Radio New Zealand - Friday, 22nd July 2011

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Best Song Ever Written - London Bridge
Lee from the Kapiti Coast nominates 'London Bridge' by Bread. [more]

The end of an era
As the shuttle programme draws to a close Chris Riley reports on the landing of the last Space Shuttle, Atlantis, from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. [more]

NZ Society - Auckland Zoo (Part 4)
David Steemson with some surprising information as a result of his breakfast visit to the native section of the zoo. [more]

Feature Album - Luck of the Draw
Our feature album is 'Luck of the Draw' by Bonnie Raitt (1991). [more]

Fresh Fast Food with Sachie Nomura
Sachie Nomura from Auckland restaurant Sachie's Kitchen has a recipe for Teriyaki Chicken. [more]

Wine with Belinda Jackson
Blenheim wine expert Belinda Jackson shares this week's recommendations. [more]

Film Review with Sarah McMullan
Sarah McMullan discusses The New Zealand International Film Festival. [more]

British Mercury Music Prize nominees
This year's controversy is the inclusion of Adele's 21, which has already hit multi-platinum status. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 22 July 2011
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel. [more]

The Panel with Michelle Boag and Islay Mcleod (Part 1)
Further aftershocks in Christchurch; John Key has announced that a contingent of US Marines will be visiting our shores next year; John Key in the USA. [more]

The Panel with Michelle Boag and Islay Mcleod (Part 2)
Bankers and finance workers in the UK have received bonuses totaling £14billion this year; Developments in the Epsom electorate; The Professional Firefighters Union has filed notice of strike action. [more]

Best Of The Week

Best of the Week - 22 July 2011
Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 22 July. This week.... the comings and goings of Israeli travellers at the time of the Christchurch quake, is a Capital Gains Tax an election winner for Labour, a centenary of radio in New Zealand, a fire organ - using thermo acoustics to tubes to make sound, what are the lessons for our media in the wake of the Murdoch scandal overseas and the Illustrated History of New Zealand Film. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 22 July 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 22 July 2011
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 22 July 2011
The tapware maker Methven issues a profit upgrade. [more]

Evening Business for 22 July 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 22 July 2011
The listed shower and tapware designer, Methven, is forecasting to nearly double its profit this financial year, by cutting its product range and making its internal operations more efficient. [more]


John Key faces further questions
The prime minister, John Key, has faced further questions about allegations of an Israeli spy ring operating in Christchurch at the time of the February earthquake. [more]

Canterbury was shaken by a 5.1 earthquake around 5.30am
Canterbury was shaken by a 5.1 earthquake just after 5.30 this morning. [more]

The Week in Review for 22 July 2011
A review of the week's news including: Labour struggling to put a dent in the National Party's lead in the polls, questions over Israelis caught up in the Christchurch earthquake, the latest from the Pike River Mine inquiry, electricity price rises fuelling inflation, an Auckland school wanting all students to take an iPad to class and Steve Williams dropped as Tiger Wood's caddy. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Friday 22 July 2011
National confirms support deal for Dunne in Ohariu; More tough questions for Peter Whittall at Royal Commission; Bernie Monk says first part of inquiry revealed a lot; Key ready for Obama tomorrow; Ministers express sadness at death of Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan; Quake-affected cantabs given the green light to repair homes. [more]

National confirms support deal for Dunne in Ohariu
The National Party is stepping in to help out the leader of another of its support parties, this time in the Wellington seat of Ohariu. [more]

More tough questions for Peter Whittall at Royal Commission
The chief executive of the Pike River coal company Peter Whittall has rejected a claim that the company put men and resources into developing a coal face instead of a second exit. [more]

Bernie Monk says first part of inquiry revealed a lot
With the first phase of the inquiry finishing today, Bernie Monk - a spokesperson for the families of the 29 men - says a lot more information has come to light than he expected. [more]

Taxi Federation comments on camera changes
The Transport Minister, Steven Joyce, is rejecting a call to review the rules for private hire cars saying existing laws are enough to deter taxi companies from falsely claiming to be private operators, to avoid new security regulations. [more]

Key ready for Obama tomorrow
The Prime Minister, John Key, will meet with the US president, Barack Obama, at the White House in the early hours of tomorrow morning. [more]

Ministers express sadness at death of Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan
Senior Government Ministers have expressed their sadness at the death of Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan. [more]

Sports News 22 July 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Quake-affected cantabs given the green light to repair homes
There's relief for about 40-thousand homeowners in Canterbury, who today have been told they won't have to abandon their quake-damaged properties. [more]

United Future pushes for a flexible retirement age
United Future is pushing for a flexible retirement age, with retirees deciding when they would take pension payments, from the age of 60. [more]

Industrial relations expert expects long firefighters' strike
Volunteer firefighters say their ability to do their job could be compromised if their professional colleagues strike for a prolonged period. [more]

Weekend predicted to bring a bitter blast from the South
The entire country is being warned to brace for an icy Antarctic blast this weekend which could bring snow to sea level in some parts. [more]

Key talks to US Chamber of Commerce about high dollar
The Prime Minister John Key says the high value of the New Zealand dollar is threatening to dampen economic growth. [more]

Attempts to justify ECE funding levels in Rotorua
The Education Minister's attempts to paint early childhood education funding in a good light, have fallen on stony ground at a conference in Rotorua today. [more]

Sports News for 22 July 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Focus on Politics for 22 July 2011
Chris Bramwell looks at what the arrival of the Mana Party means for the political landscape. [more]

Country Life

Sheep Heaven - 19. Off with the Wool
Dr Clive Dalton hand clips Arahi the ewe hogget. How many beanies will her two and a half kilo fleece make? The lovely looking wool is off to Kane Carding in Wairarapa and will be spun and knitted by two classic crafty women in Waikato. [more]

Regional Wrap
Most of the South Island's had a chance to dry out this week - but cold weather's on the way. Calves are beginning to arrive thick and fast in the North Island. [more]

Carne Technologies
Carne Technologies is a Cambridge firm which specialises in research and development work around the electrical stunning and stimulation of meat carcasses to produce the best possible meat to eat. It also works with meat colour, tenderness, pH, succulence and texture. [more]

Moon Over Martinborough
Amelia Nurse heads out to a Martinborough olive grove to see how two city boys are faring with their trees. [more]

Bonus audio: Henry and Francoise
Jared Gulian tells the story of the late blooming love of Old Man Henry and Francoise the Aracauna. [more]

Extra Time

Extra Time for 22 July 2011
This week golf's best known caddy reacts to his sacking by the game's best known player. We hear from the All Blacks head coach before their first test in World Cup year and a week before they start the Tri Nations in Wellington, while on a lighter note we have a capital musical tribute to those of us who'll never play rugby for New Zealand. The former Black Caps batsman and Otago cricket captain Craig Cumming explains why he's standing down and we talk to a member of the New Zealand men's hockey team,about the Four nations tourrnament in London and next year's Olympic Games there. One of the Warriors' key players looks at the run into the NRL playoffs and New Zealand's only rider in the Tour de France talks about the final week of road cycling's classic race. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 22 July 2011
A contingent of US Marines is to visit New Zealand and Peter Whittall faces further questions about the Pike River mine exit. [more]

Midday Sports News for 22 July 2011
An All Black veteran hopes to provide a calming influence for the first time starters. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Friday 22 July 2011
The U.S. debt crisis upsets John Key's planned meeting with senior Congressional leaders. A rush of people looking to fix their mortgages may prompt banks to raise interest rates even before the official cash rate goes up and the space shuttle Atlantis has completed its final mission, and landed safely at the Kennedy Space Center. [more]

More people anticipating interest rate rises
There's been a surge in people fixing their mortgage rates with predictions interest rates will soon be rising. [more]

The space shuttle Atlantis has completed its final mission
The space shuttle Atlantis has completed its final mission, and landed safely at the Kennedy Space Center. [more]

Anti-tour protestor reflects on thirty years since first game
It's thirty years today since the first game in the 1981 Springbok rugby tour of New Zealand. [more]

Pacific News for 22 July 2011
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

12-year golfing relationship in tatters
New Zealand caddie Steve Williams has revealed his extreme dissapointment and shock at being dumped by Tiger Woods after more than a decade of loyal service. [more]

Details of charges faced by Emily Longley's boyfriend
Further details have come to light of the charges faced by the ex-boyfriend of New Zealander, Emily Longley. [more]

US debt crisis has derailed John Key's meetings
The ongoing Government debt crisis in the US has derailed John Key's meeting with the Senate's Democrat and Republican leaders. [more]

Exit from floating mortgages puts pressure on fixed rates
A surge in people fixing their mortgage rates could prompt the banks to raise those rates, even before the Official Cash Rate goes up. [more]

The space shuttle Atlantis has completed its final mission
The space shuttle Atlantis has completed its final mission, and landed safely at the Kennedy Space Center. [more]

United Future seeking help from National in Ohariu
United Future, wants the same sort of assistance ACT's being offered in Epsom, to help its leader win what's shaping up to be a tight race in Ohariu. [more]

Fire Service chief disappointed by notice of strike
Firefighters have rejected a 2.5 percent pay offer and say they'll go on strike unless the offer is raised to 8 point 9 percent over 18 months. [more]

Sports News for 22 July 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Pike River Royal Commission hearing
The chief executive of the Pike River coal company Peter Whittall says a better mine inspection system would not have averted the disaster of last November. [more]

Dissident Fiji Colonel to meet "apolitical" head of Kingitanga
The dissident Fiji colonel, Tevita Mara, is expecting to meet with the Maori King, King Tuheitia today. [more]

All Blacks play Fiji tonight
The All Blacks play Fiji tonight, co-incidentally on the thirtieth anniversary of the opening of the divisive rugby tour by South Africa's Springboks. [more]

Fixed or floating mortgages? Broker says it's a tough call
There's growing expectation in financial circles that the Reserve Bank will act sooner rather than later to increase the cost of borrowing. [more]

New Zealand is labelled 'paranoid' about Mossad spies
The media in Israel is continuing to assert that New Zealand is just plain paranoid about Israeli tourists being spies. [more]

Reports Andy Coulson knew about payments to police
It's being reported Andy Coulson, the former chief media adviser to the British prime minister, David Cameron, knew about payments to the police in return for access to phone numbers belonging to the royal family. [more]

Treaty of Waitangi the most ignored principle of curriculum
Schools have consigned the Treaty of Waitangi to the bottom of a list of key priorities they are obliged to observe. [more]

Golf world saw signs that Woods split was coming
They're calling it 'another divorce for Tiger Woods,' after the former world golf number one announced he was splitting with his long time caddy, New Zealander Steve Williams. [more]

Sports News for 22 July 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Gov spends $5 million on biosecurity incursion compensation
It's been revealed the government has paid out millions of dollars in compensation to exporters to help ensure their co-operation in combating pests and diseases. [more]

Call for inquiry into child abuse
The lobby group Family First is calling for a Royal Commission into child abuse in this country. [more]

Carisbrook stalwarts reflect on the House of Pain's final test
More than a century of history comes to an end tonight when Carisbrook hosts its final rugby test. [more]

Kerry-Anne Walsh with news from Australia
Let's have a chat to our Canberra correspondent Kerry-Anne Walsh. [more]


Brass Band Champs
Conductor of Christchurch's Woolston Brass Band Graham Hickman talks about the annual national brass competition being held in the North Shore, involving 28 bands and over 1500 individual musicians. [more]

This week's answer and winner. [more]

Nine To Noon

The great US debt stand-off
Joe Gagnon is a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, a private, nonpartisan research institution focused on international economic policy. [more]

Tribute to a Maori language pioneer
The late Dame Katerina Te Heikoko Mataira was a teacher, community educator, writer, artist and Maori language activist who died on July 16 2011. She was a key player in the revival of te reo Maori. [more]

Pacific Correspondent - Mike Field
The rate of decline of native languages in the pacific. [more]

Feature Guest - Jeffery Deaver
Bestselling thriller writer Jeffery Deaver has turned his pen to the James Bond franchise, after being invited by Ian Fleming Publications to write the new Bond novel, Carte Blanche. He's given it a more contemporary setting, but like all good Bond tales, there are plenty of exotic locations and Bond still drives a Bentley. [more]

Book Review - The Trouble With Fire
Gina Rogers reviews 'The Trouble With Fire' by Fiona Kidman, published by Vintage. [more]

New Music with Sean McKenna
Featuring 'Don't Need It' by the artist William Elliott Whitmore off the album Field Songs, 'Little Lovin' by the artist Lissie off the album Catching A Tiger, 'Endless Blue' by the artists The Horrors off the album Skying and 'The Night - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons', performed by various artists off the album Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown's. [more]

Sport with Joseph Romanos
The split between Tiger Woods and his New Zealand caddy Steve Williams and reflections on the 30 years since the controversial Springbok rugby tour. [more]

The Week That Was
With Jessie Mulligan and Elisabeth Easther. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 22 July 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 22 July 2011
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

Te Manu Korihi

Manu Korihi News for 22 July 2011
The Ngapuhi leader, Sonny Tau, is appealing to Northland hapu to listen to those who want early settlement of the tribe's Treaty claim; A former leader of the Maori Women's Welfare League says, Hannah Tamaki, has a tough time ahead of her in her race for the presidency; Prison inmates have helped the Department of Corrections win a national art award - through their creativity in arts from carving to kapa haka; More than 300 Maori taonga or treasures will go on display for the first time in a Chinese museum from today. [more]

Manu Korihi News for 22 July 2011
The Ngapuhi leader, Sonny Tau, has been accused of dividing his people by pushing for early settlement of the tribe's treaty claims; A former leader of the Maori Women's Welfare League says Hannah Tamaki, has a tough time ahead of her in the race for the presidency; The Department of Corrections has won a national award for getting inmates to take up art and show off their works outside prison walls. [more]

Manu Korihi News for 22 July 2011
The Labour MP Parekura Horomia has paid tribute to the former Labour MP and Cabinet Minister, Whetu Tirikatene Sullivan who has died at the age of 79. The biggest tribe in the country is deadlocked over how to handle its assive treaty claim and appears to be headed for the High Court. A former head of the Tainui-Waikato Parliament says a meeting today between King Tuheitia and the dissident Fiji colonel, Tevita Mara - was held out of respect. [more]

Manu Korihi News for 22 July 2011
Ngapuhi hapu are threatening legal action, if mandating hui are held to settle their treaty claims; The whanau of the the late Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan has announced there'll be a memorial service to honour her, in Wellington next month; A former head of the Tainui-Waikato Parliament has dismissed suggestions that a meeting between King Tuheitia and the dissident Fiji colonel, Tevita Mara could politicise the Kingitanga. [more]


Vanessa Thompson
Manager of the Young and Hungry Arts Trust previews Festival of Theatre opening in Wellington and Auckland today. [more]

Leimomi Oakes and Dmitri Theodoridis
Hawiian-born fashion and textile historian and Wellington based music historian teaming up with Wellington period musicians to present a show this weekend called 'Grandeur & Frivolity: Music and Fashion from the Courts of Louis XIV & XV'. [more]

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra Review
Peter Hoar reviews last night's 'Inspired by Bach' concert featuring violinist Natalia Lomeiko. [more]

News stories:

Pork belly market closes
Chicago's pork belly market has closed after 50 years of trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. It was the oldest livestock futures contract on the exchange. [more]

Assets acquired by Buller Coal
Bathurst Resources says its wholly owned New Zealand subsidiary, Buller Coal has completed the acquisition of the Brookdale Assets on the Buller Plateau. [more]

Wool price rise stalls due to NZ dollar
The booming New Zealand dollar has halted a further lift in wool prices which dropped between 2.5% - 5% at the latest combined auction of North and South Island wool. Only 65% of the 18 thousand bales on offer, sold. [more]

Credit card billings rise
Credit card billings have risen for a third consecutive month, but at a slower rate as consumers remain cautious about their spending. [more]

Fonterra shareholders keen to see changes in raw milk regs
Fonterra's Shareholders Council says farmers will be pushing for changes in the raw milk regulations. Fonterra is currently obliged to sell up to 600 million litres of milk per year to competitors at a regulated price. [more]

Prison art acknowledged by national art award
Prison inmates have helped the Department of Corrections win a national art award - through their creativity in arts from carving to kapa haka. [more]

Hapu urged to listen to pleas for early settlement of claim
Ngapuhi leader Sonny Tau is appealing to Northland hapu to listen to those who want early settlement of the tribe's Treaty claim. [more]

Tough election seen for Tamaki
Dame Georgina Kirby, a former leader of the Maori Women's Welfare League, says Hannah Tamaki has a tough time ahead of her in her race for the presidency of the league. [more]

NZ dollar still rising
The New Zealand dollar has broken through 86 US cents, driven by signs the economy is growing and interest rates will rise soon. [more]

Concerns about proposed capital gains tax on retirement schemes
The Shareholders Association has raised serious concerns about the affect of Labour's proposed capital gains tax on retirement schemes, warning it could wipe tens of thousands of dollars from some KiwiSaver funds. [more]

Fonterra seen as becoming global marketplace
Fonterra says its auction site is on the way to becoming a truly global marketplace for buying and selling dairy products, following DairyAmerica's decision to become a supplier. [more]

Lender's credit rating downgraded again
NZF Money has had its credit rating downgraded again, after the troubled company withdrew its prospectus following an investigation by the Financial Markets Authority. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Friday's headlines: Playboy lifestyle of accused killer described; firefighters threaten industrial action; demolition work starts on The Press building in Cathedral Square. [more]

Juice takeover bid recommended
Independent directors at Charlie's Group are recommending that shareholders accept a takeover offer for the juice maker of $129 million by Asahi Beverages. [more]

Fiji's Mara says army will not turn against own people
The former Fiji army Colonel Tevita Mara says he believes the regime has lost the support of more than half the military. Ratu Tevita is in New Zealand for five... [more]

Rush in mortgage changes could see rise in rates
A rush of people adjusting their mortgage rates could prompt banks to raise rates even before the Official Cash Rate goes up. [more]

Schleck firms as Tour de France favourite
Andy Schleck left three-times champion Alberto Contador floundering in the thin mountain air as he outwitted, outpaced and outclassed his Tour de France rivals with an inspired climb to win... [more]

Tevez still confident of move to South America
The Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez is unfazed by the collapse of his transfer to Brazilian football side Corinthians and is expecting fresh bids from further clubs. The Argentine international... [more]

Taranaki edge Waikato
Taranaki's come from behind to beat Waikato 30-23 in Hamilton at the start of week three in rugby's ITM Cup. Waikato led 14-5 at half-time but Taranaki scored three tries... [more]

Paraguay beat unlucky Venezuela to reach Copa final
Paraguay's beaten Venezuela 5-3 in a penalty shoot-out in Argentina to reach the final of the Copa America football tournament for the first time since 1979. There was no score... [more]

Muller withdraws from Tri-Nations opener
South Africa's team for Saturday's Tri-Nations opener against Australia has been further weakened by the withdrawal of lock Johann Muller with a hamstring injury. The 23-Test forward will be replaced... [more]

Breakers stars join teen towers in Tall Blacks trials
Seven members of the Australian basketball league champion Breakers side have been named to try out for the New Zealand senior men's team in a three-day camp next week in... [more]

Four changes for Wellington
All Black halfback Piri Weepu could back up for Wellington 24 hours later after being bracketed for the Lions' first home game of the national provincial season against Auckland on... [more]

Offshore markets rise on Greek deal
Stocks in the United States ended higher on Thursday as signs of progress on the US debt talks and concrete action from Europe on its own debt crisis heartened investors. [more]

Nokia deep in the red
Nokia has plunged into the red as sales fell and margins were squeezed in the second quarter. The giant mobile phone company had warned that second quarter results would be disappointing. [more]

King loses in Malaysia
The New Zealand squash number one Joelle King has been beaten in the quarterfinals of the women's singles at the Malaysian Open in Kuala Lumpur. The world number 14 was... [more]

Hong Kong inflation up
Hong Kong's inflation rate has risen to its highest level in almost three years, fuelled by soaring housing costs and food prices. The city imports 90% of its food. [more]

Two trucks blown over
Two truck and trailer units were blown over by high winds north of Shannon in Horowhenua, closing State Highway 56 on Friday morning. [more]

Xero strengthening presence in Australia
Online accounting software company Xero is spending some of its $16 million cash reserves to beef up its presence in Australia. [more]

Ralph Norris to step down from Commonwealth Bank
Ralph Norris will step down as chief executive at Australia's Commonwealth Bank at the end of November. He has led Australia's biggest bank for six years. [more]

Record revenues at Microsoft
Annual revenues at Microsoft have hit a record of $US69.94 billion. [more]

More red ink expected by NZ Wine Company
New Zealand Wine Company expects an oversupply of New Zealand wine and a strong New Zealand dollar to force its books further into the red. [more]

BNZ selected to arrange $200 million loan
The Bank of New Zealand has been selected to arrange a $200 million loan for Ngāi Tahu's investment arm. [more]

Publication of spot market prices delayed
The Electricity Authority has agreed to delay the publication of corrected spot market prices, after a last-minute request by Contact. [more]

Williams loses respect for Woods
Tiger Wood's dumped New Zealand golf caddy Steve Williams says he lost respect for the superstar when details emerged of Wood's numerous extra-marital affairs, and he says he's lost even... [more]

Dixon joins Kiwis for Gold Coast
IndyCar star Scott Dixon will form a New Zealand-heavy outfit for this year's Gold Coast V8 Supercars race. The two-time IndyCar champion has been confirmed as compatriot Shane Van Gisbergen's... [more]

Fulham continue epic Europa League qualifying journey
London Premier League side Fulham has progressed to the third round of qualifying for the second-tier Europa League football competition. Fulham beat Northern Irish side Crusaders 4-0 in their second... [more]

NRL in line for bumper payday
A new broadcast agreement outstripping the $1.5 billion deal struck by Aussie Rules is one of several scenarios presented to National Rugby League club bosses as they prepare to embark... [more]

Hockey's version of the IPL set for India
A franchise-based hockey competition similar to the successful Indian Premier League Twenty20 cricket tournament will be held in India in December. The eight-team World Series Hockey, a joint venture of... [more]

Former Indian international summoned to face questioning
The former Indian all-rounder Ravi Shastri had been summoned by a law enforcement agency probing alleged financial irregularities in cricket's Indian Premier League. He has been asked to help the... [more]

Origin burnout may force changes to NRL
Players will no longer be forced to back-up for National Rugby League games 24 hours after representative fixtures, with the 2012 season to be extended by a week to accommodate... [more]

Yao Ming retires
Chinese basketball star Yao Ming, who opened up the world's most populous country to the NBA and became an Asian sporting icon, has officially announced the end of his career. [more]

Chelsea labour to 1-0 win as Anelka insists he'll stay
Premier League football side Chelsea has laboured to a 1-0 win in a pre-season fixture over a Malaysia XI, with Didier Drogba rescuing the Londoners in the 80th minute in... [more]

Senior Senators skip meeting with Key
Two senior Democrat and Republican Senators pulled out of a planned meeting with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key on Thursday as debt crisis talks continue in Washington. Two others took their places. [more]

Applications to help control PSA being fast tracked
The Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry is fast tracking applications from agri-chemical companies, wanting to register products to help control the PSA kiwifruit disease. [more]

Pat on the back for Manawatu farmers
Manawatu-Rangitikei Regional Council says farmers need to be congratulated for their efforts in the past year, to improve the quality of rivers and streams there. Some 112km of river banks have been fenced. [more]

Fonterra says milk pricing formula confirmed as fair
Fonterra says it has independent backing from Compass Lexecon, an internationally renowned competition expert, for the way it sets the price it pays for milk. [more]

Better information needed on farm technology
Pastoral Agriculture Professor Jacqueline Rowarth of Massey University thinks farmers are not being well served by some of the new technology they're being urged to adopt, to lift production. [more]

Likely that banana boat missing in PNG waters overloaded
The acting director of the disaster management office in the Papua New Guinea province of Morobe says it's possible a missing banana boat carrying nine people may have drifted off... [more]

Link to southwestern motorway closed for a month
A link road to the southwestern motorway in Auckland will be closed for a month from Friday night, as the Transport Agency constructs a new intersection and installs noise walls. [more]

Fishing vessel stuck on a reef in American Samoa
A fishing boat ran aground this morning on a reef off American Samoa's main island, Tutuila, as it was returning to Pago Pago harbour after a fishing trip. The fishing... [more]

Cook Islands minstry becomes involved in civil action over fishing licences
The Cook Islands Ministry of Marine Resources is being dragged into a civil court case involving a Taiwanese fishing firm. Yuh Yow Marine Ltd is seeking reimbursement of more than... [more]

Guam Fire Department uncertain on future of ambulances
The Guam Fire Department, which oversees the territory's emergency services, is uncertain about the future of its ambulance fleet due to ongoing maintenance issues. The Department has 14 vehicles but... [more]

PNG's acting PM seeks legal advice on suspension from ruling party
Papua New Guinea's Attorney General, Sir Arnold Amet, says the election of the Acting Prime Minister as one of the ruling National Alliance's four regional leaders is legitimate despite his... [more]

Maersk to end services to Port Taranaki
The Maersk Line shipping company is to pull out of Port Taranaki at the end of July. [more]

Ratu Tevita Mara wants Forum countries to intervene in Fiji
Fiji's pro-democracy movement is lobbying Pacific Islands Forum countries about the need for further intervention in Fiji. The former army Colonel Tevita Mara is in New Zealand for five days... [more]

Sunset clause on Cooks' witholding tax no sweetener: finance minister
The Cook Islands finance minister says a sunset clause on a withholding tax the government ditched 10 years ago but is reintroducing in September is no sweetener. The 15 percent... [more]

Another quake near Christchurch
A magnitude 5.1 earthquake occurred near Christchurch on Friday morning. It was centred on the Greendale fault, 40km west of the city, at a depth of 12km. [more]

$4.3m paid out in biosecurity compensation payments
The Government has paid $4.3 million in compensation to exporters since 2004 to help ensure their co-operation in combating pests and diseases. [more]

French senators complete first official visit to Tonga since 1855 Treaty
Six French Senators have comleted a tour of Tonga, the first such parliamentary visit since the two countries signed a Friendship Treaty signed in 1855. The delegation was led by... [more]

Plane services restored to American Samoa's Manu'a group
Inter Island Air resumed flights to Fitiuta Airport in American Samoa's Manu'a Islands today. The airline operated two flights to Fitiuta Airport, one this morning and another this afternoon. With... [more]

Cook Islands insurer gets hefty fine for not paying income tax
A Cook Islands insurance company has been fined more than 16 thousand US dollars for failing to pay income tax over a period of ten years. The Rarotonga Insurance Agency... [more]

Pike mine ladder 'almost impossible" to use in a fire
The Royal Commission inquiry into the Pike River mine disaster has heard that a vertical ladder in the mine would have been almost impossible to use as an exit in a fire. [more]

PNG's attorney general downplays ructions in ruling National Alliance
A senior member of Papua New Guinea's ruling party has downplayed the current power struggle in the National Alliance. Sir Arnold Amet, who is also Attorney General, has also confirmed... [more]

State of emergency placed on CNMI health centres because of debt
The main health centres in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas have been placed under a state of emergency, less than three months out from the deadline for them to... [more]

Search continues for 15 Micronesians missing at sea
The US Coast Guard is continuing its search for 15 Micronesians missing after a skiff disappeared about 900 kilometres southeast of Guam. CNN reports that after 30 hours searching around... [more]

Choice proposed for retirees for when they take super
Retirees would get a choice about when they take superannuation under a new policy announced by United Future leader Peter Dunne. [more]

Lobby group wants inquiry into child abuse
Family First wants an independent inquiry, similar to the one being conducted into the Pike River mine tragedy, to be held into child abuse. [more]

Agreement on Greek crisis at summit meeting
Eurozone leaders have reached a new agreement on tackling the Greek debt crisis. [more]

Eftpos fault fixed
A fault that caused disruption for some eftpos users in several parts of the country has been resolved. [more]

Charge laid over Wairoa gang shooting
A 23-year-old man from Napier was due to appear in court on Friday afternoon over a gang shooting in Wairoa. [more]

Copthorne demolition due to start
Demolition of another quake-damaged high rise building, the Copthorne Hotel, is due to begin in Christchurch next week. [more]

Polynesian countries strengthen links to fight illegal fishing
The Cook Islands, New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, Niue and Tokelau are strengthening ties to clamp down on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, which is estimated to cost the region up... [more]

New Zealand Defence Force personnel providing aid in Tokelau
Thirty New Zealand military personnel are in Tokelau providing assistance under the Defence Force's ongoing Exercise Tropic Twilight. This is a commitment to disaster relief in the South Pacific and... [more]

More attempts tonight to refloat ship stuck an American Samoa reef
Rescuers were hoping that a fishing vessel that ran aground a reef off American Samoa's main island of Tutuila could free itself at high tide this morning. But this has... [more]

Fence repair stands between resumption of flights into PNG town
The chief executive of a Papua New Guinea airline which has cancelled its commercial flights to Kundiawa in Simbu province, says they can resume once a fence is fixed. People... [more]

Damien Wright named as Black Caps bowling coach
Former Australian state cricketer Damien Wright's been appointed as New Zealand's next bowling coach. The 35-year-old replaces Allan Donald, who's switched to the same role with his native South Africa. [more]

NZ market nearly 1% up
The benchmark NZX50 index closed 28 points, or nearly 1%, higher at 3449 on turnover of $1 million on Friday. [more]

Ben Campbell pulls out of US Amateur
New Zealand's number one amateur golfer Ben Campbell has withdrawn from the US Amateur to return home to have surgery on his foot. The 19-year-old from Masterton had held hopes... [more]

Samoa leader touts sub-regional Polynesian grouping in Forum anniversary speech
The Samoan Prime Minister has raised the possibility of the formation of a sub-regional Polynesian grouping. Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi made the comment during a lecture in Apia on regionalism held... [more]

Methven expects to double its profit
Methven is picking its full year profit will almost double this financial year, due to its British business returning to profit and lower operating costs. [more]

NZF Money calling in receivers
Troubled lender NZF Money has called for receivers to be appointed after the regulator stopped it raising money and Standard & Poor's cuts its junk status rating further. [more]

Firefighters' union difficult to work with - Bazley
Fire Service Commission chair Dame Margaret Bazley has labelled the firefighter's union as archaic and difficult to work with. [more]

NZTA to crack down on taxis avoiding security laws
The New Zealand Transport Agency says it will actively seek taxi companies that avoid new security regulations by claiming to be private hire operators. [more]

Dunedin confident 'Quake Escape' students will be good
Dunedin Acting Mayor Syd Brown is confident the arrival of large numbers of Christchurch University students in the city will not lead to riots. [more]

Greens write to SSC about Treasury gifts
The Green Party has written to the State Services Commissioner asking him to investigate whether the gifts received by Treasury officials breach gift guidelines. [more]

Auckland bank held up by armed man
A Westpac Bank branch in central Auckland has been robbed by an armed man. [more]

Treaty ignored at schools - ERO
Schools have consigned the Treaty of Waitangi to the bottom of a list of principles they must observe in their work. [more]

Latest quake may make insurance tougher - Minister
Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says Cantabrians looking for new insurance may find it more difficult, following a 5.1 magnitude quake that shook the region early on Friday morning. [more]

Minister's justification of ECE levels falls on stony ground
The Education Minister's attempts to paint early childhood education funding in a good light has fallen flat at a conference in Rotorua. [more]

40,000 homeowners given all-clear
About 40,000 homeowners in quake areas of Waimakariri and Selwyn have been given the all-clear to stay and repair their homes. [more]

Horomia pays tribute to Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan
Labour MP Parekura Horomia has paid tribute to former Labour MP and Cabinet Minister, Whetu Tirikatene Sullivan, who has died at the age of 79. [more]

King 'maintaining royal connections' by meeting Mara
A former head of the Tainui-Waikato Parliament has dismissed suggestions that a meeting between King Tuheitia and the dissident Fiji colonel, Tevita Mara, could politicise the Kingitanga. [more]

Hapu threaten court action if claim roadshow goes ahead
The biggest tribe in the country, Ngapuhi, is deadlocked over how to handle its massive Treaty of Waitangi claim, and appears to be headed for the High Court. [more]

Tornado hits Waipu
A tornado in the Northland town of Waipu has destroyed caravans and sheds in its path. Heavy rain has also caused flooding in Whangarei. [more]

Police concerned for safety of missing man in Waiuku
Police say they have concerns for the safety of a man who has gone missing from the town of Waiuku, north of Auckland. [more]

30 years since first game of 1981 Springbok tour
It's 30 years since the first game in the 1981 Springbok rugby tour of New Zealand, which divided the country. It comes as the All Blacks met Fiji, which is also facing political restrictions. [more]

Pike boss rejects claim resources went into coal face, not exit
The first phase of the Royal Commission inquiring into the Pike River disaster has finished with the chief executive of the company rejecting a claim resources were put into developing a coal face instead of a second exit. [more]

Ngapuhi factions still at odds over Treaty claims
A public forum on the Ngapuhi Treaty of Waitangi claims has failed to resolve a stand off over how they should be managed. [more]