Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 27th October 2011

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Best Song Ever Written - Hold Me
Averil Taylor from Wellington has chosen 'Hold Me' by the Able Tasmans. [more]

Your Place - Muriwai Beach
A 60 kilometre long surf beach, characterised by rolling dunes and black sand, popular picnic spots and swimming holes. [more]

The Queen Anne's Revenge
A 907-kilogramme cannon from the wreck of Queen Anne's Revenge - the flagship of one of one of history's most notorious pirates, Blackbeard - has been recovered from the ocean floor off the coast of North Carolina. [more]

Scrabble Champ
Ten-year-old Alex Leckie-Zaharic has won the Dunedin schools scrabble competition. He is also the youngest player ever to compete in the New Zealand National Scrabble Tournament, where he was up against 80 players from around the country, most of whom were at least 30 years older than Alex. He won three awards, including an invitation to the World Youth Scrabble Championships in Malaysia in December. [more]

Southern Story for 27 October 2011 - Natural Medicines
Medicine man Michael McCammon has a passion for his work with healing herbs, but there are new regulations afoot for traditional 'natural' medicines. [more]

Our Changing World - Electrochemistry
Veronika Meduna meets University of Canterbury chemist Alison Downard whose research in electrochemistry shows that microscopic power plants could be feasible in the future. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 27 October 2011
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel. [more]

The Panel with Tony Doe and John Bishop (Part 1)
Topics - The Labour Party has promised to raise the eligibility age for superannuation and make KiwiSaver compulsory for all wage earners if it is elected next month. The Institute of Economic Research estimates the Maui gas fault could cost the economy up to 175 million dollars a day. [more]

The Panel with Tony Doe and John Bishop (Part 2)
Topics - An Auckland school has gone ahead with its controversial plan to make expensive tablet devices compulsory for junior pupils, by rolling out a training programme for teachers. The lawyer for a woman who escaped serious penalty for her part in a suicide pact in which another woman died says she should never have been charged. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 27 October 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 27 October 2011
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. TWI unavailable. [more]

Midday Business News for 27 October 2011
BNZ's full year profit rises due to higher income and lower bad debts. Nokia places its bets on its new Windows smartphone and the sharemarket rises. [more]

Evening Business for 27 October 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 27 October 2011
News from the business sector. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Thursday 27 October 2011
More milk is spilled as the cost of the maui gas leak escalates. A bold plan by Labour to raise the retirement age to 67 and the police have been called in to investigate a potentially fraudulent email, which was presented as evidence at an inquest today. [more]

Costs mounting on third day of gas crisis
The costs of the Maui gas leak continue to mount with the energy crisis in its third day and a fix still up to three days away. [more]

Gas leak adds to Auckland's history of power woes
Auckland is bearing the brunt of the economic blow from the Maui gas leak, with many of its major businesses on shutdown or go-slow for a third day. [more]

Labour pledges to raise pension age by 2033
Labour's kicked off its election campaign with bold plan to raise the pension age to 67 by 2033. [more]

Potentially fraudulent evidence heard at inquest
The police have been called in to investigate a potentially fraudulent email, which was presented as evidence at an inquest today. [more]

Sports News for 27 October 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Many told how accused helped mother die
A euthanasia trial in Dunedin has heard the accused told his brother, a close friend and a journalist that he helped his mother die. [more]

Auckland's mayor will ask ratepayers for more money
Auckland's mayor will ask ratepayers for more money next year, but it will be months before individual increases become clear. [more]

Bill English admits the gas supply to Auckland is not secure
The Infrastructure Minister Bill English admits the gas supply to Auckland is not secure enough but won't say if it needs a second big gas pipeline. [more]

The latest from Fonterra
The Maui gas pipeline may take two-and-a-half to three more days to fix and in the meantime the costing are mounting for many big businesses and farmers. [more]

Sealord to monitor treatment of foreign crews
Sealord says it will begin monitoring the treatment of crews on its foreign charter vessels, pre-empting the findings of a major inquiry into alleged abuses in the industry. [more]

Labour proposes increasing the pension age
The Labour Party has launched its election campaign with a bold bid to present itself as the party ready to tackle the tough problems. [more]

National promises under-six's free 24 hour health care
Both of the main political parties are on the same page when it comes to ensuring under-six year olds have free around-the-clock health care. [more]

Victim of a potential fraud at the coroner's court speaks out
The police have been called in after the supposed author of an email presented in evidence at an inquest today revealed to Radio New Zealand that he had not written it. [more]

Rena costs approaching the 10 million dollar mark
The Transport Minister, Steven Joyce, says the cost of the Rena oil spill is approaching the ten million dollar mark. [more]

Sports News for 27 October 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Eurozone leaders announce deal
Eurozone leaders have announced what they say is a vital deal to resolve their financial crisis - after talks stretched well into the night. [more]

Hamilton underestimates V8 race cost by $29 million
The Hamilton City Council failed to draw up a business case for staging the V8 supercar races before committing to them, and underestimated the cost by nearly thirty million dollars. [more]

Businesses warn of shortfalls and delays due to gas leak
Businesses across the country are warning there will be delays and shortages in production thanks to the leak in the Maui gas pipeline. [more]

Govt company to manage failed finance company assets
The Government will spend 800 thousand dollars setting up a company to sell the remaining assets of six failed finance companies. [more]

Reserve Bank accused of failing to fight inflation
A manufacturers' lobby group says the Reserve Bank is shying away from confronting inflation with its decision to hold the benchmark interest rate steady. [more]

Election 2011 Audio

National Party health policy announcement
National Party leader John Key and health spokesperson Tony Ryall announce free after-hours vists to the doctor for children under six. [more]

Labour announces savings policy
Labour Party leader Phil Goff outlines a package of three major policies on savings at Parliament. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 27 October 2011
The Maui gas fault is estimated to be costing the country up to 175 million dollars a day and the Reserve Bank keeps interest rates on hold but warns rises are likely. [more]

Midday Sports News for 27 October 2011
Seven-time Grand Slam winner Venus Williams will grace the Auckland women's tennis classic in January as the tournament's marquee player. [more]

Morning Report

Pacific News for 27 October 2011
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Dairy farmers dump thousands of litres of milk
Northland dairy farmers face second day of having to dump milk, with Fonterra's northern processing plants still unable to run because of a gas leak on the Maui Pipeline. [more]

Companies to seek compensation as gas problem harms business
Nearly three and a half thousand businesses have been asked not to use their reticulated gas supply as repairs are completed. [more]

Pipeline owners say it's too early to consider compensation
The Chairman of Maui Development Limited that owns the pipeline, Rob Jager, says it's not clear if the company is liable for any compensation. [more]

Parties launch election campaigns now World Cup over
Party political broadcasts begin tomorrow and our Political Editor Brent Edwards takes a look at the offerings as the election campaigns get underway. [more]

Vector provides an update on Maui gas leak
The spokesperson for Natural gas distributor Vector, Simon McKenzie, joins the programme. [more]

Homecoming celebrations for All Black players
A third of the All Blacks team come from smaller provincial towns and these hometowns are as intent on celebrating their win as the larger centres. [more]

Drug-taking soldiers sentenced to military jail
Three New Zealand army medics caught using drugs in Afghanistan have been allowed to remain in the armed forces. [more]

Rena salvors begin using faster pumping method
Svitzer Salvage spokesperson Matthew Watson says they are continuing to work on a new pumping system, designed to extract oil from the harder to reach parts of the vessel. [more]

Sports News for 27 October 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

EU hope to agree debt plan at emergency Eurozone summit
Proposals being discussed at the emergency summit include a bigger write-off of Greek debt and provision of further guarantees if Italy and Spain need to borrow more. [more]

Turkey to take foreign quake aid
After initially declining, the government says it will now accept offers of foreign aid to help the tens of thousands left homeless by Monday's devastating earthquake. [more]

Voters to consider second type of proportional system
With a forthcoming referendum on our electoral system, Julian Robins takes a look at STV - the Single Transferable Vote, currently used to elect the Australian Senate and the government of Ireland. [more]

Energy Minister warns gas users to limit usage
While the company managing the Maui Pipeline says its team has continued to work overnight on the damaged pipe and is currently ahead of schedule for repairs, the acting Minister for Energy and Resources, Hekia Parata, warns consumers to limit usage. [more]

Pie company one of many businesses affected by leak
The Bakels bakery company Chief Executive, Duncan Loney, joins the programme to discuss his company's options with the gas supply challenges. [more]

Labour's campaign to focus on policy, not personality
Otago University's Dr Bryce Edwards and branding expert Dave Bassett join the programme to discuss Labour's campaign strategy. [more]

Nurses air doubts at euthanasia trial
Nurses giving evidence at the murder trial of Sean Davison, a forensics professor, say they doubt he killed his mother even after he wrote about giving her a lethal dose of morphine. [more]

Kakapo’s dinner remnants sold for good cause
To tell us why anyone would want to buy the partially eaten pine needles from Sirocco the kakapo's digestive tract is Zealandia's Lauren Schaer. [more]

Sports News for 27 October 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Green co-leaders spend first day on campaign trail
The Greens kicked off their election campaigning with a visit to a house in the blue collar suburb of Wellington's Tawa. Our political reporter, Chris Bramwell, was with them. [more]

Changes to bail laws under fire from lawyers
Some lawyers believe National's proposed changes to the granting of bail will mean anyone facing serious charges will be accorded a pre-trial presumption of guilt. [more]

Fire exercise almost too real for Queenstown residents
An exercise involving a massive out of control fire threatening 500 Queenstown homes has been testing the skills of a multi-agency rapid response team. [more]

Aggressive Nelson swan worries DOC
A large, white swan that's been scaring Nelson riverside strollers with its aggressive behaviour is stirring public opinion over its fate. [more]


Pet Day: Pet and animal welfare
Advice for looking after the animals we love with Vet Kevin Stafford from Massey University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital. [more]

Science: Chemistry
Lighting up the bunsen burner is senior scientist at the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, Dr Nicola Gaston. [more]

Conundrum Clue Three
Conundrum Clue three [more]

Nine To Noon

Maui gas pipeline - outage ramifications
Most of the country's industry is north of Taranaki and much of it depends, in varying degree, on gas powered energy. Nine to Noon looks at the possible implications of a shut-down of the pipeline with Sanitarium New Zealand's General Manager, Pierre van Heerden, Hospitality New Zealand Auckland Branch President, Warren Stewart, and Principal Economist at the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, Shamubeel Eaqub. [more]

Tsunami debris trajectory forecaster
The University of Hawaii's International Pacific Research Center staff correctly forecast the trajectory of the millions of tonnes of debris spewed into the Pacific as a result of last March's massive quake and subsequent tsunami. Jan Hafner is one of the researchers and joins the programme. [more]

Ireland Correspondent - Ailbhe Conneely
The Presidential race is coming to an end and the polling booths are just hours away from opening. There are seven candidates running and the favourite may have been hobbled near the finish line. [more]

Feature Guest - Professor Jane Harding
Paediatrician and specialist in newborn intensive care, Professor Harding is an international authority on the regulation of foetal growth, placental function, and the treatment and consequences of under nutrition in the womb. Professor Harding, who's also deputy vice-chancellor at Auckland University, has recently been given funding from the US government for a five year study (led by her and a team at the Liggins Institute) on low blood glucose in babies - a condition which affects up to 15% of infants internationally and can lead to brain damage in serious cases. [more]

Book Review - Planet Word
Phil Smith has taken on Stephen Fry's latest work 'Planet Word', so find out what he thinks of it. Published by Michael Joseph. [more]

New Technology with Donald Clark
Size does matter: how to increase your hard-drive and how does our broadband stack up? [more]

Janet Frame's work, a new collection
Janet Frame's niece, Pamela Gordon, has edited a new collection of short non-fiction and unseen material written by her aunt, one of New Zealand's most influential writers. [more]

Film with Graeme Tuckett
GT's been watching the romantic drama 'One Day', the French rom-com 'Beautiful Lies', and Wim Wenders' new combination of dance, theatre and spectacle created for film in 3D 'Pina'. [more]

Feature Guest - Sir Ranulph Fiennes
Sir Ranulph Fiennes was the first man to reach both poles by surface travel and the first to cross the Antarctic Continent unsupported. Fiennes has led over 30 expeditions including the first polar circumnavigation of the Earth, and in 2003 he ran seven marathons in seven days on seven continents in aid of the British Heart Foundation. [more]

Our Changing World

Whakatane Kiwi Project
The community of Whakatane and Ohope have taken their local brown kiwi to their heart, both physically and emotionally [more]

Modelling Carbon Nanotubes
Dmitri Schebarchov has created a model to explain how the diameters of carbon nanotubes relate to the catalysts they're grown on [more]

Modified Zeolite
Excess nutrients such as phosphorus cause algal blooms in lakes, but sediment capping may be a solution [more]

Monitoring Volcanic Hazards
The Waimangu Valley near Rotorua is one of a number of volcanic monitoring sites in the Taupo Volcanic Zone [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 27 October 2011
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 27 October 2011
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

Te Manu Korihi

Te Manu Korihi News for 27 October 2011
Most Far North tribes just days away from initialling deed of settlement for Treaty claims; 'crucial role' says Families Commission's first full time kaihono or senior adviser for cultural development; Rhodes scholar for 2012 honoured at her selection. [more]

Te Manu Korihi News for 27 October 2011
Most of the Far North's Muriwhenua tribes just days away from initialling Treaty claims deed of settlement; Families Commission appoints first full-time kaihono or senior adviser for cultural development; 21-year-old Waikato University student of Ngapuhi descent, one of only three New Zealanders to win a Rhodes Scholarship for 2012. [more]

Manu Korihi News for 27 October 2011
New Zealand's first Maori-controlled dairy company Miraka Limited, is helping out other processors, shut down by a leak in the Maui gas pipeline; A Ngati Awa scholar will be continuing her studies at Harvard University, thanks to a Fulbright Award; Waikato University has launched a new centre today, to carry out high-quality indigenous research. [more]

Manu Korihi News for 27 October 2011
New Zealand's first Maori-controlled dairy company Miraka Limited, is helping out other processors shut down by a leak in the Maui gas pipeline; The mother of a Ngati Awa scholar, who's won a Fulbright Award, says the scholarship will go a long way towards the cost of studying at Harvard University; A new centre for indigenous research has opened today at Waikato University. [more]


Drew James
Artistic Director of WOMAD Taranaki launches next year's programme. [more]

Awhina Tamarapa
Curator of Maori collection at Te Papa museum and editor of new book Whatu Kakuhu: Maori Cloaks. [more]

Elizabeth Kerr
New Zealand String Quartet Manager and driving force behind London based festival "New Zealand at Kings Place". [more]

You Me... Now!

Episode 55: Final Foreverland
The rendezvous with the drug boys doesn't go as planned. [more]

News stories:

Convicted killer visiting film director
A man sentenced to death in America for the 1993 murders of three eight-year-old boys is currently in New Zealand visiting Sir Peter Jackson. [more]

Council bails out Downstage
Wellington City Council has approved a request by Downstage theatre for a $90,000 bailout. [more]

NZ market up 6 points on Thursday
The New Zealand stockmarket was up when it closed on Wednesday. [more]

Ford profits dip in EU and Asia
Ford reported a dip in profits with losses in Europe and Asia, but fared better in the United States with vehicle sales up 14% to $US18 billion. [more]

High hopes for food innovation centre
The backers of a new Food Innovation Centre in Auckland hope it will boost the export of higher value products and create new jobs. [more]

Offshore markets mixed
Stocks on Wall Street are little changed on Wednesday, as investors remain cautious about the outcome of a European summit to resolve the debt crisis. European markets were mixed. [more]

Father of killed German yachtie visits French Polynesia
The father of the German tourist killed in Nuku Hiva has arrived in French Polynesia to try to reconstruct what happened to his son, Stefan Ramin. DNA tests in France... [more]

Tokelau official says atolls need to be better prepared for future droughts
The Apia-based administrator for the Tokelau government says the three atolls know they need to be better prepared for future droughts. Joe Suveinakama's comment comes as Tokelau lifted a state... [more]

Draft proposal to expand marine sanctuary in American Samoa
The US Federal Government's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA has proposed adding five reef and offshore areas to the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary in American Samoa. The... [more]

Latu not the reason behind loss in Adelaide
The trans-Tasman Constellation Cup netball series is going to a decider after Australia made it 2-2 with a 51-44 win over New Zealand in Adelaide on Wednesday night. The Diamonds... [more]

Foreign invaders dominate Melbourne Cup field
With final acceptances being announced on Saturday for next Tuesday's Melbourne Cup it's possible there'll be just two Australian-bred horses in the field of 24 as foreign invaders make their... [more]

Mills returning home from Zimbabwe
The Black Caps will have to make do without pace bowler Kyle Mills in the upcoming cricket Test against Zimbabwe. Mills is returning to New Zealand following a slight tear... [more]

Tevez may sue Mancini
Carlos Tevez is reportedly considering suing Manchester City football manager Roberto Mancini for defamation in the latest twist to the ongoing saga involving the Argentinian striker. Several British media outlets... [more]

Sheens names unchanged starting lineup for Nations opener
The Australian league coach Tim Sheens is staying with the side which overran the Kiwis in Newcastle earlier this month, for their opening match of the Four Nations Championship in... [more]

Wet bus ticket treatment for Russian cyclist
A leading Russian cyclist has avoided suspension and been fined just $2,000 after being disqualified from this year's Tour de France for failing a drugs test. Alexander Kolobnev, the road... [more]

NBA's down under tour reportedly confirmed
The world's best basketballers are reportedly heading down under in a fortnight. ESPN reports that NBA all-stars Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade have all confirmed their... [more]

Russia announces plans for F1 circuit
The Russian government plans to spend nearly $250 million building a motor racing circuit in Sochi to host the country's first Formula One grand prix in 2014. The track itself... [more]

Serious form reversal for US Open champ
Australia's US Open tennis champion Samantha Stosur has suffered a dramatic form reversal at the WTA Championships in Istanbul. Following her breakthrough victory over Maria Sharapova yesterday, Stosur has crashed... [more]

Henry and Hansen to coach Babaas
The All Blacks rugby World Cup winning coach Graham Henry and his assistant Steve Hansen will coach the Barbarians for their clash with the Wallabies at Twickenham next month, with... [more]

Tired All Blacks cap off World Cup win with team of year award
The All Blacks capped off their world cup triumph by picking up the IRB team of the year award with coach Graham Henry claiming his fifth coach of the year... [more]

French coach signs off
France's rugby coach Marc Lievremont signed off from the job with one final jibe at the media after a tempestuous battle throughout the rugby World Cup. The former France international... [more]

Semenya changes coach in bid for Olympic gold
The former world 800 metres champion Caster Semenya has turned to two-lap great Maria Mutola to help her win Olympic gold in London next year. Semenya, who left her previous... [more]

Terry embroiled in racism claims
Police in London are assessing a complaint from a member of the public, accusing Chelsea and England football captain John Terry of racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand. Terry has... [more]

FIFA to allow half price tickets for elderly
The FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke says football's governing body will allow Brazilians over 65 to attend World Cup matches for half price at the 2014 finals, clearing one obstacle... [more]

Australia level netball series
Australia's veteran goal shooter Catherine Cox bounced back from a poor first Test to help the Diamonds level their netball series with the Silver Ferns in Adelaide on Wednesday night. [more]

India sweep ODI series against England
The Indian cricketers have completed a 5-0 clean sweep of their one day series against England with a 95-run win in the final match in Kolkata. Sent in to bat,... [more]

Simoncelli's team won't race in Valencia MotoGP
Honda Gresini have pulled out of the season-ending Valencia Grand Prix following the death of Italian MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli in Malaysia on Sunday. The 24-year-old was killed during the... [more]

Change mooted for football's offside rule
A FIFA task force headed by the former German football captain Franz Beckenbauer has suggested changing the offside law and abolishing red cards for less serious offences in the penalty... [more]

Welsh rugby veteran retires
The former Wales and British Lions rugby star Gareth Thomas has announced his retirement from all rugby, saying he can no longer commit himself totally to the game. The 37-year-old,... [more]

NRL and clubs still at loggerheads
The National Rugby League and clubs remain at loggerheads after three meetings in Sydney failed to resolve the clubs' stand-off over demands for extra funding. The 16 NRL clubs are... [more]

Zimbabwe shock Black Caps in final ODI
Zimbabwe have shocked the Black Caps with a memorable victory in the third and final one day cricket international in Bulawayo. With the last pair at the crease, the home... [more]

Cooper undergoes knee surgery
The beleaguered Australian rugby star Quade Cooper has had surgery in Brisbane on his injured knee, just days before the Queensland Reds start training for next year's Super Rugby season. [more]

Carney about to be given a last chance
It's the dry way or the highway for the troubled Sydney league star Todd Carney who's been given one last chance by the National Rugby League to turn his life... [more]

Wozniacki survives first round scare at WTA Champs
Caroline Wozniacki recovered from a tricky situation on a sticky court at the season-ending WTA Championships in Istanbul to stay on course to end the year with the number one... [more]

FA to investigate allegation against England captain
The English Football Association has decided to investigate an alleged incident of racial abuse involving the Chelsea and England captain John Terry. The complaint stems from last weekend's Premier League... [more]

Black Caps coach says loss unacceptable
The New Zealand cricket coach John Wright has blasted the side's bowling and fielding performance after the Black Caps' tense one-wicket loss to Zimbabwe in the third and final one-dayer... [more]

Man United bounce back to ease past Aldershot
Manchester United shrugged off their 6-1 mauling by Manchester City to book their place in the quarter-finals of the League Cup with a comfortable 3-0 win over lowly Aldershot Town. [more]

NZRU rules out Gatland and Deans from All Blacks job
The New Zealand Rugby Union chief executive Steve Tew has effectively ruled out poaching Warren Gatland from Wales or Robbie Deans from Australia to be the next All Blacks coach. [more]

Second US Formula One race confirmed
Formula One will boast two United States races from 2013 when the Grand Prix of America will debut in New Jersey. The race will be a 5.15-kilometre road race, run... [more]

Date given for appraisal report
Pyne Gould Corporation says an independent appraisal report will be sent to shareholders on 9 November. [more]

Matulino, Leuluai return to Kiwis side
Warriors prop Ben Matulino and Wigan utility Thomas Leuluai are both back in the Kiwis rugby league team for Saturday morning's Four Nations opener against the Kangaroos at Warrington. Matulino... [more]

Labour focusing on policies, not leadership
The Labour Party kicks off its election campaign on Thursday, putting the emphasis formally on policy detail rather than leadership. [more]

Tamaki replacement candidate chosen
The National Party has selected Simon O'Connor as its replacement candidate for the seat of Tamaki. Simon O'Connor was a list candidate in the last election. [more]

Marshall Islands health officials seek emergency declaration over dengue outbreak
Marshall Islands health officials asks the national government for an emergency declaration to increase momentum to prevent spread of dengue fever beyond the capital, Majuro. The Cabinet is expected to... [more]

Beaches to stay closed
Maritime New Zealand says beaches between Papamoa and Maketu in Bay of Plenty will remain closed until all of the oil washed ashore from the Rena is removed. [more]

Fall in price of milk expected
Consumer New Zealand expects domestic milk prices will drop soon. [more]

Rena oil leak may damage Maori business
The Tauranga Maori Business Association is concerned about the impact of the Rena disaster on Maori businesses in Bay of Plenty. [more]

PNG government again fails to quash Somare challenge
The government of Papua New Guinea has failed for a second time in as many days to interrupt a Supreme Court case into its legitimacy. Lawyers for the Attorney-General Alan... [more]

Freeport declares force majeure as Papua strike bites
The US miner Freeport-McMoRan has declared force majeure on shipments from its strike-hit Indonesian gold and copper mine so it can avoid liability on existing customer orders. About 8,000 of... [more]

Concern at swan's behaviour
The Department of Conservation is considering how to deal with a solitary white swan whose aggressive behaviour is worrying people walking along a riverbank in Nelson. [more]

Fiji group to look at ways to attract new freight carriers
Fiji's interim government and business will look at ways to attract new freight carriers to Fiji. The proposal is among several to be reviewed following a meeting to discuss changes... [more]

Voters to consider second type of proportional system
A referendum will be held on the electoral system at the election to keep MMP or change to another method. Radio New Zealand political reporter Julian Robins profiles the Single Transferable Vote system. [more]

SBW Tweets solve mystery on Cup parade absences
The mystery over Sonny Bill Williams' whereabouts has been solved - the All Black utility player has Tweeted that his Nan is back home and thanked his Tweeps for all... [more]

SBW ends mystery over parade absences
Sonny Bill Williams has ended a mystery over his whereabouts. The All Black utility has Tweeted that his Nan is back home and thanked his Tweeps for all their prayers. [more]

Haast tokoeka kiwi released on island
Seven Haast tokoeka kiwi have started a new life on Pomona Island in Lake Manapouri. They were previously on Centre Island in Lake Te Anau. [more]

Final appeal over corruption charges lost
Former MP Taito Phillip Field has lost his final legal bid to overturn his convictions for bribery and corruption. [more]

Election a chance to keep or reject MMP
The referendum on the electoral system will give voters the chance to endorse or reject MMP and consider what system might replace it. Radio New Zealand political reporter Julian Robins profiles MMP. [more]

Erakovic beaten in second round in France
New Zealand's top women's tennis player Marina Eravkovic has been beaten in the the second round of an ITF event in Poitiers in France. Erakovic, the fourth seed, was beaten... [more]

Strip bars to be demolished
Bars on The Strip, one of the main social hubs in Christchurch, are to join the list of buildings facing demolition. [more]

Sport: Fiji confident ahead of Oceania Sevens
Acting Fiji sevens coach Joe Savou believes his team is on the right track ahead of the Oceania Sevens which begin in Apia on Saturday. A shadow Fijian side was... [more]

Green co-leaders spend first day on campaign trail
The Green Party is hoping for its best result yet and is polling strongly going into the general election on 26 November. [more]

Sport: O-League champs expect to be targeted
Defending Oceania football champions Auckland City are well aware they'll be a prized scalp when the new season begins this weekend. The three-time winners regained the title they won in... [more]

Sport: NZ coach pleased with Latu despite loss
The New Zealand netball coach Wai Taumaunu says her players need to harden up when the heats on following last night's 51-44 loss to Australia in Adelaide. The hosts levelled... [more]

Crematoria switching to LPG
Crematoria in Auckland are switching from gas to LPG to clear a backlog of funerals caused by the closure of the Maui gas pipeline. [more]

Labasa hospital in Fiji welcomes recruitment of Filipino doctors
The medical superintendent of Labasa hospital in Fiji has welcomed the health ministry's announcement that a number of top-level medical specialists from the Philippines will be recruited to work in... [more]

Former finance minister advocates return to First Past the Post
Radio New Zealand political reporter Julian Robins looks at the First Past the Post and Preferential Voting systems ahead of the referendum. [more]

Four finance company directors charged by SFO
The Serious Fraud Office says four people have appeared in the Auckland District Court on charges relating to the failed finance companies, Dominion Finance and North South Finance. [more]

75 SH1 corner infringement notices issued
Police in Christchurch say motorists are continuing to take excessive risks on bends along a treacherous stretch on State Highway 1, south of Kaikoura. Labour weekend saw 75 infringement notices issued. [more]

BNZ profit up
The Bank of New Zealand has lifted its profit to $612 million, due to higher net interest income and lower bad debts. [more]

UK and NZ companies to sign memorandum of understanding
A meeting between British companies and Christchurch business leaders will be held in the city on Thursday afternoon to sign a memorandum of understanding to share business opportunities in Asia. [more]

Venus to star at ASB Classic
Venus Williams will grace the Auckland women's tennis Classic in January as the tournament's marquee player. The 31-year-old American former world No.1 and seven-time Grand Slam winner is expected to... [more]

Weather prompts postponement of potential World Series decider
The Texas Rangers baseball team will have to wait for the chance to seal a first-ever World Series after game six was postponed due to forecast rain in St. Louis. [more]

Omission seen in air crash report
Massey University's school of aviation says there's a significant omission in a report by the Transport Accident Investigation Commission into a mid-air collision which killed three people in 2008. [more]

Cooks police say death in Avatiu harbour treated as suspicious
Cook Islands police are treating the death of a man, believed to be from Fiji, as suspicious. His body was discovered in Avatiu harbour on Rarotonga. The Cook Islands News... [more]

Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Blackburn through in League Cup
Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Blackburn have booked their places in the quarter-finals of English football's League Cup. City overwhelmed Wolverhampton Wanderers 5-2 away while Liverpool also won on the... [more]

Pipeline's estimated cost put at $175 million per day
The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research estimates the Maui gas pipeline fault could cost the economy up to $175 million per day. [more]

Cup scalper convicted and discharged
Police in Auckland say that a backpacker caught scalping tickets to the Rugby World Cup final quickly left New Zealand after being convicted and discharged by the courts. [more]

Samoa gets heavy rain after long dry spell
Samoa has experienced heavy rain this week, following a prolonged drought. The severity of the dry weather has led to many rivers and creeks drying up. An official at the... [more]

Oil Search says resource projects could double PNG growth
Papua New Guinea's largest oil producer says major resources projects could double economic growth in PNG and transform the nation into a more equal trading partner which relies less on... [more]

New Zealand urged to end silence amid violence in West Papua
The convener of the New Zealand parliamentary support group for West Papua has urged the government to end its silence on growing violence in Indonesia's eastern region. The call comes... [more]

Christchurch council can only estimate costs
The Christchurch City Council says it has only been able to provide estimated financial costs in this year's annual report, as the full extent of earthquake damage to the city's infrastructure and other assets remains unknown. [more]

Senior PNG police officer relieved to be cleared of charges
A senior Papua New Guinea police officer says he's relieved to have been cleared of corruption charges by the National Court. The chief of police operations for the National Capital... [more]

US Cables show former Solomons minister Chan was key partner
Classified US diplomatic cables from 2006 show that the US enjoyed close contacts with the Solomon Islands foreign minister at the time, Laurie Chan. The Solomon Star says according to... [more]

PNG not equipped to deal with major ship disasters
Papua New Guinea's National Maritime Safety Authority says it's not equipped to deal with a major shipping incident. The senior search and rescue co-ordinator says favourable weather and an Australian... [more]

Farmers urged to keep milk out of waterways
Regional councils in Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Northland are advising farmers who have to dump milk to keep it out of waterways. [more]

Impact of Papua mine industrial action will be minor if resolved quickly says anlayst
A commodities analyst says the market impact of industrial action at Freeport McMoRan's Grasberg gold and copper mine in Papua will be limited if the dispute is resolved quickly. About... [more]

American Samoa airline yet to respond to government lawsuit
A local airline in American Samoa has yet to respond to a government lawsuit amounting to almost 400,000 US dollars. The American Samoa government claims that Inter Island Airways owes... [more]

P and O Cruises plan to share growth in cruising industry with Pacific Island communities
One of the largest cruise operators in the region says more Pacific Island communities will benefit from predicted strong growth in the industry. Carnival Australia which operates P & O... [more]

Spanish consortium wins Saudi rail contract
A Spanish consortium has won the contract to build a high-speed rail link in Saudi Arabia. [more]

Growing level of industrial action at mines says analyst
A commodities analyst says there are more mining disruptions now bringing production below capacity than at any other period in history. About eight-thousand of the 23-thousand workers at Freeport McMoRan's... [more]

Mono Island in Solomons remembers WW2 battle alongside New Zealanders
The tiny community on Mono in Solomon Islands has today been commemorating a landmark battle of the Second World War. The fight to take the island from the Japanese left... [more]

'Pop-up mall' monicker faces legal challenge
Christchurch's new shipping container mall, which is due to open on Saturday, is facing legal action from a similar British venture. [more]

Guam campaigns for return of old drugs to stop abuse
The Guam Drug Enforcement is again campaigning for the return of expired drugs to curb abuse. This Saturday it will hold its third annual drug take back day amid claims... [more]

Pay rise for Skellerup directors approved
Skellerup Holdings Ltd's shareholders have agreed to increase directors' fees days after Nuplex Industries Ltd backed out of asking for a rise. [more]

PSIS becomes bank, changes name
PSIS Ltd became New Zealand's 21st registered bank on Wednesday and has changed its name to the Co-operative Bank. [more]

Fire exercise in Queenstown
A two-day exercise involving a "fire" threatening 500 homes at Queenstown has been testing the skills of a multi-agency rapid- response team. The scenario has hundreds of residents being forced from their homes. [more]

Auckland rates up 3.5% next year?
Property rates in Auckland could rise by 3.5% next year and by up to 5% in subsequent years. [more]

Concern in CNMI over tourists targetted by thieves
There is concern in the Northern Marianas over a rise in thefts of valuables belonging to tourists. In a new incident, a Japanese couple on holiday in Saipan had belongings... [more]

Serepisos property transfer under investigation
A government agency investigating the bankruptcy of Wellington businessman Terry Serepisos is to look at assets involved in a property transfer. [more]

Potentially fraudulent email in air crash case
The police are investigating a potentially fraudulent email, which has been presented as evidence at an inquest in Wellington. [more]

Official Cash Rate kept on hold
The Reserve Bank has kept the Official Cash Rate at 2.5%, saying it's prudent to keep the cost of borrowing on hold because of the global economic and financial risks. [more]

Auckland bars, restaurants 'insulted' by gas fault
Some Auckland bars and restaurants are describing the Maui gas fault as an insult. [more]

National promises free after-hours care for under six-year-olds
The National Party is pledging free after-hours visits to the doctor for under six-year-olds if it is re-elected. [more]

Labour plans to lift superannuation age to 67
The Labour Party says it will raise the age of entitlement for superannuation to 67 by 2033 and plans to make KiwiSaver compulsory if elected in November. [more]

Trading resumes on ASX after technical glitch
The Australian sharemarket has resumed trading after a major technical fault forced it to close for most of the day. [more]

Bumper quarter for Freightways
Freightways has enjoyed a bumper start to the new financial year. [more]

Celtic into Scottish League Cup quarter-finals
Celtic have staged a second half comeback to Scottish League Cup football semi-finals with a 4-1 win over 10-man Hibernian. The Glasgow side join fellow Scottish Premier League side Kilmarnock... [more]

NZ Cricket returns lower than expected surplus
New Zealand Cricket has recorded a lower than expected surplus of $2.60 million for the past financial year. The chief executive officer Justin Vaughan says a strengthening New Zealand dollar... [more]

Australia level netball series
The Australian netball team beat the Silver Ferns 51-44 in Adelaide on Wednesday night to level the Constellation Cup series 2-2. The final Test will be played in Melbourne on Sunday. [more]

50 million litres of milk dumped
Fonterra says 20 million litres of milk have gone down the drain on Thursday because of the lack of gas caused by the Maui pipeline leak. [more]

Supermarket shortages because of gas leak
Business throughout the country are warning of delays in supply because of the Maui gas pipeline leak. The two main supermarket chains say there will be national shortages of basic food products. [more]

Business confidence down again
Business confidence is down for a third successive month. [more]

NZOG share price seen as ridiculously low
New Zealand Oil & Gas Ltd chairman Tony Radford says the industry the company operates in is out of favour with investors and the company's share price is suffering. [more]

Auckland International Airport on track for profit
Auckland International Airport is still on track to make a profit in the $130 million in the 2012 financial year despite mixed statistics for passenger and aircraft movements. [more]

Preparations made for urgent medical evacuation of Vanuatu opposition leader
Preparations are being made for the evacuation of the leader of Vanuatu's opposition, Serge Vohor, for medical treatment in Australia. Mr Vohor's been staying at Port Vila Central Hospital with... [more]

Accused 'admitted he helped his mother die'
A journalist has told a euthanasia trial how the accused admitted to her he helped his mother die. [more]

Govt company to manage sale of failed finance firms
The Government will establish a company to manage about $350 million worth of unsold assets of six failed finance companies that had Crown guarantees. [more]

Hamilton council faulted for going blind into V8 race
An audit of the staging of the V8 Supercar races in Hamilton has found the city council did not carry out a business case before committing to the project. [more]

Moriori research gets funding
New research may settle a long debate over the origins of the Moriori, the first people on the Chatham Islands. [more]

Waikato River agreements signed
Two iwi signed agreements over governance of the Waikato River at Parliament on Wednesday. [more]

Kohanga Reo challenges Crown
The Kohanga Reo National Trust Board says a decision by the Waitangi Tribunal shows the Crown has something to answer for. [more]

Court approval next step in Telecom split
Telecom now needs court approval for its decision to split its retail and network arms into two stand-alone listed firms. This is expected to be obtained at the end of next month. [more]

Nokia signals 'rebirth' with two smartphones
Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has launched two new smartphones based on Microsoft's new Windows Phone operating system. [more]

Another trade deficit in September
New Zealand posted its second consecutive monthly trade deficit in September, as demand for imports picked up. [more]

Kohanga Reo wins bid for urgent tribunal hearing
The Kohanga Reo National Trust Board has won an application for an urgent Waitangi Tribunal hearing. [more]

Fonterra coming back on line
New Zealand's biggest company, Fonterra, has been hard hit by the disruption to upper North Island gas supplies, with farmers forced to dump tens of thousands of litres of milk. [more]

Growing level of industrial action at mines like Freeport's in Papua, says analyst
A commodities analyst says there are more mining disruptions now bringing production below capacity than at any other period in history. About eight-thousand of the 23-thousand workers at Freeport McMoRan's... [more]

Parliamentarians group says NZ should review its community policing role in West Papua
The convener of the New Zealand parliamentary support group for West Papua says the government should review its role training Indonesian police in community policing in Papua region. The call... [more]

Former dux selected as Rhodes scholar
Briar Thompson, a former dux of Whangarei Girls' High School who is now studying communications at Waikato University, says it's a real honour to be selected as a Rhodes scholar for 2012. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Thursday's headlines: Bodies being returned to grieving families because crematoriums cannot operate; gas pipeline safety questioned; Dunedin wants a Rugby World Cup parade too. [more]

Chlorine overdose flushed out of Nelson water
Several hundred households in Nelson can use the water supply again, now an accidental chlorine overdose has been flushed from the system. [more]

Auckland rates to rise as much as 3.5% next year
Property rates in Auckland could rise by an average of 3.5% next year. Mayor Len Brown proposed that increase as an upper limit when he unveiled the Auckland Council's draft 10-year plan. [more]

Concern about mussel farm
Tests are being carried out at a large mussel farm in eastern Bay of Plenty because of concern it could be contaminated by oil and debris spilled from the container ship Rena. [more]

More than half of Rena's oil now removed
Maritime New Zealand says 737 tonnes of oil has now been pumped off the Rena on to the bunker barge Awanuia. [more]

Beekeepers worried about spray threat in orchards
Beekeepers in Hawke's Bay are pleading with pipfruit growers to hold off spraying until they've removed their hives from orchards. [more]

Union puts legal threat on hold
The Meatworkers Union has put a threat of legal action on hold while negotiations continue to end a dispute at the CMP Rangitikei lamb processing plant at Marton. [more]

Army medics imprisoned for drug use
Three New Zealand Army medics caught using drugs in Afghanistan were sent home early, charged and put in a military prison. [more]

Venus Williams to play in Auckland tournament
Five-time Wimbledon champion Venus Williams will be the drawcard at January's ASB tennis tournament in Auckland. [more]

Woman charged with murder
Police in Christchurch have charged a woman with the murder of a man who died in 2009. She also faces two charges of attempted murder. [more]