Radio New Zealand - Wednesday, 9th February 2011

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Best Song Ever Written - Empty Rooms
Simon Kennedy from Dunedin has chosen Empty Rooms by Gary Moore. [more]

Link 3 music quiz
What do these songs have in common? [more]

Author Elizabeth Wynhausen
Author Elizabeth Wynhausen and her new book, The Short Goodbye : A Skewed History Of The Last Boom And The Next Bust about her own experience and that of countless other workers who lost their jobs and have not been able to get new ones. [more]

Thorpe Park ghosts
Construction has stopped on a new water ride at one of Britain's biggest theme parks because workers reported seeing ghosts and objects moving on their own. Jim Arnold, of South West London Paranormal has been asked to check the site. [more]

Virtual World
With Hamish MacEwan. [more]

Auckland Story for 9 February 2011 - Garden to Table
Obesity and diabetes are just two of the epidemics facing western society today and most concerning, increasingly amongst our children. The Garden to Table Trust was set up recently to encourage school children into gardens, growing their vegetables and learning how to cook them. Three Auckland schools have just finished a one year pilot programme. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 9 February 2011
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on today's Panel. [more]

The Panel with John Barnett and Neil Miller (Part 1)
Topics - A representative of urban Maori in Auckland says people should stop critiquing every cent of public money that is given to Maori. Several people have complained about a series of"sexualised"adverts which Mediaworks is using to advertise its' newly rebranded channel Four. [more]

The Panel with John Barnett and Neil Miller (Part 2)
Topics - A study has discovered that women earn a lot more during their career if they can stay thin - while fatter men get paid the most. Two mothers of six have been in the news for different reasons. [more]

At The Movies

At the Movies for 9 February 2011
At The Movies returns, and this week Simon Morris looks at the front-runners of the upcoming Academy Awards. The King's Speech, Black Swan, True Grit, The Social Network, Toy Story 3 - which will end up thanking everyone they know? [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 9 February 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 9 February 2011
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 9 February 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 9 February 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 9 February 2011
A drop in the amount of money set aside to cover bad debts has helped to boost ASB's bottom line. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Wednesday 9 February 2011
Hone Harawira fronts up to face the music. Accusations the new Foreshore and Seabed law is being rushed through before the Maori Party implodes and an emergency landing at Blenheim airport. [more]

Maori Party Disciplinary hearing into Hone Harawira complaint
The battle between Maori Party MP Hone Harawira and his fellow MPs has moved behind closed doors this afternoon with the start of the disciplinary hearing which will decide his political future and possibly the fate of the party. [more]

Marine and Coastal Area Bill reported back
Now opposition parties are accusing the Government of trying to push through replacement legislation for the Foreshore and Seabed Act before the Maori Party implodes. [more]

Rodney Hide says cost of Maori Statutory Board not his fault
The Local Government Minister Rodney Hide says it's not his fault Auckland's new super city council is being asked to spend almost three and a half million dollars a year on a Maori Statutory Board. [more]

Largest monthly increase in electronic card spending in 5 years
Shoppers could finally be reigniting their obsession with the plastic with January showing the largest increase in credit and debit card spending in five years. [more]

Plane makes an emergency landing at Blenheim airport
A plane carrying 44 people has been forced to make an emergency landing at Blenheim airport without its nose wheel. [more]

Police apologise for using derogatory racial description
The police are being criticised for describing a missing woman as half caste, with the term labelled unacceptable and derogatory. [more]

Evening Sports News for 9 February 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Private prison firm has worst self-harm record
A firm about to run a New Zealand prison has the poorest record of inmates' deliberatley injuring themselves in Scottish jails. [more]

Waatea News for 9 February 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Prebbleton locals voice fears over new state highway
People living in the village of Prebbleton, on the outskirts of Christchurch, are outraged at how close a proposed new four-lane highway could get to their homes. [more]

Tunnelling thieves get away with valuable equipment
Thieves in Hamilton have managed to steal equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars from the Glenview water treatment plant by tunnelling under concrete to avoid a high-voltage security fence. [more]

MP explores possibility of Sydney-style gay mardi gras
The MP for Central Auckland is pushing for the city to host a gay and lesbian mardi gras akin to the spectacle in Sydney. [more]

Claims Marine and Coastal Area Bill being 'rammed through'
Opposition parties are accusing the Government of trying to push through replacement legislation for the Foreshore and Seabed Act before the Maori Party implodes. [more]

Finance Minister bats down Opposition criticism of SOE sales
The Minister of Finance Bill English says the part-sale of SOEs will boost the Government's balance sheet - not deplete it. [more]

Fears over possible MAF and Fisheries merger
A union representing fisheries officers fears the costs could outweigh the benefits of a possible merger with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. [more]

Tony Abbott's remarks about a dead solider making headlines
Australia's opposition leader, Tony Abbott, says it's time to move on from his controversial comments about the the death of soldier in Afganistan, out of respect to the man's family. [more]

Scientists discuss extreme weather in Wellington
More than two-hundred scientists from both Australia and New Zealand have converged on Wellington this week to discuss the weather. [more]

Evening Sports News for 9 February 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Child says Cash McKinnon scared of man accused of killing
A High Court jury has heard from two children who were at a Palmerston North home when a little girl was fatally injured. [more]

Cairo correspondent
Pressure is mounting on the Egyptian government to immediately lift the country's emergency laws and for President Hosni Mubarak to stand down. [more]

Waatea News for 9 February 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Ex-nightclub owner escapes prison for manslaughter
A former Blenheim night-club owner found guilty of the manslaughter of a 24-year old customer has been given 12 months home detention. [more]

Resucitation Council supports more defibrillators in community
A petition to have more defibrillators in the community to increase the chance of saving lives of people having cardiac arrests is getting some key support. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 9 February 2011
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 9 February 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Wednesday 9 February 2011
Public sector cuts, D-Day for Hone Harawira, state asset sales, Richie McCaw injury. [more]

Te Ururoa anxious to resolve Harawira complaint
The Maori Party MP, Hone Harawira, will today face a disciplinary hearing that may determine his political future. [more]

Pacific News for 9 February 2011
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Further cuts to come for public service
The Prime Minister has signalled further cuts to the public service but has left hanging the finer details of how further cuts and mergers might unfold. [more]

New Zealand warned to prepare for climate migrants
New Zealand has been warned to act now to prepare to cope with thousands of climate-change migrants within the next 30 to 50 years. [more]

Unions reject PM's recipe for growth in speech to Parliament
The Prime Minister, John Key, has set the government's course in election year towards further spending cuts and major reform of the public sector. [more]

Prime Minister signals major public sector changes
John Key joins us to discuss his plans for public sector changes. [more]

D-Day for Hone Harawira
The Maori Party's disputes and disciplinary committee will meet in Wellington this afternoon to consider a complaint laid by the party's whip, Te Ururoa Flavell. [more]

Iwi leaders work on ways of securing state asset holdings
Maori leaders are working behind the scenes to find ways to ensure at least part of any state assets sales are directed their way. [more]

Richie McCaw says foot injury won't stop RWC build-up
The All Blacks captain, Richie McCaw is reassuring rugby fans his foot injury won't stop the team's preparations for the World Cup. [more]

Cost of Maori board shocks Auckland councillors
Auckland councillors have been surprised by the 5 million dollar cost to set up and run a board to represent Maori interests. [more]

Family of murdered man welcome police graffiti probe
The family of murdered Feilding farmer Scott Guy say police are right to focus afresh on the graffiti and vandalism attack on Mr Guy's home. [more]

Sports News for 9 February 2011
The latest news from the team at Radio NZ sport. [more]

Some time before food poisoned women come home from Thailand.
It could be as much as two weeks before two young women suffering from suspected food poisoning in Thailand are able to return home. [more]

UK Banking executives 'livid' at tax hikes
The British government has announced a tax increase of 1.3 billion dollars on banks amid continuing public anger over their role in the credit crisis and the scale of bankers' bonuses. [more]

Greens candidate misses deadline for Botany by-election
A frantic dash through busy Auckland streets failed to save a Green candidate from missing out on standing in next month's by-election in Botany. [more]

Public sector union rejects Key's plan for more cuts
The Prime Minister, John Key, signalled further significant change to the welfare system and indicated the likelihood of public sector mergers in yesterday's annual Statement to Parliament. [more]

Harawira outcome may influence election
The Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira will today face a disciplinary hearing that pundits say may make or break the Maori Party. [more]

Cash-strapped Phoenix owner seeks funds in Switzerland
The cash-strapped Wellington property developer, Terry Serepisos, is today in Switzerland making a last-ditch attempt to get loans to save his businesses from bankruptcy. [more]

New evidence suggests Australians recruited by Al Qaeda
New evidence has emerged that young Australian men are being recruited to Al Qaeda training camps in Yemen. [more]

Sports News for 9 February 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

New Super Rugby format launched in Auckland
More teams, more games - an expanded Super Rugby competition was launched in Auckland last night. [more]

Audiogists angry at ACC's funding cuts for hearing aids
Audiologists are angry the Accident Compensation Corporation is cutting back its coverage of audiologist appointments and hearing aid repair bills, as well as the aids themselves. [more]

Waatea News for 9 February 2011
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

Farmers fight to contain 'bone drilling' weed
Farmers and scientists say a sharp, dangerous weed that is spreading through Canterbury must be stopped. [more]

Sleepwalking could be in your DNA
Researchers have found that somnambulism could be an inherited condition. [more]


Oriental Carpets
Anna Williams regularly visits Turkey and the rural south of Iran to explore and learn traditional techniques of Persian rug making. [more]

Arts - Video Games
Lots of princesses must be rescued, and the world must be repeatedly saved! Matt Maguire is a video game afficionado, and over the next few months he will be explaining to us the culture, the art, the technology, and even the philosophy of computer and online games. Tonight he talked to Bryan about the birth, and the earliest incarnations, of games. [more]

Clue 5. [more]

Clue 6. [more]

Nine To Noon

Suspected Child Abuse
Is CYF responding adequately to teachers' reports of suspected child abuse? [more]

How do you protect yourself from scammers - some of whom use intimidating methods to get you to hand over your money. [more]

Australia Correspondent Karen Middleton
Karen Middleton - Chief political correspondent for SBS Television. [more]

Dan Steele: the Ruapehu District
Dan Steele is an eco farmer, environmentalist, tourism operator and bush aficionado. He farms over 5,000 acres in a remote area of the Ruapehu District, an area that was once given by the Government to World War I veterans returning home. But the land was so hostile and difficult to work, that in time all the returned servicemen left. [more]

Book Review - Bury Your Dead by Louise Penny
Gail Pittaway reviews Bury Your Dead by Louise Penny [more]

Music with Marty Duda
Marty Duda looks at the work of The Decemberists. [more]

Public Law
Legal commentator Mai Chen discusses the Impact of election year on business and citizens in public law terms. [more]

Science - Simon Pollard
Simon Pollard looks at the mysterious pitcher plant that attracts and traps insects. [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 9 February 2011
Questions to Ministers 1. Hon PHIL GOFF to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement on the sale of state assets that "we do want to sell to Kiwi mums and dads as a priority"? 2. CRAIG FOSS to the Minister of Finance: What will be the focus of Budget 2011 and the Government's wider economic programme this year? 3. Hon CHRIS CARTER to the Minister of Education: Does she agree with Rt Hon John Key's comment at Waitangi's Te Tii Marae last year that improving education outcomes for Māori children would help address rising Māori unemployment? 4. KEITH LOCKE to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: Why is he not calling for the immediate resignation of Hosni Mubarak as Egypt's President? 5. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Prime Minister: In light of his statement "I have spoken previously of my concerns about a growing underclass, and vulnerable children are at the heart of that issue", what specific improvements has his Government made to address both the underclass and vulnerable children in New Zealand? 6. AMY ADAMS to the Minister of Finance: How did the Government's tax package in October contribute to increasing New Zealanders' real, after-tax earnings? 7. Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE to the Minister of Finance: Does he agree with the Prime Minister's statement "New Zealand's government debt as a percentage of GDP relative to the other countries is low, in other words we don't owe very much"? 8. SHANE ARDERN to the Minister of Agriculture: What major developments in primary sector innovation has he recently announced? 9. Hon CLAYTON COSGROVE to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement yesterday about SOEs that "we want to give New Zealanders a chance to invest in these assets"? 10. DAVID BENNETT to the Minister of Labour: What reports has she received regarding the effects of the 90-day trial period on job creation? 11. GRANT ROBERTSON to the Minister of Health: Does he believe affordable access to primary health care for children under six is important for delivering health outcomes; if so, how much does he believe parents should pay when they take children to see a doctor in 2011? 12. Hon RODNEY HIDE to the Minister of Finance: What would the top rate of tax need to be to implement a $5000 tax-free threshold, reverse the [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 9 February 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 9 February 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Francis Etienne and Pauline Foucher
French Ambassador and French Film Festival Manager discuss event currently taking place around New Zealand. [more]

Deryck Taylor Obituary
Barry Hartley looks back at the life and work of long time Radio NZ broadcaster who died yesterday. [more]

Jennifer Shennan book reviews
'Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballets Russes' edited by Jane Pritchard, and 'Apollo's Angels' by Jennifer Homans. [more]

News stories:

Iwi leaders look to take advantage of state asset sell-off
Maori leaders are working behind the scenes to ensure they get a stake in any state-owned assets that are privatised. [more]

Greens miss by-election deadline
The Green Party has missed out on fielding a candidate in the Botany by-election next month because the paper work reached the returning officer too late. [more]

Crash cuts power to parts of Whangarei
Power is out to several residential streets in Whangarei after a car hit a power pole. [more]

Consumer NZ says credit card rewards frequently pointless
Consumer New Zealand says its research shows there is little to be gained from joining a credit card rewards scheme. [more]

British banks to pay higher tax
The British government has announced a tax increase on banks, amid continuing public anger over their role in the credit crisis and the size of bonuses paid to some bankers. [more]

Fruit exporters head to Berlin fair
New Zealand fruit exporters will be busy at the world's largest fresh produce trade fair, which opens in Germany on Wednesday. [more]

Cost of phasing out layer hen cages put at $150m
Egg producers say getting rid of cages and switching to larger enclosures will cost the industry more than $150 million. [more]

Chathams farmers want own meat brand
Farmers on the Chatham Islands are keen to differentiate their beef and lamb from that produced on mainland New Zealand by have it marketed under its own brand. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Wednesday's headlines: OE tragedy leaves woman dead; Jobs cuts likely in public sector revamp; Otago councillors to decide on flood protection scheme. [more]

Food poisoning victims to remain in Thailand for some time
It could be up to a fortnight before two young women suffering from suspected food poisoning in Thailand are able to return home. [more]

Climate change tipped to spark immigration wave
A new report claims New Zealand could have to deal with an influx of climate change immigrants within the next 30 to 50 years. [more]

Kubica ready to fight for his comeback to F1
Renault says their leading Formula One driver has reacted well to the news about his condition and is ready to fight for his comeback. Robert Kubica faces more surgery to... [more]

High success rate for McCaw type injury
New Zealand rugby fans will be relieved to hear that the type of injury sustained by the All Blacks captain has a high success rate of coming right. Richie McCaw... [more]

India's Kumar out of World Cup
India's preparations for the Cricket World Cup suffered a setback yesterday when paceman Praveen Kumar was ruled out after failing to recover from an elbow injury. Kumar, who had been... [more]

Wales switch Hook to first five eight for Scotland
James Hook will replace 96-times capped Stephen Jones at first five eight for Wales in their Six Nations match against Scotland on Saturday as the team bid to end a... [more]

Motor racing-Head selling bulk of his Williams stake
The co-founder of Williams, one of the most successful Formula One racing teams, is selling the bulk of his shares and plans to stand down as director of engineering in... [more]

Eden Gardens likely to retain remaining three world cup games
The fate of the remaining three World Cup cricket matches at Kolkata's Eden Gardens looks safe after an "encouraging" report from the International Cricket Council's inspection team. In a major... [more]

Angry reaction to reports Olympic luge track dangers were known
Georgia reacted angrily yesterday to allegations that organisers of last year's Winter Olympics knew in advance about potential dangers on a track where a Georgian luger was killed. A Canadian... [more]

Arthritis forces Drysdale to alter training regime
Arthritis is forcing four time world rowing champion Mahe Drysdale to readdress his training regime so he can compete at the London Olympics next year. Drysdale, who's 32, says he's... [more]

Italian cyclist seriously ill after self-performed blood transfusion
The Italian anti-doping agency says it's initiated disciplinary proceedings against cyclist Riccardo Ricco after reports that he'd performed a blood transfusion on himself. Ricco is seriously ill in hospital. [more]

Timing of McCaw injury could have been worse
The All Blacks captain Richie McCaw will miss the opening rounds of the Super Rugby competition, after suffering a stress fracture in his right foot. McCaw developed pain in his... [more]

Northland Rugby League player suspended for smoking cannabis
The New Zealand sports tribunal has suspended rugby league player, Joshua Poasa, from playing any sport for at least a year after an anti-doping violation. The Northland player admitted taking... [more]

Broadcasters sacked for sexist comments return to air
The former Sky Sports TV presenters who left their jobs after making sexist comments about a female lineswoman, will return to broadcasting next week, hosting a daily radio show on... [more]

Black Sticks men and women both record wins
The Black Sticks Women are up two games in a five test series against Korea thanks to a 2-1 victory in Whangarei last night. Krystal Forgesson scored early for the... [more]

More surgery ahead for Kubica
The Polish Formula One driver Robert Kubica, who was seriously injured in a high-speed rally crash in Italy last weekend, is improving but faces two further operations to stabilise fractures. [more]

Last season for Stuart at helm of Firebirds
Cricket Wellington says it won't be renewing the contract of Wellington Firebirds Head Coach Anthony Stuart, following another poor season. Stuart will remain as Head Coach for the remainder of... [more]

Record low crowd mars Roar win
Brisbane Roar secured a 2-1 win over North Queensland Fury last night in front of the smallest crowd in A-League football history. Just 1003 diehard were at Skilled Park, though... [more]

Tasmanian spinner gets late World Cup callup
The Tasmanian spin bowler Jason Krejza has received a World Cup call-up just two days after his one-day international debut. Krejza comes into the squad as the replacement for Nathan... [more]

Gatland gets vote of confidence from his bosses
Wales' under-pressure rugby coach Warren Gatland has received a vote of confidence from his bosses who've said sacking the New Zealander was the furthest thing from their minds. Wales head... [more]

Injured Morgan out of World Cup
England's hopes for the Cricket World Cup have suffered a major setback. Their leading one day batsman Eoin Morgan has been ruled out of the tournament with a broken finger... [more]

McCaw to miss part of Super Rugby tournament
All Blacks captain Richie McCaw will miss the opening rounds of the Super Rugby competition after suffering a stress fracture in his right foot. [more]

Simpler tax rules on businesses' election wish-list
Accounting software firm MYOB says business owners want to hear election promises to cut red tape and simplify tax processes. [more]

Phone companies respond to terminaton rate proposal
Vodafone says fixed line operators like Telecom stand to pocket the gains from slashing the cost of switching phone calls between networks, not consumers. [more]

New Super Rugby format launched in Auckland
Hurricanes captain Andrew Hore says a revamped Super Rugby tournament will prompt teams to lift their games, to secure more support from fans. [more]

Fight on to contain sharp dangerous farm weed
Some farmers and scientists say they are determined to stop a sharp and dangerous tussock-like weed from spreading through Canterbury. [more]

Questions raised in Fiji over single wage council
Questions are being raised in Fiji over plans to form a single wage council. The Labour Ministry is planning to phase out the ten existing wage councils and to set... [more]

Hearing loss funding cuts criticised by audiologists
Audiologists say they are angry the Accident Compensation Corporation is reducing its funding of audiology appointments and hearing aids. [more]

Fiji minimum wage advocate suspicious of single wage council
An advocate of a national minimum wage in Fiji is suspicious of plans to form a single wage council. The Labour Ministry is planning to phase out the ten existing... [more]

Guy homicide team follows up fresh calls
More than a dozen people have come forward with information after a new police appeal for help finding the killer of Feilding farmer Scott Guy. [more]

Vanuatu police say people smoking marijuana at a local concert will be arrested
Vanuatu police have warned young people in Port Vila about using marijuana during a reggae music concert to be held at Parliament Park on Wednesday night. The warning follows growing... [more]

Fiji and Tonga govts continue talks on reef dispute
The Fiji and Tonga governments are continuing talks over the disputed Minerva Reef, which they both claim rights to. Fiji's deputy permanent secretary of foreign affairs, Sila Balawa, has told... [more]

Banks in American Samoa say tracking money remitted out will be difficult
The two commercial banks in American Samoa, ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank and Bank of Hawaii, say it will be difficult for the government to track money that is being remitted... [more]

Samoa public servants running in general election told to resign
Public Servants in Samoa running for Parliament in next months general elections were told in a Cabinet directive last week to resign. The confidential Cabinet directive was was leaked to... [more]

Beer importer in American Samoa says govt excise tax will not work
A major beer importer in American Samoa, says the proposed increase in the excise tax for imported beer will not help to raise government revenue, but will create a new... [more]

Full schedule for Silver Ferns
Netball New Zealand says it will closely monitor the fitness levels of the Silver Ferns in a year in which 10 tests and a World Cup are being played. It's... [more]

Woods deserves more respect, says Kaymer
The world number two golfer Martin Kaymer says Tiger Woods deserves to be given more respect for his huge contribution to the sport while he seeks to return to winning... [more]

Self-performed blood transfusion puts cyclist in hospital
The Italian anti-doping body has started disciplinary action against cyclist Riccardo Ricco who tried to perform a blood transfusion on himself. Ricco, who returned from a 20-month ban last March... [more]

ADB report says Asian and Pacific countries will be uninhabitable due to climate
An Asian Development Bank report is predicting some small Asian and Pacific countries will become uninhabitable because of cyclones and rising sea-levels. The new report claims New Zealand may have... [more]

Christchurch beaches still polluted after sewage leak
Several popular beaches in Christchurch are still unsafe to swim at after a broken pipe leaked raw sewage into the estuary last week. [more]

Ice rink remains a possiblity for Wellington
Wellington City Council is still considering an ice rink for the city, a decade on from when one was first proposed. [more]

Public service cuts will stall recovery, says union
The Public Service Association says moves to cut more public service jobs will be recessionary. The Prime Minister wants to trim back-office jobs and merge some departments. [more]

Chair named for new financial body
Simon Allen has been appointed as chairman of the soon-to-be established Financial Markets Authority. [more]

Budget date confirmed by English
The Finance Minister has confirmed that this year's budget will be delivered on Thursday 19 May. [more]

Cavalier seeks 100% of NZ's biggest wool exporter
Cavalier Wool Holdings is trying to buy New Zealand Wool Services International, the country's biggest wool exporter. [more]

Less money for debt defaults increases ASB profit
Australian-owned bank ASB has lifted its half year profit, boosted by a drop in money set aside to cover bad debts. The bank made $283 million in the six months to December. [more]

Farming practices under spotlight near Southland wetland
Farmers near a Southland wetland are likely to be asked to re-evaluate their farming practices because effluent and nutrient runoff is polluting it. [more]

Exporters question wool co-operative ahead of share deadline
Wool exporters say they are threatened by the prospect of a new farmer co-operative, even though they believe it will fail to get the farmer support it needs by next week. [more]

Gold kiwifruit to be exported to Asia
Kiwifruit marketer Zespri and Gisborne produce company First Fresh will trial a new gold kiwifruit in two Asian markets this year. [more]

Push for more defibrillators in the community
MPs are being urged to support a petition for more defibrillators in the community, so more cardiac arrest victims can be saved. [more]

Pacific Blue passengers warned of measles
Canterbury Distrist Health Board is warning travellers who flew on a Pacific Blue flight from Melbourne last week they may have been exposed to measles. [more]

Private prison firm has worst self-harm record
A British firm about to run a New Zealand prison has been found to have the poorest record of self-harm in Scottish jails. [more]

Guam government encourage to tackle poverty
A transition subcommittee report released by Guam's new government pinpoints poverty as the island's greatest problem. The Pacific Daily News reports that Guam is described as becoming a mini-Third World... [more]

American Samoa lawmakers told they can't use current budget to clear old debt
The American Samoa Government is using money allocated to the current fiscal year to clear a deficit from last year, which the Fono's chief lawyer says is illegal. The senate's... [more]

Cooks economic taskforce talking with community and private sector
The Cook Islands economic taskforce has begun engaging with focus groups from the community and private sector, in a bid to come up with an improved national development strategy. The... [more]

Solomons' opposition says claims of Australian political interference are nonsense
The Solomon Islands opposition is dismissing claims the Australian government is backing its efforts to topple the Prime Minister. A Solomon Islands government intelligence report claims Australia was unhappy with... [more]

Two men die in fishing boat accident near American Samoa
Two men have died in an accident on board a fishing vessel which is now heading to American Samoa. According to the boat's local agents, KS Shipping, the men were... [more]

Rapa Nui trespass case on hold while land ownership issue decided
A lawyer for a family clan on Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, says they have won a victory of sorts with a court deciding to put trespass charges on hold. [more]

Home detention for nightclub owner over patron death
A former Blenheim nightclub owner has been sentenced to 12 months' home detention for the manslaughter of a patron. [more]

Alpine Fault drilling hailed a success
A project to drill into the Alpine Fault in the South Island has been hailed a success, but it is still too early to release any findings. [more]

QV predicts stable year for house prices
Property valuer Quotable Value says house prices in New Zealand vary considerably, despite nationwide values stabilising in recent months. [more]

Serious Fraud Office expects busy year
The Serious Fraud Office says this year will be even busier than 2010, as it concludes investigations into major fraud at finance companies. [more]

Hayne first female vice-chancellor at Otago
Harlene Hayne has been appointed Vice-Chancellor at the University of Otago, the first woman to take up the role. [more]

Vanuatu makes donation for Australian disaster victims
Vanuatu has donated just over 50 thousand US dollars to the victims of the recent floods and bush fires in Australia. The prime minister Sato Kilman, handed the money to... [more]

Widow of slain American Samoa policeman given his medal of honour
The wife of an American Samoa police officer, who was killed last year, has been presented with a medal of honour by the American Police Hall of Fame. Lieutenant detective... [more]

Samoa waiting on an overseas judge to hear sex charges against a doctor
The police prosecution in Samoa has dismissed local reports that the case of a medical doctor facing a charge of indecent assault has been delayed because the case file had... [more]

Cook Islands Government wants to make phone company books public
The Cook Islands Minister of Finance, Mark Brown, wants to open the books of Telecom Cook Islands to the public to achieve greater transparency. The government owns 40 per cent... [more]

AIDS commission in Indonesia concerned at incidence of disease in Papua
Indonesia's National AIDS Prevention Commission says 12 children it found living with HIV/AIDS in the Jayapura district of Papua, are just the tip of the iceberg. The results of a... [more]

Defence ministers to discuss security in Asia-Pacific
Defence Minister Wayne Mapp will hold talks with Australian counterpart, Stephen Smith in the New Zealand capital on Thursday. [more]

Crash kills mother and daughter in Otago
Police in Otago are investigating a fatal car crash that killed a mother and her six-year-old daughter. A two-year-old child was airlifted to hospital. [more]

Roxburgh man's body found in Clutha River
Police have confirmed a body found in the Clutha River is that of Roxburgh civil engineer Paul Wilson. [more]

Auckland to play Canterbury in domestic one day cricket final
Auckland's beaten Otago by 65 runs to advance to the final of the one day domestic cricket competition, against Canterbury in Christchurch on Sunday. Batting first Auckland made Auckland to... [more]

NZ Cricket clears Southee of misbehaviour on World Cup flight
The Black Caps team management have cleared player Tim Southee of any inappropriate behaviour on board the New Zealand team's flight to the world cup. New Zealand Cricket's refusing to... [more]

Crusaders welcome back All Blacks
Although the Crusaders will be without All Blacks skipper Richie McCaw for the first half of the Super rugby competition they do get to welcome All Blacks Brad Thorn, Kieran... [more]

Vatuvei to return to rugby league this weekend
The giant winger Manu Vatuvei will play his first rugby league match in several months when he returns to the Warriors lineup in a pre season NRL match against Paramatta... [more]

Hussey sour after being ruled out of Australian world cup squad
Australia's Mr Cricket, Mike Hussey says he's stunned at being dropped from the World Cup squad and believes the selectors have ignored precedent, in failing to give him the opportunity... [more]

Barcelona to drop UNICEF
The Spanish football side Barcelona will drop the UNICEF logo from the front of their shirts from July and replace it with the name of their new Qatari sponsor. The... [more]

Clijsters two matches away from World No.1 spot
The Australian tennis Open winner Kim Clijsters is two matches away from returning to the number one ranking for the first time in five years. The Belgian needs to make... [more]

Kirwan wants banned player back for World Cup
The Japan Rugby Football chairman says coach John Kirwan wants to bring back Christian Loamanu for his World Cup squad even though the winger has received a lifetime ban for... [more]

French backpacker turns up in Invercargill
A French backpacker missing for nearly three weeks in New Zealand has contacted police after becoming aware of fears for her safety. [more]

Three-year-old scared of murder-accused, court told
A three-year-old girl who died from fatal injuries was scared of the man accused of inflicting them, a court has been told. [more]

US Coast Guard denied request to medivac victim of fatal vessel accident
The local agent for a fishing vessel on which two crew members were killed in an accident at sea, says their request to the US Coast Guard to medivac one... [more]

Solomons Govt spokesman stands by accusations Australia is backing opposition
A spokesperson for the Solomon Islands Prime Minister is standing by allegations that Australia has been backing the opposition's bid to topple the government. The claims are contained in a... [more]

Tonga PM warns Australia and New Zealand over Fiji stance
Tonga's prime minister has warned Australia and New Zealand that trying to bully Fiji's military regime into holding elections will only drive the Pacific nation closer to China. Lord Tu'ivakano... [more]

Panguna landowner upset at lack of consultation by Bougainville President
A Landowner leader in Panguna has criticised the bid by the President of the Autonomous Bougainville Government to secure the transferral of the PNG shareholding interest in Bougainville Copper Ltd... [more]

ADB climate change report highlights opportunties for at-risk Pacific people
One of the leaders of Asian Development Bank research predicting a surge of climate-change related migration in the Pacific over the next 50 years says there'll be positive spin-offs for... [more]

Samoa Tautua Party calls cabinet order over candidates illegal
The leader of the Samoa Tautua Party says that the order by Cabinet for public servants to resign before they run for Parliament is illegal. Va'ai Papu says the order... [more]

Pentecost Chiefs in Vanuatu move to take control of nangol ritual
Chiefs of Pentecost Island, the home of nangol or land-diving in Vanuatu, say the tradition has become too commercialised and are seeking to take full control of the ritual. The... [more]

NZ cricketer cleared of wrong-doing on flight
New Zealand cricketer Tim Southee has been cleared of any inappropriate behaviour with a female passenger during a flight to the World Cup. [more]

Wardens injured after inmate sets fire to bed
Two prison wardens are recovering from minor burns after rescuing an inmate who set the bedding in her cell alight. [more]

Plane makes emergency landing in Blenheim
Authorities are investigating the failure of of an aircraft's nose wheel which led to an emergency landing at Blenheim Airport. [more]

Pollution fears over planned motorway
A resident in the rural suburb of Prebbleton, near Christchurch, is concerned a new four-lane motorway will pollute the area. [more]

Waitaki bridges remain closed to motorists
The Waitaki bridges on State Highway 82 in North Otago are not exepcted to reopen before the middle of next week due to heavy rain. [more]

Hide 'surprised' at cost of Maori representation on council
Local Government Minister Rodney Hide says the amount of money given to ensure Maori representation on Auckland Council committees is surprising. [more]

Sharp increase in card spending
Spending using electronic cards rose sharply in January, recording the largest increase in five years. [more]

Auckland MP investigates Sydney-style Mardi Gras
The MP for Auckland Central is pushing for Auckland to host a Mardi Gras parade like the one held by Sydney's gay community. [more]

Tunnelling thieves target equipment at water plant
Thieves have tunnelled under a high voltage security fence to steal equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars from a water treatment plant, Hamilton police say. [more]

English expects share gain from part-privatisation
Finance Minister Bill English expects the Government's remaining shares in any part-privatisation of state-owned enterprises will eventually be worth more than full ownership of the assets now. [more]

Harawira hearing adjourns without resolution
The Maori Party disciplinary hearing considering a complaint against Hone Harawira has been adjourned, with a resolution now unlikely until next week at the earliest. [more]

Scientists in capital to discuss extreme weather
Hundreds of scientists have converged on Wellington to talk about the weather. [more]

Police apologise for describing woman as 'half-caste'
Police have apologised for using the term "half-caste" to describe a missing woman. [more]