Radio New Zealand - Tuesday, 10th May 2011

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Best Song Ever Written - Wild Thing
Helen Coop from rural Canterbury has chosen Wild Thing by the The Troggs. [more]

TV Review with Phil Wallington
Sunday and 60 Minutes are going head to head and also the general state of TV news and current affairs at the weekends. [more]

Music Review with Nick Atkinson
Martin Paris is a 24 year old musician with a bright future. He's the son of Adele Yandall, one of The Yandall sisters. [more]

Book Review with Graham Beatie
Grahman Beattie, the book blog man is back, back from a week's holiday as it turns out. [more]

NZ Music Month with Simon Woods
We're ten days into the eleventh New Zealand Music Month, a celebration of Kiwi made music. [more]

Colorado Cowboy
Ben Longwell is a living, breathing real life cowboy from Colorado. He wears leather chaps and Stetson hats and trains horses for a living. But instead of riding the range in America, Ben married a Kiwi girl and now makes his home on a lifestyle block at Snells Beach in West Auckland. [more]

Kiwi in Russia
A Russian Website is reporting that a Kiwi bird has been found in a Russian port more than 16-thousand miles from home. The Russian media says the kiwi may have arrived in the town of Sochi on a cruise ship. A zoologist says the bird was rescued by animal welfare authorities. [more]

Tune Your Engine
Joshua Foer, world class memoriser, and author of the book Walking With Einstein. [more]

Asian Report for 10 May 2011 - Wings of Hope
On the Asian Report today, Auckland's Japanese community drum up support for victims of the tsunami. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 10 May 2011
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel. [more]

The Panel with Jon Bridges and Mark Inglis (part 1)
Topics - John Key says changes to KiwiSaver which the Government will announce in next week's budget won't represent a broken election promise. Standard and amp; Poors has further down-graded Greece's debt, prompting more fears in financial markets about the stability of the eurozone. [more]

The Panel with Jon Bridges and Mark Inglis (part 2)
Topics - Television New Zealand is marketing them in a prime-time slot as Britain's"fattest and laziest family", but the stars of the show - a family of four who collectively weigh almost 500kg - have lashed out at TVNZ, saying there are fatter families in Britain. A New Zealand climber says he's preparing to risk a second bout of altitude sickness to further his dream of climbing the world's highest mountain. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 10 May 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 10 May 2011
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 10 May 2011
Spending using electronic cards rises for a second straight month, German exports surge to a record high, and the sharemarket edges up. [more]

Evening Business for 10 May 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 10 May 2011
The credit checking company Veda Advantage has won a contract to build Cambodia's first credit reporting bureau. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Tuesday 10 May 2011
The fight between Maori politicians gets nastier. John Key says borrowing 380 million dollars a week has got to stop and the kiwi that's mysteriously turned up in Russia? [more]

Maori Party urges members feeling threatened to go to police
The Maori Party is urging its members who felt they were threatened at a hui in Waitangi to take the matter up with the police. [more]

Police investigate baby cases in Waikato, Hawkes Bay
The police in Waikato are investigating the death of a baby in unusual circumstances, while in Hawkes Bay they're looking into how a 10-week old got significant non-accidental injuries. [more]

PM says Govt borrowing has to stop.
The National-led Government is now borrowing 380 million dollars a week but the Prime Minister says that has to stop. [more]

Alleged terrorist training camps trial delays are devastating
The Urewera raids trial is being delayed again, with one lawyer claiming it will be devastating for his client if this carries on. [more]

Underground coal mines reject breach findings
The owners of two underground coal mines, that an audit's found are probably breaching safety laws, are strongly rejecting the charge. [more]

Kiwi reportedly found in Russian port city
Have you heard the one about the kiwi which ended up in Russia? [more]

Sports News for 10 May 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

English struggles to contain growing deficit
The Finance Minister Bill English won't be drawn on when the Government might get its books back into surplus but agrees the job is looking increasingly difficult. [more]

Man in court of deadly hotel fall in Perth
A 25-year-old man has appeared in court charged with the murder of Scott Guy's cousin at a pub in Perth. [more]

Hotchin likely to appeal - investors' lawyer
A lawyer representing 3-thousand investors in the failed Hanover finance says Mark Hotchin can be expected to appeal after he lost in court today. [more]

Waatea News for 10 May 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Australian govt. promises budget with opportunities for all
In Australia - the Federal government is promising opportunities for everyone from the mining boom in a budget Treasurer Wayne Swan will deliver in a few hours time. [more]

Search continues for group missing off the Kiribati coast
The widening search for three teenagers and three children missing off the coast of Kiribati has again failed to find any trace of them. [more]

Lawyer urges speed in Urewera raids trial
A defence lawyer is pushing for more urgency in the face of mounting delays in the Urewera raids trials. [more]

Slow legal aid payments leave lawyer badly out of pocket
A lawyer handling post-quake domestic violence cases in Christchurch, says she is thousands of dollars out of pocket because of unpaid legal aid bills. [more]

Rat tracks found on Rangitoto Island
Rat tracks have been found on Rangitoto Island in the Hauraki Golf, sparking a major search and trapping operation. [more]

Alzheimer's expert says testosterone might be a breakthrough
A world leader of research into Alzheimer's says testosterone could be a breakthrough treatment that stops the disease getting worse. [more]

Heads scratching over reports of kiwi found in Russia
A report out of Russia that a kiwi has turned up in a Black Sea resort town has people asking how it got there or if the report's just a hoax. [more]

Sports News for 10 May 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Dunne and dusted?
The United Future leader, Peter Dunne, has called the election for John Key more than six months out from polling day - and says the real question now is which party will support National. [more]

Seeks sees increase in number of job ads
The job website, Seek, says the number of vacancies being advertised rose 8-and-a-half percent in April, and is now 29 percent higher than in April last year. [more]

Waatea News for 10 May 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

New footage of endangered tigers
Secret cameras belonging to the conservation group WWF have recorded images 12 rare Sumatran tigers in just two two months in an Indonesian forest. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 10 May 2011
Police are investigating the death of a baby after adult medication is found in her system, and the government finances are better than expected. [more]

Midday Sports News for 10 May 2011
The Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic try to rebound from last night's big loss. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Tuesday 10 May 2011
Mines report, Christchurch aftershock, Auckland road plan, Maori heads returned, Bournemouth arrests. [more]

Greens say Key will breach election promise on Kiwsaver
The Government is being accused of breaking election promises by planning changes to the Kiwisaver scheme. [more]

Private investors interested in bankrolling South Island port
Private investors are getting behind plans to build a new South Island port at Clifford Bay, south of Blenheim. [more]

Pacific News for 10 May 2011
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Morning Rural News for 10 May 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Waatea News for 10 May 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Beleagured Gillard prepares to deliver crucial budget
In Australia it's budget day and for the Australian Prime Minister it's being seen as one her most crucial tests since she came into office last year. [more]

Two mines don't meet legal standards, says report
Two of New Zealand's four underground coal do not meet legal safety standards, according to a report published today. [more]

Large aftershock rattles Christchurch
A large aftershock jolted Christchurch just a few minutes after 3 this morning. [more]

New road plan for Auckland criticised
Criticism of an Auckland road building wishlist, which has been published by the city's Business Forum, has been swift and scathing. [more]

Auckland Business Forum defends road plan
Auckland Business Forum Project Co-ordinator, Tony Garnier, responds to criticism about the road plans. [more]

European museums hand over Maori heads and bones
Three shrunken, tattooed Maori heads - as well as other skeletal remains - will return to New Zealand this week after being handed over by European museums. [more]

Two arrested in connection with death of Emily Longley
The police in Bournemouth in the south of England have arrested two men in connection with the death of a 17 year old New Zealand woman. [more]

PM confident Kiwisaver changes won't break election vow
The Prime Minister, John Key, says the changes to Kiwisaver that will be announced in next week's budget, won't break any election promises. [more]

Private investors interested in building South Island port
Private investors are putting their hands up to be involved in building a new South Island port at Clifford Bay, south of Blenheim. [more]

Sports News for 10 May 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Labour likely to stand in Te Tai Tokerau
The Labour Party is expected to announce today that it will stand a candidate against Hone Harawira in the expected by-election in the Te Tai Tokerau electorate. [more]

Higher rents likely for already-struggling Aucklanders
Tougher times are ahead for Aucklanders already struggling to pay their rent. [more]

Jandal dropped from an 'official' Scrabble dictionary
The distinctly New Zealand word 'jandal' has been dropped from an official reference list for the world's Scrabble players. [more]

Union head identifies deficiencies in mine safety
Two of New Zealand's four underground coal mines inspected by an Australian expert after the Pike River disaster, do not meet legal safety standards, according to a report published today. [more]

Home owners face hefty insurance rise
A string of natural disasters has left home owners facing an increase of as much as $300 to insure their properties. [more]

Reaction to priority list for Auckland roading
Critics say a priority list for roading projects in Auckland will do nothing more than pay lip service to the city's needs. [more]

School meeting vows to fight govt over closure plan
The town of Kawerau is promising to fight government plans to close its only intermediate school. [more]

Christchurch teachers could face job cuts as enrolments down
Schools in the quake-damaged eastern suburbs of Christchurch could lose staff and face budget cuts. [more]

Sports News for 10 May 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Pakistan PM rejects claims of complicity over bin Laden
Pakistan's prime minister, Yousaf Raza Gilani, is rejecting claims made by Barack Obama, that Osama bin Laden must have had support from within Pakistan. [more]

Changes look likely for Kiwisaver scheme in Budget
The Prime Minister has defended government plans to make changes to the Kiwisaver and Working for Families schemes as essential to putting the country on a long term sustainable footing. [more]

Waatea News for 10 May 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Government promises extra funding for irrigation schemes
The government is promising extra funding for irrigation schemes to help boost productivity on the country's farms. [more]


Our Own Odysseys : Saigon Orphanages
During the Vietnam war Peter Watson volunteered for two years in orphanages in Saigon. [more]

The World at Night : Midwest America
Our overseas correspondent in Arkansas, Keri Fivecoat Campbell discusses tornadoes, earthquakes and a flooding Mississippi. [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 3 [more]

Nights Conundrum
Audio clue 4 [more]

Nine To Noon

Government's freshwater management policy
Murray Gibb, Chief Executive of Water New Zealand [more]

Children in foster care
What safeguards are there to ensure children in foster care and children's homes are being treated well and having their education needs met? [more]

USA Correspondent - Jack Hitt
Jack discusses the continuing fallout from the bin Laden raid and political solutions to the gas price crisis. [more]

Feature guest - Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn - former head chef at the five-star Ritz Hotel in London and one of the UK's first"celebrity chefs". [more]

Book Review - King of the Badgers
Ralph McAllister reviews King of the Badgers by Philip Hensher. [more]

Business - Rod Oram
Rod discusses the government's announcements on water policy. [more]

Sara Gruen
Sara Gruen - author of Water for Elephants and Ape House. [more]

Media - Denis Welch
Denis discusses media forecasting of the Don Brash coup and Hone Harawira's new party. [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 10 May 2011
Questions to Ministers 1. Hon PHIL GOFF to the Prime Minister: In light of his comment that "borrowing $300 million a week is unaffordable and is holding the economy back," how much on average has his Government borrowed each week during the current financial year? 2. CRAIG FOSS to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received on the Government's financial position? 3. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement that "low-income New Zealanders are being looked after by a National Government"? 4. LOUISE UPSTON to the Minister for the Environment: What steps has the Government taken to improve the management of fresh water and how does this compare with actions taken historically? 5. CHRIS HIPKINS to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his reported statement from February 2009 that ministers had been "aggressively" working on line-by-line expenditure reviews? 6. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his comments on BBC HARDtalk yesterday that "intensifying our dairy operations…had some impact on our river quality"; if so, what is that impact? 7. NICKY WAGNER to the Minister of Education: What were the results of the 2010 Top Scholar Awards? 8. KELVIN DAVIS to the Minister of Tourism: Does he stand by his statement that "New Zealand has some big competitive advantages" in tourism including "our unique Māori culture and its stories"? 9. Hon HEATHER ROY to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: Why did she oppose a bill which sought to reintroduce youth rates, and will she support a bill to introduce youth rates now that youth unemployment has hit an all-time high of 27.5 percent and 36.6 percent for Māori? 10. Hon PETE HODGSON to the Prime Minister: Why is it not in the public interest to tell New Zealanders whether, if he had travelled by car from Hamilton to Auckland as previously arranged, he would have arrived in time for his "security related meetings" on 11 December 2009? 11. TE URUROA FLAVELL to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade: In what ways has the Government demonstrated its support for the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples? 12. COLIN KING to the Minister of Transport: Why is the Government considering the proposed ferry terminal at Clifford Bay? [more]

Rural News

Midday Rural News for 10 May 2011
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Samuel Holloway
Music Director of Auckland based '175 East' new music ensemble performing in Wellington and Auckland. [more]

Steven Whiting, Anita Huntziker and Bianca Andrew
Director, Dancer and Soprano from Opera Fabula's upcoming production of Kurt Weill and Berthold Brecht's 'Seven Deadly Sins'. [more]

News stories:

Investors eye new South Island port
Some private investors have indicated interest in being involved in building a new South Island port. [more]

Pacific forestry professionals on same page
Forestry professionals in the Pacific region have agreed to work closer together to promote and manage the use of timber and other forestry products. [more]

Belgian cyclist dies in Giro crash
Cycling is in a state of shock after the death of a Belgian rider on the third stage of the Giro d'Italia. Race officials say 26 year old Wouter Weylandt... [more]

Manly thump Canberra
Brett Stewart scored his 100th try for Manly as his hat-trick powered the Sea Eagles to a 20-nil win over Canberra in their National Rugby League clash at a rain-drenched... [more]

Roddick beaten early again
The American tennis player Andy Roddick continued his poor start to the clay-court season, beaten in straight sets by Gilles Simon in the opening round of the Rome Masters. The... [more]

Woods drops further down world rankings
Tiger Woods' continues to tumble down the world golf rankings. After losing his long-held world number one ranking to Lee Westwood last October, Woods has failed to turn around his... [more]

Rebels players viogte to leave Cipriani at home
The former England rugby first five Danny Cipriani is so far off-side with his Melbourne teammates, they voted him off the plane for their Super Rugby trip to South Africa. [more]

Rose to get state funeral
Australian boxing great Lionel Rose will be given a state funeral. The family of the former world champion, who died aged 62 on Sunday, have accepted an offer from the... [more]

FIFA funds Interpol's crackdown on match-fixing
FIFA has announced a donation of 36-million dollars to Interpol to help fight match-fixing and illegal betting in world football. FIFA's president Sepp Blatter says the grant will be used... [more]

Teacher cuts possible as Christchurch rolls fall
Teachers in Christchurch could face jobs cuts as school rolls in the eastern suburbs drop by up to 20%. [more]

Greenpeace loses legal fight over charity status
Greenpeace has lost a High Court battle to restore its status as a charity. [more]

Auckland rent rise predicted
The Property Investors Federation is predicting Aucklanders will be paying higher rents before the year's end. [more]

More help for irrigation schemes welcomed
Farmers and the dairy industry have welcomed the Government's announcement of an expanded fund to help get new irrigation schemes flowing. [more]

Town to protest at planned schol closure
People in an eastern Bay of Plenty town say they will fight to save their intermediate school. [more]

Fiji police say two-ranking soldiers charged with sedition are not in custody
Fiji police have denied claims that two high-ranking soldiers charged with sedition are in custody. The website Fijilive says there are reports that a directive was issued by the Commissioner... [more]

Search for missing people off Kiribati will resume this morning
The search for two teenagers and four children, missing off Kiribati since Friday, will resume later this morning. A boat and a New Zealand Airforce Orion have been scouring an... [more]

Solomon Islands land dispute resolution to be overhauled
The Solomon Islands' current system for resolving land disputes is to be overhauled. It's one of the outcomes from a national seminar held last week by the government's Customary Land... [more]

Whimp 'deliberately misled investors'
The country's chief financial watchdog says Christchurch businessman Bernard Whimp deliberately misled investors when he made offers to tens of thousands of shareholders. [more]

Groser pushes for fast-track FTA with India
New Zealand wants to fast-track free-trade talks with India, as politicians central to the negotiations meet this week. [more]

Olam plans no change to Farming Systems strategy
Olam International plans to continue with business as usual if its takeover offer for New Zealand Farming Systems Uruguay succeeds. [more]

Allied Farmers sells last Clearwater property
Allied Farmers says it has reached an unconditional agreement to sell the last property it holds at Clearwater, near Christchurch. [more]

5.3 magnitude earthquake near Christchurch
A 5.3 magnitude earthquake shook Canterbury early on Tuesday morning. [more]

Maori remains handed over by European museums
Three tattooed, mummified Maori heads, as well as other skeletal remains have been handed over by European museums and will be returned to New Zealand this week. [more]

Insurance costs to rise in wake of disasters
The Insurance Council says the cost of insurance is going to rise across the board worldwide following a string of natural disasters. [more]

Origin buys large stake in Chilean geothermal firm
The Australian majority owner of Contact Energy has bought a large stake in a Chilian geothermal exploration company. [more]

Tuesday's morning newspaper headlines
Arrests after death of NZ teen in Britain; homeowners face 50% rise in house insurance premiums; Dunedin City Council identifies $790,000 of cuts. [more]

Fiji's Cabinet has approved a Capital Gains Tax decree
Fiji's Cabinet has approved a Capital Gains Tax decree as announced in its 2011 National Budget. Fiji Live reports the interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has made submissions to cabinet... [more]

Samoa experienced a drop in tourist numbers in February
Samoa experienced a drop in tourist numbers in February. All source markets reported reductions which reduced total tourism earnings for the month. The Central Bank of Samoa reports that total... [more]

Two major Samoa tour operators look at sending clientele to American Samoa
Two major tour operators out of Samoa are looking at sending their clientele, including tourists from Australia and New Zealand to American Samoa. American Samoa Visitor's Bureau chief executive officer,... [more]

Savou: Fiji will be underdogs in London Sevens
The recently-installed Fiji Sevens coach says the team will be underdogs heading into the final two tournaments of the season. Savou replaced Iliesa Tanivula nearly a month ago after a... [more]

Vanuatu name deaf player in preliminary cricket squad
Vanuatu have named a deaf cricketer in their pre-selection squad ahead of July's East Asia Pacific Division One tournament in Papua New Guinea. 22 year old Willie John is unable... [more]

Search for missing people off Kiribati resumes
The search for two teenagers and four children, missing off Kiribati since Friday, has resumed. A boat and a New Zealand Airforce Orion have been scouring an area of a... [more]

Singaporeans jailed for Fiji bank note theft
Three Singaporean men have been jailed for the theft of more than 500,000 US dollars belonging to the Reserve Bank of Fiji. FBC News reports that Abdul Quadir Katu Miah,... [more]

New Zealand foreign minister visits Tonga, Cook Islands
New Zealand's Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, is visiting Tonga for the first time since its democratic elections last year. Mr McCully will hold discussions with the Prime Minister, Lord Tu'ivakano,... [more]

Cooks people await court hearing for more drugs bust information
It will be the end of the week before more details are revealed about a drugs bust in the Cook Islands in which 13 people have been charged with a... [more]

Food and alcohol spending rises
Retail spending using electronic cards has risen as people spent more on food and alcohol, both at home and at bars, cafes and restaurants. [more]

Research institute relocation tipped - mayor
The mayor of Lower Hutt says he has received credible information on plans by the Government to relocate the state- owned science agency Industrial Research Limited. [more]

Earthquakes will cost 7.5% of output - IMF
An International Monetary Fund report on New Zealand says the Canterbury earthquakes are likely to cost the economy proportionately more than the recent earthquake in Japan. [more]

Labour to stand in Te Tai Tokerau electorate
Labour has confirmed it will stand a candidate in Te Tai Tokerau, making a by-election there a three-horse race. [more]

Driver threatened in armed holdup
Police are hunting for at least two people who held up an Armourguard vehicle on Auckland's North Shore. [more]

Canadian firm finds more petroleum in Taranaki
Canadian oil company TAG says it has found more oil and gas in Taranaki, further extending the onshore field it is exploring near Inglewood. [more]

Public holiday double-up blamed for sales fall
Sales at Briscoe Group have fallen so far this year, which the retailer says is due to two public holidays in April falling on the same day. [more]

Property prices hold steady - QV
Property valuer QV says residential values remained relatively stable in April. [more]

NZ firm to set up first Cambodia credit bureau
Credit checking company Veda Advantage will build Cambodia's first credit bureau. [more]

Government approves PGP funding for honey sector
The Government has approved funding for a new primary growth partnership programme for the honey sector that could see it develop into a billion-dollar industry. [more]

Slowdown in farm conversions
A further 100 sheep farmers are expected to sell off their flocks and tap into what they see as the more lucrative dairy industry by the beginning of next season. [more]

Water plan risks production, growers tell appeal
Horticulture New Zealand says a water allocation plan in Waikato is putting hundreds of millions of dollars worth of produce grown in the region at risk. [more]

Samoa churches urged to help fight rise in violent crime
Churches in Samoa are being encouraged to try and combat growing violence in the community after a series of killings, including one of a lay preacher. Three men are facing... [more]

Kiribati search for six missing at sea continues
A large area off Kiribati is being searched today in the hope of finding the six people, including children, who went missing at sea. The group, who were onboard a... [more]

Sport: Tahiti fighter wins gold at Taekwondo World Champs
Tahiti's Anne-Caroline Graffe has won a gold medal at the Taekwondo World Championships in Gyeongju, South Korea. Graffe beat local woman An Sae-Bom in the final of the over 73... [more]

China to provide military hardware to Tonga
China will provide military equipment to Tonga worth just under one million US dollars. This follows an agreement reached between Tonga's Ambassador to China, Siamelie Latu, and Rear Admiral Guan... [more]

NZ foreign minister to visit E'ua during Tonga stay
New Zealand's Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, is visiting Tonga for the first time since last year's democratic elections. Mr McCully will hold discussions with the Prime Minister, Lord Tu'ivakano, and... [more]

World Bank gives food grant to Kiribati
The World Bank has stepped in to assist 62,000 residents of Kiribati's outer islands with emergency food supplies. A two-million US dollar emergency food grant was signed in Hanoi during... [more]

Cooks police say drugs bust follows year-long probe
The Cook Islands police commissioner, Ma'ara Tetava, says a drugs bust that has resulted in 13 people being charged is the culmination of a year-long investigation. The 13 are being... [more]

Christchurch people more positive - survey
People living in Christchurch are more positive about their quality of life than those living in any of the other main centres, according to a survey. [more]

Auckland business group releases roading wishlist
The Auckland Business Forum has released a road-building wishlist for the city, and says road tolls, taxes or public private partnerships will be needed to pay for the changes. [more]

Hawke's Bay baby suffers 'non-accidental' injuries
Hawke's Bay police have begun an investigation into how a 10-week-old boy came to have significant non-accidental injuries. [more]

Samoa time switch welcomed by American Samoa Congressman
American Samoa's Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin has welcomed Samoa's move to switch time zones. Samoa sits to the east of the international dateline, but from next year it will shift... [more]

Whangarei mayor taking leave after stroke
Whangarei's new mayor Morris Cutforth is asking his council for four months' leave to recover from a stroke. [more]

Woman jailed for setting fire to church
A woman who set fire to a Porirua church causing at least $300,000 of damage has been jailed for four years and three months. [more]

Mother killed children before taking own life - coroner
The Hawke's Bay Coroner says a mother killed two of her children before taking her own life. [more]

Dunne calls election for National
United Future leader Peter Dunne says the race between the National and Labour parties for this year's election is effectively over. [more]

Arrests in relation to teen's UK death
Two young men have been arrested in England in connection with the death of a New Zealand teenager. [more]

PM impressed with Prince Charles
Prime Minister John Key says Prince Charles would make a great king. [more]

KiwiSaver changes won't break election promise - PM
Prime Minister John Key says the changes to KiwiSaver which the Government will announce in next week's budget will not represent a broken election promise. [more]

Jandal droppped from Scrabble list
The word jandal has been dropped from a reference list for the world's Scrabble players. [more]

More heavy rain forecast for parts of North Island
Further heavy rain is on the way for drenched parts of the eastern North Island. [more]

US Coastguard could join search for six people missing at sea off Kiribati
Kiribati's search and rescue co-ordinator, Captain Omirete Tadureka, says the United States Coastguard has offered an aircraft to help in the search for six people missing at sea since last... [more]

PM questioned over helicopter ride
The Prime Minister says he decided to reimburse the owners of a helicopter for a ride within 48 hours of making the journey. [more]

Tests found medication traces in dead baby
Waikato police are investigating the death of a baby girl from Morrinsville who police say had traces of adult medication in her stomach. [more]

ACC minister hints at reductions in levies
ACC Minister Nick Smith says there could be reductions in some levies later in the year. [more]

Police raids trial set to be delayed again
The trial for those charged in relation to nationwide police raids in 2007 is set to be delayed again. [more]

Council hopes to tap into irrigation fund
The Hawke's Bay Regional Council hopes to tap into a government fund to help it investigate water storage in the region. [more]

Vanuatu Coroner's inquiry on hold after police commissioner Bong takes legal action
The Vanuatu Ministry of Justice has put on hold a commission of inquiry investigating why a coroner's report had been ignored by authorities. The report drawn up by New Zealand... [more]

PNG police urge action against unruly soldiers
Papua New Guinea police have condemned what they call rogue elements of the Defence Force over their attempted burning of the Manu Autoport Service Station. The Deputy Commissioner, Fred Yakasa,... [more]

NZ Pacific Island affairs minister te Heu Heu to quit politics
The New Zealand minister of Pacific Island affairs, Georgina te Heu Heu, has announced that she will retire from politics at the end of the current term, which is expected... [more]

Little hope of finding Kiribati group adrift since Friday
Hopes are fading for six young people missing off the coast of Kiribati, despite an extensive search today. A New Zealand Air Force Orion plane searched a grid of 44... [more]

Police in New Caledonia get speed cameras in bid to reduce road fatalities
Police in New Caledonia will begin using mobile speed cameras from tomorrow as part of a campaign aimed at reducing the number of fatal road accidents. Figures for last year... [more]

Tonga tourism operators campaign to protect turtles
A group of tourism operators in Tonga are planning how they can campaign to protect turtles after buying five large animals from the fish market in Nuku'alofa. It is legal... [more]

PNG citizen challenges legality of ministerial appointments
A former acting National Court judge in Papua New Guinea has challenged the validity of the appointments of three key cabinet ministers. The Post Courier says Nemo Yalo has filed... [more]

Junior All Whites beat African champions
The Junior All Whites have given their FIFA Under-20 football World Cup confidence a boost with a 4-3 win over Nigeria at the Suwon Cup in South Korea. Cameron Lindsay... [more]

Heat put Celtics on brink after overtime victory
LeBron James muscled his way to a 35-point, 14-rebound performance to help the Miami Heat push the Celtics to the brink of elimination from the National Basketball Association playoffs with... [more]

Breakers have three players with maximum points rankings
The New Zealand Breakers haven't got a lot of room to move around the Australian National Basketball League's points cap as they try to keep their champion squad intact. Kirk... [more]

O'Connor to make decision on Super rugby future this week
Australian rugby's hottest property James O'Connor says he will make his decision later this week on where he'll play Super rugby from next year. O'Connor's late try and nerveless conversion... [more]

Del Potro could miss French Open
The former U.S. Open champion Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina has torn a hip muscle, putting his participation in the French Open in doubt. Del Potro won his first... [more]

Heremai returns to Warriors
Hooker Aaron Heremaia is the only change to the Warriors team for the 10th round National Rugby League encounter with the Knights in Newcastle on Sunday. Heremaia stayed in Auckland... [more]

Nonu says he's made no decision about his future
The All Black first five Ma'a Nonu says he's yet to decide his playing future after the World Cup. The owner of the French rugby club Toulon, Mourad Boudjellal, told... [more]

Liverpool thump Fulham
The Argentinian striker Maxi Rodriguez notched his second hat-trick in three English Premier League football matches as Liverpool thumped Fulham 5-2 at Craven Cottage to boost their chances of qualifying... [more]

Giro riders plan tribute for Belgian mate
Stage four on cycling's Giro D'Italia is unlikely to count towards the overall tour result as the riders are planning a tribute tonight for the 26 year old Belgian Wouter... [more]

Fifa working on match fixing problems
Football's world governing body FIFA pledged to donate $36 million to Interpol to help fight match-fixing after receiving a chilling warning from leading police officials about the extent of the... [more]

Magic outclassed by Firebirds
The Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic coach Noeline Taurua says there were two completely different netball sides on display in last night's trans-Tasman major semi-final on the Gold Coast. The... [more]

Jackson goes out with big loss
One of America's greatest basketball coaches Phil Jackson has been sent into retirement with an embarrassing loss. The 2-time NBA defending champion Los Angeles Lakers were swept by the Dallas... [more]

Stewart stars for Manly
Fullback Brett Stewart was the star as Manly beat Canberra 20 points to nil in their National Rugby League at a wet Brookvale Oval last night. Injury and legal battles... [more]

Men's hockey team beaten again
The New Zealand men's hockey team has suffered its second loss at the Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia, beaten 3-1 by Great Britain. The result moves Great Britain to the... [more]

Barcelona on brink of title
Barcelona has moved to the brink of a third consecutive Spanish football title after beating Espanyol 2-0. Second-placed Real Madrid's 6-2 thrashing of Sevilla yesterday had denied Barca the chance... [more]

RU has a cut in funding
England's Rugby Union has had a $2 million cut in funding from Sport England after a drop in player numbers. The reduction takes the total below $60 million for the... [more]

Firebirds thump Magic
The Queensland Firebirds are on the verge of becoming the first team to take out the trans-Tasman netball championship undefeated after surging into the grand final with a comprehensive 50-39... [more]

Trio charged with kidnap and assaulting student
Three students have been charged with kidnapping and assault following an alleged serious assault on another student in Nelson. [more]

Georgina te Heuheu to retire from politics
National Party MP and Cabinet minister Georgina te Heuheu is to retire from politics at the end of the term. [more]

Relative of Scott Guy killed in Australia
A man has appeared in court in Western Australia charged with the murder of a relative of Scott Guy. [more]

McCully to visit Pacific nations
New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully is visiting Tonga for the first time since its democratic elections last year. [more]

Man dies after car collides with tree near Waihi
A 20-year-old man has died after the car he was driving hit a tree near Waihi in Waikato. [more]

Claims of threats at Maori Party hui
The Maori Party has urged members who felt they were threatened at a hui in Waitangi to take the matter up with police. [more]

Law to report child abuse passes first hurdle
Legislation obligating adults to report child abuse or neglect has passed its first reading in Parliament on Tuesday night. [more]

Audit calls for major safety improvements at mines
An independent audit carried out after the Pike River disaster has found two of New Zealand's four underground coal mines need significant safety improvements. [more]

Rat tracks spotted on Rangitoto Island
Rat tracks have been seen on Rangitoto Island in the Hauraki Gulf, sparking a search and trapping operation by the Department of Conservation. [more]

Hotchin's assets to stay frozen, judge rules
An attempt by Hanover boss Mark Hotchin to overturn a ruling freezing his assets has failed. [more]

DOC checks report kiwi found in Russia
The Department of Conservation is following up international media reports that a kiwi has turned up at a Russian port. [more]

Finance Minister not banking on surplus by 2016
Finance Minister Bill English has signalled the prospect of the Government books returning to surplus by 2016 is highly unlikely. [more]