whose path crossed with one of New Zealand's most revered writers. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 18 November 2010
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on today's Panel. [more]

The Panel with Adam Mercer and Liz Bowen-Clewley (Part 1)
Topics - The Hamilton hunter who shot dead Lower Hutt teacher Rosemary Ives at a Turangi campsite has pleaded guilty to a charge of manslaughter. The kiwifruit disease PSA is expected to take a 75 million dollar toll on the industry. Five cyclists have died in crashes on the country's roads in less than a week. [more]

The Panel with Adam Mercer and Liz Bowen-Clewley (Part 2)
Topics - Something that may surprise you - a suggestion that some people are indeed psychic, and more than that - they can influence the future too. The acting Minister of Women's Affairs Georgina te Heuheu has had to suffer the embarrassment of being reminded by Labour MP Sue Moroney that she had described the ministry that way, and called for it to be scrapped, in 2003. A woman who woke up to the sound of banging on her front door and bedroom window has complained that a 111 call-taker refused to send help because she seemed"calm". Leslie of Wellington has emailed the panel with the story of her daughter, who was photographed and received a ticket for double parking. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 18 November 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 18 November 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 18 November 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 18 November 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 18 November 2010
Consumer confidence rose slightly in November, but shoppers are still likely to remain cautious about opening their wallets. [more]


Repairs to quake-damaged homes start today
The first permanent repairs to Canterbury homes damaged in September's earthquake will start today. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Thursday 18 November 2010
Kiwifruit growers vote on whether to accept the government's help to fight the disease attacking their vines. A century old building in central Auckland may be about to collapse and a spotlighting hunter pleads guilty to manslaughter. [more]

Kiwifruit growers vote on Govt's PSA offer
Kiwifruit growers around the country are voting on whether to accept the Government's offer to help, in the fight against the vine disease PSA. [more]

Biosecurity Minister on PSA rescue package
The Biosecurity Minister, David Carter, joins us on the line. [more]

Central Auckland heritage building in danger of collapse
A busy central Auckland street is cordoned off and nearby buildings evacuated because a century old heritage building is in danger of toppling. [more]

Hunter pleads guilty to Rosemary Ives' manslaughter
A hunter who shot and killed a woman while she was camping over Labour Weekend, stood nervously and shaking in the Taupo District Court today as he pleaded guilty to her manslaughter. [more]

Treasury Secretary calls for faster return to surplus
The head of the Treasury says the Government should be aiming for Budget surpluses one to two years earlier than planned, to help bring down the high value of the New Zealand dollar. [more]

Resort owner despairs after tour bus pulls out
The Ngati Kahu land occupation at Taipa in the Far North has escalated today, with protestors stopping and boarding a tour bus. [more]

Evening Sports News for 18 November 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Whalers and protestors blamed for collision
A Maritime New Zealand report into a high seas collision between Japanese whalers and anti-whaling protestors has found that while both parties were to blame, neither deliberately caused the collision. [more]

Terror suspect acquitted on murder charges
The first terror suspect transferred from Guantanamo military prison to a civilian court in the United States has been cleared of 276 murder and attempted murder counts, along with four other conspiracy charges. [more]

Fonterra tells farmers to clean up their act
Dairy farmers were today told to clean up waterways to avoid taking a hit in the pocket. [more]

Maori and Pacific incomes drop
The Government and the Opposition have traded barbs in Parliament this afternoon, over who is to blame for high Maori and Pacific unemployment. [more]

Waatea News for 18 November 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Cyclists say warning given about Tamaki Drive
Cyclists say they have warned the Auckland Council that an area of road on which a rider was killed in Auckland was an accident blackspot. [more]

Home ownership getting harder in Auckland - report
New research shows only half the population are likely own their own home in 20 years time. [more]

Prime Minister speaks on kiwifruit rescue package
The Prime Minister, John Key, says a 25-million-dollar rescue package to help out kiwifruit growers, is likely to be the full extent of the Government's contribution. [more]

Tasman kiwifruit growers anxious for news
Kiwifruit growers in Tasman are anxiously awaiting further news on the vine disease PSA, following confirmation yesterday that one orchard each in Motueka and Takaka is infected. [more]

Government tightens rules for private education providers
The Government is cracking down on fraud and questionable practices among private education providers that teach international students. [more]

Scientists trap anti-matter
In a move foretold in Dan Brown's best-selling novel Angels and Demons, scientists have successfully trapped anti-matter for the first time. [more]

Govt accused of privatising local body water supply
Debate on a local government bill has been dominated by accusations that the Government is privatising the water supply. [more]

Buses avoiding Taipa will cost local businesses dearly
The tour bus company, Fullers, is avoiding the Far North town of Taipa while there's a risk they will be harrassed by protestors. [more]

Evening Sports News for 18 November 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Independent review of perks still needed - Greens, ACT
The Green and ACT parties are continuing to call for an independent review of MPs salaries and allowances even though the international travel subsidy is being scrapped. [more]

Cyclists call for measures to prevent further cycle deaths
Cyclists are calling for further testing for drivers and changes to speed zones, after five cyclists were killed in less than a week. [more]

Acting PM in Fiji resigns, while country struggles financially
Fiji's former interim defence and immigration minister, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, says he's resigned because of disagreement about how to deal with an employee of a US company, Fiji Water. [more]

Waatea News for 18 November 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 18 November 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 18 November 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Tops Stories for Thursday 18 November 2010
MPs' taxpayer-subsidised holidays are scrapped; Political editor comments on expenses decision; Kiwifruit disease in South Island a savage blow; Agriculture Minister to announce kiwifruit support package; Fears new highway route will devastate homes, livelihoods; Repairs to quake-damaged homes start today. [more]

Qantas safety is still top notch - pilot's association
An Australian pilot's association is defending the reputation of the Australian carrier, Qantas, despite another mid-air mishap. [more]

Growing speculation of a July wedding for Prince William
There is growing speculation in Britain that Prince William and Kate Middleton will choose Westminster Abbey and the month of July for their wedding ceremony next year. [more]

Pacific News for 18 November 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 18 Novermber 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Speaker scraps MPs international travel perk
There will be no more cheap overseas holidays for current MPs. [more]

Motor Vehicle Register charges causing an uproar
The prospect of having to pay a few cents for car information is causing a huge uproar. [more]

MPs' taxpayer-subsidised holidays are scrapped
The Speaker, Lockwood Smith, has decided to abolish the international travel entitlement for sitting members of parliament after meeting with members on the Parliamentary Services Commission late last night. [more]

Political editor comments on expenses decision
Comment from RNZ Political Editor, Brent Edwards. [more]

Kiwifruit disease in South Island a savage blow
News the kiwifruit vine disease PSA has been found in the South Island has come as a blow for growers there. [more]

Agriculture Minister to announce kiwifruit support package
Kiwifruit growers are facing an anxious wait this morning to find out what is to be done to protect their billion dollar industry. [more]

Fears new highway route will devastate homes, livelihoods
There's growing consternation from locals that a proposed new four lane highway north of Auckland will devastate their homes and livelihoods if it goes ahead as planned. [more]

Sports News for 18 November 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

New Zealand brand will suffer if agriculture not in ETS
Climate change campaigners say the agricultural sector will lose its competitive edge if it is not forced into the Emissions Trading Scheme. [more]

Nick Smith answers ETS critics
Climate Change Minister, Nick Smith, responds to critics. [more]

Germany increases security at airports over terror threats
Germany is increasing security at airports and railway stations after indications of possible terrorist attacks in the next two weeks. [more]

Anderton warns against a witch hunt on expenses
The Speaker of the House says the public will be upset if MPs get a payrise to compensate for their travel entitlements being scrapped. [more]

ERO reports improvement in readiness for Nat Standards
The Minister of Education, Anne Tolley, says she's encouraged by a report showing an improvement in schools' readiness to deliver the new National Standards. [more]

Tasman District 'reeling' after PSA reachs South Island
Confirmation that the Tasman District has fallen prey to the vine killing disease PSA has left kiwifruit growers reeling. [more]

Scientists say PSA likely to be recent introduction
Scientists testing to find out whether the kiwifruit vine disease PSA has been lying dormant in New Zealand before infecting 28 orchards say tests so far indicate it's a fairly recent infection. [more]

Bicycle lobby group devastated by yet another bike death
A young woman was killed on Tamaki drive yesterday when she fell under a truck after trying to avoid the door of a parked car being opened. [more]

Sports News for 18 November 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

More openness means reports of patient harm may rise
Preventable errors by staff in public hospitals put nearly four hundred lives at risk last year. [more]

Massey's engineering school in Wellington may close
Massey University is offering five-thousand dollar fee grants to students affected by the proposed closure of its loss-making Wellington engineering school. [more]

Waatea News for 18 November 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Hoteliers say New Zealand ideal for royal honeymoon
The impending nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton have set the hearts racing of monarchists everywhere. [more]

Quidditch, butterbeer and Hogwarts back on NZ screens
It's a call to action for muggles and wizards alike because the latest Harry Potter movie is now in New Zealand cinemas. [more]


Indonesian Disasters
Chris Holm is a kiwi journalist based in Jakarta Indonesia. He's visited the disaster zone of the recent earthquake and tsunami that hit Indonesia. [more]

Domesticated Camels
Lauren Brisbane is Chair of the Australian Camel Industry Association Inc. She talks to Bryan about feral camels in Australia, which are to the outback, what possums are to our bush. [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 7 [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clues 5, 3, 7 and clue 8 [more]

Nine To Noon

Fletchers and the Canterbury construction industry
There are claims that the construction giant Fletcher Building has excessive control over the post quake rebuild in Canterbury and is slowing down the process. Is Fletchers now holding the Canterbury construction industry to ransom? [more]

Smoking laws - should they be extended?
The Associate Health Minister, Tariana Turia, discusses her wish to bring in even tougher smoking policies, including banning smoking in cars. [more]

UK Correspondent - Michael White
The upcoming royal wedding is discussed, where the news took up the first 14 pages of The Daily Mail plus there was a special 16 page pull-out. [more]

Feature Guest - Jock McLean
Jock has just written a book about his dad, TP McLean, who was the famed New Zealand journalist and sports writer. [more]

Book Review - Daniel
Written by Henning Mankell, published by Harvill Secker, reviewed by Michele A'Court. [more]

New Technology - Nigel Horrocks
Why you should never joke around on Twitter. [more]

Aboriginal artist - Tony Albert
An indigenous Australian artist who's work considers the incredibly difficult and charged issue of race relations. [more]

Film Review - Graeme Tuckett
The Social Network, Matariki, and Lebanon. [more]

Our Changing World

Black Mudfish and Lake Restoration
Alison Ballance hunts for mudfish with Nick Ling and finds out about the restoration of Lake Kaituna [more]

Synthesising Carbohydrates
Antony Fairbanks and his team are interested in the sugars attached to the outside of cells as potential therapeutics [more]

Modelling the Human Breast
Martyn Nash and Angela Lee are modelling the human breast to track tissue motion to help clinicians to better detect tumours [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 18 November 2010
Questions to Ministers 1. MICHAEL WOODHOUSE to the Minister of Finance: What signs of progress, if any, is he seeing of the economy rebalancing from borrowing and consumption to savings and exports? 2. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: What reports, if any, has she seen on the impact of the recent GST increase on low-income families? 3. TODD McCLAY to the Minister for Biosecurity: What recent announcements has the Government made in relation to the kiwifruit disease Psa? 4. Hon RUTH DYSON to the Minister of Health: Is he satisfied with progress in achieving his health policy? 5. SIMON BRIDGES to the Minister of Transport: What progress is being made on the Tauranga Eastern Link Road of National Significance? 6. Hon CLAYTON COSGROVE to the Minister of Police: When she said "New Zealand streets are safer with the addition of 384 extra frontline police officers deployed since December 2008", how many of those 384 new police officers were part of the third tranche of 407 police officers that the previous Labour Government had funded for deployment within the 2008/09 year? 7. Dr CAM CALDER to the Minister of Conservation: What is the Department of Conservation doing to provide renewable energy to remote areas of public conservation land? 8. CAROL BEAUMONT to the Minister of Women's Affairs: What advice, if any, has she received on the possible consequences that labour law changes proposed in the Employment Relations Amendment Bill (No 2) and the Holidays Amendment Bill will have on women? 9. PAUL QUINN to the Minister of Customs: What information has he received on the success of SmartGate? 10. BRENDON BURNS to the Minister of Broadcasting: What is the one major achievement in broadcasting he would most like to celebrate? 11. KEVIN HAGUE to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: When he reportedly told Kevin Rudd that New Zealand would take a strong line opposing Japanese whaling this year in New Zealand's search and rescue zone, can he explain what he meant by a strong line? 12. Dr RAJEN PRASAD to the Minister for Ethnic Affairs: What will be the effects of the proposed relocation of the Office of Ethnic Affairs to tier-three in the new structure for the Department of Internal Affairs on the services it currently provides to ethnic communities? Questions to Members 1. HILARY CALVERT to the Chairperson of the Māori Affairs Committee: How many submissions have been received on the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 18 November 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 18 November 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Marc Taddei
Music Director of the Wellington Orchestra previews 2011 season. [more]

Mick Dowrick
British conductor of the Nelson Symphony Orchestra talks about this weekend's Scottish inspired concert. [more]

News stories:

Harm will continue to happen in hospitals
The Health Quality and Safety Commission says instances of harm to patients in public hospital will continue to rise for the next two or three years. [more]

Economic contraction tipped in regional survey
A regional trends survey by the National Bank says the New Zealand economy may have contracted by 0.2% in the September quarter. [more]

NZ finalist in projected tour of aid projects
A wahine from Te Rarawa and Te Aupouri has made the finals of a competition that will send young people on a 12 week tour of aid projects in disadvantaged communities around the world. [more]

Compulsory milk sales cost economy dear - report
Fonterra says its worries about being forced to sell milk to rival companies are confirmed in a report from the NZIER, which found the cost to the New Zealand economy is between $150 - $450 million per year. [more]

Family of dead soldier gather for award
New Zealand family members of a British soldier killed in Hong Kong by a terrorist bomb will gather in Auckland on Thursday to receive the Elizabeth Cross. [more]

Vehicle information fee changes
The Transport Agency is defending changes in fees for getting information from its Motor Vehicle Register. [more]

Injury question mark over Brad Thorn
The All Black assistant coach Steve Hansen says the biggest injury question mark ahead of Sunday morning's rugby test against Ireland is Brad Thorn. He says the veteran lock has... [more]

Shane Cameron wins in Perth
The New Zealander boxer Shane Cameron now holds the IBO Asia Pacific Cruiserweight title after defeating Australian, Anthony McCracken in twelve rounds in Perth. In his first fight at cruiserweight... [more]

Wallabies checks help avoid drugs crisis
The Wallabies medical staff headed off the kind of crisis which has rocked South African rugby with a thorough review of the supplements taken by players following the Delhi Commonwealth... [more]

Springbok pleads innocence to doping
South Africa's Bjorn Basson has proclaimed his innocence after he and a teammate failed doping tests following the Springboks' win over Ireland in Dublin. The winger and the prop Chiliboy... [more]

Deans defends value of midweek tour games
The Wallabies coach Robbie Deans has defended the value of midweek tour games despite his second-string side's 15-6 loss yesterday to the powerful Irish province Munster. The Wallabies couldn't cope... [more]

Lexus interested in joining V8s.
Lexus is the latest car manufacturer to be reportedly interested in joining the V8 Supercar championship. With V8 Supercars hoping to bring in more manufacturers as part of its "Car... [more]

WADA rejects Contador doping claim
The World Anti-doping Agency has reportedly found no evidence to support Alberto Contador's claim that contaminated meat was responsible for his positive doping test. The three time Tour de France... [more]

South African cricketer tests positive
A South African batsman Vaughan van Jaarsveld has tested positive for a banned stimulant sibutramine. But the South African Cricketers' Association chief executive Tony Irish says van Jaarsveld might not... [more]

Team NZ hands Oracle its first loss in Dubai
Team New Zealand has handed BMWOracle its first defeat of the Louis Vuitton Trophy regatta at Dubai. Oracle won the first race by 19 seconds but Team New Zealand won... [more]

SUNGO rift over criticism of Samoa's PM
The board of Samoa's umbrella non-government organisation, SUNGO, has distanced itself from a comment by its CEO that the Prime Minister is a dictator who presides over a one-party state. [more]

DHB award for creator of placenta tracking system
A scheme to keep track of placentas in hospitals has won its creator a Canterbury District Health Board systems improvement award. [more]

Consortium to bid for rural broadband
A consortium of wananga, iwi and Maori technology businesses will work with Opto Networks of Wellington to bid for the Government's $300 million programme to extend high speed broadband to rural communities. [more]

Wind turbine maker looks to UK
Windflow Technology is hoping green energy subsidies being offered in Britain will help to drive growth in coming years. [more]

Dorchester Pacific loss smaller than expected
Dorchester Pacific has made a smaller than expected loss and says it's well-positioned for growth. [more]

Political scientist says Fiji people will want explanation for acting PM's resignation
An Auckland University political scientist says people in Fiji will want an explanation for the resignation of the interim minister of defence and acting prime minister. Ratu Epeli Ganilau, who's... [more]

Cook Islands general elections gets underway
Polling stations in the Cook Islands are now open for the country's general elections. Voters will be given two forms, one to vote for the MP of their choice and... [more]

Dedicated programmes urged for Maori gang families
Maori academic Rawiri Taonui is calling for dedicated programmes to address the needs of Maori gang families. [more]

Maori Party seen as close to holding balance of power
Former Alliance MP Willie Jackson says the Maori Party is likely to come close to holding the balance of power, if New Zealand First does not return to Parliament. But he also says it's hard to make such calls this far out. [more]

SH One extension feared
A Warkworth woman living near a proposed four lane extension to State Highway One north of Auckland, says it will devastate people's homes and livelihoods if it goes ahead as planned. [more]

Landowner under pressure to serve trespass notices
The owner of land occupied by Ngati Kahu protestors in the Far North is under pressure from neighbours to call the police and evict them. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Thursday's headlines: fourth cycling death in five days; new Boyle album may be a windfall for Neil Finn, who wrote one of the songs; glider pilot airlifted to hospital with a broken ankle. [more]

Stocks flat on Wall Street
Stocks are flat on Wall Street as concerns over the debt crisis in Europe offset gains in the US retail sector. However, markets were up slightly in Europe. [more]

Enough checks and balances on overseas investment in NZ - PM
The Prime Minister has told Federated Farmers the Government is confident it has enough checks and balances in place to control overseas investment in New Zealand land, without stifling the benefits it brings. [more]

Voting numbers in Cook Islands elections increases after late registerations
The total number of Cook Islands voters casting their vote in today's general elections is expected to increase following late registrations being received by the electoral office. Just over 10,000... [more]

Removal of infected plants now urgent - Zespri
Zespri says removing infected plant material from orchards with PSA is now a matter of urgency. [more]

Record complaints received by BSA
The Broadcasting Standards Authority received a record number of complaints in the year to June - 210. [more]

Cholera deaths in PNG believed to be about 100 says local priest
A priest in Papua New Guinea believes the number of deaths from the cholera outbreak in Daru has risen to about 100. The Post Courier reports Father, Vinod D'Mello, says... [more]

Shanghai stock exchange falling
The Shanghai stock exchange has fallen nearly 10% in four days on fears of more interest rate rises in response to rises in the price of food. [more]

Higher forecast deficits tipped
The Treasury will announce higher forecast deficits than previously expected when it updates its outlook for the economy next month. [more]

Concern in Cook Islands over candidates and supporters not leaving polling stations
The Cook Islands electoral office doesn't anticipate any major problems with today's general elections and national referendum on political reform. Electoral office staff have undergone intensive training in the lead-up... [more]

Primary schools prepared for National Standards - ERO
The Education Review Office has found growing numbers of primary schools are ready for the introduction of National Standards despite a boycott by many teachers and principals. [more]

Student not happy about pending closure of engineering school
A Massey University engineering student in Wellington is angry about a university proposal to close the school and give fee grants of $5000 to students who move to its sister campuses. [more]

Vanuatu govt cuts annual budget
The Vanuatu government has cut its annual budget. It has outlined spending plans for 2011 that cut expenditure by more than 400 million vatu or nearly five million US dollars. [more]

FEMA says American Samoa abides with compliance requests
The US Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, says its oversight of grant aid to American Samoa is working well and that the territory continues to abide with compliance requests... [more]

Resignation of Fiji's Ganilau signals instability within regime says academic
A former military land commander in Fiji says the resignation of the Acting Prime Minister and defence minister Ratu Epeli Ganilau is a signal of increasing instability within the interim... [more]

UN investigations in Marshall Islands may face some challenges
The United Nations has agreed to produce a report on the nuclear testing impacts on the Marshall Islands. 67 nuclear weapons were detonated in the Pacific Island nation between 1946... [more]

Record half-year profit for Ryman healthcare
Ryman Healthcare has posted a record half-year profit of $36 million and says it's on track to grow full year profits by 15%. Ryman owns 22 villages around New Zealand, which offer both retirement and resthome care. [more]

Producer prices jump
Pricing pressures in the farming sector have increased again. Figures from Statistics New Zealand show input and output prices for the quarter to September have risen more than expected. [more]

Sanford purchase deal now unconditional
Sanford says its agreement to buy Pacifica Seafoods' Greenshell mussel and Pacific Oyster businesses for $85 million is now unconditional. [more]

PNG Rugby Leaguie chairman admits year has been 'disastrous'
The Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League's interim chairman, John Numapo has labelled the 2010 year as nothing short of disastrous. Numapo told The National newspaper that the interim committee,... [more]

Fiji ring changes for Welsh test
Flying Fijians head coach Sam Domoni has revamped his starting fifteen for Saturday's test against Wales in Cardiff. Among the have eight changes to the starting side Graham Dewes drops... [more]

Support for Irish banks not to be taken for granted - ECB
The European Union says continued support by the European Central Bank for Irish banks cannot be taken for granted, as pressure remains on Ireland to accept financial help. [more]

Ban on all pollen imports wanted
Federated Farmers has called for an immediate ban on all pollen imports as it can carry all sorts of diseases. [more]

Latest awards add value to NZ wine
New Zealand Winegrowers says recent wins in two overseas wine competitions will add much-needed value to New Zealand wine. [more]

Wool Partners International enters new UK partnerships
New Zealand carpet wool marketing venture, Wool Partners International, has entered two new marketing partnerships in Britain. [more]

Fiji Water row behind Ganilau's sudden resignation
Fiji's former interim defence and immigration minister, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, says he resigned on Tuesday because of disagreement over how to deal with an employee of a US company, Fiji... [more]

Maka wants Tonga to play for World Cup places
Tonga's rugby coach Isitolo Maka expects his players to be pushing for places at next year's world cup during their brief European tour. The Ikale Tahi open their two-game campaign... [more]

England well beaten by France at Wembley
A late England rally couldn't disguise a gulf in class and technique as France earned a deserved 2-1 victory in their football friendly at Wembley. The England manager Fabio Capello... [more]

Five re-sign with Phoenix
Three All Whites, a rising young talent and an experienced Briton have all pledged their ongoing allegiance to the Wellington Phoenix beyond this season. New Zealand internationals Tim Brown and... [more]

New Zealand slip in football rankings, Fiji steady
New Zealand has slipped eight places to 59th on the latest FIFA world football rankings. The World Cup holders Spain head the list, ahead of the Netherlands and Brazil, while... [more]

Moya retires from tennis
The former world number one Carlos Moya fought back tears as he formally announced his retirement from tennis at the age of 34 due to a recurring foot injury. At... [more]

Team NZ beats BMW Oracle
Team New Zealand has ended BMW Oracles unbeaten run at the Louis Vuitton Trophy yachting regatta in Dubai. They raced twice today with the Americans winning the first by 19... [more]

Harrigan wants more confident refs
The former top rugby league referee Bill Harrigan has called for more confident and decisive refereeing after admitting referees have been below his desired standard this year. Harrigan and ex-Cronulla... [more]

NRL boss says Inglis still with Storm
The National Rugby League's boss David Gallop says superstar Greg Inglis is still contracted to the Melbourne Storm, despite South Sydney parading him in their colours for the first time... [more]

Vanuatu revenue shortfall attributed to Customs problems
Vanuatu's Finance Minister says structural problems within the Customs department have contributed to a government revenue shortfall of almost 22 million US dollars. If approved by parliament next week, Vanuatu's... [more]

Harry Potter back in cinemas
The latest Harry Potter movie is now screening in New Zealand cinemas. [more]

Waikeria remand prisoner found dead
A man facing sex charges died in Waikeria prison in Waikato overnight. He was due for another appearance in the Hamilton District Court on Friday. [more]

Dead cyclist named
Police have named a cyclist who was killed on Tamaki Drive in Auckland on Wednesday. [more]

Voting smooth in Cooks general election
The Cook Islands electoral office says voting is going smoothly in today's general election. The office says nearly all voters in the smaller outer islands constituencies have already cast their... [more]

100 feared dead in PNG cholera outbreak
A priest in Papua New Guinea says about 100 people have died from a cholera outbreak which has spread from the island of Daru to other islands and the mainland. [more]

Marshalls copra collection resumes
The Marshall Islands Shipping Corporation has obtained funding to resume services and collect copra from the outer islands. This follows the first release of funds by the finance ministry in... [more]

Samoa PM not offended by SUNGO CEO comment
Samoa's prime minister says the Umbrella of Non Governmental Organisations is not being evicted from a state house because its CEO spoke against him. Tuilaepa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi says SUNGO can... [more]

Climate change funding reviewed by SPREP
A draft report on the future of climate change funding in the Pacific suggests a possible Pacific Regional Fund. The document was issued by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional... [more]

Hospital doctors urged to work closely with GPs
The head of the senior doctors' union is urging hospital doctors to work much more closely with family doctors. [more]

Ganilau says Fiji Water row behind him quitting regime
Fiji's former interim defence and immigration minister, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, says he resigned on Tuesday because of disagreement over how to deal with an employee of a US company, Fiji... [more]

Public expected to be upset if MPs get pay rise - Speaker
The Speaker of the House says the public will be very upset if MPs get a pay rise to compensate for their travel entitlements being scrapped. [more]

Water bill passes into law
Parliamentary debate has been dominated by accusations that changes to local government law, passed on Thursday, will lead to the privatisation of the water supply. [more]

Concern many of Tonga's election candidates don't recognise rights of women
An organisation in Tonga helping the victims of domestic violence says it's appalled at the lack of knowledge of women's rights shown by election candidates. Tonga's historic election is now... [more]

Grave concern that many of Tonga's election candidates don't recognise the rights of women
An organisation in Tonga helping the victims of domestic violence says it's appalled at the lack of knowledge of women's rights shown by election candidates. Tonga's historic election is now... [more]

Consumer confidence remains steady in October
The latest survey shows consumer confidence continues to tread water. [more]

NZ market ends down
The benchmark NZX50 index fell 9 points to 3280 on turnover of $62 million on Thursday. [more]

Nonu and Smith reunited in All Blacks midfield
The All Black selectors have re-united the Wellington midfield pairing of Conrad Smith and Ma'a Nonu for Sunday morning's rugby test against Ireland. Smith sat out the England match at... [more]

Ireland still fancy chances against All Blacks despite poor form
Their form is far from convincing but Ireland's convinced it can make history beat the All Blacks for the first time this weekend. A draw in 1973 is Ireland's best... [more]

BBC unpatriotic says England Football World Cup bid head
The head of England's 2018 Football World Cup bid has attacked the BBC as unpatriotic for plans to air a documentary on FIFA corruption just days before the critical vote. [more]

Olympic developer goes into receivership
The developer of the main athletes village for the Vancouver Winter Olympics has gone into receivership amid continued weak post-Games sales of the project as luxury housing. The legal move... [more]

Hunter pleads guilty to manslaughter
A hunter who shot and killed a woman while she was at a campsite near Turangi at Labour weekend has pleaded guilty to manslaughter. [more]

Fullers avoiding Taipa after protester boards bus
The tour company Fullers says its coaches will avoid the Far North town of Taipa while there is a risk they will be harassed by protesters. [more]

More warnings of grim results from Northern Marianas power supplier
Due to last month's government shutdown in the Northern Marianas and the recent work-hour cuts for government workers, the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation is expecting a severe drop in its revenue... [more]

Vanuatu public services won't suffer despite revenue shortfall of almost US$22m
The Minister of Finance in Vanuatu says funding to government ministries will stay the same despite a cut in next year's budget by almost 22 million US dollars. Sela Molisa... [more]

PNG opposition suing parliamentary speaker for alleged constitutional breach
The speaker of the Papua New Guinea parliament, Jeffrey Nape, is facing legal action for an alleged constitutional breach. The Post Courier reports that the breach relates to Mr Nape... [more]

First results through in Cook Islands election
The first results from today's general election in the Cook Islands have been released. Our correspondent in Rarotonga, Florence Syme Buchanan, says so far the Cook Islands Party, which had... [more]

Nonu, Smith reunited in All Blacks midfield
The All Black selectors have re-united the Wellington midfield pairing of Conrad Smith and Ma'a Nonu for Sunday morning's rugby test against Ireland. [more]

Five cyclists killed on roads in under a week
A third cyclist has died in hospital after a weekend crash in Waikato, while a girl cycling to school was seriously injured on Thursday in Marlborough. [more]

Securities Commission charges Huljich
The Securities Commission has laid criminal charges against KiwiSaver provider, Huljich Wealth management, and its director, Peter Huljich. [more]

Treasury head wants Govt to balance books earlier
The head of the Treasury says the Government should be aiming to bring the Budget back into balance one to two years ahead of schedule. [more]

Govt tightens rules on private schools
The Government is cracking down on fraud and questionable practices among private schools that teach international students. [more]

Preliminary results show Democrats ousted in Cook Islands election
The Democratic Party, which has dominated Cook Islands politics for the last decade, has lost its grip on power with preliminary results showing the Cook Islands Party has taken 15... [more]

Bay of Plenty growers vote for kiwifruit package
Meetings of Bay of Plenty kiwifruit growers have voted overwhelmingly to accept a $50 million package to help manage the bacterial disease PSA. [more]

Shaky Palace building to come down
A heritage building that began cracking in Auckland's central business district on Thursday is to be demolished overnight. [more]

Both vessels blamed for Southern Ocean collision
Maritime New Zealand says its report into the collision of a whaling ship and an anti-whaling protest boat in the Southern Ocean represents a black mark against the masters of both vessels. [more]

Home ownership getting harder in auckland - report
A new forecast says only half the population will own their own home in about 20 years. [more]

Health funding will be similar next year - Minister
The Health Minister is warning district health boards to expect a similar level of Government funding next year. [more]

Tourism Holdings expects reduced profit
Tourism Holdings expects to make about $5 million in the 2011 financial year - $1 million less than last year. [more]

Environmental improvment essential - Fonterra
Fonterra chief executive Andrew Ferrier has told shareholders the dairy co-operative is doing well economically and in the community, but more needs to be done on the environmental front. [more]