Radio New Zealand - Friday, 19th August 2011

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Best Song Ever Written - Dominion Road
Hamish Fairbairn from somewhere close to the Southern Alps has chosen 'Dominion Road' by the Mutton birds. [more]

Church of the Good Shepherd in Tekapo
Last month at the front entrance of the church three silver colored steel hand rails were installed. This ocurred after the church did a safety audit and decided it did not meet Department of Labour health and safety requirements. Following complaints about the new additions, the church has agreed to take down the handrails if they get written confirmation from the Department of Labour that it would not be found liable if someone later fell and was hurt. Jenny Rayne is one of the community members concerned about the new handrails. [more]

NZ Society - NZ Muslim Communities (Part 2) - NZ Muslim Women
Lynda Chanwai-Earle presents the second of a four part documentary series exploring the incredible diversity of our country's Muslim communities. She meets outspoken Muslim women around the country speaking out about everything from burqa to bigotry. [more]

Fresh Fast Food with Sachie Nomura
Japanese Curry & Rice. [more]

Wine with Belinda Jackson
Cheap: Trapiche Malbec 2009; Medium: Lindaeur Special Reserve Blanc de Blancs; Not cheap: Esk Valley Winemakers Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec 2007. [more]

Film Review with Sarah McMullan
Billy T: Te Movie; Italian thriller Double Hour; and the Jim Carey film, Mr Poppers Penguins. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 19 August 2011
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel. [more]

The Panel - David Farrar and Denise L'Estrange Corbet (Part 1)
Topics - From time to time we receive email feedback accusing The Panel of being negative about the Rugby World Cup. James Horwill says he was speechless when the Wallabies coach, former Cantabrian Robbie (Dingo) Deans told him he would be leading the team at the World Cup, [more]

The Panel - David Farrar and Denise L'Estrange Corbet (part 2)
Topics - Rising fears of another recession have hammered global stocks, with Wall Street's major indexes falling sharply.Expectations that house prices will rise have jumped, especially in Auckland, according to ASB's quarterly survey of housing market sentiment. [more]

Best Of The Week

Best of the Week - 19 August 2011
Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 19 August. This week .... the media campaigns on behalf of the country about the high price of milk and adidas All Black jerseys, cricketer Bob Blair and his tale of strength after losing his fiancée at Tangiwai, Ian Mune on the multiple characters of comedien Billy T James, new facts from researching humpback whales, exploring the Erebus glacier tongue in Antarctica, music and New Zealand's own "riots" of 30 years ago and learn more about our favourite bird - the tui. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 19 August 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 19 August 2011
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 19 August 2011
Asset writedowns cut Telecom's full year profit. Global stock markets fall sharply once again and the New Zealand sharemarket has followed suit. [more]

Evening Business for 19 August 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 19 August 2011
News from the business sector. [more]


District councillor backs Kaiapoi to pull through
People in the Canterbury town of Kaiapoi say they are determined to preserve their community despite learning yesterday hundreds of earthquake-damaged homes will have to go. [more]

Another Christchurch hotel will be pulled down
Another landmark hotel in Christchurch has been condemned because of earthquake damage. [more]

Authority has power to stop land prices sky-rocketing
The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority says it could step into the property market to stop land prices sky-rocketing but is confident it won't have to. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Friday 19 August 2011
Taliban bombers attack British buildings in Kabul. A offer to buy is in the mail for thousands of people in Christchurch and the Ruth Aitkin bows out of the Silver Ferns. [more]

Suicide attackers storm British office in Kabul
Suicide attackers have stormed the British Council offices in the Afghan capital Kabul, and one bomber may still be holed up inside. [more]

Safety prosecutions at Pike River up to inspectors - Whittall
The Pike River Coal company says whenever there was a problem with safety at the mine it always did whatever was necessary to fix it. [more]

A helicopter carrying ABC staff crashes in Australia
A helicopter has crashed in a fireball in remote South Australia, almost certainly killing all three of the veteran newsmen aboard. [more]

Silver Ferns coach steps down after ten years in the role
The Silver Ferns Coach Ruth Aitken, says she knew it was time to go after last month's loss to Australia in the final of the world champs. [more]

Sports News for 19 August 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Father of dead man asks for the public's help
The father of an Auckland man is pleading for anybody with information to come forward so the police can track down his son's killer. [more]

Has the exodus to Australia peaked?
Despite a record making number of people moving across the Tasman last month, there are predictions the exodus could be close to peaking. [more]

Chch red-zone residents about to get govt buy-out offers
Thousands of people in red-zoned parts of Christchurch are about to get the chance to move on, with offers from the Crown to buy them out in the mail today. [more]

Holcim Weston project decision delayed
The international cement company Holcim has delayed a decision on a new national factory near Oamaru until at least the end of the year. [more]

Cancer patients and specialists call for improvements in care
Cancer patients say major improvements are needed in the way cancer care is provided, and specialists agree. [more]

Pike Coal not prosecuted for safety breaches
A Department of Labour report has revealed the Pike River Coal company was not prosecuted for serious safety breaches before last November's explosion in which 29 men died. [more]

Father of murdered Auckland man makes appeal
The father of an Auckland man is pleading for anybody with information to come forward so the police can track down his son's killer. [more]

Over 90-percent of two year olds now fully immunised
Within a year it's expected that 95-percent of all two-year old children in this country will be fully immunised. [more]

Sports News for 19 August 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Focus on Politics for 19 August 2011
The National Party's announcement this week that, if it were re-elected, it would take direct control of the payments made to young beneficiaries sparked a robust debate about the level of youth unemployment. [more]

Country Life

Gidday and Guest
Feilding flower man, John Whittaker. [more]

Regional Wrap
A white blanket covered much of the country this week - but some areas had beautiful sunshine. [more]

Takana Nursery
Don Turner, former managing director of Turners and Growers is putting green fingers to work growing 2 to 5 metre tall native trees in his commercial nursery. He has more than 80 different types of native trees for sale. [more]

Mt. Albert Grammar School Farm
It's often said that town kids don't know anything about rural life anymore, and even less about where their food comes from. And maybe that's true. But a little hands-on education does wonders for even the slickest of city kids, and may just inspire a few to turn their hand to farming. Justin Gregory joins a group of junior students from Auckland's Diocesan School for Girls for a visit to a unique farm that's all about educating kids. [more]

Extra Time

Extra time for 19 August 2011
In the programme this week - the Silver Ferns head coach Ruth Aitken has just announced she's retiring --we talk to her about that decision and the new role she'll step into at the end of October. The All Blacks have never beaten South Africa in Port Elizabeth and will try to change that on Sunday morning with a team missing many choice players --we'll hear from the acting captain and the new fullback. The first appointment's been made to the organising committe for cricket's 2015 World Cup -- we talk to New zealand cricket's new chairman about that and the tournament being jointly hosted with Australia. The Warriors are three games from the end of the National Rugby league's regular season and are still a chance of a top four finish and a home start to the playoffs -- one of the team's veterans assesses their prospects. The basketball season's looming and the New Zealand Breakers have a new main sponsor and a new-look roster, we'll hear from two of the club's senior players and from ultra marathon runner Lisa Tamati who talks about her latest epic. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 19 August 2011
The Government mails out its offers to red zone property owners in Christchurch. [more]

Midday Sports News for 19 August 2011
The Silver Ferns coach Ruth Aitken will stand down at the end of the year and take up a new role as Netball New Zealand Coaching Director. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Friday 19 August 2011
Kaiapoi worried about red zone impact; Kaiapoi MP says Chch airport noise restrictions holding up development; Stock markets tumble on fears about growth, debt crisis; Gerry Brownlee comments on Kaiapoi noise control; Iwi agree to join forces to bid for shares in state assets; Barack Obama calls for Syrian president to step down; Beneficiaries support some limits on spending by teens. [more]

Security upgrades to Kauri Point two years too late
The Labour Party says the planned upgrade of a Defence Force facility in Auckland, is a knee jerk reaction to a serious security breach. [more]

Pacific News for 19 August 2011
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Kaiapoi worried about red zone impact
Schools and businesses in the Canterbury town of Kaiapoi are worried about the impact the loss of nearly one thousand homes will have on its population and economy. [more]

Chch airport noise restrictions holding up development
Kaiapoi MP Clayton Cosgrove says Christchurch airport noise restrictions are holding up development. [more]

Stock markets tumble on fears about growth, debt crisis
Shares in the US and Europe have slumped as renewed fears about a slowdown in the global economy and the Eurozone debt crisis grip the markets. [more]

Gerry Brownlee comments on Kaiapoi noise control
Minister of Earthquake Recovery Gerry Brownlee responds to Kaiapoi noise restriction limiting residential development. [more]

Iwi agree to join forces to bid for shares in state assets
Leaders from 50 iwi have agreed to join forces to buy shares in state-owned enterprises if the National Party follows through on its election pledge to put the shares up for sale. [more]

Questions remain about provenance of Rugby World Cup
Ever since their victory at the first Rugby World Cup in 1987, the All Blacks have had their hearts set on reclaiming the Webb Ellis Cup. [more]

Barack Obama calls for Syrian president to step down
After months of increasingly tough rhetoric, President Obama has finally called on the Syrian president Bashar al Assad to go. [more]

Beneficiaries support some limits on spending by teens
Some beneficiaries are supporting limits on the spending of the youngest teenagers on benefits. [more]

Sports News for 19 August 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

News of the World's Hollywood reporter arrested
The News of the World phone hacking scandal has reached the United States. [more]

Debt woes push up banks' borrowing costs
Debt woes in Europe and America have led to an increase in borrowing costs for banks to levels last seen at the tail-end of the financial crisis in 2009. [more]

Insurance Council says storms cost economy millions
The Insurance Council says this week's storms have cost the economy millions of dollars in damage and lost business. [more]

Sombre mood in Kaiapoi following announcement of red zone
Many Kaiapoi residents say they are determined to see their community survive despite the government's announcement yesterday that 940 properties in the small town, and in nearby Pines Beach, can't be saved. [more]

Dow closes down on fears of global slowdown, debt crisis
Another look at the renewed volatility on world markets [more]

Tough new tax laws might catch personal assets
Holiday homes, yachts and other personal property used occasionally for business could come under tough new tax laws. [more]

Maori Party votes against police holding youth offender details
Parliament has passed a law restoring the right of the police to keep fingerprints and photographs of youth offenders. [more]

Sports News for 19 August 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Sweeping changes planned for health to meet future demands
Fundamental changes to health are being demanded to help prepare the health system to meet the huge demands of the future. [more]

All Blacks face tough test in South Africa
The All Blacks will face their toughest test of the Tri-Nations yet against the Springboks in South Africa this weekend. [more]

Kerry-Anne Walsh with news from Australia
Today: Helicopter crash; Labour MP allegations; Bomb collar arrest. [more]

Battle of Long Tan commemorated in Wellington
For the first time, New Zealand has commemorated a Vietnam War battle. [more]


When Money Is No Object
For three northern hemisphere summers in a row, Kiwi Lise Mackie co-ordinated vacations for a wealthy Saudi family. She told us all about her experiences. [more]

This week's answer. [more]

Nine To Noon

Will red zoned homeowners be able to afford to stay in Chch?
What prospect is there for red zoned property owners wanting to remain in their city? [more]

Auckland transport planning
Auckland's transport woes are well known. Paul Mees is an Australian transport planning expert who's been studying Auckland's transport policy back over the decades and says for too long the city has followed the most extreme pro-car American models and it can't be sustained. [more]

Pacific Correspondent - Mike Field
Discusses: Tonga's troubles; Sir Paul Reeves' involvement with Fiji and a new theory on Easter Island is causing controversy. [more]

Feature Guest - Tess Gerritsen
Her dozen or so novel's draw on her first-hand experience of hospital emergency and autopsy rooms. [more]

Book Review - Before the Poison
Written by Peter Robinson, published by Hodder & Stoughton, reviewed by Harry Ricketts. [more]

Music with Sam Wicks
Today Sam's selection includes the track 'I'm Depressed' from The Drab Doo-Riffs, 'In Circles' from She's so Rad and rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West 'New Day' from their album Watch the Throne. [more]

Sports with Joseph Romanos
In today's lineup: David Tua; The naming of the All Blacks team; Changing times of Golf. [more]

Week That Was
A humourous look at events of the week with James Elliot and Michele A'Court. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 19 August 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 19 August 2011
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

Saturday Morning

Maria V. Snyder: weather and dystopia
American writer who worked as a meteorologist before writing a number of best-selling fantasy books and is visiting Auckland as a guest at the Romance Writers of New Zealand conference. [more]

Te Manu Korihi

Manu Korihi News for 19 August 2011
Fifty iwi have agreed to a plan setting up a pan-tribal consortium in anticipation of state-owned asset sales; The lawyer representing the Kohanga Reo Trust Board, Mai Chen, says her clients received a fair Waitangi Tribunal hearing; Schools on the East Coast have earned a big tick from the Education Review Office, 15 years on from a finding that the quality of schooling wasn't high enough. [more]

Manu Korihi News for 19 August 2011
Fifty iwi have agreed to a plan setting up a pan-tribal consortium in anticipation of state-owned asset sales; A lawyer representing the Kohanga Reo Trust Board, says she's satisfied her clients received a fair Waitangi Tribunal hearing in Wellington; Schools on the East Coast have earned a big tick from the Education Review Office, 15 years on from a finding that the quality of schooling wasn't high enough. [more]

Manu Korihi News for 19 August 2011
The Ngapuhi chairman Sonny Tau says the first mandating hui for the tribe's treaty claim went ahead in Auckland this afternoon without major disturbance; The Iwi Chairs Forum has delivered a resolution to back the Kohanga Reo claim before the Waitangi Tribunal; The Race Relations Commissioner says an invitation to the Maori King's coronation is a gracious acknowledgement of the diverse communities in New Zealand. [more]

Manu Korihi News for 19 August 2011
The Iwi Chairs Forum has delivered a resolution to back the Kohanga Reo claim before the Waitangi Tribunal; The mandating hui for Aotearoa's biggest iwi, Ngapuhi, will be open to news media -- as long as those at the meetings approve; The Council of Trade Unions is accusing New Zealand fishing quota holders committing a modern form of colonisation, by using foreign crews to catch fish in local waters; A Maori veteran of the Vietnam war says it feels wonderful to have one of its battles acknowledged at last, by the government. [more]

The Week In Review

The Week in Review - week ending 19 August 2011*
A review of the week's news including: a blast of cold straight from the Antarctic brings snow to Wellington's CBD, Sir Paul Reeves is farewelled,the Social Development Minister refuses to rule out extending a payment card to all beneficiaries, the Government backs down over mines inspectors, New Zealand not such a good place to raise children, Kaiapoi residents find out which have to leave, government agencies agree to work more closely on child abuse and just how many Rugby World Cups are there? [more]


Andrew Baldwin
Composer Andrew Baldwin talks about fund raising for his studies the Royal College of Music in London. [more]

Hildur Gudnadottir
Kate Mead talks to cellist and composer Hildur Gudnadottir about Icelandic music. [more]

Chris Reddington
Chris Reddington talks about composing an original score for the silent film The Passion of Joan of Arc for the Christchurch Arts Festival screenings. [more]

News stories:

Wellington beat Southland
Wellington has beaten Southland 30-25 in a bottom of the table clash in the capital to move from 7th to 5th in provincial rugby's ITM Cup Premiership. With two rounds... [more]

Fouhy all but secures an Olympic berth
The New Zealand kayaker Ben Fouhy has all but qualified for his third Olympics after making it through to the final of the K1 1000 at the World Championships in... [more]

Juan Smith out of World Cup
Looseforward Juan Smith will not be considered for the Springbok Rugby World Cup squad because of injury. Smith made the decision to rule himself out of contention yesterday and informed... [more]

Olympic pole vault champion dies
Pierre Quinon, the first Frenchman to win the Olympic pole-vault, has died at the age of 49. Quinon was known to suffer from depression, and in announcing his death the... [more]

Boyle wins another medal
The New Zealand swimmer Lauren Boyle has completed a record-breaking stint at the World University Games in China by winning her 5th medal. The 23 year old finished her campaign... [more]

Rain ruins day one of final test in London
Rain washed out play after lunch on the first day of the fourth and final England-India cricket test at the Oval in London, frustrating the home side's bid for a... [more]

japan gets an IRB sevens tournament
The International Rugby Board has announced the expansion of the Sevens World Series, with Japan joining as the ninth venue for the upcoming Series. With 100 days to go until... [more]

Malaysian completes purchase of QPR
The Malaysian entrepreneur Tony Fernandes has completed his takeover of the English Premier League football club Queens Park Rangers, and promised to take the club to new heights in the... [more]

Major Christchurch hotel condemned
A major hotel in Christchurch, damaged in the earthquakes, will be demolished and will not be rebuilt. [more]

APN confident about NZ media prospects
Australasian media group APN News & Media has reported a loss after writing down the value of its metropolitan newspapers in New Zealand, but says it's confident about the prospects for its New Zealand print and digital media operations. [more]

Whanau credited for improving East Coast schools
Schools on the East Coast have earned a big tick from the Education Review Office, 15 years on from finding the quality of schooling wasn't high enough. [more]

Kohanga Reo Trust Board got fair hearing - lawyer
A lawyer representing the Kohanga Reo Trust Board says she's satisfied her clients received a fair Waitangi Tribunal hearing in Wellington. [more]

ENZA to send first apple shipment to Australia
The country's biggest apple exporter, ENZA, is ready to ship its first New Zealand-grown apples to Australia now that the way has been cleared for the trade to begin. [more]

Three Tongan sportsmen arrested in methamphetamine scam
Three Tongan sportsmen are embroiled in a methamphetamine scam worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The men were arrested and appeared in Auckland District Court on Wednesday, charged with conspiracy... [more]

Hundreds attend state funeral for Sir Paul Reeves
Hundreds of mourners have farewelled former New Zealand governor-general Sir Paul Reeves at a state funeral. [more]

Kauri Point upgrade 'two years too late'
The Labour Party says the planned upgrade of a Defence Force facility in Auckland is a knee-jerk reaction following a serious security breach. [more]

NZ seed companies defend testing of pasture varieties
New Zealand plant breeding companies have challenged the view of a visiting British plant scientist who said this country has no system to independently assess the performance of new pasture varieties. [more]

Wool prices strengthen again
Wool prices were mixed, but strengthened overall at this week's combined North and South Island sales, despite a significantly higher New Zealand dollar. [more]

Tourist numbers to Cook Islands up for second consecutive year
Visitor numbers to the Cook Islands this July are up almost 13 percent on last year. More than 13,400 people visited the Cook Islands last month, according to the country's... [more]

Bougainville wants restorative justice approach to settling violence in south
The autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville hopes to resolve a long standing impasse in the south of the main island by taking the traditional Melanesian approach of reconciliation. [more]

Tonga Government ends retirement fund subsidy
The parliament in Tonga has approved a bill terminating the government's annual subsidy of the administration costs of the public servants' retirement fund. Since the launch of the scheme in... [more]

Two women added to American Samoa cabinet
Two female members of the American Samoa cabinet are up for confirmation in the legislature. They are Dr Jacinta Galea'i as Director of Education and Elizabeth Ponausuia as Director of... [more]

Record profit for Port of Tauranga
Port of Tauranga made a record annual profit of $57.9 million as more cargo passed over its wharves. [more]

'Debate needed' about compulsory super
New Zealand should consider re-introducing means testing for national superannuation if the Government is serious about moving towards a compulsory KiwiSaver workplace savings scheme, the Financial Services Institute of Australasia says. [more]

Investors question report on Argosy Property Trust
Argosy Property Trust's institutional investors are questioning an appraisal report which backs a $20 million deal to bring the management of the trust's property portfolio in house. [more]

V Iced Coffee recalled after glass found in bottle
An iced coffee drink made by Frucor Beverages has been recalled following the discovery of glass in one of its bottles. [more]

SIS seeks online tip-offs
The Security Intelligence Service has begun offering people a confidential website to provide information on issues of national security. [more]

Wakefield's offer for Norfolk goes unconditional
A takeover of Norfolk Investments by private health operator Wakefield Health is now unconditional. [more]

NZ equestrian rider on the verge of $50 thousand pay day
A $50 thousand pay day is in store for New Zealand rider Clarke Johnstone going into the final round of the Eventing World Cup in France this weekend. The UK-based... [more]

Nadal fully extended in Ohio
The world tennis number two Rafael Nadal was taken to three tie-breaker sets by his unseeded countryman Fernando Verdasco this morning before reaching the quarter-finals of the Cincinatti Masters in... [more]

Monty invites Tiger to Europe
Colin Montgomerie is urging Tiger Woods to play some European golf events in the next few months. 35 year old Woods has failed to qualify for the US PGA tour's... [more]

Brown under par at Czech Open
The Wellington golfer Mark Brown has posted a one-under par 71 to be tied for 28th after the opening round of the Czech Open. The only New Zealander in the... [more]

SA customs confiscate fake World Cup jerseys
South African customs authorities have confiscated unofficial rugby jerseys worth 7 million dollars, ahead of the Rugby World Cup. 73,000 counterfeit jerseys were seized in Cleveland, east of Johannesburg, after... [more]

LeBron wants to do more to end NBA lockout
The US Basketball star LeBron James remains hopeful that an agreement can be reached on a labour dispute between owners and players which has meant the NBA has been shut... [more]

Banks' borrowing costs highest since 2009
Fallout from Europe's debt woes is again affecting New Zealand, with a big increase in banks' borrowing costs. [more]

Australia dominate Asia Pacific golf championship in Fiji
The Australia mens golf team continue to dominate the Asia Pacific Championship in Fiji. Heading into the final round Australia , who have won the Nomura Cup on five of... [more]

Tahiti viewed as key battleground for ASP surf tour
Tahiti is expected to be a crunch battleground when the ASP world surf tour rolls in this weekend. The fifth round of the 11 event tour is significant after the... [more]

Money for unpaid Vanuatu teachers goes to cyclone relief
Vanuatu's Minister of Education says money for scholarship students and cyclone relief work in Tafea province takes priority over unpaid teacher salaries at an extra-ordinary session of parliament tomorrow. Marcellino... [more]

Call for calm after Papua shooting
A Papuan human rights activist says NGOs in the Paniai area are calling for an end to violence after a shooting on Indonesian Independence day. The Jakarta Post reports a... [more]

Fiji sex crime spike prompts new police campaign
Fiji police say a recent spike in reported sex crime has prompted the launch of a campaign to try stop more children from becoming victims. A spokesperson, Theresa Ralogaivau, says... [more]

Fiji rugby coach not daunted by high injury count
The Fiji rugby coach says running a big squad has taken the stress out of settling on their World Cup squad. Samu Domoni is readying his side to take on... [more]

International experience for top NZ boxers
A number of New Zealand's top amateur boxers get some valuable international experience in Wellington this weekend against a provincial Chinese team. Exciting heavyweight prospect Joseph Parker is involved in... [more]

Another bronze for New Zealand cyclists
New Zealand cyclists have won another medal at the World Junior Track Championships in Moscow with Sophie Williamson picking up a bronze in the women's points race. Williamson returns to... [more]

Samoa rugby team to concentrate on new style
The Manu Samoa coach says the two games against Super 15 outfit, the Western Force, are the final chance to assimilate players into the style they want to use in... [more]

New tax rules could take in bach, yacht rentals
Baches, yachts and other property that is occasionally rented out could fall under tough new tax rules. [more]

Webb Ellis Cup touring NZ will be used in tournament
The International Rugby Board says the Rugby World Cup that has toured New Zealand is the one that will be presented to this year's winning captain. [more]

Phone technology helps reduce some PNG health problems
Mobile phone technology is being used to help reduce some of Papua New Guinea's health problems such as the high infant mortality rate. Although still struggling with both poor health... [more]

France to lobby against Temaru at Forum, says Flosse
A leading French Polynesian opposition politician, Gaston Flosse, says France will send its foreign minister to next month's Pacific Islands Forum meeting to explain why France is against the decolonisation... [more]

Fouhy back to contest world canoe champs
In January the former world champion Ben Fouhy announced he was quitting canoeing again but tonight he'll line up in the K1 1000 at the world champs in Hungary. Fouhy,... [more]

Spurs look good in Europa League
Tottenham Hotspur have all but booked their place in the group stanges of European football's Europa League after beating Scottish rivals Hearts 5-nil in their first leg play-off match. It... [more]

Deadline passes for some national standard rebel schools
A 10-day deadline has expired for some of the schools opposed to the national standards in reading, writing and maths to provide targets for their students based on the standards. [more]

Labour pledges to reintroduce mine check inspectors
The Labour Party says it will reintroduce check inspectors into most mines if it wins the November election. [more]

Manawatu Gorge Road could be closed for a week
The Manawatu Gorge Road could be closed for up to a week because of a large slip. [more]

Aquarium treats turtles stranded in cold snap
Freezing weather has left Kelly Tarltons aquarium inundated with cold and sick turtles found washed up on beaches. [more]

Some beneficiaries support teen spending limits
Some beneficiaries are supporting limits on the spending of teenagers who are on benefits. [more]

Vanuatu valuer suspects real estate company behind arson
A land valuer in Vanuatu says he believes a real estate company is behind the arson of his truck. Levi Tarosa's truck was destroyed in a blaze that police have... [more]

Japanese-funded hospital opens in Gizo Solomon Islands
The Japanese government is handing over of a new state of the art hospital in Gizo to the Solomon Islands government in an official ceremony today. The Secretary for Health... [more]

New Caledonia Congress elects new president
New Caledonia's Congress has elected the pro-independence politician Roch Wamytan as the new Congress president after the French supreme court ruled last month that his election earlier this year was... [more]

Sparkling profit at Michael Hill
Michael Hill International has boosted its full year profit by a third to $34.5 million in the year to the end of June as sales continue to recover from the downturn. [more]

Heartland announces $7m profit
The new $2.1 billion financial services company, Heartland New Zealand, has posted its first full-year profit. [more]

Zespri marketing approach works best - Eastpack
A director of Eastpack, the second biggest kiwifruit post-harvest operator, says it would be a mistake for the marketing structure of kiwifruit marketer Zespri to be changed. [more]

Flood of people leaving for Australia continues
The number of people leaving the country for Australia set another record in July. [more]

Auckland's Waterview connection contract awarded
The Transport Agency has awarded a $1.4 billion contract to build the Waterview Connection project in Auckland. [more]

Winter woollies for quake-hit residents
Rural women have again organised help for earthquake-hit Christchurch residents. [more]

Four American Samoa hospital employees rescind resignations
Four office workers from American Samoa's LBJ Hospital, who resigned last week, have rescinded their resignations. The employees have hired lawyer, Fiti Sunia, who's written to the LBJ chief financial... [more]

Opposition criticises Cooks government overspend
The opposition party in the Cook Islands has criticised the government for overspending its 2010-2011 budget by more than 246,000 US dollars. The President of the Democratic Party, Sean Willis,... [more]

NZ Immgration warns of Tonga visa scam
Immigration New Zealand is urging Tongan nationals to be wary of a scam involving the sale of fake visas. The Service says it has been alerted to visas being sold... [more]

Call for better effort for cancer patients
Cancer specialists and patients say there is a need for more co- ordination of the care given to cancer patients. [more]

Christchurch Airport to review noise restriction plan
Christchurch Airport says it will review its noise restriction plans in light of an announcement that 860 homes in Kaiapoi will have to be abandoned. [more]

Police target under-20s during lunchtime checkpoints
Police in the Wellington region have been targeting secondary school pupils at lunchtime checkpoints. [more]

Vanuatu land dispute ends with 52 arrests and a child gifted as a peace offering
A twenty-year land dispute between two feuding villages on Tanna island in Vanuatu has ended with a child being gifted as a peace offering, and police arresting 52 men. Superintendent... [more]

Vanuatu parliament closure causes losses says opposition
The speaker of the Vanuatu parliament, Maxime Carlot Korman, has closed an extra-ordinary session of parliament after just ten minutes, saying the government hadn't followed standing orders. The opposition has... [more]

Claim USP dumps prominent Fiji academic after regime pressure
An Australian based academic with close links to Fiji, says economics professor Wadan Narsey has been forced out of the University of the South Pacific after the interim Fiji government... [more]

Holcim delays decision on South Island plant
International cement company Holcim has delayed a decision on a new national factory near Oamaru until at least the end of the year. [more]

Father of dead man appeals for information
The family of an Auckland man who died a violent death says the people who know how or why he died need to come forward. [more]

Aitken to stand down as Silver Ferns coach
Silver Ferns coach Ruth Aitken is to stand down at the end of the year and take up a new role as Netball New Zealand coaching director. [more]

Pike River boss defends safety response
The chief executive of Pike River Coal says the company always did what was necessary after safety incidents at the mine. [more]

Nadal through to quarterfinalsin Cininatti after three tiebreakers
World number two Rafael Nadal needed three tiebreakers to outlast fellow Spaniard Fernando Verdasco and advance to the quarter finals of the Cincinnati Masters tennis tournament. Nadal won 7-6, 6-7,... [more]

Head of Australian cricket selectors loses his job
The chairman of selectors Andrew Hilditch has lost his job as part of a wide-ranging review into Australian cricket. The seven-month review, recommended that coaching and selection at the elite... [more]

World champion sprinter confirms positive drug test
World champion Steve Mullings has confirmed he has tested positive for the banned diuretic and could now face a life ban from athletics. Mullings, who won gold in the Jamaican... [more]

More at stake for Springboks than All Blacks
There is little doubt the Springboks have more at stake in Sunday morning's Tri-Nations match in Port Elizabeth than the All Blacks. After leaving 8 frontline players at home, coach... [more]

Ruth Aitken to retire as Silver Ferns coach
The Silver Ferns coach Ruth Aitken will stand down at the end of the year and take up a new role as Netball New Zealand Coaching Director. Aitken will retire... [more]

French Polynesia assembly adopts decolonisation resolution
The French Polynesian assembly has approved a resolution asking the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, to reinscribe French Polynesia on the UN decolonisation list. 30 voted for the resolution, 26 against... [more]

American yachtee avoids injury when craft hits Cooks reef
An American man avoided serious injury this week when his yacht snapped free from its mooring and hit the reef off Palmerston Island in the southern Cook Islands. The man... [more]

New Zealand suspends travel ban for Fiji rugby player
The New Zealand government is granting a Fiji Rugby World Cup contender and former soldier a temporary exemption from travel sanctions against members of that country's military. In a statement,... [more]

NZ lifts travel ban for Fiji rugby player
The New Zealand Government is granting a Fiji Rugby World Cup player and former soldier a temporary exemption from travel sanctions against members of the Pacific nation's military. [more]

Teen parent support home opens in Gisborne
The first Supported Teen Parent Home opened in Gisborne on Friday, the seventh of its kind in New Zealand. [more]

CTU says use of foreign fishing crews is colonisation
The Council of Trade Unions is accusing New Zealand fishing quota holders of committing a modern form of colonisation by using foreign crews to catch fish in local waters. [more]

Permanent appointment made to neurosurgery service
The first permanent appointment has been made to the newly established South Island neurosurgery service. [more]

Exodus across Tasman peakins says economist
A bank economist says the exodus of New Zealanders accross the Tasman could be close to peaking. [more]

Broadcaster and academic Maureen Garing dies
Maureen Garing, the long-time presenter and producer of spiritual programmes for Radio New Zealand, has died after a period of illness. She was 79. [more]

Markets down on recession fears
Asian markets tumbled again on Friday amid renewed fears that the global economy may slip into recession. [more]

NZX Dairy Futures market trading daily
The NZX says its Dairy Futures market is now trading on a daily basis. [more]