Radio New Zealand - Monday, 29th November 2010

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The Best Song Ever Written - New York Minute
Jude Lipanovic from The Bay of Plenty chooses New York Minute by Don Henley. [more]

Eight Months to Mars - Don Hutchings
We welcome former head of TV 2 Don Hutchings. [more]

Dream Job
Isobel Ewing is hoping to spend a lot of time in the near future travelling the world as the host of a canadian travel show. [more]

Kaimoana: Groper
Simon Morton with a story about a fish that the anglers among you may be hoping for a date with over the next few months. The Groper - aka hapuka. [more]

He Rourou for 29 November 2010
Kawerau elder Kahu Te Rire talks about two faced lizards and some of the sacred places of the Rotorua tribe of Tuhourangi. [more]

Feature Album - Avalon
This is the last album by Roxy Music from 1980. [more]

Author Slot - Allison Hoover Bartlett
Collecting is a passion. But sometimes that passion can turn to madness when the lust for something rare and valuable becomes too great. Our author today, Allison Hoover Bartlett , tells the story of a man with that kind of dangerous passion. [more]

Our Changing World - X-ray mammography
X-ray mammography, MRI and ultrasound can all find breast tumours - but actually locating them for biopsy or treatment can be a problem. Find out how analysing aircraft wings could help clinicians better locate breast cancer. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 29 November 2010
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on today's Panel. [more]

The Panel with Barry Corbett and Duncan Webb (part 1)
Alcohol may be banned from public events at Hagley Park in Christchurch after Christmas in the Park turned into Chaos in the Park Saturday night. A deathbed confession may be the only way Rochelle Crewe will ever know who killed her parents. High Court Judge Justice Graham Panckhurst will lead a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Pike River coal mine tragedy. [more]

The Panel with Barry Corbett and Duncan Webb (part 2)
Country singing star Willie Nelson, now aged 77, charged with possession of cannabis. Wikileaks has published a quarter of a million State Department cables, including 1490 secret diplomatic cables from the US Embassy in Wellington and US Counsul in Auckland. Westpac Bank staff are getting an earful from customers about the CEO's $5.59 million dollar salary package. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 29 November 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 29 November 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 29 November 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 29 November 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 29 November 2010
The showerhead and tapware maker, Methven, has lifted its half year profit by 8 percent despite mixed trading conditions. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Monday 29 November 2010
GAG machine is being moved into position. Royal Commission to hold inquiry into Pike River coal mine disaster. PM's been warned Wikileaks leaks might be embarrassing. SFO Investigating Hanover Finance. Eden Park taskforce meets for the first time. [more]

GAG machine is being moved into position
A modified jet engine that rescuers hope will clear explosive gases from the Pike River mine could be in action within the next hour. [more]

Royal Commission inquiry into Pike River coal mine disaster
The disaster at the mine is to be investigated by a Royal Commission which will be headed by the High Court judge, Justice Graham Panckhurst. [more]

PM warned Wikileaks leaks might be embarrassing
The cables are part of a worldwide release of American diplomatic cables by whistle blowing website WikiLeaks. [more]

SFO Investigating Hanover Finance
The Serious Fraud Office is warning its investigation into Hanover Finance will be long and complex. [more]

Eden Park taskforce meets for the first time
A taskforce set up by the Auckland mayor after the ugly behaviour by drunken crowds at Eden Park has met for the first time and agreed to a raft of crackdown measures. [more]

Sports News for 29 November 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Signals failure halts Wellington's trains
Almost all train services in the Capital have been cancelled because of a signals failure. [more]

Lawyer says Royal Commission won't be fast or cheap
More on today's announcement that Justice Graeme Panckhurst is to lead a Royal Commission which will investigate the Pike River coal mine disaster. [more]

South Korean President addresses the nation
The President of South Korea has called North Korea's attack on a tiny southern island a crime against humanity - and warned that Pyongyang will pay the price for any further provocation. [more]

Waatea News for 29 November 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Financial Advisors Disciplinary Committee being set up
Complaints against financial advisors will be examined by a new watchdog set up by the government to make them more accountable for the advice they give. [more]

A fifth explosion at the Pike river mine
It's just been revealed there's been a fifth explosion at the Pike River Mine. [more]

Royal Commission to be held into Pike River coal mine disaster
The Pike River coal mine disaster, in which 29 men died, is to be investigated by a Royal Commission, headed by the High Court judge Justice Graham Panckhurst. [more]

Allied Farmers pleased Hanover being investigated by SFO
The rural services company Allied Farmers says it complained to the Serious Fraud Office about Hanover Finance shortly after it bought the failed finance company's assets and loanbook for four hundred million dollars. [more]

Marlborough iwi attack new foreshore Bill
Top-of-the-South Island iwi have attacked the planned new law on the foreshore and seabed, saying it ignores their customary rights. [more]

Te Papa Chairman likes idea of new art gallery
The Chairman of Te Papa wants a new venue to display more of the museum's art works - if he can find the money. [more]

New Zealanders warned about Dengue Fever
The government's warning travellers to the Pacific and North Queensland to protect themselves against Dengue Fever as the rainy season starts. [more]

Sports News for 29 November 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

UK Correspondent
To the UK now where angry Leeds students are staging a sit in in protest to rising tuition fees. [more]

Why the Friendly Islands Democratic Party did so well
Why did a left leaning party that has battled the monarchy in Tonga for years do so well in last week's election? [more]

Part one of a series about the USA's relationship with Asia
It was meant to be a trip to improve America's standing in Asia and to drum up trade for a flagging economy. [more]

Waatea News for 29 November 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Police safety orders criticised by Auckland lawyer
Womens' groups are disputing claims by an Auckland lawyer that new on-the-spot protection orders give police too much power. [more]

Opposition to new costs for motor vehicle checks
A dozen business and advocacy groups are joining forces to fight the introduction of a new fee for getting basic information about vehicles. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 29 November 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 29 November 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Monday 29 November 2010
The latest developments from Pike River and the Grey District; Christmas hell at Hagley Park; China potential peace maker on Korean Peninsula and; lights out at Auckland airport but still no cause known. [more]

Pike River tragedy starts to take toll on welfare workers
The Pike River tragedy is starting to take its toll on local welfare workers with teams from outside the West Coast being brought in to relieve them. [more]

Pacific News for 29 November 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 29 November 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Key says future of underground coal mining rests on inquiry
The Prime Minister, John Key, says the future of underground coal mining in New Zealand rests on the outcome of a proposed Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Pike River Mine disaster. [more]

Resident fear Wairau dam won't be quake safe
Residents of Marlborough's Wairau Valley are worried a planned hydroelectric scheme won't withstand a major earthquake. [more]

Pike River recovery team now battling fire in mine
Efforts continue on the West Coast today to make the Pike River Coal Mine safe to enter after another explosion, the fourth, ripped through the mine yesterday at 2pm sparking a huge coal fire. [more]

Mine rescuer surprised at volatility of mine
The General Manager of the New South Wales Mines Rescue Service, who's travelled to Greymouth to help in the recovery, speaks to Morning Report. [more]

Cave Creek lawyer has approaches from West Coasters
The Prime Minister will today ask Cabinet to approve his plan for a royal commission of inquiry into the Pike River disaster. [more]

Christmas cheer turns sour at Hagley Park
Family fun turned sour at Christchurch's Christmas in the Park on Saturday evening, when a teenager was stabbed and a police officer was hospitalised. [more]

China key to easing tensions on Korean peninsula
China is pushing for an emergency meeting of envoys to help ease rising tensions between North and South Korea, as the US and South Korea begin war games in the Yellow Sea. The BBC's Chris Hogg speaks from Seoul. [more]

Airways still don't know what caused runway light failure
Airways New Zealand still doesn't know what caused a cable fault in the runway lights at Auckland International Airport on Saturday night. [more]

Brash concerned about economic, racial climate in NZ
The former National Party leader, Don Brash, has used his latest Orewa speech to launch a thinly veiled attack on John Key's government. [more]

Sports News for 29 November 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Fears New Zealand risks disapproval over new immigration law
A new immigration act comes into effect today introducing sweeping new powers. [more]

Animal welfare code relaxed for Jewish poultry slaughter
New animal welfare rules are being relaxed so the Jewish community can continue to enjoy eating chicken slaughtered according to ancient ritual. Agriculture Minister David Carter speaks to Morning Report. [more]

Jewish spokesman explains next move
Spokesperson for the Auckland Hebrew Congregation and the Wellington Jewish Community Centre, David Zwartz, responds to the Minister's comments. [more]

Fears over economic impact of Pike River Mine explosion
Ben Robinson has been looking at the economic impact of closing the mine --- and the appetite for seeing it re-open. [more]

Greymouth mayor welcomes Royal Commission of Inquiry
Prime Minister, John Key, says the future of underground mining in New Zealand hangs in the balance until a royal commission finds out just what went wrong at the Pike River mine. [more]

Talks over successor to Kyoto Protocol continue at Cancun
Officials and ministers from 192 countries will meet in the Mexican city of Cancun over the next fortnight to try to get closer to a new international treaty to combat climate change. [more]

All Blacks round up Grand Slam with solid win
The All Blacks will fly home with their third grand slam victory in five years and a lot of confidence, after ending their northern tour with a 37-25 win against Wales in Cardiff. [more]

Haiti holds presidential election amid cholera epidemic
The Caribbean state of Haiti is holding a presidential election, amid a raging post-earthquake cholera epidemic. [more]

Sports News for 29 November 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Wikileaks releases thousands of US diplomatic documents
Thousands of pages of confidential US State Department cables have been released, showing among many things, that China regularly hacks western computers and Arabic states like Saudi Arabia have urged the US to launch a military attack on Iran. [more]

Preparations underway for Pike River remembrance service
Organisers of the remembrance service for the Pike River miners are working against the clock to be ready for the 7000 people expected to attend. [more]

Waatea News for 29 November 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Ethics of IVF ad under scrutiny
ASB maintains feedback to its latest advertising campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, despite coming to the attention of the country's advertising watchdog. [more]

Phil Kafcaloudes with news from Australia
Phil joins Morning Report from Melbourne with the latest from the Lucky Country. [more]


Mongolian Mummies
Bruno Frohlich is a anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institute. He was expecting lots of stimulating work when he went to Mongolia but not so many Mummies. [more]

Thinkers: Sociology
Sociologist Dr Prudence Stone talks about Social Movement. But just what is it? [more]

Conundrum clue number one. [more]

Mexico Report
Susana Seijas talks about a UN climate change conference, the 20-year-old police chief, and Madonna's gym. [more]

Conundrum clue number two. [more]

Nine To Noon

Royal Commission into the Pike River Coal Mine disaster
National Secretary of the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union, Andrew Little, and NZ branch chairman of the Minerals Institute, Cam Wylie, speak to Nine to Noon about the proposed Royal Commission. [more]

Early Childhood Education grant cuts
Chief Executive of the New Zealand Childcare Association, Nancy Bell, Chief Executive of New Zealand Kindergarten Inc, Clare Wells, and Education Minister, Anne Tolley, speak to Nine to Noon about this latest round of cuts. [more]

Africa Correspondent - David McKenzie
The latest news and stories affecting the African continent. [more]

Feature Guest - Professor Richard Bedford
Professor Bedford is the Director of the Population Studies Centre at Waikato University. He has recently been awarded the Dame Joan Metge medal after forty years of study into Pacific migration. [more]

Book review - New Zealand As It Might Have Been
Phil Smith reviews Stephen Levine's new book. Published by Victoria University Press. [more]

Politics with Andrew Campbell and Matthew Hooten
Politics across the spectrum. [more]

Food and Wine with Peter Blakeway and Jo Burzynska
On today's menu - Deep Fried Moorish Whitebait, Herb-crusted Blue Cod with Champagne and Chive Sauce and Lemon Posset with an interesting assortment of wines to match. [more]

Wikileaks releases flood of classified US documents
Guardian reporter Robert Booth who has been looking through some of the leaked documents from whistleblower website Wikileaks. Wikileaks has begun publishing a quarter of a million US state department documents, prompting the incoming chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, Republican Pete King, to call for it to be labeled a terrorist organisation. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 29 November 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 29 November 2010
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Rhona Fraser and Jeremy Commons
Wellington soprano and early music specialist preview Days Bay Opera Production of Rossini's 'The Journey to Rheims'. [more]

Wallace Woodley
Clarissa Dunn interviews Christchurch based pianist and music teacher about his latest cd 'Life With the Piano'. [more]

News stories:

Lightning strike possible cause of airport blackout
The Airways Corporation is investigating whether lightning strikes may have caused the failure of runway lights at Auckland International Airport. [more]

Fourth blast causes coal fire at Pike River mine
Hopes of retrieving the bodies of 29 workers at the Pike River coal mine have been dealt another blow with the announcement that an explosion on Sunday has started a coal fire in the mine. [more]

Silver Fern Farms says lamb buying battle unlikely
The country's biggest meat processor and exporter, Silver Fern Farms isn't expecting a further reduction in the lamb supply to trigger another stock procurement price war. [more]

Greymouth's schools and shops to close for service
Shops, banks and schools in Greymouth will close for at least half a day as the town remembers the Pike River coal miners on Thursday. [more]

Stabbing and 10 arrests at Christmas event
A police officer was hospitalised and a teenager was stabbed at the Christmas in the Park event in Christchurch on Saturday night. [more]

Karlsson wins in Dubai to continue fine record
Golfer Robert Karlsson extended his record as the most prolific Swedish winner on the European Tour after beating Britain's Ian Poulter in bizarre style in their Dubai World Championship playoff. [more]

Man U still on top as Chelsea draw again
Manchester United still lead the English football premiership after Chelsea's spluttering title defence continued this morning with a 1-all draw at Newcastle United. It was 1-all at halftime after Chelsea... [more]

French coach vows to get team back on track after loss to Australia
The France rugby coach Marc Lievremont insists he will stay in his post and fight to restore his side's battered reputation following a 59-16 humiliation by Australian on Sunday morning. [more]

Brisbane Roar reinforce favourites tag with ruthless display
The Brisbane Roar produced football so fluid it should have come with a straw to destroy Central Coast Mariners 5-1 and underline their A-League title favouritism on Sunday. The ladder-leading... [more]

Runner Up for Jones in US$25,000 Challenger
The New Zealand tennis player Sacha Jones has come up one victory short of winning the US $25,000 (NZ $33,360) ITF Women's Challenger event in Traralgon, Australia going down in... [more]

England rescued by openers in first Ashes test
Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook became England's most prolific opening partnership in test cricket yesterday as they turned a big first innings deficit into a handy lead going into the... [more]

Perfect Waitakere United continue premiership procession
A perfect fifteen points from five games and a goal difference of plus eleven - those are the statistics that confirm Waitakere United as runaway leaders in the ASB football... [more]

Kohli century sets up India win over Black Caps
The New Zealand cricketers have lost the opening game of their 5-match one day series in India by 40 runs. India's competitive total of 276 in Guwahati was built around... [more]

World team squash champs set to begin
The 17th Women's World Team Squash Championships is officially underway after last night's opening ceremony at the International Pacific College (IPC) in Palmerston North. Players and officials from the 16... [more]

Juan Smith assumes Springbok captaincy
The Cheetahs super rugby flanker Juan Smith has been named as captain of the Springbok squad for Sunday morning's season-ending finale against the Barbarians at Twickenham. Smith assumes the captaincy... [more]

Taipans tame Cats in ANBL
The Ayinde Ubaka and Ron Dorsey show stormed into Perth to lead the Cairns Taipans to an upset 72-64 Australian National Basketball League win over the Wildcats at Challenge Stadium... [more]

Fiji faces possible cyclone
Forecasters says a tropical depression near Fiji could turn into a cyclone. A gale warning is curently in force in Fiji for Yasawa, Mamanuca groups, Western half of Viti Levu,... [more]

VAT increase in Fiji said to be devastating for the poor
Fiji's Labour party has described the increase in Value Added Tax in the budget on Friday as a devastating blow to the poor, and the low and medium income earners. [more]

Action group set to tackle kiwifruit vine disease
Kiwifruit marketer Zespri is establishing a specialised group to tackle PSA, as the vine-killing disease continues to spread. [more]

NZ 'suffering shortage' of experienced directors
The president of the Institute of Directors says the hollowing out of multinationals in New Zealand is contributing to a shortage of well-skilled and experienced directors. [more]

Tower mulls cash-heavy balance sheet
Insurer and fund manager Tower says it hasn't decided how to spend its unused war chest for buying more firms to boost earnings and market share. Some investors are questioning why it doesn't return more to shareholders. [more]

China market sluggish for Fisher and Paykel
Listed company Fisher & Paykel Appliances says progress in piercing the Chinese market has been slower than expected, due to delays in offering a complete suite of appliances for newly-built apartments. [more]

Monday's newspaper headlines
Auckland Airport runway light failure disrupts travel; $100m home for nation's art; lawyer approached over mine inquiry, alcohol ban call after violence at Christchurch park event. [more]

Wairau hydro scheme quake safety questioned
Some residents of the Wairau Valley in Marlborough are concerned that a planned hydroelectric scheme wouldn't be able to withstand a major earthquake. [more]

Onus on employers to check immigration status
Employers now have to check that their staff are legally entitled to work in New Zealand, under new legislation. [more]

Oceania may get a vote to choose World Cup hosts
Football's world governing body FIFA may allow Oceania to replace the suspended Reynald Temarii on the executive committee which will choose the 2018 and 2022 World Cup hosts on Thursday. [more]

Ireland beat poor Argentina
Ireland have ended their series of autumn rugby internationals with a comfortable 29-9 win over Argentina in Dublin. Ireland's wins over the Pumas and Samoa were offset by losses to... [more]

Chelsea slip again
Chelsea's English Premier League football title defence continued to splutter when they could only draw 1-all at Newcastle United and missed their chance of returning to the top of the... [more]

Cricketers family threatened over corruption claims
The family of the Pakistan wicketkeeper Zulqarnain Haider have told police they have received threatening calls after the player said he would expose people involved in corruption in Pakistan cricket. [more]

French coach in shock after Wallabies rout
The French rugby coach Marc Lievremont is still in a state of shock 24 hours after his side's record 59-16 loss to the Wallabies in Paris. Lievremont couldn't explain his... [more]

Bank ad for IVF treatment loans sparks complaints
ASB bank says it has had overwhelmingly positive feedback on its advertising campaign, offering loans to couples who want fertility treatment, which has been criticised as advantage of desperate and vulnerable people. [more]

Lawyer in Samoa faces two year suspension for misconduct
Samoa's Law Society Tribunal has decided to suspend for two years one of its members, Tuala Joe Ponifasio, for dishonest conduct. A tribunal hearing found Mr Ponifasio guilty of two... [more]

Miss Cook Islands is the new Miss South Pacific
Miss Cook Islands, Joyana Meyer, is the new Miss South Pacific. She won the crown from ten other contestants in Port Moresby , Papua New Guinea. She is the seventh... [more]

Motion of no confidence to be lodged against Vanuatu's prime minister
A motion of no confidence against Vanuatu's prime minister, Edward Natapei, will be debated in Parliament this week. The motion was given to the Speaker, George Wells, by opposition leader,... [more]

Long term remedy needed for lack of women in Cook Island's parliament
The Cook Islands National Council of Women says co-opting a woman into the new cabinet is only a short term remedy for the lack of women's representation in parliament. It... [more]

PNA nations see urgency in reducing tuna fishing in Pacific
An important fishing group in the Pacific has agreed to take action to restrict access to fishing grounds and so increase economic returns to its members. Fisheries Ministers from countries... [more]

Mine contractors discuss future of jobs
Contractors at the Pike River mine are meeting company managers this week to discuss the future of their jobs. [more]

Church services remember the 29 miners
Churches in Greymouth and around the country have held services featuring special memorial aspects for the miners. [more]

Three rescued Tokelauan boys out of hospital
The three rescued Tokelau teenagers found drifting for 50 days at sea have been discharged from Fiji's Colonial War Memorial hospital . The trio, Samuel Pelesa and Filo Filo who... [more]

Samoa's national carrier could lose half its staff if it loses ground handling contract
Samoa's national carrier, Polynesian Airlines, could lose half of its employees if it loses the ground handling service at Faleolo International Airport. The Chief Executive Officer, Taua Fatu Tielu, told... [more]

Fiji opens some emergency shelters ahead of possible cyclone
Emergency operation centers in Fiji's western division and in Kadavu have been activated in preparations for a predicted cyclone. The Director of the National Disaster Management Office, Pajiliai Dobui told... [more]

Many heavy vehicle permits declined
Frustration is being voiced in the trucking industry at slow progress in the new heavy vehicle permit scheme. Almost half the applications have been declined. [more]

New attempt at climate deal
Ministers and officials from New Zealand will be among representatives of 192 countries attending climate change talks in Mexico this week. [more]

Mayor supports alcohol ban after concert violence
Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker supports a police call for alcohol to be banned from large events at Hagley Park, where a concert on Saturday night was marred by violence. [more]

Minister reluctantly allows kosher killing of chicken
The Minister of Agriculture says he has allowed the Jewish community to continue the kosher killing of chicken, despite his belief that it is a very cruel method of slaughter. [more]

Slight rise in 'Black Friday' sales
The start of the US Christmas shopping season began with more customers prepared to buy, but only a slight rise in actual spending. [more]

Police in French Polynesia discover US$10,000 in counterfeit local bank notes
Police in French Polynesia have detained a 48-year-old man in possession of three types of counterfeit local bank notes. The newspaper, La Depeche, says about US$10,000 worth of fake bills... [more]

Land dispute in Marshalls goes to new level with deportation order
The Marshall Islands government is attempting to deport a Nauru government official who is embroiled in a land dispute with the Marshall Islands President. The land in the Marshall Islands... [more]

Extra security ahead of sentencing of Solomon's Fisheries Minister
Police in Solomon Islands will be stepping up security in Honiara tomorrow when the Fisheries Minister, Jimmy Lusibaea, is expected to appear in court for sentencing. The Deputy Police Commissioner,... [more]

90 percent of Rarotonga household sewerage systems surveyed not working
Preliminary results from a Cook Islands survey of household sewerage systems on the main island of Rarotonga show 90 percent of them aren't working properly. The director of community health... [more]

Schools in Fiji closed as extreme weather looms
All schools in Fiji will remain closed today as the tropical cyclone alert remains in force. Fiji Village reports the interim Minister for Education Filipe Bole saying this means teachers... [more]

Fiji looks like it will be spared worst of storm weather
The tropical depression near Fiji is moving away from the group, but gale warnings remain in force for some parts. A Fiji metservice cyclone forcaster, Misaeli Funaki, says the tropical... [more]

Trade deficit falls as exports increase
New Zealand's export industries continued to do well last month, despite the rising dollar, and the trade deficit fell to $319 million in October. [more]

Fiji leader urges nation to accept 2011 budget
Fiji's interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has called on the nation to accept the 2011 national budget presented last Friday. He has told the Fiji Sun newspaper that the... [more]

More money given to boost Christchurch businesses
The Government has committed another $600,000 to helping earthquake-stricken Canterbury businesses get back on their feet. [more]

Fiji's Labour party criticises focus of increased funding for sugar industry
Fiji's Labour Party has dismissed increased in funding in the budget for the sugar industry saying it is misdirected. A statement from the party says the money is focused more... [more]

Crewe inquiry decision a matter for police, says minister
Justice Minister Simon Power says he is unable to order an investigation into the murders of Jeannette and Harvey Crewe, and that it is a matter for the police. [more]

Protest at new motor vehicle check fee grows
Opposition is growing to a new fee that will soon be payable for getting basic information about vehicles. [more]

Fiji's VAT increase seen as disastrous for the poor
A campaigner helping to alleviate poverty in Fiji says the government's decision to increase sales tax is a disastrous one. The interim regime announced a two and a half per... [more]

Caution urged over dengue as wet season starts
A public health doctor in Townsville in Australia says people living and travelling in the tropics need to be vigilant about mosquito protection to prevent potential dengue fever outbreaks as... [more]

Fiji cyclone warning lifted
The tropical cyclone alert previously in force for parts of Fiji has been lifted. Fiji's metservice says a tropical depression is now moving towards the southeast at about 25 km/hr... [more]

Health researchers call for tobacco action
Public health researchers say the Government needs to act fast to maintain the momentum built up by the Maori affairs select committee inquiry, into the tobacco industry. [more]

Earthquake in King Country
An earthquake measuring 5 on the Richter Scale has been felt in parts of the North Island. [more]

Tapware maker Methven lifts profit
Listed showerhead and tapware maker Methven has lifted its half year profit by 8.3% despite mixed trading conditions. [more]

Proposed new wool co-op extends its share offer
The proposed new farmer wool co-operative is extending its share offer till the middle of next month. [more]

Bugs that attack noxious weed released
Bay of Plenty Regional Council has released the first biological control to attack the invasive weed woolly nightshade. [more]

Unsuccessful Tonga party eyes next election
A party which put up five candidates in last week's elections in Tonga but failed to win a seat is already preparing for the next election. The Paati Langufonua Tu'uloa's... [more]

Tahiti canoe crew honoured after China sailing
A reception has been held in French Polynesia for the crew of the outrigger canoe O Tahiti Nui Freedom which had sailed from Tahiti to China. It had taken the... [more]

Samoa man survives shark mauling
A man who survived a shark attack in Samoa is fighting for his life at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital. The 47-year-old from Poutasi Falealili is suffering from serious chest... [more]

Final results give Cook Islands Party two-thirds majority
The Cook Islands Party has gained one more seat in the final count in the general election, prompting the outgoing Democratic Party to officially concede defeat. People in the Cook... [more]

Fiji Water shuts down business after tax hike
The US company, Fiji Water, is shutting its doors after Fiji's interim regime announced a massive hike in the tax on exported bottled water. Last week, the interim regime announced... [more]

Deal widens access to treatments for multiple sclerosis
The Government's drug funding agency Pharmac is to widen access to treatments for multiple sclerosis and provide new blood-thinning and antibiotics treatments. [more]

Infected kiwifruit orchards mostly showing milder symptoms
Ninety-two kiwifruit orchards have now been confirmed as having the vine killing disease PSA, marketer Zespri says. [more]

Repairs underway after airport disruption
Work was beginning on Monday on a replacement for a runway lights cable at Auckland International Airport that failed on Saturday, disrupting travel plans of hundreds of passengers. [more]

Homeowners urged to lodge quake claims
Owners of Canterbury properties damaged in September's big earthquake have until 4 December to lodge claims with the Earthquake Commission. [more]

Mid-Canterbury quake
A magnitude 4.4 earthquake has occurred in mid-Canterbury, 15km underground. [more]

The Warehouse reports online sales growth
The Warehouse's online shopping has given the retailer a glimmer of hope, in what it says continues to be a tough trading environment on the shop floor. [more]

Nadal says fatigue not a factor in defeat
Rafael Nadal refuses to use fatigue as an excuse after his incredible year in top tennis ended in defeat by Roger Federer at the ATP World Tour Finals. The 24-year-old... [more]

Federer wins in London
The Swiss tennis star Roger Federer has claimed the final silverware of the men's season after beating Rafael Nadal in 3 sets to win the ATP World Tour Finals in... [more]

Man U and Liverpool to meet in FA Cup
Bitter rivals Manchester United and Liverpool will meet in the third round of English football's FA Cup after the English giants were drawn against each other. The match, which will... [more]

Top Scottish referee retires
Dougie McDonald, the referee at the centre of this weekend's strike by Scotland's top football officials, has announced his retirement. McDonald has been under mounting pressure to resign since admitting... [more]

Europe's top golfer humbled by latest achievement
Germany's Martin Kaymer has described ending the year as Europe's number one golfer as one of the most humbling experiences of his career after the PGA championship winner claimed his... [more]

Mine inquiry will be extensive, says lawyer
A lawyer involved in the inquiry into the Cave Creek tragedy says the establishment of a Royal Commission on the Pike River Coal mine would show families of the 29 workers that the disaster is being taken seriously. [more]

Four missing at sea near Majuro in the Marshalls
Four people are missing in the central Pacific after setting off in a small boat from Arno Atoll in the Marshall Islands on Friday. Among the missing is an American... [more]

American Samoa starts week-long HIV/AIDS programme
World Aids Day will be marked in American Samoa by a week-long programme of events focussing on HIV/AIDs. World Aids Day is officially December 1st but American Samoa will begin... [more]

Call for more women in Bougainville community police force
The president of the North Bougainville Women's Federation is calling for more women police officers in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province. A restucturing of the region's police force predicted... [more]

Tonga Democrats success put down to understanding what the people wanted
The deputy leader of the party which won most of the seats in last week's election in Tonga says the victory shows how eager the people were for change. The... [more]

Warning for Mt Taranaki trampers
The Department of Conservation is warning trampers to avoid an area on the coastal side of Mt Taranaki after falling debris sparked reports of a volcanic eruption at the weekend. [more]

Winning start for NZ at World Team squash champs
New Zealand's had a comfortable win in the opening round of pool play at the Women's World Team Squash Championships in Palmerston North. The hosts beat Canada 3-0 with the... [more]

NZ Cricket calls in Duncan Fletcher as Black Caps consulant
New Zealand Cricket says the former England coach Duncan Fletcher will work with the Black Caps a consultant during the rest of the One-Day series against India. The former Zimabwe... [more]

Swimming NZ says Burmester's made an outstanding contribution
Swimming New Zealand's Performance General Manager, Jan Cameron says Moss Burmester has made an outstanding contribution to the sport in and out of the pool. The 2006 Commonwealth Games gold... [more]

King says Kitchen will be key
The New Zealand squash player Joelle King believes new mother Shelley Kitchen will play a key role in their women's World Team Championship campaign which opens in Palmerston North today. [more]

Royal Commission to investigate Pike River disaster
The Government has agreed to establish a Royal Commission on the Pike River Coal mine tragedy to be chaired by Justice Graham Panckhurst. [more]

Flight turns back after smoke detected in cabin
An Air New Zealand flight leaving Wellington Airport had to turn back soon after take-off due to the smell of smoke in the cabin. [more]

England claim moral win in first Ashes test
England have dominated the final day of the first Ashes Test in Brisbane after declaring their second innings closed on 517 for one and setting Australia a target of 297... [more]

CNMI battling surge in flu victims
The Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Health Center has seen an influx of almost 300 patients with influenza-like symptoms at its emergency room within a three-week period. The Department of... [more]

Exporter says new fish levy a boost for Fiji's fishing industry
A fish exporter in Fiji, Graham Southwick, says he's looking to invest more money and employ more people following changes to taxes on the fishing industry. The interim government has... [more]

SFO inquiry into Hanover Finance
The Serious Fraud Office has been investigating Hanover Finance for three months and says it has reasonable grounds to believe fraud may have been committed. [more]

PNG parliamentarian facing misappropriation charges
A Papua New Guinea MP has been arrested and charged with 20 counts of misappropriation and false pretences. The Post Courier reports the member for Kandrian Gloucester, Tonny Puana, is... [more]

Reserved seats for women in PNG now less likely by next election
A Papua New Guinea academic says it will be a challenge now to get reserved seats for women in time for the next election. A bill to create 22 reserved... [more]

NGO says binding agreement not likely at Cancun climate talks
The environment organisation Greenpeace says climate change talks in Mexico will not bring the legally-binding agreement vulnerable Pacific countries need, but it will be a step forward. The United Nations... [more]

Hundreds of jobs lost in Fiji spat over water tax
Four hundred jobs have been lost in Fiji with the US company, Fiji Water, shutting its doors after the interim regime announced a massive hike in the tax on exported... [more]

Defeated party in the Cook Islands plans to challenge some results
The defeated Democratic Party in the Cook Islands says it will consider challenging results in some constituencies, despite conceding it has no hope of reversing the overall election result. The... [more]

New gallery for Te Papa art supported
Te Papa's chairperson fully supports the idea of exhibiting more of the national museum's art in a new building but says money could be an obstacle. [more]

Rail problems delay thousands in capital
Thousands of rail commuters have been delayed in Wellington due to a major signals and points system failure. [more]

PM warned of embarrassment in leaked cables
New Zealand's prime minister has been warned that diplomatic cables out of the US embassy in Wellington might cause some embarrassment. [more]

Families shown video of flames coming from mine
Families of workers killed at the Pike River Coal mine have been shown a video with flames and debris shooting from openings in the mine. [more]

South Island iwi opposed to new foreshore bill
South Island Maori have attacked a planned new law on the foreshore and seabed, saying it ignores their customary rights. [more]

Allied Farmers alerted SFO about Hanover Finance
Allied Farmers says it complained to the Serious Fraud Office about Hanover Finance shortly after it bought the failed finance company's assets and loanbook in 2009. [more]