Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 17th March 2011

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Best Song Ever Written - The Man Downstairs
Rosie Flores from Sydney has chosen hers song 'The Man Downstairs'. [more]

Your Place - Lawrence
We visit one of our most famous heritage towns. This is where school teacher John Joseph Woods set Thomas Braken's words to music to create our National Anthem. Fifteen years earlier it was the scene of our first gold rush. [more]

The Shamrock
The shamrock is getting an overhaul. After centuries of growing the shamrock the old fashioned way in soil, the shamrock is now growing in hydrogel and changing the industry forever. For St Patricks day Jim talks to Eric Westphal from the St Patrick's Shamrock Coy in Dublin. [more]

Festival Review
Reviews of the premiere of Douglas Wright's latest dance piece Rapt, the second one-man Samuel Beckett show The End, and the first of Paul Kelly's four concerts. [more]

The Arts Report
Michelle Ang talks to Simon Morris about her new film My Wedding and Other Secrets, about working in Big Mama's house, and an exciting new American TV show. [more]

Southern Story for 17 March 2011
Contrary to popular opinion, the godwits do not leave in one mass exodus, but their arrival and departure is heralded with ceremony. In Christchurch, and Sage Forest was there for this year's celebrations to farewell the godwits.. . just two days before the big quake changed the city's mood. [more]

Our Changing World - Discovering a new species
There are species new to science living right on our own back doorsteps, as Alison Ballance finds out when she joins Sarah Gerken from the University of Alaska, and Kareen Schnabel from NIWA on a species hunt on the shores of Porirua Harbour. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 17 March 2011
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel. [more]

The Panel with Chris Trotter and Jeremy Elwood (part 1)
Topics - Can we begin with a thought for the faceless 50? The unnamed operators who are staying behind at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Japanese military helicopters have sprayed water on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors to try and cool fuel rods after a failed attempt the previous day because of high radiation levels. Australians have been told to leave Japan as the earthquake and tsunami-hit country teeters on the verge of nuclear disaster. [more]

The Panel with Chris Trotter and Jeremy Elwood (part 2)
Topics - The Christchurch Mayor, Bob Parker, Parker says he was"pretty broken hearted"yesterday after the announcement that Christchurch wasn't going to be used as a host city for the Rugby World Cup.The Chief Justice has has been very critical of the Government's wholesale reforms of the criminal justice system, in a submission to Parliament's justice and electoral committee. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 17 March 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 17 March 2011
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 17 March 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 17 March 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Shareholders Association warning over Whimp
Christchurch man, Bernard Whimp, is again upsetting companies and shareholders by trying to buy shares off unsuspecting investors. [more]


Aiden Pons
Christchurch-based 11 year-old piano player talks about the compostition he wrote in response to the Sepetmber 4 earthquake. [more]

Question time for 17 March 2011
Questions to Ministers 1. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister of Finance: When he said recently "where the Government does have some influence, we are working hard to keep prices low", which prices was he referring to? 2. DAVID BENNETT to the Minister of Finance: What are some of the likely impacts on the Government's finances of the Christchurch earthquake? 3. Hon DAVID PARKER to the Acting Minister for Economic Development: Does he stand by all his statements on economic development? 4. Dr JACKIE BLUE to the Minister for ACC: How many claims has ACC received since the tragic earthquake on 22 February and what steps has the Government taken to facilitate prompt compensation for those seriously injured? 5. Hon MARYAN STREET to the Minister of Civil Defence: What is the basis for according priority to entry of the red zone in the Christchurch central business district? 6. NIKKI KAYE to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: What support is the Government giving to non-government organisations in Christchurch affected by the earthquake? 7. Hon TREVOR MALLARD to the Prime Minister: What role did he or his department play in the decision to shift the Rugby World Cup quarter finals, from AMI Stadium to Eden Park? 8. JACQUI DEAN to the Minister of Corrections: What progress has been made toward the Government's commitment to encourage private sector investment in the New Zealand corrections system? 9. Hon DARREN HUGHES to the Minister for Tertiary Education: What specific policy changes has the Government made to increase the number of apprenticeships and other building-skills training programmes since the September Canterbury earthquake? 10. SUE KEDGLEY to the Minister of Commerce: Will he use his powers under Part 4 of the Commerce Act 1986 to call for an investigation into the dairy wholesale and retail milk market, following the release of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's review of the domestic milk market in New Zealand; if not, why not? 11. CAROL BEAUMONT to the Minister of Women's Affairs: Does she support the retention of the stand-alone and independent Ministry of Women's Affairs? 12. JOHN HAYES to the Minister of Agriculture: What steps has the Government recently made to progress agricultural greenhouse gas research? [more]

Musician Fiona Pears
Lyttelton-based musician Fiona Pears is putting her life back together after the Christchurch earthquake. She's written a song, called Calm After The Storm. [more]

Finance Minister says govt will borrow to cover quake costs
The Finance Minister says the Government will cover the ten billion dollar cost of the Christchurch earthquake by borrowing more rather than cutting spending or putting up taxes. [more]

Labour tries to make political hay out of World Cup loss
On the eve of the memorial service for the Christchurch earthquake, the Labour party is laying into the Government's handling of the city's ditching as a Rugby World Cup venue. [more]

Christchurch girls' school surprises Polyfest organisers
A Christchurch kapa haka group took to the stage in Auckland today, surprising organisers who didn't expect they'd be able to perform after last month's earthquake. [more]

Canterbury's Earthquakes
GNS seismologists explain why the Darfield and Christchurch earthquakes were so damaging and 'punchy' [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Thursday 17 March 2011
Helicopters drop tonnes of water onto damaged reactors at Fukushima. The government upgrades its advice for New Zealanders in Japan and Prince William inspects quake ravaged Christchurch. [more]

Aerial bombardment of Fukushima
Japanese Military helicopters have been dropping tonnes of water on two damaged reactors at the Fukushima nuclear complex in Japan in an attempt to avoid a nuclear disaster. [more]

Foreign Affairs Minister comments
New Zealanders in Japan are being told to get 80 kilometres away from the damaged nuclear power plant. [more]

New Zealand Search and Rescue team
Jim Stewart Black is leading the New Zealand Search and Rescue team in Northern Japan. He was one of two people on board an American American Black Hawke helicopter that was forced by bad weather to land at Fukushima Airport - about 60 kilometres away from the damaged nuclear plant. [more]

Prince William visits Christchurch
Prince William arrived in Christchurch today to inspect some of the worst quake damage in the city. [more]

The Prince travels to Greymouth
Prince William is meeting the families of the twenty-nine men who died in the Pike River mine disaster four months ago. [more]

Hagley Park preparations
Rowan Quinn joins us now from Hagley Park, the site of tomorrow's service. [more]

Sports News for 17 March 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Further analysis of situation at Fukushima
One US nuclear expert says there's now a possibility that the disaster may approach the extent of the Chernobyl. [more]

Business practice of Christchurch man seriously questioned
Unsolicited offers, from a Christchurch man, to buy shares from investors, are being labelled a low-life attack on vulnerable and often elderly people. [more]

Waatea News for 17 March 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

NZ boys victims of International paedophile network
The police have identified New Zealand boys who are victims of a global paedophile ring. [more]

Secondary teacher pay deal side steps pay parity
The proposed secondary teachers' pay deal is side-stepping the unified pay scale with primary and early childhood teachers. [more]

Linwood College board of trustees sacked
The board of a school in the quake-hit Christchurch has effectively been sacked by the Minister of Education. [more]

Farmers will now be allowed to cull Canada Geese
Farmers can now shoot Canada Geese on their properties without a hunting permit. [more]

Christchurch business owners protest
About 30 business owners and landlords are protesting at the Civil Defence HQ in christchurch. [more]

Labour criticises Govt over rising prices.
The Labour Party has criticised the National-led Government for failing to rein in rising prices. [more]

Sports News for 17 March 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

All Blacks sign deal to use haka.
The Rugby Union and lower North Island iwi, Ngati Toa, have signed an agreement allowing the All Blacks to continue to use the haka, Ka mate. [more]

Councils hold marine oil spill disaster exercise
A large-scale oil spill disaster exercise has been held on Mahia Peninsular, north of Wairoa, involving council staff from Hawke's Bay and Gisborne and several government agencies. [more]

New Zealander stays in Fukushima city - for the moment
New Zealanders in Japan are being told to get 80 kilometres away from the Fukushima nuclear plant. [more]

Waatea News for 17 March 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Media warn community must be protected
Parliament has been warned that proposed changes to the justice system will leave communities vulnerable to those who abuse their positions of power. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 17 March 2011
Japan's nuclear crisis has deepened. The United States atomic agency says one of the pools containing highly radioactive spent fuel rods at the stricken Fukushima plant has run dry. [more]

Midday Sports News for 17 March 2011
Dunedin, Invercargill and Nelson are set to host three of the five Rugby World Cup pool matches Christchurch has lost. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Day Thursday 17 March 2011
Japan continues to struggle to cool overheating reactor, Urban Search and Rescue team to remain in Japan, NZ nuclear physicist says not as bad as Chernobyl, Urban Search and Rescue team to remain in Japan, Minister says decision to strip Chch of RWC games tough, Security forces use tanks to drive out Bahrain protesters, Gaddafi forces surge toward city in west of Libya. [more]

Presbytarian church worries church could razed soon
While another part of Christchurch's inner-city cordon will be lifted today, with the reopening of streets to the north-west of the city's square mile, other inner city residents remain frustrated at not being able to get access to their properties. [more]

Pacific News for 17 March 2011
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 17 March 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Japan's quake survivors now have to endure snow
Survivors of last week's tsunami and earthquake are now enduring snow and freezing temperatures, as supplies begin to reach the worst affected areas. [more]

PM unapologetic for taking time over World Cup decision
The Prime Minister is defending the time it took to confirm Christchurch would no longer play host to the Rugby World Cup, saying every option had to be exhausted first. [more]

Japan continues to struggle to cool overheating reactor
There's growing international alarm about the crisis at a Japanese nuclear plant that was damaged by last week's earthquake and tsunami. [more]

Urban Search and Rescue team to remain in Japan
The Prime Minister, John Key, says New Zealand search and rescue workers will stay in Japan - despite two being exposed to low level radiation yesterday. [more]

NZ nuclear physicist says not as bad as Chernobyl
Joining us is nuclear physicist, Dr David Krofcheck from Auckland University who has been watching developments overnight. [more]

Minister says decision to strip Chch of RWC games tough
Yesterday the Minister for the Rugby World Cup Murray McCully announced Christchurch had lost the right to host its seven Cup matches. [more]

Security forces use tanks to drive out Bahrain protesters
Security forces in Bahrain have used tanks, tear gas, water cannons and helicopters to drive hundreds of anti-government demonstrators from their camp in Pearl Square, in the capital Manama. [more]

Gaddafi forces surge toward western city
Forces loyal to the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, have launched an attack on Misrata, the last city still in opposition hands in western Libya. [more]

Sports News for 17 March 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Christchurch's school principals harrassed about reopening
Christchurch school principals say the Ministry of Education has been putting them under unreasonable pressure to reopen their schools. [more]

Prince William starts visit to New Zealand
Prince William will soon touch down in Christchurch for a visit to mark the South Island's two recent tragedies. [more]

Government accused of giving too much power to courts
The Maxim Institute is accusing the government of giving too much power to the courts with its new Regulatory Standards Bill. [more]

Japan continues desperate struggle to contain nuclear leaks
In Japan, anger is growing over the official handling of the nuclear crisis threatening the Fukushima power plant. [more]

Nuclear crisis overshadowing tragedy of Japan disaster
The Japanese correspondent for Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper, Julian Ryall has been north of Sendai City in the coastal towns of Ishinomaki and Minami-Sanriku. [more]

IRB won't guarantee pool matches will stay in South Island
Yesterday the Minister for the Rugby World Cup Murray McCully announced Christchurch had lost the right to host its seven Cup matches because of the state of of the pitch and the stadium and some concerns about some of the grandstands. [more]

Christchurch people resigned to Rugby World Cup decision
Christchurch people are disappointed to lose the Rugby World Cup, but our reporter Rowan Quinn found out many believe there are far more important things for the city to be worrying about. [more]

Canterbury rugby fans say RWC decision major blow
We're joined by the Canterbury Rugby Supporters Club's President, Dick Tayler. [more]

Finance minister confident economy can cope
The Finance Minister is confident the country can cope with a series of disasters economists say are the biggest shocks to the economy since the 1970s. [more]

Sports News for 17 March 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Japan's tsunami waves reached Antarctica
Scientists says tsunami waves from the Japan earthquake not only reached New Zealand but went on to be recorded in Antarctica. [more]

Act's Hilary Calvert admits her comments inelegant
The Act MP, Hilary Calvert, has admitted that her comments made during the debate on the Marine and Coastal Area Bill were not the most elegant. [more]

Waatea News for 17 March 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Police arrest more than 100 in porn network crackdown
International police investigators have cracked down on what they say is the world's biggest child pornography network. [more]

Private prison to be fined $150,000 per death
The company taking over the Auckland Central Remand Prison at Mt Eden will be fined 150-thousand dollars for each prisoner escape or death in custody. [more]

Beer to replace coal on the West Coast?
The West Coast is turning to the bottle - and it might just be the region's salvation. [more]


Desktop Archaeology
Professor David Kennedy, from the University of Western Australia, has been using satellite images from Google Earth to find ancient sites in Saudi Arabia, and he's already found thougsands of potential sites to date. [more]

Science - Conception
Endocrinologist and Otago University professor of science communication Jean Fleming takes us on a journey to explain why the human body is what it is. Today she explains the process of fertilisation. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Clue 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Ngaroma Riley
On staying in Sendai to assist the 70 English language teachers she is responsible for. [more]

Radiation risk in Japan
With Clifford Chao - Chairman of radiology at New York Presbyterian hospital at Colombia. He's also held a surgical fellowship in the Cancer Research Institute in Tokyo. [more]

Should you be able to take out funds out of Kiwisaver?
With Warren Britton - a man wishing to use some of his Kiwisaver funds to get himself out of debt so he can keep his home. David Brown Douglas - Executive Director of Trustee Corporations Association. [more]

Feature guest - Andy Miah
The desirablility of human enhancement through technology and doping. Andy is a professor of ethics and emerging technologies at the University of the West of Scotland. He's an academic, futurist and philosopher - his work on the science of sport encompasses bioethics, medical law and the way technology impacts human beings. Andy embraces technological enhancements to the body, and says doping should be allowed in sport. [more]

Book Review - Me and Mr Booker
Written by Cory Taylor, reviewed by Kate Blackhurst and published by Text. [more]

New technology - Nat Torkington
Discusses games the big business of Farmville, and the clever uses found for an XBox gizmo. [more]

Tricia Irving-Hendry
Deputy Chief Executive of the Skylight Trust talks about dealing with emotional fallout post quake. [more]

TV with Simon Wilson
This week Simon reviews An Idiot Abroad and Mad Men. [more]

Our Changing World

Peter Lewis demonstrates the Byfusion system which turns waste plastic into bricks [more]

Adding Value to Hoki Skin
Marine collagen in hoki skin has particular properties that Plant and Food Research scientists can exploit for electrospinning [more]

Shock Testing
An IRL facility tests shipboard systems and equipment to ensure they can withstand shocks [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 17 March 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 17 March 2011
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Creole Choir of Cuba
Tour manager Eugenia Afonso talks about the choir's background and upcoming WOMAD Taranaki shows. [more]

Douglas Wright Review
Jennifer Shennan reviews last night's world premiere of RAPT - presented as part of Auckland Arts Festival. [more]

The Eggner Trio
Austrian piano trio, Florian, Georg and Christoph Eggner on tour in New Zealand on behalf of CMNZ. [more]

News stories:

140 quake victims now named
The police have confirmed the identities of a further 11 people who died in the Christchurch earthquake. [more]

Turia labels tikanga remark racist
Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia says a remark by an ACT MP about tikanga is racist. [more]

Vettori and Mills to miss Black Caps final group match at World Cup
Captain Dan Vettori and swing bowler Kyle Mills will miss the New Zealand cricket team's final group match at the cricket world cup in India. Vettori's still recovering from a... [more]

Auckland likely new world cup base for Wallabies
Auckland looms as the Wallabies' new Rugby World Cup base now that earthquake-ravaged Christchurch has been abandonned as a tournament venue. World Cup organisers yesterday made the logical but difficult... [more]

WADA says criminal underworld contols much of world sport
The World Anti-Doping agency says the criminal underworld now controls much of world sport. WADA's director-general, New Zealander David Howman, has told a doping conference convened by the World Sports... [more]

Criminal underworld now controls large part of world sport
The criminal underworld now controls a large proportion of world sport, according to World Anti-Doping Agency director general, New Zealander David Howman. Howman has told a doping conference in London... [more]

Fulham football club to become home to Michael Jackson
The Fulham football club will soon be home to a commemorative statue of Michael Jackson following a request by owner Mohamed Al Fayed. Al Fayed, a friend of Jackson's, commissioned... [more]

Man U boss given touchline ban
Manchester United's manager Alex Ferguson has been given a five-match touchline ban and fined 30,000 pounds for comments he made about the referee after his side's loss at Chelsea earlier... [more]

Former England captain has throat surgery, Abidal has liver tumour
The former England football captain Bryan Robson has undergone surgery for throat cancer but is out of hospital and keen to return to work. 54 year old Robson, Thailand's national... [more]

Stomach bug seeps through England squad
The England pace bowler Ajmal Shahzad is the latest member of their World Cup Cricket squad to be affected by a stomach bug, going into their must-win group match tonight... [more]

Australia go top of ther World Cup group
Australia have gone to the top of Group A at the Cricket World Cup after beating Canada by 7 wickets in Bangalore, extending their unbeaten run in the World Cup... [more]

Black Sticks and Japan draw fourth test
A goal in the first two minutes of play suggested the New Zealand women's hockey team may dominate the fourth test against Japan but the match finished in a two... [more]

Federer strolls into fourth round of India Wells
The second seed Roger Federer has strolled into the fourth round of the Indian Wells tennis tournament in California beating Juan Ignacio Chela of Argentina 6-0 6-2. The 16 time... [more]

Union plans to fight new challenge to breakthrough ruling
The Service and Food Workers Union says it will fight another legal challenge to the right of disability support staff to get the minimum wage for every hour spent on overnight shifts. [more]

Consumer confidence at two-year low
ANZ's chief economist says last month's devastating Christchurch earthquake will only exaggerate the consumer caution that has been evident for some time. [more]

US government to send radiation monitoring device to CNMI if needed
The Northern Marianas government says the federal government will send radiation monitoring device to the CNMI if needed due to the situation in Japan. But the government says at this... [more]

Palau's President urges other Pacific nations to protect dugongs
Palau's President is urging other Pacific nations to find ways to protect dugongs found in their natural ocean habitat. The dugong or sea cow was traditionally hunted in Palau for... [more]

New Caledonia readies for another government election
New Caledonia's Congress is due to meet today to elect a new collegial government - the second in two weeks. The government of Harold Martin fell within minutes of its... [more]

Co-operative talking to farmers about new wool company bid
Farmers who supported the first unsuccessful fund-raising effort by the Wool Partners Co-operative are being consulted on fresh moves to gain more control of the wool trade. [more]

Farm sales continue to be few
Rising farm returns are having little apparent effect on the depressed rural property market. [more]

Exhibitors at Central Districts Field Days reach record high
A record number of exhibitors have set up shop at the country's biggest regional Field Days which opens in Fielding on Thursday. [more]

Diet product pulled after toxic test results
A slimming product has been recalled from sale after it was found to contain a toxic ingredient. [more]

US wildlife officials say thousands of seabirds killed in tsunami waves
U.S. wildlife officials say thousands of seabirds were killed when tsunamis generated by last week's massive earthquake off Japan flooded Midway, a remote atoll northwest of the main Hawaiian islands. [more]

MPs told to reject automatic name suppression proposal
Parliament has been urged not to proceed with plans to give automatic name suppression in sex crime hearings. [more]

Renewed warning over unsolicited share offers
The Securities Commission has renewed its warning to investors to be wary of any unsolicited share offers from companies associated with Christchurch man Bernard Whimp. [more]

CRU asks for redraw for ITM Cup
The Canterbury Rugby Union's asked the New Zealand Union to do a redraw for this year's national provincial championship, now that AMI Stadium will be out of action for the... [more]

Chelsea and Real Madrid through to Champions League top eight
Chelsea's confirmed it's place in the quarterfinalsof football's Champions League with a minimum of fuss, drawing nil-all in London with Copenhagen in the last 16 second leg encounter, to complete... [more]

Fisiiahi ruled out of Warriors match against Wests Tigers
Winger Glen Fisiiahi has been forced out of the Warriors' second-round National Rugby League match against the West Tigers in Sydney on Saturday night. Fisiiahi who made his NRL debut... [more]

Nonu back for Hurricanes
The All Black second five Ma'a Nonu returns to the Hurricanes starting lineup for their Super Rugby clash against the Blues at Eden Park on Saturday night after serving a... [more]

All Blacks prop signs with Ulster
The All Blacks and Blues prop John Afoa has signed to play for Irish club Ulster. The 27 year-old has agreed on a two-and-a-half year deal and will join Ulster... [more]

Changes to Blues lineup
Injuries have forced a couple of changes to the Blues lineup for Saturday night's Super Rugby clash against the Hurricanes at Eden Park. With lock Ali Williams and openside flanker... [more]

Sir Alex banned for five games and fined
The Manchester United football manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been give a five match touchline ban for criticising referee Martin Atkinson. Sir Alex has been found guilty of improper conduct... [more]

Reconstruction needs prompt more trades training
The Government says it is working to boost trades training to cope with the rebuilding of Christchurch. [more]

Motels hope Christchurch rebuild will make up for RWC loss
Christchurch moteliers say the decision to move seven Rugby World Cup matches out of the city is a great loss, but also lifts a major worry from their shoulders. [more]

France rushes iodine tablets to French Polynesia
France will send half a million iodine tablets to French Polynesia in response to the nuclear accident in Japan. The French high commission in Papeete says the measure is being... [more]

France outlines French Polynesia electoral reform plans
France has released a draft of the proposed electoral reforms for French Polyensia which Paris wants to pass before the end of this year in a bid to increase the... [more]

Strong sales help Kathmandu double profit
Kathmandu's half year profit has more than doubled on the back of strong sales in Australia and over the Christmas period. [more]

Shoppers more pessimistic after quake
The Christchurch earthquake has severely dented consumer confidence. [more]

Takeover offer for Crane made unconditional
Fletcher Building has removed its 90% minimum acceptance for its takeover of Australia's Crane Group, making its offer unconditional. [more]

Meridian Energy putting up prices - but not in Christchurch
Meridian Energy says prices will rise in some areas of the country in April but Christchurch will be excluded for six months. [more]

Guam not at risk from Japan nuclear crisis, say officials
Civil defence in Guam is assuring people that the nuclear crisis in Japan poses no threat to them. Fears about the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan are intensifying, with latest... [more]

Farmers allowed to cull Canada Geese
Farmers have been given permission to control what they regard as a serious pest on their properties, following years of lobbying. [more]

Model triggers Parliament bomb alert
A model of a hydrogen energy converter sparked a bomb disposal squad callout at Parliament on Thursday. [more]

Farmers fail to reach clean dairying targets
The country's dairy farmers have made little overall progress in the past year in reaching full compliance with the national dairying and clean streams accord. [more]

Samoa woman jailed over land deal forgery
A woman has been found guilty in Samoa for her involvement in the transfer of ownership of two separate freehold land titles by forgery. Vaselisa Stowers has been jailed for... [more]

Tonga Police minister surprised at petition to remove new Commissioner
Tonga's Police Minister says he's surprised by a petition calling for the removal of the newly appointed Police Commissioner, Chris Kelley. Dr Viliami Latu says a petition signed by about... [more]

PNG land protest closes Kavieng airport
The airport in Kavieng in Papua New Guinea's New Ireland province remains shut down by a land protest. The Post Courier newspaper reports that on Tuesday morning disgruntled landowners forced... [more]

Hopes Niue cricket revival will keep history and discipline alive
There are hopes that reviving the game of Niue cricket will help young people keep the history and disciplines of the game alive. The game was introduced to Niue with... [more]

Job losses possible at NZ Post, says Cullen
New Zealand Post chairman Michael Cullen is not ruling out job losses as the state-owned enterprise seeks to reduce its costs. [more]

Quake to add $5 billion to deficit, says English
The Government's deficit in the coming year will be nearly 50% bigger than previously predicted because of the Christchurch earthquake, says Finance Minister Bill English. [more]

Samoa lawyer convicted of misconduct by Law Society
A charge of professional misconduct has been proven by the Samoa Law Society after a hearing that has now extended over three months. A New Zealand-based Samoan lawyer, Leulua'ialii Olinda... [more]

Cooks studies way to implement task force proposals
Government agencies in the Cook Islands are considering how to implement an economic taskforce's proposals to increase the minimum wage, lower interest rates and abolish outer island taxes. Those are... [more]

Papua nurses arrested over hospital strike
A newspaper in Indonesia's Papua reports that eight nurses and midwives have been arrested in Jayapura for their involvement in a strike that's shut down services at the general hospital... [more]

Vanuatu hires 25 Solomons nurses
Vanuatu's health minister, Pastor Don Ken, has signed an agreement with his Solomons Islands counterpart, Charles Sigoto, for the Solomons to send 25 nurses to work in the health sector... [more]

Tonga Police Commissioner disappointed in petitioners' approach
Tonga's newly-appointed Police Commissioner says he's disappointed at the way a group of police officers calling for his removal has gone about expressing its concerns. Chris Kelley says he's not... [more]

Four changes to Highlanders for Crusaders match
There are four changes to the Highlanders team to play the Crusaders on Saturday in Dunedin. The captain Jamie Mackintosh is injured and has been bracketed in the reserves with... [more]

Crusaders team named to play Highlanders
Kahn Fotuali'i and Zac Guildford are in the Crusaders match-day squad for the first time this season after they were named in the 22 to play the Highlanders in their... [more]

Top field for New Zealand Badminton International
Players from 30 nations will take part in the New Zealand Badminton International at the North Shore Events Centre at the end of the month. Nations such as badminton strongholds... [more]

Vanuatu experiences strong quake
A strong 6.5 magnitude earthquake has struck off Vanuatu. The United States Geologicial Survey reports the quake was at a depth of about 26 kilometres and centred 77 kilometres to... [more]

Tonga MP suspects political machinations behind bid to remove Police Commissioner
A Tonga MP says he suspects politicians are behind a petition by police officers calling for the removal of the newly-appointed Police Commissioner, Chris Kelley. The petition, signed by about... [more]

Kiwi children among victims of busted global paedophile ring
Police have identified children in New Zealand they believe were sexually abused in a global paedophile ring. [more]

IHC in bid to appeal against pay ruling
The IHC has confirmed it is seeking leave to appeal against a court ruling that is its liable for millions of dollars in payments to staff. [more]

Commissioner replaces school's board of trustees
A commissioner has replaced the board of trustees at an earthquake-stricken school and there is no guarantee it will be reinstated. [more]

Supreme Court grants Field limited leave to appeal
Former MP Phillip Field has been granted leave to appeal against some of his convictions in the Supreme Court. [more]

Warriors confirrm Battle of Eden record
They may have lost to Parramatta in their first match at Eden Park in Auckland but the Warriors are off-field winners, confirming that last Saturday's 'Battle of Eden' was the... [more]

Police finding it harder to identify bodies
It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify the bodies of people killed in the Christchurch earthquake, say police. [more]

Private operator to face $150,000 fine for any prison death
The company taking over Auckland Central Remand Prison at Mt Eden will be fined $150,000 if a prisoner dies of unnatural causes. [more]

Primary teachers unlikely to go for secondary deal
A secondary teachers' pay deal provides a new pay scale that primary teachers are unlikely to want to adopt under pay parity arrangements. [more]

Labour goes on attack over price rises
The Labour Party has criticised the Government for not reining in rising prices. [more]

Honolulu jury finds American Samoa chief guilty of violent assault
A jury in the Honolulu federal district court has found an American Samoa chief, Lualemaga Simeti, guilty of forcible assault with a dangerous weapon and causing serious bodily injury. In... [more]

Kiribati gets help to rebuild its main road
Kiribati and the Asian Development Bank have signed a 12 million US dollar loan to help the country rehabilitate the road network in South Tarawa. It will involve rehabilitating 32... [more]

Warning over proposed tax cuts for Cook Islands outer islands
The president of the main opposition party in the Cook Islands says a recommendation to abolish or cut taxes to the outer islands will increase the burden on Rarotonga. The... [more]

Pacific Island countries to seek better deal over tuna with US
Pacific Island countries are meeting in the Marshall Islands preparing for negotiations next week with the US over the tuna treaty drawn up in the late 1980s. At that time... [more]

Samoa to bring its students home from Japan
Samoa's decided to bring home thirteen scholarship students who've been studying in Japan. Caretaker prime minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, says it's necessary given the continuing high uncertainty over the radiation... [more]

Painting to be sold to help quake victims
A painting with an estimated value of $250,000 will be auctioned in Auckland to help Christchurch quake victims. [more]

Tenants' advocates want law clarified after quake
The Christchurch earthquake has sparked calls for clearer tenancy laws. [more]

More of inner-Christchurch reopens
Another section of Christchurch's inner-city cordon will be lifted on Thursday, with the reopening of streets to the north-west of the city's square mile. [more]

Costs tipped to swallow extra Cup revenue
Shifting Rugby World Cup games away from Christchurch means more tickets can now be sold, though the Government is not counting on generating much extra revenue. [more]

Principals claim harassment over reopening
Christchurch school principals say the Ministry of Education has been putting them under unreasonable pressure to reopen their schools. [more]

Temporary campground to provide quake housing
Civil Defence says 150 campervans will be moved into the Canterbury A&P showground in the next few days to help with temporary accommodation. [more]

Business owners protest over access
About 30 business owners and landlords protested outside Civil Defence headquarters in Christchurch on Thursday, angry at being denied access to their properties in the city centre to retrieve belongings. [more]

All Blacks sign deal to use haka
The Rugby Union and lower North Island iwi Ngati Toa have signed an agreement allowing the All Blacks to continue to use the haka Ka Mate. [more]

All Whites game in Tokyo called off
The All Whites have called of their scheduled game in Japan at the end of the month. [more]

Bicycle ban on capital's new trains
Wellington's regional council has decided to keep bikes off its new trains at peak times. [more]

Brewery makeover to entice tourists to West Coast
Monteith's old brewery in Greymouth is to get a multi-million-dollar makeover. [more]

Minister approves harbour generators
Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson has given the go-ahead for the staged installation of up to 200 tidal turbine power generators in Kaipara Harbour. [more]

Geese decision will 'backfire', warns council
The Fish & Game Council says Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson's decision to remove the hunting restrictions on Canada geese will backfire on her. [more]

Island-bound rat nabbed
A Department of Conservation dog has caught and killed a rat that was about to hitch a ride to a pest-free island in the Hauraki Gulf. [more]