Radio New Zealand - Wednesday, 2nd March 2011

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Best Song Ever Written - Domani
Lyndsay Freer from Catholic Communications, Auckland has chosen 'Domani' (Tomorrow). [more]

Adopt a Christchurch family
Christchurch born radio and television personality Jason Gunn and his wife Janine have come up with a unique proposal for raising money for badly affected Christchurch families. They are asking people to adopt a Christchurch family. [more]

From London with Love
Tomorrow night a special vigil will be held at Westminster Cathedral for the victims of the quake. There's also a charity concert to raise money for the earthquake appeal. [more]

The Castle Bar in Battersea fundraiser
Many of the thousands of New Zealanders living in London have stopped in for a beer and a pie at the The Castle Bar in Battersea. The pub is owned by New Zealanders who are holding a fundraiser. [more]

The Eastern
What Adam McGrath and his mates can do is entertain. His band, The Eastern, will be performing in on makeshift stages in backyards, living rooms and lawns in the suburbs of Christchurch and Lyttleton for free. [more]

Student Volunteer Army
Eleven hundred members of the Student Volunteer Army downed tools yesterday after days of backbreaking work, clearing the streets of Christchurch of silt from last weeks 6.3 shake. After observing two minutes silence in memory of those who lost their lives, it was back to work. [more]

Virtual World
Jules Older talks about the world of IT. [more]

Auckland Story for 2 March 2011 - Albertlanders Reunion
Albertlanders are members of a variety of mostly non conformist churches in the United Kingdom, who came to colonise a little bit of New Zealand, almost 150-years ago. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 2 March 2011
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on today's Panel. [more]

The Panel with Amanda Millar and Tony Doe (Part 1)
Topics - The Minister of Justice, and MP for Rangitikei, Simon Power, is to retire from politics at November's election. Auckland's transport committee chairman Mike Lee says a recovering Canterbury, and the rest of the country, won't be well served by having"a weak stagnating Auckland". [more]

The Panel with Amanda Millar and Tony Doe (Part 2)
Topics - Auckland's Mayor has failed to stop the Maori Statutory Board going to court to overturn a Council decision to slash its budget. In Britain - The Transport Secretary is considering changing the motorway speed limit that has been in place since 1965. [more]

At The Movies

At the movies for 2 March 2011
Simon Morris looks at Tamara Drewe, a modern retelling of Thomas Hardy's classic, Far From The Madding Crowdthe independent New Zealand Indian comedy, Curry Munchers and the true-life story Conviction, starring Hilary Swank. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 2 March 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Midday Business News for 2 March 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 2 March 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 2 March 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Roading contractor start repairing Christchurch streets
Roading contractors are already repairing many Christchurch streets damaged by last week's earthquake. [more]

Pacific communities rally to help each other in Christchurch
Pacific communities are rallying around each other in the wake of last week's Christchurch earthquake. [more]

Christchurch inches towards normality but long haul ahead
Households in Christchurch are being warned many face a long wait before essential services are restored following last week's earthquake. [more]

Banks urge Christchurch customers to seek help
Banks are urging Christchurch residents experiencing financial hardship following last week's earthquake to approach them for help. [more]

Council building chief outlines stickering process
The collapsed PGC and CTV buildings in the Christchurch CBD were both"green stickered"by city council inspectors following the earthquake in September last year. [more]

Storm winds cause dust misery in Christchurch
The wind is picking up in Christchurch, causing concern about dust storms being blown up from earthquake debris and silt. [more]

Opposition warn National not to rush through policies
The declaration by the Finance Minister that all spending is now under review has prompted warnings that the Christchurch earthquake should not be used to push through unpopular policies. [more]

Researchers begin to analyse effects of quake
Some parts of central Christchurch may have been hit by rogue seismic energy during last week's earthquake, amplifying the level of destruction. [more]

Are Wellington and Gisborne ready for a big quake?
The devastation caused by the Christchurch earthquake has other cities reviewing how well they are prepared for a similar shake. [more]

Are Wellington and Gisborne ready for a big earthquake?
The devastation caused by the Christchurch earthquake has other cities reviewing how well they are prepared for a similar shake. [more]

Elderly find it difficult to come to terms with quake
The elderly are finding it difficult to come to terms with the Christchurch earthquake and its aftermath. [more]

Petrol price rise disappoints Farmy Army
Petrol and diesel price hikes have disappointed some of those on the frontline of the Christchurch earthquake clean-up. [more]

The cost of the earthquake
How will the government pay its estimated $5 billion share of the rebuild of Christchurch? [more]

Police name three more victims of Christchurch quake
Police have named three more victims killed in the Christchurch earthquake, with more names expected to be released shortly. [more]

Latest quake throws up five times more silt than September
The amount of silt and sand collected following the Christchurch earthquake is now almost five times more than September's quake. [more]

Rangiora Express
The Rangiora Earthquake Express was the brain child of Brendan Malone and his mate Chris who, on Wednesday last week, came up with an idea to help the citizens of East Christchurch. [more]

Kiwi Club of New York
This weekend the Kiwi Club of New York is having a big fundraiser to benefit the Christchurch Earthquake appeal. [more]

John Key confirms cuts to Working for Families
The Prime Minister has confirmed the Government is looking at cuts to the Working for Families package to help pay the costs of the Christchurch earthquake. [more]

Eastern suburbs complain of lack of services
The Labour Christchurch East MP Lianne Dalziel says the city council has made a terrible decision about how it organises help for earthquake victims and it needs to be changed urgently. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Wednesday 2 March 2011
Dust storms hit quake ravaged Christchurch. The Government will look at cuts to the Working for Families package and the head of Canterbury police says army light armoured vehicles and fire trucks are being sent to Christchurch suburbs where people fear being targeted at night by criminals taking advantage of the large number of empty houses. [more]

Dust storms add Christchurch's problems
Dust storms, whipped up by strong winds in Christchurch are making life even more difficult for search and rescue teams and for people in damaged homes, on tight water rations and without sewerage. [more]

Thousands of tonnes of silt being removed from Chch streets
The company Fulton Hogan has 420 trucks and a thousand workers out on Christchurch streets collecting the silt and sand. [more]

Police say army helping to patrol Christchurch suburbs
The head of Canterbury police says army light armoured vehicles and fire trucks are being sent to Christchurch suburbs where people fear being targeted at night by criminals taking advantage of the large number of empty houses. [more]

Eastern suburbs say they feel forgotten
The MP for Christchurch East, Lianne Dalziel, is on the line. [more]

Evening Sports News for 2 March 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Red Cross grants
Red Cross has just announced it will make grants available to the families of those killed in the quake. [more]

Ferry rescue in Wellington Harbour
Maritime New Zealand says it may investigate whether the crew of a stricken ferry in Wellington harbour acted correctly. [more]

ACC estimates 370 million dollars of claims after quake
The Accident Compensation Corporation estimate last week's earthquake will cost it about 370 million dollars in claims. [more]

Waatea News for 2 March 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Power pulling plug shocks politicos
Simon Power, made a shock announcement at Parliament today. [more]

Fears strong winds could topple Lyttleton Time Ball
The fire service fears strong winds in Canterbury may bring down the historic Time Ball station in Lyttleton. [more]

Student in her final year leaves Christchurch for Auckland
Audrey Siataga is one of the thousands who have left Christchurch, she's now in Auckland. [more]

Tonight's civil defence briefing
Tonight's civil defence briefing has just been held in Christchurch and our reporter Andrew McRae was there. [more]

Search and rescue teams do third sweep of CBD buiildings
Search and rescue teams have been doing a third sweep of damaged buildings in the central city although police say it would be miracle if anyone is found alive. [more]

Firefighter recounts CTV rescue
It's now been a week since anyone was pulled alive from the rubble in Christchurch. [more]

Other unis should enrol Chch students only temporarily
The University of Canterbury wants other universities to hold off enrolling its students. [more]

Evening Sports News for 2 March 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Our health correspondent Karen Brown reports from Chch
Our health correspondent Karen Brown has been in Christchurch today travelling around with the Health Minister Tony Ryall. [more]

NZ Post resumes Christchurch runs, tries to reduce backlog
It could be weeks before a backlog of mail in Christchurch can be delivered. [more]

Waatea News for 2 March 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Stricken ferry incident prompts investigation
Maritime New Zealand says it may investigate whether the crew of a stricken ferry in Wellington harbour acted correctly. [more]

Campervans offered as accommodation for workers.
Hagley Park has been turned into a home away from home for many who have arrived in Christchurch to help. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 2 March 2011
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Mother surprised stricken Wellington ferry sailed
The mother of a schoolboy rescued from a stricken commuter ferry in Wellington Harbour this morning says she's surprised the boat sailed in such windy conditions. [more]

Justice Minister Simon Power to retire at next election
The Justice Minister and MP for Rangitikei, Simon Power, is to retire at the election. [more]

Minister visits Christchurch to review health facilities
The Minister of Health, Tony Ryall, is in Christchurch today. [more]

Labour Party makes peace offer over Christchurch rebuild
The Labour Party has offered to reach an accord with the Government over the rebuilding of Christchurch. [more]

Midday Sports News for 2 March 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Eastern suburbs residents complain of lack of services
A number of Christchurch's eastern suburbs have been complaining about the lack of portable toilets and no visits from Civil Defence officials. [more]

Christchurch central city business association speaks out
A member of the Christchurch central city business association, and executive director of Ballentynes, Richard Ballentyne, says they are committed to rebuilding. [more]

Post Office resumes limited mail deliveries
The post office has started to once again delivering mail to parts of Christchurch. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Wednesday 2 March 2011
Building officials to investigate how buildings fell; council building chief outlines stickering process; storm winds cause dust misery in Christchurch; Police discuss latest in Christchurch recovery operations; Opposition warn National not to rush through policies; and our political editor discusses latest political row. [more]

Rules may be stopping future proofing of power lines
Electricity experts fear rules designed to stop profiteering by electric lines companies could prevent them upgrading their networks to a level that would ensure the loss of power experienced last week won't happen again. [more]

Maintaining portable toilets one of many difficult jobs
One of the least attractive jobs in the post-quake clean up must be maintaining the city's hundreds of portable toilets. [more]

Civil defence latest
Latest civil defence updates and info. [more]

Stabilising Grand Chancellor Hotel could take three weeks
Work to stabilise the Grand Chancellor Hotel in Christchurch has entered its second day, but engineers say it could be three weeks before the building is stable. [more]

More stories of near-misses emerge from last week's quake
Stories of near-misses are emerging from last week's earthquake. [more]

Building officials to investigate how buildings fell
Officials say they are setting up an investigation into the collapse of the CTV and PGC buildings in the Canterbury quake but insist it's not about allocating blame. [more]

Police discuss latest in Christchurch recovery operations
Within the last hour and a half, a number of bodies have been located at the Pyne Gould site. [more]

Our political editor discusses latest political row
We did invite the Prime Minister John Key on to the programme this morning, but he declined. [more]

Red Cross to decide today how to dole out donations
The Red Cross is deciding today how it will allocate the millions of dollars that it has raised in its appeal following last week's earthquake. [more]

Parts of Bexley feel neglected by quake authorities
Our reporter Natalie Mankelow is at Birch Street in the suburb of Bexley - the residents there say they have yet to see any official help at all - not from civil defence, nor the Red Cross or the Earthquake Commission. [more]

Sports News for 2 March 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Gaddafi loyalists attack doctors and patients
One of those cities is Benghazi from where the Guardian's Martin Chulov joins us. [more]

Court to deliberate in row over Auckland's Maori board
The independent board set up to represent Maori in Auckland is asking a High Court judge to settle its disagreement with the Auckland Council over funding and powers. [more]

Department setting up investigation into building collapses
The Department of Building and Housing will launch an investigation into the collapse of two major buildings in the Christchurch quake. [more]

Searchers continue to stabilise Grand Chancellor Hotel
One of the most pressing and so far unresolved issues facing both searchers and engineers is the fate of the 26-storey Grand Chancellor Hotel. [more]

Businesses scramble for Christchurch premises
Businesses forced out of the ruined centre of Christchurch are scrambling for space in the suburbs. [more]

Sports News for 2 March 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Publisher still hoping for Whitcoulls sale
A major publisher says the industry is still hoping that the failed bookchain Whitcoulls can be sold as a going concern. [more]

Public information update
Public information update. [more]

Locals start laundry service to help quake-affected families
And with all the dust and sludge in Christchurch, one of the pressing needs for many families is doing the washing. [more]

The Wizard of Christchurch is back in town
The Wizard of Christchurch has returned to his devastated city. [more]


Auckland Arts Festival : Silver Stars
Co-director Gary Keegan from the Broken Talkers on the poignant and heartwarming songcycle performed by a chorus of gay men. [more]

The Three Cities of Christchurch
Skeptic and managing editor of Scitech Daily, Vicki Hyde, offers an overview of the situation in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch. [more]

Regina Smegley interview
Regina Smegley originally from Malawi talks to Bryan about her experience of the earthquake. [more]

Quake affected resident
Burwood resident Michelle fears her suburb has been forgotten by authorities. [more]

Nine To Noon

Harbour ferry update
The East-West Ferry is stranded in Wellington harbour [more]

Impact on Aranui
We talk to Rachel Fonotia, Chair of the Aranui Community Trust, about how the quake affected one of Christchurch's poorest communities. [more]

Harbour ferry update
Passengers and crew have been safely removed from the stricken ferry. [more]

Feature Guest - Richard Ballantyne
Richard Ballantyne is the Executive Director of Ballantynes department store and a member of the Central City Business Association, which represents retailers and property owners in the CBD. Richard is also on the board of the Canterbury Chamber of Commerce. [more]

Book review - One Of Our Thursdays Is Missing
Written by Jasper Fforde, published by Hodder and Stoughton. Reviewed by Louise O'Brien. [more]

Simon Power
The Minister of Justice, Commerce and State Owned Enterprises, who is the fourth-ranked minister in the National-led Government, is to retire from politics at November's election. [more]

Music with Marty Duda
Artist of the Week is Roxy Music. [more]

Law with Andrew Scott Howman
The recent decision of the Court of Appeal in Idea Services, the IHC sleepover case. [more]

Arts with Courtney Johnston
Courtney looks at some current exhibitions, including Crown Lynn at City Gallery Wellington and Taryn Simon at the Govett-Brewster in New Plymouth, as well as a preview of the exhibitions in the Auckland Arts Festival. [more]

Rural News

Midday Rural News for 2 March 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Roger Hodgman
Australian director of NZ Opera's production of Handel's 'Xerxes' which opens in Auckland tonight. [more]

Christopher Blenkinsop
Founding member of Berlin based musical collective '17 Hippies' perfroming at this year's WOMAD Festival in Taranaki. [more]

Benjamin Henson
British theatre director presenting original production 'The Turn of the Screw' by Henry James as part of Auckland Fringe. [more]

News stories:

French Polynesia's president sacks his deputy over 2011 budget
The French Polynesian president, Gaston Tong Sang, has sacked his deputy, Edouard Fritch, and five other ministers amid a disagreement with the majority opposition camp over the 2011 budget. The... [more]

Friend says some people wouldn't have liked his style
Dumped ACT Brumbies coach Andy Friend has acknowledged his no-bull style is what led to his axing, but says he'll not change the approach he has used in coaching roles... [more]

Cho still leads in Melbourne
New Zealand's top amateur golfers continue to lead the way at the prestigious Riversdale Cup women's golf tournament in Melbourne. World number two Cecilia Cho has a five shot lead... [more]

Second hattrick at World Cup
Last night's Sri Lanka-Kenya match at the Cricket World Cup has produced the tournament's second hattrick in 24 hours. The Sri Lankan speedster Lasith Malinga became the first bowler to... [more]

Sheridan out of Six Nations
The England prop Andrew Sheridan has been virtually ruled out of the remainder of the Six Nations rugby championship after tearing a calf muscle in last weekend's victory over France. [more]

Chelsea's season could be decided today
Chelsea's chance of defending their English Premier League football title could be decided this morning as they host leaders Manchester United at Stanford Bridge. Chelsea are in 5th place, 15... [more]

Larkham in line for Brumbies job
The Brumbies' favourite son Stephen Larkham is being talked about as a long-term coaching solution for the Super Rugby franchise after the shock axing of Andy Friend in the final... [more]

Cricket Australia says team is not under investigation
The Australian cricket team manager Steve Bernard has dismissed as "ludicrous" claims his openers are under investigation from the International Cricket Council for slow batting in their World Cup match... [more]

Jayawardene takes legal advice over TV claims
The Sri Lankan batsman Mahela Jayawardene has taken legal advice over doubts raised in the media about the way he and another batsman performed during their World Cup loss to... [more]

Christchurch swimmers make age group champs
All but two swimmers from a Christchurch contingent of 40 swimmers hit the water on the opening day of the Mayfair Pools New Zealand Age Group Swimming Championships in Wellington. [more]

SBW expected to start for Crusaders
Sonny Bill Williams is expected to start for the Crusaders against a New South Wales team that will be missing star Berrick Barnes in Friday's Super Rugby clash in Nelson. [more]

IOC rejects Iran complaint over 2012 Olympics
The International Olympic Committee has rejected Iran's complaint that the logo for the 2012 Olympics resembles the word Zion and is racist. An IOC statement says thee London 2012 logo... [more]

Mild autumn anticipated
Climate scientists say the country's heading towards a mild autumn. [more]

Drug charges thrown out over breach of rights
Charges against a Wellington man suspected of selling methamphetamine have been dropped after a judge ruled a police search of his car breached his rights in a deliberate and reckless way. [more]

Appeal to farmers to check maize for foreign weed
An urgent appeal has gone out to farmers to check maize crops and silage stacks for signs of a virulent weed. [more]

Fertiliser companies hold back price rises
The country's two big fertiliser co-operatives are holding back price rises in the wake of the earthquake in Christchurch. [more]

New dairy environmental code released
The dairy industry has released a set of new standards to clean up its environment performance. [more]

Search for Norwegian yacht suspended
Maritime New Zealand has suspended the search for a Norwegian yacht missing in the Southern Ocean. [more]

New Caledonia's Congress to meet tomorrow to elect new govt
The president of New Caledonia's northern province says if the political crisis is not resolved there will have to be an early election. The territory's congress is to meet tomorrow... [more]

Death toll may climb to 240
Police say the earthquake death toll could climb from its present 155 to as high as 240. [more]

Christchurch businesses scramble for new office space
Businesses forced out of the ruined centre of Christchurch are scrambling for space in the suburbs. [more]

Samoa head of state declares election of two unopposed HRPP candidates
Samoa's ruling HRPP party has gained two seats in the 49 seat Parliament ahead of Friday's general election. The Head of State, Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, has declared the... [more]

Christchurch medical supplier keeps up with demand
The country's largest medical supplier, Ebos, which is headquartered in Christchurch, says it's keeping up with demand from hospitals and medical centres. [more]

Retail figures give snapshot of quake's economic effect
Christchurch's retail spending using electronic card transactions dropped by almost half in the five days following Tuesday's earthquake. [more]

Pumpkin Patch profit falls
Pumpkin Patch is expecting New Zealand retail spending to remain subdued. [more]

Mighty River power looks at investment opportunities
The publicly-owned power company Mighty River Power is examining investment opportunities overseas amid subdued domestic demand for electricity. [more]

Red Cross to decide appeal grants
The Red Cross will meet on Wednesday to decide how to distribute the money raised from its earthquake appeal, which has raised more than $11 million. [more]

North Queensland expelled from A League
The head of Football Federation Australia, Ben Buckley believes axing North Queensland will strengthen the A-League. Buckley says the club was simply too big a financial risk, they had already... [more]

SBW to start for Crusaders against Waratahs
The All Black midfielder Sonny Bill Williams will play his first game for the Crusaders on Friday night after being named to start at second five eighth for their Super... [more]

USA Cricket wants New Zealand to play there again
USA Cricket is trying to arrange another set of matches involving New Zealand later this year that could potentially be played in New York. USA Cricket President Gladstone Dainty says... [more]

Ecclestone wants Bahrain decision within weeks
Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says a decision on rescheduling the Bahrain Grand Prix will be made before the season begins in Australia on March 27th. The race was called... [more]

Smith could still play in World Cup
South African rugby officials are refusing to rule Springbok flanker Juan Smith out of this year's World Cup. The 29-year-old has undergone surgery after sustaining a partial tear of his... [more]

Strong aftershock on Tuesday morning
A strong aftershock rattled Christchurch on Tuesday morning. [more]

Coroner suggests register of search expertise
Wellington's coroner Ian Smith is recommending police establish a list of private operators with the skills to assist in search and rescue operations. [more]

Flosse has case to answer over Tahiti spy unit
The judicial authorities in French Polynesia have rejected a bid by a former president, Gaston Flosse, to have his indictment dropped for his role in his now defunct intelligence unit. [more]

Chelsea beat United
Manchester United's charge towards the English Premiership football title has been halted after they lost 2-1 at Chelsea. Wayne Rooney scored for United in the first half, while David Luiz... [more]

Everton out of FA Cup
Everton have been sent crashing out of English football's FA Cup, going down 1-nil at home to Championship side Reading in the fifth round at Goodison Park. A first-half goal... [more]

Tong Sang names Alpha as new French Polynesia vice-president
The French Polynesian president, Gaston Tong Sang, has named Tearii Alpha as his new deputy after sacking Edouard Fritch and five other ministers amid a disagreement over the 2011 budget. [more]

Bribery accused loses name suppression
A man accused of bribing an ACC official has lost his bid for continued name suppression. [more]

Maori Board funding cut legal challenge started
The board representing Maori in Auckland has formally filed papers with the High Court asking it to declare unlawful a decision by Auckland Council to cut its funding. [more]

Call for easing of electricity rules
Electricity experts are worried rules preventing profiteering could discourage lines companies from properly preparing for another emergency. [more]

Reserve Bank of Fiji decide to reduce overnight policy interest rate
The Reserve Bank of Fiji Board has decided to reduce the overnight policy interest rate by half a percent; down to 2 percent from 2 point five. The Acting Chairman... [more]

Former PNG PM says Somare not above law
Former Papua New Guinea leader, Sir Julius Chan, says the prime minister, Sir Michael Somare, has been automatically removed from duties by the establishment of a leadership tribunal into his... [more]

Strong growth in Fiji visitor numbers in 2010
Fiji figures show a substantial increase in visitor numbers last year over 2009. The Bureau of Statistics says there were 16.5 percent more visitors, raising the figure to a record... [more]

Solar power to benefit families in Samoa
More than twenty families on Samoa's island of Savaii who did not have power, now have solar powered electricity from the Electric Power Corporation. These families were identified through a... [more]

Pacific Oceania expecting tough Davis Cup battle against Thailand
The Pacific Oceania Davis Cup tennis team are working the practice courts in Guam ahead of their first round Asia/Oceania tie with Thailand. Team captain, Cyrille Mainguy, says they're still... [more]

Saipan band to perform at London Olympics
After performing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics nearly three years ago, Saipan Southern High School's Manta Ray Band has been invited to play at next year's London Olympics. The band's... [more]

Samoa's Pisi signs for Northampton
The English rugby club, Northampton, have signed Samoa centre George Pisi for next season. The 24-year-old formerly played for North Harbour, Taranaki and the Blues in New Zealand. He made... [more]

Death toll rises in Christchurch earthquake
The death toll from last week's earthquake in Christchurch has risen to 159, after four more bodies were found over night. The police have named three more quake victims. They... [more]

Power cut in Tawa
A power cut left about 700 customers without electricity in Tawa, north of Wellington, on Wednesday. [more]

Waka dispute gets first High Court hearing
A dispute over ownership of a Wellington waka has had its first airing in the High Court. [more]

Engineers had checked quake-hit buildings, owners say
The owners of two buildings destroyed by the last week's earthquake both say they had engineers carry out structural checks after the 4 September quake. [more]

Long wait for some without power, water
Though progress has been made on restoring electricity and mains water to Christchurch, many residents face weeks without the essential services. [more]

Face masks to be distributed
Civil Defence is to distribute face masks to the people of Christchurch. [more]

Death threat for foreign workers group leader in CNMI
The leader of a major CNMI non-resident workers' group and his family have received a death threat. The president of the United Workers Movement in the Northern Marianas, Rabby Syed,... [more]

Missing out on Survivor prompts call for Tonga tourism upgrade
An American-based Tongan society says Tonga needs to improve its outer island tourism infrastructure, if it is serious about growing the industry. The comment follows a decision by the US... [more]

NGO's say Pacific should not be used as testing ground for deep sea mining
Campaigners in the Pacific say the region should not be used as a testing ground for deep-sea mining and they are calling for more debate. In January the Papua New... [more]

Fiji assessors find Takiveikata guilty in mutiny case
The assessors in the Fiji trial of the Naitasiri high chief Ratu Inoke Takiveikata have found him guilty of inciting mutiny in 2000. The rebellion was aimed at assassinating the... [more]

Amnesty reports Fiji military beatings of young people
Amnesty International says young people have become the latest victims of violence and intimidation by the Fiji military. The human rights organisation says on Saturday seven young men were reportedly... [more]

Posties start delivering backlog of mail
It could take three more weeks for the backlog of mail in Christchurch to be cleared. [more]

Tonga tourism learns lessons after Survivor pull-out
The CEO of Tonga's Ministry of Tourism says valuable lessons have been learned after Vava'u was dropped as a venue for the filming of the Survivor reality TV show. Sakopo... [more]

Crew member testifies in Tonga's Ashika trial
A 28 year old former crew member on the Princess Ashika has told the trial in Tonga of four men facing manslaughter charges about the night the vessel sank. Kainga... [more]

Solomons PM to push Melanesian Economic Union
The prime minister of Solomon Islands, Danny Philip, plans to promote his plans for a Melanesian Economic Union when the region's leaders meet in Suva later this month. A spokesperson... [more]

Marshalls public defender in trouble for denying Chinese citizen legal aid
The chief justice of the Marshall Islands High Court has told the public defender's office a decision not to provide legal aid to a Chinese citizen charged with a criminal... [more]

Fiji interim lands minister Sukanaivalu resigns
Fiji's interim Lands Minister Netani Sukanaivalu has resigned. Fijivillage reports that he handed his resignation letter to the interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama yesterday. Mr Sukainivalu said he intented... [more]

Amnesty wants Fiji leaders to help end human rights abuses by military
Amnesty International is urging people to write to leaders in Fiji to stop the detention, torture and ill-treament of critics of the interim regime. The human rights organisation says at... [more]

Tong Sang calls for French Polynesia stability pact
The French Polynesian president, Gaston Tong Sang, has called for a stability pact until the next election due in two years. Mr Tong Sang made the call a day after... [more]

Buildings 'not designed for quake's deadly force'
Christchurch City Council says two buildings that collapsed claiming dozens of lives were built to withstand the magnitude of the last year's earthquake, but not the deadly force of last week's huge aftershock. [more]

Some access to Christchurch CBD may be allowed soon
Civil Defence is looking to allow people to retrieve vehicles and check their businesses in some parts of Christchurch's central business district, cordoned off since the powerful earthquake. [more]

Administrator decides to sell bookshops
The administrator of failed booksellers Whitcoulls, Borders and Bennetts is putting the businesses on the market. [more]

Commodity price rises 'unsustainable'
Commodity prices are continuing to surge, but one economist thinks the increase is unsustainable. [more]

Transparency International frustrated at lack of action over Vanuatu police
Transparency International in Vanuatu says the government is refusing to meet it over the watchdog's concerns about the country's police. A key issue is the death of prisoner John Bule... [more]

Damage to women's refuges puts pressure on services
The National Collective of Women's Refuges says its resources are being stretched in Christchurch, with only two of the city's usual five safe-houses operating after the earthquake. [more]

Working for Families may be cut, confirms Key
The Government is looking at cuts to the Working for Families package to help pay the costs of the Christchurch earthquake, Prime Minister John Key has confirmed. [more]

Papua Coalition opposes Indonesian observer application to MSG
A Papuan pro-independence alliance is calling for Indonesia's application for observer status at meetings of the Melanesian Spearhead Group to be declined. The West Papua National Coalition for Liberation's Secretary... [more]

Papua activists oppose Indonesian observer application to MSG
A Papuan independence group is calling for Indonesia's application for observer status at meetings of the Melanesian Spearhead Group to be declined. The West Papua National Coalitional for Liberation's Secretary... [more]

IOC boss says illegal betting a greater threat than drugs
The IOC president Jacques Rogge believes illegal betting has become a greater threat than drugs to both the Olympics and sport in general. Following a meeting with government ministers, Interpol... [more]

Kiwis captain launches NRL
The Kiwis captain Benji Marshall has officially launched the 2011 National Rugby League season in Sydney. Marshall is the face of the NRL this season and delivered a speech he... [more]

Blues ring the changes
The Blues captain Keven Mealamu's been relegated to the reserves bench for this weekend's Super rugby match against the South African side the Lions in Johannesburg. Coach Pat Lam's made... [more]

Tall Black fined $1000 for headbutt
The Tall Blacks guard Phill Jones has been fined $1000 for headbutting an opponent, while playing for the Cairns Taipans in a recent Australian national basketball game. Jones was reported... [more]

Revamp of Plunkett Shield schedule announced
New Zealand Cricket has announced a revamped Plunket Shield four day programme, in the wake of the Christchurch earthquake. Matches scheduled to be begin tomorrow will now start on Monday,... [more]

Phillipoussis will contest first ATP match in four years
The two time grand slam tennis winner Mark Philippoussis will contest his first ATP event in more than four years, having gained a wildcard entry into qualifying for next week's... [more]

Strike disrupted NFL season looms
Talks between NFL team owners in the United States and players union representatives have but the threat of a strike-disrupted season still looms. The current Collective Bargaining Agreement between the... [more]

BoP Rugby Union makes small profit
The Bay of Plenty Rugby Union has announced a profit for the third consecutive year. Revenue grew 7 percent on the 2009 year and the Union made an audited profit... [more]

NZ wins opening bowls test
New Zealand's come from behind for a 5-3 win on the opening day of the three test trans-Tasman bowls series at Invercargill. The Black Jacks men won three of their... [more]

Foster says they can learn from losses
The Chiefs coach Ian Foster admits two first up losses in the Super Rugby competition is frustrating but believes they can only get better from it. The Chiefs have been... [more]

Red Cross to decide appeal grants
The Red Cross has announced it will pay bereavement grants of $10,000 to the families of those killed in the Christchurch earthquake. [more]

Interislander adds extra sailings
The Interislander ferry company has added sailings to its weekend schedule after last week's quake. It says its three ferries have carried almost 400 earthquake personnel, about 180 vehicles and... [more]

Parole Board rejects murderer's bail bid
The Parole Board has turned down a convicted murderer's request for bail after he was caught with a cellphone charger. [more]

Four Indonesian police officers implicated in pack rape, torture of 15 year old girl in Papua
Indonesian police have confirmed that four police officers are among a group of seven men who allegedly raped and tortured a 15-year-old girl in Papua. The chief of the Biak... [more]

Plans for Solomons nickel plant to ship ore overseas for processing
The Australian company planning to exploit a huge nickel resource in Santa Isabel in Solomon Islands intends shipping the ore overseas for smelting. Axiom mining has signed a joint venture... [more]

Labour questions Power's explanation for quitting politics
The Labour Party leader is questioning whether problems within Cabinet are behind fourth-ranked minister Simon Power's decision to quit politics. [more]

Woman offers free laundry service
An Avonhead woman has set up a free washing service for Christchurch residents without power and water. [more]

Banks plan help for Christchurch customers
Banks are urging Christchurch residents experiencing financial hardship following last week's earthquake to talk to them if they need help. [more]

Mayor puts number who have fled Christchurch at 70,000
About 70,000 people may have fled from Christchurch since last Tuesday's earthquake, says the city's mayor Bob Parker. [more]

Army, fire service to patrol at-risk suburbs
Police say army vehicles and fire trucks are being sent to Christchurch suburbs where people fear being targeted at night by criminals taking advantage of the large number of empty houses. [more]

Canterbury asks universities to delay enrolments
The University of Canterbury wants other universities to hold off enrolling its students. [more]