Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 3rd March 2011

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Best Song Ever Written - Angel
Jess Murray from Pokeno just south of Auckland has chosen 'Angel' by Sarah Mclachlan. [more]

Your Place - Takapau
We take a short detour off state highway 2 in Central Hawkes Bay. We are only about a kilometre off the main drag and just 20 kilometres west of the nearest main town, Waipukurau. This was once the centre of a large flax milling industry and the town takes its name from the flax that grew on the expansive plain that surrounds it. It's Maori meaning translates literally as"Mat"or"Carpet". [more]

Arts Festival report
Reviews of the Auckland Arts Festival productions of the Vietnamese Water Puppets, the opera Xerxes, and Black Grace's dance show Who Are You? [more]

Free Cars
We are hearing more and more of the generous gestures by individuals, community groups and businesses to help with the recovery effort in Christchurch. One company is Thrifty Car Rentals which so far has offered around 100 rentals free to those that need them. Emma Gardiner is the general manager for Thrifty. [more]

Sleeves rolled up in the eastern suburbs
Mark Denize is from Arapawa Island in the Marlborough Sounds, but right now, has his sleeves rolled up in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch, with the army of volunteers. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 3 March 2011
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on today's Panel. [more]

The Panel with Barry Corbett and Michael Deaker (Part 2)
Topics - New Zealand has one charity for every 172 people. A British Christian couple who are morally opposed to homosexuality have lost a landmark High Court battle over the right to become foster carers. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 03 March 11
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Midday Business News for 3 March 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 3 March 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 3 March 2011
Auckland largest real estate firm says there are promising signs in the property market, with prices and sales picking up. Barfoot and Thompson's managing director, Peter Thompson, told business reporter, Naomi Mitchell, sales volumes rose 10 percent in February, and the average sale price climbed 1-point-2 percent, to almost 522-thousand dollars. [more]


Ethnic migrants displaced by quake find solace in Auckland
Ethnic migrants from Christchurch displaced by the earthquake are being given some much needed cultural and spiritual comfort from a centre in Auckland's Waitakere district. [more]

Lyttelton port hopes to have core services back within week
Lyttelton Port is still only operating at 40 percent of its full capacity, nine days after the Christchurch earthquake, but the Port company says its core services are all working and within a week it will be almost at full strength. [more]

Auckland council discourages staff quake fundraising
The country's largest local body has told its staff not to fundraise at work for victims of the Christchurch earthquake. [more]

Christchurch aquarium forced to close because of quake
Hundreds of birds and other creatures had to be evacuated from a Christchurch aquarium and kiwi enclosure, while others were put-down after last week's earthquake. [more]

Tributes paid at London vigil
In London's Westminster Cathedral about 1500 people have just finished a vigil in memory of the victims of the Christchurch earthquake. [more]

New technology - Nat Torkington
Nat's been working on Earthquake relief in Christchurch with the development of the Christchurch Recovery Map and when not doing that, he's been looking at the iPad II, 3D Printers for schools, anti-lasers and other cutting edge tech. [more]

Parenting with Ian Lambie
How do you help your children understand the gravity of the Christchurch earthquake without them becoming too frightened or overwhelmed, and helping those children who've experienced the quake to move on. [more]

Police release names of two more quake victims
Police have released the names of two more Christchurch earthquake victims as the confirmed death toll rises to 161. [more]

Five thousand attend vigil in London for quake victim
About five thousand people have attended a vigil in memory of the victims of the Christchurch earthquake at London's Westminster Cathedral. [more]

Afghan Refugees
A special trauma team has been brought into Christchurch to try to stop a panic exodus of refugees living in the city. Among the 70-thousand people who have fled Christchurch in the last week are refugees who are afraid that another big earthquake will hit. The team is also working with new immigrants, many of whom are victims of war and torture. Dr Arif Saeid is with the organisation Refugees As Survivors. [more]

Timaru Welfare
Thousands of Christchurch refugees have poured into Timaru since the earthquake on February 22, boosting its population by nearly 20 per cent. Social services are giving out hundreds of food parcels, blankets, toiletries and clothes every day as well as finding accommodation for people who have turned up in town with nothing. Major Dean Herring of the Salvation Army in Timaru has been helping evacuees find places to live as well as dealing with the huge piles of donated goods. [more]

The Panel with Barry Corbett and Michael Deaker (Part 1)
Topics - Eight days on from the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that killed at least 161 people in Christchurch, officials have announced that the rescue effort will now transition to a recovery operation. Dunedin shares the nation's sorrow for Christchurch - but the ODT reports today that it could also benefit from an influx of workers and businesses relocating from the Garden City. Some Christchurch landlords have been labelled opportunistic vultures for ramping up rents for homeless businesses trying to find temporary office space. [more]

Christchurch rescue operation formally moves to recovery phase
The Rescue operation following Christchurch's earthquake has now officially moved to a recovery operation. [more]

Japan Report
Our correspondent Motoko Kakubayashi on Japan's response to the Christchurch earthquake, being that it appears that a number of Japanese students will be counted as fatalities. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Thursday 3 March 2011
The search for survivors in Christchurch is called off. The cordon is to be reduced for people with homes and offices in the CBD and the Union of Students Associations says some universities have refused to enrol students fleeing quake-ravaged Christchurch. [more]

Rescue effort turns to recovery
Hope died in the centre of Christchurch this afternoon as Civil Defence announced the rescue effort in the rubble of the CBD is now changed to recovery. [more]

The latest from John Key
The Prime Minister, John Key, has just held a news conference following the announcment the rescue mission is moving to a recovery operation. [more]

NSW Police Commissioner inspects Chch recovery opeartion
New South Wales Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione has hundreds of officers in Christchurch working on the recovery operation. [more]

Business leaders told CBD cordon will be reduced
The cordon around the four avenues is going to be reduced for people with homes and offices in the central city. [more]

NZUSA wants more flexible enrolments for Canterbury students
The Union of Students Associations says some universities have refused to enrol students fleeing quake-ravaged Christchurch. [more]

Evening Sports News for 3 March 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Limited bus services resume in Christchurch
Limited bus services resumed in Christchurch today - much to the relief of those who are reliant on public transport. [more]

Fire Service on earthquake recovery phase
The head of special operations for the Fire Service, Jim Stewart-Black, joins us. [more]

170 quake prone buildings in the Capital, and counting
Wellington - long considered the quake capital - has at least 170 buildings in need of earthquake strengthening, including the council's very own headquarters, the city's town hall and the central fire station. [more]

Waatea News for 3 March 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Pike River families receive at least $190,000 from trust
The families of the 29 men killed in the Pike Rive mine are to each get at least 190 thousand dollars from the trust set up after the explosions last year. [more]

Children's advocate wants alcohol promotion phased out
MPs considering a bill on reform of liquor laws have been told more restrictions on advertising and promotion are needed and that they should be phased out. [more]

Jim Stewart-Black discusses next phase in recovery operation
The head of special operations for the Fire Service, Jim Stewart-Black, says international and local teams have been involved in the decision. [more]

Murray McCully thanks international teams for quake efforts
Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully thanked the international rescue teams for their expertise. [more]

Wellington:170 buildings in need of earthquake strengthening
Wellington - long considered the quake capital - has at least 170 buildings in need of earthquake strengthening, including the council's very own headquarters, the city's town hall and the central fire station. [more]

Five Thousand attend vigil in London for quake victims
Thousands of British-based New Zealanders have gathered at a vigil in London to remember those who lost their lives in the Canterbury quake. [more]

Evening Sports News for 3 March 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Head of Civil Defence on state of the eastern suburbs
The head of Civil Defence is defending the time it's taking to get portaloos and chemical toilets out to parts of the eastern suburbs. [more]

QE2 sports complex closed indefinitely by quake
Christchurch's sportspeople are on the sidelines in the wake of the quake. [more]

Election countdown in Samoa
It is just two days out from Samoa's election, and there's been accusations of voter intimidation, and a court case questioning a candidate's eligibility. [more]

Waatea News for 3 March 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Customers could be compensated in a future power crisis
Almost two million (1.8) electricity customers could get payments of ten-dollars-50 a week during any future electricity crisis. [more]

Call for a strong stand against lastest crackdown in Fiji
There's a call for the international community to take a strong stand against the latest military crackdown in Fiji, which is now reported to include young people amongst its victims. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 3 March 2011
Midday Report news bulletin [more]

QE2 sports complex closed indefinitely by quake
Christchurch's QE2 sports complex has been closed indefinitely by the quake. [more]

Midday Sports News for 3 March 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Businesses to know when they can enter buildings today
The Canterbury Chamber of Commerce says central city business owners will be told when they can enter their sites by the end of today. [more]

Anglican services to shift to other Christchurch venues
The Dean of Christchurch's anglican cathedral says normal services will be shifting to other venues across the city this weekend. [more]

Children's advocate wants alcohol promotion phased out
MPs have been told that more needs to be done about sponsorship and advertising of alcohol because of its influence on youth drinking. [more]

Property Council wants review of building code, standards
The Property Council wants the building code and earthquake standards reviewed. [more]

Buses running again in some parts of Christchurch
Limited public transport services have started again in Christchurch, with all bus and ferry trips free for two weeks. [more]

Morning Report

Shops, even outdoor cafe, reopening in quake-hit Lyttelton
Coffee roaster, Peter Kirk says they're doing a roaring trade. [more]

Navy personnel still helping community of Lyttelton
While walking around Lyttelton yesterday, Geoff Robinson spoke to a seaman manning a cordon in the town centre. [more]

Key warns country faces tough economic times
PM warns there'll be little or no economic growth this year because of the $15-billion hit from the Christchurch quake. [more]

Residents faces second yellow-stickered home
Jan Stuart's Avonside Drive home was yellow stickered in September and has again been yellow stickered meaning there's limited access to the properties but further evaluation still required. [more]

Iwi providing relief to Maori in Chrischurch
Iwi round the country have been quick to respond to the Christchurch quake. [more]

Masterton buzzing for this year's Golden Shears
The country's top shearers will have Masterton buzzing over the next few days, with the start of the 51st Golden Shears championship. [more]

Lyttelton residents tell how they've been coping
Geoff Robinson discovered a great sense of community in Lyttleton as people are pulled together to help rebuild their lives after the earthquake. [more]

More would have died without USAR - researcher
A Massey University senior tutor in Disaster Research, Steve Glassey, has been in Christchurch leading a combined universities search and rescue team. [more]

Live in Lyttleton
Geoff Robinson is broadcasting live from Lyttleton where he's joined for an update on the port town's reconstruction by Lyttelton's Civil Defence co-ordinator, Ken Maynard, and Lyttelton's Chief Fire Officer, Mark Buckley with an update on the USAR mission and safety concerns. [more]

Lyttelton businesses face an uncertain future
The London Street Dairy is back up and running in the port town. Its co-owner is Lyttleton Community Board member and local business association chair, Andrew Turner. Andrew joins the programme. [more]

Update from the Police in Christchurch
Police in the city's CBD warn the weather is challenging all emergency teams. [more]

Sports officials to learn future of QE2 Park today
The fate of the venue for the 1974 Commonwealth Games will be revealed today following an inspection of the badly damaged sports stadium and swimming pool. [more]

Dramatic difference between east and west in Christchurch
Geoff Moffett reports on two suburbs with similar names, but vastly different fates. [more]

Eastern suburbs say they've been forgotten
Civil Defence says it's doing all it can, and allocating resources according to need. We're joined now by Burwood-Pegasus Community board member and Aranui resident, Tim Baker. [more]

Sports News for 03 March 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Little things count as Lyttelton starts to rebuild
It'll be a big job to fix the damage in Christchurch's port town, but our reporter Craig Ashworth found that as people start rebuilding their lives, it's also the little things that count. [more]

Core services back to normal at Port of Lyttelton
To tell us more Geoff Robinson is joined by the Chief Executive of the Port of Lyttelton, Peter Davies. [more]

Rebel forces halt advance of Gaddafi's troops
Rebel forces have managed to halt an attempt by the pro-Gaddafi troops to seize back the important oil town of Al-brayqa, about 350 kilometres east of Tripoli. [more]

Health services may take months to return to normal
Doctors and nurses say it will be months before health services are back to normal in Christchurch. [more]

Christchurch may get more money for RWC to keep matches
The Government says it may put money into ensuring Rugby World Cup matches go ahead in Christchurch. [more]

Civil Defence update
Simon has the latest update from Civil Defence. [more]

Lyttelton loses many historic buildings
The vicar, Reverend Neil Struthers, of The Holy Trinity Anglican Church speaks to Geoff Robinson about the loss of historic buildings including that of his parish church. [more]

Historic Lyttelton home may have to be demolished
Linda Goodwin lives in the historic Dampier House in Lyttelton and speaks to Geoff Robinson. [more]

Lyttleton uses 'timebanking' to help local community
The Lyttleton community is pulling together to help one another with one organisation helping to do that through what's known as a"timebanking". [more]

Sports News for 03 March 11
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Canterbury University to start re-opening March 14
The University of Canterbury is acting to stop a possible exodus of students. [more]

Navy takes on Lyttletonians as their own
Navy personnel are also taking an active role in manning the cordons around the township. [more]

Lyttelton resident Joe Bennett talks to Geoff
Local personality, well known author and broadcaster. [more]


Ak Fest: The Four Winds (Nga Hau E Wha)
The artist, Leilani Kake, wants to challenge attitudes to nudity among fellow polynesian women - because shyness and modesty is killing many of them. [more]

World Weather
A day doesn't go by without some weather, explanations and implications with severe weather forecaster Erick Brenstrum... [more]

Adam Marlatt
Adam Marlatt is a US soldier, but between tours of duty he works with a volunteer organisation in disaster zones. [more]

Nine To Noon

Kelvin Berryman - mapping faults before rebuilding
GNS Natural Hazards Manager, Kelvin Berryman, speaks to Kathryn about the need to map and understand faultlines before re-building parts of Christchurch. [more]

Shortage of business premises in Christchurch
Many businesses in Christchurch's CBD are desperately trying to relocate to other parts of the city to keep their businesses afloat. Kathryn speaks with Simon Ironside an associate at Eliot Sinclair, a surveying and engineering firm in Christchurch which has had to find new premises, and Connal Townsend, Chief Executive of the Property Council of New Zealand. [more]

NZ Joint-Venture takes on global malnutrition
A New Zealand food science parternship between the Riddet Institute and Medicine Mondiale is aimed at creating a range of functional foods that improve global nutrition and reduce infant mortality rates. Professor Paul Moughan, from the Riddet Institute, speaks with Kathryn. [more]

UK Correspondent - Kate Adie
The latest news from the UK. [more]

Dr Kenneth Hillan - Roche, Asia Pacific
He's the head of Roche Pharmaceuticals Asia-Pacific Clinical Development and Product Development Strategy. Switzerland-headquartered Roche is the world's largest biotechnology company and the largest maker of cancer drugs. [more]

Book Review - Victoria Cross at Takrouna
Victoria Cross at Takrouna: The Haane Manahi Story by Paul Moon. Published by Huia. Reviewed by Maraea Rakuraku. [more]

Television review with Simon Wilson
Simon's been watching the follow on from Marcus Lush's South, North and the start of TV's latest epicurean challenge Masterchef New Zealand. We hear his review of both. [more]

Our Changing World

Mana Bioblitz
Te Papa botanists join a big effort to record how many species occur in Titahi Bay, the nearby sea area, and on Mana Island [more]

Full Body Vibration Plate
Darryl Cochrane is researching whether exercise on full body vibration plates is beneficial [more]

Sir Anthony Leggett
Nobel laureate Sir Anthony Leggett speaks to 1400 school students about his career and tips for winning a Nobel Prize [more]

Web Only Special - Chemistry Variety Show
Richard Blaikie, John Watt and Kerstin Lucas speak at a Chemistry Variety Show and students share their opinions afterwards [more]

Mount Erebus Extremophile Microbes
Waikato University's Craig Cary studies soil microbes living in warm thermal soils near the summit of Antarctica's Mount Erebus [more]

Web Only Special - Culturing Extremophile Microbes
Waikato University student Chelsea Vickers is trying to culture soil microbes as part of Craig Cary's Erebus research [more]

Rural News

Midday Rural News for 3 March 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Marc Nordstrand
Harpsichordist with Berlin based Lautten Company who are in NZ on bahalf of Auckland Arts Festival. [more]

NZ Opera Review
Flora Edwards reviews last night's season opening Auckland performance of Handel's 'Xerxes'. [more]

News stories:

ACC to backdate claims to quake day
The Accident Compensation Corporation will backdate payments to those injured in last Tuesday's quake to the date of the event. [more]

Navy ship on second supply run
HMNZS Canterbury is on its way back to Wellington to collect more cargo for the Christchurch earthquake recovery effort. [more]

Dalziel critical of allocation process
Labour Christchurch MP Lianne Dalziel says the city council has made a terrible mistake in allocating resources according to the number of calls it gets to its 0800 number. [more]

Quake toll rises by four to 160
Four more bodies have been recovered from the ruins of a Christchurch buildings destroyed in last week's earthquake, bringing the death toll to 160. [more]

Limited bus, ferry services to resume
Some bus and ferry services are to start up again in greater Christchurch on Thursday, and will be free for the first two weeks. [more]

Hundreds of pupils move to schools outside Christchurch
The Minister of Education says 2252 Christchurch children have enrolled at schools in other parts of the country. [more]

Strong winds, dust add to quake woes
Strong winds buffeting Christchurch are making conditions facing emergency workers and residents in quake-hit parts of the city extremely difficult. [more]

Some fish put down as aquarium closed
Birds and other creatures from a Christchurch aquarium and kiwi enclosure have had to be removed and some of them put down following last week's earthquake. [more]

Passengers taken off stricken ferry
A passenger rescued from a stricken commuter ferry in Wellington harbour on Wednesday morning says the vessel was hit by a freak wave. [more]

Kirkpatrick favourite to win Golden Shears
The country's top shearers will have Masterton buzzing over the next few days with the start of the 51st Golden Shears championship. [more]

New Caledonia's Congress to elect a new collegial govt today
New Caledonia's Congress is today due to elect a new collegial government after the administration led by Philippe Gomes collapsed two weeks ago. The pro-independence Caledonian Union had pulled out... [more]

Ireland upset England at Cricket World Cup
Ireland's caused the biggest upset of the Cricket World Cup beating England by three wickets in Bangalore, guided to victory by Kevin O'Brien who's scored the fastest ever World Cup... [more]

Williams has blood clot removed
The former world tennis number one Serena Williams has undergone surgery in Los Angeles to remove a blood clot from her lungs. A representative of the tennis star says Williams... [more]

Newcastle to consider $100m takeover bid
The Newcastle Kinghts league board will meet today to discuss the $100 million takeover bid from mining magnate Nathan Tinkler. The meeting was originally scheduled for yesterday, but was postponed... [more]

Records tumble at national age grade swim champs
Five national records tumbled on the second night of the New Zealand age group swimming champs in Wellington last night. They were led by Christchurch 15-year-old Sophia Batchelor who won... [more]

NZ rally to win first bowls test
The New Zealand bowls team drew first blood in their best-of-three test series against Australia with a come-from-behind win in yesterday's opening test in Invercargill. The day started well for... [more]

New Zealand golfers finish first and second in Australia
Despite winning one of Australia's oldest amateur golf tournaments from a strong international field, New Zealand's Cecilia Cho says she only had one decent round during the tournament. Cho won... [more]

Black Caps work on taking on spinners
The New Zealand opening batsmen Martin Guptill and Brendon McCullum have put extra emphasis on their playing of spin bowling ahead of the side's must win World Cup match against... [more]

Uncertainty evident in dairy auction
Fonterra says its latest fortnightly online auction suggests buyers are uncertain about whether milk prices will remain high. [more]

Regulator to have power to control low-ball share offers
The new Financial Markets Authority will have the power to crack down on unsolicited and undervalued share offers. [more]

Quake aid website extends to businesses
TradeMe is launching a business portal on its website where firms can offer help to quake-affected Christchurch businesses. [more]

American Samoans, who vote in Samoa elections, will have name purged from roll
American Samoa's Chief Election Commissioner says voters who cast ballots in Samoa's general elections on Friday will have their names purged from the voter roll. Soliai Fuimaono Tuipine says under... [more]

Samoan weightlifters denied visas for US trip
Some of Oceania's top weightlifters have had to cancel their trip to compete at this weekend's 9th Annual Arnold Weightlifting Championship after they were denied visa entry into the United... [more]

Samoa Tuna Processors in American Samoa open for business
In American Samoa, the company now leasing the former Samoa Packing plant, Samoa Tuna Processors, says its now ready to process fresh tuna for shipment by airfreight to major markets. [more]

Another fuel price hike for American Samoa
American Samoa has been hit with another major increase in prices for kerosene and diesel fuel as more than 2,000 government workers received their first paycheck since a reduction of... [more]

Fishing group keen to open American Samoa's Manu'a to commercial fishing
The Western Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Council says the restoration of commercial fishing grounds around American Samoa's Manu'a would be welcomed during the current slow economic period. The zone was... [more]

Queen Elizabeth to be removed from Fiji bank notes and coins
Queen Elizabeth is to be removed from Fiji's bank notes and coins, in favour of local iconic flora and fauna . Fiji Live reports this follows cabinet's approval of new... [more]

Cooks Marine resources wants benefits for public coffers, not middlemen
The Cook Islands ministry of Marine Resources is reportedly close to changing the rules on how commercial fishing licenses can be sold so monetary benefits will go directly to public... [more]

Fiji's Takiveikata guilty of inciting mutiny
The high court in Fiji has found the Naitasiri high chief Ratu Inoke Takiveikata guilty of inciting to mutiny in 2000. The rebellion was aimed at assassinating the military commander,... [more]

Nervous watch on Australia fruit fly outbreaks
The horticulture industry is keeping a nervous watch on fresh outbreaks of Queensland fruit fly in some of Australia's fruit production areas. [more]

TB movement controls and testing reduced
Thousands of deer and cattle herds have had their bovine tuberculosis movement controls and testing requirements reduced. [more]

Property Council wants building code rethink
The Property Council wants the building code and earthquake standards re-evaluated after what happened to some Christchurch buildings in last week's earthquake. [more]

Steve Crowe charged over porn company
The organiser of the Boobs on Bikes parade, Steve Crowe, is defending charges under the Companies Act in relation to his porn distribution company. [more]

BNZ joins other major banks in cutting rates
All major banks have now cut their fixed mortgage rates following the Christchurch earthquake. [more]

Fire ban extended
A total fire ban was on Thursday extended for another 48 hours in rural Canterbury. [more]

Pacific Islands Forum marks 40th anniversary
The Pacific Islands Forum is launching its 40th anniversary celebrations today with a lecture in Vanuatu. It's the inaugural lecture in a series focussing on the agency's Pacific Plan. The... [more]

CNMI utility struggles with EPA rules
The Northern Marianas struggling utility services provider, the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation, has failed to meet another deadline of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA had given the Corporation until... [more]

Group calls for international response to Fiji abuses
A Sydney-based Fiji democracy group says the international community should take the same attitude towards Fiji that it's taking towards Libya. The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement says a group... [more]

Tonga's Ashika trial enters 14th day
The second mate of the Princess Ashika has been giving evidence on the 14th day of the trial of four men charged with manslaughter over the sinking of the Tongan... [more]

New Caledonia government election due today
New Caledonia's Congress is to meet this afternoon to elect a new collegial government after the administration led by Philippe Gomes collapsed two weeks ago. The pro-independence Caledonian Union had... [more]

PM's comments fuel expectation of cash rate cut
Comments by Prime Minister John Key have strengthened market expectations that the Reserve Bank will cut the Official Cash Rate next week, an economist says. [more]

Cook Islands to hold concert in national stadium to raise quake funds
Cook Islands Tourism says funds raised from a concert in the national auditorium will go towards relief efforts in the aftermath of both the Christchurch earthquake and flooding in Australia. [more]

Samoa court puts election case against Tautua candidate on hold
A court case brought against a Tautua Samoa party candidate by the caretaker Minister for Women Affairs, Fiame Naomi Mata'afa, has been put on hold following a ruling by the... [more]

Families help avert worse abuse by Fiji military says group
A Fiji democracy campaigner in Australia says a group of young men who were reportedly detained and beaten by the military could have suffered worse violence without the intervention of... [more]

New American Samoa company to help local fishing industry
The company that is now leasing the former Chicken of the Sea Samoa Packing Plant in American Samoa says adding fresh tuna processing to its list of operations will support... [more]

New Caledonia hopes chikungunya now contained
Health authorities in New Caledonia sat they hope to have contained the territory's first case of the mosquito-borne disease, chikungunya, but urge people to still take precautions. The disease claimed... [more]

Samoa police to ensure election safety
Samoa police are warning voters that they will be out in force on election day to ensure general safety. Some 100,000 registered voters go to the polls the day after... [more]

Northland man charged with murder
A Northland man has been charged with murder following the discovery of a body on a walking track near Whangaroa Harbour. [more]

DHB proposes merger plan for Queenstown services
The Southern District Health Board is proposing to reorganise hospital and community services in Queenstown. [more]

Decision reserved over trial for police raid accused
The Court of Appeal has reserved its decision on whether those arrested following nationwide police raids in 2007 should be tried by a jury or a judge sitting alone. [more]

Effects of Christchurch quake being felt in deep way in Samoa
New Zealand's High Commissioner to Samoa says people there are feeling the effects of the Christchurch earthquake in a deep way. Nick Hurley says in addition to the Samoan government's... [more]

Great response from Cook Islands tourism operators to quake holiday idea
Cook Islands Tourism says there's been a great response from the industry to a Tourism Ministry proposal to offer free holidays to heroes of the Christchurch earthquake. The director of... [more]

New Zealand wrap up trans-Tasman bowls series
New Zealand's wrapped up the overall trans-Tasman bowls series by beating Australia 5-3 in the second of three tests in Invercargill. It was 2-all going into the afternoon matches after... [more]

Blyth Tait comes out of retirement
The Olympic equestrian gold medalist Blyth Tait is coming out of retirement, aiming to qualify for the Olympic Games in London next year. Tait retired in 2004 after collecting four... [more]

Mark Bosnich signs for Legends of League fundraiser
A former Australian football star Mark Bosnich is among the latest sporting names who have signed on to play in the Legends of League Christchurch Earthquake Appeal charity match in... [more]

Chris Ineson to head swimming review
The independent review of Swimming New Zealand's High Performance Programme is about to start led by Wellington businessman and former hockey Olympian Chris Ineson. Sport and Recreation New Zealand 's... [more]

Carney fined, warned career on the line
The Sydney Roosters star Todd Carney has been fined $10,000 and warned his rugby league career is in jeopardy after of his drink driving charge. Carney met with NRL chief... [more]

Celtic beat Rangers in Scottish Cup
Celtic's dreams of a domestic treble remain on course as they progressed to the Scottish Cup quarter-finals with a 1-nil win over nine-man Rangers, who also had El-Hadji Diouf ordered... [more]

Arsenal and Manchester City advance to FA Cup quarterfinals
Arsenal have bounced back from their shock loss to Birmingham City in the League Cup final, to beat Leyton Orient five nil and advance to English football's FA cup quarter-finals. [more]

Sumo wrestlers in match fixing claim
Up to 40 wrestlers may involved in bout fixing in the traditional Japanese sport of Sumo. Allegations against 14 mid-ranked wrestlers arose last month during a police probe into illegal... [more]

Hawkes best ranked NZ women's squash player
Jaclyn Hawkes has reclaimed the mantle of New Zealand's top ranked player on the WISPA world women's squash tour. Hawkes has moved up one place to number 14 on the... [more]

Football Ferns beaten at Cyprus Cup
The New Zealand women's football team has been beaten 4-1 by the Netherlands in their opening match at the Cyprus Cup in Nicosia. Substitute Sarah Gregorius netted New Zealand's only... [more]

Jackie Stewart taken to hospital
The three times world motor racing champion Jackie Stewart was taken to hospital last night after suffering chest pains on a flight from Switzerland to London. According to his son... [more]

Fiji beatings a sign of regime's fear of revolt, says academic
An Australian-based Fiji academic says an intensification of military abuses in Fiji has been sparked by fears the revolutionary spirit in the Middle East could spread. Amnesty International is reporting... [more]

Clinton accuses China of coveting Exxon's PNG stake
The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, says China wants to elbow oil giant ExxonMobil out of the 15 billion US dollar liquefied natural gas project in Papua New Guinea. [more]

New Caledonia's new government collapses
The New Caledonian Congress has elected a new collegial government which collapsed within minutes of being formed. The Congress elected 11 members of the executive in proportion to the strength... [more]

Samoans reminded to exercise their right to vote
Samoa's electoral commissioner is reminding people to exercise their right to vote on election day. Some 100-thousand registered voters go to the polls in two days, choosing from about 160... [more]

International union body alarmed at Fiji beatings
The International Trade Union Confederation has spoken out against last month's beating by the Fiji military of the General Secretary of the Fiji Trade Union Congress, Felix Anthony. The Confederation... [more]

PNG police chief seeks public support to crack down on graft
Papua New Guinea's acting Deputy Police Commissioner, Fred Yakasa, is calling on businesses, christians, women, youth and the elderly to join hands in the fight against corruption. Mr Yakasa says... [more]

Scores of Wellington buildings quake-prone
Wellington City Council has found at least 170 earthquake-prone buildings in the capital, including its own headquarters and the Town Hall. [more]

Tait sets sights on more Olympic gold
Olympic equestrian gold medalist Blyth Tait is coming out of retirement, aiming to qualify for the London Olympics in 2012. [more]

MAF vet scheme positions filled
The Ministry of Agriculture says all positions have been filled on its Voluntary Bonding Scheme for Veterinarians for this year. [more]

Quake effort moves to recovery phase
Civil Defence has moved from rescue to recovery efforts, saying there is almost no chance of finding anyone alive in buildings wrecked by the devastating Christchurch earthquake. [more]

NZ bookstores survive initial restructure
Administrators of the Whitcoulls and Borders book chains say no New Zealand stores will be closed in the initial phase of restructuring. [more]