Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 28th April 2011

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Best Song Ever Written - Penny Lane
Renée Habluetzel chooses 'Penny Lane' by The Beatles. [more]

Your Place - Colville
Colville was known as the hippie capital of New Zealand. A title, perhaps inaccurately, bestowed because of the large number of university drop outs and alternative life-stylers who saw the opportunity to create self-sufficient communities within the town and environs. [more]

Alien hunting
One of the main facilities dedicated to listening out for extraterrestrial life has been put into hibernation because of a lack of funds. The Allen Telescope Array in Northern California is seen as a pioneer in terms of the technology it uses to scan the skies but that's now on hold. [more]

Wedding dress exhibition
A special exhibit of wedding gowns from London's Victoria and Albert Museum is coming to Te Papa. Te Papa is also interested in seeing the public's wedding dresses. [more]

Feature Album - The Liberation of..
Ladi 6's 'The Liberation of...' won the 2011 Taite Music prize. [more]

The Arts Report - Scriptwriter Kathryn Burnett
Kathryn Burnett has written for TV series' Street Legal, The Strip and The Cult, and now she's co-written the first play to be directed by Te Radar - 'Mike and Virginia'. [more]

Southern Story for 28 April 2011 - Jeymar Soap
Jenny Margaret Somerville and her husband Richard Peterson produce a tonne and a half of artisan soaps a year in the Wairau Valley in Marlborough, and export to Japan, through their business Jeymar Soap. Sage Forest drops in to a soap-making session and discovers the magic ingredient at the heart of the business - a dynamic relationship. [more]

Our Changing World - Making a Stream More Fish Friendly
On one small stream north of Wellington, an engineering tweak to flood-gates might be just the thing to help more whitebait move in and out. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 28 April 2011
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel. [more]

The Panel with Joe Bennet and Raybon Khan (part 1)
Rodney Hide has resigned as the leader of the ACT Party. He says the former National Party leader, Dr Don Brash, is the best person to lead ACT to November's election. [more]

The Panel with Joe Bennet and Raybon Khan (part 2)
The Government intends to increase spending on new state highways. But it will cut or effectively freeze funding in all but one other area of transport spending. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 28 April 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 28 April 2011
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 28 April 2011
The New Zealand dollar falls after the Reserve Bank leaves the cost of borrowing unchanged. [more]

Evening Business for 28 April 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 28 April 2011
Contact Energy is hoping to raise $350 million to generate more power. [more]


CERA could take over running of Chch within days
Responsibility for dealing with the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake could pass from Civil Defence to the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority within a matter of days. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Thursday 28 April 2011
Act under new leadership with Hide's ouster, Renewed calls to enter mine at Pike River, Worst storm in living memory in Hawkes Bay, New extreme rightwing deal under Brash says Phil Goff, and John Banks will stand for Epsom if wanted by Act. [more]

Act under new leadership with Hide's ouster
Don Brash has ousted Rodney Hide and now his task is to save Act from a train wreck at November's election. Dr Brash, who led National to a narrow defeat in the 2005 election, argued Act faced electoral"oblivion"if it stuck with Mr Hide. As for Rodney Hide, after days of intense campaigning and backroom dealings he bowed to the pressure and with his challenger beside him at a news conference said he was resigning. [more]

Renewed calls to enter mine at Pike River
The chance that a body might have been identified inside the sealed-off Pike River Coal Mine has renewed calls for teams to go into the mine to retrieve the remains of 29 men who died there last November. [more]

Sports News for 28 April 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Worst storm in living memory in Hawkes Bay
The worst storm in living memory in Central Hawke's Bay has caused millions of dollars of damage to roads, farms and coastal communities. [more]

New extreme rightwing deal under Brash - Goff
Labour is warning Don Brash's leadership of the Act Party will result in a new extreme rightwing deal with National. Labour leader Phil Goff says the former National Party leader and Reserve Bank Governor will want savage cuts to Government spending. [more]

Banks will stand for Epsom if wanted by Act
Act has only made it in to the last two Parliaments because Rodney Hide won the central Auckland seat of Epsom - the last time with nearly triple the votes of the second place-getter. But Dr Brash made it clear today he wants to replace Rodney Hide with the former two-time mayor of Auckland and ex-National Cabinet Minister John Banks. [more]

Salmon farm expansion angers environmentalists
Environmentalists are angry at a plan by a salmon farming company to get approval to expand its Marlborough Sounds business from the Environmental Protection Authority, instead of the local council. [more]

Waatea News for 28 April 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Reserve Bank accused of ignoring future inflation threat
Economists say the Reserve Bank is underestimating future inflation and may end up having to raise interest rates earlier and by more than it is expecting. [more]

Young New Zealanders more optimistic than overseas counterparts
Young New Zealanders are more relaxed, confident and optimistic about the future than their overseas counterparts according to a survey carried out in 20 countries. [more]

Hostile takeover or brazen coup, Brash wins ACT leadership
It was labelled a brazen coup and a hostile takeover, but Don Brash has succeeded in taking the ACT leadership off Rodney Hide. Mr Hide has resigned as party leader, saying the former National Party leader is the best person to lead ACT into November's election. [more]

Richard Prebble talks about Act's new leader
Former ACT Party leader Richard Prebble says Don Brash always behaved like a ACT MP. [more]

New lending guidelines aim at fewer ripoffs
Consumers can expect fewer rip-offs and clearer deals when they want a loan but have to bypass the big banks. [more]

Sports News for 28 April 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Gambling takings rocket in Christchurch
Peoples' increasing desperation is being blamed for a surge in gambling machine takings this year, particularly in Christchurch. Those in the quake-hit city fed six hundred thousand dollars more into the pokies than they did at the start of 2010. [more]

More children getting serious skin infections
A new study shows the number of children being admitted to hospital with serious skin infections has almost doubled since 1990. The Otago University researchers say the infections are very distressing and highly preventable. [more]

1080 poison does wonders for a kaka population in Fiordland
A record breeding season means there's a good chance an endangered kaka population in Fiordland can be brought back from the brink - and the Department of Conservation says it's thanks to the 1080 poison. [more]

Waatea News for 28 April 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Julia Gillard wraps up her visit to China
Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard has just finished a 7-day tour of North Asia. Her visit fell during a tense time in China with the recent crackdown on political dissidents, including some Australians. [more]

Mother tells of night time evacuation
After one of the worst storms in living memory a state of emergency has been declared in Central Hawkes Bay. There's millions of dollars of damage to roads, farms and coastal communities and up to a hundred people are isolated and some haven't had power for over two days. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 28 April 2011
Rodney Hide steps down as leader of ACT, and police are told a video image from the Pike River coal mine could be a body. [more]

Midday Sports News for 28 April 2011
Mourinho furious after a hostile European football champions league loss. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Thursday 28 April 2011
Brash's lobbying of Act caucus appears to be working; Hide may be on brink of losing leadership; Government poised to increase state highway spending; Transport Minister on budget priorities; John Key meets French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy; CERA could take over running of Chch within days; Auckland Transport faces multi-million dollar funding gap. [more]

Pacific News for 28 April 2011
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 28 April 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Don Brash looks increasingly likely to take over as Act leader
The former National Party leader met yesterday with the latest addition to the Act caucus, Hillary Calvert, who is now believed to be holding the balance of power. [more]

Brash's lobbying of Act caucus appears to be working
Don Brash says he's cautiously optimistic that he'll take over the leadership of the Act Party from Rodney Hide. [more]

Hide may be on brink of losing leadership
Radio New Zealand's Parliamentary Chief Reporter, Jane Patterson comments on who holds the balance of power in Acts leadership challenge. [more]

Kiwi hits three-year high as Reserve Bank ponders cash rate
The high-flying New Zealand dollar could get another boost today even if the Reserve Bank decides not to change the Official Cash Rate this morning. [more]

Government poised to increase state highway spending
A draft document reveals the Government intends to further ramp up spending on new state highways. [more]

Transport Minister on budget priorities
The Transport Minister, Steven Joyce. [more]

John Key meets French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy
The Prime Minister, John Key, has met the French President, Nicholas Sarkozy, in Paris with the Middle East and Afghanistan high on the agenda. [more]

Government boosts spending on new roads
The Government intends to boost spending on new state highways over the next decade, but at the expense of public transport and road safety. [more]

Auckland Transport faces multi-million dollar funding gap
Auckland's transport body is facing a multi-million dollar funding gap as it prepares to take on major new projects. [more]

Sports News for 28 April 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Two factions of Palestinian Authority resolve differences
The two factions of the Palestinians, Fatah and Hamas, have resolved their deep divisions - paving the way for elections and a unity government. [more]

Support agencies fear for beneficiaries if benefits cut
Community groups supporting the poor in Whangarei say beneficiaries are in no shape to take further cuts to their budgets. [more]

Rebel gang recruiting in Whangarei
Authorities in Whangarei want to stamp-out a new gang before it gains a foothold in the area. [more]

Former Act MP says party needs Don Brash in charge
The former National Party leader Don Brash says he is cautiously optimistic he'll succeed in his bid to unseat the Act Party leader Rodney Hide. [more]

Auckland's Transport Agency facing funding shortfall
An Auckland councillor, who also sits on the city's transport board, says the council should make transport more of a priority. [more]

$10m"P"bust a major win against smuggling
A ten million dollar drug bust at Auckland airport is being hailed as a major win in the fight against smuggling. [more]

Demolition looms in Lyttleton
Nearly 20 commercial buildings in the historic port township of Lyttelton have been, or will be, demolished and that figure is expected to increase. [more]

Sports News for 28 April 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Search resumes for missing helicopter
The search for a missing helicopter and its two occupants has resumed in Mt Aspiring National Park this morning. [more]

Flooding keeps hundreds from their homes in Hawke's Bay
About 80 people have spent a second night away from their homes after record flooding in Hawke's Bay. [more]

NATO troops gunned down by Afghan pilot
An Afghan pilot has gunned down nine American soldiers in Afghanistan - in another example of an Afghan soldier going 'rogue'. [more]

Islamic fundamentalist group calls off Royal Wedding protest
An Islamic fundamentalist group has called off its planned protests during tomorrow's Royal Wedding in London. [more]

Waatea News for 28 April 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Playstation outage a blow for gamers
Hackers have brought down the Sony Playstation network, and the electronics giant has admitted 75 million customers may have had their credit card details stolen. [more]

Railway Children bridge saved from certain destruction
The railway bridge made famous by Bobby, Peter and Phyllis' petticoat waving heroics - has been saved from certain destruction. [more]


Russian Oil or Whales
Wendy Elliott, species programme manger from WWF International explains how development of an oil and gas platform off Sakhalin Island in Russia poses a dramatic environmental risks to the critically endangered Western Grey Whale. [more]

Science - Astronomy
Dark Nebulae, star forming Regions or Emission Nebulae, Supernovae Remnants and Planetary Nebulae. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Nine To Noon

Leadership bid for the ACT party
The former National party leader and ex-Reserve Bank governor is optimistic he can take over the leadership of the ACT party from Rodney Hide. [more]

Video image likely to show body in Pike River mine
Laurie Drew is the father of 21 year old Zen Drew, who died in the Pike River mine disaster last year. The police have just announced that a senior forensic pathologist believes a video image recovered from the mine looks like a fully clothed person lying face down. [more]

Compulsory livestock tagging
Controversial legislation is going through Parliament that will make it mandatory for farmers to tag all cattle and deer with approved radio frequency identification chips. [more]

UK Correspondent - Jon Dennis
Royal Wedding preparations move into top gear. [more]

Feature Guest - Siautu Alefaio
Siautu Alefaio has become convinced that mainstream western physiological approaches to counseling and rehabilitation do not work for cultures such as that of Pacific peoples. [more]

Book Review - Jerusalem: The Biography
Written by Simon Sebag Montefiore, published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, reviewed by Rae McGregor. [more]

New Technology with Nat Torkington
Options for watching TV and movies over the internet. [more]

Retirement for the elderly
Why retirement planning is about more than finances. What you really need to think about before you finish full time work. [more]

Film with Graeme Tuckett
Reviews Queen of The Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?, Heartbreaker and the World Cinema Showcase Final. [more]

Our Changing World

Martin Jetpack
Richard Lauder explains how the Martin Jetpack works as the latest prototype is taken outside and briefly lifts-off [more]

Heather Bio-control in Tongariro National Park
Fifteen years after heather beetles were introduced, they finally seem to be having an impact, [more]

Antarctic Fish Leeches and Antifreeze
Very little is known about Antarctica's fish leeches, including whether they use antifreeze to survive subzero temperatures [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 28 April 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 28 April 2011
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Nathan Haines
Saxophonist on producing records and playing John Psathas's Omnifenix in "APO Amped". [more]

Delia Baskerville and Jan Bolton
Researchers looking into e-learning for the arts curriculum in primary and intermediate classrooms, as part of the Teaching and Learning Research Initiative. [more]

Peter Thomas
New Musical Director of the Auckland Symphony Orchestra talks about"Up, Up and Away!", two upcoming Sunday afternoon concerts. [more]

News stories:

Truck driver killed in Takapau collision
There was a fatal collision between two trucks on State Highway 2 at Takapau in Hawke's Bay on Wednesday night. [more]

Heavy rain heads into Northland
Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms are forecast for Northland on Thursday, continuing this week's severe weather in the North Island. [more]

ACT faces oblivion without change of leader - Brash
Don Brash says the ACT Party faces oblivion unless it changes its leader before the next election. [more]

$11m bill for Pike River operation
Police say no services will be cut because of the Pike River rescue and recovery operation, which has cost nearly $11 million to date. [more]

Blues lock Kurtis Haiu has bone tumour
The Blues lock Kurtis Haiu has been diagnosed with a bone tumour in his ribs and is taking an indefinite break from rugby to have it treated. The team doctor... [more]

Super Rugby side in shock after cancer diagnosis
The Blues coach Pat Lam says the Super Rugby side's in shock after learning that lock Kurtis Haiu has been diagnosed with cancer. Haiu initially attributed a persistent pain to... [more]

Mystics defender Kayla Cullen nominated again
The Northern Mystics defender Kayla Cullen is the fourth nominee for the trans-Tasman netball championship's Best Young Player Award. It's the second year running the 19-year-old's been nominated for the... [more]

Waratahs have no interest in Michalak
The New South Wales coach Chris Hickey has laughed off talk that the former French international Frederic Michalak will join the Waratahs next season as a replacement for Melbourne-bound Wallabies... [more]

Taipans turn up psychological pressure on Breakers
Hostilities in the psychological war between the Taipans and New Zealand Breakers have well and truly broken out ahead of tomorrow night's sold-out sudden death Game Three in the Australian... [more]

Jacko Gill invited to Diamond League meet in Stockholm
New Zealand's world junior shot put champion, Jacko Gill, has been invited to compete in a Diamond League event in Stockholm later this year. The 16-year-old, who on Saturday became... [more]

Former England lock Grewcock to retire at end of season
Former England and British and Irish Lions lock Danny Grewcock is to retire from all rugby at the end of the season. Grewcock, 38, was one of the toughest players... [more]

Cycling, gymnastics, and equestrian events most popular with fans
Cycling, gymnastics, and equestrian events have proved to be the most popular among Britons hoping to secure tickets to next year's Olympics. Organisers say sports fans requested more than 20... [more]

Fletcher new Indian cricket coach
Duncan Fletcher will take over as India's new cricket coach from South African Gary Kirsten, and his first assignment could be to lead the team on their tour of England... [more]

Bookmakers confess to death threats made against Pakistani cricketer
Pakistani police have busted a gang of bookmakers who were behind death threats to cricketer Zulqarnain Haider. The wicketkeeper fled the Pakistan team hotel in Dubai last November hours before... [more]

Black Cab launches Olympic campaign
New Zealanders will catch a glimpse of what's ahead for the New Zealand Olympic team as a traditional London Black Cab takes to the roads this morning. The cab, with... [more]

Contador decision before end of June
The international sports court has indicated that Tour de France champion Alberto Contador will find out before the end of June whether he's to face sanctions for a positive doping... [more]

Hooker racks up 100th game
Gold Coast's boss Michael Searle has paid tribute to Nathan Friend ahead of the departing hooker's 100th National Rugby League match for the Titans. Friend, 30, will lead the team... [more]

Team Lotus F1 owners buy Caterham cars
Formula One's Team Lotus has bought Caterham Cars in a deal linking the niche sportscar maker to the glamour world of grand prix racing. The takeover by team principal Tony... [more]

Players ask court to deny lockout stay
NFL players have asked a federal judge to deny the league's request to stay an order lifting a lockout, saying it is necessary to ensure American football has a 2011... [more]

Christchurch artists struggle to find studio space
Artists in Christchurch are facing a lack of studio space in the central city following the February earthquake. [more]

Minister surprised at low demand for top-up benefit
Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says requests for earthquake top-up to benefits have not been as high as expected. [more]

Things are looking up again - Bagrie
A leading bank economist says conditions are right for an improvement in business confidence and thus more spending and investment. [more]

Mid Canterbury dairy farm sells for $17m
A large Mid Canterbury dairy farm that sold for $17.1 million has gone to a partnership of local buyers. It's one of the highest farm prices fetched since the global credit crisis struck in 2008. [more]

AMI moves to plug leakage of customers
Apprehensive that it won't be able to meet future claims, the government-backed insurer AMI is trying to stop more customers from cancelling their policies. [more]

Hotel demolition: no date yet, but no worries
Civil Defence in Christchurch says it is comfortable with progress towards demolition of the Hotel Grand Chancellor, despite there still being no date set for it to come down. [more]

Thursday's main newspaper stories
Thursday's headlines: Don Brash looks certain to become ACT's leader; a helicopter with two people aboard is missing; and pokie-machine spending is up for the first time in four years. [more]

Vanuatu Republican Party President rues missed opportunity at PM job
The President of the Vanuatu Republican Party, the Speaker of parliament Maxime Carlot Korman, has voiced disappointment at the resignation from his party of four MPS. Alfred Carlot, Donna Browny,... [more]

Bad weather delays Cook Strait crossing
Bad weather delayed the sailing of a Bluebridge-operated ferry from Wellington on Wednesday afternoon. [more]

CERA poised to take over from Civil Defence
The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority says it's ready to take over the responsibility of dealing with the aftermath of the disaster from Civil Defence. [more]

Auckland transport agency squeezed for funds
Auckland's transport agency is facing a multi-million-dollar funding gap as it prepares to take on major new projects. [more]

Fund-raising charge is on for trans-Pacific cable
The company behind a $US400 million high-speed trans-Pacific internet cable has appointed ANZ, Credit Suisse and First New Zealand Capital to lead its fund-raising efforts. [more]

More inquiries into Auckland Airport drug bust
The police say there will be further investigations into a big drugs bust at Auckland Airport, in which 10 Malaysians posing as a "tour group" were seized. [more]

Fishing course a winner for polytechnic
The Bay of Plenty Polytechnic believes it's onto a winner with a marae-based course for at-risk young Maori. [more]

How are we doing? NZ Winegrowers asks
Winegrowers are being asked to assess the performance of their industry body as it nears its 10th anniversary. [more]

Maori TV to broadcast telethon for Christchurch
Maori Television is to broadcast a 12-hour telethon for Christchurch on Sunday 22 May, three months after the February earthquake. [more]

Lyttelton's main street should reopen on 3 May
Civil Defence says extensive demolition work on Lyttelton's main thoroughfare should be finished in time for remaining businesses to reopen on 3 May. [more]

Messi gives Barca 2-0 win
Lionel Messi's sublime double took Barcelona to a 2-nil win over Real Madrid in a tempestuous Champions League football semi-final first leg match which left Real with 10 men and... [more]

Canadian figure skater records highest ever score
Canada's Patrick Chan recorded the highest ever score to win the men's short programme at the world figure skating championships. The 20-year-old dazzled the Moscow crowd with a near-perfect performance... [more]

John Schwalger to join French Club after Hurricanes campaign ends
Prop John Schwalger will join French rugby club Agen after the 27-year-old's Super Rugby campaign ends with the Hurricanes. Agen, who until recently were embroiled in a relegation catfight, also... [more]

Clarity sought on controversial IOC eligibility rule
Sport's highest court has been asked to provide a definitive ruling on the International Olympic Committee's eligibility regulation for doping offenders. The Court of Arbitration for Sport was asked to... [more]

Real coach Mourinho sent off in Barcelona semi-final
Two players and a coach were given marching orders during this morning's tempestuous Champions League semi-final between Spanish football giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. Lionel Messi's brilliant double gave Barcelona... [more]

Severe weather batters North Island
Severe weather continues to pound the North Island, with galeforce winds in the west and heavy rain in the east. [more]

Firms spending big to fight off Whimp offers
The Shareholders' Association says some businesses are spending tens of thousands of dollars to discourage their investors from selling their stocks at well below market value. [more]

Storm hits harvests, but it could have been worse
Stormy weather in the central and eastern North Island has knocked out power in some rural areas, blocked roads with slips and flooding, and disrupted apple and kiwifruit harvesting. [more]

Make-or-break time at Doha trade talks
World trade negotiations potentially worth billions of dollars to New Zealand exporters face make-or-break talks this week. [more]

Couple's killer granted temporary work release
A man who shot dead an elderly couple in rural Waikato has been granted temporary releases to work outside prison. [more]

Hutt council talks tough on quake strengthening
The Hutt City Council is telling owners of earthquake-prone buildings to carry out strengthening work soon or the council will do it for them and recover the cost. [more]

A regional trademark system raised at Intellectual Property meeting in PNG
A meeting of Pacific Heads of Intellectual Property in Papua New Guinea concludes discussions today on developing a regional trademark system. The meeting is hosted by the Investment Promotion Authority... [more]

Hawke's Bay residents evacuated after heavy flooding
Rain is continuing to fall in Hawke's Bay as dozens of displaced families spend the night away from their homes due to heavy flooding. [more]

Hundreds facing chilly night without power
Hundreds of households throughout New Zealand are facing a cold night without power. [more]

Key in Paris, pushes for more trade with Europe
Prime Minister John Key has pushed for greater trade links with Europe during his meetings in France. [more]

Trustpower diversifying into irrigation projects
The electricity generator and retailer Trustpower is diversifying its portfolio, with plans to invest up to $400 million in irrigation infrastructure in Canterbury. [more]

Training programme for fisherman to start in American Samoa
The Western Pacific Fishery Management Council is working with the company that's leasing the former Samoa Packing plant, Tri Marine International, on a training program for local fishermen. The Council's... [more]

Solomon Islands to meet NZ in U20 football final
The Solomon Islands will meet New Zealand in the final of the Oceania Under 20 football Championship after contrasting semi-final victories on Wednesday. The Junior All Whites put on an... [more]

Fed Farmers fighting ID scheme to the last
Federated Farmers is making a last-ditch stand aimed at scuppering the much-debated national animal identification and tracing system, NAIT. [more]

Concern at bike gang setting up in Whangarei
Whangarei's police chief says the arrival of a new criminal gang in the city is disturbing and he will do all he can to evict it. [more]

Lobby group seeks fair deal for beneficiaries
A new Whangarei lobby group is calling for a fair deal for beneficiaries in the Budget this year. [more]

Plunket supports rear-facing seats up to two
Plunket is supporting an international child health and safety authority in their new recommendations on carseat safety. [more]

Public transport set to benefit, says Joyce
Transport Minister Steven Joyce says public transport around the country is set for a cash injection, with Auckland and Wellington rail services benefiting in particular. [more]

Official Cash Rate not changing any time soon
The Reserve Bank has held the Official Cash Rate at 2.5% in its latest review, and signalled that it's likely to stay that way for some time. [more]

MPs' spending drops by nearly a third
The latest expenses for MPs and government ministers are out, including ministers' credit card statements - and they show that spending is down by nearly a third. [more]

Goodman Fielder's full-year earnings slip
The Australasian food company Goodman Fielder says rising commodity prices and an unfavourable exchange rate mean it will earn less than originally expected this year. [more]

New dog for cop whose old one was shot
A senior police officer whose dog was shot dead during a drugs raid in Christchurch last year will be returning to the frontline shortly. [more]

Inquest called into coolstore explosion death
The Hamilton coroner will hold an inquest into the death of the the fire officer who died in a coolstore explosion at Tamahere three years ago. [more]

Mixed messages still on farmer confidence
The country's biggest rural lender, the National Bank, says a lift in commodity prices is helping to prop up the rural sector but farmer confidence levels are still mixed. [more]

Call for Samoa to return to celebrating Anzac Day
The President of the Samoa's Returned Services Association has made a public plea to the Prime Minister to reinstate the ANZAC Day holiday. The Samoa Cabinet decided two years ago... [more]

Rohfritsch relinquishes French Polynesia politics
French Polynesia's former economic reconversion minister, Teva Rohfritsch, has resigned from the assembly, saying he will pursue a career in the private sector. Mr Rohfritsch was sacked as minister by... [more]

Funding cut 'disastrous' for Women's Refuge
Women's Refuge says it may be forced to turn away victims because of the Government's decision to cut its funding by $700,000. The cut takes effect in July. [more]

Hundreds of wells to be resurveyed
Hundreds of wells will be resurveyed next week as part of an ongoing attempt to model and understand the groundwater system in Mid Canterbury. [more]

Sony shares fall 2% after hacker breach
Shares in Sony fell 2% in Tokyo on Thursday morning after the company admitted a serious breach of its electronic security systems. [more]

Port Vila Town Council of Women reformed to overhaul National Council in Vanuatu
The newly-elected president of the Port Vila Town Council of Women in Vanuatu says the organisation's been reactivated in order to help overhaul the National Council of Women. Lily Hanghangkon... [more]

Marshalls AG charges American lawyer with tax evasion
An American lawyer who has worked in the Micronesia area since the 1970s has been charged with tax evasion by the Marshall Islands Attorney General's office. The Prosecutor, Jack Jorbon,... [more]

Niue prepares for general election
Niueans go to the polls on Saturday week but six of the 14 village seats have already been decided with just a single candidate contesting. The six are all current... [more]

McCaw to lead Crusaders for first time this season
The All Blacks captain Richie McCaw has been named in the Crusaders starting lineup for the first time this season. McCaw will also captain the side agains the Western Force... [more]

Cairns coach says injury won't stop Kirkpenny from starting
The Cairns coach Aaron Fearne's expecting the New Zealand Breakers to be at full strength for tomorrow night's Australian national basketball league grand final decider in Auckland. The Taipans arrived... [more]

Five new resident magistrates in Fiji sworn into office
Five new resident magistrates in Fiji have been sworn into office by the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau. They are Nanise Ranadi Volau Ratakele, Siainiu Fa'alogo-Bull, Vandana Lal, Walee Maria George... [more]

Former prison employee charged with corruption
A former Rangipo prison employee has appeared in court charged with corruption. He's accused of smuggling contraband into the central North Island jail. [more]

Husband of burnt woman denying murder
The husband of a woman burnt to death near Huntly in January will fight a charge of murder. Diwesh Sharma, 29, is accused of killing Ranjeeta Sharma, 28. [more]

Former Niue premier Young questions tourism plan
A former premier of Niue, Young Vivian, says he has reservations about the major tourism development being driven by the New Zealand government. Tens of millions of dollars is to... [more]

Landowners' dispute disrupts PNG capital water supply
A dispute over a murder has led to severe power and water cuts in Papua New Guinea's capital, Port Moresby. Taps have run dry after Koiari landowners shut down services... [more]

Vanuatu's ousted government to ask for dissolution of parliament if reinstalled
Vanuatu's ousted government plans to ask the President for a dissolution of parliament if it is reinstalled by the Supreme Court today. The Court is to rule on a constitutional... [more]

PNG mining woes prompt protest in Canada
About 200 people are in Canada to voice their opposition to the mining company Barrick Gold ignoring abuse and human rights violations at the Porgera gold mine in Papua New... [more]

Foreigners accused of robbing Cook islands realtors of business
A Cook Islands real estate agent says foreign realtors are cutting local companies out of the lucrative hotel market. A local communication company's asked the Cook Islands Business Trade and... [more]

Fraud charges brought by SFO
The former head of a radiology equipment supply company has been charged by the Serious Fraud Office with defrauding two banks and a finance company of over $8 million. [more]

Vanuatu's ousted govt plans to ask for dissolution of parliament if reinstalled
Vanuatu's ousted government plans to ask the President for a dissolution of parliament if it is reinstalled by the Supreme Court. The Court is to rule on a constitutional application... [more]

Bodies recovered from crash site
Searchers have recovered the bodies of two men who died in a helicopter crash near Mount Aspiring. [more]

Kiwi dollar makes up losses
The New Zealand dollar has made up nearly all the losses is suffered following the Reserve Bank's decision on Thursday morning to keep the official cash rate on hold. [more]

Council extends rates relief package
Christchurch City Council has reduced the amount of rates which need to be paid on properties severely damaged in the 22 February earthquake. [more]

Judge rejects NFL appeal
An appeal by the NFL to reimpose a lockout on players while they remain in dispute has been rejected by a federal court judge. The NFL's request to reinstall the... [more]

Cipriani dropped from Melbourne Rebels
The Melbourne Rebels English import Danny Cipriani has been dropped to the reserves for the side's Super 15 rubgy match against the New South Wales Waratahs in Sydney. Cipriani, whose... [more]

Palau soldier dies in Afghan civil war
A Palau man has died while serving with the United States army in Afghanistan's civil war. 22-year-old Army Sergeant Sonny J. Moses of Koror sustained a fatal injury from a... [more]

Birk to relinquish most of 'excessive' Tahiti assembly pay
A French Polynesian assembly member, Sabrina Birk, who has been recalled after the last change of government, says she will give two thirds of her salary to charity. Ms Birk... [more]

Leaked documents show China urged to snub Fiji
Fresh WikiLeaks documents show that in 2009 New Zealand and Australia tried to stop Chinese officials visiting Fiji and offering it economic support. Two cables from US embassy imply that... [more]

Fiji forecasts 2.7 percent growth this year
The Reserve Bank of Fiji has revised its forecast for 2011 and now says the economy is to expand by 2.7 percent this year. This is compared to the 1.3... [more]

Maori TV to mount quake telethon
Maori Television is to mount a 12-hour telethon in May to raise money for the Christchurch earthquake. [more]

King Salmon seeks fast track for big expansion
New Zealand King Salmon is seeking to fast-track expansion of its Marlborough Sounds farms by applying to the Environmental Protection Authority instead of the local council for approval. [more]

Alcohol ban in Chch suburbs
Christchurch City Council has approved a six-month liquor ban in Riccarton and Ilam to deal with an increase in drunken disorder in the suburbs. [more]

Maori author to self-pubish latest book
Maori artist and author Robyn Kahukiwa says it's too hard to find publishers willing to take a punt on Maori books so she's putting out her latest book herself. [more]

New Zealand market up at Thursday close
The NZX50 ended Thursday up 12 points, or 0.3%, at 3503. [more]

Health and education issues key for prospective Niue woman MP
Niue's former high commissioner to New Zealand, Sisilia Talagi, wants to see changes in health and pre-school education if she's elected to parliament in next weekend's elections. Ms Talagi is... [more]

Australian miner maintains Solomons mining licence valid, despite government claim
The chief executive of Australian mining company, Axiom, is adamant that their licence remains valid and that they're about to start prospecting for nickel in Solomon Islands Isabel province. Earlier... [more]

Pressure on to enter mine
There is growing pressure for recovery teams to go into the Pike River coal mine following a statement that an image taken from a scanner could be that of a body. [more]

Ngaruawahia baby dies from critical head injuries
Police say they have opened a homicide inquiry following the death of a six-month old Waikato girl from apparent non-accidental head injuries. [more]

Royal Commission hearings delayed
Royal Commission hearings on the Pike River mine disaster have been delayed by almost two months, until 11 July. [more]

NZ patrol hit in Afghanistan
New Zealand soldiers in Afghanistan have been attacked while on patrol in north eastern Bamyan province on Thursday. [more]