Radio New Zealand - Wednesday, 1st December 2010

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Best Song Ever Written - With or Without You
Mark McGinn from Christchurch has chosen With or Without You by U2. [more]

Link 3 music game
What do these three songs have in common? [more]

Feature Interview - Tony Hicks of the Hollies
Of all the groups from the British music invaison of the 60's only three continue to tour and make records; The Rolling Stones, The Searchers and The Hollies. This summer The Hollies return to New Zealand on their Midas Touch tour which has already played to sell out crowds in the UK. [more]

Auckland Story for 1 December 2010 - Kestrel Return to Auckland
The return of the last floating survivor of Auckland's old ferry fleet: The 105-year-old Kestrel should soon be plying Auckland Harbour again. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 1 December 2010
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on today's Panel. [more]

The Panel with John Barnett and Don Donovan (Part 1)
Topics - Childcare costs are about to rise by up to $80 a week per child as the Government cuts two funding bands. The families of thousands of pre schoolers will be affected by the cuts which kick in from February. Former Manukau City Council chief executive Leigh Auton, who got a 171 thousand dollar severance package and a reserve named after him, may be getting a new job in charge of one of the Super City's Council Controlled Organizations. [more]

The Panel with John Barnett and Don Donovan (Part 2)
Topics - Britain's most prestigious scientific outfit, the Royal Society has run a poll of more than 2,000 adults, and discovered that 44 per cent of them believe aliens Do exist."We got bad advice."That's the line from Allied Farmers managing director Rob Alloway over the botched deal with Hanover Finance. He's admitting the company made mistakes, but he's also saying they got bad information from external advisers. Young drivers are not getting enough practice before they're handed their restricted licences and hit the road according to new research by the New Zealand Transport Agency and ACC . [more]

At The Movies

At the Movies for 1 December 2010
Simon Morris reviews George Clooney's new film The American, and Robert Downey Junior's comedy Due Date. And the Swedish film Let The Right One In - a sort of anti-Twilight - is now the English-language Let Me In. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 1 December 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 1 December 2010
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 1 December 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 1 December 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 1 December 2010
A Taranaki oil and gas engineering firm, Fitzroy Engineering, has been sold to a Malaysian-listed company, Dialog Group Berhart, for more than 20 million dollars. [more]


Long wait for quake repairs for some Canterbury homeowners
Canterbury earthquake victims with the most damaged homes could have to wait more than two and half years for their houses to be fixed - but one owner says her problems are nothing compared to the misery of the Pike River mine disaster. [more]

Long wait ahead for owners of Canterbury's damaged sections
The owners of more than three-thousand properties damaged by the Canterbury earthquake have been told the repair job could take nearly three years. [more]


Oxford English dictionary makes it official: pavlova is kiwi
New Zealand and Australia may still quibble over Russell Crowe and Phar Lap but now the Oxford English Dictionary has settled at least one argument: the pavlova is a New Zealand invention. [more]

Checkpoint Top Stories for Wednesday 1 December 2010
Hundreds of West Coasters return home for the Pike River National Memorial. A long wait for quake damaged houses to be repaired in Canterbury and a big shake-up is underway for the pork industry with sow crates being phased out within the next five years. [more]

Coasters head to Greymouth for the Pike River memorial
West Coasters from all over New Zealand are heading home in their hundreds, to support friends and families grieving for the 29 men lost in the Pike River Coal mine disaster. [more]

Our reporter live from Omoto Racecourse in Greymouth
Our reporter Rowan Quinn is at the Omoto Racecourse where tomorrow's memorial service will be held. [more]

New pig welfare code rules ban on sow crates by 2015
A big shake-up is underway for the pork industry with sow crates being phased out within the next five years. [more]

Labour says some children will be driven out of early education
The Labour Party has published a survey it says shows parents will be paying more for less as a result of government funding cuts to some pre-schools. [more]

Evening Sports News for 1 December 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Club calls on council for help to stop people diving into lake
The safety of a popular swimming spot on Auckland's North Shore is once again being called into question. [more]

Fraudster held directorships with publicly-funded organisations
A convicted fraudster who was a director of the Auckland Regional Transport Authority is under further scrutiny. [more]

Waatea News for 1 December 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

SPCA on shake-up for sow crates
A big shake-up is underway with sow crates being phased out within the next five years, and a ruling that in two years time farmers will only be allowed to keep pregnant animals in the crates for four weeks [more]

NZ is aligning itself too closely with US in climate talks
Opposition parties accuse the Government of aligning itself too closely with the United States in climate change talks, a move they say could slow or even halt progress on a new climate treaty. [more]

Our reporter live from Greymouth
West Coasters from all over New Zealand are heading home in their hundreds, to support friends and families grieving for the 29 men lost in the Pike River Coal mine disaster. [more]

GAG machine yet to be started up at Pike River mine
The recovery teams at the Pike River Coal Mine have yet to start the machine they hope will make the mine safe to enter. [more]

Avonside resident dealing with aftermath of quake
Angela Wasley who lives in Avonside isn't surprised to learn that her house is in Zone C. [more]

Real estate listings soar
Spring has finally arrived in the housing market with the number of homes listed for sale last month surging to a two and a half year high. [more]

Evening Sports News for 1 December 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Police Minister says Goff should examine own actions
The Police Minister says the Leader of the Opposition, should examine his own actions before accusing her of political interference, over the appointment of a new Commissioner. [more]

Pig farming in for shake-up with phasing out of sow crates
A massive shake-up is underway for the pork industry with sow crates being phased out within the next five years. [more]

Waatea News for 1 December 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Part two of the series about the USA's relationship with Asia
We're continuing our look at whether President Obama's recent trip to Asia affirmed American influence or exposed the limits of American power. [more]

Teen's swimming death reignites safety of swimming spot
The safety of a popular swimming spot on Auckland's North Shore is once again being called into question. [more]

Mayor hopes budget airline will boost tourism and jobs
The mayor of Christchurch Bob Parker has heralded the arrival of a new budget airline to the city as a much needed boost for tourism. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 1 December 2010
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 1 December 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Wednesday 1 December 2010
Business slumps for Pike River contractors;Advice from expert crucial in recovery of miners' bodies;Christchurch City Council left holding white elephant;Australian apple industry to fight to keep NZ apples out;Farmers bracing themselves for drought;FIFA denies bung taking in the 1990s;Leaks suggest China losing patience with North Korea;UN climate talks - Can they deliver? [more]

Northland could officially be in drought by Christmas
Northland could officially be in drought by Christmas and farmers in other parts of the country are anxiously awaiting rain as weeks of dry weather stretch on. [more]

Pacific News for 1 December 2010
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 1 December 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Engineering firms take major economic hit due to mine closure
Engineering firms working on the West Coast are taking a major economic hit, as Pike River Coal begins suspending sub-contracts. [more]

Councillor says worst fears realised over Henderson deal
A Christchurch City councillor says the bankruptcy of the Christchurch property developer, David Henderson, has vindicated his worst fears about the 17 million dollars the council paid to buy five properties owned by Mr Henderson in 2008. [more]

Business slumps for Pike River contractors
The latest fallout from the Pike River Disaster is the loss of work for firms which had contracts with the mining company. [more]

Advice from expert crucial in recovery of miners' bodies
The Pike River coal mine continues to burn. It's almost definite the fire has now spread to the coal seam. [more]

Christchurch City Council left holding white elephant
The Christchurch City Council is being urged to front up and admit it made a mistake when it agreed to buy five inner-city properties from the Christchurch property developer, Dave Henderson. [more]

Australian apple industry to fight to keep NZ apples out
One of the top officials from the Australian apple growers industry group is insisting there is scientific evidence that New Zealand apples pose a risk, despite a World Trade Organisation order suggesting otherwise. [more]

Farmers bracing themselves for drought
Northland could officially be in drought by Christmas and farmers in other parts of the country are anxiously awaiting rain as weeks of dry weather stretch on. [more]

FIFA denies bung taking in the 1990s
Football's world governing body, FIFA, is dismissing corruption allegations made in a BBC television programme against one of its members, Issa Hayatoum, of Cameroon. [more]

Leaks suggest China losing patience with North Korea
There are new doubts over the long term future of North Korea after leaked diplomatic documents suggested senior Chinese leaders are losing patience with their Communist ally. [more]

UN climate talks - Can they deliver?
Frustrated at past failures, climate negotiators have begun a critical two-week United Nations conference in Mexico. [more]

Sports News for 1 December 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Police Association looks forward to working with new boss
The Police Association is looking forward to working with the new police commissioner, Peter Marshall. [more]

Labour fears short appointment term will become the norm
The Police Commissioner term in the job has been reduced from 5 to 3 years. [more]

New Zealand rocket company breaks into US market
It may sound as likely as selling ice to Eskimos, but New Zealand rocket technology is in hot demand in the United States. [more]

Underground fires continue to burn at Pike River coal mine
An underground fire continues to burn at the Pike River coal mine this morning, thwarting any effort to recover the bodies of the trapped men. Geoff speakes to former miner and NZRU president John Sturgeon (on tour with the All Blacks) about the plaque given to him by the people of Wales for the west coast. [more]

Search for missing lake jumper resumes about now
The Police Dive Squad are due to re-commence their search for a missing 16-year old, who is presumed drowned in a lake on Auckland's North Shore, about now. [more]

Christchurch ratepayers pay while council looks at options
The Christchurch City Council is defending its decision to buy five inner-city properties from the failed property developer, David Henderson. [more]

Southland whistle-blowing doctor insists he did nothing wrong
The Southland doctor being pursued by the Office of Human Rights Proceedings, believes he did nothing wrong after outing a resthome worker, who was on a methadone programme, to her employer. [more]

Indoor effect of woodfires surprises scientists
Scientists investigating the pollution from woodfires are startled at how much smoke they breathe into houses. [more]

Sports News for 1 December 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Rangitiaki River users band together to fight power company
A group of eastern Bay of Plenty residents is planning to fight a power company's application to further restrict the flow of the Rangitaiki River. [more]

Fiji Water pulls back from threat to quit Fiji over tax row
The US bottled-water company, Fiji Water, has pulled back from its threat to quit Fiji, less than 48 hours after a dispute over tax closed the plant. [more]

Waatea News for 1 December 2010
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Problem-free run for school exams as NCEA ends
School principals say this year's NCEA and Scholarship exams appear to have been problem free. [more]

Road quality slows progress of new heavy vehicle scheme
There's frustration in the trucking industry at slow progress with the new heavy vehicle permit scheme. [more]

Prime Minister questions government's moves on drug utensils
The Prime Minister is questioning whether moves by his own Government to ban the importation of components used to make drug taking equipment will be successful. [more]

Rare Hitler photographs to be auctioned in January
Hundreds of pictures providing a rare insight into Adolf Hitler's rise to power are to go under the hammer in England. [more]


Nearly Total Recall
Later this month, Wellington will host a conference on memory. The Contained Memory Conference will look not just at the science of how our brains store information but the way it shapes culture too. We talked to one of the speakers, British neuropsychologist Dr Paul Broks from the University of Plymouth. [more]

Clue 5. [more]

Clue 6. [more]

Nine To Noon

More youth offenders on remand locked up in police cells
Auckland youth lawyer claims that an increasing number of youth offenders on remand are being forced to stay in cells because tougher sentencing laws are increasing demand on beds. [more]

The future of arts festivals in NZ
The future of arts festivals in NZ. [more]

Australia Correspondent - Karen Middleton
Karen Middleton is the chief political correspondent for SBS Television. [more]

Feature Guest - Steven Johnson
Best selling science writer Steven Johnson asks us to rethink our ideas on innovation - he argues that good ideas are not bolts from the blue but come from hunches, mulling things over and a good dose of chance and failure. [more]

Book Review - Voltaire's Calligrapher
Kate Blackhurst reviews Voltaire's Calligrapher by Pablo de Santis, published by HarperCollins. [more]

Music with Marty Duda
Marty's band in the spotlight is Bon Jovi. [more]

Law Commentator Andrew Scott Howman
Andrew Scott Howman discusses why it is still ok to discriminate on the basis of someone's appearance. [more]

Science Commentator - David Haywood
David Haywood discusses the first law of Thermodynamics. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 1 December 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 1 December 2010
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Antonio Montes Soto
A flamenco singer who's visiting Wellington to perform with the Desde Sevilla Flamenco Dance Company. [more]

Marion Weaver
President of the Dunedin Harmony Chorus of Sweet Adelines who'll be giving a concert at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery this Sunday. [more]

Cleo Barnett
Organiser of Auckland's 'First Thursdays' talks about the development of K Road's monthly art event, which relaunches tomorrow at St Kevins Arcade. [more]

News stories:

Slump in construction sector continues
Building consents for new houses fell for the fourth month in a row in October. [more]

Scrub fire threatened homes
Police are investigating a scrub fire which they say endangered homes north of Whangarei overnight on Tuesday. [more]

RAMSI on alert after unrest in Honiara following Minister's sentencing
Police with the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, or RAMSI, remain on alert in Honiara after rioting following the sentencing of a cabinet minister. Supporters of the former militant... [more]

FIFA dismisses BBC TV allegations
FIFA has dismissed allegations made by a BBC TV programme against three executive committee members, saying Swiss authorities had already investigated and the case had been closed. The Panorama programme... [more]

Durante says Phoenix motivated against Sydney
The Phoenix captain Andrew Durante says his team already has plenty of motivation to try and get one over on Sydney FC tonight without recalling the controversy of the two... [more]

Warne says pressures on Ponting
Shane Warne believes Australia's bid to win the second Ashes cricket test in Adelaide is Ricky Ponting's greatest challenge as captain. Writing in the London Daily Telegraph, Warne says the... [more]

World Champion to compete in NZ Ironman
The double world champion Mirinda Carfrae has confirmed her entry for Ironman New Zealand, the first time that a reigning world champion has competed at Taupo. The Australian won the... [more]

Champion NZ jockey making headlines in Victoria
The former champion New Zealand jockey Lisa Cropp is making a big impact across the Tasman, having arrived in Victoria only midway through their Spring Carnival. In the last 10... [more]

NZ and malaysia to meet at squash today
New Zealand and Malaysia will meet this evening to decide top spot in their group at the World Women's Teams Squash Championship in Palmerston North. Both sides remain unbeaten after... [more]

Three senior players won't be involved in Pakistan's NZ tour
Pakistan's cricket selectors have omitted three senior players from their squads coming here at the end of this month for test and limited overs series. The former captain Muhammad Yousuf,... [more]

Vettori to play second ODI
New Zealand cricket captain Daniel Vettori will play in tonight's second one day international against India in Jaipur, however Brendan McCullum remains in doubt. Both missed the opening match which... [more]

Giteau to captain Baabaas
The Welsh flanker Martyn Williams is the only British Isles rugby player who will start for the Barbarians against South Africa at Twickenham this weekend. The Baabaas side is dominated... [more]

Bush administration offered Kiribati money to take Uighurs says WikiLeaks
It's been revealed that the previous US administration offered Kiribati 3 million US dollars to accept 17 Chinese Muslim detainees from Guantanamo Bay as residents. The "incentive package" was made... [more]

Tonga's Friendly Islands Democratic Party considers government of national unity
The party which won the bulk of the seats in last week's historic election in Tonga is considering a government of national unity. The Friendly Islands Democratic Party won 12... [more]

Secondary school teachers hold last strike for year
Secondary school teachers are holding the last of a series of strikes for the year on Wednesday. [more]

Complaint-free NCEA exams finish
School principals says this year's NCEA and Scholarship exams appear to have been problem free. [more]

Building industry expects tough year
The construction industry says it expects the next year to be tough, as permits for new dwellings remain weak and people are wary of borrowing. [more]

WDT shares fall on rights issue announcement
Shares in Wellington Drive Technologies shares fell by more than half on Tuesday after the company announced plans to raise $8.4 million through a rights issue. [more]

Abano still buying up firms despite lower profits
Abano Healthcare says it's still in growth mode despite the sluggish New Zealand and Australian economies. [more]

NZ growers look to increase apple demand in Australia
The New Zealand pipfruit industry body says opening up Australia to apple imports could stimulate a lift in consumer demand there. [more]

Demand for Fieldays sites shoots up
Organisers of the National Agricultural Fieldays at Mystery Creek south of Hamilton, say applications for sites at next year's four day event are up 80% on the same time last year. [more]

Healthy farmer image to be proved 'a myth'
A research project is underway to dispel a myth that all farmers are fit and healthy. [more]

New Cook Islands PM sworn in
The leader of the Cook Islands Party, Henry Puna, has been sworn in as the new Cook Islands prime minister by the Queen's representative, Sir Frederick Goodwin. Our correspondent in... [more]

Driving practice underestimated for learner drivers
The Transport Agency says its research has found 90% of New Zealanders significantly underestimate the amount of practice needed by learner drivers. [more]

PM questions effectiveness of drug utensil ban
Prime Minister John Key says he doesn't think a ban on importing drug utensil components will be successful. [more]

Hong Kong trade partnership start date agreed
The Closer Economic Partnership agreement between New Zealand and Hong Kong will come into force on 1 January. [more]

Wednesday's newspaper headlines
Divers scour lake for teen; hopes fade for recovering Pike River mine bodies; airline to cut fares 'by half', Wellington Zoo in race for giant pandas. [more]

Four people feared dead in Marshall Islands after empty boat found
Four people are feared dead in the Marshall Islands after their empty boat was found half submerged in the open ocean. A U.S. Navy C-130 aircraft that joined the search... [more]

Drug and alcohol court proposed
The Chief District Court Judge is supporting a proposal to establish New Zealand's first Drug Court. [more]

Man in critical condition after Levin attack
Police have laid assault charges against a Levin teenager over an attack which left a 27-year-old man seriously injured. [more]

Spinners expected to play their part tonight in Jaipur
The pitch could play a bigger part in the outcome of tonight's second one day cricket international between New Zealand and India in Jaipur. Hyderabad were bowled out for just... [more]

FIFA dismiss calls to postpone vote
FIFA has dismissed calls to postpone Friday morning's vote to decide the hosts of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. The anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International Switzerland says football's world governing... [more]

Clarke's bat more trouble than his back
Cricket Australia insists vice-captain Michael Clarke is fit to play and was the victim of diligent bowling rather than his fragile back during a pained innings in the drawn first... [more]

England and U.S. World Cups best for FIFA revenue
A confidential report says World Cups held in England and the United States would meet all of FIFA's projected revenue targets and deliver bigger profits to world football's governing body... [more]

Venter to step down as Saracens' director of rugby
The former Springbok Brendan Venter will step down as Saracens' director of rugby in January so he can return to South Africa with his family. The English club says Venter... [more]

5 Kiwis prepare for Q-school marathon
Five New Zealand golfers are in the field of 160 preparing for the marathon final stage of the PGA tour qualifying school starting tomorrow in Florida. Danny Lee, Michael Hendry,... [more]

Agents do well out of English football clubs
Chelsea and Liverpool paid out 19.2 and 18.8 million dollars respectively to agents in the year ending in September 2010, according to English Premier League football figures. That was 6... [more]

hayatou considers sueing BBC
Senior football official Issa Hayatou has denied bribery claims made in a BBC documentary and has threatened to sue. Mr Hayatou, vice-president of football governing body Fifa, says money that... [more]

Mourinho banned for two matches
The Real Madrid football coach Jose Mourinho has been given a two-match ban following allegations that two of his players deliberately got sent off in a Champions League match against... [more]

Woodburners pollute indoor air: research
Air quality researchers say woodfires in homes could expose residents to unsafe levels of air pollution. [more]

Drought threatens as dry weather continues
As farmers in many parts of the country anxiously await rain, officials say Northland could be in official drought by Christmas. [more]

Businesses lose work in mine shutdown
A West Coast engineering firm has lost about a third of its business as Pike River Coal suspends major contracts, in the latest fallout from the disaster in which 29 workers were killed. [more]

River users band together to fight power company plan
Some eastern Bay of Plenty residents plan to fight a power company's application to further restrict the flow of the Rangitaiki River. [more]

No quick sale for Henderson properties
Christchurch City Council concedes it may need to hold properties bought in 2008 from the now-bankrupt property developer Dave Henderson for several years to recover its investment. [more]

Fiji Solicitor General Pryde to visit NZ next week
Fiji's Solicitor General Christopher Pryde is to meet the New Zealand Law Society president in Wellington next week. Jonathan Temm was to attend this week's Attorney General's Conference in Nadi,... [more]

Solomon Islands PM appeals for calm following violence
The Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Danny Philip, has appealed for calm following the violence which erupted yesterday after the sentencing of MP Jimmy Lusibaea. The North Malaita MP, and Minister... [more]

NZ rocket company in joint venture with US firm
Auckland-based space company Rocket Lab has reached a deal with a major US aeronautical company, L2 Aerospace. [more]

Fiji Water reopens
The US company, Fiji Water, says will reopen its plant this morning - less than 48 hours after it closed it over a tax dispute. In a statement, Fiji Water... [more]

New Cook Islands PM sworn-in
The leader of the Cook Islands Party, Henry Puna, has been sworn in this morning as the new Cook Islands prime minister by the Queen's representative, Sir Frederick Goodwin. Our... [more]

Mining giant Xstrata, signs off a 122 million US dollar investment in PNG
Mining company Xstrata has signed off on a 122 million US dollar investment in its 5.3 billion dollar Papua New Guinea copper-gold joint venture with Highlands Pacific. The decision takes... [more]

After a year of CNMI federalization, still no worker, investor regulations
The first year anniversary of the federal takeover of CNMI immigration has come and gone with no federal regulations governing foreign investors and foreign workers in the Commonwealth. The governor's... [more]

Taiwan funds copra project in Solomon Islands
Taiwan has made a 12,000 US dollar payment for funding towards the Savo/Russell Islands Copra Project in Solomon Islands for Central Province. The Prime Minister Danny Philip says Savo/ Russells... [more]

NZ's new Police Commissioner keen to take up new challenge
Peter Marshall, who's been named as the New Zealand's new Police Commissioner, says he's tickled pink to have been offered the new role. Mr Marshall has been with the Royal... [more]

Hydro scheme project won't fill Pike River job gap
Electricity company Trustpower says some Pike River Coal mine workers can probably be employed on a new hydro power project on the West Coast, though the scheme could be 18 months from getting underway. [more]

Manchester United suffer first loss of the season
West Ham United humbled holders Manchester United 4-nil to reach the English football League Cup semi-finals with Old Trafford reject Jonathan Spector scoring twice in the swirling snow at Upton... [more]

Papuan flag raising in NZ to mark 1961 independence bid
The West Papua Morning Star Flag is being raised in one of New Zealand's main streets today as an act of solidarity with the people of Indonesian province. December the... [more]

Migratory birds studied in American Samoa
A team of biologists is in American Samoa to study the migratory patterns of Pacific golden plovers or tuli. The birds visit the territory every year and earlier this year... [more]

NZ signs tax deal with Hong Kong
Hong Kong and New Zealand have signed a tax agreement that will help give certainty to businesses operating in both countries. [more]

Taranaki engineering firm sold to Malaysian company
Taranaki-based oil and gas engineering company Fitzroy Engineering has been sold to Malaysian-listed company Dialog Group Berhart for more than $20 million. [more]

American Samoa airport lights vandalised
Airport runway lights at American Samoa's Tafuna Airport have been vandalised. The lights are part of the airport's medium intensity approach system installed by the Federal Aviation Administraiton. The FAA... [more]

Air NZ damage in Samoa under investigation
An investigation is underway after a damaged door on an Air New Zealand Airbus A320 caused 138 passengers in Samoa a 17-hour flight delay. The delay yesterday was caused by... [more]

Fiji regime says Fiji Water reopening shows stability
Fiji's interim government says Fiji Water's re-opening today shows there is stability for investors in Fiji. The United States company has started operating again two days after annnouncing it would... [more]

Exporter anticipates boost to apple trade
New Zealand's biggest apple grower and exporter says gaining access to the Australian market will be a boost for the industry after a tough trading season. [more]

No vote for Oceania after Temarii confirms he will appeal
Despite initial hopes, the Oceania Football Confederation will not have a presence at the voting table in Zurich after it's suspended President, Reynald Temarii confirmed he will exercise his right... [more]

NZ Barbarians confident of Oceania hockey three-peat
The New Zealand Barbarians team are backing themselves to win a third straight Oceania Pacific Cup hockey tournament. The Samoa and Australian teams arrive in Suva on Wednesday ahead of... [more]

Marshalls rescue efforts continue for four missing at sea
Search and rescue authorities are travelling by boat to the site in the Marshall Islands where an empty and submerged boat was spotted by a U.S. Navy C-130 aircraft yesterday. [more]

Solomons forest minister Dettke ousted by caucus
The ruling coalition in Solomon Islands has reportedly decided to sack the forestry minister, Bobo Dettke, three months into his term. The Prime Minister's Press Secretary, Alfred Sasako, has told... [more]

Solomons government supports jailed former minister
The Solomon Islands government has reaffirmed its commitment to support the legal team of the former fisheries minister Jimmy Lusibaea who was jailed yesterday. Lusibaea pleaded guilty to charges related... [more]

Former public agency director guilty of fraud
An Auckland chartered accountant convicted of fraud has been named as a former director of the Auckland Regional Transport Authority and former Crown research institute HortResearch. [more]

Labour MP increases Mana by-election majority
The new Labour MP for Mana, Kris Faafoi, has increased his majority in the seat in the final official count. [more]

Water restrictions imposed in Tasman district
First stage water restrictions have been imposed in the Tasman district as dry weather continues in Nelson. [more]

14-year-old spends four nights in police cell
Child, Youth and Family deputy chief executive Ray Smith says the service is working to ensure fewer young people spend nights in police cells. [more]

French assembly president to visit New Caledonia
The president of the French assembly, Bernard Accoyer, is to visit New Caledonia for three days this week. Mr Accoyer is due in Noumea today accompanied by three parliamentarians. He... [more]

Govt wants KiwiSaver providers to disclose charges
The Government is proposing all KiwiSaver providers be required to report every three months on fees and charges and their investment returns. [more]

Tonga troops to join NATO operation in Afghanistan
Tonga's first contingent of 55 soldiers will be deployed to Afghanistan this month to support the NATO-led International Security Armed Forces Mission, ISAF. Matangi Tonga online reports the group will... [more]

Norfolk strikes finance deal with Canberra
Norfolk Island and the Australian government have signed a memorandum of understanding to resolve the territory's financial crisis. Norfolk is self-governing but Canberra has been pushing for some years to... [more]

Solomons government confident of retaining majority despite Dettke's sacking
A spokesperson for the Solomon Islands government says the ruling coalition's confident of retaining a majority, despite the sacking of the forestry minister, Bobo Dettke. The decision to relieve the... [more]

Solomons police likely to charge 43 over Lusibaea unrest
The Solomon Islands Police says charges are likely to be laid after 43 people were arrested in relation to the unrest that followed yesterday's sentencing of a former Fisheries Minister... [more]

New Police Commissioner requested shorter term
The newly appointed Police Commissioner says he specifically asked for a shorter, three-year term and denies that means he will face added political pressure. [more]

Teen's body found in North Shore lake
Police have found the body of a 17-year-old boy who went missing after jumping into Lake Pupuke on Auckland's North Shore. He has been named as Raphael Alualu, of Mt Roskill. [more]

Kiwifruit committee to discuss independent board
The Kiwifruit Industry Advisory committee is to meet on Wednesday evening to make a decision on the make-up of an independent board overseeing strategies relating to the vine killing disease PSA. [more]

Inquiry begins after Airbus door damaged in Samoa
An investigation is under way after a damaged door on an Air New Zealand Airbus caused a 17-hour flight delay for passengers in Samoa. [more]

Labour says early childhood particpation will drop
The Labour Party has published a survey it says shows parents will be paying more for less due to government funding cuts to some early childhood services. [more]

Bylaw aims to cut pollution rate in Rotorua
A new air quality bylaw has come into force in urban Rotorua, limiting the type of woodburners and pellet fires that can be installed. [more]

150 lose jobs after Auckland printing plant closes
Some 150 people have lost their jobs after the closure of APN's commercial printing plant in South Auckland. [more]

Quake shakes Masterton area
A magnitude 4.1 earthquake was recorded in Wairarapa early on Wednesday morning. [more]

Ferrer and Isner top the billing in Auckland
The defending champion and two former champions will be among the the field for January's Heineken tennis open in Auckland. Four of the field have been in the world's top... [more]

New Zealand V8 Supercar driver confirms he has cancer
The New Zealand motor racing driver Jason Richards has confirmed he has cancer. Richards, had surgery to remove a tumour from his abdomen last week and is expected to leave... [more]

Rugby League world cup draw announced
The reigning rugby league world champions New Zealand will play Papua New Guinea, Samoa and France in pool play when they defend their title at the next tournament in England... [more]

Fifa wants Temarii to accept his sanctions
FIFA reportedly wants suspended Oceania football chief Reynald Temarii to fully accept his sanctions in return for allowing the region to vote on the World Cup hosts. According to a... [more]

Union tells workers to value Fiji Water pay
A union representing many workers at Fiji Water says the company's near closure is a wake-up call for them to make the most of their better than average pay packets. [more]

Fraudster to be investigated by Auckland Council
A convicted fraudster who held a directorship with the Auckland Regional Transport Authority faces a council-led investigation of his activities. [more]

Warning major arts festival at risk of being downsized
The outgoing chair of the New Zealand International Arts Festival says the event is at risk of being downsized or stopped if people do not start supporting it with their wallets. [more]

Auckland Council to help repair derelict building
The Auckland Council is to help restore a derelict downtown building which locals describe as an eyesore. [more]

Prices for major exports reach new high
Prices on world markets for New Zealand's major exports hit a new high in November. [more]

Sellers put more properties on market
A surge of property listings has pushed the stock of unsold homes to its highest level in two-and-a-half years. [more]

Gold mining firm trims losses
Listed gold miner Heritage Gold has stemmed its losses in the six months to September. [more]

Welsh rugby union pays tribute to mine workers
A plaque from the Welsh Rugby Union to the people of the West Coast will be displayed at the remembrance service for 29 workers who died in the Pike River Coal mine disaster. [more]

Sow stalls to be banned by 2015
The use of sow stalls on New Zealand pig farms is to be banned by the end of 2015, the Government has announced. [more]

Budget airline plans new route from Christchurch
Christchurch mayor Bob Parker says a budget airline starting flights between Christchurch and Malaysia will create jobs in the city. [more]

Auckland airport workers lose jobs
More than a dozen workers at Auckland Airport have lost their jobs. [more]

More boats join search for missing four in Marshalls waters
More boats in the Marshall Islands have joined in the official search for four missing passengers in the area where a capsized boat was sighted south of Arno Atoll yesterday. [more]

Two main camps emerge in talks over formation of Tonga government
Two main camps have emerged in discussions over the formation of a new government in Tonga. The Friendly Islands Democratic Party which, with 12 of the 26 seats, won the... [more]

UNICEF aims to stop parent-child HIV transmission by 2015
The executive director of UNICEF New Zealand says it's committed to stopping all transmission of HIV from mothers to children by 2015. The comment follows the release of UNICEF's latest... [more]

Thousands face delay in starting quake rebuilding
More than 3000 property owners in Canterbury have been told their land needs a great deal of repair work before they can rebuild their homes following the earthquake on 4 September. [more]

Call for NZ to maintain independence at climate talks
The Labour Party says New Zealand needs to maintain its independence at climate change talks in Cancun. [more]

Contact Energy wins battle to build wind farm
Contact Energy has won its battle to build a $400 million wind farm at Waitahora south-east of Dannevirke. [more]

Dental clinic with special facilities for disabled opens
A $1.5 million dental clinic uniquely adapted for disabled patients has opened in Christchurch. [more]

Mine recovery workers hope to begin safety measure
New Zealand recovery workers at the Pike River Coal mine are still hopeful of starting a machine overnight on Wednesday designed to make the mine safe to enter. [more]

15-year-old shot in hunting accident
A teenager has been accidentally shot while rabbit hunting with a friend on Banks Peninsula. [more]

Death of nightclub patron unintended, court told
A brain injury that caused the death of a Blenheim man as he was being ejected from a nightclub was unexpected and unintended, a High Court jury has been told. [more]

West Coast prepares for mine disaster memorial
Hundreds of people have begun arriving on the West Coast from throughout New Zealand for a memorial service for the workers who died in the Pike River Coal mine disaster. [more]