Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 28th July 2011

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Best Song Ever Written - Daisy Bell
Julia Bradshaw from Hokitika chooses 'Daisy Bell' performed by Dinah Shore. [more]

Your Place - Tekapo
Tekapo is a former hydro town at the Southern end of Lake Tekapo. Its claim to fame is the little stone church that sits on a hill overlooking the lake. Built in 1935, it was the first church in the entire McKenzie basin. [more]

Official Cash Rate
The Reserve Bank has left the Official Cash Rate standing steady at 2.5%, but the announcement came with a signal that things could change from Sepetmber. [more]

Gumboot Tango
The story of Gumboot Tango, a Taranaki band who'll be returning to the Arts Festival to play for the first time since 1995. [more]

Feature Album - There Goes Rhymin' Simon
'There Goes Rhymin' Simon' was Paul Simon's first solo album after the dissolution of his partnership with Art Garfunkel. [more]

The Arts Report - Is NZ TV drama a monolopy?
Why one company has pretty much sewn up the available funding, what that means for other writers with good ideas, and for viewers who don't like that style of drama. [more]

Southern Story for 28 July 2011 - Housie
For some the game of Housie merely offers a night out and a chance to socialise, but for Craig Butterfield it plays an important role in both his private and professional lives. Katy Gosset meets a man who has Housie in his blood. [more]

Our Changing World - Replanting a Wairarapa Wetland
Ducks Unlimited have enlisted Victoria University's help to bring scientific rigour to the replanting of Wairio wetland. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 28 July 2011
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel. [more]

The Panel with Ali Jones and Irene Gardiner (Part 1)
Boutique cheesemakers say they're prepared to fight Fonterra over the use of the word "vintage" on their products; and a Christchurch woman is miffed because she has lost two days annual leave while she and her kids were trapped at home during a heavy snowfall. [more]

The Panel with Ali Jones and Irene Gardiner (Part 2)
A locally-produced study says health policy-makers place too much emphasis on exercise, smoking and weight loss, and not enough on complex biological and cultural factors when it comes to dealing with obesity. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 28 July 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 28 July 2011
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 28 July 2011
Sharemarket trading rises by more than a quarter in the first six months of the year. [more]

Evening Business for 28 July 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 28 July 2011
New Zealand's share market over the past six months has jumped significantly, compared to the previous year. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Thursday 28 July 2011
Hard hitting report on maternity care released, Reserve Bank keeps OCR on hold, pushes Kiwi higher, Prostitutes could be ordered off the streets of Auckland, Protestors try to arrest Tony Blair, Australian police investigate organ trafficking case, and Auckland Hospital evacuated after oxygen leak. [more]

Hard hitting report on maternity care released
There's a call for a radical rethink of the way maternity care is delivered, in particular to teenage mothers . A hard hitting report has found the deaths of 98 unborn and newborn babies in 2009 were potentially avoidable. [more]

Reserve Bank keeps OCR on hold, pushes Kiwi higher
The New Zealand dollar has been on the rise again despite the Reserve Bank's decision to leave the Official Cash Rate on hold, as well as making known its worry about the currency's recent strong run. [more]

Prostitutes could be ordered off the streets of Auckland
Prostitutes could be ordered off the streets of Auckland under expanded rules backed by the city council. It's voted to extend the geographic reach of a controversial Bill before Parliament which will let it dictate where sex workers can solicit from and let the police arrest and fine them and their clients. [more]

Sports News for 28 July 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Protestors try to arrest Tony Blair
About 30 peace protestors have attempted to make a citizen's arrest of the former British prime minister, Tony Blair, while he was giving a speech in Auckland. [more]

Australian police investigate organ trafficking case
Australian police are investigating their first case of organ trafficking as a global shortage of donors fuels the trade for body parts. [more]

Auckland Hospital evacuated after oxygen leak
Around 400 people had to be evacuated from Auckland Hospital today, because of a leak from a huge oxygen tank. 12 outpatients from the oncology unit were among those cleared from the building, which is mostly used for administration. [more]

Christchurch Council kill deal with bankrupt developer
The Christchurch City Council has terminated a controversial property deal with the now bankrupt developer Dave Henderson. The council bought five central city sites off Mr Henderson for 17 million dollars in 2008. [more]

Norwegian cameraman speaks about massacre
A Norwegian cameraman who captured the only known images of the gunman during the Utøya island massacre says at the time he had no idea he was filming the killer. [more]

Australian economist hits out at Reserve Bank
An Australian economist has hit out at the Reserve Bank here saying it should have hiked interest rates today and ignored any risks to the economy from the debt crisis in Washington. [more]

Americans frustrated with lawmakers work on debt ceiling
Average Americans are increasingly frustrated with the apparent inability of their elected officials to resolve the political crisis over raising the debt ceilling. [more]

Auckland Council votes to extend anti-street prostitution bill
Prostitutes could be ordered off the streets of Auckland under the expansion of laws that the city council has given backing to. [more]

Japan raises radiation exposure limit
New documents released by Japan's government reveal the 16 hundred workers trying to stabilise the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant will be exposed to high levels of radiation. [more]

Kaiapoi homeowners to get decision soon
More than a thousand homeowners in Kaiapoi, who've been living in limbo since September's quake, should soon learn how much longer they'll have to wait to find out what will happen to their houses. [more]

Rifle pits dug by NZ soldiers in WWII discovered in Greece
Rifle pits dug by the 28th Maori Battalion during a little-remembered confrontation with German soldiers in the Second World War have been discovered by a New Zealand historian visiting Greece. [more]

Aim to triple number of Maori Auckland students graduating
Education leaders in Auckland are working to triple the number of Maori students in the region getting a degree by 2020. [more]

Sports News for 28 July 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

NZ aid worker speaks of drought in Horn of Africa
The UN World Food Programme has started airlifting supplies to the rapidly worsening famine in the eastern Horn of Africa. More than 11 million people are threatened by the drought, in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. [more]

Cheesemaker surprised by Fonterra letter over the name Vintage
A move by Fonterra to crack down on the use of the name Vintage on cheeses, other than its own, has shocked specialist cheesemakers. [more]

Christchurch to set up high technology hub
A high-tech IT centre is to be set up in Christchurch. The council is donating two and a half hectares of land rent-free for three years, for a business hub for technology companies which have lost their premises due to quake damage. [more]

Coastal Weather

Coastal Weather Forecast for Thursday 28th July 2011
Coastal weather report. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 28 July 2011
A call for more to be done to reduce deaths amongst unborn and newborn babies, and The Reserve Bank says time is almost up on holding the cash rate at 2.5%. [more]

Midday Sports News for 28 July 2011
The All Blacks make finding a back-up number eight a priority. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Thursday 28 July 2011
Reserve Bank to review Official Cash Rate; US politicians no nearer a compromise on debt; Basic food costs for low-income families rising; NZ born missing teen in Norway confirmed dead; Norwegians announce inquiry into Breivik's massacre; Chilean volcano disrupts Argentinian flights; Arrest in hacking case; NZ born girl confirmed dead after Norway attacks; Up to a quarter of Kaiapoi homes could be abandoned; Govt not taking action on child abuse - opposition. [more]

Coroner wants more home help for mentally ill
A Wellington coroner is recommending more home support for people with serious mental health problems after the death of a man who was was living in unhealthy and unhygienic conditions. [more]

Pacific News for 28 July 2011
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Economists warn interest rate rise could dent recovery
Some economists are warning raising interest rates now risks choking the recovery and sending the New Zealand dollar higher. [more]

Agency says lengthy consultation on child abuse useful
A child protection agency, Jigsaw, says the contentious issues raised in a discussion document on child abuse need to be carefully considered. [more]

Final countdown for London's 2012 Olympic Games
It's now one year until the opening ceremony when 14,700 competitors from 205 nations will on converge on the UK capital. [more]

Reserve Bank to review Official Cash Rate
The Reserve Bank faces a difficult balancing act when it reviews the Official Cash Rate today. [more]

US politicians no nearer a compromise on debt
Whatever the Reserve Bank decides in the coming months will be heavily influenced by the outcome of the debt crisis standoff in the United States. [more]

Basic food costs for low-income families rising
The Salvation Army says basic food costs for low-income families are rising at nearly twice the official inflation rate. [more]

NZ born missing teen in Norway confirmed dead
A New Zealand-born teen missing in Norway has been found and confirmed dead. [more]

Norwegians announce inquiry into Breivik's massacre
Norway's Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, says an independent commission is to be set up to review events surrounding the massacre of 76 people by Anders Behring Breivik. [more]

Chilean volcano disrupts Argentinian flights
The Chilean volcano which has already played havoc with international and domestic flights in New Zealand is now back disrupting flights in Argentina. [more]

Arrest in hacking case
A 19 year old on the remote Shetland Islands has been arrested over the hacking of websites run by the CIA and Sony. [more]

NZ born girl confirmed dead after Norway attacks
The family of New Zealand born Sharidyn Svebakk-Bohn have released a statement to the media. [more]

Up to a quarter of Kaiapoi homes could be abandoned
There's speculation that up to one-thousand properties in Kaiapoi's orange zone could be reclassified as red, and have to be abandoned. [more]

Sports News for 28 July 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Govt not taking action on child abuse - opposition
Opposition parties say the Government is avoiding taking action to help children at risk by putting out a discussion document for a seven-month consultation. [more]

Wellington music historian wins top literary prize
Chris Bourke's Blue Smoke: The Lost Dawn of New Zealand Popular Music 1918 to 1964 has been named the Book of the Year. [more]

Concerns over preparation for London Olympics
It's exactly one year until the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. Events are being held in London to mark the final year's countdown with organisers insisting they are on schedule and may even come in under budget. [more]

NZ-born girl confirmed dead in Norway attacks
The New Zealand-born teen missing in Norway has been found and confirmed dead. Norwegian Labour MP Torgeir Micaelsen is the family spokesperson liason. [more]

Wall Street falls again as political debt wrangling continues
On Wall Street, share prices have fallen today with investors remaining nervous about faltering debt talks in Washington. [more]

Kiwi dollar continues to soar
The Kiwi dollar hit news record highs yesterday. [more]

Missing 14 year old girl confirmed dead in Norway
It's been confirmed this morning that a New Zealand-born girl was among the victims of the Oslo gunman. 14 year old Sharidyn Svebakk-Bohn is the youngest victim so far of those conformed dead. [more]

Australian 'devastated' his words used by Norwegian killer
An Australian writer was one of those quoted by Anders Behring Breivik in his 1500-page manifesto. Keith Windshuttle says he's devastated to be linked to the gunman responsible for the Norway massacre. [more]

Budgeting service says families can no longer get ahead
A South Auckland budgeting service says New Zealand is no longer a country in which poorer families can work their way up. [more]

Sports News for 28 July 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Waikato locals oppose public funds going to cycling centre
A suggestion that rates money could help build the National Cycling Centre in Waikato has angered Grey Power and ratepayer groups in the region. [more]

Small brewer hits back with attempt to trademark 'shandy'
A small brewing company is hitting back at the beer giant DB's successful attempt to trademark Radler, the name for a German style of beer. [more]

Rowing World Champs organiser responds to SPARC report
The organisers of last year's Rowing World Championships at Lake Karapiro have been blamed for a budget blowout which cost taxpayers more than two-million-dollars. [more]

Airbrushed cosmetics adverts banned for being unrealistic
A series of cosmetics advertisements have been banned in the United Kingdom because they were overly airbrushed. [more]

Public asked to vote for Olympic anthem
The New Zealand Olympic Committee is asking the public to vote for which anthem they want out of a list of 19 songs, which can be downloaded from its Facebook page. [more]


Aral Sea : The Uzbekistan Side
Once the world's fourth largest lake, the Aral sea in Central Asia is now in it's death throes. Examining the human and environmental toll with our correspondent Tara Fitzgerald. [more]

Science : world weather
Explanations and implications with severe weather forecaster Erick Brenstrum and tonight we hear how the weather helped save Queen Elizabeth from the Spanish in 1588. [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 7 [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 8 [more]

Nine To Noon

Heightened anxiety about a possible US debt default
The White House is warning that the US will essentially be 'running on fumes' to pay its bills from next week as the deadline looms to avoid a crippling debt default. Global stock markets fell sharply overnight amid mounting fears that Republicans and Democrats will fail to break the stalemate over raising the US borrowing limit by August 2nd. [more]

NZ's central bank leaves interest rates on hold at 2.5 percent
Alan Bollard says that provided current global financial risks recede and the economy continues to recover, he sees little need for the March 'insurance' cut to remain in place much longer. [more]

Poor sales of NZ written fiction
Fergus Barrowman from Victoria University Press and Debra Millar, Penguin's General Manager of Publishing discuss the low sales of NZ fiction compared to fiction written overseas. [more]

UK correspondent - Ann Leslie
The massacre in Norway; The phone ha.king scandal; The death of Amy Winehouse; [more]

Feature Guest - Professor Caroline Saunders
Professor Caroline Saunders, Professor of Trade and Environmental Economics, and Director of the Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit at Lincoln University. [more]

Book Review - The Amateur Science of Love
Written by Craig Sherborne, published by Text Publishing, reviewed by Phil Reed. [more]

New Technology with Steve McCabe
Microblogging service Twitter marks its fifth anniversary; the imminent demise of the optical drive; fake Apple stores in China; more on iPads in schools; and are scientists closing in on the 'God Particle'? [more]

Mothers' coffee groups
Eleanor Black is an award-winning journalist and first-time mum. A former senior feature writer at The New Zealand Herald, she has also been deputy editor of Next magazine and is currently its books editor. [more]

TV with Simon Wilson
Simon Wilson critiques Monroe and Nothing Trivial. [more]

Our Changing World

Lapita - Early Polynesians
What old bones from Vanuatu can tell us about the lives and deaths of the early Lapita people [more]

Glass Harmonium and Aluminium Rods
Alastair Galbraith plays a glass harmonium and makes some aluminium rods sing [more]

Self-setting Possum Traps
Goodnature's self-setting possum traps use the same technology they developed for their very effective rat and stoat traps [more]

Art and Science of Icebergs
An ocean physicist joins a sculptor to talk about icebergs, and parallel processes in art and science [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 28 July 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 28 July 2011
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

Te Manu Korihi

Manu Kori hi News for Thursday 28th July
A veteran Maori community worker says cutting tangihana short won't stop young people killing themselves - but intensive intervention will; A new advocacy group for tamariki says Maori culture holds the key to ending the high rates of child abuse by tangata whenua; The death of the president of the Maori Women's Welfare League is unlikely to delay or accelerate the scheduled election for the top job. [more]

Manu Korihi News for 28 July 2011
A new advocacy group for tamariki is urging Maori to respond to the government's green paper on vulnerable children; A veteran Maori community worker says cutting tangihana short will not stop young people killing themselves - but intensive intervention will; The death of the president of the Maori Women's Welfare League is unlikely to delay or accelerate the scheduled election for the top job. [more]

Manu Korihi News for 28 July 2011
Two iwi have joined a tribe taking action to resolve how a huge forest in the central North Island should be shared; A health researcher says treatment of rheumatic fever needs to be a priority on the East Coast; Te Wananga o Aotearoa says the number of Maori students getting a degree could triple by 2020 if education providers make changes that embrace Maori culture. [more]

Manu Korihi News for 28 July 2011
A health researcher says treatment of rheumatic fever needs to be a priority on the East Coast; Two iwi have joined a tribe taking action to resolve how a huge forest in the central North Island should be shared; Te Wananga o Aotearoa says the number of Maori students getting a degree could triple by 2020 if education providers make changes that embrace Maori culture. [more]


Pacific Stories
Melbourne correspondent Sue Thomas finds out about the Pacific Stories film project which was showing as part of Melbourne's EMERGE Festival. [more]

Patricia Holtzmann
Berlin-based American Soprano performing lead role in 'Soap' which is playing at the St James Theatre in Wellington. [more]

Anna Leese and Eckehard Steir
New Zealand soprano and German Music Director of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra presenting Wagner's 'Das Rheingold'. [more]

News stories:

Intervention needed to fight suicide - community worker
A veteran Maori community worker says cutting tangi short will not stop young people killing themselves - but intensive intervention will. [more]

Stranded skiers leave mountain
All 250 skiers and snowboarders descended from the Mount Lyford skifield on Wednesday afternoon, after spending a night on the North Canterbury mountain. [more]

National Finance director to appeal conviction
The former director of National Finance says he will appeal against his conviction for theft and false accounting. [more]

Auckland passenger plane inspected for smoke
The fire service is inspecting a Jetstar passenger plane at Auckland airport after reports of the smell of smoke in the cockpit as it landed. [more]

Wellington police employee found with illegal firearms
A Wellington man employed by the police has been found guilty of illegally possessing firearms. [more]

Kiwi hits fresh high
The New Zealand dollar hit a new post-float high of 87.66 cents against the US dollar on Wednesday. [more]

Lost snowboarder lucky to survive - police
The police say a lost snowboarder spotted on Mount Egmont as light faded on Tuesday night is lucky to be alive. [more]

Micro fall on NZ sharemarket
The benchmark NZX50 index fell 4 points, or 0.1%, to close at 3412 on turnover of $91 million on Wednesday. [more]

Floating plastic bottles to reduce lake pollution
Bay of Plenty Regional Council is using recycled rubbish to remove pollution from Lake Rotoehu near Rotorua. [more]

Look to Maori culture, urges child advocate
A group set up to promote the wellbeing of Maori children says Maori culture holds the key to ending high rates of child abuse. [more]

MPs call for better quality prostate cancer screening
A parliamentary committee has not endorsed public screening for prostate cancer but is calling for better quality testing. [more]

Disaster shows up lack of records recovery plan
Chief archivist Greg Goulding says public offices need to do better to protect their records from a natural disaster. [more]

Business confidence rises - survey
A key survey shows business confidence continued to improve over the past month. [more]

Economy strong enough to deal with US crisis - English
Finance Minister Bill English says the country is in a better position than most to weather any effects of the United States' debt crisis. [more]

Niue's Premier rejects reports on Chinese immigrants speculation and rumour
Niue's Premier has rejected as speculation and rumour reports that the government is about to allow up to 100 Chinese families to settle on the island. Toke Talagi was responding... [more]

No word on fate of troubled hotel site in Cook Islands
Cook Islanders are still waiting to hear about the fate of a troubled hotel site in Rarotonga. The Vaimaanga property has remained neglected since finances ran dry for a multi... [more]

Former govt finance officers in Samoa jailed for corruption
The Supreme Court in Samoa has sentenced two former government finance officers to three years in jail after the pair admitted to fifty eight charges of official corruption. Muliipu Fe'epo... [more]

New business network for women in Tonga
A business network for women has recently been launched in Tonga with a view to mentoring and encouraging other women in their business pursuits. The Women in Sustainable Enterprises group... [more]

Cook Islands Maori dictionary may soon be available online
A Cook Islands Maori dictionary may soon be available online, as the number of physical copies dwindle. Rarotonga bookshops have sold out of the dictionary, which is out of print. [more]

Fiji's CCF raises concerns over ownership dispute of a Labasa temple
Fiji's Citizens' Constitutional Forum is concerned a dispute over the ownership of a temple in Labasa has led to four people being barred from entering the house of worship. The... [more]

Tainui Group outlines expansion plans
The commercial arm of the Waikato-Tainui iwi may consider issuing bonds to fund further expansion of its asset base, possibly to include a regional freight hub. [more]

London impresses IOC boss
London has been given a big tick by the IOC president Jacques Rogge who has put their Olympic preparations on a par with the great games of the past. Rogge... [more]

Rotorua seven-year-old makes it two straight world BMX titles
Seven-year-old Lachlan Stevens-McNabb has won his second successive World BMX Championship title at the event in Copenhagen. The Rotorua rider won the six years world title in South Africa last... [more]

Wins for Taranaki and Wellington
Taranaki and Wellington took the midweek honours in Wednesday night's ITM Cup rugby matches. Taranaki beat Northland 23-16 in Whangarei, coming from 13-0 behind in the first half and scoring... [more]

Four changes to All Blacks starting XV
The All Blacks selectors have made four changes from last week's starting XV against Fiji for Saturday's opening Tri-Nations Test against the Springboks in Wellington. The forward pack named to... [more]

Dean searching for new contract for next year
The New Zealand cyclist Julian Dean says his history-making finish at the Tour de France has fuelled his desire to have another crack at the great race and he's now... [more]

Aitken set to remain at Silver Ferns coach?
Ruth Aitken appears set to stay on as Silver Ferns coach with captain Casey Williams' withdrawal from the remainder of the international season revealing her hand. Aitken has been national... [more]

FIFA gives last chance to bribes suspects
FIFA has given Caribbean football leaders a last chance to explain their part in a Trinidad meeting where Mohamed bin Hammam allegedly offered them bribes, or else face life bans. [more]

Trott and Anderson rise to second place in the world
England's Jonathan Trott and James Anderson have risen to second place in the ICC Test cricket rankings following their side's 196-run victory over India at Lord's. Trott has climbed two... [more]

South Africa lose more players to injury
South Africa's ranks were further depleted ahead this weekend's clash with the All Blacks after lock Flip van der Merwe and fullback Gio Aplon were sent home and loose forward... [more]

Experience lacking in Springboks
The Springbok coach Peter de Villiers says there is not a lot they can take from last weekend's loss to the Wallabies so he comes to New Zealand with a... [more]

BOP thrash Waikato
Bay of Plenty's crushed Waikato 36-8 at Rotorua to remain unbeaten three games into provincial rugby's ITM Cup. The Steamers led 16-3 at half-time, scoring four tries to one after... [more]

Change of rules in Olympic table tennis to curb China's success
China's domination of table tennis at the last Olympics has prompted the sport officials to change the rules surrounding the London Games next year. In Beijing the hosts won every... [more]

Bollinger and Hilfenhaus left out Australia Test squad
Australia's included three uncapped bowlers in their 15-strong squad for three Tests against Sri Lanka in an overhaul of the side that was beaten by England in the Ashes series... [more]

Kean hopes he and coach have long, fruitful relationship
The New Zealand teenager Gareth Kean says his relationship with coach Gary Hurring has never been better, and he hopes the pair remain together for a long time yet. The... [more]

Lochte beats Phelps
Ryan Lochte's victory in the mens' 200 metres freestyle at the world swimming championships in Shanghai not only allowed him to emerge from compatriot Michael Phelps's shadow but could set... [more]

Two more athletes added to World Championship team
Two more athletes have been added and one has withdrawn from the New Zealand team for next month's World Athletics Championships in South Korea. Adrian Blinco and Jake Robertson will... [more]

Cadel Evans keen for Olympics
Tour de France champion Cadel Evans says he's keen to ride at the London Olympics - but expects to be selected only if the course is hard enough. The 34-year-old... [more]

Coe sends London 2012 drugs warning
The London Olympics chief Sebastian Coe says the 2012 Games will have the toughest anti-doping programme in history. Coe says drug testers at London will be equipped with the most... [more]

Rojas ruled out out of Junior All Whites' World Cup opener
Marco Rojas has been ruled out of the Junior All Whites' Under-20 football World Cup opener against Cameroon after picking up a hamstring injury during training at Cali in Colombia. [more]

Olympic Chef de Mission off to London
The New Zealand Olympic team's Chef de Mission Dave Currie has left for a second Olympic site visit one year to the day before the Games start in London. Currie... [more]

Report criticises rowing World Champs' financial management
The $2.2 million loss the World Rowing Championships incurred has been attributed to inadequate financial management, governance shortcomings and much lower than expected ticket sales. SPARC commissioned an independent review... [more]

Report ring-fences rowing's high performance programme
SPARC chief executive Peter Miskimmin says the review of the World Rowing championship loss hasn't disrupted preparations for next year's Olympic Games. Miskimmin says it was decided early that the... [more]

Big money may now be on the table in Indian hockey
It appears a truce may have been brokered to allow international men's hockey stars to take part in the upcoming big-money Indian league. Players who take part in the World... [more]

Toeava set for Auckland return this weekend
All Black utility Isaia Toeava will make his return from a long-term hip injury with a run out in Auckland's ITM Cup match against Taranaki in New Plymouth on Sunday. [more]

England captain not carried away by Lord's win
England will go into the second cricket Test at Trent Bridge this weekend with all the momentum after a comprehensive 196-run win over India on the fifth day in London. [more]

Chiefs sign two from world champion U20s
New Zealand Under-20 team mates and 2011 Junior World Championship winners Sam Cane and Brodie Retallick have signed to play for the Chiefs in the 2012 and 2013 Super Rugby... [more]

Mr Fix-It Kepu ready to 'thank' NZ gurus
New Zealand's forwards coaches can blame only themselves if the Wallabies scrum finally holds firm to break a 25-year Bledisloe Cup and Tri Nations rugby drought at Eden Park on... [more]

Warriors name unchanged team for Canberra match
The Warriors have named an unchanged lineup for Sunday's National Rugby League match against Canberra to that which thrashed South Sydney at the weekend. The win in Sydney moved the... [more]

NZOC seeks help with Olympic team's song
Wednesday was 365 days until the London Olympic Games and the New Zealand Olympic Committee wants help choosing the team's official song. New Zealanders are being asked to vote for... [more]

Wellington music historian wins top literary prize
A Wellington music historian has taken the top prize at the New Zealand Post Book Awards. [more]

Policeman assaulted during attempted arrest
A Te Awamutu police officer has been seriously assaulted during an attempted arrest. [more]

Man appears in court on child abuse charges
A man accused of involvement in the serious abuse of a group of children in Porirua has appeared in the Wellington District Court. [more]

Government failing to take action on child abuse - Opposition
Opposition parties say the Government is using a discussion document on children to avoid facing up to the issues that children and families are facing. [more]

Companies taking longer to pay bills
Credit reporting agency Dun and Bradstreet says more than half of New Zealand businesses were late paying their bills during the three months ending June. [more]

Anger over proposed cycling centre funding
The possibility that rates money could be used to help build the National Cycling Centre in Waikato has angered Grey Power and ratepayer groups in the region. [more]

Maori Women’s Welfare League president dies
Maori Women's Welfare League national president Meagan Joe has died at the age of 58, after a long battle against breast cancer. [more]

Property trust management still not resolved
Vital Healthcare's independent directors say they've been unable to agree a price with the property trust's manager to bring the contract in house. [more]

Plantation fire brought under control
A large vegetation fire on conservation land in Canterbury has been brought under control. [more]

MAF continues bobby calf welfare campaign
As the bobby calf season gets into gear, Ministry of Agriculture enforcement staff are keeping a close eye on the treatment of young calves being sent to the works for the veal trade. [more]

Competition expert criticises US dairy farmers' attitude
An American competition expert is not impressed with US dairy farmers' persistent opposition to free trade with New Zealand. [more]

NZ shearing team finishes on winning note
The New Zealand shearing team that's been competing in the UK has finished its tour with a series win over Wales. [more]

Sport: SRU wants assurances before sending refs back to American Samoa
The Samoa Rugby Union says it wants assurances that improved safety measures have been put in place for referees before resuming it's services in American Samoa. Samoan referee Ponifasio Vasa... [more]

Sport: Vanuatu and Solomon Islands draw football friendly
Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands played out a goalless draw in a football friendly in Port Vila on Wednesday. Solomon Islands coach Jacob Moli says Vanuatu is a young team... [more]

Fiji police investigate why a coffin was dug up at a grave yard
Fiji police are investigating a case where a grave was dug up and the coffin inside removed in Labasa over the weekend. A police spokesman, Atunaisa Sokomuri, says the coffin... [more]

American Samoa's govt told to pay damages to a child hit by a school van
American Samoa's Governor, Togiola Tulafono, has sent to the Legislature a bill to pay a High Court judgment for a child who was struck by a school lunch van in... [more]

Basic food items 'even more unaffordable'
The Salvation Army says basic food costs have increased faster than the rise in food prices as measured in official figures. [more]

Ash cloud not heading to NZ, this time
Ash from the Chilean volcano that disrupted flights last month is again hovering over the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, but flights in and out of New Zealand will not be affected. [more]

Jasons expects lower earnings
Jasons Travel Media says it expects its earnings for this financial year to be about 10% lower than the previous year's result. [more]

Historian quoted by killer says message is anti-violence
An Australian historian quoted by the man who has admitted the mass killings in Norway says it is disturbing to have even the slightest connection to the "disgusting and cowardly" attacks. [more]

Tourism no magic bullet says Niue Tourist boss
The chairperson of the Niue Tourist Authority says tourism offers the country the chance to help pay its own way. New Zealand is funding development of the sector with a... [more]

Blatter signals arrival of goal line technology
Goal line technology for football appears to finally be on the way, after the idea got the go-ahead from FIFA president Sepp Blatter. The video technology should rule out bad... [more]

Blatter pledges 'zero tolerance'
FIFA's president Sepp Blatter has promised "zero tolerance" in the battle against corruption that has plunged football into a series of damaging scandals in the last 12 months. Blatter took... [more]

Loosies to mix it up this weekend
The All Black loosies will mix things up positionally in Saturday night's Tri-Nations opener against South Africa as the selectors experiment ahead of the World Cup. Adam Thomson will start... [more]

Barcelona win pre-season Cup
European champions Barcelona have beaten Bayern Munich 2-0 in Germany to win European football's pre-season Audi Cup. Barca, playing without the likes of Lionel Messi, Xavi and Carlos Puyol, were... [more]

Hundreds of children to get milk at school
Children's charity KidsCan is reintroducing milk in schools for some 2000 children at 11 schools. [more]

Man accused of child exploitation
A 37-year-old Lower Hutt man has been arrested and charged with child exploitation. [more]

Silver Ferns captain to miss remainder of international season
The Silver Ferns captain Casey Williams will undergo ankle surgery late next month ruling her out of international netball for the remainder of the year. The Silver Ferns are due... [more]

SBW keen to take on the Boks
The All Black midfielder Sonny Bill Williams is hoping he gets on the field in this weekend's Tri-Nations match against the Springboks in Wellington. Williams has played four Tests, all... [more]

Asahi builds stake in Charlie's
Japanese brewer Asahi is building its stake in juice maker Charlie's. [more]

Jump in stock market trades
Sharemarket trading rises by more than a quarter in the first six months of the year. [more]

Two thirds of businesses have no website
A new survey suggests that two-thirds of New Zealand businesses are failing to achieve the revenue they could because they do not have their own website. [more]

US military aborts missile test over Marshall Islands
Launch controllers in the US Air Force have destroyed an unarmed intercontinental ballistic missile over the Pacific after detecting a problem with it, minutes after take-off. The Associated Press reports... [more]

Former PNG Prime Minister says resource law change a priority
A former Papua New Guinea Prime Minister says years of government policies have failed to ensure that local people benefit from major resource extraction projects. Sir Julius Chan, who is... [more]

Arrests close after assault of rugby referee in American Samoa
The Criminal Investigations Division of American Samoa's Department of Public Safety has taken over the investigation of the assault of rugby referee Ponifasio Vasa. And Acting Commissioner Leseiau Laumoli expects... [more]

Tuvalu to shortly announce dates for by-election following Minister's death
Plans are underway in Tuvalu to hold a by-election to replace the late Minister of Natural Resources. Isaia Italeli was found dead in a hotel room in Samoa where he... [more]

Search for eight people missing in PNG waters called off
The marine search north of Papua New Guinea for eight people missing for two weeks in a banana boat has been called off. Senior Search and Rescue Coordinator Fred Siroi... [more]

Solutions sought to low Maori tertiary achievement rate
Education leaders are meeting to discuss ways of tripling the number of Maori students getting a degree by 2020. [more]

Fertiliser co-op announces record financial result
Fertiliser co-operative Ballance Agri-Nutrients will pay its farmer shareholders a record rebate and dividend this year after more than quadrupling its trading profit. [more]

Joint NZ, British software project launched
Meat processor and exporter Silver Fern Farms has launched a project in the Britain and New Zealand to assess how computer software programmes can improve the productivity and profitability of sheep and beef farms. [more]

'Detained' passengers could seek damages
A Wellington barrister says passengers on a Pacific Blue flight who were forced to stay at Wellington Airport on Sunday night could file false imprisonment damages against the airline. [more]

Auckland Council to extend anti-street prostitution bill
Auckland Council has voted to extend the geographic reach of a controversial bill before Parliament that would outlaw street prostitution in Auckland. [more]

Home invader recovering after stabbing
A man is recovering in Auckland Hospital after being stabbed allegedly by a 15-year-old occupant of the home he was caught in. [more]

Fiji environment minister pushes for Pacific economies to go green
The Fiji interim minister for the environment, Colonel Samuela Saumatua, says Pacific economies need to go green if they're to ensure they remain viable. He's told the meeting of the... [more]

Australian leader says they're still focussed on Manus detention centre
Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard says her government is focusing on securing a deal with Papua New Guinea to re-establish the asylum seeker detention centre on Manus Island. The Sydney... [more]

Academic tracing Pacific war babies fathered by US World War Two soldiers
History researchers at New Zealand's Otago University are appealing to Pacific Island families who think they may be related to American veterans of World War Two. Professor Judith Bennett is... [more]

American Samoa inter-island vessel back in service from tomorrow
The American Samoa Government's inter-island vessel MV Sili has been cleared to re-enter service. The US Coast Guard gave the vessel its certificate of inspection this afternoon after it successfully... [more]

Parties to Nauru Agreement pay tribute to Tuvalu minister who passed away
Fisheries Ministers with the Parties to the Nauru Agreement, or PNA, have paid tribute to the late Tuvalu Minister for Natural Resources. After Isaia Taeia Italeli died during the regional... [more]

Cycle trail expansion route to be opened
The first of several back-road routes to be added to the New Zealand Cycle Trail will be launched in August. [more]

Financial assistance for owners of leaky homes
Owners of leaky homes will be able to obtain financial assistance for agreed repair costs from Friday. [more]

Donald breaks silence, still hopeful of Bath move
All Black discard Stephen Donald has broken his self-imposed media blackout to confirm he's still pushing on with his move to the English club Bath. Visa issues have delayed the... [more]

Boks say there is no conspiracy back home
The South African Rugby Union has voiced its amazement of a reported conspiracy theory about a secret World Cup training camp in South Africa. The Springboks left 21 injured players... [more]

Weepu okay about coming off the bench
The All Black halfback Piri Weepu believes he's still got plenty to prove and so hopefully won't be tagged as just an impact player. Weepu is returning to his best... [more]

Room for improvement in Super Fund, report shows
A report on how the Government Superannuation Fund Authority is operated is generally favourable, but has found room for improvements. [more]

Air NZ plane cleared after suspected fuel leak
Air New Zealand says one of its planes stranded in Sydney since Thursday morning with a possible fuel leak was cleared later and took off for Auckland. [more]

Teens questioned in Hawke's Bay raid
Police in Wairoa are questioning two teenagers following an armed offenders callout in northern Hawke's Bay. [more]

Polytech tutors plan stop-work action
More than 200 Christchurch polytech tutors will take industrial action on Monday against a proposed increase in their hours of work. [more]

Gang properties searched after Dunedin robberies
Armed police have searched five homes linked to local Black Power gang members in Dunedin. [more]

Council ends agreement with bankrupt property developer
The Christchurch City Council has agreed to terminate its agreement with bankrupt property developer Dave Henderson. [more]

PNA countries say US has to pay more to fish for tuna in the Pacific
The Parties to the Nauru Agreement have affirmed their position that current tuna fishing by the United States in the Pacific region cannot continue at current levels. Under the current... [more]

Cook Islands Maori dictionary crucial to survival of language
The Secretary of Education in the Cook Islands says the creation of an electronic Cook Islands Maori dictionary is crucial to the survival of the language. The Ministry of Education... [more]

The WHO to monitor transferral of TB clinics from Torres Strait to PNG
The World Health Organisation is looking at monitoring the transferral of tuberculosis clinics from the Torres Strait to Papua New Guinea. The newspaper, The National, reports that Australia's decision to... [more]

CNMI dialysis patients double in ten years
Officials in the Northern Marianas say the number of patients receiving dialysis has doubled in the past ten years, confirming a surge in chronic disease leding to kidney failure. Based... [more]

Samoa nurses seeking unpaid overtime and allowances
More than 200 nurses in Samoa are asking their association for help saying their overtime and allowances haven't been paid for several months. There is a concern the decision to... [more]

Court Islands court official acquitted after private prosecution brought
Cook Islands High Court registrar and acting justice secretary, Claudine Henry-Anguna, has been acquitted on a contempt of court charge. Justice Colin Nicholson made the ruling in the Rarotonga court... [more]

Fiji police say New Zealander died from liver complications not assault
Authorities in Fiji say post mortem results indicate New Zealander Tony Groom died from liver complications and not as a result of an alleged beating. Mr Groom died last Friday. [more]

Call for new Solomons police commissioner to be chosen on merit
A civil society leader in Solomon Islands says the country is ready for an indigenous police commissioner provided they have the right qualifications for the role. The government is considering... [more]

Public concern expected in Tonga as police chief ends role
The decision not to extend the contract of the New Zealander in charge of Tonga's police is expected to generate public concern. Chris Kelley was appointed Tonga's first Police Commissioner... [more]

Children found living at meth lab house
Auckland police are working with Child, Youth and Family following the discovery of five children, including an eight-month-old baby, living at a property that had a methamphetamine lab on it. [more]

Samoa's fire fighters battle blazes in forests on Savaii
Samoan firefighters have been battling outbreaks of forest fires near Falealupo on Savaii all week. Fire and Emergency Services had banned open fires from the beginning of the month but... [more]

Embracing Maori culture key, education summit told
Te Wananga o Aotearoa says the number of Maori students getting a degree could triple by 2020 if education providers make changes that embrace Maori culture. [more]

Iwi join legal bid over Kaingaroa forest
Two iwi have joined a tribe taking action to resolve how a huge forest in the central North Island should be shared. [more]

Leak forces patients from Auckland hospital unit
More than 400 people were evacuated from Auckland City Hospital on Thursday after a nurse noticed a leak from a huge oxygen tank in the day-stay oncology unit. [more]

Better approach 'needed' over rheumatic fever
A health researcher says the treatment of rheumatic fever needs to be a priority on the East Coast. [more]

Public sector bosses show restraint in spending
Public sector chief executives have so far shown restraint this year in their spending habits. [more]

Tonga ends NZ police chief's role
The government of Tonga has decided not to renew the contract of the New Zealander in charge of its police force. [more]

NZ-born girl confirmed dead in Norway attacks
The parents of a New Zealand-born teenager confirmed to have been killed in the massacre in Norway have told of the excruciating pain of waiting for word of her fate. [more]

Govt working to address gaps in maternity services
The Government says changes are being made to address gaps in maternity services after a report revealed there were 98 potentially avoidable deaths of unborn and newborn babies in 2009. [more]

Recall after plastic found in Crunchy Nut Clusters
Kelloggs are recalling Crunchy Nut Clusters cereal packets in New Zealand and Australia after customers found small pieces of plastic in their breakfast. [more]

Reserve Bank signals end to record low interest rate
The Reserve Bank has left the Official Cash Rate unchanged at 2.5% but signalled the emergency rate cut after the February earthquake will not remain in place much longer. [more]

NZ peace protesters attempt to arrest Blair
About 30 peace protesters have attempted to perform a citizens' arrest of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair while he was giving a speech in New Zealand. [more]

Wait nearly over for Kaiapoi residents
About 1500 homeowners in Kaiapoi living in limbo since September's earthquake should learn on Friday how much longer they will have to wait to find out what will happen to their houses. [more]

Maker of vintage cheese shocked at trademark
A Waikato cheesemaker says he is very surprised by Fonterra's claim it is the only company allowed to use the word vintage to describe cheese. [more]