Radio New Zealand - Monday, 23rd May 2011

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The Best Song Ever Written - Blast Off
Aucklander Ben Grubb chooses Blast Off by NZ band The Gremlins. [more]

Eight Months To Mars - Nadia Lim
Today it's Masterchef winner Nadia Lim taking the trip to Mars. [more]

Toy Stories
One Christmas morning more than 40 years ago, Paul Hargreaves unwrapped a dinky die-cast reproduction of Captain Scarlet's SPV - Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle - and he was hooked. The joy of that Christmas morning never left him. And although he eventually parted with the toy to buy something new, he never forgot it. He raised his own family in London and Wellington, enjoyed a successful career in advertising, and still his passion for toys remains. He became an collector and now he runs his own toy museum in Nelson called Toy Toy. [more]

Bob Dylan
400 songs, 50 albums - Dylan is a chronicler of a generation and one of the most influential figures of the 20th century, according to Time Magazine. Tomorow, Robert Allen Zimmerman turns 70. Celebrations are planned all over the world, including one in Palmerston North, organised by John Thornley. Tomorrow at noon, fans will be gathering at the public library to sing happy birthday to a music and cultural icon, and tomorrow night there is a special event at the Globe Theatre to mark the 70th birthday of a legend. John Thornley spoke to us from Palmerston North. [more]

Feature Album - Blood On The Tracks
Today's album is Blood On The Tracks, Bob Dylan's 15th studio album and one of his best. [more]

Seal Team 6
Navy SEALS are the Sea, Air and Land Teams of the United States Navy, the soldiers deployed to do the most dangerous jobs. Getting into the SEALS isn't easy, of the 1,000 men who start training every year, only about a quarter make it through. SEAL Team Six is an even more elite sub-unit that gets the deadliest of the deadly assignments in the most dangerous parts of the world. You don't apply to join, you must be invited, and so secret are it's manoeuvres that until recently we knew very little about it. Steven Templin is a former Naval Officer who completed the SEALS infamous Hell Week, qualified as a pistol and rifle expert, and, according to his website, "blew up things during his basic underwater demolition training". He and SEAL sniper Howard E Wasdin are the co-authors of SEAL Team Six - Memoirs Of An Elite Navy Seal Sniper, and he spoke to Noelle. [more]

The Pre-Panel Show for 23 May 2011
Your feedback, and a look at the guests and topics on The Panel. [more]

The Panel with David Slack and Michael Bassett (Part 1)
Additional funding for the Electoral Commission to educate the public about the upcoming MMP referendum; and looting in Christchurch. [more]

The Panel with David Slack and Michael Bassett (Part 2)
What remedies are available for customers whose hair is ruined by a hairdresser?; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shares President Obama's vision for peace between Israelis and Palestinians; and the Wellywood sign. [more]

Business News

Markets Update for 23 May 2011
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 23 May 2011
In business news, Skellerup is fined for not having enough independent directors. [more]

Evening Business for 23 May 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Deadline looms for Christchurch quake claims
People have until midnight tonight to lodge a claim with the Earthquake Commission for property damaged in the February Christchurch earthquake. [more]

Evening Business for 23 May 2011
Kathmandu has announced plans to build its new national distribution centre in the Christchurch suburb of Woolston, in a vote of confidence for the earthquake-damaged city. [more]

Residents frustrated waiting for EQC claims
People in Canterbury with homes damaged by the February 22nd earthquake have less than six hours left to lodge a claim with the Earthquake Commission. [more]


Top Stories for Monday 23 May 2011
Pike River family says leave remains alone; Pike River Families Committee verdict; Porirua labeled the rheumatic fever capital of the country; murder accused says he'll name real killer of Marice McGregor; Goff on backfoot over R and D costs; and mounting pressure on Obama to change Pharmac rules. [more]

Pike River family says leave remains alone
The results of today's meeting called by those Pike River families desperate to begin a recovery operation at the mine are about to be revealed. [more]

Pike River Families Committee verdict
Pike River families say the Mines Rescue Service has agreed to go into the mine. [more]

Porirua labeled the rheumatic fever capital of the country
Porirua North of Wellington has been labeled the rheumatic fever capital of the country and health authorites say thousands dollars must be found to eradicate the disease. [more]

Murder accused says he'll name real killer of Marice McGregor
The lawyer for a man who confessed to killing a Whanganui woman says he made the admission out of fear and will name who he thinks is the real killer. [more]

Goff on backfoot over R and D costs
The Labour Party leader, Phil Goff, is struggling to explain how Labour would contain the costs of its research and development tax credits. [more]

Sports News for 23 May 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Mounting pressure on Obama to change Pharmac rules
There is mounting political pressure on President Barack Obama not to do a trade deal with New Zealand unless the rules are changed for the drug-buying agency Pharmac. [more]

Review looks at everything from body snatching to eco burials
The half-century old law governing burials and cremations is set to be changed. [more]

Waatea News for 23 May 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Ministry investigates staff advice to schools over national standards
The Ministry of Education is investigating allegations its staff left a Nelson School with the clear impression it could say it is using the national standards, even though it is not. [more]

Christchurch tourism operators use trade show to entice visitors
Christchurch tourism operators are hoping to entice visitors back to the region at this year's New Zealand tourism trade show. [more]

Cathedral Cove arch crumbles
The arch at Coromandel's Cathedral Cove is crumbling again, raising questions about whether to step in to save it or let nature take its course. [more]

Pike River secret meeting agrees to go back into mine
The results of a secret meeting about the push to re-enter the Pike River mine have just been revealed. [more]

US senators lobby for changes to Pharmac
More than a quarter of the United States Senate has written to President Barack Obama calling for a crack-down on drug-buying bodies such as Pharmac in the TransPacific Partnership trade talks. [more]

Health authorities target rheumatic fever in Porirua
Unacceptably high rates of rheumatic fever, serious skin infections and respiratory illnesses among children in Porirua may prompt health authorities to spend an extra $365,000 to fix the problem. [more]

Sports News for 23 May 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

NZ's burial and cremation laws are under review
The country's 47-year-old burial and cremation laws are under review by the Law Commission. [more]

Waatea News for 23 May 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 23 May 2011
In today's programme, pressure mounts to rein in Pharmac as part of a free trade deal with the US, and families of Pike River miners meet with receivers over the recovery of bodies. [more]

Midday Sports News for 23 May 2011
In sports news, a frantic final day in the English Premier League. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Monday 23 May 2011
Labour's new policies after the weekend conference; Pike River recovery, Israel/Palestine peace, Fiji fugitive, Icelandic ashfall. [more]

Business criticises Labour's policy to lift minimum wage
Business New Zealand Chief Executive, Phil O'Reilly, says Labour's new policies, particularly an increase in the minimum wage, will drive up unemployment. [more]

Students worried about schools monitoring Facebook
Some secondary school students are concerned their privacy is being invaded by schools monitoring their personal Facebook and Twitter pages. [more]

Pacific News for 23 May 2011
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Morning Rural News for 23 May 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Waatea News for 23 May 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Labour promises to fund all election promises
The Labour Party is vowing to tell voters exactly how it will pay for all its election policies - with the agriculture sector the first to be targetted to provide more money. [more]

Grey District mayor wants new shaft into Pike River mine
The Mayor of the Grey District, Tony Kokshoorn, says another shaft must be drilled into the Pike River Coal mine to retrieve the bodies of the 29 men trapped there. [more]

Morning Business for 23 May 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Labour's policies widely criticised by business community
Labour Party plans to introduce tax breaks and increase the minimum wage widely criticised by business community. [more]

Phil Goff says Labour will ensure economic growth
Labour Party leader, Phil Goff, joins the programme to discuss the new policies announced at the party conference over the weekend. [more]

Our political editor discusses Labour congress
Brent Edwards talks with Simon Mercep about the Labour Party policy announcements from this weekend's conference. [more]

Pike River 'showdown' to demand recovery plan
The families of the 29 men who died in the Pike River Mine disaster six months ago are demanding authorities come up with a new plan for recovering the dead miners' remains. [more]

Obama defends call for peace with pre-1967 borders
ABC's Washington Correspondent Craig McMurtrie discusses the US President's recent comments qualifying misinterpreted statements. [more]

PM says New Zealand could give Colonel Mara refuge
The Prime Minister, John Key, is not ruling out granting political aslyum to the former Fijian military commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Ratu Tevita Mara. [more]

Hugh volcanic ash clouds rise kilometres above Iceland
Huge volcanic ash clouds are once again billowing over Iceland, this time from the Grimsvotn volcano which has shot a plume of smoke and ash 20 kilometres into the sky, forcing the closure of Icelandic airspace. [more]

Sports News for 23 May 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Teens unimpressed by school snooping on Internet
Some teenagers are aghast schools are regulary snooping on them via the internet. [more]

Kermadec Islands reveal treasure trove of fishes, ferns
Scientists have discovered several new species of tropical fish during New Zealand's largest ever scientific expedition of the Kermadec Islands. [more]

Labour's new policies dismissed as old-hat
The Labour Party's new policies have been dismissed as old-hat, with the Prime Minister saying it proves Labour's learned nothing from its two-and-a-half years in opposition. [more]

Pike River families prepare for showdown
The families of the men killed in the Pike River mine tragedy are preparing for a showdown with authorities at a major meeting in Christchurch later today. [more]

Wellywood sign raises hackles in Wellington
A gigantic Wellywood sign is back on the agenda for the capital and once again, its causing an uproar. [more]

Landlords warned to check if tenants on home detention
Landlords are being warned about a legal loophole that means they may not know if their tenant is on home detention. [more]

Sports News for 23 May 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Mercy dash fails to save unwell Pitcairn man
A mercy mission to save an unwell man's life on the remote Pitcairn Islands has proven to be futile. [more]

Man separated from mother in WW2 reunited with family
A man, separated from his mother at the end of the Second World War and raised in New Zealand, is meeting his German family for the first time after discovering his true identity. [more]

Waatea News for 23 May 2011
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Tourism operators warned to prepare for Chinese visitors
Queenstown retailers and restaurateurs are being urged to learn Mandarin to capitalise on a new wave of Chinese tourists. [more]

Phil Kafcaloudes with news from Australia
The latest from our Melbourne correspondent. [more]


Sam Hunt: Purple Balloon and Other Stories
Sam Hunt: Purple Balloon and Other Stories is a biographical documentary just released that explores how Sam reflects the New Zealand landscape, we chat with the man himself... [more]

Thinkers: Politically Right
Liberal thinking in praise of the invisible hand with Luke Malpass, Policy Analyst at the Centre for Independent Studies. [more]

Clue One [more]

Sport: South Africa
With an eye on the scrum it's our South African sports writer Mike Greenaway: Springbok coach Peter de Villiers' says that Sonny Bill is no good. [more]

Clue Two [more]

Nine To Noon

Red Cross's Breakfast in Schools programme
Countdown, the programme's major sponsor, have pulled their financial backing and the entire initiative is now under jeopardy as a new benefactor has not been found. [more]

Supporting the carers
Many of those who look after our elderly and infirm feel they're working under intolerable conditions with little support and even less recognition. [more]

Is it still attractive and viable, after the recent budget changes? [more]

Europe Correspondent - Josephine McKenna
The latest on Italian PM Berlusconi and more. [more]

Feature Guest - Mike Leigh
Acclaimed film director Mike Leigh is known for his unique film-making style - a collaborative approach with his actors, using improvisations developed over a period of weeks to help build the characters and storylines. [more]

Book Review - Until Tuesday
Gail Pittaway reviews Luis Carlos Montalvan's new book which he wrote with Bret Witter. Until Tuesday is published by Headline Review. [more]

Politics with Matthew Hooton and John Pagani
From left and right post budget and Labour party conference. [more]

Food and Wine: Flavours of the Pacific
Our guest chef this morning is Robert Oliver who last year released the award winning cookbook Me'a Kai: The Food and Flavours of the South Pacific. Robert gives us three raw-fish recipes from his book and John Hawkesby attempts the perfect wine match. [more]

Best-selling US crime novellist Michael Connelly
Author Michael Connolly is a former police reporter for the Los Angeles Times. After three years on the crime beat in LA he began writing his first novel. He is the author of the acclaimed Harry Bosch thriller series and several other bestselling novels. His latest book The Fifth Witness is the third in the Mickey Haller (Lincoln Laywer) series. [more]

Our Changing World

Our Changing World - Dust In Antarctica
In the photos, Antarctica always looks so white and pristine. But take a closer look and it turns out it has a dirty little secret - dust. Victoria University geologists Cliff Atkins and Jane Chewings have been on its trail, and Alison Ballance caught up with them last summer on the sea ice near Scott Base to find out why they're so fascinated with tiny specks of dust. [more]

Rural News

Midday Rural News for 23 May 2011
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Bronwyn Bent
Organiser of new Auckland-based programme SIGNAL which offers performances for vision and hearing impaired patrons at THE EDGE. [more]

Sue Thomas
Melbourne correspondent interviews Roger Leong - curator of ManStyle exhibition at Melbourne's National Gallery of Victoria. [more]

Royal NZ Ballet Review
Deirdre Tarrant reviews last Friday night's Wellington perfromance of 'Stravinsky Selection'. [more]

News stories:

Lee challenging for title in
The young New Zealand golfer Danny Lee is a distinct winning chance going into the final few holes of the BMW Charity pro-am on the US Nationwide Tour. Lee started... [more]

Maradona hype grips Al Wasl
The Diego Maradona effect is already creating a buzz at Dubai-based Al Wasl, with players queuing up to join since the Argentine's appointment. Maradona, the 1986 World Cup winning captain,... [more]

Poulter wins World Matchplay title
The English golfer Ian Poulter has ended a prolonged slump with a 2-and-1 victory over his Ryder Cup teammate Luke Donald at the World Match Play Championship in Spain. Poulter... [more]

Blackpool and Birmingham knocked out of Premier League
Blackpool and Birmingham were relegated from the English football Premier League as Wigan and Wolves scrambled to safety in a thrilling finale to the season. Blackpool's fairytale debut season in... [more]

Toulon sign Willie Mason
The big-spending French rugby club Toulon has signed the Australian league player Willie Mason. 31 year old Mason had been sacked by his English Super League club Hull KR at... [more]

Spanish Gran Prix goes down to wire
Red Bull's Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel took his fourth win in five races in a Spanish Grand Prix that shed its reputation for predictable processions. McLaren's Lewis Hamilton... [more]

United goal-keeper confirms retirement
The Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson says 40-year-old goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar considered extending his football career beyond the end of the season before getting over his late "wobble". [more]

Stosur wins as Hewitt pulls out
Gusty winds and half-empty stands gave no sense of the usual Parisian glamour as last year's beaten French Open tennis finalist Samantha Stosur began with an easy win and Lleyton... [more]

Firebirds want to create more history
The Queensland Firebirds created history last night by icing the perfect trans-Tasman netball championship season with a grand final romp before vowing to become the first to successfully defend the... [more]

Vettel wins in Spain
The reigning world motor racing champion Sebastian Vettel has won the Spanish formula one Grand Prix, making it four wins from five races this season. The 23-year-old German edged out... [more]

Petrol prices fall
Two fuel companies have dropped the price of petrol and diesel by four cents a litre. [more]

More questions over kiwifruit vine disease
Kiwifruit growers in Bay of Plenty say there are still more questions than answers about the PSA vine disease discovered on an orchard near Te Puke six months ago. [more]

Kiwifruit orchard sales wither since PSA outbreak
Discovery of the PSA vine disease in kiwifruit in the Bay of Plenty region has resulted in orchard sales all but drying up. [more]

Some schools 'could miss out' on broadband roll-out
Federated Farmers, InternetNZ and the Telecommunications Users Association are concerned that a large number of schools could miss out in the initial roll-out of the Government's broadband programmes. [more]

Pacific region makes gains in combating illegal fishing, says FFA
The Forum Fisheries Agency says member countries have made significant gains in combatting illegal fishing in the past two years. The FFA is attributing significant improvement in surveillance of exclusive... [more]

French Polynesia's president calls for citizens to pay a third of income to save national airline
French Polynesia's president, Oscar Temaru, has called for wage earners to buy into a fund to save the territory's carrier, Air Tahiti Nui. Mr Temaru has called for public servants... [more]

Pitcairn community in shock after death
The governor of Pitcairn Island says the small community is in shock at the death of a man during an attempt to get him medical help. Terry Young, who was... [more]

Fiji police say Colonel Mara's escape to Tonga well orchestrated
Police in Fiji say the escape of Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Mara was well orchestrated. Colonel Mara faces sedition charges and has fled to Tonga. A police spokesperson, Atunaisa Sokomuri,... [more]

Monday's newspaper headlines
Convicted fraudster appeals against asset seizure; battle lines drawn over Wellywood sign; police target after-ball parties. [more]

Quake effects on tourism may not be bad as feared
An economist says the effects of the Canterbury earthquake on the tourism sector may not be as bad as first thought - although travellers may be steering clear of the South Island. [more]

7am sports heads
Blackpool and Bimingham have joined West Ham as the three clubs dropping to the second tier of English football next season. Blackpool went down fighting, losing 4-2 to the champions... [more]

US farmers in no danger from trade deal - Groser
Trade Minister Tim Groser has told the United States its dairy farmers will not lose out if it frees up its domestic dairy markets to exports from New Zealand. [more]

Pacific Cable expects more customers soon
Pacific Fibre is optimistic more customers will soon sign up to use its $US400 high speed trans-Pacific internet cable. [more]

Mystics regret poor ball control
Northern Mystics wing defence Joeline Henry says her side were victims of their own inability to control the ball in their 57-44 defeat by Queensland Firebirds in the grand final of the trans-Tasman netball championship. [more]

National park status proposed for kauri forest
The Department of Conservation is again considering the possibility of creating a national park based on Waipoua kauri forest in Northland. [more]

Landowners to seek new Waitangi Tribunal decision
A group of Maori landowners, the Mangatu Incorporation, intends to go back to the Waitangi Tribunal and seek a determination on who owns a block of forestry land north of Gisborne. [more]

Otago food shoppers' habits studied
The buying habits of food shoppers in Otago are being studied in a project that aims to create a new type of food economy. [more]

Transport agency overdraft facility signed off
The Government has signed off on a $250 million overdraft facility for the Transport Agency. [more]

Motor vehicle register requests fall by a third
Changes to the Motor Vehicle Register have significantly reduced the strain on the computer system used to store information, with requests falling to about 1 million a month. [more]

Cleary rapt with defensive effort
The Warriors coach Ivan Cleary has hailed his side's determined defence after a 12-6 home win over South Sydney extended their NRL winning streak to five games and cemented the... [more]

Mystics rue poor ball control
The Northern Mystics wing defence Joeline Henry says her side were victims of their own inability to control the ball as they suffered a 57-44 hiding at the hands of... [more]

Chelsea sack manager
The Chelsea football club have fired manager Carlo Ancelotti after this morning's 1-nil loss at Everton completed a season which the team's owner says fell short of expectations. Ancelotti was... [more]

Wolves manager relieved after staying in EPL
The Wolverhampton Wanderer's football manager Mick McCarthy was the most relieved man in England as his side avoided relegation from the Premier League on an extraordinary final day of the... [more]

Fisher and Paykel results due this week
A clearer picture of international trading conditions should emerge this week, as two large listed manufacturers release their full year results. [more]

Comvita profit slips
Comvita's full year profit has slipped, as improved final quarter sales failed to make up for poor sales in the first three quarters of the year. [more]

Fiji lose in London sevens final, Samoa win plate
Fiji's let an early lead slip as South Africa roared home to win the London Sevens this morning. Fiji had led 14-0 midway through the first half before South Africa... [more]

Franklin stars in IPL win
The New Zealand all-rounder James Franklin smashed 45 runs off just 23 balls to help lift the Mumbai Indians to a thrilling last ball win over the Kolkata Knight Riders... [more]

Lee takes big step up on Nationwide Tour
The 21 year old New Zealand golfer Danny Lee has finished outright third after a closing round of 65 at the Nationwide Tour event in South Carolina. Lee finished one... [more]

Queensland wins netball title
The Queensland Firebirds have won the trans-tasman netball championship after beating the Northern Mystics 57-44 in the grand final in Brisbane. The Mystics, who were looking for New Zealand's first... [more]

NZ claim back sevens world series title
The New Zealand rugby sevens team have reclaimed the World Series title despite being knocked out in the semi-finals at the penultimate round in London, after closest rivals England failed... [more]

NZ author wins Commonwealth award
New Zealand author Craig Cliff has won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for best first book for his collection of short stories A Man Melting. [more]

Police station damaged by arson
Palmerston North police say a fire at a police station in the city was arson. [more]

Landlords call for home detention checks
Some landlords want to be able to check whether a prospective tenant is on home detention. [more]

NZ not ruling out allowing Fiji officer refuge
Prime Minister John Key is not ruling out allowing a former Fiji military commander to take refuge in New Zealand. [more]

Ash plume 'unlikely' to affect Air NZ flights
Air New Zealand says it is keeping an eye on an ash cloud caused by a volcanic eruption in Iceland but says there's no suggestion it will have any effect on its flights. [more]

Mexico to formall propose IMF candidate
Mexico will formally propose its central bank chief Agustin Carstens as a candidate to head the International Monetary Fund. [more]

Olympic beach volleyball dream still alive for Vanuatu and Fiji
Vanuatu's mens and womens teams have made it through to the next round of qualifying for the London Olympic's beach volleyball competition. Playing in front of a home crowd in... [more]

Police in American Samoa unlikely to get overtime pay
American Samoa police officers who have racked up thousands of hours in overtime for the last two years look unlikely to be paid for the overtime. The Deputy Commissioner of... [more]

Sea Shepherd looks to help other Pacific Islands with marine surveillance
The conservation group, Sea Shepherd, says it's looking to work with a number of Pacific island governments to help bolster protection of their marine life. This comes after Palau ended... [more]

Tongan government warns over "Kingdom of Hawaii" visa scam
The Tongan government has issued a warning to travellers to the US that visas issued by a group known as the "Kingdom of Hawaii" are not valid, and cannot be... [more]

Committee reviewing New Caledonia's Noumea Accord to be reviewed
The French prime minister, Francois Fillon, says the committee reviewing New Caledonia's Noumea Accord will be changed for the next formal round of consultations due before the summer break. The... [more]

U.S. Congressmen want to restrict islanders' visa-free access
United States Congressional leaders want to restrict the flow of Micronesians to the US. In a letter, they say the high cost of providing social services to the thousands who... [more]

Head prefect endorses internet checks by schools
The head prefect of Wellington College says schools have valid reasons for monitoring internet postings by students. [more]

Call to save school breakfast programme
The Child Poverty Action Group is calling on the Government to step in and save the Red Cross school breakfast initiative after the supermarket chain that backed the programme pulled out. [more]

Farming System directors endorse takeover offer
New Zealand Farming System Uruguay's independent directors are recommending shareholders accept Olam's full takeover offer, saying it is fair. [more]

Heart drug may not work for Maori, Pacific people
Researchers at Otago University have discovered that a drug used to treat acute heart disease may not work for many Maori and Pacific Island people. [more]

Two agents lose job after Tahiti drugs ring bust
Reports from French Polynesia say two public security officials have been sacked over their role in the use and distribution of methamphetamine. Tahitipresse says the two agents were suspended last... [more]

Monarchy NZ wants royal visit
Monarchists hope the Queen will be invited to New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup. [more]

Shark kills New Caledonia teeenager
A 15-year-old boy in New Caledonia has died after being bitten by a shark. The teenager was kitesurfing near Kendec in the territory's north when he fell into the water. [more]

Jobs boost expected with Solomons industrial park
A Solomon Islands fisheries official says a proposed marine and industrial park complex could bring thousands of jobs and other benefits to local people. The Solomon Islands government is considering... [more]

Niue plans changes to tax system
The Niue government is planning personal income tax cuts while also extending the reach of the island's National Consumption Tax, which is imposed on all goods and services. Last week,... [more]

Kilman says early election still option to tackle Vanuatu instability
Vanuatu's prime minister, Sato Kilman, says his government is still considering whether to ask the President to dissolve parliament and allow an early election. This is despite Mr Kilman withstanding... [more]

Tonga police make arrest in US visa scam
Tonga police have arrested a man for allegedly issuing false visas to Tongans to enter the United States. Tonga's Foreign Affairs has issued a statement from the US Embassy stating... [more]

UN Human Rights Office silent about Fiji torture claims
The Fiji-based United Nations Office of the High Commission for Human Rights is not commenting on allegations that Fiji's military is torturing civilians. A spokesperson for the office says it... [more]

Laws on burial to be reviewed
A review is to be held of the laws governing the care and disposal of the dead. [more]

South Canterbury irrigation scheme in design stage
An irrigation scheme that proposes to bring water to thousands of hectares of drought-prone farmland in South Canterbury is now in the design stage. [more]

Water storage lake proposed for mid-Canterbury
A large water storage lake is being proposed for mid-Canterbury to improve reliability and security of supply for irrigators. [more]

Project aims to improve hill country farm irrigation
A three year project funded by MAF's Sustainable Farming Fund will tackle some of the challenges of irrigating hill country farms. [more]

Hesitant market for beef bulls
The annual round of sales of bulls bred for beef production is underway following last week's national Beef Expo in Feilding. [more]

Mother hands crash teen to police
A teenage driver who fled from a crash on Saturday night in Cambridge that left another teenager in critical condition was handed over to police by his mother. [more]

Skellerup fined $25,000 for director breach
Listed company Skellerup has been fined for not having enough independent directors for almost a year. [more]

Internet voting trial local body elections suggested
A select committee is suggesting a trial of internet voting be held at the next local authority elections in 2013. [more]

Pike River remarks inappropriate - PM
Prime Minister John Key says comments made by the head of the Council of Trade Unions about the Pike River mine disaster were inappropriate. [more]

Tourism Holdings trims forecast losses
Tourism Holdings has issued an earnings upgrade after a better-than-expected performance by its US RV rentals company and a rise in motorhome rentals following the Christchurch earthquake. [more]

Japan nuclear plant firm reports huge loss
The owner of the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant has reported one of the biggest losses in Japan's corporate history. The company's president has resigned. [more]

Coach charged with historical sex offences
Nelson police have charged a table tennis coach with two historical sex offences. [more]

DNZ Property Fund losses grow
Commercial property landlord DNZ Property Fund's losses have widened as it paid a deferred tax bill and a fee for ending its management contract. [more]

Election underway to replace sacked school board
An Auckland school which had its last board sacked has been allowed to hold new elections. [more]

Police target scrap metal thieves
Police in Auckland are cracking down on the theft of scrap metal. [more]

Man found not guilty of shooting at American Samoa police
A man who was charged with shooting at American Samoa police officers in 2009, Eliota Siaumau Sr. has been acquitted of weapons and assault charges. Mr Siaumau is the uncle... [more]

Fiji NGO wants Biketawa Declaration applied to ease tensions with Tonga
Fiji's Citizens' Constitutional Forum is calling for the Pacific Islands Forum to consider initiating the Biketawa Declaration to deal with the current Fiji/Tonga diplomatic impasse. Fiji is awaiting a reply... [more]

Labour plan to shelve 'holiday highway' criticised
Northland's National Party candidate Mike Sabin says Labour's plan to shelve the so-called "holiday highway" shows the party does not care about the region's economic hopes. [more]

Police 'will take action' to stop boozy after-ball parties
Police in Auckland are again warning schools of the dangers of student parties involving alcohol. [more]

No good alternatives to Wellywood sign - airport
As criticism of the planned Wellywood sign continues, Wellington Airport says it was met with silence when it asked thousands of people in the city to come up with a creative alternative. [more]

Minimum wage rise 'would cost thousands of jobs'
Prime Minister John Key says 6000 people would lose their jobs under the Labour Party's plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. [more]

Bashed woman 'threatened to reveal relationship'
A man accused of murder admitted flying into a rage and bashing a Whanganui woman to death with an iron bar to stop her telling his wife about their relationship, a court has been told. [more]

PM ‘impressed’ by IMF front-runner
Prime Minister John Key says the Government is not at the stage where it is formally supporting a candidate to head the IMF, but he is impressed by French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde. [more]

Deadline for EQC Christchurch quake claims
Claims arising from property damage because of the Christchurch earthquake in February must be lodged with the Earthquake Commisison by midnight on Monday. [more]

Dispute over waka resolved
Waiwhetu Maori from the Hutt Valley have paid the Wellington City Council $150,000 to resolve their dispute over a waka. [more]

$1.5m boost for walkway
The Government has allocated $1.5 million to complete a walking track the length of the country. [more]

Rheumatic fever funding will save money - minister
Health Minister Tony Ryall says $12 million in the Budget for tackling rheumatic fever will save the health sector a lot of money in the long term. [more]

Fiji says it won't play in Wellington or on the Gold Coast
The Fiji rugby union says it won't play in next season's international sevens tournaments in Wellington or on the Gold Coast, if current travel bans continue. Radio Fiji says the... [more]

Good start for NZ cyclist in Tour of Ireland
The New Zealand cyclist Shane Archbold has finished a close fourth on the opening stage of the Tour of Ireland. The world omnium silver medallist is part of the BikeNZ... [more]

Lee moves inside top ten on Nationwide tour
New Zealand's top ranked golfer Danny Lee has finished third in the latest Nationwide tour in the United States. The Nationwide tour is the second tier tour and Lee began... [more]

Breakers to begin the defence of ANBL title on the road
The New Zealand Breakers will begin the defence of their Australian National Basketball League title next season on the road, to avoid a clash with the Rugby World Cup. The... [more]

Blackpool and Birmingham join West Ham in relegation
Blackpool and Birmingham have joined West Ham in being relegated from English football's Premier League after the final round of matches. Blackpool's debut season in the top-flight came to an... [more]

Woods plummets down world rankings
Tiger Woods has plummeted to 12th on the latest world golf rankings, droppingt out side the top ten for the first time since 1997. The former world number hasn't had... [more]

Miami Heat beat Chicago Bulls
The Miami Heat have gone two-one up, beating the Chicago Bulls 96-85 in game three of the best of seven NBA basketball Eastern Conference final series. But Bulls centre Joakim... [more]

Wallabies skipper faces another spell on sidelines
Wallabies skipper Rocky Elsom faces another spell on the sidelines after injuring his ankle in his first match of the super rugby season. The 28-year-old ACT Brumbies flanker hadn't played... [more]

Former NRL player dies
The former North Queensland NRL player Sam Faust has lost his battle with leukaemia, dying in Townsville on Monday aged 26. Faust played 24 matches for the Cowboys in 2007-08,... [more]

Vettel says Spanish Grabd Prix was tough for Red Bull
Sebastian Vettel's great start to the Formula One season continues with the world champion making it four wins in five races when he pipped Lewis Hamilton to win the Spanish... [more]

Daniel Bell to train with top US swim team
Backstroker Daniel Bell is seeking some added competition from the best college swim team in the United States to enhance his Olympic hopes. The Commonwealth Games silver medallist is a... [more]

Dixon on front row of grid for Indy 500
The New Zealand motor racing driver Scott Dixon will be on the front row of the grid for the 100th edition of the Indianapolis 500 next week after posting the... [more]

Pakistan in firm control
Opener Taufeeq Umar made an unbeaten 97 as Pakistan took command of the second cricket test , ending the third day at St Kitts 251 runs ahead and with seven... [more]

Two wns for NZ junior surfers at World Champs
New Zealand surfers have started the World Junior Championships in Peru with two wins in their qualifying round heats and with six out of the seven going through. Ben Poulter... [more]

Horner wins Tour of California
The New Zealand cyclist Greg Henderson has finished a close third in the final stage of the Tour of California after winning stage three. The 39-year-old American Chris Horner, won... [more]

New Zealand business people look for opportunities in Melanesia
A New Zealand government MP who's part of a trade mission to Vanuatu, says they aim to strengthen the relationship between New Zealand and local business people. John Hayes says... [more]

Former French Polynesian leader off to Paris for talks with ruling party
The former French Polynesian president, Gaston Tong Sang, is off to Paris today to meet leaders of France's ruling UMP Party. Mr Tong Sang, who is the leader of the... [more]

Solomons cannery complex part of regional aim to increase tuna return
A Pacific fisheries official says a proposed marine and industrial park complex in Solomon Islands is part of a regional drive to maximise returns from tuna resources. The Solomon Islands... [more]

NGO warns Pacific to do more to protect declining tuna fishery
The environmental NGO, Greenpeace, says Pacific countries must take heed of shifting international consumer demand for environmentally friendly tuna. It says otherwise it risks losing its foothold in overseas tinned... [more]

Tonga Cabinet meets in Vava'u for first time
Tonga's cabinet is holding a retreat on the island of Vava'u, the first time it has met away from the capital. The meeting is to review the progress made since... [more]

PNG broadcaster victim of extortion over video
A 23-year-old man from Manus province in Papua New Guinea has been arrested by detectives after he allegedly attempted to extort money and sex from a female journalist in Port... [more]

PNG Indonesia border re-opened after aircraft flyover commotion
Papua New Guinea's border with Indonesia in West Sepik province has re-opened after being closed following an unexplained flight by an Indonesian military aircraft into PNG airspace. On Saturday, the... [more]

Ministry investigates staff advice over national standards
The Ministry of Education is investigating allegations its staff left a Nelson school with the clear impression it could say it is using the national standards when it is not. [more]

'More tourists needed' to help Christchurch
Some tourism operators in Christchurch have lost 75% of their turnover as the full effects of the earthquake disaster on the region's tourism industry become clear. [more]

More money for Porirua child health urged
Wellington's Capital and Coast DHB is being urged to boost spending to fight high levels of rheumatic fever and other child health problems in Porirua. [more]

Cathedral Cove rockfalls a danger
The Coromandel's famous Cathedral Cove arch is crumbling again, prompting warnings it is becoming more dangerous. [more]

Labour defends research and development plan
Labour leader Phil Goff says no more than $800 million will be spent on his party's research and development tax credit. [more]