Radio New Zealand - Wednesday, 16th February 2011

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Best Song Ever Written - The Shape Of My Heart
Victoria Jones from Martinborough has chosen 'The Shape Of My Heart' by Sting. [more]

Link 3 music quiz
What do these song artists have in common? [more]

Killer Birds
Residents of communities around Mission Beach in North Queensland are being warned to beware of the giant, flightless rainbirds, the cassowaries, which are on the hunt for food after their natural habitat was badly damaged by Cyclone Yasi. Bob Irwin, father of the late Steve Irwin, tells us about the campaign to protect the cassowaries. [more]

Missing Time Capsule
The mystery of the missing time capsule is gripping residents in the area. The capsule was buried in 1992 when four schools were closed and reopened as one school. Residents are about to celebrate the 125th Jubilee of schooling in the area and they want to dig up the capsule. Trouble is: no one can remember where it's been buried. Jubilee organiser Sandra Earwaker is with us. [more]

Jet Ski Fishing
Northland fisherman Clifford Strydom tells us about how he caught and landed a 79kg striped marlin on his jetski. [more]

Virtual World
Hamish MacEwan takes us through the virtual world and today he talks about wireless advances, could it mean no more mobile towers and smart phones outsell PCs for the first time. [more]

Auckland Story for 16 February 2011 - Working Garden
She calls herself the"flax doctor", and she's been working with New Zealand harakeke for the last fifty years. Judy te Hiwi is weaver, paper maker and a gardener who tends her flax garden. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 16 February 2011
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on today's Panel. [more]

The Panel with Don Donavan and David Slack (Part 1)
Topics - The Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has told New Zealand MPs the drive for a trans-Pacific trade agreement is a major opportunity for the economies of both countries. A Christchurch city councillor is calling for a review of the Mayor, Bob Parker's, international travel. [more]

The Panel with Don Donavan and David Slack (Part 2)
Topics - The Government has been criticised for spending millions of dollars on 34 BMW limousines at a time when it is telling people to tighten their belts. Some real estate agents are facing investigation for allegedly falsely claiming that houses were architecturally designed. [more]

At The Movies

At the Movies for 16 February 2011
Simon Morris looks three films based on real life - the Oscar-nominated survival drama 127 Hours, starring James Francothe political scandal Fair Game, and the documentary about the recent Wall Street disaster, Inside Job. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 16 February 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 16 February 2011
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 16 February 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 16 February 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 16 February 2011
The casino operator, Sky City Entertainment Group is betting it can attract more high rollers from Asia to boost growth, as tepid economies on both sides of the Tasman deter local gamblers. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Wednesday 16 February 2011
A soldier's death reinforces the Anzac spirit. John Key and Julia Gillard sign a billion dollar investment deal and one of the country's most respected historians dies. [more]

Finish the job in Afghanistan - ANZAC PMs
The Australian and New Zealand Prime Ministers are adamant their countries' troops must stay the course in Afghanistan, despite the death overnight of a second New Zealand soldier. [more]

Analysis of investment deal
Our political editor Brent Edwards is with us. [more]

Second New Zealand soldier loses life serving in Afghanistan
More now on the death today of another New Zealand soldier serving in Afghanistan. [more]

NZ soldier killed in road accident in Afghanistan
The Joint Forces Commander Air Vice Marshal Peter Stockwell, has given more details about what happened. [more]

Teenage driver told she could have gone to jail
A judge in the High Court in Napier has told a teenage driver guilty of two counts of manslaughter, that she could have gone to jail for up to five years if she'd been an adult. [more]

Noted historian Judith Binney dies
One of the country's most respected historians has died, at the age of seventy. [more]

Evening Sports News for 16 February 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Tramper wishes he had remembered his map
An English tramper lost for five days without food in rugged bush west of Nelson says he wishes he'd remembered his map. [more]

Much interest in buying Pike River - Receivers
The receivers for Pike River Coal say more than ten companies have expressed an interest in buying the mine. [more]

Stoat found dead on Kapiti Island
A stoat being hunted on Kapiti Island for the past three months has been found dead in a trap by the Department of Conservation. [more]

Waatea News for 16 February 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Internal Affairs says no penalty for opting out of contract
The Department of Internal Affairs, which is responsible for brokering the deal to buy ministerial cars, says there was no financial penalty if it had opted out of its contract with BMW. [more]

Claudia Orange talks about her friend Judith Binney
More now on one of New Zealand's most respected historians and writers, Dame Judith Binney, who has died at the age of 70 at her home in Auckland. [more]

Relatives of Erebus victims visit Antartica
Relatives of some of the Erebus air crash victims have arrived in Antarctica this afternoon to see where their family members died. [more]

Police officer describes chasing man who shot him
A police officer gunned down in South Auckland has described chasing the man accused of shooting him and hunching over to avoid the bullets being fired at him. [more]

Disability support workers win their case
The Court of Appeal has ruled that disability support workers are working when they do overnight sleepover shifts, and should be paid the adult minimum wage for every hour of the shift. [more]

Former NZ politician is honoured by Australia
A former New Zealand politician and diplomat, Hugh Templeton, has today received one of Australia's highest honours at an Order of Australia investiture ceremony. [more]

Evening Sports News for 16 February 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Disability support worker on Court of Appeal ruling
Returning to our earlier story - the Court of Appeal has ruled that disability support workers are working when they do overnight sleepover shifts, and should be paid the adult minimum wage for every hour of the shift. [more]

Darwin battens down for Cyclone Carlos
Darwin is preparing for a lashing by Tropical Cyclone Carlos which fast closing in on the Australian coast. [more]

Erebus families on way back to NZ
Relatives of some of the victims of the Erebus disaster are preparing to travel back to Christchurch after spending the afternoon in Antarctica. [more]

Waatea News for 16 February 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Rescued tramper tells of bush survival
An English tramper has told how he survived for five days in rugged bush country west of Nelson without food. [more]

South Taranaki mayor stakes a claim on oil and gas
South Taranaki's mayor has used a Waitangi Tribunal report critical of his council as inspiration to stake a claim on oil and gas earnings for the district. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 16 February 2011
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 16 February 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Secrets, leaks dominate trans-Pacific trade talks
Secrets and leaks are dominating the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade talks currently being held in Chile. [more]

NZ and Australia move towards closer integration
So is it true that, that the two countries are getting closer together, and is there anything to fear? [more]

Christchurch residents could face hike to bail out AMI stadium
Christchurch rates could go up an additional 1% in order to pay off some of the city's rugby stadium's multi-million dollar debt. [more]

Pacific News for 16 February 2011
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 16 February 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Single economic market inches closer
The Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, will be formally welcomed to Parliament this morning. [more]

Gillard hails historic, economic trans-Tasman ties
"Mateship."It's a word that's resonating from the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard as she continues her first official visit to New Zealand. [more]

Government orders new fleet of luxury BMWs
The government is proceeding with replacing its fleet of 34 ministerial BMW's despite calls from ministers for New Zealanders to tighten their belts in recessionary times. [more]

Missing British tramper found after five days in the bush
Rescuers have found a British tramper lost in bush for five days without any provisions. [more]

Berlusconi to stand trial over underage sex allegations
The Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is to stand trial over allegations he paid for sex with an under-age prostitute. [more]

First-time gun licence applicants on the rise
The number of people applying for gun licenses has doubled in the past five years. [more]

Senior doctors say work pressures cause burnout in many
Senior doctors say overwork and burnout are becoming a major problem in the health sector and more must be done to recognise it. [more]

SAS troops help in aftermath of suicide bombing in Kabul
Its been confirmed New Zealand SAS troops were involved in the aftermath of a suicide bombing of a shopping mall in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul. [more]

Top Stories for 16 February 2011
Julia Gillard visit, government orders luxury cars, tramper found, Berlusconi trial, gun licences, Afgan SAS. [more]

Sports News for 16 February 2011
The latest news from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Ministry of Education National Standards' leader quit
Critics of the national standards in reading, writing and maths say the policy has been put in jeopardy by the resignation of a senior Ministry of Education manager. [more]

Government defends Community Max welfare projects
The Government is defending its Community Max welfare projects from criticism they have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars with little to show for it. [more]

Calls to create wool marketing co-operative
Sheep farmers are being called on to form a farmer-owned wool marketing co-operative to help prevent what its backers say is a foreign buy-out of New Zealand's wool export trade. [more]

Erebus family members head for Antarctica
More than 100 people whose relatives were killed in the Erebus disaster are being flown to Antarctica today to see where their loved ones lost their lives. [more]

Interview with Australian PM Gillard
A special relationship -"mateship". That has been the theme of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's visit to New Zealand. [more]

Analysis of Gillard's visit
To talk more about the state visit by the Australian Prime Minister we are joined by our Political Editor Brent Edwards. [more]

Botany by-election candidates hold first public debate
Candidates vying to be the new MP for the country's most diverse electorate have held their first public debate. [more]

Sports News for 16 February 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Egypt seeds unrest throughout Middle East
Unrest continues to spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa following the toppling of Egypt's 30-year ruler, Hosni Mubarak, during the weekend. [more]

Govt says boot camps for young offenders are working
The Ministry of Social Development has reported initial findings that 8 out of 17 people who've been in boot camps have not reoffended, a near 50% success rate which the Government says is a good start. [more]

Waatea News for 16 February 2011
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

Chilean miners contemplated cannabalism while underground
The thirty-three men trapped in a Chilean mine for 69 days contemplated suicide and cannabilism while underground, according to a new book. [more]


Early days after the revolution
Egyptian writer and social critic Ghada Abdel Aal discusses the recent revolutionary events in Egypt, and what they mean to both her and her country - politically, economically and socially. [more]

Clue 5. [more]

Clue 6. [more]

Nine To Noon

Auckland man whose sister has been kidnapped by Somali pirates
South African couple Deborah Calitz and Bruno Pelizzari were kidnapped by Somalian pirates who are demanding a US$10 million ransom. [more]

Closer economic integration with Australia
As the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard talks about closer economic integration with New Zealand, we ask local companies what would really make a difference to their efforts to build their business in Australia. [more]

Space station delivery
Invercargill's is playing a key role in the world's most advanced space delivery truck. [more]

Australia Correspondent
Australia Correspondent - Ray Moynihan [more]

Feature Guest - John Aloro
John Aloro - Sudanese refugee and chairman of the Wellington Sudanese community. [more]

Book Review
Phil Vine reviews Bird Cloud by Annie Proulx. [more]

Music with Marty Duda
Artist of the Week - Tricky [more]

Catriona MacLennan discusses how women on the DPB convicted of benefit fraud are being punished twice by being sent to jail but also being pursued to repay the full amount of the debt. [more]

Courtney Johnston discusses armchair art and archaeology, courtesy of Google. [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 16 February 2011
Questions to Ministers 1. Hon PHIL GOFF to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement with respect to the payment of a dividend by a State-owned enterprise, that the Government expected to receive a return from them because "if we don't how do we pay for our doctors and hospitals and the likes"? 2. METIRIA TUREI to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: Does the Government's commitment to closing the gap with Australia include reducing child poverty? 3. JOHN HAYES to the Minister of Finance: What progress has the Government made on strengthening New Zealand's economic relationship with Australia? 4. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Prime Minister: Has the "underclass" as he called it, increased or decreased since he became Prime Minister? 5. RAHUI KATENE to the Minister of Local Government: What did he mean when he described the Māori Statutory Board as "inherently divisive" and should never have been included in the legislation setting up the Auckland Council? 6. Hon DARREN HUGHES to the Minister for Tertiary Education: How will he "build better value out of the interest-free student loan system" as he stated was his Government's intention in his Statement to Parliament last week? 7. LOUISE UPSTON to the Minister of Education: What reports has she received about the initial success of the Youth Guarantee for 16 and 17 year olds? 8. SUE MORONEY to the Minister of Education: Why did he tell 3 News on 31 January 2011 that prices to attend early childhood education centres would not go up? 9. SHANE ARDERN to the Minister of Police: What actions have been taken by the Police as a result of the Government's focus on tackling organised crime and the drugs trade? 10. PHIL TWYFORD to the Prime Minister: Does he have confidence in all his Ministers? 11. MELISSA LEE to the Minister of Customs: What recent reports has he received regarding interceptions of methamphetamine or "P" at the border? 12. CATHERINE DELAHUNTY to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: Does Working for Families treat vulnerable children equally regardless of the source of their parents' income? Questions to Members 1. CLARE CURRAN to the Chairperson of the Commerce Committee: How many submissions were received on the Financial Markets (Regulators and KiwiSaver) Bill? 2. BRENDON BURNS to the Chairperson of the Local Government and Environment Committee: How many submissions were received on the Environmental Protection Authority Bill? 3. IAIN LEES-GALLOWAY to the Chairperson of the Health Committee: How many submissions were received on the Smoke-free Environments (Controls and Enforcement) Amendment Bill? 4. Hon DAMIEN O'CONNOR to the Chairperson of the Primary Production Committee: How many submissions were received on the Biosecurity Law Reform Bill? 5. DARIEN FENTON to the Member in charge of the Employment Relations (Secret Ballot for Strikes) Amendment Bill: What is the current status of the Employment Relations (Secret Ballot for Strikes) Amendment Bill? 6. DARIEN FENTON to the Member in charge of the Employment Relations (Secret Ballot for Strikes) Amendment Bill: What is the purpose of the Employment Relations (Secret Ballot for Strikes) Amendment Bill? 7. DARIEN FENTON to the Member in charge of the Employment Relations (Secret Ballot for Strikes) Amendment Bill: Does he intend proposing any changes to the Employment Relations (Secret Ballot for Strikes) Amendment Bill during the committee of the whole House stage? 8. Hon DARREN HUGHES to the Member in charge of the Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill: What is the current status of the Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill? 9. Hon DARREN HUGHES to the Member in charge of the Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill: What is the purpose of the Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill? 10. Hon DARREN HUGHES to the Member in charge of the Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill: Does she intend proposing any changes to the Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill during the committee of the whole House stage? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 16 February 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 16 February 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Bob Bickerton
Nelson-based celtic musician, composer and director demonstrates a small selection of his instruments. [more]

Rupert D'Cruze
Member of Waikato Brass Quintet performing at Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival this weekend. [more]

News stories:

More Erebus families to visit Antarctica
More than 100 people who lost family members in the Erebus disaster in 1979 will visit Antarctica on Wednesday. [more]

Ministry's national standards leader resigns
Critics of the national standards in reading, writing and maths say the policy has been put in jeopardy by the resignation of a senior Ministry of Education manager. [more]

Waterfront company to run on reduced resources
Wellington City Council has been told it must operate the company that manages the city's waterfront with fewer resources. [more]

Voting begins in Botany by-election
Early voting opens on Wednesday in the Botany by-election for those who cannot make it to a polling station on voting day. [more]

NZ's Foreign Minister dismisses claims he devalues work of NGOs
New Zealand's Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, has dismissed claims by a think tank that he has devalued the work of development NGOs by cutting funding to several organisations which work... [more]

Hopes in French Polynesia 2011 budget can be passed
French Polynesia's president, Gaston Tong Sang, has had separate meetings with party leaders as he struggles with the 2011 budget which is to be passed by the end of March. [more]

Rates could rise to bail out Christchurch stadium
Christchurch residents could face an increase in rates as the council-owned company which runs the city's stadium struggles to manage a $75 million debt. [more]

Stressed doctors try to 'soldier on'
Senior doctors have talked publicly about their rising stress levels, burn-out, and the need to soldier on. [more]

Cloud-seeding experiments seek funding support
Promoters of a cloud-seeding proposal in Waikato will meet Beef and Lamb New Zealand in Wellington on Wednesday as they continue their quest for funding. [more]

Final day for farmers to commit to wool marketing co-op
A proposal for a new co-operative giving farmers greater control and better returns for their wool is set to fail unless more of them sign up on Wednesday. [more]

Major structural changes at Hort NZ
The national horticulture industry body has made some drastic changes to its structure following a 20% cut in its funding. [more]

Australia and Solomon Islands agree to move on
The Australian and Solomon Islands governments have issued a joint press statement saying they've agreed to put behind them a report which accused Australia of backing opposition efforts to topple... [more]

Calls for a lift in minimum wage in Cook Islands
There's a push in the Cook Islands for an immediate 60 percent lift in the minimum wage. The Cook Islands Workers Association represents most workers in the country and its... [more]

NZ to play role in space mission
New Zealand will play an integral part in a mission to the International Space Station on Wednesday by tracking an unmanned spacecraft that is heading there. [more]

Kiwisaver and lower insurance costs help AXA profit
AXA New Zealand has boosted full year operating earnings by almost a quarter, thanks to lower costs in its insurance arm and a growth in its Kiwisaver business. [more]

Westpac NZ helps boost Australian bank's profit
Westpac's improving performance has helped its parent in Australia lift its first quarter cash profit. [more]

Fiji invitation to Forum group is a move forward says academic
A senior academic in Pacific Studies as Auckland University, Dr Steven Ratuva, says the invitation for the Forum Ministerial Contact group to visit Fiji can be seen as a move... [more]

Leaky CNMI oil pipeline threatens tourism
The United States Environmental Protection Agency has found that a leaky oil pipeline in the Northern Marianas will pose a threat to US navigable waters until it is repaired or... [more]

Salvus investors to benefit from wind-up says expert
An investment expert says shareholders in Salvus Strategic Investments will be better off if the investment fund is wound up. [more]

Canada fundraising for phosphate exploration
Widespread Energy is meeting with brokers in Canada to try to raise money to fund the mining of phosphate on the seabed of the Chatham Rise. [more]

Sri Lanka beat Windies in warmup match
Tillakaratne Dilshan, Kumar Sangakkara and Thilan Samaraweera all scored half centuries as Sri Lanka scored a four-wicket victory over the West Indies in a World Cup cricket warm-up match in... [more]

Pakistan beat Bangladesh in warmup match
Ahmed Shehzad and Misbah-ul-Haq helped to put Pakistan's recent troubles behind them as the duo hit centuries to steer their team to a morale-boosting 89-run victory over Bangladesh in a... [more]

UCI likely to appeal Contador decision
Cycling's world governing body is likely to appeal the decision of the Spanish Cycling Federation to overturn Alberto Contador's one-year ban relating to a failed drugs test on his way... [more]

Park out for a month
The Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-sung has been sidelined for four weeks with a hamstring injury. The South Korean only resumed training last week after a month away on international... [more]

U.S TV deal worth several billion dollars
A U.S. broadcasting rights deal for the next two or four Olympic Games, which could become the biggest sports TV deal, should be sealed by July. The International Olympic Committee... [more]

World Cup looms large over NZ Super Rugby franchises
The words World Cup are stamped on page one of every New Zealand Super Rugby handbook with the series overshadowed by All Blacks' coach Graham Henry charged with producing a... [more]

Arrests in Bangladesh after fake tickets scandal
Bangladeshi authorities have arrested the owner of a printing press and three staff for allegedly producing fake tickets for the cricket World Cup, which starts on Saturday in Dhaka. Magistrate... [more]

South Africa demolish Australia in CWC warmup
Ricky Ponting's defending World Cup Cricket champions have been given a lesson by South Africa in a warm-up game in Bangalore. Despite a century partnership of 126 between Ponting and... [more]

Sumo scandal as Police seek criminal prosecutions
Japanese police have for the first time ever sought criminal prosecutions for nine sumo wrestlers and sports figures in a damaging scandal over illegal gambling and yakuza mob ties. The... [more]

Maori vaccination rates up
Greater investment in Maori primary health appears to be paying off, with more Maori children getting immunised. [more]

Health scholarship programme to honour Maori psychiatrist
A new foundation has been set up to encourage Maori health leadership. [more]

Morning Report: Local papers
Wednesday's headlines: Schoolboy bullied in "reign of terror"; Tramper survives five nights in the bush; Weight-loss surgery offered for first time in Christchurch. [more]

Solomon Islands parliament to resume 28th of March
The speaker of the Solomon Islands parliament Sir Allen Kemakeza has publicly announced that parliament will resume on March the 28th. SIBC reports Sir Allen Kemakeza has made the announcement... [more]

Big increase in gun licence requests
The number of first-time applicants for gun licences each year has almost doubled since 2006. However the number of accidents involving firearms has remained stable. [more]

EQC financially sound despite $2b payout
The Earthquake Commission says it is in good financial shape despite having to make insurance payouts of about $2 billion for last year's Canterbury quake. [more]

Tendulkar to play against New Zealand
India will play their full-strenght batting lineup in tonight's final World Cup cricket warmup match against New Zealand in Chennai. For the first time in 15 months the homesides top... [more]

Black Caps coach well aware of size of task facing his side
The New Zealand cricket team face India tonight in their final warm-up match before the World Cup, and coach John Wright knows just how much of a confidence boost a... [more]

Red Bull's F1 champion dreams of another kind of red
Red Bull's Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel has continued to pay lavish compliments to Ferrari, joking he would finance a year's holiday for Fernando Alonso so he could drive... [more]

McCullum rates warm-up match rivals India as World Cup front-runners
The New Zealand cricket team square off against India in their final World Cup warm up match in Chennai tonight and batsman Brendon McCullum says a victory over the tournament... [more]

Coromandel drowning victim named
Police have named a Rotorua school teacher who drowned off Whiritoa Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula on Sunday. [more]

Another big ask for men's hockey team
After a series loss to Belgium the New Zealand men's hockey coach Shane Mcleod is looking for some improvement from his side in the series against Korea. They meet for... [more]

Credit cards compromised as hackers target beauty site
Cosmetics company Lush has had its New Zealand website hacked and is telling customers who made online orders to contact their bank. [more]

A2 milk company starts making money
Specialty milk company A2 Corporation has posted its first ever profit. [more]

Details of Telecom split made public
Proposed changes to telecommunications regulations that were tabled in parliament on Wednesday set out how Telecom would separate into two companies. [more]

Yorkshire bacon secures top cuisine award
A South Canterbury pig farming couple has won the supreme title in the third annual Cuisine Artisan Awards. [more]

Homicide inquiry after body discovery
Police have launched a homicide investigation after a man's body was found in the Wellington suburb of Johnsonville. [more]

Kiwirail says Northland line losing millions each year
KiwiRail is asking Northland businesses and civic leaders for ideas on how to increase freight volumes to save the North Auckland railway line. [more]

Legal action aims to halt sale of Tonga's royal mansion in Auckland
Legal action is being taken in Tonga over the attempt by King George Tupou the 5th to sell Atalanga, the royal family's mansion in Epsom in Auckland. The King's lawyers... [more]

Red tape snags Vanuatu cyclone aid
Bureaucracy is alleged to be holding up aid for the victims of Cyclone Vania in Vanuatu's southern Tafea Province. The National Disaster Management Office says relief supplies were due to... [more]

PNG probe corruption busting in attacks on Australia aid workers
Papua New Guinea police are investigating allegations a brutal attack on an Australian aid worker is linked to his work exposing corruption. A spate of car-jackings in Port Moresby has... [more]

PNG cholera death toll nears 500
Papua New Guinea's top health official says nearly 500 people have died from the country's prolonged cholera outbreak. The Health Secretary, Dr Clement Malau, has told the newspaper, The National,... [more]

Solomons opposition seeks GG help for early house sitting date
The Solomon Islands opposition says it's petitioning the governor general for the resumption of parliament to be brought forward after the government reneged on the agreed date. Yesterday the Speaker... [more]

New Caledonia president warns about possible fall of government
The New Caledonian president, Philippe Gomes, says if the pro-independence Caledonian Union pulls out of the collegial government, there will have to be fresh elections for the three provincial assemblies. [more]

Interesting selections in Hurricanes team
The Hurricanes new coach Mark Hammett has left All Black prop Neemia Tialata on the bench for Friday night's opening Super Rugby match against the Highlanders in Wellington, with Taranaki's... [more]

Penney pipped for another NBL player of week award
The New Zealand Breakers' star shooting guard Kirk Penney has narrowly missed a fourth Australian National Basketball League player of the week award. Penney's been pipped by the Melbourne forward... [more]

Boucher and Webster in doubt for Breakers
The New Zealand Breakers' defensive lynchpin Dillon Boucher says he'll make a final decision tomorrow morning on his fitness for his side's next match in the Australian National Basketball League... [more]

Newcastle ease away from danger
Newcastle United's beaten Birmingham City 2-0 to move further away from the relegation zone in English football's Premier League. Goals from Peter Lovenkrands and Leon Best lifted United to ninth... [more]

Big push for Olympic ticket sales now starts
The big sell for London 2012 Olympic organisers is now underway after they released the schedule for the games. Blue riband events such as the men's 100 metres final, featuring... [more]

NZ Football presents World Cup bid to FIFA
New Zealand Football CEO Michael Glading has met with FIFA President Sepp Blatter to personally present New Zealand's bid to host the 2015 FIFA Under-20 World Cup. While New Zealand's... [more]

Giteau signs for Toulon
The Wallabies first five Matt Giteau has signed a contract with French side Toulon until 2013 and he'll be joining them after the Rugby World Cup later this year. Giteau... [more]

Manly won't risk injured stars in trial game
Manly are unlikely to risk injured trio Jamie Lyon, Shane Rodney and Brett Stewart in next weekend's NRL rugby league trial match against the Warriors in New Zealand. The club... [more]

F1 keeping close watch on Bahrain unrest
Formula One bosses are keeping a close eye on the unrest in Bahrain with less than a month to go before the season-opening race there. Thousands of Shi'ite protesters marched... [more]

Man City held to nil-all draw in Greece
Greek club Aris Salonika has maintained a 41-year unbeaten home record in European football by holding Manchester City to a nil-all draw in their Europa League last-32 first leg match. [more]

NFL doubles offer to seat-less Super Bowl fans
The NFL has offered $6000 to fans who bought tickets for the Super Bowl but were unable to access their seats at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas last week. The NFL... [more]

Contador to race in Giro
Alberto Contador says he will race in the Giro d'Italia after escaping a doping ban, but he's stopped short of confirming he will defend his Tour de France title. Earlier... [more]

Mickelson abandons Masters menu tribute to Ballesteros
The American golfer Phil Mickelson has scrapped plans to provide Masters champions with Spanish cuisine to honour Seve Ballesteros after learning the former winner is unable to attend this year's... [more]

Olympics-2012 aquatics construction deadline tight
Britain's spending watchdog says construction of all the main London 2012 Olympic venues is on track, but the deadlines for the aquatics centre and part of the athletes' village are... [more]

Judge allows Bonds conversation recording
A federal judge in the perjury case against Barry Bonds has decided to allow an audio recording in which, prosecutors say, the retired baseball star's personal trainer discussed his steroids... [more]

Jail time reduced for mother of drowned baby
A mother who left her 13-month-old son to drown in a bath has had her jail sentence cut back by more than half. [more]

QC to investigate name suppression mishap
The Law Society's immediate past president has been appointed to look into the accidental naming of two sexual abuse victims in an online court judgment. [more]

Phone scammers target Canterbury residents
Police are warning Canterbury residents that telephone scammers are targeting the region, offering refunds of tax or bank fees. [more]

Vanuatu chiefs limit Pentecost land dives
The council of chiefs of South Pentecost in Vanuatu, the Malbangbang, has decided there'll be just four nangol, or land-diving, ceremonies for tourists this year. In a letter to travel... [more]

French Polynesia spy case decision due in March
The judicial authorities in French Polynesia will say in early March whether they will accept a bid by a former president, Gaston Flosse, to have his indictment dropped for his... [more]

Tonga trial told of Ashika's inadequacy
A marine official has told the Tonga Supreme Court of the deficiencies and rust he found in the Princess Ashika when he inspected the inter-island vessel two days after it... [more]

Two former Samoa MPs kept off electoral roll
The Supreme Court in Samoa has ruled against a bid by two former ruling HRPP party MPs to be registered as voters in next month's elections. One of the former... [more]

Solomons investement call to use tourism potential
The Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau believes the government must invest in the development of infrastructure in order to fulfill its tourism potential. The country's Tourism Task Force hopes to generate... [more]

Solomons opposition says PM's weakness defers house sitting
The Solomon Islands opposition says the Prime Minister's shifting position on a date for the resumption of parliament is a sign of his weakness within the ruling coalition. The Speaker... [more]

PNG police say corruption swallows half the government budget
Papua New Guinea's acting deputy Commissioner of Police, Fred Yakasa, has called on the people to stand up and stop the fraud that he says is destroying the nation. Mr... [more]

Solomon Islands dolphin exporter confirms order from Germany
A Solomon Islands exporter of live dolphins has confirmed that he plans to fill an order from Germany, along with orders from other European countries and Dubai. Robert Satu, the... [more]

Health warning lifted at Canterbury beaches
The Canterbury District Health Board says it is now safe to swim at two popular holiday spots following a health warning issued last week. [more]

English tramper tells of bush survival
An English tramper rescued after spending five days in rugged bush west of Nelson says he was beginning to lose hope of being found and wished he had remembered his map. [more]

Soldiers must finish work in Afghanistan, say leaders
The Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand say their militaries must finish the job in Afghanistan despite the death of a New Zealand soldier in Bamyan province. [more]

Govt orders new fleet of luxury ministerial cars
A fleet of brand new BMWs has been ordered for government ministers - a move Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei says shows the Government is divorced from the needs of the public. [more]

Stoat found dead on Kapiti Island
A stoat being hunted on Kapiti Island for three months has been found dead in a trap. [more]

Shot constable tells of trying to dodge bullets
A police officer shot in South Auckland has described how he tried to avoid bullets fired at him before he was hit four times. [more]

Mayor stakes claim for share of oil and gas royalties
South Taranaki's mayor wants a share of oil and gas earnings following a recommendation by the Waitangi Tribunal that Maori affected by the petroleum industry should be paid royalties. [more]

Casino profit drops in slow economy
The economic slowdown in New Zealand and Australia has led to a fall in half-year profit at casino operator Sky City Entertainment Group. [more]

Jail warning for teen driver in fatal crash
A judge has warned a Hawke's Bay teenager convicted of two counts of manslaughter she will go to jail if she breaches conditions of her sentence. [more]

Fears mount for missing boy
Rotorua police are trying to find a 13-year-old boy missing for more than a month and believe he is at risk of harm. [more]

Immigration NZ gives Pacific Islanders extension on residence applications deadline
Immigration New Zealand is giving Pacific Islanders another two weeks to apply for residence in this country under the Samoa Quota or the Pacific Access Category. Immigration New Zealand has... [more]

Hawaii's Senate defers vote on redrafted civil union bill
Hawaii's Senate has deferred a final vote on the US state's redrafted civil union bill until tomorrow. The bill is expected to pass and be approved by Governor Neil Abercrombie. [more]

US federal budget proposes more money for Guam build-up
The United States federal budget proposal for the next financial year offers more than 367 million US dollars for military construction on Guam, including the foundation of a marine base... [more]

Typhoid fever oubreak in Fiji's Natisiri contained, says Health Ministry
Fiji's Ministry of Health says it has contained a typhoid fever oubreak in Natisiri and will start a mass vaccination programme in the affected area next week. The deputy secretary... [more]

Driver killed in Waikato crash
A man has died following a collision between a van and a four-wheel-drive in Waikato. [more]

Profit lift for NZ's biggest listed company
New Zealand's largest listed company Fletcher Building has boosted its half year profit by 8%. [more]

Families visit site of Erebus disaster
Relatives of some of those killed in the Erebus disaster have visited the site in Antarctica where their their loved-ones died. [more]

Gillard says strong Australia good for NZ
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard says there is no reason for New Zealand to worry that Australia will dominate as the bigger country in a stronger economic relationship. [more]

SAS troops help in aftermath of Kabul bombing
New Zealand SAS troops have been involved in the aftermath of a suicide bombing of a shopping mall in Afghanistan's capital Kabul. [more]

Agents under scrutiny over architect claims
Real estate agents are facing investigation by their regulatory body after complaints they have falsely described homes as architecturally designed. [more]

Hourly pay for disability sleepovers upheld by court
The Court of Appeal has upheld an Employment Court ruling that sleepovers in disability care homes are work and workers should be paid an hourly wage. [more]

Auckland family tries to raise pirate ransom
An Auckland man whose sister is being held hostage by Somali pirates says his family is trying to raise enough money to have her released. [more]

Safeguards in trans-Tasman investment deal
The Government has preserved its right to give preference to New Zealanders investing in state-owned enterprises in an investment deal with Australia. [more]

Hide sticks to his guns over super city legislation
Local Government Minister Rodney Hide says he has no intention of resigning over Auckland's Independent Maori Statutory Board. [more]

Respected historian Dame Judith Binney dies
One of New Zealand's most respected historians and writers, Dame Judith Binney, has died. She was 70. [more]