Radio New Zealand - Wednesday, 13th April 2011

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Auckland Story for 13 April 2011
The Auckland firm that repairs and restores people's broken treasures is on a mercy mission this week to Christchurch. David Steemson finds out more in Auckland Story. [more]

Best Song Ever Written - More Than a Feeling
Tim Finlay from outside Whangerei nominates Boston's"More than a feeling"as the best song ever written. [more]

Link 3
Can you spot the connection in our music quiz? [more]

The Mayflower of NZ - The Brig Active
Most of us can name the ship that brought the first actual group of Europeans to settle in America. The Mayflower. But the name of the ship that brought the first non-missionary settlers to New Zealand? [more]

Feature Album - Speaking in Tongues
Today's feature album, Speaking in Tongues by Talking Heads. [more]

Virtual World with Jules Older
Press Kits, Then and amp; Now, Glenn Beck, Domain suffixes, HootSuite and April Fools Day. National Geographic Traveler magazine is holding its 23rd annual Photo Contest. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 13 April 2011
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel. [more]

The Panel with Dita Di Boni and Stephen Franks
The Law Society says changes to the legal aid system will disadvantage poor people. EFTPOS facilities will only be available at Rugby World Cup venues in Auckland and Wellington during the tournament - and only Mastercard holders will be able to use them. The dispute between Auckland Council and the Independent Maori Statutory Board may be over, with an agreement struck over funding. [more]

The Panel with Dita Di Boni and Stephen Franks
U2 Excess.Professor Bradshaw has endeared himself to New Zealanders everywhere by suggesting that it mightn't be worth trying to save the kakapo. Two women wearing burqas have been arrested by French police just hours after the Republic became the first country in the world to enact laws banning wearing the Islamic veil in public. The Hobbit will be shot at 48 frames per second - instead of the standard 24 frames per second. [more]

At The Movies

At The Movies for 13 April 2011
On At The Movies, Simon Morris joins the kids at 3D movie Rio, then gets knocked about by comic-book fantasia, Sucker Punch. The French film Sarah's Key, starring Kristen Scott-Thomas, is rather more rooted in reality - inevitably World War Two. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 13 April 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 13 April 2011
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 13 April 2011
Concerned relatives of earthquake-hit Cantabrians boost visitor arrivals. [more]

Evening Business for 13 April 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 13 April 2011
Helicopters New Zealand has been sold to rival, Canadian Helicopters. [more]


Top Stories for Wednesday 13 April 2011
Legal aid changes incense legal fraternity, No eftpos available at Rugby World Cup, Japan says radiation declining but crisis matches Chernobyl, Government budgets $8.5 billion to rebuild Christchurch, Unanimous support over earthquake powers breaks down, and Maori Party MP says using police in oil protest extreme. [more]

Time capsules from Christchurch's ruins reveal secrets
Three time capsules recovered from the ruins of Christchurch in the days following the February earthquake have been opened. Two came from the John Robert Godley statue plinth in front of the Christchurch Cathedral, while the other came from the old civic building on Manchester Street. [more]

Unanimous support over earthquake powers breaks down
Unanimous political support for legislation vesting the Government with extraordinary powers for Christchurch has broken down. [more]

A day in the post-quake life of a Christchurch family
Its now seven weeks since the February earthquake. Normality is returning to Christchurch, with most sewerage lines fixed and water no longer needing to be boiled before drinking. But that doesn't apply to everyone. [more]

Finding the CEO of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority
State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie is helping to recruit the new head of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority. [more]


Auditor-General's office investigating Pansy Wong
The Auditor-General's office is investigating the use of travel perks by the former National MP Pansy Wong and her husband Sammy Wong. [more]

Minister says legal aid an unaffordable open chequebook
An enormous open chequebook the Government cannot afford to cash. That's how the Justice Minister describes legal aid. And today he announced the Government's new plans to rein in costs. [more]

Legal aid changes won't save money - criminal lawyer
Ted Faleauto has practised law in Manukau for almost two decades - all his business is criminal legal aid work. [more]

Maori board wrestles more money from Auckland council
The Independent Maori Statutory Board is getting more money from ratepayers and is now dropping its legal action against the Auckland Council. [more]

Another 123 Chch buildings to be partly or fully demolished
Civil Defence has just annnounced 123 more Christchurch buildings will be demolished or partly demolished. [more]

Sports News for 13 April 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Protesters meet to decide what action to take next
A legal team for iwi and Greenpeace protesters is meeting now to decide whether to ignore police instructions to stay away from an oil and gas survey ship working for Petrobras off East Cape. [more]

Hanover head victim of finance scam
It's been revealed that the head of failed Hanover Finance, Mark Hotchin was the victim of a finance scam, known as a Ponzi scam and that he was granted name suppression when the case went to trial. [more]

Select Committee hearing takes place in Christchurch
In Christchurch local councillors are outraged they were forbidden to see the legislation for the new authority to oversee the rebuild of Christchurch, despite council staff having a copy. [more]

Maori board accepts more money from Auckland council
More now on the deal done by the Auckland Council that gives the independent Maori statutory board more money. [more]

Waatea News for 13 April 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Legal aid changes threaten justice for children
The Law Society is promising to pressure the Government over legal aid, saying its changes to cut down costs are a threat to children. [more]

Child abuse legislation could do opposite of intended - laywer
Government legislation aimed at curbing child abuse is being labelled socially destructive. [more]

Labour slates legal aid changes
Labour says the Government's clampdown on legal aid will only lead to innocent people being locked up. [more]

Housing market showing recovery signs
The Real Estate Institute says latest house sale figures show the market is beginning a slow recovery. [more]

Anti internet piracy Bill being rushed through
The Copyright Amendment Bill bans file sharing under threat of an Internet account being suspended. [more]

Potato industry desperate for government assistance
A tiny insect and the bacterium it carries have hammered some North Island potato crops - with one processor now warning if a solution's not found soon, it'll mean the end of the industry. [more]

Treasury says time to consider merging smaller Govt agencies
The Treasury says it's found 236 million dollars of possible back office savings across government agencies. [more]

Sports News for 13 April 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

What's with all the earthquakes?
It's a question many people are asking themselves, while many eminent seismologists are predicting the world will soon experience a quake that on its own claims more than 1 million lives. [more]

Kidsline sees 90% increase in bullying involving the net
Kidsline, says there have been almost 90 per cent more calls about bullying over the internet and 11 percent more from children under 14 than this time last year. [more]

Waatea News for 13 April 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Japan downgrades economy's prospects post-quake
Japan has acknowledged the bodyblow its economy is suffering after last month's tsunami and earthquake. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 13 April 2011
The government has confirmed it is making legal aid harder to get. A parenting trust says new legislation will not stop child abuse. And Greenpeace says the police do not have the legal right to issue restriction notices to the protest flotilla off East Cape. [more]

Midday Sports News for 13 April 2011
Richie McCaw back for the Crusaders. [more]

Morning Report

Tax changes on way to boost Canterbury businesses
New tax rules are being introduced to help Canterbury businesses with the post-quake rebuild. The changes relate to depreciation on buildings and plant, which left unchanged, would have meant less money for firms to rebuild and re-equip their badly damaged businesses. [more]

Organic Swiss chef tipped to cook at Royal Wedding
Swiss chef Anton Mosimann has reportedly been signed up to cook at the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in London. [more]

Pacific News for 13 April 2011
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 13 April 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Legal aid changes incense legal fraternity
The Government is expected to announce a major overhaul of the legal aid scheme which could result in it being restricted to only the poorest defendants. [more]

No eftpos available at Rugby World Cup
Rugby fans who turn up to World Cup games wanting to use eftpos will be out of luck. And most credit cards won't be accepted either. [more]

Japan says radiation declining but crisis marches Chernobyl
The Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, says radiation leaks are declining at the tsunami-damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant - despite authorities saying the crisis is now on par with the Chernobyl disaster. [more]

Japan says radiation declining but crisis matches Chernobyl
The Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, says radiation leaks are declining at the tsunami-damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant - despite authorities saying the crisis is now on par with the Chernobyl disaster. [more]

Govt promises laws on marine pollution before drilling
As the police step up pressure on the Greenpeace-led flotilla protesting against Petrobras, the government is promising tough new laws to prevent any marine disasters. [more]

Energy Minister supports further Petrobras action by police
Energy Minister Hekia Parata says she supports the police taking further action against the oil protesters if they keep up their demonstrations. [more]

Sports News for 13 April 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Woman dies in Paraparaumu house fire
A woman has died and two children are in hospital after a house fire in Paraparaumu Beach. Both children are in a serious conditon in Wellington hospital's intensive care unit. [more]

Green Party says new child protection laws go too far
The Green Party says new laws to protect children go too far. The Government has introduced to Parliament a raft of new offences, and harsher penalties, aimed at protecting children and vulnerable adults. [more]

Unicef says humanitarian crisis unfolding in Libya's Misrata
The French and British governments are urging other members of the Nato alliance to do more to protect civilians in Libya. The calls for more action come as Unicef says a humanitarian crisis is unfolding in the besieged city of Misrata, with children in particular bearing the brunt. [more]

Environmentalists say Fukushima 'slow motion Chernobyl'
Environmentalists have tagged the Fukushima nuclear power plant a 'slow motion Chernobyl' after the Japanese government yesterday upgraded the status of the crisis. [more]

Government budgets $8.5 billion to rebuild Christchurch
The Government is planning to spend $8.5 billion on rebuilding Christchurch - sparking predictions that government belt tightening will continue for at least five years. [more]

No eftpos at Rugby World Cup 'stupid' - expert
A banking expert thinks it's absurd that eftpos will not be available at major stadiums during Rugby World Cup games. Rugby World Cup 2011 says patrons will only be able to use cash or Mastercard-branded cards to buy food or beverages at stadiums in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin. [more]

Maori Party MP says using police in oil protest extreme
The Maori Party MP, Te Ururoa Flavell, says deploying the police and navy against the oil protest flotilla off the East Cape is an extreme reaction. And he is calling on the government to pull back before the situation becomes ugly. [more]

Tribal environmental guardian denies taking illegal paua
A maori man is on trial charged with taking more than his share of paua from the north Taranaki coast. The Ministry of Fisheries says half of the paua were undersized, and the Department of Conservation says they came from a marine reserve. [more]

Sports News for 13 April 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Pike River Mine 'safe enough for specialists to enter'
A mine safety expert believes the Pike River coal mine is safe to re-enter nearly five months after an explosion that killed 29 men. Pike River Coal Ltd and its receivers say the mine is still unsafe. [more]

Future shape of Christchurch's CBD up for robust debate
The emergence of new business hubs, and an uneasiness about working in high rise buildings has prompted new thinking about the future of central Christchurch. The CBD remains closed, with more than 170 buildings earmarked for demolition. [more]

Waatea News for 13 April 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Plans for rahui, protest flotilla over Kaipara tidal project
Maori in Northland plan to impose a rahui - or activity ban - on the Kaipara Harbour to stop work on a tidal power station. Crest Energy has government approval to put up to 200 turbines in the harbour to generate electricity. [more]

Human tissue bank opens at Middlemore Hospital
A new underground repository for storing human tissue will be officially opened in South Auckland. The Middlemore Tissue Bank has been set up to collect tumours and other types of tissue for the benefit of cancer researchers. [more]


It Starts Here
Ireland was hit hard by the 2008 global recession. Dylan Haskins, a 23 year old Dubliner, ran for parliament during Irland's February elections. [more]

Arts: Video Gaming
This week's cultural ambassador is Matt McGuire joining Nights for his second chat about video games. [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 5. [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 6. [more]

Nine To Noon

Legal aid changes
Radical changes to the legal aid system are about to be unveiled - but could they lead to people being denied justice because they won't be eligible for assistance but can't afford a lawyer? [more]

Is there such thing as the male menopause?
Professor Frederick Wu's research looks at the effect of deficiencies of the predominately male hormone testosterone. In 2010 this research postulated that there indeed was such a phenomenon as the 'male menopause'. His research is also looking at longer-acting hormone combinations and their roles as male contraceptives. [more]

Australia Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Australian Defence Force under review following sex scandal, and precommitment gambling cards. [more]

Feature Guest - Heni Collins
Heni Collins is a journalist, researcher and community worker who has written a book about her ancestor, the Maori chief Te Rauparaha. [more]

Book Review - The Book of Rachael
Written by Leslie Cannold, published by Text Publishing, reviewed by Maraea Rakuraku. [more]

Music with Marty Duda
Marty profiles The Meters, who were the house band for most of the hit records recorded in New Orleans during the 1960s and '70s. [more]

Law society calls for debate on the criminal justice system
President of the Law Society, Jonathan Temm is calling for a national debate on the criminal justice system. [more]

Arts with Courtney Johnston
The detainment of artist and political activist Ai Weiwei by the Chinese government. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 13 April 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 13 April 2011
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Paul Van Ross and Mark Lockett
Australian Jazz saxophonist and New Zealand drummer starting NZ tour in Auckland today with Paul Van Ross Trio. [more]

NZ International Piano Festival Review
Heath Lees reviews the second part of the NZIPF featuring Diedre Irons, Stephen de Pledge and David Lively. [more]

Garry Walker
Scottish conductor leading the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra's"Organ and Orchestra"concert featuring Guilmant's Organ Symphony No.1. [more]

News stories:

French Polynesia's assembly to discuss latest French electoral system proposal
French Polynesia's assembly will today discuss the latest French proposal to change the territory's electoral system ahead of the 2013 elections. The change is the fourth proposed by Paris since... [more]

World Cup leaves Sri Lanka in debt
The World Cup has left Sri Lanka Cricket in debt to the tune of 30 million dollars thanks to cost overruns and heavy expenses incurred in building stadiums. Sri Lanka,... [more]

Breakers season on the line in Auckland tonight
The New Zealand Breakers star Kirk Penney will be a marked man in tonight's deciding game of their ANBL basketball semi-final series against Perth in Auckland, but the man himself... [more]

Milan to bid for Ronaldo?
The AC Milan owner and under siege Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says he plans to bid for Real Madrid's former world footballer of the year Cristiano Ronaldo if his... [more]

World's richest golf tournament for South Africa?
South Africa will stage the richest single tournament in the sport when it launches a new World Golf Championship (WGC) event next year. The US$10 million (NZ$12.8 million) Tournament of... [more]

Federer makes strong start to clay season
Roger Federer has reminded the tennis world of his destructive power with a 6-2 6-1 rout of German Philipp Kohlschreiber in the Monte Carlo Masters second round on Wednesday. All... [more]

Taylor scores winning runs for Royals
Shane Warne's Rajasthan Royals thrashed the Delhi Daredevils by six wickets to pocket their second successive victory in cricket's Indian Premier League, with Black Cap Ross Taylor scoring the winning... [more]

European's dominating world golf
Golf's four major winners will all compete at the European Tour's flagship PGA Championship for the first time next month. The newly crowned U.S. Masters champion Charl Schwartzel is to... [more]

Tension boils over as Mundine and Wood begin rematch early
Tensions ran high as Anthony Mundine and his conqueror Garth Woods were restrained from making an early start to Wednesday night's boxing rematch in Brisbane. Riled after being called a... [more]

Government to spend $8.5b rebuilding Christchurch
The Government is to spend about $8.5 billion over the next few years rebuilding earthquake-hit Christchurch. Provision for about $5.5 billion will be made in the Budget in May. [more]

Retailers 'co-operating' with alcohol pricing investigation
Justice Minister Simon Power says retailers have been generally co-operative so far with an investigation into a minimum pricing regime for alcohol. [more]

Protest at tidal power project planned
Maori in Northland's Kaipara District are planning protest action to stop a tidal power project in their harbour. [more]

Housing values relatively stable - QV
Quotable Value says house values remain relatively stable across the country, but vary considerably between cities. [more]

Inflation problems 'contained for now'
An economist says an improving housing market and credit growth are needed to fuel the economic recovery, and shouldn't yet sound inflation alarm bells. [more]

Jetstar plans to expand in Asia
Low cost airline Jetstar is looking to Asia for future expansion as the tourism market slowly recovers. [more]

Aircraft painting facility to be built in Hamilton
Construction is to begin on a state-of-the-art aircraft paint facility at Hamilton's International Airport this week. [more]

Former fund manager Peter Huljich has quit his directorships at two listed companies saying he wants to focus on private business interests. [more]

NZ wine industry hosts wine fairs in China
The New Zealand wine industry is tapping into the growing demand for wine in China. [more]

United and Barca move thru in Champions League
Manchester United inflicted more Champions League misery on Chelsea as they moved into the semi-finals with a 3-1 aggregate victory. A goal in either half by Javier Hernandez and Park... [more]

Arsenal supporters told not to sell shares
Arsenal supporters who own shares in the English football club are being told not to sell to American billionaire Stan Kroenke, who this week agreed a takeover deal. In a... [more]

Celtic beat St Johnstone
Celtic have moved 5 points clear at the top of the Scottish Premier Football League after beating St Johnstone 1-nil at McDiarmid Park. Second placed Rangers can close the gap... [more]

Siddons end Bangladesh coaching job
The Bangladesh cricket coach Jamie Siddons will not have his contract renewed when it expires at the end of June. Under Australian Siddons, who took charge in November 2007 when... [more]

Dean frustrated with form
The New Zealand cyclist Julian Dean has admitted to being extremely frustrated with his form at the start of the new European season. Dean suffered delayed concussion and was taken... [more]

Titans claim Idris one of biggest signings in clubs history
Gold Coast have hailed the signing of Jamal Idris as one of the most important in the NRL rugby league club's short history, with the Bulldogs centre agreeing to a... [more]

Bangladesh cricketers hoping to contain rampant Watson
Bangladesh's cricketers are confident Australian opener Shane Watson will not repeat his record-smashing batting feats in tonight's final match of their one-day series. The Bangladesh batsman Shahriar Nafees says the... [more]

Games moved over radiation fears
Fears over Japan's nuclear reactor crisis have led to six men's World League volleyball matches to be moved overseas. The Japan Volleyball Association (JVA) says that Japan's games with Germany,... [more]

Wednesday's newspaper headlines
Man vanishes from surf beach; wealthy to lose legal aid; investigation of possible hydro-dam site; earthquake survivor to throw party for rescuers. [more]

Guardian on trial for taking paua from reserve
A north Taranaki tribal environmental guardian is being tried for taking excess and undersized paua from a marine reserve. [more]

Campaign to combat rheumatic fever widens
Hauora and public health organisations in the eastern Bay of Plenty are picking up a campaign that has reduced the risk of rheumatic fever among Opotiki schoolchildren. [more]

Landowner wants liability covered
Maungatautari landowner Rick Muru says his whanau welded shut an access gate to the ecological reserve southeast of Cambridge because they could be held liable if anyone is injured crossing their land. [more]

McCaw back for Crusaders
The All Black captain Richie McCaw will make his return to rugby this weekend after being named on the bench for the Crusaders Super Rugby match against the Chiefs in... [more]

Fijian winger signs for Worcester
Fijian winger Josh Drauniniu has signed for English rugby club Worcester Warriors. The former England Sevens has scored 16 tries in 22 games for his current club London Welsh. [more]

Serena Williams back training
The American tennis player Serena Williams has begun training again after a series of health problems including blood clots on her lung. The Wimbledon champion used her Twitter feed to... [more]

Mils back for Chiefs
The All Black fullback Mils Muliaina returns to the Chiefs lineup after a lengthy injury break for Friday night's Super Rugby match against the Crusaders in Mt Maunganui. Muliaina has... [more]

Jean-Michel Cousteau to visit American Samoa
The son of renowned undersea explorer the late Jacques Cousteau will make a historic visit to Swains island next month in American Samoa. Jean-Michel Cousteau's visit is to highlight the... [more]

Call centre business sets up operations in Samoa
A small pilot call centre business has started operations in Samoa. Global Link is the first call centre to be established in either Samoa or American Samoa and its a... [more]

PNG companies urged to look at NZ as an export market
Papua New Guinea companies have been urged to consider exporting to New Zealand to help diversify external markets. The National newspaper reports that PNG's foreign affairs Minister Don Polye made... [more]

PNG official says situation is improving in Kimbe following rioting
A local government official in Papua New Guinea says the town of Kimbe is returning to normal after rioting at the weekend. The death of a man who was alleged... [more]

American Samoa's govt seeks thousands of dollars from defunct airline
The American Samoa Government and now defunct airline, South Pacific Express Incorporated, are having settlement discussions regarding the airline's unpaid debt of more than 150,000 US dollars. The government had... [more]

Manu Samoa halfback named to start for Crusaders
Manu Samoa halfback Kahn Fotuali'i has been named in the starting side for the Crusaders Super Rugby match against the Chiefs in Mount Maunganui on Friday. Fotuali'i has had to... [more]

PNG's Barramundi's beat Hong Kong to move closer to funding boost
Papua New Guinea gained revenge on Hong Kong as they claimed their second victory at the World Cricket League two tournament in Dubai overnight. Batting first the Barramundi's posted 217... [more]

PNG's Rugby Leagues Numapo keen to get things sorted
The interim chairman of the Papua New Guinea Rugby League Federation says it's time to get on with running the game again. On Friday, Judge Davani ruled in the National... [more]

Scientists worried about talk of CRI mergers
The Association of Scientists is warning the Government against a shake-up of Crown Research Institutes, saying the sector needs stability rather than further cuts. [more]

Qantas plane makes 'priority landing'
A Qantas plane has made a 'priority landing' at Sydney Airport after a problem with its fuel system. [more]

Report into growing Maori language released
An independent review panel has suggested a reorganisation of the Maori language sector to help increase the use of Te Reo Maori in New Zealand. [more]

Samoa curbs vehicle perks of top politicians and officials
The Samoa Cabinet has removed some vehicle perks for ministers and CEOs of government ministries. Quoting a confidential cabinet directive, the Samoa Observer says ministers are now limited to one... [more]

Cheese and butter prices to rise again
Shoppers will soon be paying more for cheese and butter as retailers pass on an increase in costs. [more]

Earthquake drew friends and relatives to NZ
The number of people visiting New Zealand rose slightly in February, boosted by friends and relatives of people affected by Christchurch's devastating earthquake. [more]

South Koreans confident in Tonga offshore mineral search
South Korean researchers say studies on seabed minerals in Tongan waters could reap economic benefits for both South Korea and Tonga. A ship provided by the Korean Ocean Research and... [more]

Chile promotes Easter Island tourism
A major promotion of Easter Island is being launched in a joint effort by the Chilean authorities and private businesses on Rapa Nui. As part of a campaign, labelled Discover... [more]

Group urges Vanuatu PM to clarify Papua stance
The Free West Papua Association in Vanuatu has asked the coalition government of the prime minister, Sato Kilman, to clarify its position on the Papua issue. The Association's President, Pastor... [more]

NZ art auction to raise funds for Bougainville library
The Bougainville Library Trust is organising an art auction as it aims to raise funds for its planned library in Arawa in the centre of the previously war-torn Papua New... [more]

SCF helicopter company sold for $160m
A helicopter company owned by failed South Island lender South Canterbury Finance has been sold to a Canadian firm for $160 million. [more]

Food prices up slightly in March
Food prices edged up in March, after staying relatively stable in February. [more]

NZ highly ranked in global IT report
New Zealand has climbed up one place in a global ranking of countries' readiness for communications technology. [more]

Fish farming investigated as use for dairy effluent
A project is underway in the Bay of Plenty to test the feasibility of developing fish farming as a sideline on some dairy farms. [more]

Young women on Bougainville discuss sexual health for first time
The head of a Bougainville women's NGO says a recent gathering of young women gave some of them their first opportunity to discuss their gynaecological and sexual health. Leitana Nehan... [more]

Jump in helpline calls about bullying
A children's helpline has recorded a marked increase in calls related to bullying. [more]

Pollution laws toughened before drilling allowed - minister
Environment Minister Nick Smith says there will be no drilling for oil off East Cape until legislation has been passed governing marine pollution in New Zealand's exclusive economic zone. [more]

Tax changes to help post-quake rebuild
Tax rules are to be changed to help Canterbury businesses rebuild after the earthquakes. [more]

Rugby World Cup payment card restriction
Rugby World Cup organisers say Visa and eftpos will not be accepted at stadiums during the tournament and fans will have to use cash, Mastercard, or a new Mastercard 'Tap and Go' card. [more]

Family worried about relative missing in Libya
A Hawke's Bay family is growing increasingly worried about their cousin who is feared to have been captured by forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. [more]

Auckland farewells traditional canoes bound for Hawaii
A farewell ceremony has been held in New Zealand for the Polynesian vaka fleet taking part in an voyage across the Pacific. The five traditional vakas, or double-hulled canoes, have... [more]

Air Calin resumes normal Japan service
New Caledonia's international carrier Air Calin will resume its normal schedule to Tokyo this weekend after altering flights for a month because of the nuclear emergency in Japan. This means... [more]

Legal action looms in American Samoa lawmaker cheque row
A senator in American Samoa says fono leaders may consider taking legal action if expense payments continue to be withheld from them. Governor Togiola Tulafono appears to have withheld expense... [more]

Church calls for climate migrant convention
The Pacific Conference of Churches wants the establishment of an international convention to address the plight of Pacific peoples forced to resettle in other places by climate change. It says... [more]

Millions in government agency savings possible - Treasury
The Treasury says it has found $236 million of possible back office savings across government agencies. [more]

Rebstock appointed to ACC board
The former chair of the Commerce Commission has been appointed to the board of the Accident Compensation Corporation. [more]

Six arrested in Wellington drug raids
Six people have been arrested in early morning drug raids across the Wellington region. [more]

Rotorua man in custody after armed police callout
A Rotorua man has been arrested after an Armed Offenders Squad callout. [more]

Tahiti women criticise lack of gender balance in government
Women representatives in French Polynesia have spoken out against President Oscar Temaru's choice to appoint only one woman minister in his new government. Criticism of his line-up was repeated by... [more]

Govt gives national priority to renewable energy
The Government is encouraging local authorities to give priority to renewable sources of electricity when issuing resource consents. [more]

Bill on assaults against police passes first vote
Parliament has taken the first step towards making the Courts consider attacks on police and Corrections officers as an aggravating factor at sentencing. [more]

Power stands down as SOE Minister
Prime Minister John Key says Simon Power has done the right thing in standing down as the Minister of State Owned Enterprises as he considers a career in the private sector. [more]

Delayed French Polynesia assembly sitting
There has been a long delay in starting today's French Polynesia's assembly sitting - the first since a new government was formed last week. But members have begun discussing a... [more]

House sales rise in March - REINZ
The Real Estate Institute says a relatively strong Auckland housing market has helped boost overall national houses sales throughout New Zealand in March. [more]

Waka dispute to stay out of court
The Wellington City Council and a Maori group have agreed not to go to court over a disputed waka. [more]

Growers want more help for potato pest research
The body representing potato growers says the industry is struggling to deal with the tomato/potato psyllid, which spreads the damaging bacterium Liberibacter, and wants more help from the Government. [more]

Child protection legislation 'won't stop abuse'
A parenting trust says new legislation that creating a new offence for failing to protect a child will not stop child abuse. [more]

MAF confirms its health standards for pork imports
The Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed new import health standards for pig meat imports. [more]

Children rescued from house fire in serious condition
Two children rescued from a burning house have been transferred from Wellington Hospital's intensive care unit to Starship Hospital in Auckland. A woman pulled from the Paraparumu home later died. [more]

Historic Auckland pub back on original site
One of Auckland's oldest pubs - the Birdcage - has been returned to its original site opposite Victoria Park ahead of schedule. [more]

Second Lotto winner yet to claim $17.7m prize
The second winner of last weekend's Powerball jackpot has not yet come forward to claim their share of the prize. [more]

Rota offers refuge for Japanese quake, tsunami victims
The Mayor of Rota in the Northern Marianas has offered to accommodate around 200 Japanese affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami last month. In a letter printed in at... [more]

Auditor-General investigating Wongs over travel perks
The Auditor-General's office is investigating the use of travel perks by former National Party MP Pansy Wong and her husband Sammy Wong. [more]

Temarii FIFA defamation case thrown out in French Polynesia
The former head of the Oceania Football Confederation, Reynald Temarii, has pulled out of a defamation case he had lodged in French Polynesia. Mr Temarii failed to turn up for... [more]

Questions over Indonesian claim to have over 11 million Melanesians
There are questions over Indonesia's recent claim that it has more than eleven million Melanesians in the country. The claim was made by senior Indonesian officials last month when the... [more]

Hotchin's name suppressed 'to protect investors'
The head of failed company Hanover Finance says his name was suppressed in a trial of three people for fraud to protect investors in his company. [more]

Barbadoes Street set to open to south-bound traffic
Barbadoes Street in central Christchurch will re-open on Friday to south-bound traffic. [more]

Councillors unhappy over consultation on authority
Local councillors are outraged they were forbidden from seeing legislation to set up the government authority that will oversee the rebuilding of Christchurch despite council staff having a copy. [more]

Breakers slam dunk defending champs to make final
The Breakers are in the final of the Australian National Basketball League for the first time after beating the defending champions on Wednesday. [more]

Parliament debates internet copyright bill
Legislation dealing with copyright infringements by internet users has passed its second reading under urgency at Parliament on Wednesday. [more]

Liquidators uncertain of how much insurer owes
Liquidators of failed Queenstown insurer Western Pacific says it does not know how much the company owes yet. [more]

Breakers into ANBL decider
The New Zealand Breakers are into the Australian National Basketball League finals for the first time after defeating Perth 99-83 in game three Auckland. The Breakers lost the opening match... [more]

Australian netballers suffer further world title defence setback
Australia's world netball title defence has suffered another setback with midcourter Lauren Nourse ruled out with a knee injury. The Queensland Firebirds centre joins skipper Sharelle McMahon in being sidelined... [more]

Gold Coast replaces Adelaide on rugby sevens circuit
Adelaide's been dropped from the International Rugby Board's sevens circuit and replaced by the Gold Coast for the next four years. Gold Coast will host the first tournament of the... [more]

Carter in then out of Crusaders lineup
A recurrence of a hamstring problem has forced the All Blacks first five Dan Carter to withdraw from the Crusaders side to play the Chiefs, in Mt Maunganui, on Friday. [more]

Weepu concedes Hurricanes inexperience proving costly
The Hurricanes Super Rugby halfback Piri Weepu takes his first step towards reclaiming his All Blacks jersey on Saturday when he turns out for Wainuiomata in the Wellington club competition,... [more]

Man U thru to Champions League semi-finals
Manchester United inflicted more Champions League misery on Chelsea as Javier Hernandez and Park Ji-sung scored on either side of half time at Old Trafford to secure a 2-1 victory... [more]

Blackburn may be without Nelsen this weekend
The All Whites skipper Ryan Nelsen is in doubt for his English football club Blackburn's crucial Premiership match against Everton this weekend. Nelsen was forced from the field in their... [more]

Man U fan banned for 10 years
A Manchester United fan has been banned from all UK football matches for 10 years and jailed for nine months for causing a disturbance before a Champions League game in... [more]