Radio New Zealand - Friday, 27th April 2012

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Best Song Ever Written - Look What They've Done to My Song
And for Eve Graham of the New Seekers, who is New Zealand touring with that other other successful British mega-band of the 70's Paperlace, it's one of her band's most successful hits - 'Look What They've Done to My Song' aka 'I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing'. [more]

David Strang - puzzling times
In the last 11-years David Strang of Wanaka has made over three-and-a-half-thousand puzzles which early childhood centres around the country have been the grateful recipients of. [more]

NZ Society - Wild West
Justin Gregory continues his journey 'out west' in Auckland and has a Peter Parker moment when he meets the spider guy Brian Lawton and arachnid of the west, the Avondale Spider. [more]

Fresh Fast Food with Julie Biuso
Julie joins us from Adelaids and tempts our taste buds into the kitchen with a recipe of Bacon Crusted Clams. [more]

Wine with Belinda Jackson
Belinda Jackson takes us through some of her recommendations including something for your Bacon Crusted Littleneck Clams. [more]

Film Review with Sarah MacMullan
The Avengers... and we're not talking John Steed and Emma Peel, it's another Marvel epic. Plus, The Most Fun You Can Have Dying and A Dangerous Method. Also a look at The Documentary Edge Festival 2012. [more]

New Plymouth Classic Motorcycle Show
Barry Styles is one of the members of the New Plymough Classic Motorcyle club and he's on the line from the Raceway to talk about this weekend's Classic Motorcycle Show. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 27 April 2012
A look at who's been tweeting what to whom and other cyber space traffic: Rupert Murdoch; Asma al-Assad; worst careers; Octomom and; Deity believers among others. [more]

The Panel with Steve McCabe and David Farrar (Part 1)
The Hobbit and how far did the government go to keep its production in New Zealand... and sex on the beach. [more]

The Panel with David Farrar and Steve McCabe (Part 2)
Panellists have their say and our listeners do too in the Complaints Choir; Financial crunch time for NZ Post? and; TVNZ7 and its loyal band of determined followers. [more]

Best Of The Week

Best of the Week - 27 April 2012
Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 27 April . This week .... the fallout from the raids in the Urewera area, making wine and growing tea and coffee in Coromandel, reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr Swee Tan talks about his early years in Malaysia and training in Australia, the huge remarkable Indian hospital that treats most of its patients for free, Helen Brown and her new journey with a cat named Jonah, embracing your Jewishness at 60 when you thought you were a Christian until then, military themed stories from Anzac Day and the Afternoons Complaints Choir. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 27 April 2012
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 27 April 2012
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 27 April 2012
Lead stories: Meridian pays a smaller interim dividend to the government and; Spain's credit rating is cut. [more]

Evening Business for 27 April 2012
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 27 April 2012
An update from the business team. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Friday 27 April 2012
Marsden Point refinery expansion gets go ahead; Banned overseas but implanted in New Zealand breasts; KiwiRail Auckland fault embarrassing; Civil action resumes against Bridgecorp directors and; Private prison provider not up to par, Labour. [more]

$365-million refinery expansion wins go ahead
The biggest private sector project in the country has won the go ahead from Marsden Point oil refinery shareholders. [more]

NZ women receive banned breast implants
It's been revealed at least 12-women have received breast implants banned overseas because some contained a substandard silicone. [more]

KiwiRail train fault embarrassing - Auckland Mayor
Kiwirail is embarrassed about the fault but has pretty much ruled out shifting its control centre for Auckland trains out of Wellington. [more]

Civil action against Bridgecorp directors resumes
Bridgecorp's receiver has resumed civil action against three of the company's directors, but the former managing director Rod Petricevic is not one of them. [more]

Labour party says private prison operator is not up to the job
The Labour party says the private prison operator set to take control of the new Wiri Prison is not up to the job. [more]

Sports News for 27 April 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Breast implants banned overseas have been used in NZ
It's been revealed at least 12 women have received breast implants which have been banned overseas because some contained a substandard silicone. [more]

Veteran actors speak out against new immigration law
Two veteran actors are speaking out against new immigration laws that make it easier for foreign performers, musicians, technicians and other crew to work in this country. [more]

Elephant who killed handler may still be rehomed in US
Franklin Zoo has ruled out euthanising Mila the elephant, and fundraising plans are underway to raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to send it to the United States . [more]

Opposition says Hobbit papers show influence is for sale
Opposition parties say the Government's change of the labour laws to ensure the filming of the Hobbit in New Zealand demonstrates that influence is for sale under a National government. [more]

Witness, dogs screamed and tried to hide from shooters
A court has heard that dozens of dogs were screaming as they were shot at and that they tried to hide underneath the bodies of dogs already shot dead by Tony Campbell and Russell Mendoza. [more]

Sports News for 27 April 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Focus on Politics for 27 April 2012
Political editor Brent Edwards has been looking at the controversy surrounding the government's dealing with Sky City over a proposed new convention centre in Auckland. The casino operator has offered to fully fund the new venture with the proviso that the government changes legislation in order to allow the company more gaming machines in its existing Auckland casino venue. Opposition parties to accuse the Government of selling the law. [more]

Country Life

The World is your Oyster
Anne and John Louden run the Coromandel Oyster Company that's been growing oysters for over 20 years in the pristine waters of the Coromandel. [more]

Gidday & Regional Wrap
Much of the North Island has seen a little rain - but more would be welcome. In the South the Indian summer continues and grape harvesting's in full swing. [more]

The Borthwick Family
Paddy Borthwick carries the surname once synonymous with the meat industry in New Zealand. His grandfather Pat ran the New Zealand arm of the meat processing company as well as buying a sheep and beef property near Masterton in 1932. These days Paddy oversees the farm, with its angus stud, as well as running his own Borthwick Estate vineyard, producing wine mainly for export. [more]

Extra Time

Extra Time for 27 April 2012
In this week's edition of Extra Time: The Breakers basketball team and their fans celebrate back-to-back Australian titles; The England Rugby Union is after the World Cup winning assistant All Blacks coach Wayne Smith; We talk to a young sprinter after the national Olympic track cycling team is named; The Warriors prepare to lose their tackling machine Michael Luck at the end of the NRL season; The Auckland City footballers get up off the canvas and look ahead to the Oceania Champions League final and; English netball import Jo Harten on the challenge of playing 'down under' with the Tactix. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 27 April 2012
Lead stories: The faulty breast implants banned in France may have been used in New Zealand and; CERA releases details on the decision to demolish the Christchurch Cathedral. [more]

Midday Sports News for 27 April 2012
15-strong New Zealand track cycling team has been named for this year's London Olympics; Queensland Reds coach empathises with bottom of the table Blues coach Pat Lam and; SBW helped by 'more relaxed attitude'. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Friday 27 April 2012
Papers released to Radio New Zealand reveal new insights into the deal the government made with Warner Brothers over the Hobbit movies. Predictions that savage cuts to public spending may lie ahead after the government announces a big blow out in the deficit and a confession and an apology from Rupert Murdoch as he gives more evidence to an inquiry into media practices. [more]

New Zealand photojournalist still in Zimbabwean custody
The New Zealand photojournalist Robin Hammond remains in custody in Zimbabwe, but may be deported within days. [more]

Pacific News for 27 April 2012
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Opposition parties cast doubt on Government books
Opposition parties are casting doubt on the Government's ability to get its books back into surplus over the next three years without savage cuts. [more]

Ventilation fan sparks more questions at Pike River Royal Com
As the Royal Commission continues deliberating on the cause of the Pike River Mine explosion, the manufacturer of a power regulator supplied to the site has rejected suggestions its equipment was to blame. [more]

Papers show just how much Govt conceded to Warners
New papers reveal just how much the Government conceded to Warner Bros to ensure the Hobbit Movies were made in New Zealand. [more]

Minister involved in Hobbit dispute responds
Sir Peter Jackson declined to be interviewed because he had an early start and a busy schedule this morning. [more]

Finance Minister on budget blowout
There are calls from the business community for the Government to make tough decisions on spending - even if it could cost them popularity with voters. [more]

Bridgecorp investors say Petricevic deserved jail term
Investors in the failed finance company, Bridgecorp, say Rod Petricevic, has got his just desserts. [more]

Auckland rail commuters shouldn't expect morning delays
Auckland rail commuters shouldn't expect further problems this morning after a power cut stopped all trains during rush hour yesterday evening. [more]

Murdoch quizzed on News of the World hacking scandal
The media magnate Rupert Murdoch has given his second day of testimony to the inquiry charged with investgating British media ethics. [more]

Sports News for 27 April 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Norwegian bomb victims give testimony
In Norway, 40,000 people have gathered to sing a peace song ridiculed by the mass killer Anders Behring Breivik, just blocks from where his trial was taking place. [more]

Emily Longley's best friend describes turbulent relationship
The best friend of the New Zealand teenager, Emily Longley, has told a UK court of the obssession of the man accused of her murder. [more]

CTU says there needs to be further scrutiny over
Documents which have just been released in relation to the 2010 Hobbit industrial dispute show that the Government hid some details about the negotiations from the public. [more]

Should the govt re-think its surplus target?
Opposition parties, some economic forecasters, and the government's own coalition partner are casting doubts on whether the government will be able to stick to its plan for a return to surplus by 2014 without savage cuts. [more]

Discussions to begin on troop withdrawal from Solomons
Discussions are to begin with the Solomon Islands on the final withdrawal of the international troops which have helped maintain law and order in the country since 2003. [more]

Arrested New Zealand journalist will be deported from Zimbabwe
A New Zealand photojournalist arrested in Zimbabwe has not yet decided whether he will appeal a deportation order. [more]

Labour MP and convicted scientist push for lawful euthanasia
A senior Labour MP shared a stage last night with the convicted scientist Sean Davison as part of a new push to legalise voluntary euthanasia. [more]

Sports News for 27 April 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Election turnout worst in 100 years
An Electoral Commission survey released today indicates that half of those who didn't vote in the last election made that decision on the day. [more]

Father questions release of sex offenders into community
A man who prevented a sexual attack on his daughter is asking that people be informed when serious sexual predators are released back into the community. [more]

Kerry-Anne Walsh with news from Australia
Let's cross to Sydney and our correspondent Kerry-Anne Walsh. [more]


Answer. [more]

Your feed back from the week. [more]

Nine To Noon

Financial Markets Authority on the Bridgecorp sentencing
Sean Hughes, chief executive of the Financial Markets Authority on the sentencing of Bridgecorp director Rod Petricevic to six and a half years jail for misleading the finance company's investors. [more]

Water coolers in low-income homes
Tony Falkenstein, executive director of Just Water explains how a project involving water coolers in low income South Auckland homes is helping reduce the consumption of sweet fizzy drinks. [more]

Pacific correspondent Mike Field
The killing of a diplomat in Honiara sparks concern the country has not got over its civil war and Pacific attempts to control the tuna resource have taken a big hit with failures around a key agreement. [more]

Feature Guest - US writer Jesmyn Ward
Author of 'Salvage The Bones' and blogger. Her book is the story of a girl growing up in a world of men, a tale about her brother and his pit bull, a novel about a family in the maw of Hurricane Katrina. [more]

Book Review with Ralph McAllister
'The Day of the Lie' by William Broderick, published by Little, Brown. [more]

Music review with Jeremy Taylor
Spiritualized, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Rocket Juice & The Moon. [more]

Sport with Joseph Romanos
The Breakers win, Super 15 rugby table, Jesse Ryder, and Julian Dean. [more]

The Week That Was
With James Elliot and Irene Pink. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 27 April 2012
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 27 April 2012
Lead stories from Kelly Spring and Heugh Chappell: NZ beef exporters wait for reaction to Mad Cow disease outbreak in US; Rival bidder for Crafar farms launches second appeal and; Westland dairy co-op slashes payout forecast. [more]

Te Manu Korihi

Manu Korihi News for 27 April 2012
The Waitangi Tribunal's heard that the Teachers' Council is capable of approving a qualification created by Maori for Maori; A member of Auckland's largest hapu says she's prepared to protest if her tribe's Treaty Settlement deal's derailed; And a High Court Judge says Maori are going to have to think big in the future in order to have the impact needed to solve problems. [more]

Manu Korihi News for 27 April 2012
A member of Auckland's largest hapu says she's prepared to protest if her tribe's Treaty Settlement deal's derailed; The Waitangi Tribunal's heard that the Teachers' Council's capable of approving a qualification created by Maori for Maori; And a High Court Judge says Maori are going to have to think big in the future in order to have the impact needed to solve problems. [more]

Te Manu Korihi News for 27 April 2012
Two senior members of the Patea Maori Club who recorded the hit song Poi E have died; The outgoing Chief Executive of Ngati Whatua o Orakei, Tiwana Tibble, says he leaves a lasting legacy of a ten fold increase in the value of the hapu's investments; A trustee of Ngati Whatua o Orakei, Sharon Hawke, says Tiwana Tibble was a respected and liked chief executive; The Waitangi Tribunal hearing into Maori pre-schools has wrapped up - with a claimant thanking the Crown for fronting. [more]

Te Manu Korihi News for 27 April 2012
Tributes flow following the deaths of two matriarchs from Patea Maori Club - which recorded the hit song Poi E; The outgoing Chief Executive of Ngati Whatua o Orakei, Tiwana Tibble, says he leaves a lasting legacy of a ten fold increase in the value of the hapu's investments; The Waitangi Tribunal hearing into Maori pre-schools has wrapped up - with a claimant thanking the Crown for fronting; More than four million dollars in funding has been committed to major projects aimed at restoring the health of the Waikato River. [more]

The Reading

Night Travellers by Tina Shaw - Part 2
The schoolgirl's life changes forever on the night the man breaks into her house. [more]

The Week In Review

The Week in Review - week ending 27 April 2012
A review of the week's headline news including: The stiffest prison sentence yet for a finance company director has been imposed on Rod Petricevic of collapsed finance company Bridgecorp; A vet is crushed to death by a former circus elephant at a Zoo south of Auckland; The commissioner appointed to run Moerewa School in the Far North arrives at the school to some local disquiet; New papers reveal just how much the Government conceded to Warner Bros to ensure the Hobbit Movies were made in New Zealand; The Student Volunteer Army in Christchurch was presented with the ANZAC of the Year award; The RSA set to re-brand its clubs to attract younger members; National Party MP's have an uncomfortable time at the public hearings on partial asset sales and; The New Zealand television comedy series, Super City, is under serious consideration by the ABC network in America, with the possibility it could eventually hit prime time. [more]


NZIPF Review
Rae de Lisle reviews Auckland concerts by Jian Lui, Sofya Gulyak, Natasha Vlassenko and Oleg Stepanov. [more]

Deborah McCormick
Director of Christchurch's SCAPE Art & Industry Biennial talks about workshops and panel discussions that took place earlier this week. [more]

News stories:

PNG Prime Minister guarantees election will go ahead on time, writs May 18th
Papua New Guinea's leading trade unionist says he has been assured by the Prime Minister that elections will go ahead in June. This comes after weeks of speculation that the... [more]

Bridgecorp director Petricevic jailed 6½ years
Former Bridgecorp head Rod Petricevic has been jailed for six-and-a-half years for misleading investors. [more]

Council debate on convention centre curtailed
Auckland Council has backed away from opposing a convention centre deal being negotiated between the Government and casino operator SkyCity. [more]

Locke could be out of action for four weeks
The Warriors fullback Kevin Locke faces up to four weeks on the sidelines with a sternum injury which blighted his comeback appearance in Wednesday night's National Rugby League loss in... [more]

Two crews off to Europe hoping to qualify for Olympics
Two New Zealand rowing crews leave for Europe this weekend, hoping to gain qualification for the London Olympics. A men's eight and a men's lightweight four will both compete at... [more]

Age limit imposed on FIFA officials
The annual congress of world football's controlling body FIFA is to be presented with a proposal limiting mandates for its president and officials, and barring election for anyone over the... [more]

Chelsea captain will be allowed to lift Champions League Trophy
Chelsea's football captain John Terry will be allowed to lift the Champions League trophy if his club beats Bayern Munich in next month's final, even though he will miss the... [more]

Tendulkar earmarked for political career
India's prime minister Manmohan Singh has nominated the country's cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar for membership of the upper house of parliament. 12 of the 250 seats in the upper house... [more]

Gould returning to Phoenix
Jonathon Gould is returning to the Wellington Phoenix as goalkeeping coach after a year with the Perth Glory. Gould, who spent two seasons with the Wellington club before moving to... [more]

Aucklander poised to protest if Crown Treaty deal stalls
A member of Auckland's largest hapu says she's prepared to protest if her tribe's Treaty Settlement deal is derailed. [more]

Maori urged to think bigger
A High Court Judge says Maori are going to have to think big in the future in order to have the impact needed to solve problems. [more]

Taranaki Maori look to trust for new tribal body
Taranaki Maori looking at setting up a new tribal body are considering using the existing Taranaki Maori Trust Board as a model to serve beneficiaries more effectively. [more]

Farmer confidence drops significantly
Farmer optimism about the future has taken a significant knock. Only 17% in the latest Rabobank survey expect the agricultural economy to improve in the next year, down from 33% in the last survey. [more]

Kiwifruit trade conference in Japan lauded
The leader of a group of Bay of Plenty Maori kiwifruit growers and investors, which has just returned from a trade conference in Japan, says the trip was an unqualified success. [more]

Submissions sought on proposed transport changes
Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee is inviting the agriculture sector to make submissions on proposed changes to the transport regulations, which cover the use of vehicles, such as tractors and combine harvesters, on the road. [more]

Reserve Bank keeps interest rates on hold
The Reserve Bank has left the Official Cash Rate unchanged at 2.5%, its record low level. [more]

Reserve Bank's approach to dollar could backfire
There are warnings the Reserve Bank's attempt to talk down the high New Zealand dollar by threatening to keep interest rates on hold, or even cutting them, could backfire. [more]

Rabaul shipping captain questioned over capacity of ship in PNG inquiry
The owner of the Rabaul Shipping company has told the Papua New Guinea inquiry into the sinking of the Rabaul Queen he's adamant the ship was able to carry up... [more]

Spotlight back on ventilation fan
An expert in mine safety says the spotlight has been thrown back on the ventilation fan as one of the most likely sources of the sparks that caused the initial explosion at the Pike River mine. [more]

Salmon farm company applies to expand operation
New Zealand King Salmon says the expansion of its fish farming business in the Marlborough Sounds will create 1600 jobs in the region over the next decade - a claim disputed by a lobby group. [more]

Auckland International Airport's passenger numbers up
Auckland International Airport handled almost 600,000 passengers in March, 5.5% more than in the same month a year earlier. [more]

Judge outlines why Petricevic avoided longer sentence
The judge who sentenced Rod Petricevic to six-and-a-half years in jail says the former Bridgecorp boss avoided a longer sentence because of his previous good character and age. [more]

Turners Auctions expects car market to remain challenging
Turners Auctions says it expects the used car market to remain challenging this year, because of new exhaust emission standards and fewer finance companies lending cash to buyers. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Friday's headlines: Post-quake freshwater springs could create problems for new houses in Christchurch; broken jaw for soccer referee who issued yellow card to player; rail network in Auckland region crippled by power fault in Wellington. [more]

Boeing profit boosted
Boeing has boosted its profit by 58% due to airlines updating their fleets with more fuel-efficient planes. [more]

Durable goods orders down
Orders for durable goods such as cars, machinery and fridges fell 4.2% in the United States in March, the sharpest drop in three years. [more]

Iron ore company profit down
Vale, the world's largest iron ore miner, says its quarterly profit fell by nearly half because rains limited exports, prices for its main products fell and spending on new mining projects rose. [more]

Release of repeat sexual offenders questioned
A man whose daughter was the target of a repeat sexual predator wants the public to know when such offenders are released back into the community. [more]

Doubts Government getting books back on track
Opposition parties are casting doubt on the Government's ability to get its books back into surplus over the next three years. [more]

Index shows improvement in South Island companies
An index tracking the performance of South Island-based companies has edged up again, suggesting the economic recovery is gaining momentum. [more]

Power back on
Power has been restored to about 200 residents in the New Plymouth suburbs of Hurdon and Marfell. [more]

Offshore stocks up
Stocks have risen on Wall St, after a strong quarterly result from Apple and the US Federal Reserve forecast moderate growth and promised to do more if necessary to lift the economy. Markets in Europe were also up. [more]

Davison urges focus on law change
A man convicted of assisting the suicide of his dying mother has called for people to shift their focus from him to changing the laws he was tried under. [more]

NZ foreign minister to visit Fiji next week
The New Zealand foreign minister Murray McCully says he will visit Fiji next week as part of the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group on Fiji. Mr McCully says New... [more]

Lancaster keen on Smithy
The England Rugby coach Stuart Lancaster says he'd love for Wayne Smith to be a part of his new coaching setup. The recent All Black assistant coach met with Lancaster... [more]

Usain's coach okay with banned sprinters returning
The coach of the world's fastest man says he has no problem with sprinters Dwain Chambers and Justin Gatlin competing in the London Olympics after serving doping bans. Gatlin, the... [more]

Tonga's hosting of Pacific Games would enchance democracy
Tonga's Prime Minister says hosting the 2019 Pacific Games would consolidate the gains in establishing a full democracy in the country. Tonga and Tahiti have made bids to host the... [more]

Samoa police to build more prison cells to avoid overcrowding in main prison
The inspection of Samoa's main Tafaigata prison this week has resulted in the construction of ten new cells to accommodate inmates and avoid overcrowding. The inspection was a follow up... [more]

Former Fiji captain sign with Brive
Former Fijian rugby captain, Dominiko Waqaniburotu has signed with struggling French top 14 team Brive. Waqaniburtou was a member of last year's world cup squad and lead Fiji at the... [more]

Mismatch of skills blamed for high PNG graduate unemployment
The president of Papua New Guinea's Divine Word University says the government is partly to blame for high levels of unemployment among graduates. Father Jan Czuba who raised the issue... [more]

World record unlikely for Bolt at Olympics
Usain Bolt's coach believes Britain's cool, damp weather is likely to cost the triple Olympic champion the opportunity to break his 100 metres world record at the London Olympics. Although... [more]

No handshake before QPR-Chelsea match
The English Premier League has agreed that no handshakes will take place in the match between Queens Park Rangers and Chelsea this weekend because of tensions between John Terry and... [more]

New Samoa rugby CEO to take holistic approach
The new Samoa Rugby Union Chief Executive says he would like to see a unified, committed and supportive rugby community operating. Fred Amoa has taken over the helm and says... [more]

Loss reported by Nintendo
Nintendo has reported its first annual loss after disappointing sales of its Wii game console and a strong yen. [more]

Smith back from injury for Highlanders
Fullback Ben Smith returns to the Highlanders starting lineup for their Super Rugby clash with the Cheetahs in Bloemfontein on Sunday morning. Smith missed the win over the Blues because... [more]

Bayern favourites for Champions League final?
The German football side Bayern Munich are favourites to win next month's European Champions League final against Chelsea. Bayern upset Real Madrid in yesterday's semi-final, while a day earlier Chelsea... [more]

Fiji tourism industry warned to nuture shark population
The Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association says the industry needs to take care of its shark populations if it is to sustain the shark-diving tourism industry. Researchers from the Australian... [more]

Radiki Samo battles for form in Super rugby
The Queensland Reds rugby coach says his Fijian number eight Radiki Samo just isn't delivering. Samao has been left out of Ewen McKenzie's squad of 23 for the second time... [more]

Step towards more residential land
Christchurch City Council is taking steps to free up more land for residential and business development in the Highfield and Templeton areas. [more]

Dry dividend by Meridian
Due to dry conditions, the Government is to get a dividend of $71.3 million from Meridian Energy for the final six months of last year - nearly a quarter less than the dividend for the same period in 2011. [more]

Shareholders to vote on refinery expansion
Shareholders in New Zealand Refining are to vote on a $365 million expansion of the Marsden Point oil refinery on Friday. [more]

Towing company owner charged
The owner of an Auckland tow truck company is facing court action and has been removed from the police on-call towing roster. [more]

Largest-ever team of 15 cyclists named for Olympics
A 15-strong New Zealand track cycling team has been named for this year's London Olympics. New Zealand's biggest-ever team is built around the riders who achieved podium performances at the... [more]

Temaru defends decolonisation letter to French Polynesians
The French Polynesian president says a letter promoting decolonisation didn't violate the campaigning rules for last weekend's French presidential elections. Oscar Temaru made the comment after local media reported that... [more]

Indonesia urged to meet legal obligations over Karma illness
The Free Filep Karma Campaign has called for Indonesia's government to meet its legal obligations to facilitate medical treatment for the high-profile Papuan prisoner. Filep Karma, who is serving a... [more]

Spain rating lowered
Standard Poor's has cut Spain's credit rating and warned that further downgrades can't be ruled out. [more]

Man in Samoa seeks victim support help for son's cause of death
The police force in Samoa is under scrutiny after a 21-year-old mentally ill man died in custody at Tafaigata prison last year. The death had been reported as a suicide... [more]

Airline stops free Micronesia vaccine shipments
Countries in Micronesia will miss out on free shipments of flu vaccines this year, after United Airlines announced it would end the practice. The US Defence Department works with health... [more]

Rise in gaming machine spending
The amount of money put into gaming machines rose by more than $20 million over the last 12 months, bucking a long term trend of decreasing spending. [more]

Spotless still in trading halt
Shares in Spotless remain on a trading halt, pending a material announcement from the company. [more]

Opposition to new mine plan withdrawn
West Coast residents who had opposed the creation of a new mine by Bathhurst Resources have withdrawn their appeal to the Environment Court. [more]

Westland payout forecast lowered
Westland Milk Products has cut its forecast payout, due to the high value of the New Zealand dollar and declining commodity prices. [more]

Exports await US mad cow response
Beef exporters are waiting to see if the latest case of mad cow disease in the United States, will lead to a surge in demand for New Zealand meat. [more]

Olympic football draw pits both NZ teams against Brazil
The New Zealand women's football team will kick off the London Olympics against the hosts Great Britain in Cardiff. The draw for the pool games was made at Wembley Stadium... [more]

Office block being sold
Kiwi Income Properties plans to sell Beca House in Auckland for $55 million. [more]

Fiji Legal Aid Commission welcomes decree on de facto relationships
A member of Fiji's Legal Aid Commission says new recognition of women in de facto relationships will have a huge impact on a large number of poor women. Peni Moore,... [more]

Discussions begin to end RAMSI troop deployment
Australia and New Zealand have begun discussions with Solomon Islands on withdrawing their remaining troops with the Regional Assistance Mission, RAMSI. RAMSI, which has helped maintain law and order since... [more]

Indonesia's Karma treatment labelled illegal
The Free Filep Karma Campaign says Indonesia must adhere to international obligations on the treatment of prisoners by addressing the Papuan political prisoner's medical needs. Mr Karma, who is serving... [more]

NZ police still needed with RAMSI, says defence minister
New Zealand's Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman has indicated that the job of New Zealand troops with the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, or RAMSI, is almost done. Australia and... [more]

Solomons warning about Pacific Arts Festival costs
The Solomon Islands government has told the Festival of Pacific Arts organising committee to watch its spending. The festival is to be held in Honiara in July. The last festival... [more]

Cooks tightens alcohol retailer rules
The Rarotonga Liquor Licensing Authority in the Cook Islands is giving alcohol retailers until May the 1st to ensure their liquor cabinets are lockable. The Authority secretary, Harriet Williams, sent... [more]

Tahiti name challenge in French poll rejected
The French constitutional court has formalised the results of the first round of the French presidential election and rejected all challenges, including one from French Polynesia over the use of... [more]

Japan military impressed after mission on Tinian in CNMI
A team of Japan's Ministry of Defense has visited Tinian in the Northern Marianas to assess its value for Japanese military training alongside US forces as part of a realignment... [more]

PNG wary of talk about re-assessing electoral commissioner
The Papua New Guinea opposition leader, Dame Carol Kidu, says she finds talk within the government of removing the electoral commissioner suspect. The government says the re-appointment of Andrew Trawen... [more]

US and Japan confirm Okinawa marine relocation numbers
It's been confirmed that about 9,000 marines stationed in Japan will be moved to Guam and other Asia-Pacific locations, including Hawaii. The Washington Post reports that the US Secretary of... [more]

Woman sentenced to community work for assaulting child
A woman who assaulted a child in her care, causing hair loss and bruising, has been ordered to carry 150 hours' community work. [more]

Half of non-voters decided not to on election day
An Electoral Commission survey indicates that half of those who did not vote in the last election, made that decision on the day. Overall, the turnout was the worst for more than 100 years. [more]

PNG PM's latest elections guarantee cautiously accepted
Papua New Guinea's trade union leaders, churches and civil society groups met with Prime Minister Peter O'Neill on Thursday and received assurances that the elections would go ahead on time. [more]

Police speak to man after woman shot in arm
Christchurch police are speaking with a 24-year-old man after a woman was shot in the arm on Thursday. [more]

Complaint about Bank's election return passed to police
A complaint about an election expenses return filed by John Banks has been passed to police. [more]

Quakes cause new springs to pop up
Scientists studying the impact of the Canterbury earthquakes on waterways say increased groundwater will have an effect on building. [more]

Police seek help from public to identify body
Police are asking the public for help to identify the body of a woman found in an Auckland suburb on Thursday morning. [more]

New guidelines for Christchurch foundations
Guidelines for rebuilding the foundations of quake-damaged Christchurch homes have been released. [more]

NZRU says it will strive to keep Wayne Smith
The New Zealand Rugby Union says it is doing everything it can to keep former All Blacks assistant coach and current Chiefs assistant Wayne Smith in New Zealand. [more]

Two taken to hospital after chemical spill
Two people have been taken to hospital with breathing difficulties following a chemical spill in Auckland. [more]

US park still willing to take elephant
An elephant that killed its keeper at a North Island zoo looks set to be relocated to the United States. [more]

Civil action resumes against Bridgecorp directors
The receiver of Bridgecorp has resumed civil action against three of the company's directors. However former managing director Rod Petricevic is not one of them. [more]

Report faults private prison company
The private company running Mount Eden Prison has been found to have fallen short in several areas during its first eight months of management. [more]

Govt misled public over Hobbit - opposition
Opposition parties say the Government misled the public over changes to labour laws to facilitate filming the Hobbit movies in New Zealand. [more]

NORML lodges complaint against police
A pro-cannabis activist group is claiming Auckland police failed to defend them from gang threats and instead arrested three of the group's members. [more]

John Key tours St John's post quake HQ
St John Ambulance in Christchurch says a $2.8 million grant has enabled it to replace emergency equipment damaged in last year's earthquakes. [more]

Actors' union worried about jobs under law change
Two veteran actors are speaking out against new immigration laws that make it easier for foreign performers, musicians, technicians and other crew to work in New Zealand. [more]

Ngati Whatu CEO leaves a big legacy
Ngati Whatua o Orakei's former chief executive, Tiwana Tibble, says he leaves a lasting legacy of a tenfold increase in the value of the hapu's investments. [more]

Kiwirail accepts TAIC report on near collision
KiwiRail has accepted a Transport Accident Investigation Commission report that found poor communication by its staff and the train operator, Veolia, nearly led to a collision on Auckland's southern railway. [more]

Lawyer accuses witness of a 'pack of lies'
A defence lawyer has told a court a man who watched 33 dogs being killed has been telling a pack of lies and could have stopped the shootings if he had wanted to. [more]

Taxpayers put another $4m into Waikato
More than $4 million in funding has been committed to major projects aimed at restoring the health and well-being of the Waikato River. [more]

Three teens face 'crime spree' charges
The police in Wairarapa have arrested and charged three teenagers in relation to a crime spree in the early hours of Tuesday morning. [more]

Collins to pursue defamation proceedings
Lawyers for the ACC Minister Judith Collins have written to the Labour MPs Trevor Mallard and Andrew Little to say she is taking legal proceedings against them for defamation. [more]

KiwiRail promises to improve after 'embarrassing' fault
KiwiRail says it will improve the systems at its national train control centre to prevent rail services grinding to a halt again. [more]

Release of documents would breach trust: church
The Anglican Church says releasing all documents relating to the demolition of the Christ Church cathedral would breach the trust of those it has been working with. [more]

Rights groups welcome Taylor conviction
Victims of rebels in Sierra Leone's civil war have welcomed the conviction of the former Liberian president, Charles Taylor, for aiding and abetting crimes against humanity. [more]